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冬至那天回去和父母度过,妈妈煮了很多好料...我有煮一道"灯笼椒炒西兰花" HO CHAK
"圣诞节" 祝大家"美梦成真" 欢喜就好......


有一美女下夜班,被一好色男子尾随跟踪,美女很害怕,正好路过一片坟地, 好色男子 正要下手,美女走到一座坟墓前说:"爸爸,开门吧,我回来了"。吓的好色男子狂奔而去。


这时,一个盗墓者 从坟墓里爬了出来,说:"影响我工作,吓死你"。突然发现墓碑前有一老者,手拿凿子在刻墓碑,就好奇地问:"你在干吗"?老者生 气地说:"这些不肖子孙把我的墓碑都刻错了,只好自己来改啦"。盗墓者一听,吓 得撒腿就跑了。


一个拾荒 者从草丛中爬出来,捡起地上的凿子,感叹道:"这年头,捡块烂铁还得费这么大 神。 祝辛苦挣钱的同志们天天快乐 !如果你笑了!让更多人分享这份快乐! 叫他们过来笑一个吧!

Carlo - Gay Sex Stories

Gay Sex Stories  presents "Carlo - Hot Gay Sex".

The next morning I awoke with Jose wrapped tightly around me from behind. His legs were all tangled with mine, and I could feel something rather large and hard poking into my thigh. As much as I wanted to stay just like that, the remains of the beer from the night before were yearning to breathe free. I carefully unwrapped myself from Jose's embrace and tip-toed off to the bathroom.

By the time I got back to Jose's room I was pretty much awake, so I pulled the sheet all the way down to finish the inspection that I had begun the night before. Sometime during my admiration of Jose's sleeping form he mumbled, "What're you doin'?"


"Might as well complete your tour."

"You mind?"

"Be my guest." He lay there motionless, so I took it upon myself to carefully peel down his briefs so that his whole naked glory would be revealed.

He was amazingly beautiful like this. I have always liked the intrigue of the clothed - even the barely clothed body - but Jose in the nude was a vision to behold. There was a smooth perfection to his form that I could not have imagined. The thin trail of hair that descended from the patch on his chest blossomed again in a lush but not thick field of pubic hair, surrounding an amazing looking cock. He had softened somewhat from before I left for the bathroom, but it was still a sight to behold. About 5.5-6 inches in its current state, uncut, and impressively thick. It hung lazily over a pair of handsome balls, perfectly formed and lightly dusted with black hairs. "Still like what you see?"

"Oh yeah." He rolled over on his back and propped himself on his elbows. As he grinned over at me he started to get hard again, until he had expanded to what must have been a good 8-8.5 inches and somehow even thicker.

"So are you just going to sit there in your underpants, or are you going to let that thing see the light of day?"

"Be my guest." I lay back as he had, and he slowly pulled off my underwear as I had with him.

With that he laid himself down on top of me, and I felt him everywhere at once. It was like all our inhibitions, such as they were, had suddenly been torn down. Touching here, rubbing there, exploring everything we each wanted to know more about. My limited sexual experience had never been  like this. I could feel his dick rubbing up and down my thigh, as I'm sure he could feel mine against his. It didn't take very long for Jose to start breathing heavier and finally let out a little yelp of pleasure. I felt his come on me, which triggered my own release. We touched each other all over in an unbelievable frenzy until we could barely move any longer. I hadn't felt so good in a long time.

"Good morning," I said, pulling him tight around me while he pulled the sheet back over us.

"Good morning," he said back as he kissed me lightly on the neck. "Why don't we go get a shower now... Carlos is probably going crazy with curiosity out there."

"Let him wonder." We laid like that for about another half an hour and then finally went to clean up.

In the shower we spent a lot of time running our hands over each other's bodies under the pretense of getting clean. I let my hands wander down his strong arms, exploring his hands and investigating each finger as precious objects. He leaned his body into mine; rubbing his chest across mine and bringing his mouth down to slowly explore my neck. I let go of his fingers and moved my arms to surround his body. I felt up and down his back, exploring each curve and feature and making a desperate attempt to memorize each and every part. My lips found his own neck as I felt his arms travel further down my back to my hips, where he continued to explore.

After that much stimulation I simply could not handle it any longer and had to taste him. I let my lips and my tongue wander forward to the base of his neck and then keep traveling. I found that spot below his pecs right where the breast bone splits into two sets of ribs - it felt strong and wonderful. Heading further down I tasted each inch of the trail of hair as it descended farther down his beautiful torso. I lingered momentarily on his navel, digging my tongue in and prompting a small gasp to emerge from his lips. As I made my way down, I looked up into his eyes. "May I?"

"You never have to ask."

I looked straight at his dick. It was hard as a rock and pointing straight at me, demanding attention. I very lightly traced my tongue along the very tip, following the edge of his foreskin and swirling across the bit around the slit that had emerged. Jose let out a deep moan of pleasure. My exploration became a bit more forceful and I noticed Jose's knees start to buckle a little bit. "Hang in there - I've only just started."

"Don't worry about me," he moaned, "just keep doing what you're doing."

