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3 meals a day is ideal to take care of your hair

1) a cup of milk added to vitamins

2) eggs Poached

3) a large slice of bread

4) the problem of vegetable

5) a grain of citrus fruit

1) the authority dish containing dark-colored vegetables as Jerir, spinach, broccoli, thyme, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, with the addition of 5 grains of walnuts and a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

2) 10 pieces of beef liver, grilled with a little oil.

3) 3 grains of baked potatoes.

Snack: A cup of fruit salad containing strawberries, bananas, apples, kiwi, oranges, almonds and pine.

1) the authority dish containing vegetables darker with the addition of a teaspoon of flax seed oil.

2) cups of pasta + sauce red + medium-sized piece of grilled meat, and vegetables beside boiled or roast as Asparagus

, carrots and mushrooms.

Snack: 3 pills Islands cut into thin slices + little lemon juice.

Should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

One last tip: The secret of healthy hair to focus on dealing with proteins, grains and vegetables.

Pomegranate juice against prostate cancer

U.S. researchers reported that pomegranate juice - which was notorious as a health drink - has the effect of anti-prostate cancer, according to research conducted on laboratory mice.

The researchers said in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the prostate tumors in mice that were transferred to human cancer prostate tumors shrank after drinking pomegranate juice.

The researchers stressed that this drink dark red rich in antioxidants are chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their deep colors and play against the chemicals that damage cells, leading to cancer and other diseases.

A professor of dermatology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Dr. Hasan Mukhtar - who led the research team said in a statement released on Tuesday - that's reason enough for being tested on humans this fruit to treat cancer and prevention.

However, the difference is still significant between the treatment of mice infected with human cancer and the transition to treat the same rights but other studies have shown that pomegranate juice and other foods rich in antioxidants may help fight tumors.

It is known that prostate cancer is the second biggest killer of men after lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society is expected to kill this type of cancer, 30 thousand people this year.

The Assembly also expects that the disease is detected at 230 thousand Americans this year, most likely not to choose the control treatment but slow growth of the cancer concern.

Five symptoms to know Breast Cancer

Breast tumors are the most common tumors in women, and if 90% of benign tumors only 15% of breast tumors are malignant tumors 'cancer'. In America there are about one hundred and eighty thousand new cases of breast cancer, and more than forty thousand deaths from this cancer annually. U.S. statistics indicate that one of every eight or ten women develop breast cancer.

Cause of the disease:

The cause of this cancer is unknown, but there are factors such as:


The virus.

Quality of eating.




There are also factors that increase the possibility of the emergence of this cancer, including:


Pregnancy after the age of thirty.

Starting menstruation before the age of twelve.

Continuation of the post-menstrual age of fifty.


Incidence of breast cancer in relatives.

It was found a relationship between breast cancer and other cancers in women, such as cancer of the ovaries, and the fact that 75% of cases of this disease can not be linked to appear in any of the above.

What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

Part 1: Every woman should be fully aware of the form and size and strength of her breast, and to periodically examine the same month, after the end of the menstrual cycle a few days and must review and inform your doctor as soon as any of the following changes:

1 and a mass in the breast 'is usually not painful'.

2 discharge from the nipple, whether mixed with blood or secretions Yellow 'is not mixed with blood'.

3 change in the color of the nipple and the skin and the appearance of cracks or shrinkage of the nipple.

4 swollen lymph nodes under the armpit.

5 localized breast pain 'Although most malignant tumors are not accompanied by pain'.

What is required?

Part 2: required by the instructions and guidance centers and associations in the field of specialized health breast tumors as follows:

1 Keep yourself periodically check each month.

2 Check your breasts regularly X-ray every two years from the age of forty to fifty, and then annually thereafter.

3 Choose a center there by physicians specializing in the follow-up treatment with the same doctors they can review the files and compared to a year, so rays can detect any change easily.


1 eat less fat.

2 to avoid obesity.

3 foods to eat a lot of fiber.

4 a lot of eating fruits and vegetables.

5 consult a doctor when you see any symptoms of sickness breast.

6 of the periodic inspection.

Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer

A study Scientific American, the practice of actively walking for an hour or two hours per week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 20 per cent for women and even if their use of certain hormones to treat symptoms of menopause. It is based on research results of the study dealt with analysis of data for more than 74 thousand women between the ages of 50 to 79 years. The study found that women who engage in exercise, limited to a period of time ranging from an hour and a quarter to two and a half per week ratio decreased breast cancer by 18 per cent compared to women inactive. The results of the study suggest that exercise may reduce the impact of the use of hormone that can trigger breast cancer, but does not eliminate those effects at all, and according to Dr. 'Mac as Tiznn' principal investigator at the Fred Hutchinson for Research Breast Cancer in Seattle. The study also demonstrated that the initiation of a simple exercise at a later age for women is happening the same positive effects compared with those who engage in sports in the early stages of their lives.

Surgical treatment of malignant breast tumors

C 3: different treatment of breast cancer according to the stage or the degree to which a patient is diagnosed:

1 breast cancer stage I and II.

2 breast cancer stage III.

3 breast cancer stage IV.

Surgical treatment of breast cancer Phase I and II.

Tumors in these two phases, which reduces usually 5 cm in circumference inside the breast with the possibility of the presence of lymph glands under the armpit, and there are two trends of treatment:

The first trend:

1 to remove the tumor and maintain the breast with the removal of lymph nodes under the armpit and giving radiotherapy to the breast.

2 complementary chemotherapy if cancer cells have found the lymph glands, or if the patient is in the stage before menopause.

3 give the hormone therapy, especially if it was found that the selection of cancer cells to the hormonal receptor positive.

The second trend:

If breast size is small and the tumor is large or if the tumor is at an advanced stage localized preferable in these cases mastectomy with lymph nodes from under the armpit lymph glands if found cancerous cells give the patient chemotherapy and possibly radiation and hormone supplement.

Surgical treatment of tumor Phase III:

This is a tumor in an advanced stage localized tumor of any size greater than 5 cm or extended to the chest muscles or skin with the possibility of lymph glands under the armpit. In this case must be given chemotherapy before any surgical intervention 'about three sessions' so younger than the size of the tumor and it might be possible in this case, remove the tumor and lymph nodes and to maintain the breast and then give the rest of the chemotherapy and radiation and hormonal.

