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Gay Sex Stories - A Wish or A Dream?

Gay Sex Stories presents "A Wish or A Dream?".

I lean back in my swivel chair, the one with the brown upholstery and the faulty spring that can tilt the chair to my right and dump me out onto the floor. The sun shines in through the window. It is an unusual day because we don’t get much sun here in Ireland. Usually it is cold and damp, with grey skies and blacktop roads all slicked up and greasy. That’s why we Irish like to spend much of our free time in pubs, because its dry and there is usually good fun, interesting conversation and sometimes, if we are lucky, someone has brought along a fiddle or a squeeze box and will play music. Man, when that happens, nobody wants to go home.

Today however, is different. The sun is shining and at 2.45 in the afternoon, all is quiet and its getting sleepy. The phones have stopped ringing and people are thinking of slipping off for the afternoon. Hell, today is probably our summer!

I put my feet up on the little mahogany table, lean back and shut my eyes. This is a stolen moment of pleasure and the guilt sets my senses on full alert, just like when I was a schoolboy, doing things that I shouldn’t and usually getting caught. I remembered with a smile the time on a muggy Wednesday afternoon, when we had the afternoon off. I was feeling really horny and decided to head into the woods and run wild for a while. I had done this a couple of times and the thrill of it kept me sane in that awful place. So, after the usual gourmet lunch of cold greasy beef, complete with large gobs of yellow fat, salted potatoes and cold carrots, I headed off on my own and furtively sneaked into the woods.

I followed a path for a while and then turned left from it, into the darker, denser quietness of the wood until I came to the little clearing I had visited before. I skirted along this until I was sure I was alone, then I began taking off my clothes. Its amazing how much cooler it feels when you are naked in the open air. Maybe because there is the added danger of being caught and the adrenaline, mixed with the lust of having a hard-on in the open, adds to the sensations that run through you. Anyway, naked except for my shoes, I piled my clothes together and headed off on my hunt. I was the satyr of the forest, my cock slapping against my lean stomach. Sixteen and rampant. Man, I felt alive!

I trotted through the trees, getting as near as I dared to the paths and diving behind trees or bushes whenever I thought I heard someone. The closest I came to actually seeing anyone was when the local horse-riding club rode along one of the paths. The sound of the horses was so loud that I had loads of time to hide, so much so that I crawled into a bush beside the path and started wanking my wonderful buddy in anticipation of their arrival. If only they knew a naked sixteen-year-old guy was so close to them, wanking as though his life depended on it as they, and their horses huffed laboriously and noisily through those peaceful woods. They had just passed out of sight when I shot my load, all over my chest, face and hands. I lay back, spent and calm, feeling slightly foolish and a bit embarrassed. What the hell would I do if I were caught now? After a few moments I decided to move. I didn’t feel horny now, just conscious that I was naked around so many bugs and possible spies that could make life at this dump of a school worse than it already was. Moving slowly, I rose and, in a crouched position, headed back toward the clearing.

I hadn’t realised I had travelled so far and started to jog. The run warmed me and the sensation of my flaccid cock knocking against each thigh soon had me hard again and my spirits definitely improved. I could see the clearing in the distance and debated whether to prolong my adventure and maybe have another quiet wank. I decided to find my clothes first and to decide then.

Major panic! My clothes were gone! The sudden fear of being caught killed my boner instantly. I ran around that clearing, searching, my mind filling with panic as illogical images of me living the rest of my life in that wood, naked, too afraid to leave it in case anyone saw me.

I spotted my tie, suspended from a branch. It must have been placed there because it was too high to have fallen there. I plucked it from the tree and looked around to see if the rest of my stuff was there. Something white stood out against the gloom of a darker and colder part of the wood. It was my shirt. I hadn’t gone here before because it looked more forbidding, almost evil in fact. I made my way to it and was about to pull it on when I noticed the remnants of sperm on the back of my hand and on my chest and stomach. I didn’t want any tell tale marks on my clothes as evidence of my terrible deeds so I licked my hand clean and flicked most of the excess from my torso with my thumb. At that stage in my life, I was fairly sure I was the only person in all of Ireland that wanked, ever!

With my shirt on but unbuttoned, I began looking further for the rest of my clothes. In the deepest darkness ahead of me, I thought I heard a groan. I froze solid, my body tingling from head to toe, like a fawn, ready to run forever at the first sign of danger. The low moan sounded again, so low in fact that far from taking flight, I approached cautiously thinking help might be needed.

