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Girly to the last drop

alright lets begin this story by telling you abit about my self. My name is Dominick but my actual girl name is Jessica, im 18, short, skinny, blue eyes, long brown hair, big butt, and a 5-6 in cock (unfortunately). Ive always felt as if i were born wrong and should have been a women all my life. I never doubts in my mind so lets begin the story of how i became Jessica.

I was only 12 years old and my parents still thought i needed a babysitter, I had no brothers or sisters (what a shame), only my cousins that lived right next to us and every day that my parents had to leave they would always show up. Dont get me wrong i liked my cousins very much but sometimes when i went to bed i heard awful noises coming from their bedroom and me as a curious boy would get up sometimes and peek through the hole, boy was i getting exited, then i would here them get up and i would run to my room and fake asleep.

the next mourning my parents still weren't back, i decided to go downstairs to make a bowl of cereals for me. Before i escalated the stairs i saw the bedroom door opened, i peeked in as a little curious bow i am, they were still sleeping. I sneaked by them and when i got to their wardrobe i saw things that a 12 year old boy wouldn't normally see. I saw bras, panties, i even saw tampons!! Well i was so intrigued by this i decided to try them on right there, i forgot they were still sleeping, but they would wake up soon. I had just enough time to put on the panties, half the bra on, and some makeup when they bolted out of their bed, when they saw me their immediate reaction was to kick me out. Ive never been so humiliated in my life but let me tell you it was an amazing feeling.

I turned 16 now, grown man should you think well not really by 16 i was now called Jessica for my feminine ways and clothes. At school, i was wearing my all time favorite mini skirt, some nylons, my pink thong panties (i love those) and i was wearing a white blouse and under was wearing a black push up bra, my makeup i did and was wearing a wig of course and all the accessories, i was even wearing tampons! and at night i would slip into my pj's and go to sleep, but little did i know this night was gonna be wild.

It seemed like a usual night, went to sleep early to get up late the next mourning, my parents were out no need for a babysitter anymore. i had slipped in my pjs already and was ready to go sleep, when i heard the phone ring. It was my cousins (by the way i forgot to mention my cousins are jennifer and Stephanie, jen was 18 at the time and steph was 17) they wanted to come over to watch a movie, i wasn't getting any sleep so i let them in. We started to watch this movie and it was odd, it wasn't an ordinary movie, i realized a few seconds later this was a gay porn movie. I got up to close it but as i got up, they both grabbed me (i wasn't strong at the time.) and they put shoved me in my room and locked the door behind them. I was now locked in my girly room with my 2 cousins.

They had brought a bag with them i didn't know what it was, one had brought a knife. They forced me to watch the movie and at some point the man was tied and raped by 2 girls, my cousins whispered to themselves and executed the scene in the movie but this time i was the "man" getting raped. They had tied me to the bed, (i was naked they used the knife to cut my clothing off), they had tied me so good i couldn't move any of my arms or legs or anything for that matter. Out of the bag came as i would call it 2 fake penises also called 2 "strap ons", little did i know i was gonna get raped by my 2 cousins. I was flipped the other way and they began their work. Shouting every 2 seconds.

-how does if feel to have a big cock in your ass eh? you like it little bitch!
-cmon suck on that big cock you slut!
-you like getting fucked by 2 big cocks eh? cmon fuck them harder! don't you like cocks?( i did indeed like cock but not this way)

I was begging and crying my eyes out to make them stop but they wouldn't listen and continue going harder every time i asked them to stop. My ass was on fire since i never had sex before this was my first time. I was screaming to be released but that was no use because i let out one scream and one of em shoved my panties in a bunch and shoved in my mouth. I would still try to scream but nothing would come out. They stopped after 1 hour of rape and torture, and notice i had pissed on my bed and shat my self when they came back from the bathroom, they had only taken out their strap ons and both of them blurted out

-i need to take a piss

Of course they took off their panties and kneeled down and a long stream of piss landed right in my mouth, i was forced to swallow it all without missing one drop. They later cleaned me up, they brought me some clothes such as a bra and panties but these were strange only later when i was wearing them they had pissed all over them, and they actually shat in my panties. This wasn't the end, i was brought to the near by park only wearing my pissed drenched bra and my shitful panties, only to see at least 10 guys holding their big monster cocks in their hands, yet again i was forced to fuck them, suck them swallowing their cum (this was my first time doing so) and of course they pissed on me and i later ran home took a shower and finally went back to sleep.

The new roommate

Zach’s new life

As I finished up my final year of high school, I looked at my yearbook; first page I turned to was the picture of me. Now I would not say that I am the best looking guy at this Catholic Male High School, but I certainly was not the worst. Standing at 5’11, 180 lbs., with dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes with a 6.5 inch cock, now obviously I am not the most well-endowed guy, nor did I ever think that I would actually act on the feelings that I had for a guy, but when you live in a world deprived of girls, and all that is around is a guy, I guess it’s only human nature to settle for a little of something instead of nothing.

As I flipped through the photos, I found a freshman that looked absolutely amazing, his name was Zach, and he had brown hair that was a bit long and always had the look of a skater about him. Zach had the most beautiful blue eyes, fair white skin, and delicate hands, with a stunningly thin body that anyone could hope for.
Now I knew of Zack only because my best friend had a cousin who did track at the school, and I would sometimes hang around him just to check out his body, but when Zack appeared on the sidewalk with his skateboard and prep school clothes, I realized I had found a piece of paradise.

At this time, Zach was a local kid in a public middle school, but his parents were moving and felt that he should stay in the area, so they decided to send him to St. Richards Catholic Boarding School.
As I waited for Greg, my friends’ cousin, to finish practice, Zach walked up the hill I was sitting on and started talking to me, simple things like what is it like to live at the high school and who he should room with and basics like how I knew Greg. Then oddly, he asked me something interesting.

“So, would you mind if I stayed at your place tonight Mike?” – Zach asked
“Not really, but why would you want to?” – I said

“Well the thing is, my birthday is tomorrow, and I will be turning 14, and it is a tradition in our family that should a male become 14 and not have either been married or fucked someone, then it is up to the head of the house to decide to either kill him or rape him and find him a bride. My dad has been trying for years to find me a girl from Switzerland, the country my grandfather came from. But every girl he has managed to bring and introduce me to, I have pushed away because I did not want them.”