Surgical treatment of tumor Phase IV:

At this stage the tumor has spread to other parts of the body 'out of the breast' and the treatment would often by hormones if the tumor is hormone receptor positive or chemotherapy if the hormone receptor negative, or tumor Refunds after hormone therapy and sometimes treatment of complications of tumor localized 'breast' as the existence of ulcers have a doctor to intervene surgically or give spot-ray of the breast.

Discoloration of the teeth


External causes:
Sediment surface where it settles to some dyes and pigments found in food on the surface of the teeth and This type of hypocrisy when a lot of tea and coffee, smoking and certain medications for patients Iron solutions anemia and some mouthwashes solutions that address gingivitis such as klorhecsudain, and can control this type of Discoloration pigmentation or by brushing the teeth regularly and conduct periodic teeth cleaning at the dentist twice a year.
Accumulation of bacterial plaque counties contain the bacteria, especially Lactobacillus and Streptococcus Mutans and limestone deposits (calculus) on the tooth surface as the lack of clean teeth properly, adequate and predictable can lead to the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar time occurs for this plaque and then stained to the color turns to dark brown or . This bacterial plaque can also be removed through the practice of oral health and home on a regular basis, which include brushing teeth and cleaning the spaces between the Sunni through the use of thread in addition to periodic cleaning of the teeth at the dentist twice a year.

Domestic reasons:
The pigmentation which arises from the interior of age , and spoke these Colouration often die after the age or after handling the nerve, and there are certain ways to clean and then teeth whitening .this reason have made the dentist with the knowledge that in most cases it is the culmination or coating Age processor that would bring the League of age for the original color.

The causes of defects:
It causes that occur in the heart of the Sunni structure of the material, such as during a dental discoloration caused by tetracycline use of the drug or the result of some dental diseases such as congenital diseases are poor or ill-Ivory is the port. This is in addition to that, even for the natural color of teeth is different from person to person and there is a certain color can be considered a color ideal for all human beings, where for each person to the appropriate color which corresponds with the color of skin, for example.

Methods of Treatment:
Most of the discoloration of the teeth can be addressed in the following ways:

Brushing teeth at the doctor:
This is the basis where all roads should be cleaned at the dentist and polished and then not report whether there is a need for other therapeutic means.

Teeth whitening:
Through this method can be used chemicals with oxidizing properties as Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, one of the most effective and which have been studied scientifically and saturated scientific research. Where they are used multiple concentrations of which is used when a doctor in the clinic, including those used in my house, and the laser can be used with this material being bound upon to accelerate its work and the teeth whitening duration slightly shorter, but the laser will not change or improve the bleaching winning factor, as it accelerated the work of the Article bleached only.

Fillings label:
And here is the use of fillings kambozat label and similar to the natural color of the teeth on the surface of the teeth that Colouration, and can use this method does not work when the use of bleaching chemicals.

Ceramic crowns:
Used in cases of severe discoloration and in case of failure of the methods listed above, especially in case of a disease is bad in ivory or the port

Hindi nine tips to protect your hair

There is no doubt that the Hindu girl has a beautiful shiny hair, and are generally characteristic of the continent have girls Hindi. In the Indian study published recently recommended cosmetic specialists in India, followers of nine notes help get your hair soft and healthy.

1 - healthy hair starts from your body you should know
Foods that you eat is affect mainly to get healthy hair Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits contain natural sugar, as well as Eat dairy products like milk, yogurt and eat the coconut recipe, where it proved essential for hair health, Pour a little of it on the Authority or with rice in order to get the full the desired results.

2 - Avoid canned food
Foods canned materials are packed with preservatives that do not contain very useful for the body, making them very useful, as well as cold drinks hamper the digestion process and construction in the body so it is advisable to stay away as well.

3 - Add the spices to your food types
The addition of spices to your food gives it a special flavor in addition to these spices contribute to the provision of healthy nutrition for your hair.

So try to add it to food, especially soups or during frying vegetables, can also add cumin and black pepper roasted and ground fresh milk before eating, and eating the hibiscus plant also have an impact is effective in stimulating all the functions of the body in general.

4 - Stress
Have a serious impact on your health and also the color of your hair, try to organize and control your time and get rid of stress resulting from the lack of time ..

Try a relaxation exercises such as meditation .. Try to go to nature to assist in achieving greater health and mental balance more .. And Padre get enough sleep and comfortable as it helps greatly to the growth and renewal of hair.

5 - Avoid the use of materials that contain chemicals
Because it will lead to the destruction of your hair in the long term .. Padre to search for natural substances do not harm your hair during the washing and cleaning, especially if you wash your hair more than three times a week.

Therefore prefer to use the types of shampoo and conditioner of vegetable origin because it contributes to feed your hair better. Therefore, a national reading the ingredients before buying shampoo because some products may contain the word vegetable in the name of the product while it may not contain any component plant in the truth.

6 - Get oil bath with a massage of the scalp permanently
Access to bathrooms with massage oil scalp three times a week to stimulate the development process of your hair and gives it strength and great health as well as maintain moisture in the scalp is essential for healthy hair.

It is recommended here using coconut oil, almonds and olive oil. Then add the warm oil to your hair and carefully distributed to all scalp and then massage the scalp Padre parties fingers.

It is recommended that Left it on your hair until the morning if possible and if not, try to keep it as long as possible so that at least the oil bath for two hours, then use your hair shampoo to clean the scalp massage also helps to relax and to get a comfortable sleep as well.

7 - Do not use the brush and your hair wet
Never should be doing to demobilize if brushing your hair wet and no matter how you hurry, the best way to wet hair is the use of interlaced wooden-toothed comb, not a broad brush.

8 - as well as the excessive use of hair dryer
Leading to damage to hair in the long term it leads to dry hair and pounding his limbs so it is advisable to leave your hair dry naturally, and then do honorably discharged.

9 - Finally, the large amount of hair and use a brush
Lead to the appearance in a healthy and shiny, so national each night by a hair brush for the demobilization of all sides, but separately.

Any honorably discharged from the nationalist right to left and then from front to back or vice versa, and Use a good brush and Start from the scalp and finish at the edge of the hair.

Tips to reduce the severity of acne

Of the common errors made by the young men and women who suffer from acne, lack of knowledge about good health principles to deal with pimples and grains that are called acne, and the result is that the irritation of the situation and increase the suffering of people, especially when in this season of the year.

Here are some tips important and effective addition to treatment, which usually applied at home is recommended by experts dermatologist to get rid of acne or even reduce the severity and intensity in these days of those who suffer from it, and these tips:

- Try to keep your facial skin dry and clean as possible.

- Washing the face carefully and gently twice a day at least anti-bacterial soap.

