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The Rescue - Hot Gay Sex Story

Gay Sex Stories presents "The Rescue".

I'm Jack Gordon. My life has certainly changed in the last couple of months since I was rescued from a beating by gay-bashers one night in San Francisco by Chinese-American, muscle-stud, Eddie Lee. I had the pleasure of feeling the power of his body as he fucked me that night with his huge 14.5 inch cock. After our night together, we discovered we both went to Berkeley and he invited me to a party at his fraternity the following weekend. It was a night of continuous sex with the brothers. Most of them were nearly as strong, well-muscled and well-endowed as Eddie and, a big black stud who was significantly bigger than even my rescuer. In the morning, for surviving the entire night with the entire fraternity, I was offered the opportunity to become a fraternity 'boyfriend'. I suppose, sex-slave, might be a more accurate description, since, besides an open invitation to all their parties, I was to be available for sex to any brother who requested on weekends or for quick breaks during the day if I met one around the campus. Of course, I accepted.

I was sitting in the library. I should have been studying and doing some research for a term project. I'd gotten what I'd wanted done and my mind was drifting a bit. I was fingering the black and white, yin-yang, stud in my earlobe that marked my status, remembering my encounter over the lunch hour. I had met Pong, who was originally from Thailand and my final fucker on my first party night. We were both returning from morning classes when we spotted each other. I could see his cock stiffen in his slacks as he walked over to me, so I knew what was coming. We didn't even say hello. I just suggested my nearby dorm room and he followed me the short distance.

My roommate, Ricardo, was already there, playing a video game with a study buddy from one of his classes. Ricardo accompanied me to that first frat party and, after a rough start, handling guys much bigger than my 9.5 inches, finished the night to also achieve boyfriend status. His face brightened when he saw me walk in with Pong, then he made a worried glance toward his buddy. I'd seen his friend before and my impression was that he was straight.

Pong recognized the situation. He could have insisted in fucking Ricardo too, but just announced that he and I were going to have sex and gave Ricardo and his friend the option to join or leave. Of course, he said that while shucking his clothes and giving me a quick glance to insure I was following suit, which I did. It is considered bad form for a 'boyfriend' to still have a stitch on when the brother sheds his final piece.

I could see the conflict in Ricardo, eager to stay and get fucked, but not wanting to impose on his buddy. It turned out not to be a problem. As Pong revealed the extent of his massive upper-body musculature when he shed his shirt, his mouth gaped open. Pong gave him a little show, striking a double biceps pose, with his 50 inch chest and 22 inch arms. It gave me a chance to get down to skin. I reached around Pong's taut 28 inch waist to undo his belt and lower his slacks. He wasn't wearing underwear. Few of the guys do; it's too confining with their big equipment. When I got the fabric past the bulge of his 30 inch thighs, his thirteen-plus-inch cock was freed to snap up against his cobblestone abdominals. A drop of his pre-cum arced out as it swung, striking Ricardo's friend on his tee shirt at the center of his chest. As he stared down at the wet spot, I saw the bulge growing in his pants.

"It looks like you want to stay," Pong observed. "You ever do this before?" He twisted his head no, hesitantly. "Well, strip and Ricardo will loosen you up while I fuck Jack."

Not waiting, or perhaps even caring what the others did, Pong pushed me back into one of two big stuffed chairs we had near the TV. The leather was still warm from the guys video gaming session. In seconds my ankles were lifted beside my head. I reached down and rolled an extra big condom on Pong's rampant tool. I'm glad I remembered to grab it from my pocket before I stripped. I was already lubed. Ricardo and I do each other every morning, since we can't know when or where we might need to perform our duties. Pong slid home to the hilt in one smooth stroke. Over the months I'd gotten used to the size of the brothers. Oh, you never really get comfortable with more than a foot of cock up your gut, but the pain is gone and the pleasure pure.

While I was still able to notice, I looked down my body to where Pong had started withdrawing his firm flesh from my body. It was even a bit darker than his tanned-all-over skin, a stark contrast to the white skin of my ass, and over twice as thick as my own thick, nine-plus-inch cock that was dripping pre-cum on my abs. Inch after inch of throbbing, veiny, shaft appeared as his torso lifted away from my body. I could feel the broad mushroom-shaped cap of that pole as it dragged with exquisite friction along the walls of my gut, punching the button of my prostate as it passed, sending a shutter through my body. He paused when I felt the flared head press my ring from the inside, a foot of turgid flesh as thick as my wrist connected our bodies.

When he started to insert himself again, the surge in stimulation of my pleasure centers short-circuited my brain. Rational thought suspended as feelings and emotion took control. My hands wrapped around his narrow waist, hands on the round, stone-like, mounds of his glutes, urging him inward. I looked up into his face. He smiled down at me, confident in his sexual mastery of my body. The tingling in my gut went right to my balls and cock. Time seemed to crawl as pleasure flowed through me. As my balls touched his soft pubic bush and his tennis-ball-sized orbs dented my butt, he reversed direction and the sensations returned.

A timeless interval passed and my seed spewed forth spraying my face and torso. That wasn't what was in my mind as the sensations doubled as Pong sped up his assault. Another period passed dominated by the thrust and retreat of his spear in my gut. I felt the spray of my seed as a cooling rain on my body, now sweating heavily in the heat of sexual passion. It was Pong's cue to up his pace even more. My gasps, trying to recover my breath, competed with moans as the stimulation ratcheted up another few notches.

He was pounding me with his full strength now. When he bottomed out the impact lifted my butt a few inches off the chair's cushions. A final plunge left me pinned to his groin as he released his seed. My overstimulated body joined him.

I felt his cock-head snap out of my clutching ring. I was starting to recover a bit. I noticed he had a few streaks of my cum on his chest. He stood erect and looked over toward Ricardo, who had three lubed fingers up his friend's hole while they were watching Pong fuck me. His friend had his mouth open in awe and wasn't paying any attention to Ricardo. I wondered if he was regretting his decision to stay.

Pong stripped off the used condom and tossed it on my chest. He went over to Ricardo's bed, grabbing a discarded tee shirt from the floor on the way, to wipe my cum from his torso. He lifted Ricardo's friend off the mattress and set him on his feet. With a pat on his butt, he urged him over toward me.

"See if Jack can fuck you. That should help get you ready for this," indicating his still hard cock, sticking straight up almost to his chest. Ricardo was reaching out to it to roll on fresh protection.

I must have been quite a sight, covered in sweat and cum, my legs limply spread over the arms of the chair where Pong had placed them when he finished with me. Most of Pong's massive cum-load had seeped out of the end of the condom, flowing down my abs and soaking my bush. My soft cock, shrunk to six inches, lay in a pool of it. I didn't think I was going to fuck anybody for a while.

"I've seen you with Ricardo before. Eric is it?" The stunned guy nodded. "I don't think I can fuck you, but I've got something that will work. Try the bottom left drawer of the desk. You'll know what I want."

He got the dildo and brought it over. It was the twelve-inch one I'd used to prepare for the party. It wasn't as long or thick as Pong, but it would work. Ricardo tossed me the bottle of lube just before Pong rolled him onto his back and got into position. I got the dildo from Eric and lubed it up. I had Eric bend over in front of the chair, hands on his knees, as I sat up getting a look at the target, shiny and red from Ricardo's preparations.

"Just watch Pong and Ricardo while I get you ready," I suggested. "If it causes too much pain, just tell me to stop and I will, but a little pain is normal for the first time. It should pass, but some guys just can't handle something as big as Pong's. It will be easier if we can get this all the way in you, but remember, it's not as long or thick as Pong. Ready?" He nodded.

Pong was just getting started with slow, deep, strokes in Ricardo as I pressed the end to his entrance. Ricardo had done his preparation well. I got the head and about three inches in pretty easily before Eric asked for a break.

"I feel really stuffed."

"That's normal. Are you ready to try a bit more?" He nodded. I pushed in a couple more inches. I felt his body shudder and cock twitch.

"What did you touch? That felt good. Ricardo was rubbing that spot just before we stopped."

"That's your prostate. Now you know why guys like to be fucked. Try this." I did several quick, short strokes with the dildo, pushing his button each time. I saw his cock get hard as I stimulated him, adding a few more inches. "How's that?"

"Great. It hurts a bit when you push deeper, but every time you push it past that spot I tnngle all over. Do you have it almost in?"

"Just about half-way." He didn't believe it and reached back to touch the rubber pole sticking out his butt, tracing it back a few inches and not feeling the base. I pulled a couple inches out and pushed back, gaining another half-inch. His fingers were still an inch and a half from touching the end. We heard Ricardo reach his first orgasm. "Just try and relax and trust me. We need to get going again." He returned his hand to his knee. I started working the dildo as Pong picked up the tempo with Ricardo.

I had about eight and a half in when Ricardo exploded again. It was getting harder to shove in additional length. I was using about a six-inch stroke, adding a little extra each time, backing the pressure off as Eric's muscles tensed with pain. He wasn't complaining, but I could tell I was hurting him a bit. It's easier to break a guy in with your own cock since you get immediate feedback from his gut. As Pong started the buildup to his own release, I added some extra lube and went back to work.

I'd gotten just over ten inches in when Pong disentangled himself from my spent roommate. Our lunch hour wasn't yet half over, but I hoped Eric and Ricardo didn't have an early afternoon class.

Pong tossed the used condom on Ricardo as he headed over to us. "How much did you get in?"

"Ten. Maybe ten and a half."

"It'll have to do. Leave it in and get on your hands and knees on Jack's bed."

As Eric complied, I rolled a fresh rubber on Pong and smeared it with a copious amount of extra lube.

Pong got behind Eric on the bed. With his hands on Eric's inner thighs, he lifted the kid off the bed and spread his legs open so there was plenty of access for him.

"What's your name? You've never been fucked before?"

"Eric. No, I've never done anything with a guy. I knew Ricardo was gay and I've heard about it, but I've always dated girls."

As Pong gave a few practiced strokes along Eric's cock to bring it to a hard six inches, he continued, "So why'd you stay?"

"I don't know. I was going to go, but when I looked at you I couldn't."

"My friends and I hear that a lot. You ready to try this?" His cock had pushed between Eric's thighs and along his cock, which it dwarfed in length and girth.

Eric looked below his body to the monster that was waiting, dark and throbbing in its transparent sheath. He nodded.

"Jack, put your cock in Eric's mouth. That should muffle the noise some. The last virgin I broke in was pretty loud."

"Why?" Eric asked nervously as I scooted my knees under his chest so my still soft cock rubbed his lips.

"You'll have some pain while I'm stretching you to handle my size. I'm longer and twice as thick as that dildo. Don't worry, you'll enjoy it once you get used to it."

Eric opened his mouth to say something, but I just shoved in four inches of my pole and that ended that. "Be careful not to use your teeth," I cautioned him, holding his head to prevent him from backing off.

Pong gave Eric a firm slap on his butt. I felt his mouth tighten around my cock in reaction. "Just relax your ass muscles. I'm going to take out the dildo and enter you before you can close up."

Pong pulled his hips back, sliding his long cock from beneath Eric's body. It snapped to his abdominals once clear. Pong used one hand to position it just below the shaft of the dildo while gripping the rubber phallus with his other. In one continuous motion it was out and he speared the opening. I think he got almost six inches inside as Eric's scream was stifled by his stuffed mouth. I started to get hard as he couldn't help but massage my tool.

Pong tossed the dildo on the floor and held Eric by his waist. He started with small strokes working himself deeper. Eric initially enjoyed the stimulation. He was moaning around my cock. But he started to panic as Pong got past the half-way point. You could see all the muscles in his body tense as a bit more of the thick shaft disappeared. He started trying to pull off, but Pong was so strong that he had no trouble controlling him.

Each new thrust elicited a grunt as he exhaled around my cock. I was up to almost eight inches by now and, with only a couple inches visible past his straining lips, I must have an inch or two down his throat. Meanwhile Pong was drawing most of himself out of Eric's ass before plunging home again.

Despite his straining, Pong was pushing the right buttons. I felt Eric's cum spray my thighs as he was driven into orgasm. The pleasure of the moment caused him to relax and let Pong in to the limit the dildo opened. When the next plunge opened up really virgin territory, it brought him back to reality. After being pounded a couple more times, he tried to look up into my eyes, pleading for mercy; at least as best he could with eight inches of my now, fully hard, cock in his head.

"Just three more inches," I encouraged him. I couldn't have done anything even if I wanted.

There was no missing the fact that Eric was taking a real pounding as Pong was determined to complete his conquest. Each time pressed my cock deeper into Eric's throat. At least he was pulled back a bit on the outward part of the cycle, gasping to catch his breath. Pong went faster and harder. Soon all my hard 9.5 inches were in his body as his face pressed my groin. A few strokes later Pong bottomed out. The impact transmitted down Eric's spine right to my body.

Pong started slow, full-length, stokes through the anal canal he'd reshaped to his dimensions, enjoying the tight friction. I could tell from Eric's reactions that the pain was gone and only pleasure remained. He was humming around my shaft as his tongue explored the intrusion that filled his mouth. I backed out in time with Pong, allowing Eric to grab a breath, then reclaimed his throat. Pong went faster and harder and I recognized he was quickly building to a climax. I matched him in Eric's mouth.

Helpless in our grasp, Eric was dazed by the intensity of the sensations flowing through his body. It didn't really matter. There was nothing he could do. This was something to feel and experience. Pong made his last few thrusts, stopping fully embedded in the ass he dominated and unleashed his seed for the third time in less than an hour. Eric joined him, spraying more shots of cream along my thighs as his throat clamped down on my cock.

My first shot went straight to his stomach. I backed out a bit by the next, flooding his mouth. He swallowed a few times but still lost a lot that coated his lips and dripped down his chin. After a few seconds Pong pulled out and ripped off his condom. His next shot splattered off my chest with the splashes raining down in Eric's hair. His next arced over Eric's head to splash on his face and my groin. He continued to lay lines of cum along Eric's back for half a minute before the final spurts poured out the slit at low pressure, dripping down into his ass crack.

As I pulled my cock from Eric's mouth, he tried to suck down the last few drops. I held up for a few seconds before pulling clear, letting my soft shaft drop between my legs. Pong got up off the bed and grabbed the tee shirt he'd used to wipe up earlier, using it to clean his cock. He then wiped down the cum pooling on Eric's back before tossing the damp shirt to me. I wiped up Eric's cum and the larger splatters from Pong's massive load.

I got up myself as Eric rolled onto his back, clearly exhausted. He still had plenty of cum on his lips, face and hair. He licked around his lips catching the liquid that escaped earlier.

"How was that?" Pong asked. "Worth the pain getting started? I think you got into it."

"It wasn't what I expected. It was much worse and much better."

"Well, I've only done a few virgins. You did much better than most. I suppose it's easier starting with someone smaller than this," indicating his long cock that was still sticking out horizontal after cumming three times. "But once you're used to it there's nothing like being fucked by a big cock - if the owner knows what he's doing."

"You get fucked?"

"Sure, all the time. But, if you're not as big and strong as I, you'll only have sex with me as a bottom. I think you figured that out already."

"You better get cleaned up, afternoon classes start in fifteen minutes," I said tossing him the shirt.

