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Those College Years - Gay Sex Stories of College Men

I continued to work at the store on the beach all summer.  Except for that one time with Vince, I stayed with Jackie.  It was easier, he was available and I liked him.  Staying true did not exclude involvements with the girls in the group.  We also continued to experiment and enjoy.  With them, I had to be kind, gentle, considerate.  I practiced my skills till I was very good at sex.  With Jackie, it was different. It was without games.  It was clean, strong, an uncomplicated primal feeling as I now think back. Jack had gotten himself kept back so that he would not have
to join the army.  His soldier dad was forcing him to "become more of a man."  I knew I was a man and never thought of myself as gay.  "Faggot" was a name I had been called, but those in our small town learned that I was not to be teased.  In my freshman year in high school, two older guys were walking behind me on the way home.  A short distance from school, the talk started.  I turned, walked back, and gave him some lip. Then, as now, I had a very smart mouth.  I often waited for an audience to turn the tables.  I found that ridicule in public, especially by a smaller and younger kid, could not be retaliated against.  This time, I did not want an audience.  Jim, his real name, pushed me out of the way.  In less than a second, I pulled him down onto the lawn.  It was raised up, with a concrete berm.  We struggled; he hit me a few times and then I grabbed him by the balls.  I would not let go.  He screamed.  His friend started to come after me.  "I'll turn them into mush if you so much as touch me." I said to the helper.  Jim motioned him away, his face contorted with pain and real fear in his eyes. "If you ever touch me again, I'll do it." I threatened. Jim knew I would and so did the other few who had gathered there.  He joined his friend and hobbled off, his pants torn open at the knee and his fly broken open.  The second event, a year later, happened in the cafeteria. I was coming on to a girl and she was responding.  A jock came over and asked her what she was doing with the "little fag".  Without thinking, I reached up, took his head in both hands, and smashed it back against the tile and let him slump into the refuse barrel.  He slowly stood up, just looked at me and walked off.  I guess I proved myself.  I think back now and wonder who that was inside of me.

My senior year in high school also followed pretty much the same pattern of sex. Then, I achieved that most important rite of passage; I obtained my driver's license.  It allowed me to travel some distance to the granite quarries.  Most of us swam without suits; there was a feast of what today we call "eye candy". I had heard that there was lots of free sex and indeed there was. I also learned that summer, that for some reason, I attracted attention.  I never had thought of myself as good looking, sexy or as a stud.  I had a decent build developed from some hard work, I was still only 5'7" tall.  My shoulders were wide, my waist small and my legs muscular. I had a great big, warm smile and a very boyish innocence about me. I've been told that those qualities still exist today. Anyway, all one had to do was wander the paths and offers would be made.

I became addicted and did this a few times a week.  It was all anonymous and only once did I see another boy from school.  He was there wanting the same things as I. Those in service were of all ages, sizes and shapes and they all seemed to want to suck boy cock, or any cock, or to be fucked.

Sometimes it was necessary to give a hand job and I was asked a few times to suck or to be fucked. Refusals were easily accepted as there were lots of partners available.  I often thought, after I had given a load of cum away, "Thank God I am not like that poor bastard." I had already decided to be "straight" when I went away to college; I was going to put aside childish things.

For those several months away at school, I was straight.  It was not that I did not find any of my
classmates attractive; it was more that I wanted to fit the image of "the kid next door." I also had entered into a somewhat serious relationship with a girl who was a year older than I and we continued through the next vacation.  Once back home that summer, for man sex, I had to rely only on occasional quarry visits.  Jack had joined the army and Vince did not appear to be interested.  Again in September, I returned to school and to being straight.

