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Zach's Discovery

When I arrived at the conference, I was disappointed not to find thepeaceful, quiet college campus I had expected. The dormitory in which wewere to stay was already occupied by hundreds of teen-agers there for afundamentalist Christian conference.

My impressions of the kids changed after we talked to several for nearly an hour one night. The two girls and one boy were from Canada and told us they found the rules to be stifling. I casually mentioned that the men in our group -- all of us recent college graduates -- were staying on the fifthfloor of the men's dormitory; I thought nothing of the comment.

A few days later, I was laying on my bed reading, the rest of our group having gone to the bars. I was surprised to hear a knock on the half-open door. As I put down my book, I saw a familiar face peek in the door. Zach, the boy from the other conference came into the room.

A chill shot down my spine. I had been thinking about him almost non-stop,
and now the gorgeous 18-year-old boy of my dreams had stepped into my room.
He told me he had gotten tired of the other conference-goers and had
remembered we had told him about our secluded attic accommodations. We sat
and talked for a while about anything and everything.

The more Zach talked, the more personal he got. After about an hour, he
started talking about sex. I could hardly control myself. He told me that he
didn't really know anything about sex and that he had never kissed anyone
before. With quite a bit of shame, he told me that he was attracted to other
Moving over beside him, I put an arm around his shoulder and assured him
that he never had to be ashamed of who he was. And then, this youth, this
golden-bronze Adonis, leaned over and kissed me. He pulled back quickly,
afraid of what my reaction would be and, I daresay, what God's reaction
would be.
As I looked into his eyes only a couple inches away, his years of anguish,
his years of building lust, and his years of paralyzing fear were apparent.
He was vulnerable, and I was the only one in the world who knew his secret.
This teen-ager, who had seemed so confident, almost cocky, the other day,
now was almost shaking in fear as he stared into my eyes seeking approval
for what he had just done.

After a few seconds, I leaned over and returned the kiss passionately. My
body reacted to the boy's taut young body and his juicy mouth. As our
tongues grappled inside our mouths, I pushed Zach back onto the bed, and we
continued to kiss. I pulled back and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his
smooth and slightly defined chest and tight stomach. Still unbelieving that
this was actually happening, I held my breath as I ran a finger down his
very light treasure trail and unbuttoned his slacks. He helped me slide them
off, and he lie there denuded in front of me.

Zach's stomach and sides quivered as his body was overcome with lust,
exhilaration, and fear rolled into a giant urge evident by the bulge in his
boxers. I kissed him again and slowly slid my tongue to his neck and then
his chest. My tongue darted out, teasing his nipples. He put his hands on my
shoulders and pushed me back. Softly, he said, "Hold on. Can I give you a
blow job first?"

His voice was hesitant and nervous. How could I refuse that request? Zach
quietly laid me down on the bed and started to take my clothes off. He
grinned at me as my shirt came off, but his movements were jerky and unsure.

Zach removed the rest of my clothes and stared at my already erect cock.
With a little more confidence, he grasped the shaft and put his mouth around
my cockhead. A jolt of electricity shot through me. With one hand he
massaged my testicles, and his mouth was going farther and farther down. As
he got more comfortable, he began enjoying it more. When Zach looked into my
eyes and held the stare as he dived down on my dick, I couldn't take it
anymore and shot the biggest load of my life.

The spurts of cum surprised him, and he pulled off my cock, my cum still
squirting all over his face. As my orgasm subsided to small spasms, I looked
at his face and laughed. He had cum dripping all over it and had a priceless
look of awe and joy.

"C'mon, sport," I said, "it's your turn."
I laid Zach down on the bed and kneeled over him and again kissed him,
taking some of my own cum into my mouth. I pulled back and leaned down to
suck on his left nipple. Zach moaned, and I could feel his body quiver.
Sucking and gently nibbling the nipple for the better part of a minute, I
was putting Zach into ecstasy. I switched to the other nipple and gave it
the same treatment.

Then, slowly kissing down his stomach, I found his light blonde treasure
trail and followed it to the waistband of his boxers. I looked into his eyes
and asked, "Do you want me to go farther?"
The affirmative reply came in a whisper.
With a grin, I said, "Tell me what you want me to do."
He looked at me blankly. Grinning again, I said, "You're gonna have to work
for this. Walk me through it. Step by step."
His voice was hesitant at first, cracking like a 12-year-old's. "Pull down
my boxers. Real slow." I complied, gently sliding the waistband past his
hips. As his light brown hair came into to view, I had trouble controlling
myself, but continued. A bit farther and his slender, but quite long, rod
popped out. Then I saw two gorgeous, tight testicles and silky smooth

Resisting the urge to attack his slender shaft immediately, I waited for
his next instruction. Zach was breathing heavily and, his head propped up on
a pillow, was watching my every move. As our eyes met, his cock twitched and
oozed a little precum. He looked at me as if I should know what to do next,
but I wanted Zach to have all the control in this sexual experience, so I
sat there, silent and obedient.

Finally he got it, and said, "Oh. Use your hands and play with me. Then you
can ... oh ... suck on my balls for a while." For a virgin he was one hell
of a tease.

I started massaging his cock, rubbing his precum up and down the shaft and
playing with the head. I took his glans between my thumb and forefinger and
started rubbing it back and forth. He let out a gasp as it hurt at first,
but then he started moaning. As his cock came to full stature and twitched,
I stopped rubbing the glans and diverted my attention to his testicles.
Firmly grasping one in each hand, I rolled them around causing Zach to feel
the dull ache you get when your nuts receive pressure and the sharp ache you
get when they receive pleasure.

After he had been moaning in pleasure for a couple minutes, I briefly
stroked his cock, priming his erection. Then I quickly dived back down to
his nuts and sucked one into my mouth. Zach gasped as I rolled it around in
my mouth. Then I sucked on the other one. Seeing the pure pleasure on his
face, I sucked both in together, and, while sucking his nuts, began playing
with his dick.

"My God!" he gasped. "This is awesome!" I would have smiled or said
something if my mouth weren't very full. "Are you going to suck my dick,
too?" he asked.

Letting his balls drop from my mouth, I said, "I've been waiting for you to
say that." I started at the bottom of his shaft and attacked it from the
side, slurping my way to the top, where I engulfed the head. Going down
about halfway on this ten-incher, I only had gone down about four times when
he exploded.

I let his head rest on my tongue and swallowed every drop of his boycum. I
looked directly into his eyes until his orgasm was spent.

For a long time, Zach just laid there with his eyes closed and tried to
recall every second of the incredible experience. When he didn't move after
a long time, I repositioned myself and snuggled beside him. After a few
minutes, he opened his eyes and said, "That was incredible. I've never felt
anything like that before."

"Believe me, Zach," I said, "you can do that with me any time you want."
He grinned at me and hopped out of bed. He gathered his clothes and sat
down to put them on. "I guess I better get going," he said.
"Why?" I asked. "The night is young."

"What do you mean?" he asked. "We had sex, and that's it right?"
"Well, it could be," I said. "But we can keep going for as long as we get
pleasure from it. So hop back up here, sport."
His face broke out in a wide smile, and he jumped up into the bed, now
wearing his boxers.