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A New Start - Gay Sex Stories

Gay Sex Stories presents "A New Start".

Junior year was the best year of my life so far. Although I continued as treasurer, a job nobody wanted, I was able to move into one of the few single rooms in the fraternity house. Mine was much less grand than the president's quarters, but at least it had a private bath en suite. That was a plus for me, not because I had any problem taking showers with the brothers, but because it allowed me to use my douche kit when I felt the need. Todd, of course, had the presidential suite. Spence and the new pledge master, Will Bigelow, shared what had been Todd's and my room.

Todd and I remained good friends. He was busy with his chapter duties, but he'd stop by my room sometimes and we'd have a long talk. Or he'd invite me up to his room for a beer and conversation. He was my best friend on campus. And he was as good as his word. I was never hassled by anyone about sex. There may have been rumors around the house about what was going on the previous year between Jake and me, but no one ever said anything to me about it.

Hank and I continued to get together at his apartment for sex from time to time, and now that I was in a single, I could use my toys as necessary. I continued to date occasionally, partly because I enjoyed women's company and partly for my reputation. I even had sex from time to time. Oh, I should have said that Mel wasn't home that summer between sophomore and junior year, and her mother told me she was pinned to some guy from MIT.

Matt and I exchanged emails about once a month. He was always very busy, especially during football season because he was playing first string for the Cavaliers, but he was also a bit distant. I don't know whether our friendship was totally blown by what he and the others did or not. I'd told him I'd forgiven him for his part in it. `Oh, well,' I thought. `He's got his life in Charlottesville, and I've got mine here. It's probably natural that we'd drift apart.'

As I said, that was a good year. I knew I wanted to do graduate work and get an MBA, but the more I thought about it, the more I found the academic life attractive. Maybe after grad school I'd look for a teaching job. I thought it might be less pressured, less cutthroat than life in the "real" world.

I should mention that I didn't see Kevin Briggs again after that episode with Leo. I heard he got a job after graduating from Purdue and was working somewhere on the East Coast. I did see Leo occasionally when I was at home. Those were always awkward moments. We'd say hello and ask about each other's parents, but then he seemed as eager as I to move on.

If my junior year had been a halcyon period, senior year was just the opposite.

I arrived back on campus to start my last year as an undergraduate full of optimism. I was also pretty horny. There hadn't been any girls around, or, for that matter, any guys either. So it was just my hand and my toys.

I had the same room in the Alpha house I'd had the year before. Spence had moved into the president's suite. Clark Brown, the new vice president, and a buddy of his, Lee Garrison, were in the room I had shared with Todd sophomore year.

It was just after 8:00 PM about midway through the first week of classes that there was a knock on my door. I invited whoever it was to come in. I was at my pc and wanted to save what I was working on, so I hadn't gone to the door.

"Thom Benson. You and I went through pledging and initiation together. We've known each other for three years. And I'd never have guessed you were queer."

I recognized the voice and when I turned, sure enough, it was Spence.

"Um, what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about an interesting email I got from Jake Evans. He told me some things about you and attached some very interesting pictures."

My stomach sank. I'd thought all of that was behind me. And I'd naively thought Jake was being honest when he told Todd he hadn't kept any of the pictures of me.


"Yeah. And I think you know what ones. Look, I have some things to do. Why don't you come to my room about 11:00 and we'll talk about them."

It wasn't a request.

When I got there, he pointed toward his computer, where there was a slideshow going. All of the pictures were of me. Some of them were stills I was familiar with. Others were still captures from the videos that I had destroyed the previous spring. Either Jake had kept copies of them, or he'd taken off a bunch of still shots before giving them to Todd.

"Thom, you really are a slut."

"Spence, I was blackmailed into doing all of that."

"Yeah, right. Jake says you really liked taking it up the ass, that you couldn't keep quiet whenever he porked you. He also says you give a great blowjob. I can't help wondering what you and your good buddy Todd were getting up to all that year. And last year."

"We didn't. Todd's straight."

"Yeah, that's what Jake said, too. But you two did seem to be awfully tight."

"We're good friends, but, as I said, Todd's as straight as they come." I didn't tell him how often I had wished that weren't so.

"Whatever. But now I've got the pics. And I've got you by the balls, don't I?"

I gave him a steely glare. "Explain that." If he hadn't been six inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than me, I might have lit into him. I'm not by nature a violent guy, but I'd really had it by this point. I'd expected all that shit was behind me, and here it was again.