- Use a mild non-oily moisturizer to the face after each washing.

- Avoid cosmetics that contain industrial chemicals or vegetable oil.

- Keep the hair clean and away from contact with the face.

- Avoid the use of forceps on the face or touching the grain.

- Avoid pressure on the skin affected by inflammatory or collars or parties to narrow head scarf.

- The use of cosmetics and beauty products without a prescription, especially those containing sulfur, resourceful, plus material used on the skin in order to lighten the pores and reduce acne.

- To dry up pimples at night, you can use toothpaste (not generation) directly on the pill, it has advantages that can help to dry up the pimples at night.

- One of the best face masks with good effect the use of the white part of egg and place it on face for 15 minutes. A. The vitamin A which is found in egg white is also very beneficial to the skin.

- The egg whites are also treated to a great interest for acne, and can be used directly to the blister.

- To rid the redness of inflamed skin face should consult a doctor to give specific treatment of the situation

Risks of smoking on oral health and dental

If we reflect the relationship of the mouth, we find that smoking a cigarettes like the mouth of the chimney, which we see the roofs of houses. Imagine how to be smoked after igniting the wood, and burned with the deep dark days do not bear the heat, especially in hot winters long and may collapse.

This is the case inanimate objects, let alone under any circumstances mouth of that member and surrounded by delicate thin membrane and gums with a thin and very important functions such as eating, chewing and speaking. But beyond that important to be a source of beauty and a smile for the presence of teeth and lips.

How can we offer those tissues to the wood we burn ourselves and boast about it in order to burn the bodies and our money.

Some see smoking as pleasure in the imagination, but it is certainly harmful to the airframe. This is reached by modern science and confirmed by research in all parts of the globe. It's even become the social ill that criticizes rational people and abused so as to deprive him of the find at the ill-effects serious and sometimes fatal.

Damage of smoking on the mouth
That the harmful effects of smoking go beyond the mouth and deadly diseases include respiratory and heart and blood vessels, known to everyone. But the impact of smoking on the mouth was not raising the necessary and sufficient to highlight here that the impact of smoking on the health of the mouth and teeth with the importance of medical advice to refrain from smoking before it is too late.

What are the disadvantages of smoking on the mouth and teeth?
The mouth is the first member affected by smoking, particularly as it directly exposed to the constituent chemical cigarette of the so-called tobacco. The Tissue affected are the soft tissue and coated the tongue and roof of the mouth and floors and cheeks, gums, and lips as well as the row of pearls, which boast beauty among the people. And the consequences of smoking and disastrous and alarming and can be summarized as follows:

- Cancer of the mouth and surrounding tissue and ulcers and chronic fungal infection such as Candida.

- Chronic gum disease, which is the major cause of loss of teeth (abate the sense of taste and smell and the lack of rate of secretion of saliva) discoloration and change color of the teeth and tongue (emission of foul odors from the mouth) the lack of success rate of some treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications such as inflammation of the bone When extractions.

Oral cancer
Cancer of the mouth of the most serious consequences of Smoking and usually occurs with chronic smoking-intensive and misfortune that does not appear, but the real appearance in the late stages At the outset, usually, painless and does not attract the interest of the patient's symptoms and the most important:

- The emergence of alarming cracks in the mouth, burning in some parts of the mouth

- The emergence of chronic ulcers and many at the bottom of the tongue or lining of the cheek or lips and vary in size from small to another ulcers may extend over large areas of the membrane lining the oral tissues.

- The emergence of bulges and white spots or painful tongue or lining of the cheeks, lips and usually tends to have a white color to change when some red or yellow or brown or gray depending on the food and beverage intake and the length of the ulcer. This so-called disease Iukubleika, which is usually regarded as the beginning of cancerous transformation.

- Difficulty in chewing, swallowing, speech and movement of the jaw

- The movement of teeth in a strange way lead to the non-occlusion

- Numbness in the lips or tongue or other areas in the mouth such as the presence of these symptoms when smoke alarms require a visit to the doctor in charge.

Ulcerative oral
One main symptom of smoking also inflammation of oral mucosa in many places such as the roof of the mouth, tongue and lips and a consequence of congestion, redness of the mouth membrane by absorbing the smoke, which shakes the pressure inside the mouth.

As well as the heat generated from the combustion of tobacco, let alone the impact of chemical constituents of tobacco, which directly affect the oral membrane. The result is also cracked and dry oral membrane as well as the lips, which is greatly affected by this.

In these cases, chronic infections, the beginning of the emergence of oral cancer, especially in the presence of inflammation in the roof of the mouth for long periods lead to the salivary glands affected by surface are out there and show the forms of red blisters grow and swell due to a blocked lymph channels and over time this may turn into a type of cancer that affects the glands the so-called Mikoabidirmoid.

Gum disease
Smoking is a major cause, accounting for 75% of gum disease in adults. Periodontal disease is a major cause of chronic loss of teeth.

What is happening is an inflammation of Gingivitis initially extends to the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and lead to erosion of the separation of the gums and bone around the tooth which leads to receding gums, which in turn lead to reveal the roots of the teeth causing tooth sensitivity when dealing with excessive hot and cold items and displays the roots to decay which is sometimes extends to areas under the bone. In the end, the result will be shaken in the teeth and then falling down or takes them off.

It also decreased the effects of smoking had denied the sense of taste and smell and lack of saliva secretion rate, leading to vulnerability and functions of the mouth in general, and this are what gives smokers the feeling disgusted and discomfort in their mouths.

Color of the teeth and tongue
This effect is aesthetic, which are important for smokers with that view only and ignore what is most important and serious than reported previously. Why? Because it is aesthetic and does not want to show the smoker's teeth color and smell to the community.

Teeth of smokers usually comes in a dark color resulting from the accumulation of components of smoke on the teeth, especially in the presence of limestone and lime. Increasingly darker color so that it looks ugly, especially when those who do not care for oral and dental hygiene, not visiting the dentist down.

What makes the case worse is the use of bleaching powder, which leads to increased surface roughness of the teeth and eat it, causing the increased rate of accumulation of lime, lime and black spots, as well as catch a smoker suffering from another type, namely the excessive sensitivity of the teeth.

Fragrances BREATH
The smell of the mouth let smokers to purchase various types of chewing gum and lotions with fragrances and pure Putty Commercial and labeled as appropriate for smokers not only that it is for propaganda only.

Also, only a temporary impact. why pay any attention to them and you have the correct treatment, but is refraining from smoking.

