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Morning walks

Sunday morning in the dorms. I got my robe on and took my
bathroom stuff down the silent hall. After shaving,
showering, shampooing, and rinsing, I dried off and went to
my room to get dressed. Since I was shy, sober, and liked
sleeping, I was usually the only one up before 6. Today was

"Hi James."

I turned to see him in his turquoise/black robe walking my

"Morning." I didn't know his name. He had been saying Hi
to me all year, but we didn't have any classes together. He
lived on the other side of our floor too.

"What _is_ your name anyway?", I asked, feeling friendly.

He smiled and said "Geoffrey. What are doing up so early?"
His clear voice sounded pleasant in the empty hall.

"I like to take a sunrise walk after breakfast. I've never
seen you up this early before."

"Yeah, well..." He was clearly thinking of something to
say. "I was awake anyway and thought I might as well get
the day started."

Geoffrey was 5' 9", lean, and attractive. His golden
forward-combed crewcut was shorter than my simple blow-dried
to stand up in front 3/4" dark blond hair. I liked that he
said Hi to me, but I didn't know if there was a good way to
tell people I was gay, or to ask others if they were. I
didn't think people wanted to know, so I played it safe.

"Well, see ya later. Good to finally know your name

"Okay James. Later."

Scene 2

I was having cereal alone in the dining hall when he walked
in. He looked over, briefly raised his eyebrows, and waved.
I waved back. Please God don't let him be straight! Not
that I was desperate for a boyfriend, but the last thing I
needed was to mask my true self away for the millionth time.

Geoffrey came over and set his tray down across from me.

"And how're the Cocoa Krispies today?", he asked.

"Good." Great... another monosyllabic conversational dead

"Just good?" He looked me in the eyes to get a more honest
reaction. I couldn't help but begin laughing.

"No, they're really, truly great. We're lucky to get them
before they're gone. Really lucky." We both held eye
contact a half second longer than usual.

He broke away with a little grin and poured his mini cereal
box into the milk bowl. Was he flirting with me?

"So," he asked, "where do you walk in the morning?"

"Just around the tennis courts, the towers and back." Since
I was finished eating, I lingered over my 10 page campus

"Hmmm. Maybe I'll do that someday."

"You want to go with me? I'll wait for you to finish."

"Yeah." Geoffrey and I looked up. I didn't hide anything
with my glance. "I'd like that."

"Good." I felt my dick start to grow in my tight grey
corduroys. There was a light, fluttery feeling in my heart.
We were both grinning.


"Geoff. Just Geoff."

"Okay. Geoff. So... how do you like this college?"

"You want the truth?"

I nodded, still reading the little ads in the back pages.

"I was a little surprised how easy freshman year was. 4 of
my 5 finals were multiple choice tests. Overall..." He
briefly sneered and shrugged his shoulders.

"You mean you... don't like it either?" I asked with a
growing smile and fake drama in my voice.

"No...", he whispered. "I hate it!" We both tried to hold
in laughter. My half-hard cock felt so good then. I
squeezed my legs together and moved my right ankle up and
down. I took a deep breath, holding contact with his gentle
blue-grey eyes.

Scene 3

Geoff and I walked in the cool morning air. The white
towers were bathed in rose light. There were big shiny
puddles on the tennis courts. The past-full moon was
setting in the blue/pink haze.

Neither of us had said anything to confirm our gay status.
It felt nice to let it be in the background. There was a
chance he was just a nice regular guy, and I didn't want to
freak him out.

We walked. And talked a little. I didn't know what more to
say. I was too busy wondering what he might be working up
to. We rounded the last tower and headed back to our
building. Along the long tennis court chain link fence.


"Yeah Geoff?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

I stopped. Swallowed. Looked up at his honest, friendly

"Why do you..." Why was I playing for time? Answer him!

"No, no I don't. I've... wanted to find someone though."

Geoff nodded and gave a cool, subtle male smile. "Same
here. Can we... see each other sometime? I don't know if
it will work out, I just... have liked you for a long time."

"Yeah. I was..." We were both feeling so happy and
relieved that one of us brought up what we were both
thinking. But there was still a healthy tension as we faced
the unknown. I know I wasn't an expert at picking up guys.

"I was wondering how you knew my first name before. A part
of me was hoping you were checking me out." I started
walking slowly. Geoff came alongside.

"Mm. Yeah." He looked down shyly. "I saw a package at
your door one afternoon, and read your name... I was hoping
you'd give some obvious sign of being gay when I tried to
talk to you. I was hoping you'd come to the gay/lesbian
association some night."

"Man, I wouldn't be caught dead there. Not that there's
anything wrong with that..." We both laughed. "But I'm too
shy even about normal stuff, and I'm not about to...
broadcast my feelings when I don't have to."

"Hey, it's not so bad. But now that you mention it, the
queerest of the queer do tend to dominate the discussions.
But you can't blame 'em. It's kind of fun to play with the
upperclassmen's heads and give 'em the old snubberoo if they
come on too obviously."

"You know," I said, "when I visited here as a high school
senior, I was so relieved to see the GLA ad in the paper
when I had lunch with my parents. Going to college seemed
ten times cooler after the realization hit me that that
group could exist. Totally different from high school."

"Growing up gay", sighed Geoff. We shared another smile and
glance. We had the whole Sunday ahead of us. Our long
shadows followed us home toward the blinding sun.

Scene 4

We were alone in a study room off the main lobby. Sitting
together on the couch, not knowing quite what might happen.

"Geoff. I don't want to give you the wrong impression.
I've been pretending to be cool about all this, but the
truth is, I have no idea what comes next." I took a deep
breath, knowing I had to be myself from now on.

"Well," Geoff said, "I've never.. had a real.. boyfriend
before. I mean.. I've had two sex affairs with guys in high
school, but that's all it was. I think we should, I don't
know, try going on a date and taking it from there."

"Dating you sounds good. I've never been on a real date

"Why not?" Geoff really wanted to know. He wasn't drilling
for information like girls did.

"See, I have three older brothers. And uh, I saw how
ridiculous it was for them to put so much energy into what
they wore, where they were going, and how they would impress
their girls. And I knew I would never take dating that
seriously. When I heard a comedian say it was just a job
interview for a relationship, I knew dating wasn't for me."

"Were you still a little confused about being gay?"

"Hmm. I knew I was different, I'll tell you that. I wasn't
competitive or interested in sports at all. I guess I just
didn't like how all this sexuality and sex education was
forced down on me in school and _church_, which was twice as
creepy. I knew I didn't want to make a baby, so I just
wanted everyone to shut up about it."

"And then?", Geoff asked, grinning and running his hand back
through his soft hair.

I smiled at the memory.

"And then I met Kyle."

Geoff started caressing the top of my hand.

"He was the first person I ever felt... attracted to. He
was so beautiful!" I closed my eyes and tilted my head

"He was just everything, everything, I could ever hope to
find, even though at 16 I hadn't even started looking. I
tried to split my... penis feelings away from the friendship
I wanted, but it was hopeless." I smiled and rubbed my jaw.

"These feelings in my heart... God it was a rush! The
fantasies came so easily. I knew then that if wanting Kyle
meant being gay, then being gay was exactly right for me."

"So what happened?"

"He... noticed how I was looking at him. I was way to shy
to make a move, but he, and his friends, saw me, entranced
in the lunch room. The place went silent as I finished a
sigh. I thought I was safe sitting in the corner by the
windows. But... You can imagine. Big joke for everyone.
Luckily it died down after a week. No one could prove
anything. I felt so small and embarrassed. The whole thing
only made me more shy too."

There was a pause. Geoff took his turn. Slowly, he began.

"I was lucky to... start being gay during the summer. For
me it was a totally natural feeling. I had always noticed
good looking guys, and I knew I wanted to be... boyfriends
when I got older. My first time with a guy was in the hot
tub of a Wyoming hotel. I've never told anyone this."

"I was 14, and there was a 15 year old there. He was
clearly gay, but, you know, a top. We were alone in the
small pool room, under the suds. It was so much fun to just
be with another boy. A boy who wanted to look at me and
smile. When he suddenly went to the middle and stood up
naked I was in heaven! In five minutes, we were naked and
jacking each other off under the hot bubbles."

"I couldn't believe I was DOING IT at last. And to go so
wild basically in public added even more of a thrill. We
got together later and kissed in the stairway, but it wasn't
as great. The hot tub was our place. But it was always
_crowded_ after that. We had no choice but to let it end."

"It's funny, no one ever suspected I was gay in high school.
I guess I looked too 'manly' because of my face and short
hair. If only the people knew how I started buzzing it

"I'd like to know", I said. His style was lovely, the way
his pink skin delicately showed through the shining 1/4"

"It was all a mistake, the first time. Short hair was
definitely not in for guys my age in my town. But I was
getting tired of it falling in my eyes and having to brush
it out of the way every time the wind blew. It's hard to
believe it was ever 6 inches long."

"There was this haircutting kit in the basement. I read the
instructions, and thought it looked easy. I was 16.
Summertime again. I didn't have a barber cape, so I just
did it in the upstairs bathroom, nude."

I was biting my lower lip thinking about the big mistake he
would make. But he sounded happy to talk about it.

"It was just... impossible to make it work right. The
spacers just pushed the hair away from the cutter. I had
cut off way too much in the front. I had 1 inch bangs
sticking out and big edge lines on the side because I had no
idea how to blend one length into another."

"I had no other choice. I just took the smallest spacer and
buzzed it all down to nothing. Well, a quarter inch. But
it was a very shocking change, to say the least. All my
life I had had 'normal' length hair."

I uncrossed my legs to make room for my hardening dick.

"When I saw myself in the mirror, I... was so different.
And so beautiful. I liked seeing all that new skin. The
roundness of my head was excellent. I was like a new
person. Older and younger at the same time. My eyes looked
bigger. When I moved my head, my hairs all moved with me,
perfectly still. Needless to say, I discovered I liked the
look of short hair. Since I was nude, I was totally hard by

"In the freedom of the moment, I jacked away to my exotic
new reflection and had a hot, wonderful orgasm. From then
on, I cut my own hair, loving the daring statement it made."

"Thankfully, after the first day, nobody else cared. I even
started a little trend the next fall in school. I _would_
go totally bald, but, you know, for a white guy... I don't
want to give the wrong impression. Maybe if I have another
private summer..."

"You're a very interesting guy, Geoff", I said.

"Well, if you can't talk to your boyfriend, who can you talk

I leaned forward, slowly at first. Geoff raised his hands
to my shoulders and we pulled in for our first kiss. Soft,
tender, warm, lovely. My first real boyfriend kiss. I
blinked slowly and we made out. I loved it.

Scene 5

We were walking home from the movies. A week had passed.
We had dated, talked, held hands, eaten together at the
dorm, gone on morning walks... I was really in love with
him. And I loved being a boyfriend. So much better than
being single and unknown.

Where to have sex? It felt so wrong to say goodnight and go
to bed alone, knowing how much we wanted to be together.
Thank Goodness for the GLA.

Geoff knew a gay Resident Assistant in the towers. It was
the baby bust, and he had keys to the empty rooms. He was
happy to help us out as long as we kept the arrangement
quiet and cleaned up before we left.

We brought our backpacks to the tower and rode up the 15
floors in the graffiti covered elevator. I was shaking a
little, and too nervous to kiss Geoff. Playing it cool, we
found our dark room and locked ourselves in.

I spread my soft blankets out on the single twin bed. The
college had given up on bunk beds three years ago. I pulled
out the pillows from his backpack and stacked them on the
bed's free end. Geoff opened the curtain to reveal the
black night and glowing lights of the other towers.

"I've wanted you so bad", said Geoff.

I breathed in as we tightly embraced. Just to hold him,
knowing we had all night, private, together, was bliss.

"I'm so glad we found each other."

By the soft light of the tower windows, we kissed. This was
passion. I untucked Geoff's shirt and pulled it up. He let
me kiss his chest as I undid his belt.

He stepped out of his shoes and socks as I stood up and
reached around his waist. Reaching down, I caressed his hot
ass, letting his unzipped jeans fall at their own pace.
Between minty-fresh kisses, Geoff got my shirt off. After a
beautiful moment of hugging and exploring, I pulled his
boxers down, lower and lower from his waist to the base of
his ass. Quickly, he completed stripping.

I kept my light grey sweatpants on as I led him down to the
bed. My symbol of dominance. I kissed his shoulders and
caressed his sides as I worked my way down. Soon I was
kissing the area between his navel and pubic hair. I took
his cock head in my mouth. Only for a second. I straddled
him and kissed him on the lips. He tasted his own pre come
on my hot tongue. I pulled away quickly, then quickly
kicked off my Nikes and socks. I returned to his dick, went
down an extra inch, closed my eyes, and licked up and off.
I pulled off my sweats and briefs, throwing them to the
other side of the room.

I tortured him by sucking for no longer than 5 seconds at a
time, then kissing his body up and down. Squares of light
glided across the pale green walls as traffic passed below.
I felt so great having Geoff at my command, going half on
instinct and half on my sex-story fueled imagination. His
hot, salty come tasted and felt perfect in my mouth.

"I love you."

Realizing just what we were doing--naked, together... Oh it
was heaven. I loved the scent of his cologne. The
masculine scents of his slippery cock... The heat and shape
and way he filled me. How I knew how much ecstasy was
flowing from my lips and tongue straight into him, my...
boyfriend! My lover!

No time for games now. I sucked and licked Geoff, going up
and down his pulsing penis of love. He was breathing hard
and clutching my shoulders. I felt his leg muscles tense as
he raised his pelvis up. Steady, steady, I lovingly took
him higher. At last, the taste of ejaculation. I felt
sperm heat slip over my gums and coat my cheeks. I kept
licking and pressing his cock head to the roof of my mouth,
knowing how sensitive he must have been right then.