With that I raised up my right hand and circled the shaft. With a firm grip I pulled lightly downward, exposing his head so that I could give it the attention it deserved. In one quick motion I closed my lips around it and swirled my tongue vigorously over the tip. Jose let out a load moan and his knees buckled a bit more. I took this as strong encouragement and stepped up the strength of my efforts. Jose was moaning and squirming around like I couldn't believe. I started to work my mouth up and down while taking care of the lower part of his shaft with my soapy hand. I had neither the skill nor the experience to take all of him into my mouth - something I would definitely have to work on.

As I got more enthusiastic and was concentrating only on worshipping his
cock, Jose started to moan louder and babble: "John... you should stop
soon... I'm gonna... John, no..." He tried to step back and get me to
stop. Little did he know that I wasn't going anywhere until I had my taste
of him. I held on and kept my mouth firmly around his dick.
"John... wait... no... uuunghhh..." With one last firm swirl around the
tip I felt a blast of his come coat my tongue and start to find its way
down my throat. After a couple of smaller blasts, I pulled off and smiled
up at him.

"Oh my God, baby. I had no idea. But... you shouldn't have done that."

"Why not?"

"Well, I don't know... most people don't like to. I didn't want you to do
something just because it would feel good for me."

"That's only half the reason."

"What's the other?

"Ask me again sometime."

"Okay... well, remind me to return the favor."

"Only if you want to."

"Oh, I do. In fact..." he started to descend.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! "HEY! Loverboys! If you guys use all the hot water
you're going to spend a lot of time boiling me some for a bath!"

"YEAH, BE RIGHT OUT. Guess I'll have to give you a rain check."

"I'm not worried. We've got all the time in the world."

We emerged from the bathroom where Carlos was waiting. There he stood
wrapped only in a towel. Jose or no Jose, Carlos was still awfully pretty.
Seeing him standing there with almost nothing on was not making things any
easier in my already-excited state.

"About time. You guys didn't leave any little messes in the shower, did

I had to laugh at that one. "Oh, no, Carlos. I made sure that I took care
of any mess."

"I don't want to know. Just try to remember there's someone else living
here, okay? Loud moaning I can handle. Cold showers I can not."

"Oh? The way your dates have been going lately..." Carlos gave him an
'I'm serious' look. "Okay, okay. Sorry, Carlos."

We dressed and headed into the kitchen. Jose started making a big show of
putting together an enormous breakfast, which was fortunate as I was slowly
becoming aware of being quite hungry. After about ten minutes he had laid
out all the food on their tiny little table and Carlos emerged from his

"So. You two sleep well?"

"Perfectly. You?"

"Oh, no, I was so nervous about your 'sweet revenge' that I didn't sleep a
wink." It was Carlos' stab at sarcasm.

"I never said that I would get you *last* night," Jose pointed out, "Just
that sleeping in general might not be wise."

"Oh, I'm scared."

"Anyway, John - what do you want to do today?"


"Yeah, I though maybe we could go out and do something - unless you have
something else to do."

"Aw, that's sweet - your first date."

"Listen Carla, just because my date has more brains than all of yours put

"Oh, fine, go on, make your plans. Hand me the eggs, please."

"As I was saying. John? Want to do something?"

"Uh, sure. I was going to work on one of my projects, but that's what
Sunday is for I guess. What'd you have in my mind?"

"What about going out to the islands?"

"Sure. I'll dig out my camera, and you can show me how to use it. Well,
use it correctly. I wanted to get some seascape type pictures anyway so I
wouldn't have to depend on stock all the time."

"Sounds good. Carlos? Want to come along?"

"A day with the newlyweds? Don't think so. Have fun."

"Good. I was only asking to be polite anyway."

A few hours later we were on a boat headed out to the harbor islands.
After grabbing a beer we sat down on the deck and looked back as the city
got smaller and smaller.

"So John - what are your thoughts on all this?"

"All what?"

"Come on, you know, you and I."

"Oh. Well, I'm certainly not discouraged. It's worked pretty well so far
- but it's only been about twelve hours, you know."

"You're counting?"

"Why not?"

"Is that good or bad?"

"Good. I'm still adjusting, though, you know? I mean, I had my whole
fantasy world all set up revolving around Carlos. I never once stopped to
notice that you were there, but then again why would I have? I already had
one straight letdown to deal with, and you did a pretty good job of keeping
a straight façade for as long as I've known you."

"I wasn't sure what Carlos would think at first, then once I realized that
he'd probably be sort of okay about it - well - there was no reason to make
any announcements. I've kept to myself the last few years - no real
relationships or anything."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Well, that line about being busy with school isn't just a line. Grad
school is pretty tough, and I'm really easily distracted. The last thing I
needed was someone to soak up all my time. So I didn't bother looking.
Then you started coming around, and, well, here we are."

"How about before grad school?"

"Not much to describe. A couple of one-nighters, fleeting sex, that kind
of thing. It all got very boring very quickly. After watching someone
leave and feeling very, very alone I decided that I was done with casual
sex. It just felt so empty and so stupid."

"I know what you mean."

"Do tell!"

"I've only been with one guy, back in high school, really. Even then I
wouldn't really count it as 'being with him'. It was an experiment gone

"Do you mind telling me about it?"