“Why didn’t you want any of those girls? You some kind of homo?”
“What? Heck no, it’s just I don’t want to be locked into something like this due to tradition, besides, I met someone that I really want to be with, but cannot tell my family that.”

“Alright, well yeah sure you can stay with me for the night.”
“Sure, no problem.”
A few hours later I heard a buzz sound coming from the intercom system, and walked over to answer it.

“What is it?” I yelled
“Uh Hey! it’s me, Zach, you said I could stay the night with you remember?”
“Oh yeah, come on in pre-frosh.”(Buzzing him in)

I left the door unlocked, and a few minutes later he came into the room and set his bag down. Zach looked around, and I told him the rules of the school and where the bathroom was and whatnot.

I also explained that I took pride in how my room was setup because it had been designated a single since my freshman year, only a few students had that privilege, mine was due to the unfortunate event of my roommate and dear friend being killed in a car accident shortly before our first year finished. The headmaster had told me that I would be allowed to have a single room because he felt I may have trouble adjusting to a roommate, and if I ever found someone to room with, then I should just mention it to him.

Zach saw the empty, but covered bed in the opposite corner of the room and made his way to it. I turned around and yelled at him.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing Jack!?!”
“ I was gonna sleep here tonight, I thought you mentioned you lived alone and I figured you were gonna have me sleep here anyway. My name is Zach, not Jack by the way.”

“You’re not sleeping there, you are gonna sleep on the floor, or the bathtub if need be, but not in that bed.”
“Oh, sorry, alright, I guess I will sleep on the floor then. So what are we going to do tonight for fun?”

“Well, we can play some games, and just chill for a while.”
“Sweet sounds good.” Zach said
We started to play an online war game, Total Conflict. As we were playing, I began to think of our previous conversation during the day, and wanted to know what the deal was behind his family tradition.

“Zach, sorry for flipping out on you earlier.”
“No problem, it was my bad anyway.”
“Well let’s just agree it was both of our bad. I was wondering though, what the deal is with this tradition of yours?”

“Oh, well its some old tradition of the villages that my family came from, it was a way to weed out the weak and dependent people, since at 14 a boy became a man and assumed all of a man’s duties, including creating a household. The only issue is that some of the men in my family take it extremely serious, and continue to practice it.”

“Makes sense I guess, but you don’t believe that they would actually kill their own son would you?”

“Well they did once before, Greg doesn’t like to acknowledge it much because it hurts to much to talk about, but he and my older brother used to fuck all the time. Well one day my father came home, saw that my brother’s wife was not there and walked in on him and Greg. It seemed fine at first, and my dad called the whole family into his office to talk about it, including Greg.

My dad lectured me on how it was not only immoral for what my brother did, but also that it violates the tradition of our family and for that he must pay the blood price. Dad turned around, opened his safe behind the painting, and pulled out a dagger stained with blood and his police gun.”

“Wait, your dad is a cop and does this?” I said, interrupting him as his eyes began to get filled with tears.

“Yea, he is the deputy commissioner for the city, so no one touches him when he does something, and he always gets away with things by planting evidence on people.”
“Damn, no wonder you are such a pussy, you live in fear of your own father, you should stand up to him and show him you are a man, tradition or not.”

“Well that is just it, the night my dad found Greg and my brother, part of the lecture was being obedient to your rightful master, who was him until we had our own house, then it became being obedient to the laws of God.

Well, he took my brother by the neck, whispered something to him, and my brother walked over, stripped his clothes off, and then laid down on dads desk on his back. Then dad went over to Greg, told him to step closer and look into my brothers eyes. Greg obeyed him, and started crying but then said for the first time ‘I love you, Always’ to my brother. At that moment, dad said it is time for the price to be paid, and stabbed my brother just above his groin, moving the dagger in a cutting motion and removed my brothers’ cock and balls all together, then put them in Greg’s right hand.

Then my dad said since you love him so much, you may have his heart as well. At that moment, dad cut open my brothers chest, and pulled out his heart and put it in Greg’s left hand and told Greg to look into my brothers eyes as the life escapes him. Just then, dad fired his gun at my brothers’ head, saying that “the mind has corrupted the body and spawned a child against the order of the world, never should anyone forget this day, and Zach, do not follow your brothers path.”

“Fuck Zach, that shit is messed up, but I can’t blame you for wanting to live here, so what excuse did you give anyway?”

“I told him that you were a friend of mine that was at the school and were from the border area of our homeland, with a cousin my age that I was interested in.”
“Ah so what about when you get back, he is just gonna kill you anyway.”

“No he won’t not now at least, he told me that I have one year to seal the deal with your fake cousin and then he will enforce the tradition if I haven’t done so.”
“So you get yourself another year, but then what’s stopping him?”

“Well he won’t be able to enforce since I will be leaving here at St. Richards until college, then I figure with college, I will have at least 4 years away from him, so all in all I get 8 years to figure things out.”

We talked for a few more minutes, and then the Hall supervisor came by and knocked on the door telling us it was lights out and to be ready for mass tomorrow morning. Zach and I looked forward to mass, as he and I were both strong Catholics.

The next morning, we went to mass, had our meals and then I helped Zach pack his things and escorted him downstairs. Just before we reached view of the door, I stopped him, and told him if he needed anything at all, I would help him, and that I would be his roommate even though seniors couldn’t room with freshmen
. I then gave him a good handshake and hug, and kissed him close to his lips.
The next year was fine, nothing remarkable or interesting happened until after his confirmation in the spring. I decided to have a big party for him, and told the headmaster to make sure that the supervisor didn’t bother us, which he agreed and was glad that Zach and I were good roommates.

Nearing the end of the party, while I was talking with my friend, Greg and Zach seemed to have an interesting look in their eyes and quickly left. Once they left, I told everyone to leave. Once they left, I looked in my yearbook and that’s when I realized, Zach was the guy that I wanted the beauty in him the first day we met was still with him now and there was just something about him.