"Oh! Aaaah! James! My... Oh... My God! Aaaah... Oh

He was still hard, still breathing heavy. As he slowed
down, so did I. I knew he didn't want to feel the cold air
on his dick right away though. I playfully finished sucking
him, feeling his come go down inside me as I swallowed.
Turning my head slowly, I gently sucked until only my lips
surrounded his softening pink tip. A final few loving
licks. I kissed his fallen flesh gently.

"James, that is so good. Oh..."

I inhaled deeply, loving his world of private fragrances. I
massaged the tops of his thighs and kissed his balls,
sucking each one in my mouth, taking turns as I kissed his
beautiful cock and licked him dry.

Geoff was breathing deeply and slowly, recovering. I was
glad to do such a good job for him. I climbed on top of him
and rested on my elbows to kiss him. We _kissed._ Geoff
fully shared the taste of come in my mouth. No kiss I ever
imagined could have been this hot. Boyfriends, made for
each other.

"Are you ready? Do you want..."

"Yes!", Geoff said, his eyes crinkling. "Yes, James. Fuck
me. Yes."

I guided him, turned him over. He hugged the pillows and
bent his knees under. I wasn't going to do him dry, but he
didn't need to know that. Not penetrating, I positioned
myself, touching my hard, aching cock to his wonderful
crack. I massaged the sides of his hips. I bent forward to
kiss the back of his neck, then his shoulders, then the
center of his spine, down, down, down, to his waist. I
positioned myself again.

"Get ready, girl."

I saw Geoff's body flinch as he processed what I said and
how I said it. He was mine. I couldn't believe I was being
this way, this... toppish. But I knew he was a bottom, and
needed firm guidance.

I got the tube of K-Y from the backpack and bounced back
into position on the bed. Geoff's ass swayed and circled as
the bed rocked. He was so so so beautiful. My boyfriend
was so perfect in the night.

I squeezed out plenty of lube onto his ass. I worked it in,
gently, with my left pinky. Geoff began to breathe deeply
again. His ass tightened on my little finger as I slooowly
twisted my wrist back and forth.

I coated my throbbing red cock with clear jelly. I took a
deep breath, realizing I was losing my virginity now. Geoff
opened himself up. I pressed in and pushed and pushed and
pushed forward in one long slow move. He was so soft
inside! Oh! Geoff! Thank you!

Geoff's body was shaking. He was swallowing and breathing
hard. I pulled out and felt him squeeze and shit my dick
back. I reasserted my dominance and pressed forward when
his squeeze got strongest. I wanted to selfishly do the
fucking for awhile.

Geoff's ass loosened up as we rocked together. Holding his
strong chest from the sides as I plunged and withdrew was so
natural, so right. Feeling his strong back muscles flexing
under my hands was... just amazing. His muscles. I was a
boy too. Oh God, I loved being so totally gay!

Still half inside him, I squeezed on some more lube after
the first few minutes. Oh. Oh yeah. Slippery
buttfucking... Oh my God! I wanted to go faster, but
something was holding me to this sloooow pace. I let Geoff
fuck me back the next time he squeezed.

Together, we found our perfect rhythm. Him squeezing me so
tight, me filling him again and again. In, out. Oh. Yes.

"Geoff, my love."

Naturally, faster and faster, we fucked hard. I was totally
inside him, my balls pressed between us. Seeing him, nude,
his glorious ass, waist, back, and shoulders... And I'm
fucking him, so beautiful. Sliding deep in and out. Oh.
Aaaah. Faster. Oh God. Now. OOOOH!

I gasped for breath as my trembling cock exploded with come.
I had never felt so ALIVE. I pictured my red, curving cock
inside him, coming and sliding in come. Geoff squeezed hard
and I wildly fucked faster.

"Oh! Oh! Geoff! Aah! Oh! Mo. I (haaah) love you! Oh.
Yeah. Oh, Geoff."

I stayed hard for at least two more minutes. I was light
headed from lack of oxygen. I had fucked my boyfriend. He
had fucked me just as much. We were made for each other.
Oh Geoff, you wonderful, beautiful man. I love you.

"I love you, Geoff."

Geoff hugged his pillows as I withdrew my slimy penis from
him. He turned his body around under me. I relaxed and sat
on the tops of his thighs.

"Oh James, you were so great."

We kissed and embraced, knowing we were fully united now. I
drifted off to sleep, feeling his gentle hands caress my
skin. His loving, passionate body mine to shower with
affection. My One, my Love, my special, special boyfriend.

A New Start - Gay Sex Stories

Junior year was the best year of my life so far.  Although I continued as treasurer, a job nobody wanted, I was able to move into one of the few single rooms in the fraternity house.  Mine was much less grand than the president's quarters, but at least it had a private bath en suite.  That was a plus for me, not because I had any problem taking showers with the brothers, but because it allowed me to use my douche kit when I felt the need.  Todd, of course, had the presidential suite.  Spence and the new pledge master, Will Bigelow, shared what had been Todd's and my room.

Todd and I remained good friends.  He was busy with his chapter duties, but he'd stop by my room sometimes and we'd have a long talk.  Or he'd invite me up to his room for a beer and conversation.  He was my best friend on campus.  And he was as good as his word.  I was never hassled by anyone about sex.  There may have been rumors around the house about what was going on the previous year between Jake and me, but no one ever said anything to me about it.  

Hank and I continued to get together at his apartment for sex from time to time, and now that I was in a single, I could use my toys as necessary.  I continued to date occasionally, partly because I enjoyed women's company and partly for my reputation.  I even had sex from time to time.  Oh, I should have said that Mel wasn't home that summer between sophomore and junior year, and her mother told me she was pinned to some guy from MIT.

Matt and I exchanged emails about once a month.  He was always very busy, especially during football season because he was playing first string for the Cavaliers, but he was also a bit distant.  I don't know whether our friendship was totally blown by what he and the others did or not.  I'd told him I'd forgiven him for his part in it.  `Oh, well,' I thought.  `He's got his life in Charlottesville, and I've got mine here.  It's probably natural that we'd drift apart.'

As I said, that was a good year.  I knew I wanted to do graduate work and get an MBA, but the more I thought about it, the more I found the academic life attractive.  Maybe after grad school I'd look for a teaching job.  I thought it might be less pressured, less cutthroat than life in the "real" world.

I should mention that I didn't see Kevin Briggs again after that episode with Leo.  I heard he got a job after graduating from Purdue and was working somewhere on the East Coast.  I did see Leo occasionally when I was at home.  Those were always awkward moments.  We'd say hello and ask about each other's parents, but then he seemed as eager as I to move on.

If my junior year had been a halcyon period, senior year was just the opposite.  

I arrived back on campus to start my last year as an undergraduate full of optimism.  I was also pretty horny.  There hadn't been any girls around, or, for that matter, any guys either.  So it was just my hand and my toys.

I had the same room in the Alpha house I'd had the year before.  Spence had moved into the president's suite.  Clark Brown, the new vice president, and a buddy of his, Lee Garrison, were in the room I had shared with Todd sophomore year.

It was just after 8:00 PM about midway through the first week of classes that there was a knock on my door.  I invited whoever it was to come in.  I was at my pc and wanted to save what I was working on, so I hadn't gone to the door.

"Thom Benson.  You and I went through pledging and initiation together.  We've known each other for three years.  And I'd never have guessed you were queer."

I recognized the voice and when I turned, sure enough, it was Spence.

"Um, what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about an interesting email I got from Jake Evans.  He told me some things about you and attached some very interesting pictures."

My stomach sank.  I'd thought all of that was behind me.  And I'd naively thought Jake was being honest when he told Todd he hadn't kept any of the pictures of me.


"Yeah.  And I think you know what ones.  Look, I have some things to do.  Why don't you come to my room about 11:00 and we'll talk about them."

It wasn't a request.

When I got there, he pointed toward his computer, where there was a slideshow going.  All of the pictures were of me.  Some of them were stills I was familiar with.  Others were still captures from the videos that I had destroyed the previous spring.  Either Jake had kept copies of them, or he'd taken off a bunch of still shots before giving them to Todd.

"Thom, you really are a slut."

"Spence, I was blackmailed into doing all of that."

"Yeah, right.  Jake says you really liked taking it up the ass, that you couldn't keep quiet whenever he porked you.  He also says you give a great blowjob.  I can't help wondering what you and your good buddy Todd were getting up to all that year.  And last year."

"We didn't.  Todd's straight."

"Yeah, that's what Jake said, too.  But you two did seem to be awfully tight."

"We're good friends, but, as I said, Todd's as straight as they come."  I didn't tell him how often I had wished that weren't so.

"Whatever.  But now I've got the pics.  And I've got you by the balls, don't I?"

I gave him a steely glare.  "Explain that."  If he hadn't been six inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than me, I might have lit into him.  I'm not by nature a violent guy, but I'd really had it by this point.  I'd expected all that shit was behind me, and here it was again.  

"Jake told me ways to use those pictures to make things pretty fucking bad for you, Thom.  Just think of all the people you don't want to see them."

I'd thought about coming out.  That would simplify some things.  But even if I told my parents I was bisexual, I would never want them to see those pictures.  A lot of students, men and women, were out on our campus, and there was a thriving gay/lesbian organization.  It was the really nasty, graphic nature of those pictures that I wouldn't want people to see.  Especially, as Jake had said two years earlier, my major professors at State or the admissions committee at whatever grad school I applied to.

"Spence, we're fraternity brothers.  Doesn't that mean anything to you?  So what if you've been handed some power over me?  That doesn't mean you have to use it."  I reached for something at that point.  "A gentleman wouldn't."

He actually seemed to be thinking about that.  "I've watched you for the last two years.  You seemed to be tight with the chapter officers, first Jake and then Todd.  Everybody likes you.  You look great.  You get top grades.  You just seemed to have it all.  I think if you had wanted to, you could have been living in this room right now as chapter president.  And all that time, you were gay.  Brotherhood?  Nah.  I'm gonna have some fun with you, Benson.  And you can start by taking off your clothes.  I wanna see what sort of cocksucking pussyboy I've got."

"Okay," I said as I pulled off my tee.  "But just so we're clear.  You've got me by the short and curlies, and that's the only reason I'm doing this.  I never knew what a slimy bastard you are.  If the brothers knew what kind of guy you are, you wouldn't be living in this room right now."

He chuckled.  "Drop the khakis, Benson.  If the brothers knew what kind of a slut you are, they'd be lined up outside the door."

As I stepped out of my khakis and bent to unfasten my sandals, Spence was taking off his clothes.  If he wanted to just get a blowjob or fuck me, I didn't know why he'd have to get naked.  I wondered for a moment if he was gay.  That would have been an interesting development.

When he knelt beside his bed and stretched his torso over it, I wondered briefly if he was about to ask me to fuck him.

"I've always wanted somebody to rim me, and no girl has ever been willing to do that.  So, you get the honor.  Oh, and so you won't think I'm a total slob, I took a shower a while ago."

The only person I'd ever rimmed was Hank, and, frankly, I'd enjoyed it.  He had a cute, tight ass, and he was always clean.  Maybe there was some connection between loving to have anything from a finger to a dildo to a dick up my ass and finding other guy's buns attractive.  Whatever it was, I knelt, put a hand on each of his cheeks, and began to lick them.

"Oh, shit! I can't believe you're doing that, but it's nice."

It wasn't that I particularly wanted to make him feel good.  I'd have bitten off his balls if I could have gotten away with it.  But I remembered something a high school teacher used to like to say.  "Anything worth doing is worth doing well."  I thought, "Any ass worth licking is worth licking well."  Besides, even if the ass belonged to a guy I was beginning to hate, it was a nice ass, firm, muscular, and lightly hairy.  

He smelled clean, like shower soap.  As I lapped closer to his crack, I smelled a slight male scent.  There was a bit of curly brown hair in his crack, and that too smelled somewhat of soap and somewhat of man.  As I began to lick up and down his crack, he wiggled his butt and said, "Jesus, I can't believe no one has ever done that to me before!  That's fuckin' unbelievable.  Now, find my hole, buttmuncher."

There was that trash talk again.  I might not have minded what I was doing if I had been doing it voluntarily and he'd been grateful.  I pulled away.

"What the fuck?  Why did you stop?"

"Look, asshole, I'm not doing this because I love you.  But there's no reason for you to be so goddamned insulting about it.  I am a human being.  I'm an Alpha brother, for Christ's sake.  Do you have to call me names?"

"Oh, shut up.  You know you fags love this kind of thing.  Now, lick my butthole, queerboy."

So I licked his hole.  He enjoyed it.  He couldn't keep quiet, seeming to need to call me names while he reveled in what I was doing.  

Finally, he made me stop.  

"Okay.  Get on the bed.  Jake says it's better to use lube.  Hang on.

I climbed on the bed and got into the doggie position.  I didn't want to watch him while he fucked me.  Soon he drizzled some lube onto my crack and rubbed it up and down.  Then I felt the bed shaking gently as he put lube on his cock.  

Pretty sure what was about to happen, I'd used a dildo to loosen up my sphincter after I'd had my shower that evening.  It's a good thing I did, for Spence didn't mess around with foreplay.  As with Jake, this was all about him.  He hit my nut several times, enough to get me hard, but not enough to satisfy me before he came.  

When he was done, he slapped my ass.  "Cool!  It's gonna be handy having you available, Benson.  My own resident pussy.  I'm between women right now, so you'll need to keep your evenings open.  Now, grab your shit and get out.  I'm ready to crash."

When I got back to my room, I got out of my clothes, gargled with mouthwash, and fell into bed, where I grabbed my cock.  I thought what a pity it was a hunk like Spence and I couldn't be lovers instead of master and slave.  I could have made him feel really good, and he could have done the same for me.  That would have been so much better than what had just happened.  Except, of course, that he was such a mean-spirited jerk.