"No, I guess not. Will was the first in a long line of straight guys that
I've fallen for."

"Sound like a lot of heartache."

"No shit. I used to keep an eye on him every second he was in the room.
He was kind of rough and rugged - you know, seemed a little dangerous but
in the end was fairly harmless. We ended up at the same stupid keg party
and struck up a conversation. One thing led to another, and..."

"Did you sleep with him that first time?"

"Sleep? No. I sucked him off, that was about it."

"And him?"

"Passed out right afterwards. We were pretty drunk."

"So that was the end of it?"

"For about a month. He avoided me like the plague until some other party,
some other drunken night."

"Did you do it again?"

"Of course."

"And him?"

"Well, he didn't pass out but didn't do much else either. He finally
relented to jerking me off. It was about as romantic as a hockey game."

"Some people don't know what they've got right in front of them."

"Actually, Will did. He had some guy who was willing to blow him at the
drop of a hat. He didn't have to do a thing because he knew that I would
always show up if he was looking for me."

"Ugh. So how did it end?"

"Well, one night we finally did the dirty deed. He was totally shitfaced,
wanted to fuck, and he wanted to fuck now. I won't call it rape - I'll
admit that it was something I wanted to do, and never said no - but it
wasn't exactly the most enjoyable experience I've ever had. He didn't have
a clue about how it works with the lube and all that stuff, and I had to
keep yelling at him. That would make him more frustrated, so he would
cooperate a little bit and then fuck me like I was being punished. Under
other circumstances it might have been nice..."

"I'll keep that in mind!"

"...but at the time it was just miserable. I lay there just praying that
it would all be over soon."

"Wow. I'm sorry about that."

"Yeah, well, it effectively ruined any fantasy that I had about him, and
that was the end of that. He tried to get me to go with him again,
apologizing and everything, but I just couldn't. After that we just
ignored each other."


"History. I've already gotten rid of my anger about that one. I hate to
think that he scared me off of anyone else, but the truth is that I have
only had one casual sex mutual blowjob thing with some random guy since
then. I came away from it with the same feeling you had - pointless and

" I promise I'll never treat you like that."

"Thanks." We stayed fairly quiet until we arrived at the island. It was a
beautiful day, and we spent most of it wandering around, taking pictures,
and generally having a great time. We talked a lot more about our lives,
and what we wanted for the future - it seemed that in many ways we were on
the same page, and I resolved to let my defenses down a little bit with
Jose. It just might end up being worth it.

We finally sat down on the other side of the island near a quiet inlet.
Jose said, "You know, I never did reciprocate for your little gesture this


"Why not? If someone comes along, well, who cares? What are they going to
do, lynch us?"

"Rednecks I can handle. It's the park rangers I'm worried about - you want
to go to jail?"

"I can see there's no convincing you, so I'll just have to take you by
force." With the he reached over and started to unbutton my shorts.

"Oh, Jose, come on - I don't know about this." He totally ignored me, and
had my shorts down around my knees, and then off of me completely. "Jose,
really, uh..." Now my underwear was down, and suddenly the feel of the sun
on my dick was just heavenly. I had gotten myself so worked up about
cancer after all of my father's troubles that I had strictly kept as much
skin covered as possible at all times - especially things like private
parts. I kept having visions of skin grafts and ending up with some weird
looking Frankenstein dick.

All that was pushed aside as I leaned back on my elbows. I could feel my
cock start to rise to its full 7" very rapidly, and Jose had leaned back to
watch me in my excitement. I spread my legs wide as my dick pointed to the
sky and soaked in every ray that the sun had to offer.

"You know, my friend, you have a habit of saying 'no no' while your dick
constantly screams 'yes yes'."

"Enough conversation!"

"Yes master." With that he dropped down and engulfed me in the warm
moistness of his mouth. After slowly working his way up and down, getting
me covered in his saliva, he suddenly shifted and sucked the life out of
me. I hadn't felt so good for a long time. Amazingly, he just kept
working me faster and faster, working his tongue all around. I relaxed
backwards onto the grass, staring up at the sky and spreading my legs even

Suddenly I felt a moist finger poking around at my ass. After a split
second's thought I decided 'to hell with the rangers' and raised my legs
high, grabbing them under the knees and pulling them back to my shoulders.
My whole crotch and ass was out there in the sun for all to see, and Jose
took that as encouragement to work his finger slowly into my ass. Nobody
had been back there since that unfortunate incident with Will, and I
couldn't believe it could feel so tender and so wonderful. I let out a
deep groan as Jose sank the length of his middle finger up my ass.

He raised his head up to look at me. "You like that baby?"

"Oh yeah, Jose."

"Good." With that he dropped his head back to my crotch, wrapping his lips
around the head of my cock and working his finger into my prostate. I
thought I was going to explode right there, but held on tight. I wanted it
to last. Keeping his mouth tightly around my dick he started to push
another finger up inside me. The pressure was amazing. I pulled my legs
open even wider and started breathing a lot heavier.

