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A Beautiful Friendship - Gay Sex Stories

Gay Sex Stories presents "A Beautiful Friendship"

Oil Can was the name he went by. I think very few of his friends knew his real name. I was one of the few. Robert Elliott Griswald III didn't fit him, but Oil Can was the perfect name for him, He was a smooth, oily, dangerous if heated and yet necessary. He was a local marijuana king-pin. I don't know how or where he grew the stuff, but grow it he did and it was some of the best shit around. At the time I was a 20-year old college student who was paying his way through school by providing his fellow students with good dope at a good price. I am also gay, but at that time I
was in the closet to everyone who I didn't have sex with. Nobody ever caught on because I was a bit avant garde and any telltale trait was missed among other eccentricities, beside the guy with the good dope is everyone's friend.

Back to Oil Can. He was 13 years older than me and not the most physically beautiful man in the world, but he was definitely one of the sexiest human beings I'd ever laid eyes on. He was tall and sinewy. At 6'2" he weighed only 175 lbs. but he wasn't skinny, he was all toned muscles. Not the bulging kind, but the guy could have been a model in an anatomy class discussing the muscle structure of the human body. He had thick, shoulder-length honey blond hair, bright blue eyes and the longest, thickest lashes I've ever seen on a man. When he looked you right in the eyes you couldn't help but think you'd just had a sexual act performed on you. Add the fact that no matter what subject you discussed with him, he managed to seamlessly bring the conversation around to raw sex.

I know for a fact that he fucked women with the same routine as most men change underwear, though from what I'd seen for myself rarely did he fuck any one woman on more than one occasion. I'm not sure if that was his choice or theirs but I suspect the former. I don't think he trusted women enough to let one too far into his life. I've no doubt that with his sexual magnetism he had very little trouble luring willing partners into his bed. He did mention on more than several occasions that he had to cum a minimum of three time a day and that he availed himself of whatever was available to get off, even if it was only his hand (though he made a point
of saying that wasn't too often).

Now while I'm gay, up to that point I'd only had sex with about 5 people, 4 guys and 1 girl. The girl was first and after that I knew what I wanted. Any way even though I'd only had sex with other gay guys my own age I found myself fantasizing about having sex with Oil Can, about him having hot, passionate sex with me. That it was never going to happen soon took away some of the thrill. Still I'd worked myself up over him enough not to let go. It struck me that I could just give him a blow job. I talked myself into believing that if a pussy wasn't handy that he'd pick my mouth over his hand. That seemed a more realistic possibility so my daily masturbatory session continued to feature my obsession of having sexual contact with Oil Can, even if only one-sided. Of course at the time I didn't have anywhere near the balls to proposition him and in the back of
my mind there was this nagging feeling that servicing a straight guy who would never return the favor in any way was kind of cheap and sleazy. Though that didn't stop me from spewing gallons of cum thinking about it.

Then fate took over. I was scheduled to pick up a K brick (the smallest quantity he'd deal in) from Oil Can on Thursday evening. A long weekend was coming and I wanted to be ready for my customer's recreational needs. Things got a little fucked up and I couldn't get over to his place
that evening. I called and he told me not to sweat it, that I could pick it up the following day as he had no plans to be away from home.

I told him I'd likely be there shortly after noon as I only had morning
classes on Friday. The next morning I had second thoughts. I not only had
to pick up the delivery, I had to weight it out and bag it and that would
take too long as most of my customers would want to get off campus before
dark and would need their orders ready earlier. I decided to blow off my
classes and pick up the dope right away so that I'd be ready on time.

I took a quick shower, dressed and headed out to the parking lot, deciding
to skip breakfast. It was just before eight when I pulled up in front of
Oil Can's place. He lives at the end of a sparsely populated cul-de-sac. A
screened-in front porch ran the length of the front of the house and as I
approached the screened door I could see that the front door was wide open.

I shouted through the screen, "Oil Can it's Teddy."

"Come on in." A shout came from deep within the house.

I opened the door, walked across the porch and through the front door into
the living room. Oil Can wasn't anywhere to been seen.

"Where are you?" I said loudly without shouting.

"I'm in my bedroom, come on back."

I knew that he often kept K bricks under his bed and just assumed that he
was there getting my order. I walked down the hall toward his room at the
very end. I walked through the door and saw the most unexpected sight I
think I'd ever seen. There was Oil Can, bone naked, his torso propped up
against the headboard by three pillows and his right hand slowly stroking
easily the most beautiful and sexy cock I'd ever seen or even imagined.

He didn't even glance over at me, his eyes remained fixed on the television
screen silently playing a porno flick of some woman sucking the head of an
impossibly large, thick cock. While his eyes remained on the screened
action mine were glued to the slab of meat his right hand was caressing. It
was about 7 inches, perfectly shaped and ramrod straight. It was so thick
that his large hand just barely managed to encase it in its fisted
grasp. Any pretense that I might have entertained on being above servicing
a straight man's cock melted in the growing heat of lust that was firing in
the midst of my groin. I'm not sure how long I just stood there staring or
what I must have looked like doing so, but the sound of his voice brought
me out of my daze.

"What's the matter, never seen a guy jacking off before?" He said as he
turned his face fully toward me. The expression that crossed his face
revealed that he recognized the truth. His next words confirmed it.