Help was indeed needed, for as I crawled quietly, half-naked, through several layers of thick laurel, I came into a clearing surrounded by majestic beech trees and thick laurel. It was completely enclosed but large enough to allow the sunlight through to the soft grass and clover covering. Daises, rhododendron and wild flowers were in full bloom in this haven, and so was the outline of Willie Onwu, a Nigerian guy in my year, but not in my class. Tall, dark and very, very naked, Willie was on his back, my clothes all around him, his massive cock in his hand, his eyes shut and he was wanking in sheer ecstasy.

I was stunned. So, I wasn’t the only one! And he looked HOT! My cock turned to rigid steel as I watched him. I started stroking it gently. It was so hard it was more sensitive than usual, and I groaned with pleasure. Suddenly, Willie was up and staring at me.

“What the fuck are you doin’ man?” he demanded.

“I just came to collect my clothes,” I replied with a grin, nodding at the bundle behind him.

“You came all right. That much I can see for myself.” He pointed to my head and I involuntarily ran my hand over my hair and face. More spunk! I had forgotten to clean myself properly. I blushed.

“Here, let me,” he offered.

He pulled a tuft of grass and stooping, began wiping down my head. As I bent forward to allow him examine the back of my skull, his huge cock, still erect, brushed the underside of my nose. I licked my lips and the tip of my tongue caressed the tip of him. We both jumped as though an electric shock had run through us.
He laughed in his deep soft way, a real gentle rumble from deep within his chest.

“Wow! Hey man, I wasn’t ready for that, but it sure felt good,” he laughed. “I didn’t know you were into men. Have you ever had sex before?” he asked, his eyes sparkling with a mixture of humour and lust.

“Eh, I’m not and no, I haven’t. Why?” I asked, somewhat defensively.

He looked at me and grinned, then taking my hand, he placed it on his hot hard cock.

“Are you sure?” he asked with a really sexy grin. “I mean, are you really sure you don’t want some of this, because you look good enough to eat!” he said, his eyes roving over me, sizing me up.

I hesitated. I didn’t know whether to be happy or afraid. What if we were caught! It didn’t bear thinking about.

“It’s cool,” he assured me. “Just relax and lets play with each other. If you like it, great, and if you want to stop, just say so. Nobody will find out, so what have you to loose?”

I could feel my cock get harder and the feel of his cock was so exciting. This was pure magic. Willie had a beautiful body. Tall, rounded, muscular, strong and healthy looking, with a cock that would make any red blooded man envious. Yep, I wanted him all right and I wanted to have sex with him. My cock felt as though it would explode with desire.

With his wonderful cock still in my hand, I stood up and looked into his handsome face and grinned.

“OK” I said, “lets play.”

He leaned toward me and, taking my cock in his hand, he kissed me on the lips. It was really strange. The thrill of someone other than yourself holding your cock was wonderful and new, while on the other hand the feel of soft sensuous lips surrounded by invisible stubble sent conflicting signals to my brain. But, I persevered, as all true pioneers must. My left hand ran down his long, lean back and onto his buttocks. Again, I was surprised that such a muscular man could feel so soft, and that his bum was so cool. Strange, but very nice! I was starting to really enjoy myself.

We came up for air after a complete internal oral examination with our tongues. His teeth felt so smooth and hard, a bit like him really. We pressed our cocks together, then pointed them at each other’s crotches. His was at least two inches longer than my seven inches but it was the contract in colour that really got us laughing. Mine was so pale compared to his.

“You ever been fucked?” he asked.

“No, I told you I’ve never had sex with anyone. How about you?” I was curious.

“No, never, but I’d love to try it. How about you?”

“Sure,” I shrugged, “lets do it, what do we do?”

“First, I’ve gotta do this!” he said, dropping to his knees.