This must have spurned Jose on, for the work he was doing on my prostrate
and the activity on my cock stepped up another notch. I knew I couldn't
hold out much longer. "Jose... I'm gonna..." I felt a huge push on my
prostate as Jose ran his mouth back to the very head of my dick. That
pushed me right over the edge and I could feel the orgasm of a lifetime rip
through my body as I came. Jose ran his tongue all around the head of my
dick, sending me into overload as I thrashed around. Somehow, perhaps
instinctively, he knew exactly when to leave my head alone and dropped his
lips back down the shaft so that all I felt was pressure down near my balls
and moist heat on the rest. He stayed there as he carefully withdrew his
fingers from my ass. I relaxed and settled into the grass.

After a minute he dragged his mouth back up and off my dick and said, "What
the hell does everyone complain about swallowing for? That was so fucking
hot, having you come like that."

I was not very enthusiastic about speaking just yet, but muttered, "Glad
you liked it. Now lay down and shut up for a minute." He lay down next to
me and rested his head on my stomach and we both stared up at the sky for a
while. I could feel myself getting drowsy in the sun, so I pulled my
shorts on and lay back down. Jose curled up next to me, this time with his
head on my shoulder. Soon he was snoring softly, and I let myself drift
off as well.

The next thing I heard was "HEY! GIRLS! BOAT'S LEAVING!" There was some
surly looking park ranger staring down at us. "You homos have been holding
up the boat. Get your ass over to the dock."

Jose got a fire in his eye. "Homos?"

"You heard me."

I stepped in. "Just forget it Jose, it's not worth getting all worked up
over some civil servant..." and started to lead him away

"That's right. Listen to your pansy friend there. Even if he is a faggot
who likes to insult a working man."

Jose stopped and slowly turned. I couldn't believe this was happening.
The ranger was a dick, sure, but not worth the trouble that was going to
come if...

"YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT." Jose started after the ranger. I had to act
fast. I leapt and tackled his feet, knocking him to the ground. The
ranger just stared down at us, laughed, and then started to walk away.

"Long swim back to the city. I suggest you hurry your asses up."

Jose got up and walked briskly away from me. I knew there was trouble
ahead, although I hoped that he at least had given up on the ranger.

"Jose? Jose, wait for me..." he kept walking, so I sprinted briefly to
catch up. "Look Jose, fine, he was an asshole, but is that worth going to
jail for? What would have happened had you broken his nose? You know how
much shit you'd be in?"

"Leave me alone."

"Oh, come on. You want to change things? Prove a point? Try to get him
fired, or at least severely disciplined. Don't pull this macho bullshit."

"Shut the fuck up, John."

I stopped in my tracks, then realized that I had nowhere else to go but on
the boat. With Jose. He went down to the lowest deck and immediately
found himself a corner to sit and brood in, with no real choice for me to
sit anywhere except right behind him, staring at the back of his head. I
got the message. I headed back up to the upper deck and sat staring at the
city in the distance. If I could just get back to city; back to my
apartment. This had all been a mistake.

When we finally got to the pier I was at the head of the line to get off
the boat. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I moved
swiftly through the tourists still milling around the waterfront up a ways
to the subway station. Thinking for a second I decided to take the long
way around on the blue line - I didn't really want to run the risk of
running into Jose. I didn't need any more shit tonight.

At long last I closed my apartment door behind me and scrounged around my
desk drawer for a cigarette. I had been doing my best to quit, which had
been working, but with the events of the last two days it seemed like a
more than appropriate time to indulge in vice. I grabbed a beer, pulled
one out of the pack and inhaled the stale smoke, and settled into my couch,
exhaling slowly towards the ceiling. Well, at least I was getting that
little buzz you get when it's been a while since your last cigarette.

After a little while of sitting on the couch and brooding I switched on the
TV and headed to the kitchen for another beer. It was going down easier
now and I could feel a bit of a warm glow settling over my body, centering
somewhere right around my prostate. I never understood why two beers gave
me an itch there that always felt ready to be scratched.

I spent the next two hours with my attention alternating between the stupid
things on television and my beer. My feelings were torn - I was half
hoping that Jose would call, and the other half just wanted the whole thing
to go away. I jumped about a foot when my buzzer rang - it couldn't be
Jose, he didn't even know where I lived, so I got up and pressed the
intercom button. "Hello?"

"Yeah. It's me."



"What are you doing here?"

"Wanted to talk to you."

"Well... alright, but only for a few minutes. Then you have to go."


I buzzed him up and left the door ajar. All my vindictive little behaviors
were kicking in - no way was I going to greet him and invite him into my
apartment. He would have to feel like an intruder. His footsteps sounded
a bit erratic coming down the hall. It seems that he had chosen this
opportunity to also have a drink or two in the name of frustration and

"You smoke?" He looked incredulous as he stood at the door.

"I was in the process of quitting, but nervous tension and anger always
sends me right back to it."

"So it's my fault you're going to get cancer?"

"I let you up because you asked to talk. If you're just going to bitch me
out some more, then fuck off. I don't need this. It's easier being alone
and bored then dealing with some macho shithead." I sat back down on the
couch and knocked back a good swig of my beer.

"Fair enough. Care to offer me a beer?"