Complications and failures of smoking leads to a lack of proportion of success of some treatments such as dental implants, calendar, and the possibility of complications such as inflammation of the bone when extractions.

Some smokers keen to teeth, but is surprised that he could not hold all the dental treatments like non-smoker. Studies have shown that the success rate of dental implants in smokers and less prone to failure. As well as delayed healing and heal the wounds of the mouth after any surgery in the mouth such as tooth extraction or processes gums.

And sometimes may lead to inflammation of the bone, which causes a lot of pain.

Do you use pipe or pipe, or cigars less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
This is not true, rather, one of Damage and be the most Sometimes when you use other methods of smoking. The use of pipe tobacco focuses on some areas intensively, which increases the chances of ulcers and cancer.

The use of hookah may speed up the transmission of other diseases such as tuberculosis and acute hepatitis. Due to the use by more than one person in the presence of a respiratory mouth full of decaying Sores and gaps.

What about the impact of tobacco, such as Sniff and others?
That affect the most . Scientists have discovered no less than twenty-eight carcinogen in this type of tobacco also said the immediate focus of tobacco on certain areas, such as membrane under the tongue increases the risks. And beyond the impact to some members away from the mouth, such as the esophagus, colon, pancreas and bladder. The reason is due to swallowing the smoker to tobacco juice consisting of chewing.

Finally, we do not recall this information in order to scare smokers enumerate them as far as facts that would convince them to quit smoking, humans do not live only once and in conclusion, we are friendly for your Mouths to be thinner than the stacks you.

The risk of hair dryer

Hair dryer which operates hot air heat, before embarking on this subject we must know the heat: energy is transmitted from the body or body or system to another system at different temperatures, and energy: the changes or chemical reactions or biochemical or Physical Chemistry that occurs to the body by different processes, including heat, Hair Dryer one of these processes that occur these changes or interactions in the human body by hot air from the heat and vein that runs through the hot wire before departure within the powder causing the heat released if not used properly cancerous tumors, or killing of brain cells, lead with the passage of time permanent, non-use right, to death. We note that most of the hair drying devices contain two-speed or three, the first to introduce ordinary air, then the second hot air average temperature, and finally hot air too. Many of the women used the device in a manner that bad start to drying their hair with hot air and very targeted directly to the scalp, and here lies the danger, and that the direct effect on brain cells not adapted to these extreme heat .. The way the right is to start gradually by cold air and then the normal average, and hot to create all of the scalp and brain cells to accept this new situation.
There are several facts to prove it, if we assume that a piece of iron heated slowly up to the heat slowly until you feel your fingertips from heat you will Take DISCRETION, but if you must, hold this piece is too hot without the knowledge of your injury, it is certainly harmed by the heat from piece of iron to your fingertips, leading to damage and death of the infected cells, as well as for the hair dryer.
And more clarification from the effect of temperature .. Sunstroke and injuries occur with direct impact is the same powder, but the injury is direct and strong impact on the case when it affects the sun strikes a direct effect on brain cells, which affects the central nervous system thus leads to a coma, and may lead to death if not first aid.
Each user of a hair dryer that can lead this simple test, and you Recognize this story running national hot air dried very quickly and shedding directly on the scalp, What advice can you feel the change that gets you from the intense heat on brain cells, the output of this hot air work disorders in those cells and atrophy of some of the other.
The proof of this fact on the impact of temperature in cancer of the delegation said that the search of the World Health Organization in the seventies to the calendar area to study the phenomena of the emergence of cancerous tumors that affect the mouth, after a thorough study of many of the reported cases it was unclear which directly cause the phenomena, and finally explained The main reason that most of the people of that region ate meals, especially rice is very hot, leading to cell death of the mouth is affected by this heat.
And one other witness that many skin doctors warn of drinking tea and coffee is too hot for their direct impact on cells of the mouth and pharynx, also warns doctors skin from direct exposure to the scorching sun of the skin beach-goers advised to be dropped marine body painted some oils and creams that protect the body from the heat so as not to infected skin cancer.
The live-action scenes of the impact of heat on solids, pour a cup of tea in the cold, the sudden drop in temperature occurs sometimes broken or crack in the cup, as a result of random disturbances and repulsion between the chemical bonds that are part of the glass made him a cup of tea, as the Many doctors advise against a public body is exposed to air currents from the sudden cold to hot or vice verse so as not to be affected by the body are not affected by any human cells exposed to a cold or the flu, and this is what happens to the scalp or brain cells after bathing or washing of the scalp cells are brain cool, and the direct impact of these sudden temperature occurs may have dire consequences, so you must follow the proper way to create a scalp or brain cells, and the gradual degrees of air from the average normal to you may be so hot to have created these cells to receive this heat.

ice cream with Strawberry sauce, nuts

1 package vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp crushed hazelnuts
2 tbsp crushed peanuts

1 / 2 kg strawberries
200 grams sugar
2 lemon juice

How to prepare:
- prepare a vessel and put all the components prior to the fire for 15 minutes to boil well and then we beat her in a blender, filter, and left to use.
- Prepare a deep cup and put ice cream and strawberries thieves and outlines the nuts in it.

ice cream with White chocolate

½ cup of white chocolate
¾ cup of sugar
A quarter liter of water
4 eggs whites
A decent pint
4 tablespoons of bleached strawberry wafer biscuits and chocolate black

How to prepare:
- national human beings human beings coarse white chocolate.
- The child mix sugar and water in a casserole, then a national Agitators it on low heat until it melts, and leaves to a boil for 15 minutes without tipping over, and still on fire and left to warm.
- The child Whisk egg whites using a wooden spoon, with the addition of a little drink a little bit with the mixture without interruption until toughen the mixture.
- Fail stones in his urine (using a wooden spoon), but without the freeze, and add gently to mix egg whites, and add the white chocolate and biscuits, grated and stir well.
- The child developed a metal mixture in the bowl and placed in the freezer from 4 to 5 hours or even freezes, and provides an overview to cut biscuits and strawberries, and then sprayed it grated chocolate.

Treatment of any pain

Do friction palms of the hands of the power due to friction, static, and place the hands on the subject of pain directly on the skin, research is through contact with the skin. Lightly for a few minutes, then re-contact and touch several times

This method is very useful in conditions of headache or in any cases of infectious intestinal distractions or other nerve pain, and you can make yourself to yourself


This is to let you know that this is about a health blog,with tips how to increase the health of each other of us.Managing your health is the best way for a long living life.In this blog your will find all information you need to improve your health.Let us all improve our health.
The first day God created the cow.God said, "You must go to the field with the farmer all day suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer. So, I am given you sixty years of life."The cow said, "is a damned tough life you want for me during sixty years. It's OK for 20 years and I give the other forty. "And God agreed.