I gasped as he took my cock in his hand and gently guided me into his warm wet mouth. Jesus! That was fantastic. It was so soft and wet and as my cock disappeared down his throat. As it re-appeared, he began to suck and, after he did this a couple of times, I could feel that tingle start in the base of my feet. He began to rock a little faster and I began to thrust into his face harder, and that wonderful tingle began to spread up through the back of my calf muscles, past my knees and into the inside of my thighs. In a few moments my balls felt wrapped in a cushion of electricity and I felt a sudden burst of heat as his palm cupped them. The tingle immediately turned to shock and shot up through my spine, snapping my head back and my mouth open so that my cry of passionate release shot skyward as I shot my load of cum deep into his wonderful mouth. I was gripping his head, in a spasm of ecstasy, braying like a fool, dancing in heaven, when his strong arms forced me to release him.

“Oh my sweet fucking God!” I gasped, dropping to my knees to face him. “That was fucking unbelievable.”

He grinned with his lovely large white teeth, and I leaned forward and kissed him. He tasted of man and sperm and I licked his chin before kissing him with the passion of a true lover.

“Thank you,” I whispered. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

He stood and faced me. “You want to try?”

His cock looked gigantic, and I was feeling a little turned off. I usually felt this way after an orgasm and would need time to get going, or so I thought. Because this made me feel somewhat guilty, I mean, this man had made me feel so good just a moment before that I felt I would have done anything for him, I knew I couldn’t stop now.

Taking him in my hand, I noticed my thumb barely met my forefinger, his cock was so thick. I stared at it. I had never examined another man’s cock before and this was a good opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. I began to slowly masturbate him, watching with fascination as my fist drew his foreskin over the helmet shape of his glans. I became aware of every ridge and bump as my fist passed over them. This was certainly a masterpiece, a thing of great beauty. A few moments of this stroking produced a steady flow of clear pre-cum. As I loved to lick my own pre-cum so I began to lick his and, in the process, found I was licking his cock as though it were an iced lolly. A hot one! This made me giddy and I laughed a little. The encouraging tousling of my hair from his hand filled me with a sense of wellbeing and love. I looked up at his face and gave his cock a long slow lick, taking all the sweet pre-cum into my mouth.

“Mmmm, Willies lolly, you just can’t lick anything better!” I murmured, without breaking eye contact.

He grinned at me and I took him into my mouth. He was massive. What ensued though filled me with panic. He started to thrust and I started to choke. I tried to keep him from going down my throat, to stop myself from gagging on him and to try to get my teeth out of his way. I quickly learned to grab the wild beast with two fists, thus ensuring only so much of him could get into my mouth. The gagging eased, although by now he was covered in thick spittle from my throat. I just couldn’t get my teeth out of his way and was afraid I was hurting him, and so was failing to be a good lover. Suddenly, he was out of my mouth and I felt his strong arms lift me and turn me over. With my hands on my knees, and my ass facing him, I felt the bluntness of his cock against me. I could feel the pressure on my ass, but nothing was happening. I looked back and saw the size of him and knew that would never fit into me.

“It won’t fit,” I said, somewhat disappointed.

“We’ll see,” He said with determination.

Leaning forward, he dribbled into the crack in my ass. Then, kneeling behind me, he started to lick my asshole, pressing his tongue deep into me. It felt fantastic and I felt on fire. He jumped up and bracing himself behind me using his hands on my hips as a lever, he slowly forced that monstrous cock into me. The pain was something else. I really thought he was going to split me open. But he stopped every few moments, asking me if I was okay and, as the pain eased to discomfort, I nodded my assent and he continued to ride me. After a few minutes, he began to fuck me slowly, gently easing me up and down his shaft. My ass felt as if it had a brick in it, and I was afraid something awful would happen. But this man kept at it. After what seemed like an age, I could feel his balls slapping into me and looking back I saw him grin.

“I told you” he said, “all the way! You’ve got a lovely tight ass and I love fucking it. Mmmm, I could really get used to this,” he murmured, fucking me slowly with his eyes shut and obviously in ecstasy. “Now, I want you to roll over onto your back without coming off me, okay!”

“I’ll try,” I grunted.

We manoeuvred each other into place until I could feel the cool clover against by back and this big black man between my thighs with his cock way up my ass. He leaned over me and kissed me.

“Better get ready, ‘cos ‘til now I’ve been going easy with you!” he said.

“I’m ready,” I said, not sure if I really was but determined to be, if I could.