"No, but you're a big boy. You can find the big white box that's cold when
you open it."

"I suppose I deserve that. Thanks anyway." He stumbled into the kitchen
for his beer and then sat down next to me on the couch.


"So what? What do you want, Jose. You gave me the brush off back there, I
don't see what you want now."

"To apologize?"

"Gosh, I guess I hadn't heard that part yet." There was a silence that
lasted about just a few seconds but seemed like an eternity. Finally Jose
slid off the couch and sat on the floor next to my legs. After another
minute he put his beer down and wrapped his arms around my calves, hugging
them tightly and resting his head on my thigh.

"I didn't mean to do that. I am so sorry. That asshole pissed me off so
badly, and you didn't care at all what he was saying or how I was trying to
defend you..."

"Hold up. First of all, who said I didn't care what he was saying? Sure,
it's annoying, but my point was that it's not worth going to jail over what
some old fuck thinks. What does that prove? That you're violent and
stupid? No offense, but that's all I saw. Two, I don't need your defense.
I mean, thanks, I appreciate it, but I don't give two shits what some
asshole thinks about me or what I do. As soon as we stepped on that boat
he was totally out of my life. He was, and continues to be, nobody."

"But that doesn't give you the right to stop me from defending what I

"You asked me last night if we had a chance. Well, if we do, then you are
going to have to let me care about you. There is no way in hell that I am
going to let someone I care about go to jail over a few dumb remarks from
an ignorant asshole. Then our friendship would be worthless."


"No buts. If I see that you are about to screw yourself, you better
believe that I am going to try to stop you, and if you don't like it then
we really had best not pursue this thing any further."

"Oh, god. What did I do to deserve you?"

"Wait. No mushy one-liners yet. You don't get off the hook that easy. I
certainly hope that you never give me that 'shut the fuck up' crap again.
If you're pissed about something - me or anything else - I still deserve a
little bit of respect, unless I did something really dumb to provoke you in
the first place. I'm sorry, but that just was not the case in this

"You're right. I apologize."

"Fine. Now will you get off the floor and come sit next to me up here?
This feels weird."

"Okay." He slid back up onto the couch, but opted to lay down with his
head in my lap. He must have been hammered. After letting go of a little
more of my anger I started to run my fingers through his hair and softly
massage his scalp. "You know," he said, "They say that you are never
really good friends with someone until you've had a big argument."

"Fine. So now we're good friends. Can we stop with the arguments, then?"

"Sounds good to me. Can I ask you something?"


"Where the hell did you learn to tackle like that?"

I had to laugh. "Well, believe it or not, I played a lot of sports in high

"You? Really?"

"Sure. When I got there my freshman year, there was a sophomore named Matt
Watson who was an amazing artist. He was very quiet, and was always
sitting around with his sketchbook drawing away. The jocks and burnouts
tormented him all the time with 'faggot' this and 'homo' that. I swore I
wasn't going to let that happen to me. So I had a choice to make: which
clique did I want to run with? The burnouts were always kind of smelly and
scary looking, whereas the jocks were all beefy and mostly pretty hot.
Guess which direction I chose."

"Ooh, big surprise."

"Careful. You haven't earned sarcasm privileges yet, Mr. Shut-The-Fuck-Up.
Anyway, I learned something very quickly - high school locker rooms have
great views, and football with its tackling and wrestling with its rolling
around in spandex makes for quite a time for a lonely young gay man like
myself. I swear my hormones were carbonated from the moment I first stood
in front of another guy in one of those tight uniforms, ready to roll
around on the floor."

"The mind reels with sarcastic remarks, but I'll be good."

"Wise move. Anyway, I got pretty good at all of it and was generally left
alone. As far as tackling goes, I discovered when chasing a certain Martin
White - who had a big, round, beautiful ass - that if I leapt, caught him
around the knees, and then landed with him my face would end up in his
crack, where I could inhale deeply. I can't believe I just told you that.
No more beer for me."

"My lord. You must have been walking around with a perpetual erection."

"That was the only downside. Somehow I pulled it off though."


"Yeah, well, it worked. High school was actually a lot of fun for me."

"Sounds like it."

I had started to get drowsy from the beer and all the sun we had gotten, so
I let the conversation die there. Jose must have felt it too, for he was
soon asleep in my lap and snoring lightly. I let my head fall back and
fell asleep sitting up on the couch.

Next time I was conscious of anything was at about 4am. I opened my eyes
and looked out the window - I could just faintly see the first light
starting to give a dark blue glow to the sky. I desperately needed to lie
down before I really regretted falling asleep like that. I put my hand
back on Jose's head and started to rub lightly.

"Jose? Jose, we have to get up. I need to lay down."

"Hmmm? No... this is fine."

"For you maybe. I need to lie down. Come on, let's go to the bed."

"Mmm... okay."

We moved over to the bed and he lay down fully clothed on the bed. I was
apparently a bit more awake, so after I got myself undressed I started to
remove his clothes. At first I was going to stop at his underwear, but
figured I deserved a cheap thrill for what he had put me through that day.
I peeled down his little grey briefs and his beautiful cock sprang out. I
heard Jose mumble, "No, thanks, not now... too tired."