"Ricardo and I don't have class for another hour. I think I need the time to recover." He took a second look at the shirt I tossed him. "Hey, this is my shirt. It's soaked."

"Add smells like cum," I added.

"I want you to wear it all afternoon," ordered Pong. "And, if anyone asks you about it, you tell them everything."


"Because you made a decision a while ago and it changed your life. Now you need to acknowledge it. Now, Jack, how about a quick shower?"

When we got out, a few minutes later, Ricardo was comforting Eric, who was still sprawled on my bed. He seemed lost in thought.

Pong and I dressed quickly, though I didn't forget to relube my hole, just in case. Pong was still partly hard, still nearly eleven inches. It was easy to see its outline snaking well down his pant leg where the fabric was taut from the bulge of his thick thigh.

A hand on my shoulder brought me back to the present. It was Alan Wong, a Chinese-American from the Seattle area. He was almost six-foot-two and three hundred pounds of muscle and an almost fourteen inch cock to complete the package. He wasn't at my first party, but I'd met him last weekend. Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes had invited me over Saturday afternoon to help them with their workout. It didn't surprise me that all their exercises had a sexual component. Alan had heard the new 'boyfriend' was in the house and came down to introduce himself. The guys let him work in a few sets. He was much stronger than Tony or Bill, seated-bench-pressing almost a thousand pounds for ten reps with my shoulders and ankles tied to the heavily ladened bar so I'd ride his cock up and down as he did his sets. Though, I must confess, I still like being fucked by Tony best. He may only have twelve inches, but he knows how to use each one.

"Hi," I greeted him.

"Hi. I finished my studying. How about you? Are you up for a bit of a break?"

"Sure. I'm done too." Well, close enough, anyhow, I thought. "What do you have in mind?" As if I didn't know.

"I've got a new CD. Let's listen to it together. We can take one of the listening booths. They're soundproof."

And no windows, I remembered. And they lock. I packed my stuff away quickly and got up. He herded me toward the music section with a powerful arm around my waist.

We were about at the stairs when he was hailed by someone behind us. "Hey Alan ."

He turned us around and I saw two guys and a girl. The guys were nothing special, but the girl was kind of nice, if that interests you.

"These are Mark, Ed and Janet. We're working on our junior design project together. This is Jack, a friend. We were just going to grab a listening booth so I could fuck him."

I was shocked he was so casual, but the others showed no reaction to his admission, other than Frank and Janet wetting their lips.

"We're going to get together tomorrow to wrap up the project. Did you finish the software?" Janet asked.

Alan fished a static-safe envelope from his bag. "I burned the latest version on EPROM this afternoon. That should kill all the bugs we've identified. How's the hardware?"

"When I plug this in we have a fully functional breadboard of the entire system," Stated Frank, taking the chip.

"And the CAD for the commercial configuration is complete," added Ed.

"I'll print out the report tomorrow morning," finished Janet. "We'll just need to sign it and pack it up for submission."

"Great. Then we can celebrate tomorrow night," Alan announced.

"I'll get the champaign," offered Frank.

"I'll make some snacks," added Janet.

"I'll bring the condoms and lube," injected Ed.

"So, I suppose that leaves me to provide the entertainment," finished Alan , running his hand down the thick tube that had extended halfway to his knee in his loose fitting pants. They all smiled.

"OK. Everyone, my apartment, nine tomorrow," stated Janet. "Have fun, Jack."

Alan turned us around and off we went.

"I know the brothers are pretty casual about sex, but I never expected you to be so open in public."

"Most of the brothers find it best to be open about it, though quite a few are not out to their families. I figure most of the guys have five or six encounters on school days and you've seen what our weekends and holidays are like. One of the freshmen are available for all takers as we wake up in the morning and at bed time. We rotate that weekly with the other house duties. During the day we have the 'boyfriends' like yourself. But, you know we only have a handful, and all of you would only cover less than twenty percent of the daily requirement. So all of the guys have a network they can draw on.

"Some guys like jocks or athletes. They're fun. They're used to being in control and it's nice to reverse their role. I've got to admit, I make it pretty rough on jocks. Before I was this strong, I got picked on plenty. So, I enjoy a few screams and whimpers when I fuck one.

"But classmates are my usual choice when I need a quick break. They're handy and willing and I'm the most popular guy in the room. The side benefits are that I can take the pick of the best students for projects and study-mates. Of course, I have to take it a bit easier with them than with a 'boyfriend' or a brother, even after I've gotten them used to my length and size."

Fortunately we didn't have to wait for a booth to become available; my pre-cum was already wetting my pant leg. When the thick, sound-deadened door shut with a solid thunk, the outside world disappeared. Just the sound of our breathing and the gentle whisper of the acoustically-dampened air-conditioning filled the six by four foot space we shared with a couple of chairs and a narrow shelf, holding the CD system and speakers.

Alan stacked the chairs to give us a bit more room, placing our bags on top. "How about something classical?" He put a CD in and turned up the volume.

I'd already tossed my shirt and slacks on the pile and kicked my shoes under the chair. I was on one leg, puling off a sock, when Alan shed his knit shirt, revealing the massive plates of his pectoral muscles. They swelled so big his nips angled downward. I got so caught up in watching the interplay of his muscles that I lost my balance and tumbled into him.

"Steady boy," he said as he caught me with and arm around my waist. "Let me help you with those." He hoisted me over his shoulder, pinning my knees to his chest with his forearm while my torso draped over his mountainous back. As my socks were removed I was dripping a steady flow of pre-cum over his delts and pecs. He just held me there, indifferent to my weight as he finished disrobing. His freed cock slapped my calf.

When he set me down again I stood facing his naked body. I was only an inch shorter than he, but he almost doubled my body weight and it was all muscle. I figured he was maybe five or six times stronger than I. It gave him that confidence and assurance that all the fraternity brothers had. They were men, masters of any situation, and everyone else was a lesser being. Oh, they'd never say that directly, it was just assumed by their actions, large and small. However, it was also true. As I stood facing Alan, I knew I was helpless as a small child. His casual manipulation of my body in the simple act of removing my socks underscored it.

When I lived in the normal world, I was pretty cocky myself. My 9.5 inch dick got plenty of admiration, most furtive, but some open, in the showers at the gym. Willing partners were easy to find. Of course, it looked small facing Alan's massive fourteen plus inch piece that was about three times my girth, standing vertically above a pair of orange-sized balls, tight in their sack. The veins that crisscrossed its golden brown surface pulsed visibly with blood that engorged its size. Tiny rivers of juice bubbled from the top and flowed down its length. Dripping off the nut sack it had already made a small pool on the floor by his feet.

I stepped next to the golden wall of muscle that Alan was, pressing our cocks together. It was hot against the pale flesh of my own. I could feel the throbbing power of it. I used my hands to coat both surfaces with the natural lube that was mostly from his output, easily twenty times my own. As he watched patiently, I applied a condom. Feeling a bit mischievous I stretched it to cover my shaft too when I had rolled it down far enough to reach my cock head, continuing to cover both shafts for another seven inches.

"That's an interesting idea, but not today." He turned me around and my cock slid from the sheath. I leaned against the door, spreading my legs. He stepped behind me. The fat pole nestled in the crevice between my glutes. Bending his knees he drew it down until the flaring head sliced along my bottom, seeking its target. The instant I'd felt the tip touch my pucker he was standing up, plunging it home. The impact when I bottomed out lifted me onto my toes for a few seconds. Then it was moving outward again.

The average cock really doesn't penetrate very far. If you had one my size, you'd know it goes much deeper. All the fraternity brothers could really spear you and Alan's thing was large even in that company. It was a living presence in the middle of my body, radiating heat and sending a powerful beat that shook my body in time with his heart. It overshadowed the classical selection that Alan had running on the sound system. He was pounding my gut in time with the sound, speeding and slowing, taking cues from the music. As he increased speed and force in time with a crescendo, I had my first explosion, spraying my seed on the door.

A slow section followed as I recovered slightly, my racing heartbeat in stark contrast to the steady drumming of his own as he moved within me at a slow, measured pace. I'd just gotten myself under control when the music changed and Alan sped up in sympathy. The music became louder and Alan pounded me harder. I came again, but there was no break this time as Alan was thrusting faster and harder. I couldn't hear the music, just the sound of our bodies moving together and whimpers and moans that I dimly recognized were coming from me. My body rocked violently as Alan came, causing another powerful eruption from my cock that squirted my face.

When I came out of my daze, Alan had wrapped his arms around my chest, holding me against his body. My legs were splayed around the thick tree-trunks of his massive thighs while a slow rocking of his hips continued a steady motion through my intestines in time with a soothing piece featuring violins which filled the booth. I took me another minute to realize that my arms were akimbo, pushed out by his bulging twenty-eight-inch biceps under my armpits. Suspended in the air in Alan's embrace, riding his massive pole, breathing heavily and damp with my sweat and cum, my cock still hard, I held his elbows and went along for whatever was next. What option did I have?

The music changed again, building to the finale. Alan was too. He's rocking my body every time he pounds into my butt. My hips are thrust up as he pulls back and, as I fall back down along the steel pipe I was riding, he accelerates toward me and another impact reverberates in our tiny space. I cum and cum again. There is a clash of cymbals and the pounding of a base drum that was matched by a pounding in the middle of my body, rising in intensity. I came again.

My back was against the wall, held in position by light pressure from Alan's body leaning against me. The music had stopped. Alan was licking my face. He noticed I'd come around and kissed me strongly, his tongue darting and exploring. He broke the kiss, my lips squeezing his tongue as he withdraws. I felt his partially hard cock between my thighs, pressing lightly upward against my balls. My own soft member draped around one side of the thick cylinder.

"What did you think of that selection. It's one of my favorite pieces."

"It was fun. You have others?"

"Quite a few, in fact. Perhaps I'll have a chance to introduce you to them sometime."

"It sort of gives me new respect for music appreciation."

I was a mess. I'll have to remember to carry a small towel in the future. Alan looked composed in spite of doing all the hard work.

"Give me a couple minutes to clam down. What is your design project?"

"We have a digital video camera that eliminates the tape mechanism in favor of a mini hard drive like those used in portable music players. It's much simpler and smaller. We can get over five hours in full digital video quality and more with DVD compression. It can even do high definition, but the recording capacity is just over two hours that way with no compression. We've included a two inch LCD screen and color viewfinder. You've got to download the video to computer via firewire or USB 2.0. We figure it could sell for about $600."

"Is this a real product?"

"We've applied for a few patents and have some interest from some camera companies. The only thing similar uses digital camera memory cards and has much less capacity and versatility. The main disadvantage is that you need to download the video. I did the software and you can also transfer to a small portable hard drive if you can't carry a computer. You can also do simple editing on the LCD screen like deleting scenes, adding transitions and changing order. Of course, it can also function as a music player and do basic contact and calendar management."

"I'm impressed. You're more than just muscles and cock."

"Thank you for noticing. Now get dressed."

When we left, the booth smelled of sex. So did I. I'd used my socks to wipe up some of the cum on the floor and walls and had them in my bag where they wrapped the used rubber. On the way out we met one of my friends from class. He commented on how disheveled I looked. Emboldened by Alan at my side I told him that I doubted he would look as good after being fucked for an hour by Alan.

Before we separated Alan invited me on a trip over the weekend. Joseph Running Bear, the 'boyfriend' I met at the end of the first party, invited the brothers to visit his reservation south of Tahoe. Alan and three others are taking a van, starting bright and early Saturday. Joseph promised they'd meet plenty of his friends and learn something about Native-American culture. However, it's an six hour drive and the brothers didn't think one 'boyfriend' could handle the trip alone. I earned my invitation tonight. He didn't wait for me to respond before heading off. I was a 'boyfriend' and my weekend services were available for any brother that needed them.

I arrived at the frat house about twenty minutes early. I saw a van out front and guessed that was our ride. I knocked on the door which was quickly opened by the Singaporean student, Zai Zai. (That's what everyone called him. I believe it means little boy, though, now, he was anything but.) He was dressed like I was in gym shorts and a tee shirt. Of course, on him the tee shirt was like a second skin and his cock, almost thirteen inches, had a couple inches extended out of the leg of his unlined shorts. My shorts were unlined too, but at least long enough to cover me when hard, a state I reached quickly looking at Zai Zai.

"Hi, Jack. Alan told us he recruited you for the trip. We should be heading out shortly. Come on in."

"Sure. Where can a put my bag?" I had a small backpack with a couple changes of clothes, bath items, a small towel, and a couple dozen condoms in the guys' size." I didn't really think I'd need the clothes much, but I hoped others brought condoms or we'd likely be short.

"By the door is fine. Alan is upstairs with Joseph." I knew what that meant. "Koji (Isikawa) and Harry (Nuygen) are still getting ready. I've got a couple things to get too. You OK for a few minutes?"

"Sure," I replied, spotting a nude Tony Thieu coming down the stairs.

"Hi, Jack," he greeted me. To Zai Zai, he added, "Can I borrow him for a few minutes?"

"Have him back in fifteen minutes. Is that OK?"

"Plenty. Come with me, Jack," he directed, leading me downstairs as he had on party night.

He put me on my back on a weight bench. No need to undress me, he just raised my legs to his shoulders and pushed up the loose leg of my shorts right into my hole (after grabbing protection from a handy basket). In seconds his stiff twelve inches were pushing all the right buttons. My cock was straining against the nylon fabric of my shorts that already had a sizeable wet spot. I reached to free my cock, but Tony batted my hand away. Clearly he wasn't going to let me touch my cock, so I grabbed the uprights on the weight stand behind my head.

Tony, always a skillful fucker, wasn't wasting time. He had me thrashing around on the bench as he massaged me internally. A few minutes later I had my first orgasm. The first gobs of cum spurted through the nylon onto my tee shirt. The rest percolated through the fabric, turning the black nylon white for a time until the wetness spread through the material. Tony just kept building his pace and I'm extra sensitive just after I cum. I kept my hard on. I recognized that Tony was getting close. A final shove was a continuous massage of my most sensitive spot. I exploded again as he pulled out, thrust my legs to each side of the bench, tore off the rubber and moved forward to plug my mouth. His first shot flooded my mouth as I swallowed furiously. There was more and more as I struggled to get it all down. Inevitably some escaped the sides of my mouth. After a bit the flow slowed down and I was able to catch up.

When he finished, Tony stood up pulling his cock from my lips. It was still hard and snapped upward spraying my face and hair with a few stray drops of mixed cum and saliva. After he stepped over my prone body, he helped me up. I rubbed a bit of the drying cum into the fabric of my shorts and tee and licked my lips to clean off some of his load I spilled.

"Thanks Tony. That was great. You sure cum a lot. I couldn't keep up. Didn't you get your morning fuck today?"

"Oh, I never miss that and Little Bill has the job this week. And..." He checked a clock on the wall. "I did Big Bill Reyes too, about 50 minutes ago. I just make a lot of juice. Anyway I better give you back to your buddies for the weekend."

The guys were assembled by the door just about ready to go. Everyone had selected some variation on the gym shorts and shirt theme. I didn't think clothes were going to be to important. Half wore sandals like I did and the others, athletic shoes. Zai Zai was still showing his cock tip. He smiled a bit when he caught me staring. Alan had his riding up through the waist of his shorts and under the tee, as did Koji. Harry was a freshman and Vietnamese-American like Tony. He was five-foot-eight and two hundred thirty five. His cock was almost thirteen and clearly outlined under the material of his shorts angled out past his left hip. He said he fucked me on party night, but he was one of the later fucks that I didn't remember clearly and we hadn't gotten together since.