"Jake told me ways to use those pictures to make things pretty fucking bad for you, Thom. Just think of all the people you don't want to see them."

I'd thought about coming out. That would simplify some things. But even if I told my parents I was bisexual, I would never want them to see those pictures. A lot of students, men and women, were out on our campus, and there was a thriving gay/lesbian organization. It was the really nasty, graphic nature of those pictures that I wouldn't want people to see. Especially, as Jake had said two years earlier, my major professors at State or the admissions committee at whatever grad school I applied to.

"Spence, we're fraternity brothers. Doesn't that mean anything to you? So what if you've been handed some power over me? That doesn't mean you have to use it." I reached for something at that point. "A gentleman wouldn't."

He actually seemed to be thinking about that. "I've watched you for the last two years. You seemed to be tight with the chapter officers, first Jake and then Todd. Everybody likes you. You look great. You get top grades. You just seemed to have it all. I think if you had wanted to, you could have been living in this room right now as chapter president. And all that time, you were gay. Brotherhood? Nah. I'm gonna have some fun with you, Benson. And you can start by taking off your clothes. I wanna see what sort of cocksucking pussyboy I've got."

"Okay," I said as I pulled off my tee. "But just so we're clear. You've got me by the short and curlies, and that's the only reason I'm doing this. I never knew what a slimy bastard you are. If the brothers knew what kind of guy you are, you wouldn't be living in this room right now."

He chuckled. "Drop the khakis, Benson. If the brothers knew what kind of a slut you are, they'd be lined up outside the door."

As I stepped out of my khakis and bent to unfasten my sandals, Spence was taking off his clothes. If he wanted to just get a blowjob or fuck me, I didn't know why he'd have to get naked. I wondered for a moment if he was gay. That would have been an interesting development.

When he knelt beside his bed and stretched his torso over it, I wondered briefly if he was about to ask me to fuck him.

"I've always wanted somebody to rim me, and no girl has ever been willing to do that. So, you get the honor. Oh, and so you won't think I'm a total slob, I took a shower a while ago."

The only person I'd ever rimmed was Hank, and, frankly, I'd enjoyed it. He had a cute, tight ass, and he was always clean. Maybe there was some connection between loving to have anything from a finger to a dildo to a dick up my ass and finding other guy's buns attractive. Whatever it was, I knelt, put a hand on each of his cheeks, and began to lick them.

"Oh, shit! I can't believe you're doing that, but it's nice."

It wasn't that I particularly wanted to make him feel good. I'd have bitten off his balls if I could have gotten away with it. But I remembered something a high school teacher used to like to say. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." I thought, "Any ass worth licking is worth licking well." Besides, even if the ass belonged to a guy I was beginning to hate, it was a nice ass, firm, muscular, and lightly hairy.

He smelled clean, like shower soap. As I lapped closer to his crack, I smelled a slight male scent. There was a bit of curly brown hair in his crack, and that too smelled somewhat of soap and somewhat of man. As I began to lick up and down his crack, he wiggled his butt and said, "Jesus, I can't believe no one has ever done that to me before! That's fuckin' unbelievable. Now, find my hole, buttmuncher."

There was that trash talk again. I might not have minded what I was doing if I had been doing it voluntarily and he'd been grateful. I pulled away.

"What the fuck? Why did you stop?"

"Look, asshole, I'm not doing this because I love you. But there's no reason for you to be so goddamned insulting about it. I am a human being. I'm an Alpha brother, for Christ's sake. Do you have to call me names?"

"Oh, shut up. You know you fags love this kind of thing. Now, lick my butthole, queerboy."

So I licked his hole. He enjoyed it. He couldn't keep quiet, seeming to need to call me names while he reveled in what I was doing.

Finally, he made me stop.

"Okay. Get on the bed. Jake says it's better to use lube. Hang on.

I climbed on the bed and got into the doggie position. I didn't want to watch him while he fucked me. Soon he drizzled some lube onto my crack and rubbed it up and down. Then I felt the bed shaking gently as he put lube on his cock.

Pretty sure what was about to happen, I'd used a dildo to loosen up my sphincter after I'd had my shower that evening. It's a good thing I did, for Spence didn't mess around with foreplay. As with Jake, this was all about him. He hit my nut several times, enough to get me hard, but not enough to satisfy me before he came.