The following happened one early spring evening of my sophomore year.  A friend and I had taken the house mother's car to her home some distance from our campus. Paul, nineteen, was a little taller than I and a good tennis player.  He had lots of girl friends. I was by then, a little over weight, but still sweet and innocent looking, and could have passed for fifteen rather than the eighteen year old that I now was.  We were on the way back to the dorm, our errand completed. Out of the clear blue night sky, he said, "Bill, I'm horny as hell.  I want to have sex with you." I ignored him and kept on driving. A few minutes later, in the middle of a sentence, he asked "Want to fuck me?"   By then, I was hard as a rock and he could see it in the lights from the dash. Paul reached over and started tracing my cock with his fingers.  There is, or was, a sky resort on the road back to school. The parking lot was dark and empty so I pulled in. He unzipped me, bent over quickly and started to suck. He twisted his tongue around my mushroom head and then licked on down the shaft.  I pretended at first not to want this to happen, and forced myself not to react too quickly.  I played the reluctance game. After a few minutes, however, I was fucking up into his face. I would not let him take down my pants, so my balls just got a nice rubbing.   There was no conversation; he just slurped away, pulling my 7" boy tool deeper and deeper into his throat.  There was room for that in the front seat of my old Ford.  Very quickly, I shot a load, rope after rope. With an edge in my voice, I spoke, "Good, very good,  Thanks." 

"Thanks yourself, but I still want you to fuck me." Paul said and laughed out loud.

I started the car and we drove back the next thirty or so minutes just listening to country music.  I did not say a word, I did not even look at him.  He had caused me to return to a path I had promised not to take and I was angry at him and at myself.  It must have showed in my face.  When we pulled into the dorm parking lot, He reached over and touched my leg.  "I think you hate me, you won't tell anyone about this." he said with almost a break in his voice.

"Yeah, I hate you, but I still want to fuck you." "Let's go."  He followed me to my room, I opened the door and let him in first.  I shut the door, left the lights off, and put my arms around his waist, pulling him hard to me.

"I'm a virgin" he whispered.

"Good!" was all I could get out.  I stood behind him and undressed him right there in the middle of the dark room. He shifted to the side and tried to kiss  me.  I quickly turned my head away; I wanted no emotional ties. His lips caught my ear and his tongue found its way into it.  This then and today is  something that I can not resist.  We kissed very briefly. I pushed him down onto his knees by grabbing his shoulders.  "Undress me!" I said softly and he did. I went to his side, he bent his head and wet my cock like I told him to.  There was still some boy juice there left over from the first round. I wet my fingers in his mouth.   The beds were cot like, high off the floor.  I told him to get up and then bent him over and he rested his upper body on my bed.  I leaned into him and began a dry run.

"Finally I know what it's like to be fucked." he moaned softly.  I could not help but chuckle.  "What's so funny?" he asked trying to squeeze out from under me. 
Was this bullshit I wondered.  He could not think that this was all there was to it.

"We're nowhere near there yet, not by a long shot." I   answered and pushed his body back down on to my bed. It took several moments to open him up, he was tight and nervous.  I still to this day wonder that he did not know about penetration.  I had to get him to relax...a trick I learned from our old family doctor the first time he did a rectal exam on me.  The standard instruction of relax and push down was followed nicely. I used only one finger at first and moved very slowly. With my other hand I explored his body for the first time.  His chest and upper back were covered with soft curls of golden brown and it felt good running through my fingers.  He straightened up and my lips kissed along his spine and my hand began to stroke his thick, hard cock.  My middle finger I pushed into his mouth and he wet it too. With some effort I finally got two fingers up there, he moaned just a little, trying to be quiet. Again, this ass play continued for several minutes but I was becoming impatient, and my roommate might return at any moment.  Paul had begun to work his body back and forth on my fingers.  "You're ready." I pronounced and removed my fingers.  Finally, I pushed my throbbing prick against his ass ring while holding him tightly around his waist. It took forever, it seemed, but I got all of my mushroom head in. I stopped for a moment.  Paul had only gasped once; his body had gone rigid against the bed and then he began to relax. I did not go slow now.  I pushed hard and steadily until I was buried deep in his boy cunt. I waited for what could only have been a minute or two and then began my assault.  The pace quickened rapidly.  It had been such a long time for me.  Paul began to respond once again and pushed his ass hard back against me.  My balls banged against those below. It was over very quickly.  He was so hot, tight, and this was was my  second virgin fuck.  It seemed as if my climax would go on forever.  I pulled out so slowly and then shoved hard back in again to finish the last spasms deep inside of his ass.  I kissed him and jerked him off. By the time he shot, I was up again, ready for more. I used his own cum to lube my hard dick and this time it was much easier.  It would be the third time for me in less than two hours. It was fantastic, better and better. This time it lasted quit e a while and Paul loved it. He soon began fucking back at me, meeting thrust with thrust.  I pulled all the way out and entered him again and again with a sideways and then grinding motion.  I found his prostate with almost every thrust and he responded with gasps, moans and a constantly whispered "Fuck me."  I raised up on my toes and drove in from above and then went in low.  I used every bit of me that I could.  My hands pinched, twisted, caressed, slapped, all in a frenzy till it began again.  Climax lasted long and I then fell on top of him.  Their was not time to spend in after glow.  Now close to ten o'clock, my studious roommate would soon be there.  Paul lifted himself out from under me, leaving a trail of cum on my blanket.