The second day, God created the dog.God said, "Sit all day on the threshold of house and barks at anyone who enters or passes. I give you a period life of twenty years. "The dog said, "is too long for barking.Give me ten years and I pay the other 10. "So God has again been agreed (sigh).

The third day God created the monkey.God said, "Have fun of people, scientists made tours, made them laugh. I'll give a lifespan of twenty years. "The monkey said," Doing antics for 20 years? it's too boring! The dog has rendered 10 years, right? Bin I'm like, okay? "Again God has been agreed.

The fourth day God created man.God said, "Eat, sleep, play, , fun yourself. Be glad, good, quiet what! I give you 20 years. "The man replied," What? Only twenty years?That slab. Listen, I take my 20, 40 that the cow was delivered on 10 of dogs and 10 monkeys. It makes 80, okay? ""OK!" God replied. "bargain".
Thus during the first twenty years of our live ,seat, sleep, play, kiss, have fun and do nothing while the next forty years we have been working like a slave in the sun to maintain our family during the next decade we do of antics to entertain our grandchildren; and during the ten years we sit in front of the house to bark throughout the world! (Alain Bruno )

It is considered that healthy nourishment is a guarantee for a longer life. Nevertheless, it is considered that a constant diet does not guarantee at all the longevity. Certain recent discoveries of the American scientists emerged as a shock: people with excessive weight live longer that thin people!


1) Eat Better
College students are victimized by eating on the run, whether it be a quick bite at the Wright Place between classes or indulging in a tasty Big Mac. Rarely do college students pay attention to the food pyramid or whether or not they eat enough fruit and vegetables. In fact, many new dieting phenomena, such as the Atkins Diet, encourage elimination of important food groups, such as carbohydrates, as a substitute for weight loss via monitoring what you eat and exercise.
"The University attempts to provide a nutritious diet, but college students go for what tastes good and is easy. Usually, that is a bag of chips or a candy bar instead of a well-balanced meal," said Matt Cook, junior biology major.
Eating properly will not only help you look better but will improve your overall quality of life because your body will be supplied with the nutrients it needs to function normally.
2) Reduce Alcohol Consumption
Drinking large quantities of alcohol can wreak havoc on your body. All types of alcohol, especially beer, are full of empty calories. Beer is loaded with empty calories caused by an excessive amount of carbohydrates, which are stored as fat in the body and result in the "beer belly."
If eliminating drinking is not in your future, drinking light beer will significantly mitigate the effect of beer's carbohydrates. Most companies market light beer with significantly reduced crabs. Michelob Ultra, for example, only has 2.6 grams of carbohydrates per beer.
3) Cut Down On Stress
Stress is probably the most important health concern among college students. In fact, it is the underlying cause of the health obstacles that students face. Stress produces many undesirable effects in your body. Insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches, sexual dysfunction and immune deficiency can all usually be traced back to enduring excessive amounts of stress.
The key to reducing stress is incorporating enjoyable activities into your day and refusing to bite off more than you can chew. "No," is a word that probably ought to be used more by college students. But because of pressure to achieve, students try to do too much and as a result, are stressed.
4) Reduce Caffeine Intake
Many students use caffeine to stay awake and get an energy boost to function. Besides the fact that soft drinks are loaded with empty calories, excessive caffeine consumption may cause "coffee jitters," insomnia and temporarily increase heart rate. According to information obtained from Dining Services, the easiest way to cut caffeine out of your diet is to gradually remove it, drink decaffeinated coffee and drink more water.
5) Exercise
5) Exercise
Exercising regularly is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body's performance optimal. Exercising 3-4 times per week keeps your muscles peaked and increases your body's immune system. Most importantly, it helps keep your weight down so walking on the beach during spring break won't be an embarrassment.
6) Use Proper Protection in the Sun
College students are generally apathetic about skin care in the sun, but in the brutally hot Carolina summers, it's important to apply sunscreen when staying out in the sun for more than 20 minutes at a time. Wearing sunscreen will reduce the risk of developing sunburn, skin cancer and per-mature aging of the skin.
7) Get More Sleep
When homework and exams pile up, the only way most students can find to gain extra time is by cutting back on sleep. Sleeping on a regular schedule is important because it enables the body to recuperate and prevents fatigue, irritability and the inability to concentrate. While most college students sleep about six hours per night, it's recommended that the average adult gets seven to eight hours of R&R for maximum performance.
8) Develop Better Study Habits
Developing good study habits is of particular concern because it's an easy way to achieve stress relief and maintain a balanced schedule.
"Good study habits aren't usually thought of as a health concern, but if students adopt proper study habits, come exam time in April, students will be a lot less stressed," said Ty wanna Jeffrey, assistant director for wellness education.
9) Lose Weight
Being overweight is a risk factor for developing many diseases. The incidence of high blood pressure, cardiac disease and diabetes increases among overweight people. Determining whether or not you are overweight is easier than ever with quick indicators such as the Body Mass Index. Fortunately, losing weight is easier than ever due to increased understanding of dieting techniques and exercise. While students turn to means such as smoking to control their weight, such unhealthy techniques should be avoided.
10.) Get an Annual Physical
Whether or not you feel like you are in the best shape of your life, getting a yearly physical is highly recommended. Many STD s, especially in females, are asymptomatic and can result in increased incidence in ovarian cancer and sterility. Males ages 18-35 are at an increased risk of developing testicular cancer. Getting a yearly physical is the most reliable way to avoid health problems, especially those that aren't visible to the untrained eye.John Bream,2004.











White Bread: Why Is It Bad For You?

White Bread: Why Is It Bad For You?

This one item that has long been a constant at every body's breakfast tables, has earned quite a bad reputation over recent years.
We keep being told that white bread is bad for us, for your health; why exactly is this? What is it about white bread that is so bad for you?

Here are three of those reasons which will make you think again about the bread you choose to buy.

Refined flour

The process of refining wheat flour strips it of many of the nutrients and health giving properties that wheat naturally has.

The wheat germ and bran, which are the most nutritious part of the wheat grain, includes vitamins and minerals and these are removed when making refined flour. All that remains is starch and small quantity of protein.

This protein is not a good quality protein. The starch is converted into sugar and is stored in the body as fat. Refined flour provides what are sometimes known as empty calories, or calories without the goodness or nutritional value of wholesome food.