When he was done, he slapped my ass. "Cool! It's gonna be handy having you available, Benson. My own resident pussy. I'm between women right now, so you'll need to keep your evenings open. Now, grab your shit and get out. I'm ready to crash."

When I got back to my room, I got out of my clothes, gargled with mouthwash, and fell into bed, where I grabbed my cock. I thought what a pity it was a hunk like Spence and I couldn't be lovers instead of master and slave. I could have made him feel really good, and he could have done the same for me. That would have been so much better than what had just happened. Except, of course, that he was such a mean-spirited jerk.

I jacked myself off thinking of Hank. And Todd. And Matt. I wondered if Matty had a boyfriend, whether UVA was expected to have a good football season, where he was planning to go to grad school. I came all over my belly. Instead of cleaning it up, I rubbed it into my abs, rolled over, and went to sleep. It wasn't going to be the kind of year I'd been hoping for.

As time passed, Spence was using me on average about four times a week. Sometimes he just wanted a blowjob. When that was the case, he'd open the front of his pants and push them and his underwear down to his knees. He didn't even make me undress. Most of the time, though, we both got naked because he wanted me to rim him and then he'd fuck me. Always doggie style. Always to please him, no matter what I might have wanted.

I had to plan my study schedule and my social life, such as it was, around being available at about 11:00 each night in case Spence wanted me.

Early in November, though, Spence told me I'd now be servicing Clark, the vice president, and Lee, his roommate, whenever they wanted so long as it didn't conflict with my meeting his needs.

The roommates were juniors and I was a senior. That, along with the fact that this increased the number of guys who knew what was going on, made me angry. But I didn't see any way out of my problem, so I did what they said.

Clark and Lee liked to do me simultaneously, so I spent a lot of time either on my knees or on my back in their room while one of them fucked my face as the other fucked me at the other end. Unlike Spence, they didn't say much as they used me. Strangely, they always took me together. After about a month, I found out what was going on. I was on my back with a cock in my ass and another in my mouth. I opened my eyes at one point to see them leaning over me, kissing. They were gay? They were gay! And they were using me! I was tempted to bite Lee's cock off, but controlled myself until they were finished.

"You guys are gay, and you're going along with Spence? Does he know about you?"

"No, he doesn't know about us. And you are dead meat if you tell him. We'll just claim you refused when we asked you to come to our room and that you're lying to keep him from spreading those pics of you around."

I thought seriously about calling their bluff, but decided I didn't dare. After that, though, they quit asking me to service them. I don't know whether it was from guilt over dominating a fellow gay guy or fear that I'd rat them out to the brothers. Whatever the reason, they seemed to lose interest in me.

So I went back to being just Spence's fucktoy and cocksucker until one day a couple of weeks into the second semester when he sent me an email, saying I was to keep the coming Saturday night free. He said he'd give me the details later. The implication was that this would be something out of the ordinary.

Spence had taken to calling my phone and simply saying "Come" when he wanted me. Bastard. Late Saturday afternoon I got the summons. When I arrived at his room, he said, "I'm lending you to – and he mentioned the name of our sister sorority – for the evening. I owe their president a favor. You are to show up there, casually dressed, at 11:00."

"Wait just a fucking minute," I exploded.

He held up his hand.

"Shut up, Benson. You know what will happen if you don't do this."

"But everybody will know."

He grinned. "For all you know, you're gonna get to fuck a bunch of hot women. You claim you're bisexual, so that should be pretty cool, huh? And how would that hurt your reputation on campus?"

I hadn't thought of that.

"Besides, I think it's only gonna be the officers involved with you tonight."

Somehow the thought of being the sex toy of four sexy sorority women didn't sound too bad. I didn't know how long I'd be able to keep it up, but I was willing to learn. And if word of that got out, well, as Spencer had said, it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Not knowing what to expect, but being pretty sure it would involve sex, I shaved, showered, and cleaned myself out inside that evening.

When I showed up at the sorority house on the stroke of 11:00, I was met at the door by Beth, their president. We'd met before. In fact I'd seen her at quite a few parties. She was a hot-looking redhead with green eyes.

"Hi, handsome. The other officers and I are having a party downstairs. The sisters have been told to stay away. Come on. We've been looking forward to this. You're the entertainment." She put her hand on my butt and shoved me toward the stairs.