"You pig!" I said sarcastically.  I pulled it off and
turned it over.

"Yeah, but I'm your pig."  He smiled, dressed and left
me to wipe up the floor.

He and I had a few more times together but by mid May,
Paul had become the property of a football player.  He
left the dorm in late May and I have not seen or heard
from him since.  I hope he remembers me with kind
thoughts.  I did not love him.  I learned that liking
a guy was good, too.

That next summer, I was once again back at the store.
A few trips to the quarries kept me happy.  This next
event happened in mid August.  One warm early evening,
I saw two young guys kissing; they were on the other
side.  They were visible from the face up only.  I
made a hasty trip over the ridge to the other side as
there were no other takers there that night.  Just
before I intruded into their space, I had taken off my
shorts.  My cock was hard and pointing straight up.  I
went through the thick plant material and joined them
on the deep ledge. Each of them had to have weighed
over three hundred pounds, or even more.  Of course
they jumped, tried to cover their cocks, but on seeing
mine, they began to relax.  I thought about leaving;
they were fat.  Almost immediately, one was on his
knees with my cock buried in his mouth.  The other
asked if I would like to "play."

That was the kind of invitation that in our younger
years, none of us could have refused.  Soon, both of
them were on my cock.  I had not been in an "adult"
group activity.  My hands began to wander over the
mountains of flesh in front of me.  It felt good.  The
taller and larger of the two then stood.  He could
have been a Sumo wrestler.  He leaned his face into me
and without thinking, I kissed him.  He seemed to
almost melt into me.  My hands found his big tits.
They were larger than any on the girls that I had been
with.  I wanted to suck on one and I did.  I filled my
mouth with as much of it as I could and then began to
chew.  As I increased my jaw pressure, the moans and
reactions of my partner became increasingly more
passionate.  One hand was on the head now bouncing on
my cock and the other on the empty tit next to my
face.  I switched sides.  When I lifted my face, he
begged me, "More, More, suck me harder!"  I was happy
to oblige.  It was then that his friend stuck my wet
cock between his pair of tits at cock level and he
then began to rub them both against my dripping prick.
 At one point, he inserted a fat nipple in my piss
slit and rubbed my cock against it.  I was close to

"Suck it, suck it!" I ordered; and, he did just that.
As the moment came closer, the guy on top yelped; I
had bitten down so hard.  I had not even realized what
I had done.  He dropped to his knees and they shared
the load that came from my cock.  Their tongues wound
together all over my cock and my balls.  I then
watched them as they rolled onto their sides in the
classic "69" position.  I saw their cocks for the
first time.  Both were cut, about the same six to
seven inches in length and both were very thick.  It
was funny to watch these two big guys clutching and
grasping huge ass cheeks while sucking deep.  It was
not long before I was up and ready again.  I wanted to
screw them both but wondered if it were possible as
their holes, it seemed, were buried deep in their
flesh.  Without being asked, I laid down behind the
one on the inside.  I feared being pushed over the
edge; being mashed against the stone was not a much
better option.  The smaller one was next to me and
knew immediately what I wanted.