Low Fiber

Fiber is an essential for the healthy functioning of the human body and for the efficient working of the digestive system. In milling of refined flour, the fiber of the wheat grain is removed and what is left is not healthy.

Lack of sufficient fiber in the body also makes it difficult for the colon to evacuate the bowels of waste matter effectively, which can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer of the colon.

Digestive rates and the efficiency with which the food is digested slows down. There are also greater amounts of fat deposits and this increases how negatively eating white bread can impact health.


Have you ever wondered why that loaf of white bread is so white when the grain that it comes from is brown? Well the fact is that the flour that is used to make the bread is routinely bleached using chemicals, which results in the white color.

There are several potentially harmful bleaching agents used for this and among them is chloride oxide, which, when combined with whatever proteins are still left in the flour, produces alloxan. This is a poison and has been used to produce diabetes in laboratory animals. Chlorine oxide destroys the vital wheat germ oil which is another nutritive element destroyed.

For someone who has eaten white bread all their lives, the switch to whole grain bread (as against brown bread, which may simply have some caramel added for the color) may be a bit difficult, however you can soon get used to the change, and can also start to appreciate a healthier and tastier meal option.

Importance of Vitamin C

Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is really important to your family health if you want to boost your immune system especially now that Influenza A (H1N1) is threatening everybody’s health, better eat vitamin C-rich foods everyday. Vitamin C reduces blood pressure, has the ability to reduce the severity of colds and could protect you against cataract and certain cancers too.
Red and green bell peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits, raw tomatoes, cantaloupe and broccoli are food that are rich in vitamin C. Garlic contains vitamin C too. On a book about health benefit of garlic, a professor of School Tropical Medicine from Calcutta, India revealed that vitamin C act like insulin in the body, it helps metabolize carbohydrates. Not only that, several researchers showed that vitamin C serves as great therapeutic measure in case of ulcers. Wow… what a revelation, right?

What is Swine Flu?

What is swine flu?

Like people, pigs can get influenza (flu), but swine flu viruses aren't the same as human flu viruses. Swine flu doesn't often infect people, and the rare human cases that have occurred in the past have mainly affected people who had direct contact with pigs. But the current "swine flu" outbreak is different. It's caused by a new swine flu virus that has changed in ways that allow it to spread from person to person -- and it's happening among people who haven't had any contact with pigs.

That makes it a human flu virus. To distinguish it both from flu viruses that infect mainly pigs and from the seasonal influenza A H1N1 viruses that have been in circulation for many years, the CDC calls the virus "novel influenza A (H1N1) virus" and the World Health Organization calls it "pandemic (H1N1) 2009." The CDC calls swine flu illness "H1N1 flu" and the World Health

Transmission of Swine Flu (How is Swine Flu spread?)

As with other flu like illnesses, Swine flu is spread as follows:
Touching infected objects
Touching nose, mouth and or eyes with infected hands

Swine Flu Symptoms

Symptoms of Swine flu may including all or some of the following:
Muscle aches
Sore Throat
Runny Nose
Lack of appetite

Complications Of Swine Flu And Higher Risk Individuals

Those at higher risk include those with the following:
Age of 65 years or older
Chronic health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease)
Pregnant Women
Young children

Complications (for all patients but especially for those at higher risk) can include:

Sinus infections
Ear infections

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Swine Flu

A respiratory sample collected within the first five days of illness will be collected.
The sample is sent to the CDC for laboratory analysis and confirmation. At this time the CDC is recommending the use of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Relenza) for treatment and/or prevention of Swine flu.

Prevention of Swine Flu

Covering nose and mouth with a tissue upon coughing and sneezing followed by proper disposal of the tissue.
Avoiding contact with ill persons.
Avoiding the urge to touch nose, mouth and eyes in general.
Staying home form work and/or school upon onset and for the duration of symptoms
Assuring adequate and thorough handwashing and use of alcohol based hand cleansers (in the absence of proper handwashing facilities).
Providing tissues in common areas of homes, common and public areas.
Encouraging pursuit of medical evaluation at earliest onset of symptoms.
Use of masks to those who are exhibiting symptoms or who are ill.
Maintenance of a 3 to 6 foot perimeter around a coughing patient. Calm analysis coupled with accurate and proper public education is the key to identifying, treating and minimizing a worldwide outbreak.

Natural remedy for H1N1

Ayurveda, the traditional 'science of life', has a remedy for diseases when every other stream of medicine fails. Now, at a time when swine flu is spreading like wildfire across the world, Ayurveda has the remedy in the form of the miraculous herb, the basil leaves commonly known as Tulsi.

The anti-flu property of Tulsi has been discovered by medical experts across the world quite recently.
Tulsi improves the body's overall defence mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. .
It was successfully used in combating Japanese Encephalitis and the same theory applies to swine flu," Dr U K Tiwari, a herbal medicine practitioner says.
Apart from acting as a preventive medicine in case of swine flu, Tulsi can help the patient recover faster.
Even when a person has already contracted swine flu, Tulsi can help in speeding up the recovery process and also help in strengthening the immune system of the body
Tulsi can control swine flu and it should be taken in fresh form. Juice or paste of at least 20-25 medium sized leaves should be consumed twice a day on an empty stomach.

Pimples -Tips from indian women

Pimples -Tips from indian women

1.apply paste of masar ki daal (orange colour) with water or milk. it really works..

2.Mix multanimitti and turmreic with rosewater,apply it on your face over 20mnts,wash it off with lukewarm water,and pat it dry,continue this treatment over 2 weeks,u can get an amazin result for ur pimples.

3.Apply pudhina powder with honey or rose water on your face then it stops pimples and black marks and removes oil from face and and keep your skill glow.

4.Apply erytop before u go to sleep......it reduce our pimples and avoid dandruff using coconut oil mixed with kattarvazha(Aloe vera), henna leaves,etc

5.Its is a useful tip to get rid of pimples Boil neem leaves in water and make it cool And wash your face everyday pimples will get cured and make your face fresh.

6.mix sandal and multhanimatti with rosewater and apply in your face and then wash with cold water. do this process for 2days once.

7.Appy the paste of ripe Papaya and water all over the face for 15-20 mins. Let it dry. Wash off. This will reduce the pimples.

8.Mix honey and turmeric and apply to the face and wash after 30 min

9.after preparing tea ,there will be some teapowder remain in the boul apply it to the face and see immediate result.