In the basement party room, three other equally sexy women were sitting around in comfortable chairs. There was a fire in the big stone fireplace. The chairs were arranged around a fairly large area covered with wrestling mats. Beth introduced me to her fellow officers. One of them took my coat. I was asked to sit down. They all had drinks, and I was offered one. In fact, I was handed a gin and tonic and a blue pill. I'd never taken one before, but I recognized it as Viagra. They told me to swallow it. And they said the highball would help me relax.

As I sipped my drink, they asked me questions. First things like where was I from, had I played sports in high school, what my major was, and things like that. Then one of then, I think her name was Alyssa, asked me, "Thom, is it true that you like to take cock up your ass?"

I nearly choked on my drink. I suppose I should have been expecting it, since Spence was either behind all of this or at least involved in it.

"What gave you that idea?"

Beth said, "According to Spence you love it. That's why he's `loaned' you to us. We find that fascinating. And he promised us that you'd do whatever we tell you to. You aren't going to disappoint us – and Spence – are you, Thom?" She gave me a brilliant smile. I'll bet she was used to getting what she wanted with that smile.

"Um, well, yeah, I guess not."

"Good. So why don't you finish your drink and then take off your clothes."

I'd been pretty sure this was coming, but I had no idea how embarrassing it would be for me to strip in front of four beautiful and fully-clothed women. And since they'd asked about my liking to be fucked, I'd figured out that this evening probably wouldn't have anything to do with my fucking them.

They offered me another drink, and I gratefully accepted. While I was drinking it, though, they told me to sit crossed legged on the mat and play with my nipples. I flushed with humiliation as I did that, not knowing what was to come. They all watched me carefully, seemingly fascinated. When I first undressed, my cock had shriveled and my balls had pulled up tight against my body. Out of embarrassment, I'm sure. As I rubbed and tweaked my nips, though, I began to feel a tingling down there. I didn't want to throw wood. I'm not sure why, but I didn't. But I had taken that Viagra, and after very little stimulation to my nipples, it began to grow.

When watching me do that got old, one of them went to a table and came back with a dildo and a bottle of lube. I knew what was going to happen next. The dildo, I was relieved to see, was about the size of my own cock, nothing I couldn't cope with.

"We want to see you pleasure yourself with this. It's got a vibrator in the base. So get yourself slicked up. We know how important that is, don't we, girls?" They all grinned and nodded. When I had the lube spread liberally on the dildo, I then had to do the really embarrassing part. I'd lubed up my ass in front of an audience before, but never an audience of women.

What they had me do was insert the dildo, turn the vibrator to its lowest setting, and then sit on it while I played with my nipples again.

I did as they said, closing my eyes, trying to forget where I was and who was there. Occasionally I'd reach for the drink they'd put on the mat beside me.

Their talk turned to how they liked to do just what I was doing, except they used the dildo in their vaginas. All said they'd never tried it up the ass. "But then," Alyssa said, "we don't have prostates."

The anal and pectoral stimulation was getting to my cock, which, despite my willing it to stay down, was proudly pointing toward the ceiling. I wondered if they were going to make me keep that up until I came but soon discovered that wasn't in the plan.

"I think it's time to bring in our other guest," Beth said. "Trish, would you go get him, please?"

Trish, a tall, dark-haired girl with a great sparkle in her brown eyes, grinned and said she'd be glad to.

She came back leading a blindfolded, naked guy. Not only was he naked, but he had a hardon. A big hardon. A very big hardon, in fact. And I knew him. I was a student assistant to one of the accounting profs, and I'd graded this guy's tests in basic accounting the previous semester. He'd made a B in the course, as I recall. I'd seen him around the building fairly regularly, and I knew his name was Bruce Carnes. He was pledging another fraternity. I'd never talked with him, and I've told you all I knew about him.

Bruce was probably not more than six feet tall, but he obviously was a gym rat. He probably outweighed me by fifteen pounds, and it was all muscle. He had great delts and lats. His shoulders, pecs, and biceps were much bigger than mine. Under the blindfold, I knew, were pale blue eyes, and he had pale blond, curly hair. There was a bit of a turn-up at the tip of his nose, and his lips were full and pink. Surprisingly under the circumstances, he had a bit of a smile on his face.

"Just stand there a minute," Trish said. Alyssa motioned for me to get up. "You can take out the dildo now," she said. She was holding a big plastic food storage bag. "Drop that in here."

I did, and she took it away.