I jacked myself off thinking of Hank.  And Todd.  And Matt.  I wondered if Matty had a boyfriend, whether UVA was expected to have a good football season, where he was planning to go to grad school.  I came all over my belly.  Instead of cleaning it up, I rubbed it into my abs, rolled over, and went to sleep.  It wasn't going to be the kind of year I'd been hoping for.

As time passed, Spence was using me on average about four times a week. Sometimes he just wanted a blowjob.  When that was the case, he'd open the front of his pants and push them and his underwear down to his knees.  He didn't even make me undress.  Most of the time, though, we both got naked because he wanted me to rim him and then he'd fuck me.  Always doggie style.  Always to please him, no matter what I might have wanted.

I had to plan my study schedule and my social life, such as it was, around being available at about 11:00 each night in case Spence wanted me.

Early in November, though, Spence told me I'd now be servicing Clark, the vice president, and Lee, his roommate, whenever they wanted so long as it didn't conflict with my meeting his needs.

The roommates were juniors and I was a senior.  That, along with the fact that this increased the number of guys who knew what was going on, made me angry.  But I didn't see any way out of my problem, so I did what they said.

Clark and Lee liked to do me simultaneously, so I spent a lot of time either on my knees or on my back in their room while one of them fucked my face as the other fucked me at the other end.  Unlike Spence, they didn't say much as they used me.  Strangely, they always took me together.  After about a month, I found out what was going on.  I was on my back with a cock in my ass and another in my mouth.  I opened my eyes at one point to see them leaning over me, kissing.  They were gay?  They were gay!  And they were using me!  I was tempted to bite Lee's cock off, but controlled myself until they were finished.  

"You guys are gay, and you're going along with Spence?  Does he know about you?"

"No, he doesn't know about us.  And you are dead meat if you tell him.  We'll just claim you refused when we asked you to come to our room and that you're lying to keep him from spreading those pics of you around."

I thought seriously about calling their bluff, but decided I didn't dare.  After that, though, they quit asking me to service them.  I don't know whether it was from guilt over dominating a fellow gay guy or fear that I'd rat them out to the brothers.  Whatever the reason, they seemed to lose interest in me.

So I went back to being just Spence's fucktoy and cocksucker until one day a couple of weeks into the second semester when he sent me an email, saying I was to keep the coming Saturday night free.  He said he'd give me the details later.  The implication was that this would be something out of the ordinary.

Spence had taken to calling my phone and simply saying "Come" when he wanted me.  Bastard.  Late Saturday afternoon I got the summons.  When I arrived at his room, he said, "I'm lending you to – and he mentioned the name of our sister sorority – for the evening.  I owe their president a favor.  You are to show up there, casually dressed, at 11:00."

"Wait just a fucking minute," I exploded.

He held up his hand.

"Shut up, Benson.  You know what will happen if you don't do this."

"But everybody will know."

He grinned.  "For all you know, you're gonna get to fuck a bunch of hot women.  You claim you're bisexual, so that should be pretty cool, huh?  And how would that hurt your reputation on campus?"

I hadn't thought of that.

"Besides, I think it's only gonna be the officers involved with you tonight."

Somehow the thought of being the sex toy of four sexy sorority women didn't sound too bad.  I didn't know how long I'd be able to keep it up, but I was willing to learn.  And if word of that got out, well, as Spencer had said, it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Not knowing what to expect, but being pretty sure it would involve sex, I shaved, showered, and cleaned myself out inside that evening.

When I showed up at the sorority house on the stroke of 11:00, I was met at the door by Beth, their president.  We'd met before.  In fact I'd seen her at quite a few parties.  She was a hot-looking redhead with green eyes.  

"Hi, handsome.  The other officers and I are having a party downstairs.  The sisters have been told to stay away.  Come on.  We've been looking forward to this.  You're the entertainment."  She put her hand on my butt and shoved me toward the stairs.

In the basement party room, three other equally sexy women were sitting around in comfortable chairs.  There was a fire in the big stone fireplace.  The chairs were arranged around a fairly large area covered with wrestling mats.  Beth introduced me to her fellow officers.  One of them took my coat.  I was asked to sit down.  They all had drinks, and I was offered one.  In fact, I was handed a gin and tonic and a blue pill.  I'd never taken one before, but I recognized it as Viagra.  They told me to swallow it.  And they said the highball would help me relax.  

As I sipped my drink, they asked me questions.  First things like where was I from, had I played sports in high school, what my major was, and things like that.  Then one of then, I think her name was Alyssa, asked me, "Thom, is it true that you like to take cock up your ass?"

I nearly choked on my drink.  I suppose I should have been expecting it, since Spence was either behind all of this or at least involved in it.

"What gave you that idea?"

Beth said, "According to Spence you love it.  That's why he's `loaned' you to us.  We find that fascinating.  And he promised us that you'd do whatever we tell you to.  You aren't going to disappoint us – and Spence – are you, Thom?" She gave me a brilliant smile.  I'll bet she was used to getting what she wanted with that smile.  

"Um, well, yeah, I guess not."

"Good.  So why don't you finish your drink and then take off your clothes."

I'd been pretty sure this was coming, but I had no idea how embarrassing it would be for me to strip in front of four beautiful and fully-clothed women.  And since they'd asked about my liking to be fucked, I'd figured out that this evening probably wouldn't have anything to do with my fucking them.

They offered me another drink, and I gratefully accepted.  While I was drinking it, though, they told me to sit crossed legged on the mat and play with my nipples.  I flushed with humiliation as I did that, not knowing what was to come.  They all watched me carefully, seemingly fascinated.  When I first undressed, my cock had shriveled and my balls had pulled up tight against my body.  Out of embarrassment, I'm sure.  As I rubbed and tweaked my nips, though, I began to feel a tingling down there.  I didn't want to throw wood.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't.  But I had taken that Viagra, and after very little stimulation to my nipples, it began to grow.

When watching me do that got old, one of them went to a table and came back with a dildo and a bottle of lube.  I knew what was going to happen next.  The dildo, I was relieved to see, was about the size of my own cock, nothing I couldn't cope with.

"We want to see you pleasure yourself with this.  It's got a vibrator in the base.  So get yourself slicked up.  We know how important that is, don't we, girls?"   They all grinned and nodded.  When I had the lube spread liberally on the dildo, I then had to do the really embarrassing part.  I'd lubed up my ass in front of an audience before, but never an audience of women.  

What they had me do was insert the dildo, turn the vibrator to its lowest setting, and then sit on it while I played with my nipples again.

I did as they said, closing my eyes, trying to forget where I was and who was there.  Occasionally I'd reach for the drink they'd put on the mat beside me.  

Their talk turned to how they liked to do just what I was doing, except they used the dildo in their vaginas.  All said they'd never tried it up the ass.  "But then," Alyssa said, "we don't have prostates."

The anal and pectoral stimulation was getting to my cock, which, despite my willing it to stay down, was proudly pointing toward the ceiling.  I wondered if they were going to make me keep that up until I came but soon discovered that wasn't in the plan.

"I think it's time to bring in our other guest," Beth said.  "Trish, would you go get him, please?"

Trish, a tall, dark-haired girl with a great sparkle in her brown eyes, grinned and said she'd be glad to.

She came back leading a blindfolded, naked guy.  Not only was he naked, but he had a hardon.  A big hardon.  A very big hardon, in fact.  And I knew him.  I was a student assistant to one of the accounting profs, and I'd graded this guy's tests in basic accounting the previous semester.  He'd made a B in the course, as I recall.  I'd seen him around the building fairly regularly, and I knew his name was Bruce Carnes.  He was pledging another fraternity.  I'd never talked with him, and I've told you all I knew about him.

Bruce was probably not more than six feet tall, but he obviously was a gym rat.  He probably outweighed me by fifteen pounds, and it was all muscle.  He had great delts and lats.  His shoulders, pecs, and biceps were much bigger than mine.  Under the blindfold, I knew, were pale blue eyes, and he had pale blond, curly hair.  There was a bit of a turn-up at the tip of his nose, and his lips were full and pink.  Surprisingly under the circumstances, he had a bit of a smile on his face.

"Just stand there a minute," Trish said.  Alyssa motioned for me to get up.  "You can take out the dildo now," she said.  She was holding a big plastic food storage bag.  "Drop that in here."

I did, and she took it away.

"Now, gentlemen," Beth said.  "We think it would be instructive and maybe fun to see two hot men get it on.  Since you're both here and you're both hot, you'll do fine.  Bruce, you can take off your blindfold now and meet your lover for the evening."

When he removed the blindfold and saw me, he beamed.  In a surprisingly deep voice, he said, "Oh my fucking gaaahud!  It's Thom Benson!  I've had the screaming hots for you ever since last fall but my gaydar obviously wasn't working.  I'd never have known you're gay.  Come on, stud, let's get it on!"

I was stunned.  The guy looked like a jock and talked like a flamer.  I think I was temporarily paralyzed.  

"Okay, guys," Beth said, trying to stifle a giggle, "here's what we want you to do.  You can start by kissing."

"Oh yummy!" Bruce said, coming for me.  In two long strides he had his arms around me, hands on my ass cheeks, and was ramming his tongue down my throat while our hard cocks rubbed against each other's lower abs.

"Go on, Thom, get into it.  Don't stand there acting like a surprised virgin!" one of the women said.  Well, I was aroused by the Viagra, the teasing I'd done to my nipples, and the anal stimulation provided by the vibrator.  And I was only human.  Here was a hot looking guy (okay so he acted pretty femme) with his cock against my belly and his tongue exploring my mouth.  What was I going to do?  Besides, Spence had said I had to do everything Beth told me.  So I got into the kiss.  And Bruce was a great kisser, better than any guy I'd ever kissed except maybe Hank.  Even then it was a tossup.  The difference, of course, is that I had some fondness for Hank.  He and I were friends.  Not lovers, really, but good friends.  And although this Bruce was a hunky looking guy, his mannerisms would have turned me off.  If I hadn't already been in a slobbery liplock with him.

When he began to hump my belly, Beth said, "Okay, studs.  Cool it a minute."

"Aww, girl," Bruce said, making a pouty face.  "I was really getting into that."

Beth grinned.  "Well, maybe you'll like what we want you to do next.  How about a sixty nine?"

"Oooooh, goody!" Bruce said.  

We stretched out on the mat and went to work on each other.  Bruce was very enthusiastic, and he obviously knew what he was doing.  I soon realized I was getting one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had.  I could have enjoyed it tremendously if I weren't receiving it in front of an audience of women.  Thinking I might study up on exotic poisons I could slip Spence, I tried to focus on sucking Bruce's huge dong, the biggest I'd ever had in my mouth.

We were lying side by side, and I was sort of staring blankly at Bruce's balls.  I realized then that he'd shaved them, along with his cock.  There was a neatly trimmed patch of blond pubes above his cock, but he'd shaved off his treasure trail and part of the pubes.  I heard some of the girls whispering.

Then Beth asked, "Can you do that with one on the bottom and one on top?"

Bruce pulled off and said, "But of course we can, can't we, Thommy?"

I didn't say anything.  I just rolled over on my back.  He got on his hands and knees over me, and we went back to what we'd been doing.  

Just when it began to feel really good and I was beginning to get messages from my groin saying I was going to cum, we were interrupted again.

"Why don't you each scoot up a little and rim each other?"

`My god,' I thought.  `She knows about rimming?  Do straight couples do that?'  For sure no woman I'd ever been with had suggested it.  The only time I'd ever done it voluntarily had been with Hank, and I loved it bigtime when he did it to me.

Bruce and I made the adjustment.  He had a big ass with hard glutes.  When I began to lap at his crack it was obvious he'd showered recently.  He also obviously shaved his crack.  He had no hairs there at all.  

When he went straight for my hole and started tongue fucking me, I lurched.  The feeling was soo good.  I quit circling his rosebud with the tip of my tongue and began to explore his smooth, hot chute.  He'd also cleaned himself out inside.  I was glad I had remembered to do that before leaving the house.

Now, here's the bizarre scene.  Bruce and I are on the floor really getting into eating each other's ass while four hot women watched and, from their comments, were enjoying the show.  Something deep inside me worried that with four women and, worse, Bruce involved, word of this was bound to get out.  But when somebody's chowing down on your butthole, who thinks clearly?  Especially when you've got your tongue up his ass as well.

Things were getting pretty intense when Beth once more called a halt.  Bruce rolled over and sat leaning back on his hands, his legs stretched out, his monster lying on his belly dripping precum.  I sat up with my knees against my chest and folded my arms over them.  My balls were on display to the women that way, but my own dripping cock was partly hidden.  We both looked at Beth to see what was next.

"Okay, Bruce.  We understand that Thom here just loves to take it up the ass.  How'd you like to fuck him?"

"You do?" he asked, looking at me with surprise.  "I'd have figured you for a top."  Then he looked back at Beth.  "I was hoping he'd fuck my brains out, but I can do him if that's what you want."

I was fascinated.  I looked at that huge cock of his, knowing I'd never taken anything that big before, but knowing also that I had to try.

I insisted that, despite the tonguing I'd been getting, Bruce had to use lube on me and on himself.  He obliged by finger fucking me for a while.  He knew exactly what to do to punch the right button, so to speak, and I was on the floor with my butt in the air trying unsuccessfully not to moan with pleasure.  I couldn't help wiggling my butt, too, and the sisters laughed at that.  

Beth ordered me on my back before Bruce entered me, so I obediently rolled over.  Again, Bruce knew how to handle his weapon, and he eased into me slowly and gently.  Occasionally he'd bend down and kiss me.  Not deep, lusty kisses, just little reassurances.  Even though I was a senior and he was a freshman, it occurred to me that he was teaching me things about sex.