10.wash your face with warm water, after that use katialis,jauli,floucinonide. and leave it all night.

11.Apply pudhina powder with honey or rose water on your face then it stops pimples and black marks and removes oil from face and and keep your skill glow.

12.make a paste of neem leaves then apply on our face.

13.Every night when your going to bed put sudacream on your spots pimples and blackheads in the morning they will be gone or reduced.

14.Mix thick curd, turmeric and two drops of oil. Apply on the face.

15.Crush garlic and take the juice and apply it on the face daily to reduce pimples.

16.Make a paste with sandal wood and turmeric and apply it on the face.

17.Put the kadalaima (Bengal gram Flour) and the curd and apply the face for 10 minutes and wash it.

18.Apply a mixture of turmeric and neem on the face.

19.A mixture of crushed mint leaves and oats will reduce pimples. Leave this for 20 minutes and wash it with warm water.

20.Mix sandalwood powder, gram flour, few drops of honey and rose water. Apply this paste on face and massage for few minutes in upward direction. You can see good results in a week.



Recommend below are the secret recipe for healthy drinking

Carrot + Ginger + Apple = Boost and cleanse our system.

Apple + Cucumber + Celery = Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and improve stomach upset and headache.

Tomato + Carrot + Apple = Improve skin complexion and bad breath.

Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk = Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.

Orange + Ginger + Cucumber = Improve skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat.

Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon=To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney

Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi = To improves skin complexion.

Pear & Banana = To regulates sugar content.

Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango = Clear body heat, counteracts toxicity, decreased blood pressure and fight oxidization!

Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk = Rich in vitamin C + Vitamin B2 that increases cell activity and Strengthen body immunity.

Papaya + Pineapple + Milk = Rich in vitamin C, E, Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism.

Banana + Pineapple + Milk = Rich in Vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation



Squeeze juice of an orange and mix with a tablespoon of plain yoghurt. Apply on face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off after 10 minutes and splash face with cold water.

Heat a cup of olive oil in the microwave for a few seconds. Massage onto dry areas of your skin.
Heat enough olive oil to fill half a small clothes basin. Soak your hands in the oil for about 10 minutes, followed by the feet.
Use it as a conditioner by leaving warmed olive oil on your hair for 15 minutes before shampoo.
Remove all traces of mascara by dipping an overused mascara wand into some olive oil and use it to apply on your lashes the way you would mascara.

For sparkling teeth, mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and half teaspoon of salt. Use like toothpaste – once a week.
Lighten the skin and smoothens rough edges of elbows and knees. Cut a lemon into two halves and rest your elbows in each half for 15 minutes. Or squeeze juice of lemon and apply on your knees.

Steep a pair of Earl Grey teabags in boiling water, run them under a tap and place over eyes for 10 minutes before night out.
Use four bags of chamomile tea. Leave them to steep for 5 minutes then hold your face over the bowl.
Freeze cooled chamomile tea in an ice-cube tray. When set, remove cubes and run over your face.
Soak some gauze in cooled green tea and apply on skin the way you would a toner.

Chop up a cucumber and drizzle a few drops of lemon juice in the mixture. Apply on your face.
Soothe tired eyes by cutting two rounds and place them on the eyelids.
Rub down hot skin with a mixture of chopped cucumber, olive oil and plain yoghurt.

Peel a tomato and chop it finely before spreading on face. Work as an effective cleanser and gentle astringent to tighten pores.

A great way to get rid of dark undereye circles. Run a large potato in a blender. Squeeze the pulp to get rid of excess juice and form two patties from it. Place the patties over your eyes and keep them there for 10 minutes.

Pound the kernel and add body lotion to blend into smooth paste. Use it as a gentle exfoliator for face. Note the pip is the rough “seed” and the ivory kernel is what you need when split open the pip.

Massage mayonnaise into your hair after shampoo. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinse off. You can also use mayonnaise as a lip mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes before removing with cold water.

Mash a ripe one and use it as a facial mask; rinse off after 10 minutes. To get rid of puffy eyes; use a linen cloth, make a “moneybag” filled with mashed avocado. Dab it gently on eyes.

Chop ginger and mix it with body lotion for a facial scrub. Avoid the sensitive eye area.

Soak a cotton pad with cool fresh milk and press it gently all over your face. Besides protein to feed your face, it gets rid of dirt thoroughly.
Chill a cup of milk in the fridge before pouring the contents into a clothes spray. Use it like a spritzer over inflamed skin.
Warm a bowl of milk in the microwave for half a minute and pour contents into a clothes basin. Soak your feet for half an hour and then give it a good hard brush to remove dead skin.

Mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of honey with just enough warm water to make a thick paste. Spread the mixture all over your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with water.

For a three-in-one pre-bath treatment; blend two tablespoons of brown sugar with one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and two to three drops of olive oil. Rub the paste over rough areas like the knees and elbows. Citric acid from the lemon unclogs the pores, skin-polishing sugar gets rid of surface dirt and olive oil moisture the skin.

Run about 10 unripe cherries in a blender. Mix the juice with a tablespoon of dry oatmeal and use as a five-minute facial mask.
For the body; mix cherry juice with a tablespoon of sea salt and massage over damp skin.

Dilute one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of water then heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds. When it’s cooled, apply on your lips and leave for 10 minutes.
To dry out pimples, pour out a teaspoon of honey into a bowl. Dip a cotton bud into the honey and apply on the spots.

For a temporary facelift, use just the eggwhite. Mix it with a tablespoon of honey and spread over face and throat in an upward motion. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
Whisk egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil and leave on your hair for a few minutes before your shampoo. It makes a great hair conditioner.

Mash half a ripe papaya with two teaspoons of honey. Apply to areas of face that are prone to wrinkles such as between the brows and along the sides of the nose. Leave on it for 10 minutes.

Get Rid Of Your Acne Overnight

Get Rid Of Your Acne Overnight

There are several different commercial products available in the market to get rid of acne. Some of these commercial products provide the desired result but they are too much expensive. Some commercial products are cheap but they does not provide the desired result but even more damage your skin. If you are looking to get rid of your acne then you must learn this whole article. I will tell you how you can get rid of your acne overnight by just following three simple steps.

1 Face Scrub

There are lot of face scrubs available in the market. You must select a good quality face scrub. Apply this on your face, rinse it with warm water after 20 minutes and dry it. This will clear all the dirt absorbed in your skin surface. The more your skin absorb the dirt more will be the chances of acne spreading further.