Joseph Running Bear was Native-American and almost as big and muscular as a brother. He was two hundred twenty, fat free pounds on a five-foot-eight frame and sporting a very thick ten inch cock. Zai Zai was the shortest guy in the group at five-foot-six, but carried two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle on that frame. Harry matched Joseph in height and carried only fifteen pounds more mass. However both guys were at two to three times stronger than our Indian friend and Koji and Alan, being bigger, were stronger still. He'd been a 'boyfriend' since almost the start of the year, much longer than I.

His deeply tanned reddish-brown skin had a heavy sheen of sweat that also dampened his shoulder-length black hair that draped wetly about his neck. Alan had obviously given him a good fucking, but at least he'd gotten to take off his clothes. I'm sure I had that 'just-fucked' look too, but the cum stain and smell in my clothes made it obvious. But it was what I expected. Every time I've crossed their threshhold, I've had a cock up my butt within ten minutes.

Now it was time to go. Everyone had a small backpack or gym bag and Harry brought a cooler. They'd rolled down the second and third row seats in the van that gave a flat floor about eight feet long on which an air mattress was inflated. The bags went in under-floor compartments and the cooler up front. Alan and Koji took the first shift up front and Harry and Zai Zai got in back with us. Our clothes were off before the van was in gear and Zai Zai was the first to enjoy my services.

When the guys switched off every hundred miles or so Joseph and I would grab a cold Gatorade to replace the fluids and minerals we were losing in sweat - and cum. We had a short break from sex about eleven, when everyone got a sandwich from the cooler. Joseph and I each got two loads of cum to wash it down, but that didn't delay Alan and Koji from fucking us as soon as the van got going again.

When we got close They let Joseph get dressed so he could sit up front on Alan's lap with their shorts stretched to allow all fourteen plus inches to slide home. He provided the direction for the final miles on poorly maintained and often unmarked mountain roads. Meanwhile, I did double duty with Harry and Zai Zai in the back as they switched between my mouth and ass. They had a look at the scenery when they were interested while I had a view of the tops of the pine trees that crowded the roadside.

Joseph gave us notice when we were about ten minutes away. That gave the guys in back time to wrap up a final round and get back into their clothes. I needed their help getting dressed. It was an exhausting trip.

It was mid afternoon when we pulled over a ridge and descended toward a small mountain lake. By the side there were six traditionally constructed (according to Joseph) huts surrounding a large fire pit with a roaring fire. A couple old pickups were parked to the side of the dirt road and a few horses grazed nearby. We pulled up next to the pickups and Joseph leaned over to tap the horn a couple times.

We piled out of the van and stood beside it. I was between Harry and Zai Zai with my arms around their necks for support. Joseph and I were really frazzled from the non-stop sex in the six hour ride up here. Aerobically it's like running a marathon. And, we were covered in cum and smelled like it. That's pretty typical around the fraternity house on weekends, but today we were out in the wild, about to meet new people. The brothers looked eager; ready for fresh challenges, and Joseph was waiting patiently, his hair matted with dried cum and a fresh gob running down his left thigh from the ride on Alan's lap.

About a dozen Indian males were approaching us from the camp. They seemed to range in age from late teens to mid twenties. They all had athletic builds though only a couple approached Joseph's massive development. All wore a breach cloth with leather front and back flaps and most had a leather vest type garment too. I realized that it was quite a bit cooler than it was in the Bay Area. We must be close to 5000 feet here and you could still see snow covering the mountain peaks in the distance. Half were barefoot and the others generally wore a handmade moccasin.

There was a lot of excited talking and pointing as they came closer. Joseph called out a greeting in what I assume was the native language and received a lot of talk back in the same. There was a lot of staring at Alan. He's the biggest in the group, including cock size, and, for the meeting, he had eight inches sticking up out of his shorts; not covered by his shirt this time. Zai Zai, as usual, left a few inches hanging out of his leg opening and the bulges of the others, though covered, must have been unmistakable. Then Joseph said something that ended the conversation and we were mobbed by the guys greeting us excitedly in English. There were a lot of erections pushing aside the leather flaps by that time, some were almost as long as Joseph and I. Each brother was led back to the camp by two or three of the Indians. I went with Joseph and a couple of older boys that were talking to him in the native tongue.

We entered one of the huts. Joseph called it a lodge. It had several comfortable areas for sitting or sleeping covered with animal furs and blankets. Joseph stripped out of his clothes, ran to the lake and jumped in. I followed him. That water was cold!!! I got cleaned up and out quickly. The boys had brought out some blankets to wrap us in when we emerged. Joseph took a bit longer so he could wash the cum from his hair and didn't seem to mind the water's temperature.

When we returned to the lodge Joseph put on a breech cloth and vest and offered the same to me. One of the boys showed me how to wear it. He was Joseph's seventeen year old brother, Samuel, and the other boy was his best friend, a high school classmate. Samuel was already five-foot -eleven and matched Joseph on weight, though not muscularity, due to his taller frame. He had a pretty nice nine inch piece poking out the front flap of his garment. Joseph thought he'd still have a year's significant growth in front of him and he'd already beaten a couple of Joseph's high school athletic records, though still a junior. The friend, Daniel, was an inch shorter, with a sleek, defined build. He had his eight inches poking out the top of his breech and nestled in the valley between the rows of his abdominal muscles. His cloth was tied just above his balls and draped, exposing about half of an incredible firm, rounded, butt that was destined to be a big favorite with the brothers.

I noticed that the lodge was equipped with a basket of the brand of condoms they use at the house and lubricant. Joseph had clearly explained what his friends could expect. However, from the noises I was hearing from the other lodges, the reality had exceeded their imaginations. None of the guys here are new to male-to-male sex. It seems pretty accepted in their society. Joseph explained a bit about it and I gathered they believed they'd gain strength by accepting the seed of a more powerful male. The practice has nothing to do with family; a couple of the guys here are already married with young children.

Joseph then surprised me by asking me to fuck his brother. He'd never yet taken a cock as big as mine and if I warm him up he'll have an easier time with the brothers. I asked him why he didn't do his brother himself, since he's even bigger than I. His answer was that he didn't think it right for brothers to have sex, but, seeing his brother's reaction to that, I doubt he agreed. Joseph planned to help out Daniel while I did his brother.

I signaled for Samuel to come over and suck me a bit. Even with the workout I'd gotten I thought he'd be able to get me ready. He was a boy with a classic beauty, muscles very defined and proportionate to his size with the grace of a natural athlete. I loved the dark, smooth skin on him and all the Indians. His straight black hair was longer than his brother's, reaching to mid back.

He flipped back the leather flap and went down on me skillfully. He had no trouble taking my long cock to the root, getting it well into his throat. I was quickly coming back to life. I asked him to switch to a 69 position straddling my face. I pulled his cock down to my lips and he lowered his hips to drive it into my mouth, starting a slow fuck motion as I laved it with my tongue. I reached around his bottom and started working a couple lubed fingers up his hole. When I started playing with his prostate I found out he had a pretty quick trigger. He shoved his hips to my face, forcing his pole down my throat and started delivering a load of cum. After a couple shots, I pushed his hips back so I could taste his seed. It had a bit of a sweet taste.

When he stopped unloading I rolled him to his back and pulled my, now hard, cock from his sucking lips. I suited it up and got behind him. Holding his knees I pinned his legs back beside his chest. I moved my shaft to the target and entered him without trouble. He was tight. I was probably a bit thicker than he was used to but he had no problem with it. I rubbed my head over his prostate several times rapidly, causing him to utter a low moan and his cock became hard again. He was obviously enjoying my efforts and I enjoyed my effect on him, watching the pleasure sensations send shivers through his body. I started working deeper and extending the length of my strokes. I made easy progress until I had almost eight inches in his hole, then he became much tighter. I was pretty sure that Daniel was more than just a school buddy and suspected that Joseph would see the same thing when he tried to go past nine inches.

I started hitting him with long, powerful strokes to open him up. Now it was pain that flashed on his face. He exhaled heavily as I opened up each new fraction of an inch as he tried to suppress a scream. His friend was handling Joseph as easily, but at least it was not as bad as what was coming from the other lodges. It took me about ten minutes to get embedded fully and loosen him up enough so he was enjoying it. I certainly was. When he was ready I picked up speed. He was thrashing around and moaning, then he stiffened and started spraying his cream over his torso. He clamped down internally on my cock as he came and that was the ultimate trigger for my own release.

As my orgasm eased I pulled out of Samuel. I moved down to his cock and sampled the last spurts from his eruption. I released his legs and lay beside him on the warm fur of the animal skin. I pulled his face to mine and we shared an after-sex kiss. I inserted my tongue through his soft lips, feeding him some of his own juices. We talked a bit and I gave him some advice for handling the brothers. I told him that they act like they don't care, but they do. There's no way you can learn to handle a cock that big without some trouble, but once they get you ready you'll never forget it. He noticed that I had the same type of stud in my ear as his brother and asked me about it. Obviously his brother hadn't told him, so I just said that his brother and I were members of the same club and this was a symbol of our membership.

By then Joseph and Daniel had finished up. We told the boys that it was time to visit one of the other lodges. I stopped Samuel from wiping the cum off his torso and sent them on their way. Then Joseph and I just lay back and relaxed, enjoying a no-sex break that was rare for us on weekends. The brothers probably had enough hot guys to keep them busy for a while.

"You know your brother plans to go to Berkeley too." I remarked.

"Yes, he takes after me, and, to be frank, his grades and athleticism are a bit better than mine. I told you that he'd already got some of my school records. I'll bet he'll be a freshman year after next. I'll be a senior then."

"He wanted to know about the guys' fraternity. I think he wants to pledge."

"Had I known about them, I would have. Wouldn't you?"

"Sure, but have you thought what that means? After he's initiated, he'll be a brother, and, you're a senior and a 'boyfriend'. That could be interesting."

"I hadn't considered that, but there's no point to worrying about something over a year in the future. On more immediate matters, how about helping me with dinner? I think the others are going to be a bit distracted."

I followed him out of the lodge. From the sounds, the action was still going strong and we were the only ones outside. I heard a scream that sounded like Samuel. Joseph started toward the lodge it came from, but I held him back. He knew I was right.

We found the guys had killed and prepared a deer. It was ready to go over the fire. I saw over a dozen large lake trout and a couple game birds. There was water boiling in iron pots resting on an iron grate over the flame. A big sack of corn was available. It looked like it came from the market. There were modern steel knives and utensils, including a spit we'd use for the deer and some traditional seasonings along with salt, pepper and a few sticks of butter. They had beer and cola in an iced cooler. Joseph started making all that into dinner and I followed his directions.

While I was turning the food slowly over the fire as Joseph worked on adding seasonings and supervising, I thought that our meal represented the problem the Native-Americans had with European settlement. They wanted to maintain their traditions, but also wanted the goods the settlers had that made life easier and better; sugar, cattle, iron and steel tools, firearms and alcohol. They didn't have enough to trade for these items, so they adopted the tactic they used with other tribes, raiding, and conflict was inevitable. And, of course, we had different concepts of war. It was certainly a tragedy, but a lot more complex than I'd gotten in school.

As we worked on the meal, the sun headed toward the mountain tops and the afternoon grew cooler. I was glad for the warm vest and the proximity of the fire. The periodic screams stopped too. I guess the brothers had finished adjusting our Indian friends' anatomy. Just before sunset Joseph thought we were ready and told me to get everyone assembled for the meal.

I had my first look at the action in the lodges. I found Koji in the first. He had three guys with him. He was in action with one, bent double beneath his body that was deep dicking the stunned Indian at a furious pace that I knew would climax soon. One guy was just staring at the roof and the other was out of it completely. There were quite a few condoms discarded around the place. I figured each had been fucked at least twice. I managed to rouse the unconscious one and brought the other over to help him. They were still, sort of, dressed since their skimpy garments didn't inhibit a good fucking, but they were completely messed with the residue of heavy sex. Welcome to my world guys. I told them what Joseph wanted and left them to explain it to Koji when he finished with their buddy. As I left I heard the sounds of Koji's orgasm.

The next lodges with Zai Zai and Harry went the same way. I entered the fourth, finding Alan fucking Samuel. Daniel and a couple other guys were in various stages of recovery. Joseph's brother had the fortune or misfortune to go from our warmup to the largest brother. They certainly had a rough first fuck, but they're fully open now and should deal with the other brothers easily. He seemed to be handling his current round with Alan as well as could be expected.

I saw Samuel's cock spurt as Alan pushed him over the top again. The first stream sprayed his face and hair. Alan pulled out, ripped off his sheath and really hosed down the boy whose own subsequent shots were barely noticeable amid Alan's flood. When the flow eased he rocked back on his knees. Meanwhile Samuel was breathing deeply from the exertion of heavy sex while trying to scoop up as much of the sperm covering him and transfer it to his mouth.

"Hi, Jack. Nice outfit."

"Thanks. I bet they have one for you too. The vest is pretty nice. It's getting cool out. Joseph has worked up a nice meal. I've already informed the others."

"While the others are getting ready, do you have some time for a quick round?"

"Sure," I replied. It was my only possible answer, but my rising cock showed my sincerity.

Joseph was serving the others when we joined the group around the big fire about fifteen minutes later. Alan was wearing his Indian garb and looked imposing. They'd prepared well, making vests big enough for the brothers' huge chests. I suppose one size fits all for breech cloths, but with the size of the brothers' cocks and their usual state of excitement, they didn't conceal anything. Alan's cock was still vertical with the leather front flap just draped off the side of its thick base. I looked like I needed another dip in the lake.

We sat around the fire on a log. Most of the Indians were on the bare ground. Joseph handed both of us a pottery bowl filled with a good selection of all the food. I was hungry and that seemed to be common among the guys given the heavy workout they'd gotten.

The Indians were talking excitedly in their own language. I didn't understand a word, but I knew exactly what they were saying. There was a lot of flipping up the back flaps to look and touch ass holes of themselves and neighbors. They'd taken a lot of abuse and a few guys were having trouble keeping them closed, farting at the slightest movement with a couple making quick dashes for the woods. The guys that had been with the smaller brothers, Harry and Zai Zai, were doing a lot of nervous glancing at Alan's thick member that was sticking up almost to his pecs.

After the meal the guys quickly straightened up and secured the camp for the night. Small fires were lit in four of the lodges. A hole in the top allowed smoke to escape. I had a chance to take a quick dip in the lake. As I was getting out Samuel greeted me with a blanket. He took the opportunity to thank me for fucking him earlier, saying it made things easier.

When I got back I saw that Alan had picked four of the guys that were eying him the most nervously. Harry asked me to go with him and he selected three others. Joseph was going with Zai Zai and had his brother and friend with their group. The remaining three were Koji's for the night.