When he was fully inside me and had begun to fuck me slowly, his cock touched places I didn't know existed, but it was a fantastic experience.  It was one of the best fucks I'd ever had.  Maybe even better than anything Hank had done to me.  And again I couldn't help vocalizing my feelings.  Soon I was moaning and cursing and telling him to fuck me harder, that he wasn't hurting me.  For a fleeting moment I became aware of the room, how quiet the girls were.  All you could hear when I took breath was Bruce grunting softly and occasionally saying things like "Oh, honey, you've got the sweetest ass.  We've got to do this again!" or "Girl, you're so hot!"

I surprised myself by wrapping my legs around his butt and reaching up to play with the nipples on his perfect pecs.  He liked that.  "Oooh, sweetie, that's nice.  Yeah, play with my tits while I fuck your hot pussy!"

I was tossing my head from side to side, unable to control the feelings this fucker was giving me, when I noticed that two of the girls were rubbing their crotches.  So we were all enjoying the show.  

I don't know how much time passed.  I was so spaced out that it seemed like forever and not long enough.  At some point Bruce reached down and began jacking my cock, which had made quite a pool of precum on my stomach.  It didn't take long after that.  Soon I was spraying cum all over the place, some of it hitting my face, the rest making a trail down my chest to my abs.  

My orgasm triggered Bruce's.  He was still holding on to my cock, which was still hard even after all that cumming.  Without letting go he threw his head back, shouted "Hallelujah!" and came inside me.  From the number of times I felt his cock pulse, he must have dumped a huge load.  When he finished, he collapsed, fell onto me, and began kissing me.  

We were brought back to reality by the applause of our audience of four.  Someone brought us a basin of warm water, a wash cloth, and a couple of towels.  They made us clean each other up.  

After we were dressed, they thanked us and told us we could go.  Beth said to tell Spence that the favor was fully repaid.  Then she surprised me.  "It's a shame you're gay.  You're so cute."

"Beth," I said, "I'm bisexual.  And you're a pretty fabulous-looking woman."

She smiled, almost sadly.  "Sorry, Thom.  Everybody says you're a nice guy, but after watching you and Bruce this evening, I could never, uh, well . . . ."

"I get the picture."

Having been fucked well and truly, as the Brits say, I took a shower when I got back to my room, fell into bed as soon as I was dry, and went to sleep immediately, ignoring the Viagra-induced hardon that lingered with me.

When I woke up the next morning, I began to worry.  Five more people now knew about me.  Not only that I was bi, but about that need I have to get fucked periodically.  Spence promised that the girls would keep it quiet.  Maybe he was right.  But there was also Bruce.  And I didn't think discretion was one of his strong suits.

Whoever it was, somebody must have talked.  Soon I began to get funny looks or silly smirks from friends and acquaintances.  Some of the brothers stayed cool, but some seemed to avoid me.  Other people I knew in my classes and around campus began to look at me differently, too.  Even Hank said he'd heard that I was gay and wanted to know what I'd been doing.  I had to tell him about that evening with Bruce at the sorority.  After all, if he was willing to continue as my fuck buddy, he deserved to know.  

The last straw was when Bruce called me one evening and asked if we could get together.  I told him firmly that I wasn't interested.  He whined a bit, but he never called again.  I still don't know whether he's the one who talked.  Or maybe it was more than one.

Anyway, for the rest of the year, I had the reputation of being gay.  I focused on my classes, became a sort of recluse at the fraternity house, and began thinking of graduate school   Of course I continued to take care of Spence's needs, consoling myself as I did so with thoughts of the perfect, undetectable murder.

Keith - Gay Sex Stories

Back when I was in college in the early 80's I met a couple of guys at one
of the Friday evening meetings of the Gay and Lesbian Club. Steven and Will
were handsome guys and, in fact, better looking than I, but besides a few
bathroom stall suck sessions and a couple of fucks both with Will, the
three of us were just friends. Like most college kids, on the weekends we
liked to drink. After the booze run in one of our cars to the local package
goods store, we would return to Steven's apartment and down shots.

Steven's parents had a lot of money so he could afford to live alone in an
apartment. His home was a "gay friendly" place. There were pictures of men
on the walls, gay magazines on the coffee table and always a couple of XXX
rated tapes available for watching on the VCR. In his bathroom Steven had
hung an enema bag in the shower.

Both Will and I lived with straight roommates so we would come to Steven's
apartment to get cleaned up prior to our weekend nights out on the prowl.
Normally I would go into the bathroom, lube up my asshole, give myself an
enema and then take a shower. I remember that the feeling of water filling
up my hole always made my cock hard. In some ways I liked getting the enema
more than getting fucked since many guys' pricks were too small or the guy
just rabbit fucked me so he could shoot his load. With the enema I could
control the fullness in my ass and I could leave the water inside of me
until I had jacked off.

Will was a total top guy so only Steven and I gave ourselves enemas. After
I had douched my hole I would usually walk out of the bathroom naked and
ask Will to inspect my ass. Being a top, I figured that he could make sure
that my ass looked ready to be fucked plus I liked showing off my tight
pink hole. He would usually be sitting in a chair watching a porno movie. I
would walk over to him, turn around and lean forward. He would pull my
cheeks open so he could look into my butt. If a jar of lube was nearby
sometimes Will would lube up a couple of fingers and push them into my

Sometimes when Will inspected my hole and finger fucked me we both got
horny and he wound up fucking me on the living room floor. Will had an
average sized prick, about 6 inches. I remember he had one of those cocks
that curved upward toward his stomach. He fucked rough - slamming his cock
deep and then pulling out until just the tip was in me. I liked getting
screwed by him but he preferred to fuck bareback and shoot his load deep
inside my ass. Although I enjoyed the times that he screwed me I did not
like having him cum in my hole.

One evening as Will fucked me on the floor; Steven took off all of his
clothes and watched us screw. Steven played with his cock and egged Will on
as he pounded my ass. After Will had shot his cum inside of me, we sat
around naked and downed a bottle of tequila; Steven and I decided to go out
to the local college bar. Will had emptied his load in me but both Steven
and I had not blown our loads so we were still horny. Steven and I still
hoped to score some action with a hot guy. Although we were gay we
preferred to pick up straight guys. Steven and I liked them because not
only were they "forbidden fruit" but they also usually preferred to top.

Will liked the opportunity to fuck straight boys because he enjoyed taking
a guy's anal cherry. He would joke how a straight guy would at first
protest having his tight ass violated but then thoroughly enjoy a good hard
fucking. Afterwards some guys asked Will for his telephone number so that
they could get buttfucked again; Will would usually arrange to meet the guy
inside of a college bathroom stall. Once the stall door was closed and
locked, Will would complete the act quickly: the boy's pants were pulled
down, his asshole licked and lubed with KY jelly and finally, Will would
bend him forward over the toilet for a good solid buttfucking. Since
straight guys would rarely have clean assholes we would jokingly refer to
Will as "Stinky Dick". Strangely in college all three of us enjoyed a
little scat. In some ways I think that Will enjoyed shit the most because
he often told Steven and I how he liked licking a straight guy's dirty hole
before he fucked it. However, if Will got some action during the week in
the college bathrooms and then saw either Steven or me in class, he would
drag one of us into a bathroom stall to show off his shit stained
cock. Once in the stall with either Steven or me, Will would usually ask to
have his dirty cock sucked clean and both of us would happily oblige
him. Will would get his dick spit shined and deposit his second load for
the day in either Steven's or my mouth.

This particular night, after Will had fucked me and we finished the bottle
of tequila, he decided not to go with Steven and me to the bar. Afterwards
I went into the bathroom and wiped off the lube and shitted out some of
Will's cum that was still inside my butt. Steven came into the bathroom
with both his and my clothes and we dressed together. While I was putting
on my pants, Steven reached down and fingered my ass pussy. He admonished
me that I was such a faggot slut and we both laughed.

Since it was late at night, early springtime and we were drunk, Steven and
I headed for the closest bar within walking distance, a dive named "The
Fireside". The name was due to the large fireplace at the back of the bar
which was lit by artificial flaming logs. Besides the red/orange/yellow
glow of the lights from the plastic logs, an overhead stained glass bar
lamp over the pool table and a few of those lit up beer signs on the wall,
it was a dark place. There was the obligatory dark wood bar counter on the
right side of The Fireside, with about two dozen bar stools. Behind the
counter were the shelves full of liquor bottles. On the left side, pushed
up against the wall were usually five small tables, each with a couple of
chairs. I remember that night when we arrived there were few choices for
fuck mates - a couple of slightly overweight frat boys playing pool, a
middle age guy who looked like a poster child for Alcoholics Anonymous
slumped forward on a bar stool and some thirty-something girls laughing and
talking loudly at a table. Steven and I sat on the stools at the bar
counter and ordered a few cheap on-tap beers so we could keep our buzz.

While we nursed our beers and waited for Mr. Fuck-Me-Tonight to walk
through the bar door, Steven and I recounted some of our most memorable
fucks. Steven had realized that he was gay when he was about 12. Unlike
most conservative Midwestern in-the-closet gay boys like me, he started his
sexual conquests before his thirteenth birthday. Luckily for Steven, the
high school guy who lived adjacent to his parent's house in the suburbs of
Indianapolis had a hankering for young teens. By the time Steven was 13 he
was sucking cock and getting sucked, rimming an ass and getting rimmed and,
fucking and getting fucked by a horny 17 year old neighbor boy. The
highlight of Steven's teenage sex life occurred at 16 during a family
vacation to Kansas City; he snuck out of the motel where his family was
staying, found an adult entertainment center that didn't care if he was
underage and managed to suck off eighteen guys in one night. Actually
Steven sucked off eighteen and a half guys, since he blew the last guy, a
blond construction worker type with a nice thick seven inch cock, for
almost an hour before he realized that the stud was too nervous or just
unwilling to shoot a load into his mouth. Since it was getting late, Steven
reluctantly gave up and went back to the motel with a belly full of
eighteen men's sperm.

Up to that point in my life, I really hadn't had any memorable sexual
experiences. Of course, I remember the first time I sucked on a cock and of
course I vividly recall at 17 when I first got fucked up the ass by the
neighbor boy. Most of my sex was pretty vanilla - I sucked and got
fucked. Usually the guy had the standard six inch cock and after he had
unloaded inside a condom with his dick buried deep in my hole I jacked off
- telling him how good he had fucked me.

I don't remember how long we stayed at The Fireside waiting but it was long
enough that our conversation about sex mates dwindled to silence so Steven
wandered over to the pool table to talk with the college frat boys.

After about a half an hour of sitting at the bar, watching Steven try to
play pool and observing his flirting with the frat boys, the door opened
and a young light skinned black guy came inside the bar. He was about six
feet tall, thin and smooth with only a small amount of razor stubble on the
top of his head. I tried to act oblivious to him as he wandered over to the
bar and sat down on a stool next to me. He ordered a beer and I could tell
by his slightly slurred speech that this was not the first alcoholic
beverage he had imbibed that evening.

After a few minutes of him drinking and staring into his beer glass he
asked me if I was a college student. I told him that I was. We then went
through the usual introductory banter of college students - name, what
year, which major, how many credit hours this semester, etc. He introduced
himself as Keith. He was a freshman in pre-law. I then asked him why he was
drinking alone and Keith said that his date had stood him up so he decided
just to get drunk. We chatted some more about general bullshit and then
suddenly Keith reached down and adjusted his package in his pants. He was a
very upfront person or perhaps the alcohol made him bold because Keith
mentioned that he had a serious case of "blue balls"; he hadn't fucked a
girl for almost a month. Since it was late and I was still a little drunk I
decided to make my play. I replied that I could help him out with his
problem. Following about a minute of awkward silence, Keith asked the
basic introductory oral sex question - "spit or swallow?" I replied that I
swallowed. He stayed quiet for a bit and then mentioned that his roommate
was out of town. Keith suggested that we walk back to his apartment and
drink a few more beers. As we got up and left the bar, I nodded to
Steven. He knew what we were doing so he smiled.

As soon as we got inside Keith's apartment he whispered in a conspiratorial
tone to me that he didn't normally let guys suck his cock but he'd make a
notable exception tonight because he was so horny. I figured that he did
indeed have a very bad case of blue balls and the alcohol he had drunk
helped to lower his inhibitions. While I was taking off my coat he told me
to get naked since he liked it when his "girl" was nude and servicing
him. He then removed his coat and his shoes before he plopped down on the

After I had pulled off all my clothes, I got down on my knees in front of
him and started massaging his cock through his pants. Keith leaned back and
placed his arms on to each side as if to steady himself on the sofa. He was
already half hard and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that Keith was
hiding a pretty good size trouser snake in there. I lightly rubbed his
crotch and pushed up his shirt so I could see his stomach and the black
hairs of the small treasure trail that wandered from his navel and
disappeared into his pants. Keith was obviously not looking for too much
foreplay since after just a few seconds of rubbing his covered cock, he
told me to hurry up and undo his belt and pull down his pants.

I fumbled with his belt buckle but finally got it open, undid the button on
his trousers and then pulled down his zipper. Keith wasn't wearing any
underwear so his cock pushed out as soon as the zipper was open. He was
only half hard but even at that point his cock was enormous. To this day I
have never seen a cock that thick and long.

I grabbed his prick and immediately started licking its big brown head. His
penis was uncut so just the tip of the head peaked out from under the
foreskin. As soon as my lips touched his cock it began to engorge. With one
hand I started stroking the shaft and with the other I reached up under his
shirt and started tweaking his nipples. Keith leaned his head back,
started moaning and saying, "Fuck yeah". I pulled the foreskin back and
kiss the head. Then I licked from the head down the shaft of his dick so I
could ready it for sliding down my throat. I knew that getting this huge
beast deep into my mouth was going to be a challenge but I was a senior in
college with over 4 years of cock sucking experience including many
practice sessions of deep throating bananas. Engulfing Keith's prick would
be my Cocksucking 401 final.