"Lie on your back." he told his friend.  Within
moments the were back in the position.  I wondered how
the one on the bottom could breathe; it seemed as if
his entire face was buried in belly flesh.  The
massive cheeks in front of me hung down and away and
cunt was not far inside of them.  On my knees I moved
forward.  Sweat from the body was all the lubrication
I needed.  I rubbed my cock into and under the ball
sack and soon felt sweet lips on it.  Pushing in as
far as I could go, I felt the back of bottom guy's
throat and a ball sack evenly draped on either side of
my shaft.  There was little room.  Once wet, I pulled
out and parted the great cheeks with two hands.  The
hole seemed small in comparison with the mountains
that lay on either side. I pushed steadily and soon
gained entry.  This was not a virgin!  In one long,
slow effort I was buried in top guy's ass.  he Began
to wiggle side to side.  I let him do the deed.  My
hands grabbed onto tit flesh.  They were like handles.
 Before long, it seemed as if I was lifted off my
knees and I had the feeling of floating.  Being close
to the edge of a fifteen foot drop into the water
below, I found footing.  It was only to steady me,
though.  My cock buried in the big ass below me and my
hands on man tit were what kept me in place. I went
with that!  Contractions of an experienced ass ring
and the constant motion of the flesh under me brought
a quick climax.  I could not get the leverage to go
deeper; I was not in control and it all was a wonder.
It seems as if the contractions and expansions of a
spurting cock brought the same reaction from top guy.
He ceased his pounding of the face below him and
climbed off his receiver.  Bottom guy quickly pulled
him back, but this time he put his cock into the hot
but wet and sloppy cunt that I had just vacated.  Top
guys back was what bottom guy was looking at and top
guy reached out to me and took my semi limp boy dick
into his mouth.  Gently he cleaned in and around and
under my fore skin and then down my shaft and around
my ball sack.  He was truly a gentle giant.  One asked
me if I gave seconds.

"I just did." I leaned against the rock wall, waiting
for some sense of time and place to return.  A swim
was what I needed.  There was a request for a phone
number which I denied.  Instead, I said I would be
looking for them again.  It did not happen with them
again, and by early September, I was back at school.

I learned that we are not all beautiful.  We are not
all well endowed.  We are not all in the image of
Michaelangelo David.  Pleasure, it seems, comes from
many ways and from many people.  I never again turned
down a "good offer" on just the appearance of the guy
making it.

Junior year was pretty much a repeat of freshman year.
There was not one man-to-man experience.  The
following summer found me once again at the store.
Vince had enlisted in the navy; Jack was in the army,
and I was the local stud; or at least, I thought so.
I had met several women, summer visitors, and had used
my  my over the counter good manners and again, a big
smile, to take me where I needed to go.  There were
also a few trips to the quarries and all that kept me
happy. The sex was good but not extra ordinary; that
is till one night in July.  Another friend and I had
gone to Howdy's at about 10:30. It was a fast food
joint.  Sitting inside were six or seven guys and
Ethel.  A young, thin and rather unattractive girl,
she was half in the bag. We knew none of them.  It
appeared that they all had been drinking.  Three had
mechanics uniforms on which identified them as being
from the car dealership next door.  They were the
rugged jock type, friendly.  Eric and I joined in the
conversation and soon learned that they were
attempting to convince Ethel to "pull the train."  The
idea of my first gang bang got me very hot.  Eric was
hesitant.  Anyway, we all wound up on the edge of a
deserted summer camp located on a small island-like
piece of land at the end of a single width dirt road.
It was also along "the beach."  Ethel and five guys
were in the front and back seats of a Monte Carlo.  It
was big and new.  We soon convinced Ethel to shed her
clothes and we were all taking turns running hands and
cocks over her.  She remained seated over the hump in
the front.

"Beer, Beer, give me more beer or I'm out of here."
she groaned.  There was none.  Someone standing
outside of the car, peed in an empty can and handed it
to her.  "Warm." was her only response.  Somehow, she
was on top of me and two other guys in the back seat.
Touching her was an option that did not exist.  To be
part of the crowd, I began to finger her. She looked
up, smiled, and said "For a little kid, you know what
you are doing.  He's good!" she announced to the rest
of the men in the car.  I passed the test.  I'm not
sure how, but next we were all out of the car and on
two blankets.  Ethel was on her back, a cock in her
mouth, one in each hand and one in her cunt.  This was
a little too much togetherness for me.  Eric, looking
on like the rest, checked the time and was ready to
go. I decided to stay.  Just maybe I would get the
courage to follow the first four in seeking pleasure
from the girl on the ground.  It sure would be
different from doing it with a friend; different from
anything I had done before.