"You should get so lucky. I'm just getting you undressed for sleep."

"Oh. That's fine."

I had hardly needed his permission, but wasn't going to start a discussion
about it now. Pulling my underwear off I climbed into bed next to him. He
had rolled over onto his side, so I carefully backed myself up to him until
I could feel his chest against my back and my legs mixed with his. Little
snores were coming out of his mouth, so I poked him until he woke up
slightly. "Wha...?"

"Hold me. Now."

"Mmm... okay." He threw his arm around my torso and pulled me up against
him tightly, further intertwining his legs with mine and pressing his
crotch into my ass. After he decided he was comfortable he relaxed a bit,
and we lay like that for the rest of the night.

When I woke up again it was many hours later. Jose was still wrapped
tightly around me, but now I could feel his dick long and hard under my
testicles. I started to squirm around a little bit, running my inner
thighs along it and savoring the feeling. Jose whispered quietly in my
ear, "I though you'd never wake up."

I put my hand on his and pulled his arm from around my waist, and then
settled onto the bed on my stomach. "Please," was all I said.

"Do you have anything?"

"Spit works."

"Alright." He started to work some of his saliva around my ass, tenderly
pushing here and massaging there. After feeling that I had relaxed a
little bit, he started to work his middle finger slowly into me. I raised
my ass up to give him better access and he worked his finger in until it
could go no farther. He took this opportunity to locate my prostate and
started a slow rhythm, stimulating me until I was breathing heavy and
working my ass in time with his motions.

Eventually he worked his index finger along side it. I raised up even more
until I was on my knees, and he started to not only work my prostate with
both fingers but started a wonderful slow drag in and out of my ass,
working my ass open at the same time. Then came the third finger and
spread my legs even farther apart on the bed to give him all the access
that he wanted. He worked his fingers in and out of me, and at the same
time reached around to hold my cock and gently massage it. I was now
panting heavily.

When he carefully removed his fingers I knew we were both ready. I turned
around and looked him over. He was up on his knees with his legs spread a
little bit, his beautiful dick sticking straight out in front of him
looking strong and ready. I lowered my mouth over it and made sure every
inch of it was as wet as it needed to be. When it seemed like he was
ready, I went back to my knees with my legs spread wide and my head down on
my forearms on the bed. My ass was pointing high in the air, ready and
willing for whatever he was going to give me.

The work he had done with his fingers had prepared me so that his entry was
smooth and immediate. I let out a low growl as he filled me up in one
quick stroke. He quickly bottomed out, and I let out a small yelp to let
him know that he had reached a limit. "You okay?"

"Yeah, but..."

"I know. I'll be careful."

He started a slow retreat out of my ass. When he was about halfway out he
prodded around a little bit until he found my prostate. Several times he
caught it with his head and worked it in an amazing rhythm. I begged him
to take me harder. He pulled all the way out again and slammed forcefully
back into me, and I raised back up until I was on my hands and not my
forearms. With that he started a blinding rhythm in and out of me, working
my prostate until I could feel a steady stream of fluid being forced out
the end of my dick.

At one point he started a rhythm where he would pull all the way out and
then reverse and push back in a steady stroke. He kept this up for so long
that I though I would never be able to live without it again. I started to
pant and make small noises deep in my throat.

"You like that, baby?"

"Oh, you're the best Jose..."

"You haven't seen anything yet."

He then pulled all the way out and stopped. I couldn't believe he was
doing this to me. I dropped back down onto my forearms with my head down
and my ass up high and wide. "Please," I begged him, and spread my legs
even wider. I could feel just the very tip of his cock sliding around my
ass. At first I tried to push back into it, but soon learned that this was
exactly the wrong thing to do. When I tried that, he took it away
completely. I stopped and waited, and he started to slide it around again.

"That's right baby, you just wait for me to give it to you."

He pushed the slightest little bit and the head caught just inside my body.
I could feel it working side to side as he shifted his hips around and up
and down. It was a tremendous tease. Then he inched a little more inside,
and did the same thing. It was fucking fantastic. This went on for a few
minutes longer than I could handle. Finally I turned my head to try to see
him and said, "You remember before when you were so angry with me about the
island? Use that energy now. Fuck me like you really meant it."

"You want that? You sure? I can play kind of rough..."

"Oh yeah, Jose. I want it..." - I decided to light his fuse - "...faggot."

I thought I was going to be pushed right into the wall he slammed back into
me so hard. Without a chance to even breathe he started a jackhammer
pounding in and out of me that worked me right into a frenzy. I began to
growl and pant, forcing my ass back to meet his every thrust. He bottomed
out every time, which was causing a bit of pain, but what the hell - I
deserved it after what I'd called him. He then wrapped his middle and
index fingers around the base of his cock so that he could pull all the way
out and hold it steady while he slammed back into me. I finally could not
support myself under the weight of his pounding and collapsed onto the bed.
He grabbed one leg, rolled me over, and pushed my legs up until my knees
were just about touching my shoulders. Slamming me as hard as he could, he
pushed and panted until he finally thrust into me and stopped. He let out
a little howl and let loose with a fast series of short hard strokes.
Finally he collapsed on top of me, his cock still buried deep within my
body. I took this opportunity to work my hand between us and jerk myself
to orgasm while I still had him deep inside of me.