After lathering up his prick with spit, I stopped my oral exploration of
Keith's rod and reached down and removed his shoes. I told him that in
order to properly service my man I needed him to be naked too. I grabbed
his prick and shook it. I told him that I wanted to see what was attached
to this monster dick. Desperate to shoot his load, Keith pulled off his
shirt and then lifted up his butt and pulled off his pants. He flung the
trousers against the wall. He exhorted me to continue sucking his cock.

I leaned forward and starting kissing his chest, working down to his
navel. Although Keith's light brown chest was almost hairless, his lower
calves and the area right above his cock had curly black hair. Other than a
small treasure trail from his navel to his pubes he was hairless. I stopped
and licked his prick paying special attention to the big head. Then I
lapped at his shaft. As I worked my tongue down to his balls I noticed that
pubic hair was even absent below his balls. I lifted his nut sack with my
hand and then pushed his legs apart. I darted my tongue toward his ass. I
could smell his butt odor mixed with either soap or cologne. Thus, he must
have cleaned up prior to going on the prowl that night.

I pushed my tongue between his legs and I felt it run across his
pucker. Keith moaned and said that was so fucking good. With his
encouragement, I ran my tongue as deep in his butt crack as possible. I
didn't want him to feel that I was neglecting his cock so I reached up and
jerked him off. While pulling on his dick I noticed that my thumb and
forefinger just barely encircled his thick piece of meat. Since Keith
didn't protest my intrusion into his ass crack, I lapped at his hole for
quite awhile savoring the smell and taste of his ass. Only after I had
fully cleaned his hole did I pull my head up and looked at the fuck tool
that was awaiting my mouth. The ass lapping and my jerking off had made
Keith rock hard.

I hocked up as much spit as I could muster and, using my tongue, I
slathered it on his cock head. Then I did what the dentist always asks,
"Open wide." I put Keith's cock head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue
around it and gradually moved my head up and down. Each downward stroke
would allow more of his cock to enter my mouth. As it started to snake down
into my throat I had to concentrate so that I could suppress my gag
reflex. Anxious to get more of his prick into my throat, Keith rested his
hands on the back of my head and, on my down stroke, gently pushed on my

In the end I was only able to fit about half of Keith's cock into my
mouth. I think that it was the diameter of his dick more than the length
that prevented it from sliding down past my tonsils. Keith didn't seem to
mind since the sensitive head of his prick slid against the walls of my
throat. He would shudder and groan as his cock penetrated my mouth.

After I had teased Keith' huge cock to the point of orgasm a few times, he
must have gotten impatient that I had not let him shoot his load. He
reached under my chin and gently pulled my head away from his cock. Keith
said that he needed to blow his load soon but he didn't want to shoot it in
my mouth unless he was sure that I actually liked to swallow. Cum gulping
is a real anathema to most straight guys so maybe Keith felt he should warn
me. On the other hand I also think Keith was one of those guys who hated to
see his cum "wasted" so he would have preferred shooting down my throat
rather than on my face. Of course I loved the thought of Keith's slimy
white jizz sliding down my throat but I really didn't want to just blow
him. I knew that I would never have this opportunity again. I wanted to
have his cock inside of me.

I told Keith to wait before he shot his load and asked him if I could use
his bathroom. He looked perplexed but told me it was down the hall and to
the right. I got up and walked down the hall. My hard cock was slapping
against my legs as I went. I found the bathroom, closed the door, turned
on the light and started looking around for some lube. I found some generic
Vaseline. I put a gob of it on my middle finger and pushed it up my
asshole. Since Keith's cock was so huge, I got some more lube and shoved it
inside of me. After I was done, there was so much Vaseline in my hole that
I almost felt like I could shit a lump of it out of my ass.

I turned off the light, opened the door and returned to the living
room. Keith was there on the sofa, half-heartedly jerking off his deflating
cock. I walked over and sat next to him on the sofa. Quickly I leaned over
and put my mouth on the head of his cock. I licked it slowly until I felt
it enlarge to its full size again. Then I sat up and moved his hand to my
crotch. At first he lightly tugged at my cock but I pushed his hand down
into my crack. He immediately knew what that meant and his middle finger
started probing for my asshole. I remember he said something like, "Fucking
a guy is gross" but that didn't stop his middle finger from finding my hole
and sliding inside. He roughly fingered me for a couple of minutes before I
told him to let me roll over. Keith' finger slipped out and I noticed that
it was glistening from being covered in Vaseline. I stood up and turned
away from him on the sofa. I got on my knees on the sofa and then leaned
forward so that I was on my hands and knees. I aimed my ass toward his

Keith then did something totally unexpected. He leaned toward me and
started to lightly kiss my ass cheeks. He then slowly pushed his finger
into my hole. I asked him to finger fuck my hole and he began rhythmically
pushing and withdrawing his finger. I loosened my ass so his single finger
had little resistance so he added a second one. All the while he continued
to kiss my bum and his mouth got closer and closer to my fuck chute. At
some point I begged him to eat my pussy. To my surprise he pushed his
fingers deep into me and started to lick my stretched hole. I love having
oral attention to my ass and, whenever it occurs, I moan like a bitch in

Since a man's asshole is one of the most vulnerable parts of his body, I
really like when a guy pays attention to mine. One of the best feelings for
me is when my hole is cleaned by a guy's mouth. Not only is the sensation
terrific it makes me feel special that another man would lick my
hole. Also, once a guy rims you know what is coming next. Thus, when Keith
started to eat my backdoor I knew that he was priming my ass to be fucked.

While he played with my hole with his other hand Keith reached between my
legs and started to fondle my up-to-this-point neglected cock. Thinking
back on my fuck session, he seemed somewhat too experienced with gay sex to
be a novice so I am sure that mine was not the first man hole that his
fingers and cock had entered. I put my head down on the armrest of the
sofa and just enjoyed the attention that my ass and cock were getting. At
first Keith just rotated his fingers that were implanted deep in my hole
while he licked around my butt and ball sack. Then he started finger
fucking me with the two fingers while he pulled on my hard cock. The faster
he jammed his fingers into me the harder my cock got. After about fifteen
minutes I was ready to shoot my load so I told him to put his dick in my
ass. Keith mumbled that his cock would split me open. I told him that I
didn't care if it hurt - I just needed his massive rod up my ass.

He pulled his fingers out of my butt. I felt Keith clumsily stand up and
then kneel on the sofa behind me. The tip of his cock brushed against my
butt cheeks. He asked me again if I was sure that I wanted his cock in my
hole because he didn't have any condoms. I told him that I was clean and my
ass cunt was ready for his dick. Keith pushed his cock into my crack and,
after some poking around, the huge, bulbous head found the entrance to my
hole. Once at my backdoor, he quickly shoved the end of his prick inside of
me. His fingering and the Vaseline eased the entry but my hole was
painfully stretched open by the tip of his giant tool. Once he got his cock
head inside of my ass ring he slowly and steadily pushed his dick inside of
me. I relaxed and he continued to push until I guess he had gone so deep
that the curve of my colon blocked him from getting any further up my
ass. Up until the time that I got fisted (which was many years later) I had
never felt such fullness in my ass. Initially the pain was intense and I
remember desperately trying to relax my ass pussy. His cock was the longest
and one of the thickest that has ever gone up my ass and that is why I
remember this particular fuck to this very day.

The first few minutes of fucking were difficult. Keith liked to "short
dick" me - push his large mushroom shaped cock head into me and then pull
it out until just the tip was knocking at my backdoor. Then he would shove
forward and push open my hole with his cock head. Every so often he would
not stop at burying the head but instead shove the monster cock all the way
inside of me. Although it was very uncomfortable accommodating his entire
rod, it was exhilarating to know that a man could get so deep inside of
me. I found if I pushed my ass upward as he penetrated me he could shove
his entire cock into my fuck chute. Between the bulbous head and the length
of his cock, this fuck was an incredible workout for my ass. Luckily as
Keith fucked me, my hole opened up and I began to enjoy his rod sliding
against my prostate.

Most of the time I am not very vocal during sex, but when he would bottom
out in my ass I would grunt and groan. It was partially due to pain and
partially due to pleasure. In between strokes Keith would tell me how much
he liked my "bitch ass" and how I had a "nice tight pussy". Maybe he was
pretending that I was a girl. I didn't care -I was getting fucked by a huge

After about 10 minutes of slamming my ass in this position, Keith pulled
out, got up and stood next to the couch. Then he told me to turn over and
lie down on the sofa. I complied and he pushed my legs up towards my
chest. He leaned forward over me while he guided his rock hard lubed prick
into my hole. In this position whenever he shoved forward the weight of his
body drove his cock deep into me. As he skewered me with his fuck tool I
could feel his pubes brush against my balls and peritoneum. Several times
as Keith fucked me my ass ring loosened up to the point where there was
little resistance to his intruding cock. When this happened he told me that
my pussy was "too open". He would then pinch and pull on my balls and I
would clench my ass canal. Since I had to relax my ass so Keith could drive
his cock deeper into me, I tried to concentrate on keeping my hole tight
enough to satisfy him. However, I was semi-drunk so Keith wound up yanking
my nut sack three or four times while he fucked me.

Towards the culmination of our fuck session Keith would shove his cock all
the way up my ass and then ask me questions such as was his black cock the
biggest one that ever went up my lily white ass or how did it feel to be a
slut to a black man. I guess that he wanted me to be his subservient white
boy. With his huge rod buried inside of me he could say anything that he
wanted. Keith seemed to be screwing me not only for his enjoyment but also
so he could show that he could dominate me. He was the alpha black male and
I was his white bitch.

Keith then got to the point where he started to rapidly fuck my ass. I knew
that he was getting close to shooting his load. His thick cock rubbing
against my prostate felt fantastic. I reached down and pulled on my prick
hoping that I could shoot my cum at the same time as Keith. However, within
a few minutes Keith blew his load deep inside my ass cunt. While he came,
he closed his eyes and told me that he was filling my pussy with his baby

After Keith had unloaded his cum into my well stretched hole and his prick
started to soften, he pulled out and collapsed on to the sofa. I sat down
next to him and leaned against his arm. I started jacking off and I asked
him if I was a good fuck. He just smiled. I asked him to finger my hole
again while I jerked off. He told me to lie on my back next to him. I
turned so that I laid down with my head on the armrest and lifted up my
legs. He reached over and easily slid two fingers into my fuck chute. My
ass hurt both around my hole and deep inside of me so I asked him to be
gentle. He slowly turned his fingers around in my hole and told me that my
ass was the best one that he had ever fucked. He also liked that I let him
"go live" inside of my hole. I replied that I had never had such a big dick
inside my ass pussy and that I loved the feeling of his cum shooting inside
my ass.

After a few minutes of jerking off I unloaded several milky white geysers
spurts of cum on my chest. Keith had pushed his fingers deep into my ass
pussy when I started to shoot so when my orgasm was over my ass was tightly
clenched around them. With his other hand he wiped up the gobs of jism and
placed his cum fingers at my lips. I licked his fingers tips and tasted my
semen. When all the cum was gone Keith pushed two of his fingers into my
mouth. I remember Keith joked that he enjoyed fingering both of my fuck
holes. After a few playful jabs in my ass, Keith pulled out his fingers
from my ass and mouth. I was totally spent. I stretched my legs out over
Keith's lap and I felt the wetness of his leaking cock tip rub against my

I figured that after both of us had blown our loads Keith would want me to
leave but he stood up, knocking my legs off of his lap, and told me to come
with him. We walked back to his bedroom; he jumped on the bed and patted
the mattress next to him. I sat down on the bed. Keith said that after the
booze and fucking he was tired. He laid down on the bed, rolled over
towards me and asked if I wanted to join him. I accepted. After fucking and
all the alcohol I fell asleep very quickly.

I woke up the following afternoon to the feeling of Keith fingering my
asshole. I was laying on my side with by back to him and he had moved
behind me so he could spoon with me. At some point his cock must have
gotten aroused while pressing against my ass so he decided to fuck me

I told him that my hole was still sore from the pounding he had given me
the night before. However, I could feel that he had a hard on and I knew
that I had to give him some relief. I asked Keith if he wanted a blow job
and he said no - he just wanted to fuck my ass.

I really dreaded having to accommodate that huge piece of meat in my abused
hole especially now that I was sober. I told him that I probably wasn't
"clean" because I hadn't douched since the night before. Either he didn't
hear what I said or he didn't care because Keith reached over to the
nightstand and grabbed a plastic bottle of hand lotion. Probably the lotion
was normally used for his jerk off sessions.

I accepted my fate and rolled over on my stomach. I spread my legs so he
could easily access my backdoor. He flipped open the top and squirted some
lotion on his fingers and some into my ass crack. He began to rub the
lotion around my ass pussy and with one finger and then two he probed into
my tender hole. After Keith had lubed up my ass he squirted some lotion on
his half-hard cock and started jacking off until his rod grew to full
length. He told me that we were going to do it doggie style so I should get
on all fours.

I got up on my hands and knees. He stood up and then kneeled on the bed and
told me to turn my ass towards him. I crawled to where he was and
positioned my ass near his lubed and hard cock.

Keith slid his middle greasy finger into me more than likely so he could
push the lube deeper into my hole and make sure that I could accommodate
his prick. I wasn't ready for this fuck. Even his finger hurt my ass. I
don't think Keith remembered how hard he had banged my hole the night
before. I begged him to be gentle but he pulled out his digit and
immediately pushed the big bulbous head of his cock into my ass ring. I
winced. Keith then steadily pushed his prick inside of me until about half
of that monster was in my butt. It felt like someone was shoving a birch
log up my ass and I told him that it really hurt. He stopped pushing his
cock in me. He said that I will get used to it in a minute. With one hand
Keith rubbed my butt and lower back. With his other hand, he reached down
and pulled on my flaccid cock. I tried to loosen my ass and pushed out like
I was trying to shit. The latter action was probably not a good idea since
I discovered later that I was actually pushing shit into my colon - right
up against the tip of his cock.