One of the Indians secured an animal skin over the entrance after we were inside. I suggested to Harry that I sixty-nine with one of the Indians while he fucks him and he bought it. I lay down on one of the pads and Harry picked one of the Indian guys to straddle me. He knew what to do. He just flipped my front flap up over my abs and went down on me and lowered his own piece through my eager lips. His flap just hung down on my chest and wasn't in the way at all. As we got down to business with each other, Harry tossed the guys rear flap onto his back to expose his rear entry. He spread his thighs very wide so he could move in close with his knees on either side of my head.

I had a front row view as Harry inserted almost thirteen inches of his thick, golden-brown cock into the darker skin of our Indian braves bottom. He, at first, tried to pull away, which only shoved all seven inches of his cock in my mouth. Pinned to my face by his own stake, his body trembled wildly under the intense internal stimulation. With his hands along the young man's back, Harry soothed and controlled him as he finished his entry. He let himself in place for a minute, letting the guy come to terms with the powerful living presence within his body. Whatever his fears were about being sexually dominated by these Asian studs, I knew he was excited, because there was a steady flow of pre-cum into my mouth.

Then Harry began to play with the muscular youngster, much like a cat with a mouse he intends to devour. He stroked him fast and slow, stopping and starting, building and relaxing the sexual tension. If he thought the guy was getting used to the pattern, he'd do something unexpected, like hold his head to bob him up and down on my cock, forcing him to swallow it deep and plugging his throat, pulling him up when panic began. Shifting his grip to our partner's slim hips, he took away any illusion of control, holding himself steady while pulling the guy back on his cock, then away until he plugged to the root in my mouth.

Once our friend gave up all efforts to control his own body, Harry went to work. He raised him to one orgasm, then a second and a third. Each climax jetted fresh seed into my mouth. The cocks penetrating his body became the sole focus of his world. By this point his energy had been totally drained. His arms collapsed and he rested his chest on my abdominals. My cock still filled his mouth but he was no longer sucking it, just gasping for breath around it. He didn't need to control his lower body; Harry was raising and lowering his hips, stroking his cock faster now as he built up to his own release, while simultaneously fucking the Indian's cock in my mouth.

From my view on the bottom I saw Harry's long pole begin to pulse. He made a final thrust, burying it into our tortured Indian and impaling him into my mouth. The powerful eruption of the Vietnamese stud's member aroused the Indian from his delirium. He found the strength to jerk his head up and off my hard cock and issue a high pitched wail as he simultaneously shot a fresh wad in my throat. He sound reverberated through the lodge again and again and again as he released his seed for the fourth time this session in his most violent orgasm. A final cry stopped suddenly as he passed out.. Harry extracted himself from the limp body and I rolled the body off me.

Harry stood up and helped me to my feet. The other two Indians were staring at us. There was a look of awe and fear, mixed with lust. They both were hard. Harry looked them over and led us to the younger of the two. He appeared to be in his late teens.

"Not what you expected?" Harry asked. "I'm Harry and my friend is Jack."

"My name is White Wolf. Grey Wolf is my older brother," indicating the guy Harry just fucked to exhaustion. "Running Bear told us all about you. He described you as extremely strong and sexually powerful. He said he would bring his friends to meet us and we would have sex all day and night. But, we didn't understand why he invited twelve young braves and only four of his college friends. My brother said you would be tired and loose by the time I got my turn to fuck. We never imagined that four White men could dominate twelve of our strongest braves."

"Hey, who are you calling White. We're Asian and proud of it. I'm Vietnamese, Alan and Zai Zai are Chinese and Koji is Japanese. You're a nice kid. I think we'll try something different with you that you'll like. Jack, get some protection and lie on your back. Then I want you to straddle his hips and sit down on him."

I did as directed and lay down on the animal skin rug. I propped my self up on my elbows for a better view of what was coming. I thought I had a good idea of what Harry was planning. White Wolf sat on my cock and had no problem taking it all until he rested on my groin. Whichever Asian stud had fucked him this afternoon had gotten him loosened up nicely. He lifted himself up and down a few times, squeezing his ass against my pole, before awaiting further direction from Harry.

"Comfortable?" He nodded agreement. "I want you to lean back against Jack's chest. I'm going to fuck you along with Jack, but I'll take it easy until we open you up enough."

When he lay back his long black hair fell around my face. It came to his mid back like Joseph's brother's. I pushed it to one side so it draped over my right shoulder. I whispered encouragement into his ear and licked the smooth skin of his face and neck, tasting the cum that dried there. My guess was that Zai Zai had sprayed him earlier. Harry spread my legs and lifted White Wolf's onto his shoulders.

Harry's hand caressed my nuts, the moved up to where I entered the Indian boy. He pushed a finger against the junction, sliding it up inside and moving it around my cylinder of flesh to stretch the sphincter muscle. He then added a second and later a third finger and moved them around. We both loved the stimulation, but I could tell White Wolf was nervous.

He was mesmerized by the sight of Harry's weapon, covered by the transparent sheath of latex as it sticks out over his hips. It is twice as thick and inches longer than his own hard pole that is dribbling lube on his abdominals. "I'm not sure we should do this," he stated in a low voice.

Harry placed the palm of his second had over the boy's wet cock and started rubbing the pre-cum around on his shaft and torso. I felt his intestines spasm around my embedded shaft as his own sex was massaged. "Are you sure? I'll stop if you ask me to and move on to our other friend."

"I don't know. You could injure me."

"Do you trust me?"

"I guess..." He started chanting something in his language.

Harry took that as approval. I felt the tip of his cock push between the palm of his hand and my shaft. He stretched back the ass lips with his fingers, pressing forward as he removed his digits. A couple seconds later The bottom half of my cock was squeezed between Harry's steel-firm flesh and the hyper-expanded gut walls of our Indian's colon. He was chanting louder now. I felt Harry put more of himself inside, stopping with his tip just touching the flange of my crown. Harry started short stroking across our friends most sensitive spots which also rubbed the full length of my shaft. It was intense. The Indian's chanting became unsteady.

I peered over White Wolf's shoulder to see Harry's thick tube of lighter skinned flesh slice in and out of the boy's deeply tanned body. He was holding half his long member in reserve as he raised our pleasure. He had his arms wrapped around the boy's legs with a hand sliding the Indian's seven-inch cock along his abdominals lubricated by the increasingly copious flow of pre-cum.

Suddenly, he stifled his chant mid-word and I saw every muscle tense. He clamped down tight internally too; I could feel it. His cock erupted with the first shot hitting his face. I joined his orgasm shooting in his gut as his second shot bounced off his chin. With a quick flick Harry playfully aimed his third spurt at my face, it went right in my mouth as I gasped in the glow of my own orgasm. Multiple subsequent shots coated his torso. Distracted with our pleasure we did not notice as Harry claimed his territory inside White Wolf's body.

"Was that so bad? What were you singing?"

"I feel so stuffed where you both are. It's more than with the other man. And then I can feel you inside me deep inside where your friend was. Oh, that was a song to help warriors be brave in battle. Oh. Oh! Oh!!" Harry had slid out halfway, until his flange touched my buried cock head then back in again.

"Did that hurt?"

"No. I'm just so sensitive. Every time you move I feel it from my hair to my toes. If you do that much more I'm going to cum again."

"That's the idea. Don't fight it. I'm in control and you will find out what it's like to overdose on sex."

With that he ended the discussion and started serious fucking, starting slowly but building his pace. I was sliding along with Harry due to the friction between us in the tight confines of White Wolf's gut. My strokes were only about three or four inches and he was doing twice that, continuing to depths that were the brothers' exclusive territory. The effect on the boy was electric. He was squirming violently as the pleasure signals overwhelmed his senses. I lay flat on my back, bringing him with me and holding him with one arm around his chest. With my other I caressed his face. My fingers wiped up a lot of his spewed cum which I feed into his mouth by letting him suck my fingers.

I came two or three times while Harry worked himself to orgasm. White Wolf several times more. Who was counting. Then things got hazy because Harry wasn't done. He shot a second time and a third before pulling out, leaving us delirious and exhausted. We rolled on our sides and slept entwined.

Samuel was shaking my shoulder. I woke up. It was morning. Daylight was shining through the lodge entrance. It's cover was tied back. I had slipped out of White Wolf during the night. My used condom was still halfway on my soft cock, the cum now dried. Samuel said something to White Wolf who ran off. I saw Harry was sleeping with our third, very well fucked, Indian.

He leaned over and kissed me. The strands of his long hair hanging like a black curtain around my head. When we broke he pulled back a bit and said, "We have some breakfast ready and you can wash up in the lake. I've got to give the others their wake-up call." As he got up he rubbed his hand over my morning stubble. His face looked smooth. He grabbed the old condom off my cock as he left.

I went over and woke Harry. He was still deep inside the Indian. When Harry stirred his sex buddy woke too. I saw the Indian's eight inch cock grow hard when he realized that Harry was still deep inside him. A brother's first business on waking up is to drain the large quantity of cum they produced overnight, so he started fucking his partner. I gave the guy my cock to suck. Ten minutes later we all felt much better.

As Harry was pulling out I relayed the information I'd received. "The lake sounds good. It's pretty easy to get ready," stripping out of the few pieces of clothes he wore and then stripping his current partner as I doffed mine. "The express to the lake is now leaving, " he announced, tossing one of us over each shoulder and running full tilt outside.

We bounced on his shoulders in a brief dash through the mornings activities in camp. He reached the shore and dove in with a flying leap, the Indian and I still riding. The extreme cold of the water shocked my system as we untangled from the heap with which we'd hit the surface. I scrambled to find my footing. The water was about chest deep and way too cold for me. I started to head to shore but Harry wrapped an arm about my waist and held me next to him. The Indian guy was rinsing his long hair a few feet away.

I saw Alan and Koji in the lake a few yards away. They were standing ten to twelve feet apart tossing one of the Indians back and forth, catching him in their arms against their chest then launching him again by pushing him up and out with their hands on his back and butt. A couple more guys were nearby waiting for a chance to be the ball. Harry swept me up and tossed me about twenty feet in the air to Koji, who had just tossed his Indian away, and yelled, "Catch." Koji turned just in time to grab me, but he was off balance and lost his footing dunking us both in the cold water.

Koji regained his feet carrying me in his arms just as Alan tossed his Indian to Harry. This was about thirty feet and Harry had no chance to stay upright and was knocked backwards into the water as he caught the flying brave. That ended their game and the guys ran to shore. Others brought up some blankets to dry us. The cold water had shrunk everyones' cock to their fully flaccid state, but that was still eleven inches for Alan and nine for the smaller Harry. They were hanging limp though so even the small breech cloths were able to cover them most of the time.

Joesph and Zai Zai were sitting on a log by the main fire eating breakfast. They had gotten a big pile of fresh berries of some type I wasn't familiar with, but they tasted sweet. There were eggs frying and plenty of the deer from the evening still available.

The Indians were talking rapidly among themselves. They obviously had the new experiences from last night to share. A few of the bolder ones were talking to the brothers. They asked to feel their muscles and demonstrate their strength. Alan had hold of two guys under their crotch with each arm and was lifting them alternately up and down like a seated dumbbell press.

After the meal the Indians did a demonstration of their riding skill. They mounted in various gymnastic ways and leapt from horse to horse while at full gallop. They showed their precision archery from horseback too.

The brothers decided on their own little show. Koji picked up a tree limb waiting to be burned, about six foot long and four inches thick, and held it in his hands. He snapped it in two like a toothpick. He then held the pieces, one in each hand, and squeezed. As his arm muscles expanded under the strain, he crushed the wood under his hand to splinters.

Then it was Alan's turn. He asked for two of the biggest horses to be hitched to strong ropes. Holding one in each hand he directed the Indians on each steed to pull ahead. He couldn't be moved. They tried pulling hard with one horse and backing the other but Alan adjusted. Then Alan flexed his arms. As he curled his twenty-eight inch biceps he dragged the horses backwards against their efforts. He then slowly crossed his arms across his chest with every muscle in his body leaping in definition.

The tremendous effort he expended awoke another muscle. His cock rose, pushing his front flap aside and reaching toward vertical. That sight ended the demonstration in favor of another round of sex. I let the brothers have their fun with some of the Indians they hadn't had yet. I'd have plenty of fun on the drive back. I did get Joseph to fuck me. I'd thought he was pretty hot when I first saw him after the party, but 'boyfriends' don't get much time to date each other normally. There was also plenty of opportunity to drink the cream from the guys the brothers were fucking and I got sucked a few times too.

After a lunch with some more freshly killed game, it was time to head back to Berkeley. Everyone had class on Monday and Harry and Alan still had some material to prepare. I was OK but had a big test on Tuesday to work on. Joseph thought the outing was a big success. He confessed to us that his real reason for doing it was that normally the fuckee just provides a warm hole and doesn't get much pleasure. Sex with the brothers showed everyone that both ends can have fun.

The Indians broke down the camp, putting the rugs and skins from the lodges into the backs of their pickups. The spare food was packed out on the horses led by a couple braves. The remainder of the guys piled in the bed of the pickups, a comfortable ride with all the skins.

We got our things into our van. We decided to wear the Indian garb on the trip back, maybe switching to gym shorts from the breech cloths near the city. With a pickup in front and behind they escorted down the mountain to a county road amid a lot of horn honking and waving. When we reached the road everybody piled out for goodbyes. I shared a hot kiss with Joseph's younger brother. It's too bad I'll graduate the summer before he gets to Berkeley.

We started on our drive home, hoping to reach I-80 before dark. Joseph and I were in the back area with Alan and Zai Zai. The guys were pretty horny since they hadn't had sex in a couple hours as we made our preparations for the trip home. The goodbyes also included a lot of body contact as the Indian boys who wanted a last good feel of their huge cocks.

Zai Zai had me on hands and knees and had just flipped up the back flap of my breech cloth when Koji told everyone to hold off a few minutes. He wanted to stop for gas before the interstate. I sat up as we pulled in to a small station on the quiet two-lane road. It looked deserted. We stopped at a pump and Koji stepped out with his credit card to pump the gas. I saw a freezer selling bags of ice and told the guys I'd get some for the cooler where the ice had long melted and our remaining drinks were warm. I opened the side door and got out carrying some coins and a few ones.

As I walked over to the small office area a guy came out. He looked to be a high school student wearing his school letter jacket. He was tall, about six-foot-five, lanky, but definitely an athlete. He looked around rapidly at our scantily clad group. He asked me, "What's going on?"

"We're just getting some gas before we head home. I'd like to get a bag of ice."

"Two dollars. Why are you dressed like that?" I saw him watching Harry walk to the mens room. About half of Harry's large cock stuck out to the side.

Zai Zai had seen the discussion a had come over and heard the question. "We were partying with some friends on the reservation. They gave us these. I like them." He'd been ready for sex with me and all thirteen of his inches were on display. That's certainly where the attendant was looking. He was almost a foot shorter than this guy but had much more muscle. "That's a nice jacket. I see you play basketball and football. Can I try it on?"

Zai Zai pulled off his animal skin vest and handed it to me, exposing, fully, his massive chest. The student took off his jacket and Zai Zai put it on. It extended well below his hips, still leaving half his long cock exposed below its bottom. Zai Zai held his arms out to the side, expanding his chest until it stretched the leather and fabric taut. He flexed his arms in a double biceps. His huge muscles pressed against the sleeves. As he reached about twenty-six inches the seams on the arms gave away. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and the seams on the shoulders and back parted with a snap. "I guess it's too small for me," he said as he took it off and handed it back to the shocked student.