I needed to take a piss. With a hard cock, it would
not be easy.  Most of us had our cocks out, stroking.
At almost seven inches, I was one of the smaller
tooled guys there. I had never been a victim of penis
envy before.  I kind of shifted backwards from the
circle and took a short walk.  A jerk off session and
then peeing were what was called for.  I thought I was
alone so dropped trow and began to pull on my prick.

"Need some help with that?"  One of the mechanics had
followed me and now was standing just behind me.  In
the moonlight, I saw a handsome guy of maybe twenty
five or six.  He had a cock on him that could have
been nine inches long, or it seemed so.  I was about
to answer him when a rough hand pushed mine away and
it then circled my tool.  The grasp was vise like.
Within moments, I felt a tongue pressing against my
lips and a hand on my ass pulling me into this
beautiful guy.  He was several inches taller and in
moments, both hands were on my ass, lifting and
pulling me up so that his massive cock slid against my
 smaller boy tool. I was kissing back and my tongue
met thrust for thrust.  Then, his hot prick was below
my balls and I felt like I was sitting on a burning
log.  Thoughts of being fucked filtered through my
mind.  Part of me wanted this and part of me screamed
"NO!"  I pushed my body back from his and voiced just
the one word that had been tearing across my mind.

Al, as I later learned his name to be, smiled softly
and simply said "OK." and then began kissing me again.
Somehow, I trusted him.  My instincts were right this
time.  "Want to come home with me?" he asked.  I told
him I had no ride.  "You do now."  I knew there was
more in that simple statement than an offer to be in
his new Monte Carlo.  "I'll pick you up out at the end
of the dirt."  He also did not want the others to
guess what was going to happen.  Al had a small
apartment a few minutes away.  It was neat and very
clean.  Once inside, after he quickly put away a
picture of a woman holding a baby, the kissing began
again. I pushed him off.

"You smell."  I said.  With that, he led me towards
the bathroom where we began to undress each other.
The shower scene could have been experienced by or
written about by almost any author.  Lots of
exploration, touching, feeling, poking, stroking,
rubbing, kissing. all good stuff, but no cumming for
either of us.  I was tired.  "Where's the bed?" I
asked quietly.  In moments, he was curled up against
my back and we fell asleep.  Sometime close to 9:00
a.m. on that Saturday morning, I came awake with a hot
cock between my legs, a hand pulling on my cock and a
probing tongue in my ear.  It was nice, very nice.  I
thought I was a good lover, but he made me feel like I
was outside of my own body.  He was a spectacular man,
generous with his soft loving.  He kissed every part
of my body and used his big hands wherever his mouth
did not go.  Before long I followed his lead.  When my
face reached his groin, I hesitated.  His prick was
beautiful and huge, as I said.  I began with my
tongue.  I explored his slit and then circled his
corona and then traced the veins down to his pubes.
My tongue took on a life of its own.  I played with
his extra large grade A eggs.  I had not sucked cock
in almost eight years and, for the life of me, could
not understand why I was doing it then. I went back to
that beautiful head and took it in and then began to
try taking it all.  I worked very slowly and Al left
me alone to do my thing.  He had to have guessed by my
hesitation, and my lack of skill, that it was or could
be my first time.  He let me experiment, explore at my
own pace.  Soon, I proved that I was a quick study; I
thought about what made me happy.  I could not take it
all; but, I sure as hell tried.  I wanted to please
him.  As the passion built in this guy, he turned and
began doing to me what I was doing to him.  I, like
Avis, tried harder and did it.  I took all of him.
Within moments I felt his ball sack tighten and his
cock expand even more in my mouth.  I now just had
that head in my mouth and my tongue tasted the first
shot.  Cum spilled forth in quaking bursts and ran
down my cheeks.  I did the same to him.  It's taste
was something I had not expected.  It was salty and I
remember wondering why.  I also knew that this was not
an act that I wished to do often.  Al turned and took
me into his very strong arms and we stayed that way,
pressed against each other for some time.  We each
needed to use the john, did so and returned to the
very rumpled bed.  I was back first and marveled at
the great stud who climbed back into it with me.  My
feelings were of desire, admiration and once again,