I heard that you got mail sound from Zach’s computer and decided what the fuck; why not take a look at it. Turned out, it was his sister Demi, who sent the email. Nothing seemed out of place, but near the bottom she referenced the tradition, apparently she was to return to Switzerland upon graduation and be married. She wrote that she loved Zach completely, more than she should, and would run off with him whenever.

OMG, I thought, Zach’s lover was his sister. I sat on my bed thinking what I would do to get Zach to be my slave and lover. Just then, Zach’s phone went off, and I answered it, it was his sister frantically asking for me to get her brother, when I asked why, she said it was important and to mention the tradition to him, then the call was dropped.

I realized that the father probably found out what was going on, and went down the hall to get Zach. I knocked on Greg’s door and told him I need Zach right now. Zach came running out, and asked what’s wrong.
“Your sister is in trouble Zach, come with me.” I said. He followed me back to the room, and I threw him against the wall.

“WTF man! What are you doing? What’s going on with my sis?”
“She will die tonight, unless you submit your life to me, what do you say?”
“Fuck you man, let my sister go or else?”

“Or else what? Huh Zack?, you won’t do a thing, and you know it, you ran away from your father and family. What do you think will change now?”

Just then, he got up and charged at me, I sidestepped him and then grabbed him, punched him square in the nose and stomach, and threw him into a lamp.
“Submit Zach, or you will join your sister, and I will still get your body.”
“Do you promise to let her go?”

“Of course, all I want is you Zach (His phone rings), look Zach, it’s your father calling.” I told him, as I answered the phone his jaw dropped and he yelled at me that I won, he would submit to me.

“Hello? No Zach is unavailable sir, Oh you are his father? Then I am sorry to tell you, but he jumped out of the window a few moments ago. Do you need me to do anything about it? Very well sir.”
“What is going on, what happened to my sister?”
“She is fine, your father will spare her since he thinks you are dead. Which means you are mine, for life.”

He started to cry, but sighed in relief that his sister would be spared death. I picked him up, flattened him out on the bed and made out for the next hour, still fully clothed. As our lips touched, I could feel his body tense up, but after a minute his shoulders relaxed and we started going at it more and more. By the end of the hour, we started to take our clothes off, and I began to blow his young 5 inch cock.

As I sucked on him, he started to twitch in pleasure and began to moan in ecstasy. Within moments, his legs went straight as a rod, and his breathing became increasingly heavier with each breath. As his feet crunched up and his hands grabbed the sheets, he came with such force. As his body relaxed, I kept his cum in my mouth, moved to his mouth and kissed him, unloading every bit of cum into his mouth. Gagging, he tried to move his mouth away, but I firmly held it in place with my hands until he swallowed.

I slid to his side and gave him one last kiss, and then motioned him to suck me off. As he started to put my cock in his mouth I could tell he was about to gag, then forcing his head hard and deep onto my cock I made him suck on it until his face turned purple and let him off. He fell off the edge of the bed and threw up in the trash. Picking him up, I threw his body over the edge of the bed, with his knees on the floor and told him it was time to lose your virginity.

Slowly spreading his ass wide open, without any lube, I inserted my throbbing cock into his ass and began to pump him.

As soon as my cock passed into his ass, he screamed in pain and started to cry, begged me to stop and let him go, to do anything but his ass. I refused and shoved the rest of my cock into him, ramming him with as much force as I could gather, making it more painful for him just for asking me to stop. After about 10 mins of ramming, he passed out under me, a few minutes later I came and pulled out.

Looking down I saw a small stream of blood seeped out from his ass, and I saw my cock covered in blood. What better way to clean it than to use Zachs mouth.
While sticking my cock around his mouth, I heard a knock on the door and the key unlocking it.

Not knowing who it was I ran to the corner and grabbed a knife I kept in my drawer, waiting for the person to walk in. As I waited, I heard Zach beginning to wake and moan, and a pair of feet moving quickly through the room towards him. As soon as the steps got near me, I jumped on the guy walking in, shocked to find out who it was.

Raping my little cousin

I always liked the risk of being caught jacking off, and then having someone join in, but I had never really gotten the courage to do it.

So one day, my little cousin Matt and I were the only people at home. I was 19, he was 6. I started jacking off in his brother's room with the door open. After about 2 minutes, he walked in and saw me there, naked on his brother's bed, stroking my 7-inch dick. He immediately turned and ran out of the room.
I followed him to his room, still naked, and told him to take off his clothes too. He told me to go away. I told him it was okay, just do what I say.

He said no. So I went over and threw him on the bed. I pulled down his pants and spit on his tiny tight hole. He kept yelling "NO," but I just covered his mouth. Then I slid my dick inside, which caused him to scream even more. It was so tight, and he started to bleed a little, but I just kept sliding my dick in and out, using only my spit and his blood as lube. It felt so good, his tight ass squeezing my dick. I said, "scream all you want, no one will hear you." He just started crying quietly.
I felt my cock start to throb.

I was going to cum soon, so I took it out of his ass and watched the spit and blood drip out of his now gaping hole. My dick had blood on it and some specs of brown at the tip. I turned him over and took my hand off his mouth. When he opened his mouth to scream i shoved my dick down his throat. He gagged as I started to shoot into his throat. When I took it out I let him go.
He ran straight to the bathroom, just as I had intended. I followed him in there and then picked him up and put him in the tub.

My dick was still hard. I turned him on his stomach again and slid my dick into his ass. It wasn't as tight as the first time anymore, after what I had just done to it, but it was still pretty tight.
I had planned for him to go into the bathroom for a reason. I needed to take a piss. As I fucked his ass, I released. He started screaming again as the piss squirted out of his ass around my dick. I pulled out off his ass and went over to his mouth. After I had filled his mouth with piss I put my hand over it. "Now swallow" I said. He did as he was instructed, probably just because it was the only way to get the piss out of his mouth. "Good boy," I said.

Then I went back to his ass. As I fucked him, I grabbed his little 2-inch dick and began stroking it. It was already hard. I could feel my cock start to throb again, and as it did, so did his. I thrust mine all the way into his ass, all the way up until my huge 19-year-old balls knocked against his tiny 6-year-old balls, and I shot my load deep into his ass. As I did, he had a dry orgasm.