"Now, gentlemen," Beth said. "We think it would be instructive and maybe fun to see two hot men get it on. Since you're both here and you're both hot, you'll do fine. Bruce, you can take off your blindfold now and meet your lover for the evening."

When he removed the blindfold and saw me, he beamed. In a surprisingly deep voice, he said, "Oh my fucking gaaahud! It's Thom Benson! I've had the screaming hots for you ever since last fall but my gaydar obviously wasn't working. I'd never have known you're gay. Come on, stud, let's get it on!"

I was stunned. The guy looked like a jock and talked like a flamer. I think I was temporarily paralyzed.

"Okay, guys," Beth said, trying to stifle a giggle, "here's what we want you to do. You can start by kissing."

"Oh yummy!" Bruce said, coming for me. In two long strides he had his arms around me, hands on my ass cheeks, and was ramming his tongue down my throat while our hard cocks rubbed against each other's lower abs.

"Go on, Thom, get into it. Don't stand there acting like a surprised virgin!" one of the women said. Well, I was aroused by the Viagra, the teasing I'd done to my nipples, and the anal stimulation provided by the vibrator. And I was only human. Here was a hot looking guy (okay so he acted pretty femme) with his cock against my belly and his tongue exploring my mouth. What was I going to do? Besides, Spence had said I had to do everything Beth told me. So I got into the kiss. And Bruce was a great kisser, better than any guy I'd ever kissed except maybe Hank. Even then it was a tossup. The difference, of course, is that I had some fondness for Hank. He and I were friends. Not lovers, really, but good friends. And although this Bruce was a hunky looking guy, his mannerisms would have turned me off. If I hadn't already been in a slobbery liplock with him.

When he began to hump my belly, Beth said, "Okay, studs. Cool it a minute."

"Aww, girl," Bruce said, making a pouty face. "I was really getting into that."

Beth grinned. "Well, maybe you'll like what we want you to do next. How about a sixty nine?"

"Oooooh, goody!" Bruce said.

We stretched out on the mat and went to work on each other. Bruce was very enthusiastic, and he obviously knew what he was doing. I soon realized I was getting one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. I could have enjoyed it tremendously if I weren't receiving it in front of an audience of women. Thinking I might study up on exotic poisons I could slip Spence, I tried to focus on sucking Bruce's huge dong, the biggest I'd ever had in my mouth.

We were lying side by side, and I was sort of staring blankly at Bruce's balls. I realized then that he'd shaved them, along with his cock. There was a neatly trimmed patch of blond pubes above his cock, but he'd shaved off his treasure trail and part of the pubes. I heard some of the girls whispering.

Then Beth asked, "Can you do that with one on the bottom and one on top?"

Bruce pulled off and said, "But of course we can, can't we, Thommy?"

I didn't say anything. I just rolled over on my back. He got on his hands and knees over me, and we went back to what we'd been doing.

Just when it began to feel really good and I was beginning to get messages from my groin saying I was going to cum, we were interrupted again.

"Why don't you each scoot up a little and rim each other?"

`My god,' I thought. `She knows about rimming? Do straight couples do that?' For sure no woman I'd ever been with had suggested it. The only time I'd ever done it voluntarily had been with Hank, and I loved it bigtime when he did it to me.

Bruce and I made the adjustment. He had a big ass with hard glutes. When I began to lap at his crack it was obvious he'd showered recently. He also obviously shaved his crack. He had no hairs there at all.

When he went straight for my hole and started tongue fucking me, I lurched. The feeling was soo good. I quit circling his rosebud with the tip of my tongue and began to explore his smooth, hot chute. He'd also cleaned himself out inside. I was glad I had remembered to do that before leaving the house.

Now, here's the bizarre scene. Bruce and I are on the floor really getting into eating each other's ass while four hot women watched and, from their comments, were enjoying the show. Something deep inside me worried that with four women and, worse, Bruce involved, word of this was bound to get out. But when somebody's chowing down on your butthole, who thinks clearly? Especially when you've got your tongue up his ass as well.

Things were getting pretty intense when Beth once more called a halt. Bruce rolled over and sat leaning back on his hands, his legs stretched out, his monster lying on his belly dripping precum. I sat up with my knees against my chest and folded my arms over them. My balls were on display to the women that way, but my own dripping cock was partly hidden. We both looked at Beth to see what was next.

"Okay, Bruce. We understand that Thom here just loves to take it up the ass. How'd you like to fuck him?"