I knew what the kid didn't - yet. I stuck around to watch. Zai Zai was now so close that he'd backed the guy to the wall and end of his cock rested on the guys pants where a wet spot was spreading. He was looking down alternating his gaze between the big cock and the eyes of the short muscleman who was acting so aggressively. "Sorry about messing your pants. I was about to fuck Jack here and my cock always puts out a lot of juice when it gets excited. Let me help you off with those, no point in getting them more messed." He meekly allowed Zai Zai to strip him of the pants. He got his shoes, socks and underpants while he was at it.

So we have the big guy standing there, stripped below the waist, with just his tee remaining and holding the ruined jacket. Zai Zai was close enough to have stuck his cock between the guys thighs with the tip pressing his bottom behind his balls. The kid's cock, about eight-and-a half, was hard, sticking out straight resting on the twice as thick shaft of Zai Zai's. It didn't reach far enough to hit his torso. "I'm working," he said in response to nothing.

"I can see that," said Zai Zai holding the kid's stiff cock against his big one. "Is that your car?" Indicating the clean, but dated, Camaro parked by the side of the building. "It's nice. Why don't we go over there." The kid allowed himself to be led by Zai Zai holding him by the cock. "Jack, take care of the ice and fetch me a fresh rubber." I left a couple bucks on the freezer and went off to do his bidding. The others were leaning on the van, watching.

When I headed back with some condoms everyone followed. Zai Zai had the kid's chest resting on the hood of his car with his legs widely spread. One hand rested on the center of his back while he probed the hole with a couple fingers from the other.

"Go ahead and fuck him. We need to get back on the road," urged Koji. "Besides we owe Jack and Joseph our attention now."

"All right, all right. Here it comes. Let's see you take it like a stud." Zai Zai started fitting his, now sheathed stick, into the boy. "But there's no reason to wait. Just lean them over and get to it while I finish up."

Koji and Harry took the advice with myself and Joseph respectively. Alan decided on seconds with the local boy. We were placed on either side of him. We each stretched an arm across his back. The back half of my skimpy cover was flipped onto my back and Koji started to fit himself in. I'd had almost a day to recover while they were concentrating on our Indian friends, so I was nicely tight, feeling every bump and vein on the long pole as it squeezed through my hole and passed my prostate.

The local boy was having it rougher, never having been stretched so wide, but he was taking it a lot better than I expected. My guess was that he'd been fucked before. He became much more vocal when Zai Zai started getting down to the last few inches where he was still virgin. By that time I'd already cum once, spraying my seed against on the sheet metal of his car. Koji was building his pace, now long dicking me. On the other side I could hear Harry and Joseph doing the same.

Once Zai Zai finished opening our new friend up, he started his fuck for real. Short, quick strokes brought the kid off quickly. Then long and slow to bring him back to hardness. Then faster and harder until Zai Zai unleashed his juice deep in the kid's bowels, bringing a second eruption from him. Koji and Harry reached their own orgasms within seconds of Zai Zai, joined by Joseph and I.

Koji pulled me upright, holding my back against his broad chest. He stayed inside though. Harry had pulled out of Joseph. Joseph had taken off his rubber and was licking his cock clean. Zai Zai lifted his fuck buddy off the car, holding him by his hips while staying deep inside him. The kid's legs were splayed wide because Zai Zai was so much shorter. We had really creamed the side of the car with the numerous loads that we'd shot while being fucked.

"My turn," Alan announced. He wrapped a mighty arm around the kid's chest and held one leg by the knee. He then just lifted the boy up and off of Zai Zai's cock, holding him in the air with his butt hanging down. The loose leg dangled. He moved it around searching for a footing, but it was well clear of the ground. Alan moved the guy's ass over the end of his cock and let him settle onto it. He felt the blunt bulb start to press his entrance and grabbed Alan around his neck trying to hold himself, but Alan was in control.

I saw the thick head disappear inside. I could see surprise and a bit of concern on the kid's face as he felt how much thicker Alan was than his previous fucker. He'd find Alan is almost an inch longer too if he gets that far. As a few more inches slipped in, he sensed another benefit of such a thick cock, his pleasure centers were rubbed continuously through his overstretched gut walls. His cock snapped to attention. He looked straight into Alan's eyes in awe at the Asian stud who was controlling his body.

Alan started flexing his hips back and forth to short stroke through the guy's gut as he let him sink slowly lower on his cock shaft. The boy was moaning in his pleasure as he rode Alan's cock. He threw his head back as his cock erupted. Zai Zai reached up and grabbed the kid's chest as Alan released his hold. Zai Zai pulled him to horizontal, face down, as Alan held onto the upper thighs, slaying the legs wide to give access to the butt now fully stuffed with all his fourteen inches.

Zai Zai poked his cock tip at the guy's lips. He opened up and accepted the first five inches easily. Meanwhile Alan started stroking his cock in and out of the stretched hole he'd conquered, causing moans of delight to issue from his plugged mouth. Zai Zai pushed another few inches in getting halfway down the gullet and causing the moans to turn to gasps as he tried, apparently successfully, to get air from around the thick tube of flesh. You could see the boy's eyes dart around as he looked at the five inches of cock that still hadn't entered his mouth and the wall of Zai Zai hard abdominal muscles that filled the rest of his view. He had a moment of relief as Zai Zai pulled back out of his throat, but he was soon refilled even deeper.

I was turned on by the sex scene I was watching and started contracting my gut around Koji's still buried member. That was all he needed to start stroking my ass again with his fleshy spear. Just before I gave myself over fully to the sensations emanating from my gut, I saw that our friend had blissed out on the overwhelming stimulation he'd been getting from the two huge Asian cocks. His body had gone stiff as a board, his back arched from the contraction of every muscle, as he was pounded by foot-long strokes of the cocks entering both his holes. His own piece was a rigid rod, sticking out below his abs. The strong spurts of the initial eruptions were long past; the streaks drying on his face and chest, but it still pulsed with a steady flow of white jizz, giving a small, inch-long spurt, every time Alan plunged his cock inward again.

When I came back to earth after Koji finished with me, he was holding me to his chest, giving me support while I regained my bearings. He'd extracted himself from me, though I could still feel his hard shaft between my legs. I looked down and could see about seven inches of its condom clad length sticking out in from of me, with my own soft member draped on one side and the front flap of my breech cloth pushed aside on the other. I reached down and removed the used condom from him. Seeing that I was ready to stand unassisted, he released me and withdrew from between my legs, but not without giving a quick love tap with his cock head to the outside of my well-used hole.

Harry had Joseph's back against the car and they were sharing a deep after sex kiss. Meanwhile Alan and Zai Zai had finished with the high school stud. They'd carried him back to the office and redressed him, more or less, topping him off by putting him back in his jacket, with the seams from the arms, shoulders and back, split from Zai Zai's flexing in it earlier. He looked like he'd just finished a game of football in his street clothes and lost, badly. That is if you didn't notice the big smile and the spreading wet spot on his jeans from his still dripping cock. He'd recover physically in a couple hours, but other effects were bound to be lasting.

We all piled back in the van to resume our trip back to Berkeley. Alan and Zai Zai got in back again since Harry and Koji had just finished fucking us. They lay on their backs and invited Joseph and I to straddle them. Both their cocks were still hard even after a couple rounds with the local kid. I had to bend my head to my chest to avoid hitting the roof of the van when I pushed up high enough for my ass to clear Alan's towering pole. As the van shook from going over a pothole, I sat back heavily, taking all of more than fourteen inches as Alan grabbed my arms to stop me from falling backwards. My left nut was resting in his fine pubic hair while my right was on the leather front piece that draped between his thighs after going round the base of his pole impaling my gut. My own flap rested on Alan's abs, collecting the precum dripping already from my cock head. I actually liked having sex in them. They concealed little but gave easy access to a thrusting cock. However, by the end of the weekend they were getting a bit stiff with dried cum. I'll have to find out from Joseph how to wash them to restore the softness to the leather.

I leaned forward running my hands along Alan's powerful torso until I cupped his pecs. Four or five inches slipped from my hole as I moved. I felt the hard points of his tits pressed into my palms. Alan wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me to him. I resisted a bit, pressing my arms to his chest, but he easily overpowered my effort and hugged me to his body. I stared into his face. He crunched his abs, thrusting his hips up and stroking his thick cock through me in short, quick strokes. I gasped from the sudden stimulation and he smiled, enjoying his easy control of my body and pleasure.

"So do you guys talk about us brothers between yourselves? Do you have favorites?" He asked, taking me by surprise with conversation when I was expecting only sex.

"What? Sure," I stammered. "I bet you guys have favorites among us too. But there's nobody in the fraternity that I don't enjoy having sex with. I'm addicted to huge cocks and big muscles. I'm leaking precum like crazy and if you start stroking my ass some more I'll shoot for the fifth or sixth time today. That should tell you all you really need to know. I couldn't lie about that even if I were able to think clearly enough with fourteen inches of hard cock inside me."

That must have satisfied Alan because he started bucking his hips to power his pole through my gut. I was stunned by the sudden resumption of his fuck and the flood of sensation as his flesh stimulated me internally. Somehow, without missing a beat, I found myself beneath him with my legs wrapped about his narrow waist as he used all his strength to pound my hole. My cock erupted as the pleasure clouded my senses, but he continued, not giving me a chance to calm down or catch my breath. I came at least once more before he climaxed inside me. But that was just the start.

"Jack. Jack. We're back." I heard someone say. "Time to get going."

I was face down on the air mattress that filled the back of the van. Someone shook my shoulder. I looked around, trying to focus. It was Harry Nuygen, kneeling between my spread thighs. He still had about half the length of his pole in my butt. Beside me Joseph had his back against the front seat, still with his muscular legs in the deep valley between Koji's delts and neck. Koji was extracting himself from Joseph's body, pulling inch after inch of sheathed shaft from Joseph's depths as the Indian stud bit his lower lip, trembling with the end of a last orgasm as his stiff cock spurted its last onto his abs. There was a nice bulb of cum trapped in the end when Koji finally pulled clear.

I propped my chest up with my arms, waiting for Harry to exit me. In spite of his words, it would not be proper for me to try to pull off his cock as only the brother could decide when he is finished. But Harry did pull clear and, as I expected, his condom also contained a few hefty loads. I rolled over to my back. Cum we'd shot on the ride home filled the grooves in the air mattress and was running off soaking the carpet.

The guys had stopped the van near my dormitory. It was evening and already dark. Only a few students were about, but I didn't think anyone could see in the deeply tinted window of the back of the van; not that it would bother anyone to have an audience. I reached for the handle to the side door.

"Maybe you better change to your gym shorts," suggested Harry. I was still in the leather breech cloth.

"Yeah," I agreed, taking the shorts he held out to me, the ones I'd discarded on entering the van for the trip out. Koji was helping Joseph get into his as the Indian was still a bit disoriented. I untied the breech cloth and stuffed it into the bag I'd brought for the trip and hadn't touched.

When Joseph appeared ready I opened the door and both of us got out, saying our goodbyes to the brothers. Harry gave me the bulging condom, some Vietnamese hot sauce for later. We watched as the van pulled away, heading back to the frat house. Joseph walked with me the short distance to my building. His was only a few minutes further. We shared a deep kiss goodbye before we separated, not caring who observed us.

When I got into my room, Ricardo was already in, resting, fully clothed, on his bed. He'd obviously had his own adventures with some of the brothers this weekend. He looked at me, checking my own condition out after a weekend of sex. We'd tell our tales to each other later. For now, I collapsed on my own bed and soon was asleep.

The End.


Gay Sex Stories, Hot Gay Sex Stories

Jimmy and Donny

If my boyfriend Jimmy and me want to have a  'three-way' sex experience we have to make it up;  you know, pretend.  We call it a three-way-fantasy.  The reason it has to be a fantasy is we're still in the 'closet' so we simply don't know any other gay guys. We have to make-up the third gay guy.   I feel I have a valid and sensible reason for still being in the closet even though I'm 20 years old.. I've outlined my reasons in earlier stories. 

 Jimmy was also 20 years old last September and he and I share an apartment near the college campus we attend.    We're in our sophomore year and are having a hell of a good time.  At college Jimmy is the serious student and I'm the happy-go-lucky  fuck-up, but we make a good team.  (At home I'm not so happy-go-lucky,   however that's another story entirely)....  Jimmy helps me with class work and I help him to have fun.   We don't have to help each other with our sex drive because  we both have similar ones and they have  both of us  much hornier than is probably good for us.  Whatever,  we do like our gay sex!!  We've been exclusively each others sex partner for three years now and we still go at it like a couple of rabbits. If anything, it's better now than ever......... even after all this time.

Jimmy is the only person I've ever had sex with and I'm only the second person he's been with.  His older male cousin was his first sex partner and he taught Jimmy everything he knew... which was considerable. Jimmy and I have ad libbed our way into some new and interesting sex acts during our three years together so..... combined with his cousins stuff, we have ourselves a nice selection and we're never bored.

   The fantasy 3-way stories occasionally keeps us entertained after, or in between sex acts.  What we do is just lay in bed together goofing off and making up the sex stories.  We try to give each other hard-ons from the sexy stuff we make up and describe in minute detail.   One of our rules is, no touching...the boner has to appear just from listening to the made-up fantasy.   We have a lot of laughs too.  Last November an issue came up regarding the size of one of our fantasy  boy's boner; I wanted it longer than ours.  Jimmy and I are both  under average size.....  we're about 5'7"....125 lbs and our boners are under six inches.

 I once wrote in a story that we've measured our boners 50,000 times and the longest boner ever measured was JUST UNDER six inches.  That's a tad misleading because Jimmy, with that measurement,  had the ruler pressed so hard into his belly, just above his boner, it left quite a deep indentation in his skin which was still visible  ten minutes after he took the ruler away.  So I've never really taken that measurement too seriously.   The "UNDER" part is accurate but the "JUST" word is misleading.    We may be closer to five inches than six inches, but it's somewhere in that general area.

In any case I wanted the fantasy boy to have an 8 inch cock  and   about one inch wide.  Maybe a nice shaped head at 1 1/4 inches wide.  Jimmy got a little put out because he thought that maybe I meant that his cock wasn't long enough to satisfy me.  Complete nonsense as I absolutely love his cock size but we're doing a fantasy so why not go 'large'.  One thing led to another and he said we should get an eight inch dildo and he'd be happy to shove it up my bum hole for me  (hope he doesn't forget the lube!).  I was all for it.   The dildo never appeared though.  That was back in November (four months ago, from  when this is being written) so I thought maybe a Christmas stocking gift but, no.... nothing in the way of a dildo in my stocking either.

Fact is Jimmy would no more walk into a porn shop  and buy a dildo then he'd have sex with a girl.  So as usual, when it's something involving 'fun',  it's going to be up to me to make it happen.  Four months ago, when this topic first came up, I had an intriguing suggestion from one of the great writers in our group.   He suggested I give Jimmy a dildo for a valentine present.   When I realized no dildo was going to materialized any other way, I followed Anel's advise and did just that.  Sweet, huh?