After that, I got up and left him there, crying in the bathtub. I heard the shower come on from my room. When he got out of the shower and walked past my room back to his room, I told him that if he "ever tells anyone, I’ll do it again, and next time it will be much worse"

The next day, Matt told his older brother Vincent, who was the same age as me. Unfortunately for Matt, Vincent was the wrong person to tell. That night, Vincent and I planned to get him while he was sleeping.
We snuck into his room. I picked him up and carried him out. His parents were home, so we couldn’t do it here. We carried him into the forest right behind the house. When he felt the cold air hit his skin, he woke up. We were ready for this. Vincent gagged him right before he could try to scream, and then tied his hands together.

We carried him until he was out of earshot of the house, and then started to take off our clothes. He sat on the ground, looking up at us with fear. Vincent put a blanket on the ground, and then lay down on it. I started to lick Matt’s little asshole to get it wet.

Then I started sucking Vincent’s dick, which was huge, at least 10 inches long and very thick. I picked up Matt and made him sit on Vincent’s lap. Vincent’s dick slid slowly into Matt’s little tiny ass. Vincent pushed him down harder so that his dick went all the way in. Then I came around the back and started to slide my 7-inch dick into Matt’s already filled hole. Feeling both of our dicks stretching Matt’s tiny hole at the same time, and rubbing up against eachother, was the best feeling in the world. Matt’s hole started to bleed again from being stretched too far.

He tried to scream through his gag, but couldn’t. Vincent and I started fucking him faster, deeper, harder, until we both came. I could feel our cum mixing, providing extra lube inside Matt’s ass. I picked him up and pulled him off of our dicks, and then leaned in and started sucking Vincent again, as Matt lay on the ground next to us, crying. After he shot another load into my mouth, I got up and started kissing him.

Vincent and I both got up and pissed on Matt one last time. Matt just laid there, the piss running down his hair and his face and his chest.

Before we took him back to the house, I said to him "I told you not to tell anyone. Next time, if you tell there will be three of us." He never told anyone after that. Me and Vincent continued having sex whenever we got the chance.

A faggot chases the bug!

I’m one of those gay guys you may or may not know about. I’m not a flamer, I’m not an out there in your face queer or fag, but I’m a faggot, make no mistake about it! But I’m the kind of faggot that takes a huge detour from what others under that label may do, I have been actively looking to get infected with HIV/AIDS!!!

I’ve always ridden cock bareback since I was a teenager, in fact I don’t ever remember using a condom with any of the over 450 cocks that have pumped my faghole and emptied loads of cum deep inside my asshole. The mere thought of all those cocks in me over the years makes me weak in the knees! So I guess in a manner of speaking that I’ve always been a “bug chaser” by default since I never use protection. However, I’ve been actively seeking those infected by HIV/AIDS for the last six years and to my utter surprise and disappointment, here I sit those six years later, I’ve had tons and tons of cock in me, and many of those claimed to be infected, but now here I am, six years well-fucked and still negative! I’m pissed! Don’t get me wrong, the road here was a fun one to ride on.

I was living in Dallas, Texas when I decided to actively seek men who were poz. This was 2003 or 2004 and the internet was a hot, easy way to hook up, anonymously of course! That is my favorite kind of sex, anonymous! I love glory holes too, I love not seeing or knowing who is back there and what they might have for diseases, the thought of that turns me on just writing it here!

The first guy back there in Dallas was a fat older dude who I met in a chat room and I went to his house. He was laying on his bed naked and I came in and got undressed and immediately started sucking his cock. It oozed pre-cum and I lapped it up and smeared some on my fingers and rubbed them in my eyes, hoping to get some infection that way. He said he thought he was poz, that some ‘hole’ he used to fucked turned up poz and he took loads from him a few times so he thought he was for sure. While certainly not definitive, it was good enough for me! I lubed up my hole and sat on his cock and rode him that way hard and deep until he blew a load in me. He said he had been saving up his loads for a few days so that there would be a huge load to dump in me to help make sure I got knocked up. I thanked him for his jizz and left.

It was during this time that I adopted the principle that if I didn’t ask about your status, then I don’t want to know, and if you don’t ask me about mine, I’m not going to tell you even if I think I know I got pozzed or even tested poz. I figure, if you wanted to be protected, you’d have wrapped your cock up or mine, if I was fucking a hole. I was still on the fence about if a hole asked me if I was poz and I knew I was for sure, from being tested, would I tell him? And my answer surprised me. I thought initially I would want to tell them and be honest, but this dark sinister side of me sprang up and consumed me wholly and instilled in me an absolute STEALTH policy. In that, in the event I ever found out for sure I was poz, from that point on I would not tell anyone I was with I was poz even if they asked me directly, I would lie. I would intentionally lie to them in order to infect their faghole and have them unknowingly start spreading AIDS. The mere thought of that happening turned me on to no end! I couldn’t wait to get infected!

I also adopted the iron clad policy that I would let any cock fuck me regardless. That’s right, I’ve let homeless guys fuck me, heroin addicts fuck me, and shoot me up with their dirty needles, I’ve let pimps, Haitian, African all claiming to be infected fuck my hole; I was beginning to think I was being taken advantage of. And not one ever knocked me up! I was specifically looking for the Haitian or African strain of AIDS, it’s pretty potent stuff and I would love to have it and spread it around as much as I could.

I’ve ridden cock all across this country, here and there some claim to be infected and it’s like I’ve got some super ass filter or something that is keeping it out, I can’t imagine that many have been in me but I haven’t turned up poz yet!

I just rode another alleged poz cock over this past Christmas. This guy was a Haitian guy, older, and he just looked fucking sick! He came into my work almost every day and it didn’t take long for our fag-dar to find each other! I went to his house one night after work and we smoked pot and got high and he asked me if I wanted to ride his cock. I sheepishly said I thought about it, and I began to undress as he did and I sucked his cock and stuck it in my ass, sitting on top of him. He was so thin, so sickly looking and had a couple of sores on his chest that I licked.