It took us a good five minutes to wind down after that. He rolled off onto
his side, his cock much softer now and slowly leaving my body.



"You only said that to egg me on in the heat of the moment, right?"

"Of course. It worked, didn't it?"

"Yeah, but... I don't like it. I just don't like that word. I'll do
whatever you ask me to, but you don't have to trick me into a fierce fuck.
If that makes you happy, just ask me, and I'll do it. I'll do anything for
you. But don't play a game about it. You might end up saying it at the
wrong time, and..."

"What? What'll happen? Listen, Jose, if you have problems with your
temper that you think you can't control, you need to tell me that now.
We'll see what we can do to fix it. But I am not going to let you excuse
horrible behavior because someone said a word to you, or said the wrong
thing. That is the definition of psychotic, in case you didn't know. No
control of their actions."

"I know, you're right. Why would you deal with that? You are too good to

"There you go again. I appreciate the sentiment, but let's not compare
notes on how wonderful the other is. In case I haven't said so lately, I
think you're pretty fucking great too. But we both have problems, and we
need to talk about them and deal with them, not give each other warnings
about flaky behavior."

"How come you never used to be like this at the apartment, around Carlos
and I?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, making these grand statements of wisdom."

"Because I never knew where I stood. I will be neurotic around someone as
long as they are always testing me and trying to keep me on my toes, like
you were. Now we are learning more about each other. With that comes a
bit of my assertiveness."

"Makes sense."

"So... no more angry bullshit?"

"I'll try. No more tackling, though. Unless your goal is to bury your
face in my ass like your big football players." He grinned up at me.

"Oh yeah, smartass?" I swooped down and rolled him over roughly, then
pushed his legs apart. I got a fantastic view of his beautiful ass, then
ground my tongue into his asshole. Jose squirmed around, breathing heavy
and pushing himself back towards my tongue. I dug in even more, licking
and tasting all around his hole. It was wonderful. I kept this up for a
long time - I just couldn't get enough. Will would never have let me do
anything like this, and beyond him there had been no other opportunity.

Jose had started to raise up his hips, finally pulling himself up onto his
knees. He panted out, "John?"

I backed off his ass for a second. "Yeah?"

"No fucking me yet - I promise soon, but not yet - but could you please
keep doing that?"

I didn't even bother answering. I just dug back in and wiggled my tongue
around his hole in a rapid series of movements that had Jose letting out
more pronounced pants of ecstasy. He started to relax a bit more and I was
able to really give him the royal treatment. With my face still buried in
his ass, my tongue reaching into his body to taste him from the inside, I
reached forward and started to play with his beautiful dick. We kept this
up for about ten minutes, until finally I could feel his asshole clamp down
and squeeze my tongue out while he came onto the sheets. I kept up the
pressure on his ass, and Jose eventually stopped coming and relaxed back
down into the bed. I lay on top of him while we re-gathered our strength.
It was then time to shower and face the new day.

We got over to Carlos and Jose's place and found Carlos getting baked and
watching television.

"Where the hell have you two been?"

"Long story. I ended up at John's place for the night."

"And you couldn't call? What if you had drowned out in the harbor or

"Get a load of this one - being all protective mother-hen like."

"Yeah, well, all I'm saying is you could have called."

"Fine, fine. Sorry, Carlos."

"That's alright. How were the islands?"

I decided to answer that one. "Great. It was cooler out there than on
land, and we walked all around and then sat in a quiet little place for a
while and... well..."

Carlos turned to look at me. "Oh, you didn't."


"John, do you insist on telling Carlos about all our activities?"

"After all the noise you made yesterday morning? It's hardly a secret what
we've been up to."

"Yeah, well..."

"John... Jose has a point. I don't need the graphic details."

"I didn't give you any. You came to your own conclusions."

"Are we done with this conversation now?" Jose was starting to get

"Sure, sure. Prude."

Jose raised an eyebrow at me, but then apparently decided to let it go.

The next week seemed to go by in a blur. Between school and hanging around
with Jose, it seemed there was always something on my schedule. I tried to
be careful about not wearing out my welcome at their apartment, but I ended
up staying there three nights, and two of the other nights that I was at
home Jose called me up and asked if he could come over. We were spending
an awful lot of time together and ending up becoming very close friends. I
was starting to become very comfortable with our relationship. Carlos
seemed to be okay with the whole thing too - nothing had really shifted in
our dynamic, and in fact we seemed to be better friends now that I wasn't
constructing a sexual tension that had never really existed.

Throughout our time together I had begun to wonder about Jose's reluctance
to be fucked. I didn't press him or even ask him about it, figuring that
he had promised it would happen at some point and that should be enough
explanation for now. It was his deal to work through.

On Friday night Carlos announced that he was heading out for an evening
with some of his Brazilian friends. Jose looked up from his dinner and
looked Carlos dead in the eye. "If I catch one whiff of you smokin' crack
or doing something stupid with those fucks, the first call is to your
folks. The second is to a counseling program."