"Let me."  Al mouthed against my lips.  He began now
exploring my body.  I tried to caress him.  He took
both my hands in one of his, much larger, and held
them back over my head. With his other hand he played,
wandered, tugged, tickled, caressed and stroked and
with his sweet soft mouth he did the same.  He let me
go and I stayed just as he had placed me.  Kisses were
everywhere on my body.  I can not even guess how long
he continued.  There was no sense of time or place.
He then sat himself over my body and guided my cock
head to his ass.   I started to move and was told
quickly, "Lie still!"  He took all of me into himself
with one downward move.  I screamed in sheer pleasure.
 Al fucked me, or himself on me.  I learned what
having sex
with a real man was like.  Could this be love?  I
wondered.  We "loved", laughed, ate, loved and then it
was time.

"Want to help me pack?"  My face questioned him.  "I'm
getting married next weekend, I'm going home."  The
girl in the picture I though.  With that, he opened
the drawer and sat the picture back up.  "This is my
daughter and her mother."  I must have looked shocked.
"Come on, don't be so sad.  You're not gay and neither
am I."  My back stiffened, and I reached for an empty
carton.  I had not seen them on the way in. I helped
him; I made a call home; and we spent the rest of that
day and night together.  In the morning, he left me at
the corner of my road on his way out of town.  I never
saw him again.

I learned that I had to be careful; that I just might
"fall in love."

September arrived and I went back to being "straight."
It was my senior year I had another romance; I cared
about Ellen.  She would be a good wife and a wonderful
mother.  I thought about a home and a family of my
Thoughts of man-sex stayed out of my mind mostly.  Hot
JO sessions in my now private room releived tensions.
Sometime in January, an older friend, in fact a
minister that directed the campus youth group, gave me
a novel to read.  We, his wife and I  had developed a
friendship over four years and I had been the subject
of his thesis dealing with Pastoral Counciling and
Psychology.  I had not been absolutely honest with
Ron. I had shared many details of my life but had only
hinted at gay sex.  He was willing to let me avoid
that subject.  In it, the "hero" was now a congrssman
but had been a military man.  He had had an experience
with gay sex while stationed in Hawaii. The short
version of the plot is that he was recognized on
television by his short-time lover and was being
blackmailed.  The congressman committed suicide.  I
can remember reaching for the phone, calling Ron,
telling him I neded to see him.  From my voice, he
knew that I was upset.

Ron arrived in just minutes.  I see it now as if it
were last night.  I was sitting in the middle of my
bed, cross-legged and in my underwear.  The knock, and
I said come in.  With tears in my eyes, I handed him
the book still open to the page where the hero had
done it.  "That's me.  I don't want to die." was all I
said. He looked at me with only some surprise, and
nodded with understanding.

"It does not have to be."  "You're stronger than
We talked for almost two hours.  This was an area
where Ron did not feel competent to continue
counciling and I was soon seeing a "professional" off
campus.  After ten weeks, paid by insurance, I was
told that I was "probably not gay; that my experiences
were signs of a deeper problem resulting from child
abuse."  He continued that gay sex had become a bad
habit and that with effort, I could do without.  He
concluded that I would most likely need additional
therapy and that I should not accept either of the out
of the country employment opportunities that I had
been offered.  Well, that was all I needed to hear;
"Not gay!"  My relationship with Ellen became an
understanding of marriage intent.  We took a group
trip to Washington D.C.  Ellen and I were passionate
in the back of the bus.  Ron, on seeing us so
involved, gave me a big smile and a thumbs up; he
turned in the other direction.  Usually this type of
activity brough a frown.  About three weeks before
graduation, sex happened and it was not with Ellen.

One night, late, I came out of the shower to find a
dorm mate, Frank vomiting all over himself and the
toilet. He had been drinking.  I helped him get into
the shower, and then back to my room.  I would watch
him, making sure that he did not swallow his own puke.
Sometime before dawn, I found him in bed with me, his
hand inside my shorts and his hard cock pressed
against my ass.  Pretending sleep, I let him play with
me.  "Are you still drunk?" I finally asked, holding
his hand still.

It began again.

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