Halfway through I asked him if he was poz and he seemed a little surprised that I questioned that but he kept fucking me and didn’t say a word. He bucked his hips faster and I knew he would cum soon. He asked me if I wanted to know if he was poz or not which I replied that I was. I was still riding up and down on his cock as he pulled my hips down as he thrust up into me.

I could feel the fist pulses of his ejaculation empty into my faghole as he said, “Si, yes, I have AIDS!” I just arched my back and slammed down onto his cock as he emptied spasm after spasm of cum into my asshole. It was such a rush to be fucked like that, told right at the end they were poz, feeling the cum emptying into my hole, getting it whether I wanted it or not; which of course I did!

I asked him a bunch of questions about how he got infected and he told me he had been infected a number of times. The first was from two guys he met on a beach in Johannesburg, Africa who were both poz and he was chasing so they both knocked him up. Then he told me he’s taken many loads from about 15 supposedly infected cocks in Haiti. So he told me he’s got quite a good mix of DNA as far as the varied strains of AIDS he has and how they’ve probably mutated into a superstrain or something. I was turned on to think I might have Super AIDS or something. I know those Haitians and Africans got some good strains of AIDS going around.

So now I’m waiting to see if I turn up poz from this latest fuck session. I hope I am, and in the meantime, I’m still out there, in the dark, lurking in the shadows waiting to bend you over and deliver my secret to you by stealth, and let you find out on your own or not if you ever get pozzed. If I’m poz right now, then I’ve probably already infected four or five holes by now. It’s a rush when I confirm they want me to cum in their faghole and I say, “Okay…” with a little bit of tone of, “You’ll be soooorry!” in my voice. The feeling of my infected jizz flowing from my cock into a hole is a rush for me! I love feeling the exact moment my toxic jizz is erupting inside their greedy faghole and becoming infected. The thought of pozzing someone period is a huge turn on, but pozzing someone by stealth is like a huge rush, a high that doesn’t compare!

I can’t wait to spread the Good News!!!

Me & Chris

What’s good my name is Chris and last week was the first time I had sex with a guy. The guy was my best friend Nick he is about 5'6 120lbs caramel skin and short hair. I am about the 5’8 in height and I’m 140lbs. Nick was on the baseball team and I play football. It was Tuesday after school and we walked to my house and no one was home. So we went down stairs to play the 360.

But after a while we got bored. So we ordered pizza we most of the pizza until we got down to the last slice, but we both reached for it and he decided. We wrestle for the slice. He jumped on my back but I fell on my back onto the couch and he let go. Then I held him by his legs upside down and he did a sit up all the way up to grab my head. Then he said lets go to my room and do it on the bed where we can have more room so I said ok and we went to my room and we took off our shoes.

Got in my bed we wrestled a little while longer then I said I was getting hot so we took off our shirts. After a little while longer of wrestling we both got winded and just laid there then we started talking and he slowly moved his hands over my abs and made playful joke saying I was sucking my gut in. He then said that his were more defined so we stood up and compared his were more defined but I said I could do more sit ups and he said ok but the looser had to do whatever the winner wanted no matter what I said ok.

So we started doing them together then after 15 he said that if he win that I had to do 100 jumping jacks naked I said ok but if I when I will surprise you so we got to 30 and we both were winded so by the time we hit 49 he was done cause I could only do 1 more so we laid there about 10 mins and he said so what do ii have to do I said I want you to suck my dick and he said, but he said it to fast I think he knew what I was gonna say. So I pulled down my shorts and ma 6in soft dick came out he grabbed it and started sucking it like a pro.

He started bobbing and playing with my balls. While he was doing this I rubbed my hand on his head then I rubbed his back then finally I was rubbing his bare ass. I can tell by how he was moaning and jerking he liked it so I sucked my finger and inserted 1 into his tight lil pucker. Then I put in 2 fingers and he moaned like I never heard before.

Then I told him to lay on his back and he did. So I got between his legs and spread them out next I put those to2 fingers back in then I sucked his dick I sucked like a pro too (wink wink) I got to the point right be fore he came and I whispered in his ear I wanna fuck you. He got on his knees and bent over while I licked his hole like a lollipop I tongue fucked him.

Then I told him that I was gonna take it nice and slow and I did until I heard his cherry pop. When it did I lost control I moved in and out fast till I was sweating and he was screaming my name Chris Chris Chirs. I then got on my back and he got on top and rode me like a mustang bouncing and grinding his hips. I told him I’m gonna cum and he said do it inside me, as soon as he said that I came and I felt my cum surround the inside of his ass and cover my dick.

Then he got up slow and I told him to come here and I sucked his dick till he cam in my mouth them we just kissed until 8 that’s when we got dressed and I walked him home. When we got to his house his mom asked him why is he walking like that and he said he fell on a big hard metal pipe. and we both laughed as he waled me to the door.

Sleep Over Gone Wrong- Family Bonding

Remember guys...this NEVER HAPPENED!
Pure Creative Fiction.

*Disclaimer: I would never do this type of thing. This whole story is completely fake. Do not judge me for what I right. I get ideas from classic horror films. If you do not like gore, Do NOT read this story. Just like my other story, it is not meant for the faint of heart. I am just a writer. Its what I do. Please comment with constructed criticism. Thanks, and enjoy. Check my profile for the 1st story- Sleep over gone wrong.

It is July 30th, 2008 And I called up my friend Billy to see if he wanted to hand out. And, I am bisexual and my name is Kenneth aka...The Beast. Billy....Billy.... was 14 Years old at the time. He was short and on the chubby side...more around 200 pounds. He was still sexy... Billy was a strait boy, But I still was attracted to him greatly. I decided to call him up after school and see if he wanted to hang out. We decided to make plans for 9:00 that night.

I took a shower before I went over because I wanted to be clean for what I was planing on doing later tonight.
I left the house at 8:40 and arrived at Billy's house around 9:10. I walked up to the side door and knocked.

"What the hell dude, why are you late?" Billy scorned at me
"Jeez, you little pussy, I'm here now. No need to get your shit all up in a knot. Lets go upstairs and play some games." I said back.