"You do?" he asked, looking at me with surprise. "I'd have figured you for a top." Then he looked back at Beth. "I was hoping he'd fuck my brains out, but I can do him if that's what you want."

I was fascinated. I looked at that huge cock of his, knowing I'd never taken anything that big before, but knowing also that I had to try.

I insisted that, despite the tonguing I'd been getting, Bruce had to use lube on me and on himself. He obliged by finger fucking me for a while. He knew exactly what to do to punch the right button, so to speak, and I was on the floor with my butt in the air trying unsuccessfully not to moan with pleasure. I couldn't help wiggling my butt, too, and the sisters laughed at that.

Beth ordered me on my back before Bruce entered me, so I obediently rolled over. Again, Bruce knew how to handle his weapon, and he eased into me slowly and gently. Occasionally he'd bend down and kiss me. Not deep, lusty kisses, just little reassurances. Even though I was a senior and he was a freshman, it occurred to me that he was teaching me things about sex.

When he was fully inside me and had begun to fuck me slowly, his cock touched places I didn't know existed, but it was a fantastic experience. It was one of the best fucks I'd ever had. Maybe even better than anything Hank had done to me. And again I couldn't help vocalizing my feelings. Soon I was moaning and cursing and telling him to fuck me harder, that he wasn't hurting me. For a fleeting moment I became aware of the room, how quiet the girls were. All you could hear when I took breath was Bruce grunting softly and occasionally saying things like "Oh, honey, you've got the sweetest ass. We've got to do this again!" or "Girl, you're so hot!"

I surprised myself by wrapping my legs around his butt and reaching up to play with the nipples on his perfect pecs. He liked that. "Oooh, sweetie, that's nice. Yeah, play with my tits while I fuck your hot pussy!"

I was tossing my head from side to side, unable to control the feelings this fucker was giving me, when I noticed that two of the girls were rubbing their crotches. So we were all enjoying the show.

I don't know how much time passed. I was so spaced out that it seemed like forever and not long enough. At some point Bruce reached down and began jacking my cock, which had made quite a pool of precum on my stomach. It didn't take long after that. Soon I was spraying cum all over the place, some of it hitting my face, the rest making a trail down my chest to my abs.

My orgasm triggered Bruce's. He was still holding on to my cock, which was still hard even after all that cumming. Without letting go he threw his head back, shouted "Hallelujah!" and came inside me. From the number of times I felt his cock pulse, he must have dumped a huge load. When he finished, he collapsed, fell onto me, and began kissing me.

We were brought back to reality by the applause of our audience of four. Someone brought us a basin of warm water, a wash cloth, and a couple of towels. They made us clean each other up.

After we were dressed, they thanked us and told us we could go. Beth said to tell Spence that the favor was fully repaid. Then she surprised me. "It's a shame you're gay. You're so cute."

"Beth," I said, "I'm bisexual. And you're a pretty fabulous-looking woman."

She smiled, almost sadly. "Sorry, Thom. Everybody says you're a nice guy, but after watching you and Bruce this evening, I could never, uh, well . . . ."

"I get the picture."

Having been fucked well and truly, as the Brits say, I took a shower when I got back to my room, fell into bed as soon as I was dry, and went to sleep immediately, ignoring the Viagra-induced hardon that lingered with me.

When I woke up the next morning, I began to worry. Five more people now knew about me. Not only that I was bi, but about that need I have to get fucked periodically. Spence promised that the girls would keep it quiet. Maybe he was right. But there was also Bruce. And I didn't think discretion was one of his strong suits.

Whoever it was, somebody must have talked. Soon I began to get funny looks or silly smirks from friends and acquaintances. Some of the brothers stayed cool, but some seemed to avoid me. Other people I knew in my classes and around campus began to look at me differently, too. Even Hank said he'd heard that I was gay and wanted to know what I'd been doing. I had to tell him about that evening with Bruce at the sorority. After all, if he was willing to continue as my fuck buddy, he deserved to know.

The last straw was when Bruce called me one evening and asked if we could get together. I told him firmly that I wasn't interested. He whined a bit, but he never called again. I still don't know whether he's the one who talked. Or maybe it was more than one.

Anyway, for the rest of the year, I had the reputation of being gay. I focused on my classes, became a sort of recluse at the fraternity house, and began thinking of graduate school Of course I continued to take care of Spence's needs, consoling myself as I did so with thoughts of the perfect, undetectable murder.