He held my legs by the back of my calves and pushing them toward my head, he raised my ass to allow himself a better angle to fuck me. Then, like those gigantic steam engines in the old movies, he began thrusting slowly into me, gaining momentum with each thrust until he was fucking me furiously. He drove his entire nine inch cock fully up into my ass, then whipped it out until only his cock head remained inside me then repeated this with another thrust of his full cock, faster and faster. My ass was numb from the pounding he was giving it. I watched his face. His expression changed from sheer concentration to sheer pleasure to sheer bliss. My cock was hard again and I started wanking just watching him. In a couple of minutes, I shot another load all over my stomach and when Willie saw that, he whooped and roared and all I felt was my ass suddenly getting wetter as he shot his load deep inside me. He gave a few more deep thrusts as his body spasmed to the conclusion of his orgasm.

We lay together for another half-hour or so, kissing and nibbling each other lovingly. That was a very special day for me and it looked like the start of some good times ahead. We dressed and made our way slowly back to school with Willie promising that the next time, I could fuck him, provided I could give him a proper blowjob.

All hell broke loose when we got into school. Jeremy Whittler, a jerk whose daddy was on the Board of Governors, claimed that someone had broken into his locker and stolen his gold Rolex with the diamonds around its face. He said Willie was to blame and without much ado, Willie, my lover, was expelled after a few days investigation. I never even got the chance to say goodbye. I did get the chance however, to whip Jeremy Whittler’s ass any time I could.

“Ahem! Eh, Mr. Flynn!”

I jolted upright. My foot caught the side of the table and the damn swivel chair kicked and threw me onto the floor.

“Jesus Margaret! What the hell are you doing? Sneaking up on me like that. A guy could get a heart attack!” I complained to my secretary as she stood in the doorway looking at me.

“Well sorry! But I couldn’t get your attention. But I can see you were clearly otherwise engaged!” she said staring at my crotch.

I looked down and saw with horror that my cock was both erect and exposed.

“Shit, eh sorry Margaret,” I muttered going crimson with embarrassment.

“Seen one, seen ‘em all,” she said with some satisfaction. “By the way, your wife’s on the ‘phone.”

I was going to challenge her assumption about all cocks being the same but decided I was over exposed as it was so I just picked up the phone to Ann.

Before I had a chance to say a word, she launched in.

“Frank, you know I’m meeting the bridge club at seven, and the children are away, so you’ll have to fend for yourself this evening, OK? By the way, some man named Onwu said he was in town this evening and had some unfinished business he wanted to finalise with you. He’s staying at the Clarion and I told him you’d give him a call. Gotta run, bye!” She rang off without my getting a chance to say one word, but boy, was that ever the best message I had ever received.

I picked up the phone and dialled.

“Hotel Clarion, good afternoon, how may I be of assistance……….”

SIP Protocol Fuzz Testing

Fuzzing is a black-box testing technique heavily leveraged to discover flaws in software and protocol implementations. There are several tools that exist today to help a security tester automate or allow crafting fuzz test cases.

I have used open-source tools like WebScarab, some commercial ones and the proprietary ones for several years for testing web applications. In between had chance to fuzz test standalone applications and Internet browser clients as well.

Recently I had an opportunity to fuzz test VoIP applications and servers. This is when I came across this interesting project called PROTOS. It provides test suites for testing several protocol implementations. The ones that I found interesting due to my subject knowledge were SIP, HTTP-REPLY and LDAP. Nevertheless it provides test suite for DNS and several others.

PROTOS Test-Suite: c07-sip
has been accredited for discovering flaws in several open-source and commercial SIP protocol implementations ranging from Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel to IPTel. It contains 4527 tests. I used this test suite to test SIP Express Router (SER) and Asterisk both open-source SIP proxy implementations. I could successfully reproduce the CERT advisory CA-2003-06 for SER’s vulnerable SIP implementation version. The c07-sip test suite crashed SER within the first 10 tests leveraging a format string attack. The screenshots below highlight the status of SER before and after the attack.

Tests conducted on the latest version of SER and Asterisk did not bring up any security issues. Nevertheless great but this test suite should not be considered comprehensive in itself as it only tests a subset of SIP methods, namely INVITE messages. For a comprehensive test some commercial solution like Codenomicon or MuDynamics probably would be a better bet. I haven’t used both of these thus far so I can’t really ascertain their value. Codenomicon had sponsored the PROTOS project with their testing framework so quite likely they would be good as well.

At the end of the day, lack of coverage doesn’t undermine the importance of PROTOS suite in any manner. It is base minimum that a related protocol implementation must pass!