We exchanged dirty but "playful" looks and walked into his house. We passed his living room where his sister, Katelyn, Grandma, and Mother sat. They were watching TV.

"Hi Mrs Orbes, Billy's Grandma, and Katie..." I said.
They all said Hi to me in unison. I looked at Billy's sister, Katelyn aka Katie, and she looked very sexy..even for her age. If only she was 9 years younger...then she would be legal...

Me and Billy ran upstairs and sat on his bed. I sat my cloth down while he got back up to put a video game in. We played games for around 2 hours before we got dead tired. 11:00...Time to go to bed.

"OK Billy, let's go to bed...I'm tired..." I said.
"Fine, We are going to go to the library tomorrow morning though...OK?" He replied

Little Did he know...there was not going to be any tomorrow...at least for him.

It was around 12:14 when I knew he was asleep...I got up and went over to his bed. I took the covers off of his body and set them lightly on his feet. It was pitch black, but I got used to the darkness. I lifted his shirt up to his neck and started to rub his smooth stomach. It was so warm... I slowly put my head down and started to suck his nipples... He grunted.

I was startled a bit by his grunt, but decided to keep on going. I began to get hard as a rock. I pulled my pants down revealing my 6inch cock. I started to masturbate while standing up. I took his button in my fingers and tried to undo it, but couldn't because of his too-tight jeans. I started to get frustrated and tugged harder. His eyes opened. A rush of adrenaline went through my body. His eyes told the story. He looked at me like...like I was the bogey-man...

"WHA-" He began to scream.

Before I could even think, I reached over to the nearest thing to me,,,The X Box controller. I picked it up and hit him in the head with it.
"AH! WHA-!?" He groaned.

I began to hit him again and again until his head hit the backboard of the bed. I looked down at Billy and seen his head was bleeding. I felt so empowered... I didn't know what was going on, but whatever it was... I liked it. As I looked at his bloody head, I herd footsteps coming up the stairs. I panicked and threw the cover back over Billy and hoped in by bed. His Mother came into the room and walked over to our beds.

"You guys? Are you OK?" His mom said.

"Ugh...What?" I looked up at her wiping my eyes.

"Oh...Nothing... I must of hearing things..." She said and walked over to Billy and scratched his back. She walked away with out knowing anything.

After She left the room, I knew I could not do anything I wanted to do with all those people still awake downstairs. I got up quietly and took the controller and hit Billy in the head one more time...Very hard. He was bleeding a lot now, So I wrapped a small blanket over the wound. I did not want him to die now.

I waited around 10min and got up and creepily walked across his room and tip-toed down the stairs. I walked through the large kitchen. While I was walking, I noticed something shiny on the counter. It was a 9 inch butcher knife. I walked over to it and picked it up, thinking to myself "Why didn't I get something to hurt them with before I came down...I need to be more prepared."

I slowly walked into the living room and seen that nobody was awake, but the TV was still on. I walked over to the TV and pressed the mute button. I walked into his grandmas room and walked over to her bed. She was around 80 years old. She was not under the covers and had a nightgown on. I decided wether I would kill her fast..or slow. She was very old, so there was not doing anything sexual to her. I raised the knife over her.

"Hey..." I said quietly.

As soon as her eyes opened, I brung it down fast onto her neck. The knife went almost all the way through but hit her neck bone. The knife was 4 inches in her neck. I twisted it and brung it down and slit her throat.

"K--ee--Uhh" Was what she sounded like she was saying, but I could care less about what she had to say. Blood was pouring out of her neck like a tap. She Died...

For Shits and giggles, I took her nightgown and put my knife in it and ran it down to her legs. I opened up and found that I had put the knife to far in and it had cut a long, 5foot gash down her. I looked at her pussy and seen that it was strangely it was shaved... Her Husband was never around, so why did she have reason to clean up? I did not have time for this, so I put the blanket that was on the ground and put it over her. I walked toward the door. I walked out the door back into the living room. I had a lot more to go, so I had to act quick.

I walked down the hall and went into Billy's moms' room. She was laying on her bed on her back with cute 19 year-old-like pajamas. The TV was on next to her bed. I walked over to the side of her bed and put the knife down. I looked around and found a pair of panties on her dresser. I put the panties in 1 had and took my finger and set it on the OFF button on the TV. I shut the TV off, and the popping noise woke her up.

"Kenneth?" Was all that came out of her mouth. I stuck the panties in her mouth. She was still grunting to loud...I started to wonder if that would wake Katie up. So I went back to the dresser 2- feet over and grabbed another pair and shoved it in her mouth. I started to choke her...Not to death, to pass her out.
She passed out. I was so excited. As soon as she was out, I ripped her Pajama shirt off and her small B sized tit's popped out. For 37, They were small, but sexily perky. I went down and vigorously sucked her nipples. I sucked harder and harder then bit one of them off. After I bit her right nipple off, Her tit started to bleed. I went down and slurped up the blood on her tit. I chewed on the bloody nipple in my mouth and swallowed it after I got all the taste out. I played with her tits for a bit and went down to the best part.

I wandered down her smooth tummy and stuck my hand in her pants. Her pussy was wet. I got an instant hard on. I whipped down my pants and my cock popped out. I took her pants off and went down to her mildly hairy pussy. I began to eat her out...It tasted so good; her juices flowing in my mouth. I got up and stuck my prick in her pussy and began to fuck her wildly. It felt so good. Right before I cam in her, I reached over and picked up the knife.

"UGH! I'm Coming" I whispered to myself. While I was cumming, I stabbed her in the leg. This woke her up. She started screaming; muffled by the panties. I started to shave some skin off of her smooth inner thigh. She screamed and screamed, but to no prevail. I stood up and went over to her head and wiped my cum off in her hair. I went back down to her tits and took my knife and stuck it in her tit and started to saw.

Her right tit fell off and hit the ground. She was now passed out again, probably from the pain. I picked up her tit and stuffed it into my shirt. I walked down to her feel and decided to have a little fun. I grabbed a hammer that was on her dresser for some reason...maybe because of there recent home renovation. I took the hammer in my hand and went down to her feet. I swung and hit her ankles over and over again until I herd them crack. After they cracked, I walked over to her and spit in her face.