Keith managed to restrain himself from fucking my hole for about five
minutes. He just kept his cock stuck halfway up my ass and rubbed my back
and crotch. He kept telling me how nice my ass felt. I think that he was
expecting me to get used to having my hole split open by his huge cock. At
a certain point he either didn't care about my discomfort or just couldn't
wait any longer for me to acclimate to his big dick so he slowly withdrew
his cock and then shoved it forward until most of it was in my hole. I
gasped and told him that I was in pain. Keith said that I should relax, let
him bust a nut and it would be over.

He started to gently fuck me. Each time he would pull out until just half
of his cock was in me and then push his rod deep into my ass canal. It took
about a minute of fucking for him to finally push his cock all the way into
my butt hole. Every time he would bottom out in my ass I would groan. After
a couple of minutes of slow fucking he quickened the pace of his
thrusts. At this point his fucking didn't feel like sex but more like I was
taking an endless shit. In addition, I could smell the slight odor of feces
as Keith churned my dirty asshole. He continued a few more minutes of some
hard pounding of my hole. Then Keith stopped fucking me, pulled halfway out
of my ass and rubbed my butt and my back. He said that my ass felt like it
was opened up now. He told me again to just relax and accept that I was
going to get fucked by his big dick until he shot his load inside of
me. Then he slowly pushed his cock into my hole up to the hilt.

For the next ten minutes or so Keith just fucked me hard. I was rammed by
his big cock. He must have got tired of kneeling behind me and fucking me
doggy style, so he told me to lay flat on the bed. He leaned forward so he
could stay inside of me while I collapsed on the mattress. Keith slammed my
ass for a few minutes, keeping his cock deep inside of me during the
strokes. Finally, I felt his dick swell as the first shot of cum squirted
up my ass.

This time when Keith came he moaned loudly. In fact, I am sure that his
neighbors must have heard him. He shot an enormous amount of jism into
me. Every time his cock would swell I could feel another blast of cum
squirt inside my abused ass canal. After the fuck, Keith was totally
spent. He pulled out of my ass and lay on his back. I quickly got up and
went to the bathroom. Even after I had shitted out most of cum in his
toilet along with the turd that his cock was ramming in my ass, some of his
jizz mixed with the lube was still leaking out of my hole.

When I came back into the bedroom, Keith's eyes were closed. I thought he
was asleep but when I got near the bed he told me that my pussy had made
his cock dirty. He said that I needed to clean him up. I think he expected
me to get a wet towel from the bathroom and wipe the shit off his
dick. However, since Will had trained me in spit shining shit covered
pricks, I got on my knees next to the bed and started to gently lick his
soft cock. His prick smelled like my well-fucked ass and it was covered
with a light glaze of ass juice.

After I had cleaned his big cock head I slid my mouth down so that his
entire soft dick was in my mouth. Suddenly Keith reached down and held my
head tightly against his crotch. As I moved my tongue around his prick, I
felt some liquid squirt against the back of my throat. I knew immediately
that he was pissing down my throat and I tried to pull away. Keith pressed
my head down and told me to keep my mouth closed around his cock until he
was done. His piss flowed out of his cock slowly enough that I could gulp
and drink it all. After the last few dribbles of piss came out he released
my head. I moved my head away from his crotch and quickly stood up. I had
never drunk piss before so I was dazed from what had just happened.

Keith rolled over on his stomach. I stood next to the bed. He patted the
mattress next to him with his hand, I guess expecting me to lie down next
to him. Although sleeping with Keith was nice, I knew that once he awoke my
sore ass would be pummeled by his monster cock again. I told him that I had
to leave. Keith turned his head toward me and said that I was an awesome
fuck. Then he turned his head back the other way. I walked out to the
living room, put on my clothes and left.

Gay Sex Education - Gay Sex Stories

Returning home for the summer was not that great. My wonderful teacher
had left town. After a while I hooked up with another lady who greatly
appleciated my oral talents but who wanted only my tongue in her cunt,
not my prick. When my demands for fucking grew too much for her, she
told me to get out: she had a girlfriend who could a better job than I
did. I was pissed off and fascinated. I spied on them one night,
through a gap in the curtain on her apartment window, and saw those two
naked women carressing one another. I left a pool of semen on the
ground below the window.

The next day I had two things on my mind: what to do with the rest of
the break, and what it was that two girls did together. Our quiet town
didn't offer much help with either. Our bookstore did have a section on
"Women", but all I could find was a novel whose cover promised the story
of a woman who loved women. I couldn't find any physical action
thumbing through "The Well of Loneliness" but I bought it anyway.

I talked to my parents about going back to school early, and they had no
objection; I wasn't being very good company, as it was. I found that
there was a bus leaving late in the evening; bought my ticket, had
my last home meal for a while, a short nap, and headed for the bus
station just in time to find it and climb on board.

As I moved down the aisle, I saw that every window seat was taken. The
aisle seat at the very end was next to a reasonable looking guy of about
my age, staring out the window. Opposite was a blank wall that was the
back end of the bus' toilet. Taking out my book I stowed my bag
overhead, pushing aside a pile of blankets. I muttered a greeting to my
seatmate, which he answered similarly without turning his head, and sat

I turned on the reading light and opened my book. That caught my
neighbor's attention, and I was aware of his turning and, I thought,
peering to see what I was reading. That wouldn't be hard to make out:
the cover with its famous title, illustrated by a portrait of two girls
looking searchingly at each other. He spoke, in a low, pleasant, but
not very lively voice,

"You going to the University?"

"Yes," I answered, "back to school. You?"

"Yes," he said, morosely, I thought.

"Some way to end the summer," I offered.

He responded, "Yeah," and after a pause, "I didn't have much

I didn't now whether to pick up on that or not, and decided to let it
go for the moment. "What do you take there?" I asked.

"Journalism," he answered. "Junior year. You?"

"Computer Science," I said. "I'm a sophomore."

"You rushing back to get to the computer lab?" he asked.

"No," I replied. "Things sort of fell apart in town, and I figured I
might as well spend my time at school."

My answer seemd to enliven him a little. "Oh," he said, "what

I told him: "I thought I was going to spend the break with this girl,
but she had other plans. Somebody else." I paused a while, wondering
whether I should go on any further, but I was so full of what I had seen
that I continued. "The somebody else was another girl."

"You mean she wanted to spend her time with a girlfriend instead of with
you?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered, "in bed."

"Oh, man, she was -- uh -- queer? That's why you're reading that book,
eh? Do you hate her for that?"

"No," I answered, "I was pissed because she wouldn't see me, and I was
counting on it. If she wants to make it with a girl, that's O.K., but
it didn't mean she had to shut me out."

"No kidding," he said, "you didn't mind her being a lez?"

"No," I said, "sexual orientation doesn't matter. I just wanted to
have her, too."

He looked at me for a bit with a questioning expression. "Boy, I wish
more people had your attitude," he finally said. "The reason I'm going
back early is that my father threw me out of the house. I decided it
was time to come out of the closet, at least with the people I thought
loved me. I told my parents that I was gay, and had been for years. My
father exploded. He called me disgusting, that he would disinherit me,
and that I couldn't stay under his roof. I think my mother was
sympathetic, but she can't do anything with him when he goes into one of
his rages. The bastard even found my car keys and kept them. So I
packed up what I could carry and here I am, going back to school on the

"That's rotten!" I exclaimed. "How are you going to live?"

"Not as badly as he hopes. I don't need him. My grandfather -- he
founded the bank my father runs as if he did it all himself -- left me a
trust fund. It pays for everything and more, and my father can't touch
it. And it will be all mine when I graduate. So maybe I'm lucky in a
way, I don't have to put up with his shit any more. I'm sorry for my
mother, though, I guess she'll have to as long as he lives, whenever
that is. So I'm really on my own now. And no one is going to tell me
what my lifestyle should be."

"That's good," I said. "No one should. That's what my parents taught
me. They think that religion and sexual orientation are matters of
personal taste, and no one else' business. They make an exception of
politics, because politics really affect other people; but if what I'm
doing doesn't physically hurt anyone else, it's my business." It took
me a long time to formulate my next remark, but this guy wasn't very
delicate about himself, so I braved it. "I hope you don't mind my
asking, but...what is it like to be gay? I mean -- oh, I know it can be
a big social problem, but -- well, what do two gay guys do? I mean, you
know, when they're together."

"You mean physically, right? Don't you know?"

"No, I don't," I answered. "Oh, I've heard stuff, from guys I don't
think know any more than I do, and I read the Kinsey report, but I never
got any clear picture of how two guys make it with each other. And I'm
really curious. But look, if you don't want to talk, that's O.K."

"Oh, hell, man." he said, "it's a great subject. But, really, haven't
you ever had any kind of sex with another guy?"

"Well." I said, "I had this friend, and we jerked each other off a few

"That was all? Just hand jobs?" he asked.


"Was it good?"

"Yes. Very." I answered.

"Never had your cock sucked?" he asked.

"Not really," I said. "I was with this woman, who'd suck me sometimes
to get me hard, but that was all."

"How did it feel?"

"Great, but kind of frustrating."

"Women can't do it," he said. "They don't know what it's like. It's
like asking a deaf man to play the violin. I'll bet your buddy could do a
better job with his hand than your babe with her mouth. Right?"

"Well, yes, but...I couldn't fuck my buddy. Fucking that woman
was...well, a whole new world. I loved it."

"So you advanced from a hand to a cunt, eh?" he said. "There's another
step. From a cunt to a mouth. Once you've experienced a good
cocksucker -- and it has to be a man -- you'll never want to go back."
He paused a long moment. "Sorry. I get carried away. You wanted to
know what two guys do with each other. Well, I'll tell you."

"You know about hand jobs," he began. "That's a start. That's O.K. for
emergencies -- like when you're in really cramped quarters and can't do
anything else." He looked at me and grinned, a little. I wondered
whether he meant, like on a bus. "Of course, there are two main ways
guys make out: fucking and sucking. Me, I don't see fucking. You
shove your prick into another guy's asshole and pump 'til you come.
There's no finesse to it at all. Still, a lot of guys do it, and there
are plenty of guys who like to have it done to them. I, I'd rather just
jack off, and I sure don't want another guy's rod up my ass. I think
oral sex is the only way to go, and that's what I'm going to tell you

"Sucking cock is an art form. A lot of people, and women, of course,
don't know that. They think that just rounding their mouth, putting it
on a man's prick, and bobbing their heads up and down makes them good
cocksuckers. It isn't so! And it isn't about sucking, either; you
don't suck, except maybe at the very end. Now first, you have to know
some anatomy -- know where nerves go, know what the real hot spots are.
A man knows a lot of that from his own body. But every guy is
different, and you have to be sensitive about what turns him on
particularly. And when you've got it right, you can give him the best
experience of his life.

"I love to suck cock. I love the feel of it in my mouth, I love all the
different things I can do to it with my lips and my tongue, and I love
it when I've brought the guy to a wonderful orgasm and he blows his load
into me. And when a guy sucks me, if he's good, knows his stuff and
takes his time, it's absolute heaven. You know, I kind of pity all
those men who think that fucking is the only way to have sex. Like I
said, if they'd ever had a real blow job, they'd never go for anything
else again."

"Oh, man," he said, "I do get carried away. I'm not boring you, am I?"

"Lord, no," I answered. "Go on! Please! I want to know what you do."

"Well, first you need the right position. Most guys lie on their back,
and the one who sucks ies between his legs, but I think the best is to
have your guy sit on something like the edge of a couch, where he can
lean back and relax. He spreads his legs, and you kneel in front of
him. That gives you perfect access to his prick and you have freedom of
motion. And you can use your tongue on the underside, which is the most
sensitive. I like to start by licking it up and down for a while on the
underside. Then I go up to the head, make sure my lips are wet, and
gradually open my mouth while I down over the head until my lips are
around him at the point just behind the corona, you know, where the
shaft goes into the head. You don't just open your mouth and close it
around his cock. Slide it in. You can wrap your hand around the shaft,
too, and he'll feel that he's really inside you. Oh, I got to mention,
if you're a beginner, you have to watch your teeth at all times. You
must always have your lips really covering them. But don't worry, after
a while it's just automatic.

"Then you can move your mouth up and down on his shaft, if you want.
Keep your lips in a close ring. You'll need a lot of spit to keep it
smooth. You might slide down as far as you can, and then draw his prick
out slowly while you're sucking on it, like a candy stick. There's lots
of variations. Like I said, you don't just pump up and down. One way
is twisting your head from side to side, make sure your lips stay on the
coronal ridge. You can move your hand up and down the shaft, but
gently. You could do just nothing but this until he comes, and he will.
Another way is to go down farther, but don't tighten your lips. Move
your head in a little circle. His cock will slide to different places
in your mouth. Do it in both directions, slow and steady. For some
guys that's the greatest.

"Above all, unless you're in a hurry for some reason, take your time.
Rest once in a while, and just enjoy his prick in your mouth. See, the
longer you can keep a guy from coming, the stronger his orgasm will be.

"Well," he smiled, "that's my short survey. Any questions?"

"Wow," I said. "That was really a mouthful. And, yes, when he comes,
what do you do with...what you get in your mouth?"