Truth be known I'm also a bit shy about walking into a porn shop  but I didn't have to.  There is this modern invention  called the Internet.  One of my Christmas presents was a $200 debit card of which I used $19.95 to buy the dildo on line.  I got some KY jelly too. My goodness but there are a great many dildos to choose from.  In the end (ha ha) I thought it best to go with the look-a-like cock with a nice set of balls attached so Jimmy would have something to scrunch instead of scrunching mine as he likes to do.

I choose the exact size we discussed last November.
Eight inches long and one inch wide with a bit wider,
nice looking head.  Exciting!!  The thing is pinkish
and made of rubber (I think it's rubber).  Looks
wicked long and hard  I'll tell you that.  I bought a
'mushy' valentine card and wrapped the dildo, in it's
box,  with red paper.  Tuesday morning (valentine day)
Jimmy spots the gift box on our little kitchen table
and gets out a card he bought for my present.  His
card for me was not 'mushy'.......it was about a best
friend which is nice but I was up for 'mushy'.  His
gift to me was a computer generated card that said I
was entitled to two wishes of any kind;  'any kind'
that is...as long as Jimmy had the means to fulfill
the wishes.  Hmmmmm...Jimmy almost always screws me,
but  once in a while he'll want me to screw him.  I
love to screw him but he usually just wants it laying
in bed on our sides. Very vanilla.    Well, my first
wish is going to be that I get to do Jimmy 'doggy
style' (the same way  he loves to do me).  I thought
of this and smiled and he said, "Oh no Donny!  You
thought of something devious already?"  I just said
never mind.... he'll find out.     I knew what number
two wish was going to be too.

He opens his gift and sees the dildo picture on the
box and he gets hysterical with laughing.  It took him
so much by surprise he spit his tea out all over the
table and laughed as hard as I've ever seen him laugh.
 I've been spending a great deal of my time and effort
teaching Jimmy how to enjoy silly things.  He waste so
much of his time and energy on his college studies
what with his two majors and his ridiculous 'math
club' and all the other school related activities he
has.   He had this same mental block about  'fun' all
through High School too.          ( I didn't meet him
until half way through our junior year in high school
and we spent a lot of time getting me familiar with
gay boy sex  .. so obviously I didn't have a lot of
time to work on Jimmy's "fun deprivation'  problem
then.  He limited his 'fun' to gay sex with me which
is excellent as far as it goes.   There are a lot of
other kinds of fun though and these are the areas I've
 have been working with him on.)      Lately,  I'm
finally making some progress in developing his sense
of humor ....   his laughter at the dildo got
contagious and I couldn't help but join in too.  He
said he couldn't  believe I'd follow up on the stupid
dildo thing from four month ago.   Yeah, I guess a
dildo is a little 'stupid',.....even so I couldn't
help but notice he was sort of fondling the god damn

He's  staring at it, feeling the head and the fake
balls and opening his thumb and index finger as wide
as he could to kind of measure how long it is.  Then
burst out laughing again.  He manages to say "Donny,
I'm going to get this whole  thing up your boy pussy
tonight and you'll be squealing and yipping and
begging me to take it out.  Hey, does this thing have
batteries?" ( It doesn't. )  With all the laughing I
still thought I saw some tenting in Jimmy's boxers.
There certainly was serious tenting going on in mine.

He sure enjoyed his present but we had to cut the
frivolity short to get to our college classes.   The
possibility that all the time I spend in class will go
completely to waste is unthinkable;  so, to get the
most  out of the time spent in class,  I do a great
deal of day-dreaming there.  The day-dreaming almost
always has to do with  one sexy topic or guy which
hopefully will turn me on some.  Guess what I
day-dreamed about during that day's classes?  Yep,
that god damned eight foot, or rather, eight inch
dildo.  And, doing Jimmy 'doggy style' too.

That valentine afternoon, when he finally ran out of
things he could do at college,   Jimmy showed up at
our apartment with a grin on his face.  Nicest dimples
I've ever seen on a boy and I've been boy watching
since I was 10 years old.  So I consider myself an
expert on boys' looks.  He also has that light, clean
looking complexion that I find so appealing and
lick-able.  We can be wrestling around and I'll be all
sweaty but Jimmy usually looks cool, calm, clean and
lick-able.  The exception to this is that he does work
up a bit of sweat with sex; of course,  who doesn't?
He said  "OK Donny, where is my valentine present?"

 I tried to slow him down some but he wanted to give
it a go before dinner.  Well, nothing unusual about
that but it's usually me who is instigating the
afternoon sex. He almost always does all his work
before anything else.  Then double checks to be sure
he hasn't over looked anything.  The word 'tedious'
pops into my head.  It was a different ball game that
afternoon though.

We dropped most of our clothes on one of the twin beds
(we leave on        T- shirts and socks for a little
warmth) and get the lube.  Jimmy says it's his choice.
 He chooses sitting in our straight back bedroom chair
and he wants me to lay across his lap while he
"practices" with the dildo in my bum hole.  Laying
across his lap I think immediately of the 'bad nurse
screw' and that god damn enema he gave me way back
when, but when Jimmy starts twisting in the dildo my
mind jumps right back to current affairs.  I want him
to use his finger first and then the dildo but he said
he didn't remember getting a finger for valentine day.
 I suggested that he was wasting his time with all
this college crap  and perhaps he should follow a
career as a stand-up comedian.   No comment from Jimmy
and in went the dildo about two inches and I'm already
squirming and bitching that it hurts.

Jimmy is holding me on his lap by wrapping his left
arm around my back and side and around under my belly.
 My ass is right there for his right-handed
manipulation of the eight inch dildo.  "Jimmy, you
have got to go slower with that weapon!" I yell.   But
I can hear the muffled laughing and feel him shaking
with the effort to conceal it. "God damn you, this is
no laughing matter" I  squeaked out but felt myself
laughing too.  It was all so absurd.  He says "I'll
just shove this in the rest of the way and we can move
on to other things."  I scream and laugh at the same
time "No you don't" as I try to wiggle off his lap.
He's too quick and too strong and he twist the dildo
but  doesn't push it in too much more. Then he begins
his routine of slowly pushing it in a little more and
then  slowly pulling it out and then in a little bit
further  than the time before and so forth until I
complain it's in too far.  He'd back off some
temporarily but goes right back to the previous depth
and a tiny bit further and so on...

Actually it was beginning to feel OK  and at one point
I pushed my ass up off Jimmy's lap and onto the dildo
a little.  "No you don't you perve." He cries as he
pulls it out some and then tries to say something and
it comes out all wrong and we just lose it laughing.
It was me laying across his lap that made everything
too silly for words.  But laughter aside, it had all
somehow combined to make  Jimmy hot, hotter and
hottest.  With the dildo still in me about five inches
he let me slide off his lap onto my hands and knees
and all of a sudden there isn't any laughing coming
from Jimmy.  I'd felt Jimmy's boner early on and when
I looked back, from my position  on all fours, his
boner was sticking straight out... (just like the
dildo was sticking  out of me).

Jimmy said in a horse voice "Let's me try this Donny."
 He pulled out the dildo and tossed it aside and
positioned his cock at my hole.  Taking a deep breath
he  pushed all the way in me as he was exhaling.  Wow,
that dildo had done a good job of opening me up and
there was some pain but much less than usual.  More of
that squirmy, desirable feeling inside me that makes
me move on Jimmy's cock and take quick, short breaths.
 Jimmy didn't mess around with anything cute;  he just
fucked me rough and fast.  He was quickly huffing and
puffing and his roughness pushed me down onto my

I lasted about four minutes but it was a hell of a
four minute ride, awesome feeling and I shot 4 or 5
separate blast up on my belly and then some on the
carpet as I tighten my hole ring as much as I could.
Jimmy lasted about 90 seconds longer and he had cum
spurting all over my ass cheeks.  He was temporarily
exhausted from the work-out and I was wasted a little
too.  We both lay down right there on the carpet,  me
laying in all my own cum as usual.  Well, that was a
blast!  I looked over and saw the dildo laying up
against the heavy door that separated our bedroom and

After  some time to wind down Jimmy said, "Damn Donny,
that dildo is a wicked turn-on." I just said
"Apparently!"    We struggled to our feet and cleaned
up a bit before putting our clothes back on.  Jimmy
had studies to do and I went out to buy us something
for dinner (I'd put some bunched-up toilet paper in
the bottom  of a pair of old jockey shorts I'd dug out
to wear instead of my boxers...the change of underwear
was for  purposes of absorbing  Jimmy's dripping cum
from my hole... ..
( I have to think of everything.)

 We'd decided on KFC  (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and I
got the original chicken, Cole slaw, biscuit and their
mash potato and gravy.  It's one of our favorite
dinners.     And I was hoping this wicked cute counter
boy would be working that late afternoon.  (He wasn't.
DAMN.  I'm thinking of sending a letter to the manager
demanding they post a work schedule so customers will
know who is working each night in advance.   All I
have to do now is come up with a reason for why
customers would care who's working each night.
hmmmmmm ........I'll come up with something.)

Even without the cute counter boy brightening my day,
I was still  real happy and for the time being Jimmy
had screwed some of my horniness out of me .  So I had
 a nice relaxed, comfortable feeling going for me.  We
had a great dinner and Jimmy asked  what my two wishes
were.  I told him that I wished I could fuck him doggy
style this coming  Friday night;   like he'd  done me
earlier.....that's number one.  And that I wanted him
to let me give him a haircut of my choosing for my
number two wish.  Jimmy said that I wasn't very
original.  He said he KNEW my two wishes would come
out of a list of three possibilities,  but he'd still
held out hope that I'd be original and surprise him..
I said sweetly, "Tough shit" ......               (As
I wondered what the third possibility was.    The one
I hadn't thought of. Hmmm)

The haircut wish is odd; I know that.  The thing is I
have a haircut fetish..nothing serious,  more a fun
thing.  Since I was about 11 years old I would get a
boner while getting a haircut.  In later years I
sometimes would cum in my pants while getting my
haircut.  At age 15 I started giving my buddies
haircuts and that gave me boners too.  (All of the
details about this topic have been covered in earlier

  Jimmy knows about the fetish of course but he
doesn't like me to cut his hair.  The long and the
short of it is...  I take too long to finish and I
usually cut it too short.  He doesn't really care very
much how short it is, he just uses that as an excuse.
It's that I take too long... that's what  drives him
crazy.  He always has something he wants to do.  Some
place he has to be  in 10  minutes.  Stuff like that.
I take too long because I want it to last; it's a turn
on for me.  I'm trying to get smart and cut it faster
so he'll let me do it regularly but I always forget
myself and stretch it out.  It's just an extra way to
get a boner for me.  I really like it.  So that is
number two wish and Jimmy says,  "Sure, later

We had classes the next day, of course, so we were
staying in for the evening.  When we'd finished eating
and Jimmy had finished all the college work it was 8pm
or so.  He said "OK Donny, let's get wish number two
out of the way and do the haircut."  So I got my
barber stuff out and we talked about our first night
in this apartment way back when...actually a year and
a half ago.  That night I gave Jimmy a haircut for the
first time.  I was having some serious problems
emotionally and he was so supportive it brings tears
to my eyes sometimes when I think about it.  And then
I think about what I'd be doing or where I'd even be
if Jimmy hadn't come into my life (and saved me).
Well, suffice to say  I can get emotional just
thinking about it all.    So instead of doing what I
thought I wanted to do and cut Jimmy's hair wicked
short (the way I like it to look)  I cut it the way he
was currently wearing it.   I'm such a softy.  I still
took my time though because I really like to comb and
cut  guys' hair.  Funny though,  just like sex.... I
only want to do it with guys around my own age ( 5
years or so older at most) or younger guys;       I do
not want to cut any old guys hair.  Why?...I don't
have a clue really.  It's all a mystery to me..... but
then,  I don't get to make up the rules of my fetish.

We were in real mellow moods by the time I was
finished stretching the haircut out as long as I could
(I stretched it out again;  I can't seem to help
myself).   I was taking off my shirt because of the
little prickly, clipped hair pieces.  Jimmy, who
wasn't wearing a shirt for the haircut,  was sitting
on the kitchen bar stool  brushing his  shoulders to
get the random loose hairs off.   It was dark in our
apartment except for the light over head in the
'barbershop'.  I'd stepped away from the bright area
and when I looked back  Jimmy's face was right there
close to mine, as though it had floated there out of
one of my dreams of him.

His face was right there so I put my mouth on his
mouth and felt Jimmy put his arms around my neck. I
could feel the warmth and smoothness of his chest and
stomach against me. His familiar smell that never
fails to excite me and the feel of his firm, young and
muscular body had me lightheaded.  We kissed like that
for a while and my cock was painfully pushing against
my blue jeans with it's wet head showing through.

Jimmy backed off a little and took my hand to lead me
into the bedroom.  We slowly, like we were actually in
a dream, finished undressing each other and we laid
down on one of the twin beds to kiss and lick  until I
began whispering his name.  Jimmy took his time lubing
my bum hole and he used the dildo again to loosen me
up some more. He took his time with it and I was eager
for his cock by the time he was done with the dildo.
Everything was real slow that night...stretched out,
just like I'd done with the haircut.  Eventually,
with me laying on my back, my legs on his
shoulders.... he fucked me in that same slow, dreamy
state we found ourselves in.  I didn't want it to end
but soon enough I saw strobe lights behind my eyeballs
and I shot a luscious-feeling load all up and down my
belly as I squirmed and squealed and tried to catch a
breath.  Jimmy filled me up shortly after that and
when he leaned down for a kiss I wrapped both my arms
around his neck and hugged him;  probably too tightly.
 I tried to think how I can be this lucky!   An
afternoon and an evening fuck from a guy who makes me
happy when I'm just looking at him......never mind
when he's fucking  me.....

Life resumed as usual and I was in my count down mode
till Friday night and a date with Jimmy's doggy style
fuck.  I love Thursday afternoons the best because I
usually have no classes on Friday and no part time
work at BK either.  Then the weekend!!  Jimmy, of
course, wasn't smart enough to arrange for three day
weekends and he always had class on Fridays and
actually often went in on Saturdays too.  Last year
that didn't happen and we use to have 'weekenders'
which means we stayed pretty much in bed all
weekend....Friday night to Monday morning doing stuff
to each other.  It hit me then that this was the
'third' wish possibility Jimmy was referring to; a
weekend in bed.  Damn, why didn't I think of that!!!
Jeez, sometimes for special events, I wish I had
Jimmy's brain.....  if I did I could have remembered
the weekender!

Friday night arrived and we ate some cheeseburgers and
fries (french fried potatoes and fried onion rings)
for dinner and drank some beers at a guy's apartment
the next building over from us.  Just relaxing and me
thinking about screwing Jimmy 'doggy' style a little
later on.      Then out of nowhere I began feeling
sickly and I went back to our apartment because I felt
like I was going to throw-up.  I'm standing over the
toilet waiting with that horrid feeling that preceeds
a  throw-up.......
And then I felt that  I had to take a wicked dump so I
dropped my  pants,  turned aound and sat down on the
toilet seat.   My face broke out in big sweat drops
that plopped down from my forehead onto my thighs as I
tried to decide what was going to happen to me first;
 was it going to be a crap or a puke.  I've never felt
so horrible.  Without too much in the way of details
I'll just say  I had the worse diarrhea of my life.
Although I felt like I was going to puke I never did
but the fear of doing both at the same time added to
my stress.  The sweats and diarrhea went on for a half
hour or so.  When I couldn't take it any longer I
cleaned up some and was so weak I literally crawled
into our bedroom, pulled a comforter off a bed and
went to sleep on the floor.