2 Aloe Vera Gel

Your body needs to be hydrated properly. Water is essential for hydration, drink a lot of water through out the day to keep your body hydrated during night. Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the face for hydration. Rinse your face with warm water and apply Aloe Vera gel on your face. For best results apply this before you go to bed at night.

3 Green Tea

Last thing is you must drink a cup of green tea daily. Green tea has no side effects and it contains ingredients that will help your body to fight against infections that causes acne and other major skin diseases. Prepare some green tea add two or three drops of lemon juice in it and drink it. Try to drink green tea after the last meal of your day. But it is not mandatory to drink after the last meal you can have a cup of green tea any time of the day.

To get rid of your acne overnight you must follow above mentioned steps. You just need to look after yourself properly to get rid of your acne as your determination will be the first precaution towards your acne.

50 Secrets of the FITTEST

50 Secrets of the FITTEST

Can you keep a secret? Better yet, can you keep 50? Can you use these secrets to change your life and your body for the better? If you did nothing other than incorporate these secrets into your daily life, in a year's time they would amount to substantial change.
Here is what a fit person does

1.Always keep a water bottle and drink from it often. Water is the drink of choice, not soft drinks.
2.Look at exercise as a pleasure and privilege -- not a burden or chore
3.Think twice before deciding what to eat and why, making sure that it is healthy and will give the body good nutrition.
4.Measure intake based on activity, not how you "feel"; need mandates intake, not mood.
5.Take action to solve problems when things get emotional, instead of turning to food as a cure.
6.Start the day with a well-balanced meal.
7.Start each day with positive input from material that's listened to or read. This will help you to remain positive throughout the day.
8.Drink a minimum amount of caffeine only in the form of coffee or tea.
9.Make long-term goals and a plan of how to achieve them, leaving nothing to chance.
10.Focus on short-term goals with an emphasis on completing daily actions.
11.Live with a purpose. Wake up each day knowing what you are working toward: something "greater than" can be accomplished in a lifetime.
12.Keep a daily planner with the day's actions written down in order to keep track of what needs to be done, what has been done and what was not accomplished.
13.Review each day at the end of the day to set tomorrow's actions and plan.
14.Always make time for relaxing and rewards at scheduled times.
15.Never live an unhealthy life when on vacation.
16.See health as a privilege and not as something to take for granted.
17.Enjoy contributing to the health of others by having a partner or friends to exercise with, as well as recruiting others who desire to get fit.
18.Learn new ways and new techniques for exercising.
19.Avoid monotony by taking up new forms of exercising.
20.Subscribe to health magazines to keep focused on a healthy way of life.
21.Invest in workout clothes, good tennis shoes and other apparel.
22.Never take your health for granted by taking a day off from a healthy life.
23.Know when too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing.
24.Keep a sharp mind and a positive attitude with educational and motivational material.
25.Take time to count the many blessings that are present in life each day.
26.Realize that life and all things natural are a gift and should be taken care of and preserved for the health of all.
27.Brush off criticism and don't dwell on negative comments from others.
28.Attempt to bring calm and reasoning to a hostile or chaotic situation.
29.Respond to a challenge instead of reacting to what difficulties may be present.
30.Know that there is so much that is not known.
31.Understand that time is limited here on Earth.
32.Learn to live without regrets and know that life is the experiences that we choose.
33.Take daily vitamin and mineral supplements that support a healthy balance.
34.Value organization so as not to have "clutter" in your life.
35.Value good hygiene inside -- the mind and organs and muscles -- as well as on the outside: your skin, hair, and nails.
36.Seek natural methods of health care including massage, chiropractic and naturopathic in addition to medical care.
37.Take exercise to new levels.
38.Create a schedule for ultimate health and fitness.
39.Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and into fitness.
40.Strive to reach your dreams everyday.
41.Live each day to its fullest.
42.Do not get into "wacky" diets and eating plans.
43.Live a balanced life -- exercise, work, family, and GOD.
44.Get adequate amounts of sleep.
45.Avoid medications and drugs of all sort unless absolutely necessary.
46.Limit alcohol intake only for special occasions.
47.Do what the average person doesn't want to do.
48.Exercise discipline by following a daily regimen.
49.Take a vacation by doing activities such as jet skiing, mountain biking, hiking in the outback or going to a getaway spa.
50.Know that life is fulfilling with optimal health in the mind, spirit and body!

Are any of these habits present in your life today? As you read them, did they seem too unrealistic to ever be part of your life? Trust me, in time they not only can be, they should be part of your life!

Tips For Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Tips For Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Have you had a baby in the recent times? Pregnancy and motherhood are excellent but there are a lot of hassles associated with them. The most depressing thing about pregnancy is the fact that after the baby is born; you have to undergo a lot of weight gain. There are certain scientific explanations which justify why the mother gains so much weight after pregnancy.

As the mother has to take care of two lives at once, it becomes very difficult for the body to make sure that both are receiving good nutrition. After the baby is born, the body continues to extract the maximum number of nutrients from the food products ingested by the mother, thereby leading to a lot of weight gain. In addition, since the mother is asked to rest after childbirth, she does not get any exercise and hence gets fat faster.

But there are simple ways by which you can lose weight fast. Indeed, it is very important that you make sure to lose all the extra kilos that you have gained over a period of nine months. Even though it may sound difficult, all you need is a dedicated schedule towards making sure that you lose weight within a stipulated period of time. The best thing to do is to indulge in some physical activity. Although, you must make sure that whatever you indulge into should not be very hardcore and you must not strain yourself since your body is very delicate.

If you detest the idea of having to work out and want to rest until you get better, utilise the time by resorting to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you include a lot of fibrous fruits and vegetables in you r daily diet to make sure that they are able to clean your system. Whatever you eat, make sure that it does not have a lot of calorie content. The body is in a save-all mode at this point of time and wants to absorb all the nutrients it gets.

Another way to make sure that you keep off high calorie foods is to eat lesser quantities of food more number of times in a day. This will quench your urge to eat something and also keep you off unhealthy foods. Also make sure that you eat only when you are hungry. This helps in preventing the unwanted incorporation of unhealthy fats and calories in your body and you tend to lose weight much faster than you think.










Black Eyed Peas Commercial For Direct TV Displays Masonic Double Headed Eagle Symbol

By watching this video very closely, in the background you will see a elephant with a head dress on similar to a circus elephant. On the head dress is a thirty-three degree Scottish Rite Masonic double headed eagle. Now this double headed eagle is a little hard to notice because the eagles beaks are pointing up instead of the version I have pictured above. Watch the video below and see for yourself.