I walked out of the room and went into the bathroom next to her room and filled a small bucket up with water. I went back into her room and poured it on her face. She woke back up and immediately started to scream. She flailed her arms at me, and she got me once in the face. I smacked her in the face and backed away slowly from the bed. I guess she did not know what I did to her feet...She tried to get up and chase me. She got up and put her full weight on her ankles. Her feet bent sideways and they literally fell off. She screamed so loud the panties flew out of her mouth. The scream could be herd for miles. I knew it woke Katie up. She hit the ground and without even thinking, I jumped up and landed on her skull, killing her instantly.

No sooner done, Katie ran into her mom's room.

"Mom!? Are you O----" She said.

She looked around the room and seen what I have done. She looked down and saw my cock sticking out. Before she could even move, I ran over and took her by the chest area and took her upstairs like I was holding a football. By the time I got upstairs, Katie started to cry. I flung her on the bed on top of her brother. That woke him up. He woke up and looked at his sister. I went over and sat on the bed.

"Now listen here guys...You are both going to need to shut the fuck up while I do this OK? I don't need people hearing what is going to be going on" I told them.

Crying still, Katie said "Do...W-W-hat."

"Well, baby girl, I'm going to rape you both, and kill you. Doesn't that sound fun? It's a shame that you won't be able to see what im going to do with you guys after..."

Katie AND Billy started to cry. I went over to Billy and punched him in the face.

"Don't cry you FUCKING pussy." I yelled. "Now...Let's get on with it."

I walked over to the bed and grabbed Katie's hand and flung her onto the ground. I walked over to Billy and got him up and started to punch him over and over. Not so he passed out, but enough where he could stay away to see what I'm going to do to his sister.

I brung Katie up to the edge of the bed and started to rip her top off. She was only 9, so she had no tit's...
I went down on one knee and started to suck her tiny nipples. They tasted so good. I got an instant hard on again, so I told her to grab my cock and jack me off. She did what she was told. Billy on the other hand did not like it, so he tried to get up and stop her, but he couldn't. She was jacking me off fast, so I was going to cum, but I didn't want to. So I stopped. I backed away and ripped her panties off and stared at her 9 year old pussy. I ran my finger down her slit and back up to her little clitty.

I slowly put my cock on her pussy and slowly thrusted into it. She screamed in pain. She started to gush blood, but It did not stop me in the least. I fucked her with such vigor, I thought I was going to pass out. I stopped and looked on the fear and anger in Billy's eyes. I got an ideaaa!

I went over to Billy and picked him up and brang him back up over his sister. I positioned his cock in front of her pussy.

"Fuck her... Fuck your sister. Let her see how much you want to fuck her. You know you want to fuck her little pussy." I said.

Billy did not want to, so I had to change his mind. I walked over to get the knife and went back to him. I whipped his back with the sharp edge of the knife. He screamed and convulsed. He started to do what he was told. He fucked his sister. His now non- virgin 9 year old sister. While he thrusted his cock in her pussy, I climbed on top of her in a 69 position and started to lick her cunt while he fucked it. The blood tasted so good.

"Katie, Hunny. While I'm here, why don't you suck my dick?" I said
"Noo---Noo!" She cried.
"No, No, No. You don't want me to cut your lips off do you?" I asked.
She shook her head NO. She put her lips on my cock and started to suck. If felt so good.

She sucked my cock for 10min before I was going to cum. I got up off Katie and pushed Billy out of my way. He fell on the ground on his ass, and my knife was on the floor. When he hit the ground, a portion of the knife went into his ass cheek. He screamed.

I was going to cum, so I stick my cock into her pussy and unloaded loads of hot cum intro her snatch. It felt so good, I fell down. I got back up and went over to Billy while Katie "rested". I sat him on the other bed face down and fucked him in the ass. I could tell he had never done it before, seeing that I could not stick a penny in his ass. I spit on his ass and slid my cock right it. While I fucked him, I stuck my finger in his cut wound on his ass. It was so warm. I stopped fucking him and walked over to his dresser drawer and found some safety pins. I walked back to Billy and stuck the pins in his nuts one by one. When they were all in, I was so horny I had to take him out. I took them out and sucked the blood out of the 10-ish holes in his nuts.

I got sick of fucking quick. I wanted to do what I came here to do. I stopped sucking hit nuts and brought him back to the bed his sister was laying on. I laid them next to each other. It was time to tell them.

"Hey, Guys. Well, I'm disappointed to tell you...but it's time to go. Ive had a lot of fun haven't you? I fucked you both, took your virginity, fucked your balls all up to pieces. I liked it...How about you? Anyway, It's time to go home... Oh and Katie, I just want you to know, I've always wanted to fuck you. Ever since you were 3. Well, I did it. So, Good bye my Hunnies." I explained.

I went to the end of the bed and took 2 shirts and wrapped them tightly around there mouths. I took the knife and stuck it into Billy's stomach and went up to his neck. I peeled the skin back and revealed all his insides. I called for Katie to look up, and she did. As soon as she did, I took his heart in my hand and ripped it out. Blood squirted everywhere; all over Katie. She fell back. I put my hand back into his chest and poked a hole into his lung. It actually got me a little sick.

Now came the hard part of skinning and pealing the meat off his bones. It took 2 hours to totally skin Billy. The same with Katie. But with Katie, I cut off her pussy meat and stuck it into my mouth and sucked on it. While I was skinning them, I put all there skin, bone, and mussel into a pile on the ground. I picked it up in my arms and started to walk down the stairs. I looked at the clock, It was now around 5:10 in the morning.

I walked down into the kitchen and got a big pot out and filled it with water. I put it on the fire, waiting for it to boil. While I waited, I went through the house and straitened things out. I may be a sick person, but I still have respect for a nice home. After I cleaned up, I went back into the mothers room and went over to her bloody body and took my knife and stuck it into her cunt and spun it around. I took it out and licked it... It was good. I got a cup from her bedside and let the blood from her pussy drain out into a cup. After it was full, I went back to the kitchen.