Jimmy woke me up 25 or 30 minutes later and I
explained what was going on.  He got me to bed and
gave me two Imodium something or other  pills to stop
the diarrhea.   I didn't even feel like talking so he
went back and had a couple more beers with our
neighbor while I slept.  Needless to say,  no doggy
style fuck for Jimmy that night.  None the next day
either because my stomach muscles really hurt;  like I
was punched in the stomach a couple of times.  Jimmy
was forcing me to drink kool aid for fluids following
some internet 'First Aid' treatment for  diarrhea.
Lot of soup too.  Solid food by Saturday night and I
was eating a lot by Sunday.   But now I realized I had
the opposite problem of diarrhea and was bound-up
tight and couldn't go to the bathroom.  On Sunday I
started to feel bad because  I couldn't do a #2
(which is a doody, for all you guys who have not
retained yours  toddler speak...
#1=pee pee   #2= doody).

Jimmy gave me a Fleet enema Sunday night because I
hadn't been able to go since Friday  and we didn't
want it to get any worse.  We discovered the Fleet
enemas a year or so ago.  It was just after Jimmy had
tortured me with that nightmare enema consisting of a
quart and a half of warm, soapy water  which turned
into a terrible mess  (that happened about a year
ago).  He thought he knew what he was doing then and
he kind of blamed me for the unfortunate outcome.
Anyway, we're in the Drug Store a couple weeks after
that happened when I spotted the little plastic
bottles of the Fleet enema.

I couldn't believe what I read on the box.  All that
was needed was 8 ounces of distilled water for most
constipation relief; not a quart and a half of soaping
warm water in my bowels like Jimmy insisted was
necessary.  He saw to it that I took most of it inside
me before all hell broke loose.   Anyway, I brought
this to his attention.  I showed him how this company
"FLEET" made their living from these enemas....they
are enema experts and they say 8  ounces is all you
need.  Jimmy read the box with a puzzled look on his
face and then blamed his grandmother for the whole
thing.  She was the one who gave him and his brother
and sister enemas years ago.

Jimmy is smart as hell about math, space/time; college
studies......but he doesn't know nearly as much as he
thinks he does about a lot of other things.  In any
case, when I need to be cleaned out (as we call it)
we use these little inexpensive enemas and they have
been very effective.  One of them worked this past
Sunday  too and I began to feel a lot better.

Even so,  of all the ways I could think of to fuck-up
a weekend this went right to the top of my list.  When
Jimmy could see I was beginning to feel a lot better
by later Sunday night he did a lot of moving  around
on his hands and knees saying "I don't know why I feel
like moving around like a dog, Donny.  It just feels
so good to be on my hands and knees."  I told him his
day would come and we'd see how he liked being on his
hands and knees with a little doggy style screwing
action going on behind him..   "Whatever are you
talking about now, Donny?" he said as he headed to the
kitchen with his ass raised up suggestively.  He'll
get his in due time.

We did some more dildo play the following week and it
was proving to be a really good way to open my tight
hole.  Jimmy worked it in till I squeaked out a
"No..too far!!"  He was getting it in around six
inches when I'd start pulling away.  This reinforced
his confidence that his boner was providing all I
needed but I still wanted to keep trying to take more
of the dildo.  After three years Jimmy's dick had
apparently established the norm inside me.  I was
willing to bet, with perseverance,  I could take all
eight inches and I wanted to see what it felt like.
This became fine with Jimmy because that perve was
getting off on sticking that thing in me.  He'd get
super hard boners himself and was following the dildo
play with some fabulous fucks that had me drooling
spit all over my chin from me licking my lips and
puffing out bursts of air and saliva.

By chance, the dildo was just a little bit smaller
around than Jimmy's boner so it was a great
progressive feeling for me.  I'm becoming a big dildo
fan (what a frigin surprise!  ).  We'd moved away from
me laying across Jimmy's lap because that got us too
silly.  Instead we tried the dildo in all the
positions Jimmy liked me in when he fucked me.  As
usual Jimmy was the boss and told me what position he
wanted me to get into.  The 'dominate' thing added to
my excitement and created tight, nice feeling boners
for me too,   over and above the stimulation of the
dildo.  Of course, there is always that aspect of
dildo play that Jimmy  could, any time he felt like
it,  push it all the way in me..  Being at his mercy
added to my hard-on.  So, I was enjoying myself

After an excellent screwing from Jimmy one day last
week we were lying in bed talking about  dildos and
some of the other 'toys' available for sexy foreplay.
Jimmy said he simply wouldn't get involved with some
of the stuff but he liked the 'beads' idea.  I said
he'd like anything that went up my ass;  how about we
find some 'Jimmy toy'.  My idea was a nice 'ball
stretcher' for him.  This led to Jimmy's evaluation of
the whole topic and how he knew I'd be willing to try
many things that he simply wouldn't consider.  Then he
brought up our adventure in water sports as an
example.  We haven't tried that again since the
original incident of over one year ago.  Of course, we
don't judge anyone and certainly not someone into
water sports....hell, I've got that bizarre haircut
fetish so I'm not being critical of any  fetish.

This happened early on during our first year together
in the apartment.  We'd been at a frat party drinking
too much beer (again) and when we got back to our
place we were pretty ballooned.  We were still able to
make it through a routine fuck before falling asleep.
We have always slept together in one or the other of
the twin beds in our bedroom.  We like to get
tangled-up together.  (It's hard for me to get to
sleep now whenever I'm not sleeping with Jimmy.)   The
frat party was Friday night and early Saturday morning
Jimmy wakes me up so I would let go of him because he
has to take a pee.  I didn't want him to move because
I had him just the way I like him...me spooned up
behind him with my right leg over top his right leg
and my arm around his waist close enough to his cock
and balls that I can get my hand inside his boxers and
play with him whenever I felt like it.

Jimmy really needed to pee but it's cold in the room
and Jimmy is warm and he smells so good I want him
staying in bed.  "I got to take a piss!!, Donny".  So
I said he can pee in my mouth and I'd swallow it just
like I swallow his cum.  We're both still a little
drunk as we'd only stopped drinking four hours
earlier.  It was 6am and we got home about 2am.  Jimmy
says to hurry up then  and get his dick in my mouth.
I was excited to try something new so I go under the
covers and fish Jimmy's semi-soft cock out of the fly
of his boxers.  I put the head in between my lips and
wait.  Jimmy has both his hands on my head just like
he does when I'm blowing him.  His cock gets a little
bit firmer but not boned at all.  Waiting...nothing.
My head comes out of the covers "What's holding you
up, Jimmy?"  He says he can't get started. I tell him
to just relax, this is cool.  Relax, that's the key.

Jimmy shakes his head and says "The things I do for
you."        "Duh, Jimmy; this is something I'm doing
for you."  He say, "Well do it for Christ sake....I
got to go."  Back down under the covers and this time
I pull his boxers down onto his thighs.  His cock head
goes between my lips and I take a handful of his balls
to squeeze a little.  He's cupping the back of my neck
with his right hand and resting his left hand on top
of my head.  Almost immediately I feel a couple
dribbles and it taste like pee smells sometimes.
Acrid and pee flavored water I think to myself as I
swallow it.   When his relaxed flow starts however I
know right away that we're in for a disaster.   No way
can I swallow that much pee that fast and to make
matters worse, some pee goes down my windpipe!   I
pull away from his peeing cock to cough and choke...
trying to get the couple of drops of pee up and out of
my windpipe.

Jimmy is pulling on the back of my neck screaming for
me to get his dick back in my mouth, but forget about
that.  When you have liquid in your windpipe
everything is turned over to the body's involuntary
reactions.   I had no control over it.   Fits of
coughing as Jimmy unloads his big beer pee on me, his
legs and the bed.  It's really difficult to  stop once
it's going full force and after trying to stop he just
gives up and  lets it pee itself out.  "Any more
fucking brain storms Donny?   Any other great ideas.
Any fucking thing at all?   Let's try anything that
pops into your warped brain!!"     From me it's
"Cough, cough, cough and louder more violent COUGH,
COUGH" until my windpipe is cleared.

As soon as my windpipe is clear I said,  "Look at this
fooking mess you've made Jimmy!"  I'm  trying  to go
on the offense right off the bat; while still hoping
for a touch of comedy to lighten the moment.  I'm
drenched in pee and the bed covers are soaked through
all the way to the mattress.  Jimmy's legs are wet
with his own piss and he is thrashing around to get
out of this toilet/bed.  Quite a lot of   "God damn it
Donny"    and     "This sucks Donny"   and stuff like
that.  The idea had initially given my willy a tight
feeling and it had been getting up to granite hardness
when all hell broke loose.  It was way down from
granite hardness to more like cold, spaghetti-noodle,
flimsy.    Jimmy's right;  this did suck!!

He stalked off to the bathroom and I said "Jimmy...?".
 I tried to duplicate the look that Oliver had when he
said "May I have some more, Sir?" (Oliver Twist....
It's a pathetic look)  Jimmy looked back at me for a
second as I stood there covered in pee doing my
pathetic look and he said, "Oh alright, come on then,
we'll both squeeze into that ridiculously small
shower."  I flashed him a big smile as his reward for
getting it right.  The smile didn't seem to impressed
him all that much.

This was well over a year ago and it was the first
time we ran the unit out of hot water, but not the
last time.  We stand in the little shower chest to
chest with our arms around each other and our chins on
each others shoulders.  It looks like we're dancing to
a wicked hot, slow number.  The water pressure is
excellent and a big flow pours down on us.  It feels
great to have really warm water pouring down on us.
We circle around slowly so all of our body parts are
getting their share of the water.  After a long while
we'll change position with me holding Jimmy from
behind so the entire front of him gets soaked.  I
usually wack him off in that position using lots of
soap and water.  Then we switch and he returns the

We can stay under the shower for 20 to 25 minutes or
so and then the water begins to lose it's warmth so we
get out.  Well this is all swell for us but that hot
water heater is for all four units so the next guy who
jumps in his shower, in one of the other units,  gets
only cold water.  The infrequent times we use the huge
bathtub results in the same thing.  We use up all four
units worth of hot water.  Of course in an hour or so
the water is reheated but that doesn't do much good
for the guy who needs to grab a quick shower and off
to a date or appointment of some kind and all he gets
is cold water..

We didn't get in trouble that first time but, more
recently after a shower incidence where we used up all
the buildings hot water  a notice was delivered to all
units regarding the matter.  The 'super' for the
building rang our doorbell and I answered.  I didn't
know the supers name but he knew mine.

  He explained about the one hot water tank for all
four units in our building and how much water and how
long it took to heat up and stuff like that.  I nodded
at him as if I understood, or cared.  He's one of
those people that seem, even standing still, to be in
a hurry.  I keep looking at him stupidly and he hands
me a notice that everyone will be getting about this
problem.  Apparently there have been complaints but
the culprit is still unknown;  it has to be one of the
four units though.

I gave Jimmy the notice later and after he read it he
said, "Fuck em if they can't take a joke" and he
crumpled it up and tossed it in the waste basket.  I
felt this was a good indication that I was having a
positive effect on Jimmy's general outlook.  When we
first met he would have been all concerned about this
and carry on about being fair and so forth.  Now it's
"Fuck em."

After that shower had cleaned all the pee off of us
Jimmy went to sleep in the other twin bed. I had to
clean up the pee bed so  I pulled all the bedding off
and shoved half into each of the two pillow cases.
Throwing the comforter on top of the stuffed pillow
cases I headed for the kitchen for the Clorox spay
cleaner and saturate the mattress where the pee had
stained it dark.  I rinsed and scrubbed and rinsed and
left it to dry.  After putting on a T- shirt and
pajama bottom and Jimmy's flip flops I grabbed some
money and took the dirty, pee bedding to the basement
Laundromat and started the wash cycle.  This made me
think about my basement at home and the pee problems
I'd had there.  That brought me down some.... and I'd
wanted to have fun with Jimmy and his pee.  Obviously
not to be....life can be hard.

BTW, for those of you who don't know; urine is
sterile.  I learned that on-line from some erotic
story or another so I wasn't afraid of Jimmy's pee
from the stand point of germs etc.  Not that we worry
about each others germs all that much in the first

All of that was ancient history though, as  we lay
together in bed last week and went over this year-old,
water-sport adventure in minute detail.   Strange, but
everything seemed funny as hell from our perspective
now.  It seems that disaster, plus time equals a funny
story.  Of course, this only holds true if nothing
seriously bad happened.  I told Jimmy that in
retrospect I can see clearly that the whole mess was
caused because he'd been inadequately potty trained.
He said he was inclined to believe it had something to
do with me not doing what I said I said I was going to
do.  Details!

In any case we both swear we can smell that stale pee
smell when we're sleeping in  that twin bed, even a
year later.  We turned the mattress over and sprayed
it with many things but we still smell Jimmy's pee.
That was the extent of our water sport endeavors.  I
crossed off    "Taste Jimmy's piss"   from my list of
things to do......and moved on.

Still very much looking forward to my valentine
present ( screwing Jimmy doggy style) I patiently
waited for Friday.  It finally did arrive and all
systems were go.  We'd been meticulous about keeping
the dildo clean after each play time...and BTW this is
a good lesson for you younger kids; always keep your
sex toys picked-up and cleaned.  They'll be ready for
more fun next time!  (This has been a public service

So my plan was to play around with the dildo loosening
Jimmy up in preparation for his much anticipated
'doggy' style fuck.  Much anticipated by me, that is.
I skipped the cheeseburgers and fried foods that may
have caused the trouble last Friday.  I skipped the
beer too.  Instead we had pizza for dinner and rum and
coke for our alcohol of choice.  Much healthier. ha
ha.  Man, I was feeling great.  Jimmy too.

After just the perfect amount of rum and coke  (Jimmy
got more rum in him then I got in me because I was
making the drinks..  planning ahead and being a touch
devious is more good advise for the younger readers)
I suggested we step into the bedroom.  It was just
after 9pm.  Jimmy was nicely juiced up and in a very
sexy mood.  I said that this is my 'wish' so he had to
do what I wanted.  He's shaking his head 'yes' and he
had his usual  smirk on his face.  I undress him
totally...no socks, no T-shirt, no nothing.   leaving
my clothes on for now , just to show him who was boss.
 I  grabbing a handful of hair from the back of his
head and  I pulled him to me for kind of a rough, hard
kiss on his mouth.

Jimmy's like "Wha the?"   I tell him to "shut up" and
he straightens up and pulls his head away from me a
little with a puzzled look on his face.  I have to
explain we're doing a role reversal and he has to go
along with me and play his part.  He has to be
submissive tonight.  He's a great guy and says "OK
Donny, we'll do it your way, after all this is your
valentine present."  I tell him, "and don't you forget
it!"   I still had his hair held in my fist and I
pulled his head to me again and licked across his
mouth a number of times.  He involuntarily opens his
mouth and his tongue is right there so I lick it. We
are helplessly into licking each other and Jimmy's
arms go around me and we lick and kiss each other
until we fall over on the little twin bed.