"No, that's not it. I've seen that look before. You want it. I'll be
fucked; my little buddy is a pole smoker. Well shit, man, this is too
good. Get over here and take care of me. Like they said in Casablanca I
think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

He released his grasp on his cock and it smacked back against his flat
stomach, he scooted down lower on the bed and spread his legs open. "Get
yourself comfortable, then climb aboard," he nodded toward the space
between his legs, "I have what you want and I'm more than ready to give it
to you."

I couldn't have been dissuaded from what I was about to do if every guy on
my dorm floor had suddenly materialized in that room. I kicked off my
sandals, dropped my short where I stood and having gone commando that
morning stood there sporting only my tee-shirt and a six-inch hard on. I
walked to the foot of the bed, climbed on and knelt between his legs.

He looked me straight in the eyes and I became his willing sex
slave. "Start by licking my balls, work `em real good, get `em hot, wet and
tight. Then move up to my shaft and use your tongue to get it good and wet,
lick it up and down and coat it with your spit and my pre-cum. I'll let you
know when I want you to take it in your mouth. Take it down to the root and
then slowly start going up and down, using you tongue and lips all over
it. Run your tongue over the head and then slowly go back down. Keep that
going, up and down real slow. When I'm ready I'll take over and take us to
and through the final act." With that he pushed his head back into the
pillows and closed his eyes.

I lowered my head into his crotch and pushed my face into his ball sac. It
was obvious he'd showered before going to bed, but a light musk had built
over the night and been added to by his self-stimulatory action moments
earlier. It perfumed his pubes and sent me into sexual ecstasy. I nuzzled
my nose against his balls and took in the delicious scent. Instinctively my
tongue came out of my mouth and I began to lave the crinkled skin. I wanted
to take both orbs into my warm mouth, but their size limited me to one at a
time. I must have been doing it right because I could hear quiet moans
coming from above my head. I must have worked on his balls for a good
fifteen minutes. I was only my hunger for his cock that forced me away from

I slid my tongue up over his balls until I made contact with the base of
his shaft. I balanced myself and then brought my right hand up to take hold
of his cock pulling it up off his stomach and toward my face. I slowly
licked my way up the entire thick seven inches until my tongue was at the
ridge of his cut head.

Pre-cum was bubbling out of his piss slit like a broken water fountain and
I lapped it up like the nectar it was. I approached his shaft from the side
taking it between my lips, sliding up, down and around using my tongue to
tease the taut skin and capture the streams of man juice that were running
down. The quiet moans became less quiet. I couldn't take much more; I
hungered to have this incredible piece of man meat in my hot mouth and was
thinking about taking it right down my throat with or without his
permission. Apparently my needs meshed with his because I heard him say,
"take me now,' with as much urgency in his voice as I was feeling.

I didn't have to be told twice. I ran my mouth up his shaft, capped his
head in my mouth and in one very quick movement swallowed his cock down to
his pubes. I felt his head stretch its entrance into my throat and I was in
total bliss, a fantasy come to life. Then I hear him hiss out,
"S-L-O-O-O-W, or this won't last long and I want it to last as long as

I forced myself to comply though what I really wanted to do was to go crazy
on him until I forced him to feed me what I knew was going to be a hot,
thick load. I went up and down as slowly as I could make myself go. I made
exquisite love to that beautiful cock with my lips, tongue and throat
muscles. I did for him what I would want someone to do to me and before
long I was really into it. He was groaning, filling the room with the
sounds of his pleasure. His groans and this interesting new desire to
provide total satisfaction while at the same time entering what seemed like
a different plain of sexual awareness and I could have gone on with this
for hours. As it was I don't think it was more than twenty minutes.

Suddenly he took my head in his two strong hands and pulled it into his
cock while at the same time he began to pump into my mouth. "Relax your
mouth and throat, but keep your lips tight around me," he instructed. I
complied. He was in control and I loved it.

"YEAH!!! Won't be long now. Oh fuck you are one great cocksucker. I want
you to take it all and swallow it down for me. You hear me?"

I nodded my head and mumbled my agreement...

"Good. Get ready `cause I'm gonna dump a fuckin' truck load of cum right
down that fuckin' throat of yours. OH FUCK!!! Gettin' real fuckin'
close. Remember fuckin' swallow every drop, don't waste none. OH SHIT, get

I felt his cock shudder and throb, it swelled between my lips and then:

"OH FUCKIN" SWEET JESUS, urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

ONE, TWO, THREE blasts and globs of thick cum flooded my mouth. I felt the
throbs of about a dozen more but their power was drowned out in those that
had cum before and filled me up. I had to swallow fast several time in
order to not allow any to escape my mouth. I didn't want to let him out of
my mouth until I was certain I'd capture every tiny drop that could be
milked from him. He was writhing on the bed and from the first roar with
the first blast he'd quieted down to an almost childish whimper. I didn't
release him until he'd gone completely limp in my mouth and he seemed to
enjoy the post-orgasm ministration I gave him gently nursing on his
softening prick. Finally I sat up and was suddenly aware of my own rampant
cock. I had to have relief of my own and didn't much care if he liked it or

I fisted my cock and began pumping it like only a man in real need must. He
grinned up at me, watching what I was doing and said, "Go for it. You can
spray it all over my cock and balls if that'll get you off better."

That was all I needed. Two or three strokes more and I was indeed spraying
a thick coating of my own load all over his exhausted cock and balls. Like
he said it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

More of the friendship to follow, if you want.

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