"Oh, come on Jose - do you think I'm that stupid?"

"My opinion of your intelligence has nothing to do with it. I'm not going
to let one of my best friends fuck up his life for some stupid, cheap

"Jose. You have nothing to worry about it. They're fun guys, but if
anything stupid happens I'm outta there."

"You better make sure. I guarantee you I'll be calling. Trust me, I'll
know over the phone if you've done something dumb."

"Oh, knock it off Jose. I've gotten this lecture before."

"Now you're getting the reminder. Got it?"

"Got it."

I was a little amazed. I didn't really cherish the idea of Carlos getting
mixed up in hard drugs either, but Jose was overreacting just a little bit.
After he left I tentatively asked, "Uh, Jose? Why so rough on Carlos?"

"I don't want to get into the whole story, but let's just say that my
neighborhood in New York had more than its fair share of that shit. Too
many lives blown to pieces."


"Yeah. They'd come around, working their jaws all over the place like some
kind of cows or something, stinking of burned chemicals or... actually,
more like exhaust fumes. Raspy voice, talking too fast, talking about
weird things - personal things. That's why I'm going to call Carlos later.
Anyway, eventually these guys would disappear. Some to rehab, some to
jail, some just plain dead. I swore I'd never watch anybody go through
that again - especially not someone like Carlos."

"He's really a good friend to you, isn't he?"

"You don't live with someone for two years without caring about them just a
little bit."

I left it at that. We sat for the rest of the evening watching movies and
sitting together on the couch. After a while Jose's mood lightened up a
little bit, but I could tell he was still worked up about Carlos.

"If you're worried, why don't you just call him?"

"Okay." It was like he was waiting for permission to give him a call.

"Carlos? Hey, what's up? I told you I'd be calling. Oh yeah? Idiots.
Really? Oh, okay. That's good. You'll be home later? Alright. Talk to
you then."

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. He and his friends Ricardo and Miguel - I know them, they're
good guys - they ditched the rest of the fuckheads that they run with.
Apparently they're moving up in the world, right into crystal meth."

"Oh shit."

"Yeah, you know about that stuff?"

"Only what I've read."

"Good. So I don't need to lecture you?"

"Hell no."

"Good. Yeah, they're hanging out at some bar. I know he's telling the
truth - I could hear all sorts of bar noise, and Carlos' voice always drops
a little bit when he's drinking. Smokers voices always go up and get

"Cool. When will he be back?"

"Probably right when the subway closes."

"My, my. We have quite a bit of time on our hands 'til he gets home, don't

Jose grinned over at me. "Well, I suppose you have some ideas about how to
occupy that time, don't you?"

"I can think of a few."

We practically ran to the bedroom, throwing our clothes off the whole way
down the hall. Jose leapt up onto the bed on his hands and knees, legs
spread wide. "Please... I've been waiting for your tongue all day."

"Don't have to ask me twice." I climbed up behind him and lowered my face
to his ass. I started to breathe heavy through my mouth, sending warm
moist air wafting over his ass. Jose started to moan lightly. With just
the slightest touch I reached out with my tongue and swiped it lightly over
the pucker in front of me. Jose let out a loud moan and backed up. I
repeated this several more times - just little swipes, little tastes. Jose
was getting really worked up. I decided to go for it. I dove in and
really worked around, and Jose started to groan loudly and push back
against me. I reached around again and took his cock in my hand - it was
hard as a rock. Working my hand up and down it, I continued to push and
prod at his ass. I was shocked when he suddenly let out a yelp and
collapsed onto the bed.

"Damn! You were really worked up, weren't you? That took what, thirty

"Yeah, well..." He lay there like a slug, quietly panting.

I could see he was wiped out, so I put my own orgasm on hold and lay down
beside him, resting my head on his arm.

Jose stirred a little bit and asked, "Is it psychological for you?"

"Is what?"

"Well, you know, sexual dynamics... who does what, when, and why."

"Oh, sure, of course. I mean, it all feels good and all, but - like - if I
suck you off, my jaw gets uncomfortable and all that, but all those things
are totally cancelled out by the very fact that I am bringing you pleasure
and doing something that's supposed to be so, you know, dirty. There's so
much great stuff rolled into the act that it isn't simply about my mouth -
let's face it, there are much more erogenous zones to deal with."

"Please don't get upset with me for saying this, but that is half the
reason I go so insane when you rim me. I mean, of course everything you do
feels fucking fantastic, but I really get off on the fact that you get off
on having your tongue in my ass, working me over. I mean, the very idea
makes a lot of people sick. You are not only willing to do it, but you do
it with enthusiasm as long as you want to - not just to meet some request
of mine. It makes me so hot that you will do things like that for your
pleasure - not just for mine."

"You're welcome."

"Thanks. Um... please don't be upset with me about the fucking. It's just
one of my issues, and I'll get over it, but I just haven't yet. Is that
okay? I mean..."

"Hush. I'm not worried. Let's just get some sleep, alright?"

"Really? You okay? I mean, you didn't get much out of this..."

"That's what you think. Now shut up and get some rest."

"Okay. Good night, my friend."

"Good night."

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