I'm still pulling his hair without even realizing it
because  making-out with Jimmy is so hot and exciting
for me.  His cock is hard and up against his stomach.
Mine is hard and poking my pants out.  It's also wet
and dripping a little. I pulled my head away from
Jimmy and swung my right leg over him so I could
straddle his waist.  His face is as red as mine felt
and we're both panting a little.  His chest is moving
up and down getting oxygen.  I pull down my fly and
pull out my wet boner as I squirm down Jimmy's taut,
smooth body until my boner is right at his lips.  I
put a knee on each of his biceps and put two fingers
in his mouth as I tried to look tough.  He looked me
right in my eyes as he sucked on my fingers.

 When I look at him I always think he must be a pure
pedigree boy of some type or other.  He couldn't be a
mongrel like me   ..he has such fine features; not
necessarily the cutest guy ever but more like a really
nice looking guy.  His natural eyebrows are narrow and
perfectly shaped, he has long eyelashes, light brown
eyes with dark brown high lights, clear skin, a nice
straight hair line with shiny, full bodied light brown
hair.  The whitest teeth and perfect full lips.
And, of course, the freaking dimples when he smiles
can get my willy to stand up fast..

I stared at his face  as he stared into my eyes and
sucked on my fingers.  It was weird, but erotic as
hell too.  I shook my head to snap myself out of it,
pulled my fingers out of his mouth and slid my
dripping boner in between his lips.  Jimmy was really
in the mood  and he tongued my cock and reached up to
squeeze my nuts.  I was kneeling on his bicep but he
bent his arm and just barely reached my nuts.   He
squeezed them hard enough so that I raised up off his
chest for a few seconds, threw my head back and gasped
at the thrill of the pain.  Then I sat back down on
his chest as he maintained the pressure on my balls
causing my eyes to tear and blink rapidly but I was
wicked turned on and hot.

  Pushing my hips toward his face he took my whole
boner in his mouth with the head entering his throat;
my sparse pubes covered his lips and when I pulled up
out of his throat a little he took a big breath and
then his exhale through his nose blew my pubes around
in the breeze he'd caused.  Down his throat again, out
for his breath and back in again until I got a good
rhythm for fucking his mouth and throat.  It didn't
last long and I shot a number of spraying blast of cum
in his throat, mouth and lastly as I pulled out
squealing, spraying some cum on his face.

 During the oral sex I'd reached around me so I could
be jerking on Jimmy's rock hard bonner.  I stopped
when I was cuming but after catching my breath I moved
down and over that hard boner  to sit on his thighs.
And I milked his cock  slowly until he was squirming
under me and moaning.  When he came it was a nice
squirt up his belly and some drops on his chest and
nipples followed by five squirts each one smaller than
the preceding one.  I squeezed his cock hard to get
every drop of cum up and out of him.   Then  I lay
down on his chest and kept the side of my face next to
his as we both did short, fast little breaths.  We
didn't talk at all for ten minutes or so.

Then I said "You've been a good boy so far so I'm
going to give you a break before I doggy fuck you. "
Jimmy asked, in an over-done little meek voice "What
should I do while I'm waiting to get my fuck?"  I told
him to get his ass in the bathroom and get a hot bath
ready for us.  He scampered away and I went in our
tiny kitchen to make us a couple more rum and cokes.
This was all a hell a lot of fun and I laughed some to
myself as I carried the drinks into our bathroom.
He was just about to add some kind of bath beads to
the running water in the tub when I stopped him.  The
fact is I'd rather smell Jimmy than some fooking bath
beads.  He took his drink and I told him that his
barely acceptable blow job had merely whetted my
appetite for some gay sex. I kept up a line of BS as I
undressed and got ready to step into that tub of hot

As he climbed in after me I told him that later he was
in for the doggy fucking of his young life...that
before I was done with him his eyes would be sticking
out on stalks like you see in cartoons.  And then some
more BS on top of more BS.  Just goofing around.  He
tried not to smile or chuckle; he was trying to be
submissive but he had virtually no experience at being
a sub himself.  He just tried to exaggerate my past
submissive behavior and I had a few good laughs at
that.  I tried to turn my laughs into coughs.  We
eventually   listened to  "The Best Of Van Morrison"
CD  and talked over some of the songs we weren't crazy
about.  It was great just sitting in that big tub with
Jimmy between my legs and his back up against my
chest, my arms around him near his belly button. And
he did smell a hell of a lot better than bath beads.

We were both basking in the glow of our recent
climaxes and were both sincerely happy to be exactly
where we were.  The conversation was all over the
place.  I asked him who had the best tasting cum;  me
or his cousin?  Jimmy said he wasn't crazy...did I
think there was any chance he'd say his cousin's cum
tasted better than mine?  Did I think he was an
idiot??  He said that knowing me for three years there
was only one possible answer  to my question and it
was that my cum tasted ten times better than his
cousins.  I said "I thought it probably was more like
25 times better than his old fart cousin."  Jimmy said
that he meant to say 25 times better. But, he said...
his cousin wasn't old, he was only two years older
than us.  Well, he looks older etc etc..

We talked about the other times we had used this big
old tub and it turned out, counting this time,   we'd
only used it six times in the
eighteen months we'd had the apartment.  We went into
details about the time he'd made me pee my pants and
the great time we'd had in the tub AFTER I'd peed
myself.  We blamed each other for that incident in a
joking way.  The warning notices our apartment unit
keeps getting about someone using up all the hot water
had us howling with laughter because we were in the
process of doing just that right now.

We moved on to Jimmy giving himself all the credit for
getting him and me together and we argued about that
in a good natured way.  We laughed about silly stuff
that if I wrote down for you it would make my face get
red from embarrassment....it was just too corny.  We'd
run out of rum with the last drinks and the new water
running into our tub was getting cool.  It was close
to an hour and a half since we first got in the tub.
We were a little wrinkled.  The tub time lasted much
longer than the shower time because we had the hot
water on low for a bath;  just enough to keep the
water at the proper temperature.  In the shower we
blasted it hard straight through until the water began
to get cool.

Neither one of us was very tired.  Truth is we both
had a little buzz on from all the rum that night.  I
reasserted my role as the dominate one and told Jimmy
to pull the plug and get us some towels.
We dried each other off real well and went back in our
bedroom.  "Assume the position boy.  Get on your hands
and knees." I said and then I slapped his ass cheek
with a pretty good slap. "Yip!" he goes...
and then he went right down on all four.  That gave me
a little woody right off the bat.  I'd put the lube
and the dildo on the night stand earlier so I grabbed
Jimmy's hair again and pulled him over between the
twin beds,  right in front of the night stand.

I took my time with the lube and really worked my
finger in and up Jimmy's wicked tight hole.  He was on
his knees with his ass up in the air and he was
leaning his forearms on the carpet with his forehead
resting on top of his arms.  He looked relaxed and
comfortable.  As I had fun fingering him I reflected
on how neither Jimmy or I have any hair on our ass.
That's kind of rare.  I barely have any hair (except
little light hairs) on my arms and legs, a little
under my arms but that's it except for a sparse pube
area.  Jimmy does have hair on his lower legs but none
on his thighs and very little on his arms.  We both
have been getting a little whisker action the last
year but not a hell of a lot to be honest.  Jimmy's
ass cheeks are really hot looking; very smooth, cream
colored, firm and nicely rounded.  Totally choice!!
I fingered his hole for ten minutes and he let a few
purring sounds escape his lips.  Finger fucking is
something we did a lot of in our early times together.
 It feels good to us.

I was anxious to use the dildo so I cut short the
finger fucking a little although I really liked seeing
Jimmy enjoying it so much.  Both of us had nice
boners; not steel, but good and hard.  Lubing the
dildo got me harder and that feeling of power to be
controlling how far and how hard I was going to insert
it  into Jimmy got me a little bit harder still.  I
got two fingers in his hole for a couple minutes then
pushed in the   head of the dildo.  It was harder to
get in then I expected and I had it lubed as much as a
dildo can be lubed.  Jimmy raised up on his hands and
said "Ouch, that hurts!  I'm not kidding Donny, that's
too tight."   I couldn't work up any dominate tough
talk to say to that,  but at least I didn't pull  out
the dildo like I'd normally do.

Leaving just the head of the dildo in him I rubbed his
back and the back of his head and neck gently; I
reached under him and gently massaged his cock and
balls.  They remained flaccid and Jimmy was breathing
with short burst so I knew it was still hurting him
(Damn it!!) but I gave it some time and he began
breathing easier.  I kept rubbing
his hair and reaching under to rub his nipples which
began to firm up.  More massaging of his cock and
balls and I could feel a little firmness there too.  I
pushed on the dildo expecting it to be as tight as it
was initially but it wasn't and it went in about four
inches.  Jimmy raised his head up and blew a long
stream of air out but that was it.

I waited a minute or two while I did more massaging of
his hardening cock and Jimmy let out a little moan.  I
was so happy to hear a sound of pleasure from him I
got on my knees next to him and kissed and licked his
face.  He turned his head towards me and we kissed
each other warmly and with a wonderful deep feeling.
I was rock hard  now and looking back to see the last
three inches of the dildo sticking out of Jimmy almost
set me off.  Precum dripped out of my pee hole and my
cock was shiny bright red.  I was breathing in burst
now myself.

I took the dildo and slowly pulled it out until just
it's head remained in his hole and then pushed it back
in all the way till just about an inch and a half was
sticking out.  With that move Jimmy had now taken more
than I'd been able to take after two weeks of screwing
around with it. I didn't know what to make of that but
Jimmy seemed to like it..  I began to slowly pull out
and push the dildo in until quickly  Jimmy was
wiggling and squirming and moaning.  I kept this up or
five or six minutes.   I was getting it all the way
in, all eight inches and right up to the rubber nuts
at the end.  I was breathing harder than Jimmy was as
I pulled it out seven inches or so and pushed in all
the way back in.  He squirmed and moaned and rotated
his ass some.  Jesus, it was hot!

   Jimmy's positive reaction was totally  unexpected
and  it was such a turn-on to me I was afraid I'd
shoot my load before I even got to enter him.  If I
fucked him much more with that dildo I'd be shooting
my load all over Jimmy's legs.   Because of this I
decided I'd better pull the dildo  all the way out and
hump into him myself.

  When I pulled the dildo  out of him  Jimmy said "OH,
OH  No. Don't"    I interpreted this to mean he'd
rather have it still in him so I quickly positioned
myself behind him, bent my legs some and pushed my
hard cock head into him.  He pushed back on me and
rolled his head around some.  I slowly, just like I
did with the dildo, slowly went all the way in till my
balls lay on his ass  crack.  Jimmy moaned "Oh yeah,
Donny"  That was the best response I'd ever heard from
Jimmy while fucking him.

I'm convinced that guys have a "time of the month"
just like girls when they're at their hottest....with
guys it isn't once a month but I think it's like every
two months or so.  I don't know exactly but I'm sure
it's something because sometimes I get much more
turned on then other times.  And I think I just got
lucky with Jimmy that night and he was really
responding well because it was "his time"or his cycle
or whatever.  Or maybe I'm all wet!  But I do know
that Jimmy was enjoying this more than any other time
I'd fucked him...enjoying this MUCH more than any
other time!

Jimmy was pushing back at my thrust into him as I held
on tight to his hips.  My boner felt as long as the
dildo even though I knew it wasn't.  All around my
balls was a strong tingling feeling and the head of my
cock itched.  Every time I thrust into Jimmy his head
bumped into the night table that was right in front of
him, between the twin beds.  He grunted with each
thrust, pushing back on my crotch with his ass when I
was in him the deepest.  Every thrust made me go
"UMPH!"  I was flush with lust and began to grind into
his hole with each quick penetration.  I'd switched my
 hands so I had one gripping each of his shoulders to
enable me to pull into him with some force.

I gave him thirty seconds of fast humps in and out
followed by thirty seconds of slower humps with the
grinding and without thinking about it I smacked his
ass cheek with each thrust for 15 or 20 seconds.  It
was a dizzying feeling and it was just on the edge of
being too much because, at one point,  I thought I'd
pass out from the intensity of the sensations.  For
one thing Jimmy really had switched places with me.
I'd never seen him so turned on or so 'hot' from
getting fucked.  That alone was driving me near crazy.

I felt my damn eyes tearing again with desire; my
desire to cum as I continued to plow into a willing
Jimmy who was now making all kinds of pleasure sounds.
 Taking me by surprise,  he lurched his hips forward
almost pulling off my cock, and arching his back with
his head thrown back he made a strangling sound and
splashed cum up on his stomach. I knew he was cuming
because for the first time ever I felt his ring close
tight around my cock with each of his ejaculation and
I squealed out, as usual, and shot my load up inside
Jimmy.  I shot with each of his contractions.  I
always cum first but not this time and so I felt that
fabulous tight muscle ring strangle my cock.  A thrill
I already wanted to experience again.

Jimmy was sweating and moaning and pulling on his cock
with one hand; the other hand on the floor holding him
up.  I pulled out of his hole after a while and sort
of sat on his ass cheeks.  I was weak and still felt
dizzy but my groin and stomach and thighs all had that
familiar electric buzzing feeling that I loved with a
passion.  My toes were still curled and my whole body
felt wired tight.    I concentrated on the feelings so
I wouldn't miss any.  But the coming down part started
and so I managed to flop over on the bed while Jimmy
just laid in his own cum.     (for a change instead of
me laying in mine).

Our hearts were pounding and we needed a lot of oxygen
to make up for not breathing in enough during the sex.
 I felt bad that this was one of the few times we
weren't laying together after sex but Jimmy seemed
content on the floor.  I could hear his deep
breathing.  In a few minutes he got up and collapsed
next to me with his arm around me.
I held his hand.  I know I tend to say this a lot but
I really think this was my favorite fuck so far.  And
I was the one doing the fucking so this is rare

After a while Jimmy told me it might be the best fuck
he'd ever got.  My head began to swell (the one on my
shoulders).  He said his cousin's cock was too big for
him really and he, Jimmy, never felt wonderful about
getting fucked.    When his cousin was screwing him,
there were periods of time that it felt great but
mostly it was pain or too close to pain for Jimmy to
really get into it.  When I fucked him it was a real
good feeling but still  nothing as hot as when he was
fucking me;  from his point of view, that is.  But
this doggy style fuck I'd just given him had  lots of
good prostrate action and overall it was great for him
and he had cum wicked hard.  Felt fabulous..... He
wanted to do doggy style from now on when I screwed
him.  YEAH!  No more vanilla fucks.   All this
positive feed back and  I was still feeling the
buzzing around my cock and balls from cuming...the
whole thing was fantastic.  More than I ever dreamed

In time we got up and got bottles of water to drink,
cleaned ourselves up some and brushed our teeth.  Then
we did some wonderful hugging and rubbing back in bed;
 but not much talking.  I know we both felt like it
was all pretty much perfect.  The dildo will be a part
of our screwing around for a while and then the
novelty will wear off and we'll do something else.
Meanwhile, I still want to feel the whole eight inches
of dildo inside me so there is always something to
look forward to,  if you have the right attitude that
is.  With Jimmy I have the right
attitude.......without him,  I don't.  I love to go to
sleep with him.