"His come? Why, you swallow it, of course. It's no big deal. It
doesn't taste bad. In fact, some guys love it, and they'll lick it up
if it spills on you. What you don't do is hold onto it so you can spit
it out and you don't rush off to rinse out your mouth. That's
insulting, and it spoils the whole party. Just swallow it. I stay with
the guy after he comes and his prick starts to shrink, until it's
completely over. I suck it and try to get every last drop, and don't
let go until it's totally limp. That's the right way to wind things

One could say I hung on his every word. As he talked, I visualized it
all, with the memory of Carol's short oral visits to my prick, and
thought how much she could have learned from him. And of course with
these words and pictures my prick had stiffened and was tight in my

"One more question", I said. "What about sixty-nine?"

"Oh. sixty-nine!" he answered. "That is advanced. You shouldn't even
try it until you've mastered the basic techniques. The two guys should
be expert cocksuckers, it should be second nature to them, so they can
keep up what they're doing even while they're coming themselves. Your
tachnique has to be a little different, too, because your tongue's going
to be on top of his prick, instead of underneath where it can do the
most good. You use your upper lip a lot. When you've got it right,
it's the highest experience of all. You're welded to your partner,
you're sucking him while he's sucking you, it's almost like you're
sucking yourself, all those feelings are travelling from his mouth to
your cock and and up to your mouth and back to his cock...it's

"Well, if you want the details, the best position is for both guys to
lay on their sides. Probably on the left side, so your right hand is
free to do whatever you want with it. You line your self up with each
other's crotch and slide the arm you're propped up on under the other
guy's leg. Lift your top leg and bend it at the knee to give access to
your own crotch. Then, wet your lips and prepare to slide onto his
prick and...have the best time of your life. Really."

"Boy," I said, "I can see why you're in journalism. That was the
finest exposition I have ever heard."

"You liked it?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!" I answered.

"Was it exciting?"

"Oh, yes!"

He paused for a moment. "And you're excited, aren't you?" he asked. He
was looking at my crotch where, without my being concious of it, my hand
had moved between my legs and was quietly stroking my stiff, pulsing
prick. I looked at him and solemnly nodded "Yes."

He leaned close and said: "There are some blankets up there in the bin.
Bring down one of them." I reached up and pulled one down into my lap.
"Spread it over yourself". I did. "Now take down your pants." He said
these things in a calm voice. They weren't like orders, just advice.
Advice I would take, although at this point I knew I was crossing a line
into some really new territory. Unbuckling and unzipping, I managed to
get my pants down around my calves. After a moment's thought I did the
same thing with my shorts. My prick stood up in relief. Sitting
bareassed on that smooth seat was exciting, and I admired the mound in
the blanket made by my prick, standing up like a little tent pole.

Alan raised the edge of the blanket. His hand reached in, slid across
my thigh, and found my totally hard prick. He moved his open hand up
and down it a few times -- it twitched in response -- and then closed
his hand around it and slowly moved up and down. "Ah," I thought, "he
got me going, and now he's going to take care of me by giving me a
wonderful hand job." But then he took his hand away. He whispered,
"Hold the blanket up for me," as he got up from his seat, turned around,
put his knees on the seat and wriggled around until he was facing me,
kneeling. I held up his end of the blanket, and his head and shoulders
disappeared uner it. Moments later I felt his hand on my prick again,
and then a wonderful sensation as something moist that had to be his
mouth touched its head, a soft ring that had to be his lips slid slowly
over the head, and what had to be his tongue moved back and forth across
the now incredibly sensitive underside just below.

My consciousness was bursting with the delighted messages my prick was
sending and my effort to pay attention to the mechanics of it and match
what he was doing with what he had told me about it. It was a losing
battle. I managed to note when he started an up and down motion,
running his mouth a short ways down my shaft and slowly back up to the
corona, and then when he kept his lips there and rocked his head back
and forth, but very soon I gave my attention wholly to the wonderful
feelings tht were building up so fast. I had the fleeting thought that
if anyone came to the back of the bus, and we happened to be passing
some light that would shine through the window, he would certainly see
that something "queer" was going on. But then I knew that I didn't give
a damn. I wasn't going to let anything stop this marvelous

It didn't take long, I think. The pleasure came in mounting waves that
crashed as I realized I was coming, coming, all my muscles trembling,
and barely managed not to shout in ecstacy. Then the peak was over, the
waves subsided, and a warm contentment enveloped me as my prick shrank
with his mouth still on it.

There was one more thing. in my dazed state, that I wanted to know, and
put my left hand between his slightly parted legs. Yes, he certainly
had a penis, and it was stiff. My fingers explored it through the
fabric of his pants only a few seconds before he took my arm and gently
pulled it away. He came out from under the blanket and resumed his
seat. We looked at each other. He looked pleased, and I'm sure I did
too as I smiled and nodded trying to convey my gratification. We didn't
speak. I lay back and closed my eyes, and in a few minutes was fast

When I woke it was daylight outside. Alan was wide awake and said, "I
think we're coming in to town. You better pull yourself together." I
realized that I was still half naked under my blanket, pulled up my
shorts and pants and dressed as well as I could. We were in town now,
and in a few minutes had pulled up at our final stop. We left the bus
in the wake of several other young people and, as they went on their
way, stood silently for a minute in the deserted station.

"Alan," I finally said, "that was the most enjoyable and instructive bus
trip I have ever taken."

"I liked it, too," he replied, "but that was really doing it the hard
way. Cramped up in a bus seat, and having to go sideways...that's no
way to start..." He looked at me for a long moment. "What are you
doing tomorrow?" he asked.

"Uh, nothing special," I replied.

He said, "how about coming over to my place in the afternoon?"

It was my turn to pause. But if he was inviting me to another blow job,
I wasn't going to turn him down. "O.K.," I said.

"Great," he answered. He took a wallet from a back pocket, extracted a
little business card from it, and gave it to me. "Make it around three
o'clock, all right?" he asked. I studied the card. It was simply
printed with his name, an address on a street I was familiar with, and a
telephone number. "Call me if there's any problem," he said.

"There won't be," I answered, "I will most definitely be there."

"That's great," he repeated. "We'll have fun." With that, he walked
out of the station and turned toward his street, and I shouldered my bag
and headed for the dormitory, utterly bemused.

I got a good breakfast at the diner and headed for the dorm. No one
else was around. On my desk were the articles I had been studying when
I left, and I tried to resume my work. It was really diffcult. Most of
my mind was reliving my experience on the bus: I felt Alan's hand on my
prick, the glide of his lips over its head, the excitement of his
vibrating tongue, and the culminating explosion of my orgasm. My prick
got very hard, and there was nothing for it but to take off my pants,
lie on the bed, lubricate it, and slowly masturbate while imagining I
was back on the bus enjoying the blow job all over again. After I came,
deliciously, and cleaned myself up, I dozed off for a while.

Waking well after noon I forced myself to concentrate on my reading
until early evening, when I went to the diner for a modest dinner.
Returning, I had no interest in further work; I lay on the bed and gave
up trying to think of anything but the sensation of Alan's mouth on my
prick, which of course was hard again and straining to get out. I began
to wonder how it was for Alan: What did having a prick in your mouth
feel like? Was it hard, soft, sweet? Could I do it? I wanted to try!
I had an idea, got up, and went down the hall to the janitor's closet in
a corner of the building. It was unlocked, and his tidy collection of
brooms and mops hung from hooks on the wall. I selected a short mop
with a smooth, rounded end. I took it to the sink, turned on the water
and with my hands and a bit of soap scrubbed it clean and dried it. I
took it back to my room and, making very sure my door was locked, took
off my clothes and lay on the bed.

My prick was standing straight up as I brought the mop handle to my
mouth and inserted it. It seemed to me to have the right diameter for a
prick, and my mouth encircled it easily. I could put only some four
inches in until it touched the back of my throat. That meant that I
could cover little more than half a prick the length of mine,, but if
the corona was the really important part, it would do. Hitting the back
of my throat was as first very disagreeable, but I got used to it. I
moved the handle slowly out and back and focussed on visualizing it as a
real prick. I was careful to press with my lips and not let my teeth
touch it, and the sliding through my lips was quite pleasant. I
imagined the underside gliding over my tongue pressing up, and the great
feeling I was giving my partner...and of course my other hand was moving
on my own prick, faster and faster, until everything went blurry and I

I was exhausted. I wiped myself with a towel, pulled up the covers and
went to sleep, the mop cradled in my arms.

Sunday morning I awoke with a feeling of anticipation and, naturally, a
stiff prick. I practiced some more with the mop handle and it felt
almost natural. As I stroked my prick it I wondered vaguely whether I
should be saving my sperm for whatever was going to happen in the
afternoon but, as ever, the immediate sensations won out, and I had a
lovely climax. I went out for a latish breakfast and returned planning
to work but found it nearly impossible. I was all wound up; I kept
checking the time as it drew near 2:30, when I figured I should leave
for Alan's place. It finally arrived, and I headed off, having made
sure that my clothes and body were as clean as I could make them.

The walk to his address actually took twenty minutes. It was a fair
sized apartment building, and his name was one of some thirty on the
panel of buttons at the entrance. I spent a short time wondering
whether to ring him ten minutes early or hang around suspiciously, and
settled for pushing the button. In a moment I heard his voice asking
who it was, and told him. "Come in!" he answered cheerfully. "One
flight up, and right to Number 8." As the door lock buzzed, I pushed
in, followed his directions, and found him standing back from the open
door of Number 8, which he closed as soon as I entered. His feet were
bare and he seemed to be wearing nothing but a bathrobe, as if he were
fresh from a shower. "I'm so glad you came," he said, with a pleasant
smile. "Can I get you something to drink?" "Well," I answered, "what
do you have? Or maybe I should say, what would be appropriate?" "I
like a little vodka at this time," he replied, "it's clean and warming."
I assented, and looked around the room as he took a bottle from a low
cabinet and poured two small shots and some water into two glasses. It
was a very comfortable place: long couch along one wall, a desk, a
large TV screen opposite the couch, a couple chairs and several enormous
pillows around the room. There was an arched opening into what looked
liked a bright little kitchen, and an open door into another room that
housed a great big bed. His grandfather's legacy must have been pretty
good, I thought.

He handed me my drink and invited me to sit on the couch. As we sipped
our drinks, not too slowly, I praised his apartment and we chatted a bit
about the weather and the reopening of school. When we had emptied our
glasses -- I felt a nice warmth in my stomach -- he gave me a slow smile
and said, "I think it's time you took off your clothes."

"All of them?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered, "stark naked. We want to see everything."

So I did just what he asked. When I was finished I stood naked before
him. My prick was already standing straight out in front. He stood up,
pulled his bathrobe open, and it joined my pile of clothes on the floor.
His prick was not quite hard, but long as it dangled from his light
blond pubic hair. He stepped up and encircled mine gently with one hand
saying, "Very nice." Then he picked up a very large, oddly triangular
pillow from a corner of the room and placed it on the couch. It came to
within a few inches of the edge of the couch and sloped back. "Sit
there," he told me. I did, the edge of the couch supporting my
buttocks. "Now lean back, and just relax." I did that, too. It was
perfectly comfortable, and left my prick leaning out into the room.
"Spread your legs." he ordered. As I did, he placed a small, square
pillow on the floor between them, close to me, and knelt on it. His
head was inches from my dong. "This is going to be a lot easier than it
was on the bus," he said, and moved his face close.

I watched fascinated as he thrust out his tongue and I felt a wonderful
thrill as he ran it slowly up my prick from my balls to the tip -- and
then down -- and up again -- and down -- finally halting at the top,
just below the corona, when he put his hand on the shaft and pressed his
tongue, wiggling, into it. I felt I had never been so excited in my
whole life. It was almost a relief when he raised a little, put his
lips on the very tip of my prick, and slowly opened them as his mouth
slid down over the head. He began a little up and down motion that made
my whole body quiver with pleasure, sliding down the shaft, than back to
the head, sometimes shaking his head a little from side to side. I'd
been trying to follow what he was doing, but I was losing it. The
sensations were drowning my mind, all there was was a fantastic pleasure
building up, and up, and suddenly exploding in an unbelievable wave. I
came! I came! It was glorious! I wanted to keep coming forever! But
the wave subsided, and as perception gradually came back I realized that
he still had my prick in his mouth, sucking it as if to get out the last
drop. In the warm afterglow of my feelings was just a trace of disappointment
that it was over so soon.

Finally he let it go and sat back on his heels. For a long time I could
only look at him weakly. "My God. That was...I never...that was so
fucking wonderful..." I mumbled. "Glad you liked it," he replied,
getting up and sitting beside my limp body. "I love giving blow jobs."
I could see that, for now his prick was erect, long, slightly pink,
beautiful. "It's too bad it was so quick. You must have been really
turned on."

I was recovering. "Yes, I was," I said. I stared at his penis a long
minute and finally said, "I still am. It's my turn now. I want to do

He looked surprised. "Really?"

"Yes," I said. "Let's trade places."

"All right," he said, "I'm certainly ready."

I got up and turned around to kneel in front of him as he took my place
on the couch, spread his legs, and leaned back with his prick near my
face. I was determined to give him as good a job as he gave me.

I lowered my mouth to his nearly hairless balls, put out my tongue and
pressed it against his shaft, and slowly slid it up to the top, Then I
slid it down; up again, and down. What I felt was fascinating: the
skin of his prick was loose and pliable, but there was the hardness
underneath. My tongue tingled. After a minute or two of this I stopped
at the top and licked back and forth just under the head. He rewarded
me with a satisfied grunt. Finally I wet my lips well and slowly slid
them, tingling, over the end of his prick until I had the whole head in
my mouth. It was wonderfully soft and seemed just the right thing to
fill me. I slowly took more in, acutely aware of every millimeter that
slid over my tingling lips. I started massaging the soft underside with
my tongue. I was entranced. Having that prick in my mouth was the most
exciting thing I'd ever done.

"Oh, yes," he murmured. I tightened my lips, and rocked my head from
side to side. "Go, baby, go!" he told me.

I started sliding up and down, lips tight, down until he touched the
back of my throat, up till my lips firmly met the corona. There was
magic in it. His prick filling my mouth was so intimate, so right. I
loved the smooth slide on my lips; they felt the pleasure I was giving
him. I was deeply excited. I alternated this shaft stroking several
times with head motions that slid his prick sideways across my tongue.
I was feeling an increased tension in his legs, and his prick seemed to
swell, when suddenly he gave an inarticulate groan, his whole body
jerked, and something flowed creamily over my tongue and into my throat,
where I swallowed it. I swallowed several times again as I felt the
tension slowly drain from him. I continued massaging his prick with my
tongue as it softened, and as it went limp I sucked on it, extracting a
few more drops of fluid. Finally I let it go and leaned back, very

After a minute he opened his eyes, looked at me, and said "You liar!"

I was startled. "What?" I asked.

"You lied to me." he said. "You said you never did this before."

"But I haven't, honestly," I replied.

"Oh, come on," he answered. "You've done it plenty."

"No" I said, still on my knees, "really. This is the first time. The
first time I've ever had a prick in my mouth. Last night I
practiced...with a mop handle. I just tried to remember all that you
told me, and just now what you were doing. You're a great teacher, and
I wanted to do the best I could."

He was silent a little while. "A mop handle, huh? I'll be damned.
Man, if that's true, you are a natural. That was no amateur
cocksucking. It was really good. Tell me: how did you like doing it?"

"I loved it," I said. "All of it, and when you came...that was great."

He stirred, and looked at my crotch. "My God," he said, "you're hard
again." Amazingly, I was. The tingle in my groin was spreading again
through my body. I was ready for more.

"All right," he said, standing up, "let's switch again." We traded
places, I on the couch and he between my legs. It was a repeat of
what he had done before, only better. Although my prick was as
sensitive as ever, and everything he did to it sent waves of pleasure
through me, I lasted a long time. The final, tremendous climax nearly
blacked me out and I fought to retain concsciousness as it subsided.

"Unbelievable," I finally said. "That was the greatest experience of my

He looked very pleased. "Well, now you know," he said. "A good blow
job is the greatest thing there is, on either side. And I want to
welcome you to it. I think you have a fine future...Look, I have to get
dressed and go out soon. But I want to tell you how happy I am that we
met. And...when can you come again?" He smiled.

"Any time you let me," I answered. "I'll always be eager to learn

I dressed and got ready to leave. He wrote my phone number in a little
book on his desk and I departed, feeling like a changed man. Alan had
opened up a new world for me. One way of putting it was that there were
now twice as many people with whom I could have sex than there were

Classes started the next day, and I found that much of the time I could
put reflections of that experience down toward the bottom of my mind,
indulging those memories fully only during my morning and evening and
occasional midday jackings off, when my fantasies were about mouths and
pricks instead of about pricks and cunts. I was hoping that Alan would
call, and on Thursday he did, inviting me to visit him Friday afternoon.
Of course I did, and it was like a reenactment of our Sunday session.
We stripped, I lay back on that magic pillow, and he sucked until I came
with the sensation that my head was exploding. We switched around and I
lavished my gratitude on his lovely cock, swallowed his sperm, basked in
his compliments on my performance and took in the few comments he made
on how I might improve even further.. Two days later, on Sunday, we did
it again, with me sucking first.

Two months later we had had perhaps a dozen sessions. Alan declared
that he had nothing more to teach me -- but, of course, he wanted me to
keep in practice, not necessarily with him. He told me how he saw
himself: as a teacher, or even a kind of guru, of gay sexuality. He
got great satisfaction from intoducing another male to the joy of
homosexuality. What I would call seducing he thought of as bringing out
a boy's innate yearning for the same sex. He thought that the ancient
Greeks had it right: men's greatest pleasure lay with men, and women
served only occasionally to receive the seed that created more men. (I
doubted the accuracy of that, but felt the attraction of their ease with
male love.) He was especially pleased when one of finds converted
completely and would have nothing to do with women. I was such a
pushover he thought he'd done that with me, and was dismayed when I told
him that, while I was most grateful to him for bringing my sex life to a
whole new level, I had no intention of abandoning females.

A few days later he called me saying there was something he wanted to
ask me, and I agreed to meet for coffee the next day. What he wanted
was a special favor, "for old times' sake", and incidentally for further
broadening my sex education. It seems that an old friend, Roger, was
going to visit the next weekend. They'd met as freshmen in high school,
when they were both starting to realize that they were gay. They became
close friends ("Close!" said Alan, "that was zero distance, whenever we
could manage it.") Roger now went to college in another state, but had
to come here on family business, and had arranged to spend one night
with Alan. Alan wanted to give him a rewarding time, but there was one
drawback: Roger loved to be fucked, and Alan wouldn't do that.
So...would I consider performing that service? With me fucking him, and
Alan sucking him, Roger would surely think he was in heaven.

I had to think about that a little while. Alan assured me that, by all
accounts, it gave great joy to both parties. I certainly was curious.
Fucking a girl was great; how much different was fucking a boy? And
since I had found that one style of gay sex was really fine, why not try
the other? So I agreed.

Friday evening, shortly after my early dinner, Alan called to let me
know that Roger had arrived and that my presence was wanted. When I
arrived I found him and his friend with drinks in their hands, and
wearing only bathrobes. Alan introduced us, gave me a drink and
refreshed theirs, and for a while continued a conversation they were
having about mutual acquaintances. I thought Roger pretty decent
looking. He was a bit shorter than Alan, and a little rounded; he
didn't have Alan's masculinity, and I could imagine him playing a
feminine role in a gay relationship. After a while Alan turned to me
and said, "Paul, I've told Roger what our plans for entertaining him
tonight are. I think we're all ready. How about you?"

"Yes, indeed," I answered.

"Then take off all that uncomfortable clothing," he said, standing up
and shrugging off his bathrobe. Roger, smiling, did the same. At that
moment he didn't look feminine at all; his sizeable prick was beginning
to swell over large balls lightly covered with brown hair. He picked up
a small leather case from beside his chair and gestured me ahead of him
as Alan led us into his bedroom, where I undressed. My prick was
standing out hard. Roger put his hand around it. "I'm going to love
that in me," he said. "This is your first time, isn't it?" I answered,
"yes." "You'll love it, too," he said.

"This needs a little preparation," he continued. "Get on the bed and
lay back." I did, my prick standing straight up. He opened the leather
case, took a large envelope from it, and pulled a rolled-up condom from
the envelope. "We believe in safe sex," he said, putting it on the end
of my prick and expertly rolling it all the way down, giving me a
delightful tingle. "And we believe in slippery sex," he said as he took
a jar of something from the case. He removed its top and dipped his
fingers into it. They came out coated with a clear jelly that he
smeared it all over the condom, giving me lots more tingles. Then, with
his other hand, he took from his case a ... prick! It was some kind of
soft, white plastic with little ripples all over its surface. About ten
inches long, it had a conical head and a flared bottom terminating in a
finger-sized ring. He swirled its head in the jar. He got on the bed
and lay back, his legs in the air and spread apart. He brought the
dildo to his ass, inserted it between the cheeks, and moved it in and
out a few times. "O.K.," he said, putting the thing aside and rolling
onto his left side. "Paul, get behind me."

I slid behind him and pushed the head of my covered cock lightly
between his smooth ass cheeks. He lifted his right leg and said, "A
little lower." I moved down an inch. "Now push," he said, and I did,
slowly. I felt resistance. "You've got it," he said, "push harder." I
did, and felt the resistance give way and my cock slide into a kind of
warm, enclosing ring. "Doing fine!" he said, "Now, all the way!", and
I pushed forward until my groin was solidly against his buttocks. "Oh,
that feels great! Now just slide in and out -- not too fast -- and
don't fall out! Oh, that's delicious!" This was really different from
entering a cunt. While the soft inside was similar, his tight sphincter
rode my shaft with greatly heightened sensation.

Meanwhile Alan had got on the bed, reversed. His head was at Roger's
loins and I could see his prick wave briefly as it lowered toward
Roger's mouth. I felt envious of their sixty-nine, but resolved to get
all I could out of fucking Roger. His asshole enveloped my prick like a
perfectly shaped hand; my motion made it rub me from below the middle
right up to the corona, and I quickly learned what length of stroke gave
the greatest sensation. I lost myself in my rhythmic motion and the
building pleasure, just noticing toward the end a quick tightening of
the sphincter I was traversing, thinking it was a sign that something
was happening to Roger, when I came, beautifully and long. Roger's head
was still moving. My right arm was across his body and my hand, along
with his, was resting on Alan's butt. Suddenly I felt Alan's hips move
in little jerks and I knew that he was coming. Soon it quieted. My
soft prick had slipped out of Roger's ass and we just lay there for
several minutes, before finally separating.

I went to the bathroom and peeled off the greasy condom, full of sperm,
flushed it away. and washed my prick. Roger came in and wiped lubricant
off his ass with toilet paper and washed his hands. Alan, the architect
of all this, just lay on the bed looking pleased. "That was just
wonderful," said Roger. "I love your prick, Paul. It's just the right
size. And Alan, so is yours. It was so good to get filled up by you
guys. Pricks are the greatest invention in the world!"

We never did get dressed. Alan handed drinks around, several times, and
heated up some hors d'ouvres that we gobbled down. I was tired and
sleepy and didn't want to move, so that when Alan suggested I spend the
night there, I accepted. He apologized for having to get up early the
next morning: he had an appointment with a dean that he had not been
able to put off. The three of us returned to his big bed. Roger was
between Alan and myself. I fell asleep almost immediately, dimly aware
of Roger's hand curled around my soft penis.

We all woke when the alarm clock went off, but only Alan got up. Roger
and I lay dozing as he bustled about for a while, shouted "See you later
-- enjoy one another!", and left. I became aware of my standard
morning erection, and that it was touching Roger's backside. I grew
more alert when he rolled over and put his hand around it. "Oh my," he
said, "how nice! Paul, is that a piss hard, or a real one?" "It's
real," I answered, "and your hand feels good." "Well, we don't want to
waste it," he said. He moved his head close to mine and, in a low
voice, said "Paul, would you fuck me, please? You were so good last
night...I want you in me again. Please?"

Much better than a hand, I thought, and there's something special about
its just being the two of us. I said "Yes." "Oh, thank you!" he
answered, He reach out and picked up his little leather case. He opened
it, found a condom, and rolled it down my now quite stiff prick. As
before, he used his jar of lubricant on it, then slicked his own ass
with the help of the dildo. He did something more: with the jelly on
his fingers he greased the underside of his own stiff, bare penis, and
then leaned toward me and rubbed a streak of it up my belly, from my
crotch to my belly button. "What's that for?" I asked. "You'll see,"
he said, smiling.

Roger was on his back on the bed. He wriggled up until his head touched
the headboard, then raised his knees almost to his chest and spread his
legs apart. "O.K.," he said, "come on." "Like that?" I asked. "Yes,"
he said. "Missionary style is the best way for two guys to fuck." I
got between his legs and advanced. He put his hands on his ass cheeks
and pulled them apart, making his pinkish asshole an easy target, and I
moved up until the head of my prick nuzzled it. "Get it in, man!" he
ordered, and I pushed it in through that tight embrace until we were
fully joined and I could get no farther. "Lean on me!" was next. I
bent my body toward his, and felt the stiffness of his prick on my
belly. "Oh, good, he said. "Now go back and forth. I want your body
sliding over my prick. I want you in me and on me. I want you to love
me from both sides!" I felt his hands on my ass, pulling, then pushing,
setting a sweet rhythm. Then one hand went between my ass cheeks and a
lubricated finger slid into my asshole -- a strange feeling, but
pleasant. His sphincter was massaging my prick as my belly was stroking
his. We moved into one another, increasing the speed of the fucking
until I heard him groan "Oh, oh, oh!", his body twisted under me, his
sphincter tightened and in moments brought me to the height of a long,
delicious climax.

We lay there quite a while recovering. When I lifted myself from his
limp body I saw a line of sperm running from his belly to his chest and
found my chest wet with it, too. When he saw that he wriggled down and
licked me until it was gone. Finally we went to the bathroom and
cleaned up. Still naked, we went to Alan's kitchen and found orange
juice, bread, ham, eggs, and coffee, and made ourselves a fine
breakfast. Roger talked at some length about how good male fucking was.

"I love every bit of it," he said. "If you're really into it, you start
by kissing, and licking: your partner's lips, his nipples, his balls,
and best of all, his prick, and make sure it's good and hard. Then you
lubricate his prick and your asshole, and the thrills start. He presses
the head against you and starts sliding in. It doesn'nt hurt a bit if
you're relaxed. You can push down as if you're about to shit; it opens
you up, and he enters. What a feeling! You're opening up, being
filled, that cock slides in, presses your prostate, and goes right to
your center. And when he starts fucking, you're mounting the stairway
to heaven. Lubricate your finger and put it in his asshole. His belly
should be rubbing the underside of your prick, too, You'll come anyway,
but that makes it far better. When you're getting close you can tighten
your sphincter to make him come faster. Grab his ass and help him move.
It's great when you both come at the same time. If you're bareback
you'll feel his jizz shoot, and yours will coat the two of you. When
it's over, you'll know you had the finest experience of your whole

He smiled at me, saying, "I'm talking about being a bottom, which is the
best. But I don't mind being a top if my partner needs it. And...how
about you? Wouldn't you like to try it? I'd love to show you how
wonderful it is."

His talk certainly excited my curiosity, but I wasn't ready. If he had
asked me to suck him off I would have, but I'd really had enough sex for
the moment. So we exhanged compliments on what we had accomplished, I
got dressed, and left.

On my way back to my dorm my mind was full of all that I had learned in
the past few weeks. What was I going to do with it?