I sat down and started to soak some of the skin and meat with mom's pussy blood. I finished that and looked up to see the water boiling out onto the floor. I got up and set all the meat into the giant pot. I let it cook for who knows how long. While it was cooking, I walked upstairs to the body's. They did not even look like people after what I did to them. I went to Billy and grabbed the knife again. I held his head up by his hair and took a big swing back and cut his head clean off. The same to cute little Katie.

I walked back down stairs and sat on a chair with Katie's head in my hands. I started to fuck her head as hard as I could. The blood made perfect lube. After a while, I came into her head with a loud moan and 2 streams of white, hot cum. I set her head on the floor and got up to the pot and turned the heat off. I brought the pot to the table and stuck my ladle in and got a chuck of skin and began to eat. My feast lasted 2 Hours.

I finished my meal and got cleaned up. It was 6:30 and the sun was going to rise soon. I quickly went through the house and went back to the Grandmas and Mothers room and cut their heads off along with the kids. I hung there heads on each entrance to the house...It looked beautiful.

I slowly walked out the house with the phone and called the police and told them everything I had done that night in a cute little summary. I threw the phone down and got on my bike. The sun was now rising. I rode home and felt a pinch in my pants. I reached in my pants and pulled out the bloody knife. I looked at it and thought..."And To think, I only wanted to play some games."

The End.

My first time

Introduction: lose my viginity,

My name is jaysen 20 old, am 1m80 black hair 70kg, my first sex was when i was 20 old. In fact i was a simple guy i didn't know that i was gay how i know that i love watching girl sucking kok in movie. one day i was surfing in the internet i saw a shemale site it was the first time i saw a shemale. i started to watch shemale movie everyday then one day when i enter a shemale chat room i met a travesty name tania she live 20km from my place, we chat a lot 3day and the another day she ask me if i can come at his place i say yes, i don't what happen to me that day i say yes, so i went there i told my parent tha i was going at a friend birthday.

As i reach there i was afraid my first time so i knock at the door someone open the door he say yes , i ask him is it tania he reply yes, it's me jaysen, i enter in and sat in the living room we have a small drink, then he sat close to me and he was wearing a sxy dress,

Tania; what you was saying on the phone you want someone to have sex with you

Jaysen; yes i really love sucking kok but i never suck one before and i never get fuck before

As i say that he remove his dress and put my hand on his kok it was my first time i hold a kok in my hand he remove my shirt starting to kiss me every where my body i could feel his kok growing in my hand he told me to put it in my mouth it was 10cm i start sucking his kok i could feel in growing in my mouth again then he told me to stop it was now 19cm big with a red head hmmm. he told me to remove my jeans on me then he told me to lay down on his bed then i feel a pain in my ass he start to finger my ass i stop him but i dont know what happen to me ass he start to put his finger in my ass my kok start growing up as his saw that he continue to finger my ass with 2 finger now i feel pain then 3, then he put an oil in my ass then he ask me if i was ready i say yessss, as i say yesss i could feel his kok head pressing my tight hole as his head enter he puss it slowly i was feeling pain , i told him to stop because of the pain but he continue he told me it will stop he was me slowly now i could feel good then he start to fuck me faster and deep i don't know what happen to me i start cumming by myslef then he say i coming he ask me where do i want him to cum i ask him to cum in my mouth then he pull off his kok cum in my mouth i feel really good i was the first time i taste a sperm. Then i ask him if he can dress me like a girl he told me yes but why, then i told him i want to feel like a girl for one day, then he say ok he dress me with a sexy dress, then when i was in the dress i feel so hot and sexy then someone knock, tania was in taking a bath so i open the door when i open the door it was a sexy guy 1m70 a strong black men, i ask him who he was he say that tania is his best friend, so he enter the house so we start to chat who i was i told him i was his friend, he reply but i never saw tou before and i know all his friend tell me truly you have come for sex, i reply yes , then we chat and he ask how we met etc... then tania come off the bathroom and ask who it was with his towel covering only his kok then he tell his friend to wait , then tania call me in his room so i went there he push the door of his room and take off his towel i can see his kok hard his 19cm, then he lay on his bed and ask me if i could give him a blowjob i reply yes it is something to ask, so i lay on he bed and start sucking his kok i was feeling so hot that in my mind i wanted to be fuck again, while i was sucking his kok i hear the door opening i didn't see who it was i continue sucking his kok i feel a hand on my ass pull off my sexy under wear and start linking my hole i feel so good that i don't stop him it was tania friend paul the he finger my ass then after a mins i could feel his kok head pushing my hole, he only say i would'nt ask you if i can fuck you ass, he knew that i want to be fuck then slowly he push his kok in i scream for pain his kok was 20cm hard and big a fat kok i told him i can't take it too big for my ass but he continue to push it in then tania pull my head and tell me to continue suck his kok , i was feeling pleasure and pain also he continue fucking me then he ask me to stand up he will fuck me so i stand up, he push his kok in my ass it was more painfull this time, he know that so he block me with his arm and fuck me faster , i don't know what happen to me i start cumming , tania was sitting and was playing with his kok, then pal reply am coming he push more deeper in my ass and cum i was in the air i could feel 10 load warm in my ass my hole was fill with his sperm, ass he pull off his kok i lay on the bed near tania then paul come near to my mouth with his kok sperm dropping off he ask me to suck it, i suck if well with his sperm over it hmmmm will sucking i could feel his sperm coming out my hole it was a sensation then i feel tania come close to me and push his kok in my ass i look at him he smile to me and push his kok in i didn't feel any pain only pleasure he start to push in and out after a min he cum in my ass he cum 3 load i could feel, then i watch the time i saw it was 16;00 o then i told them i must take a bath before i go home, as i stand up i could feel all the sperm coming out my ass it was coming down my kok my legs i feel hot i quickly ake a bath then i put my clothers then they ask me when we can met again i reply soon they smile to me then tania tell me to come one day a stay for a night i reply why not, then they both ask me how was my first time with them i reply it was good because for my first time in one day i was fuck 3 time, then we say bye i return home, when i reach home i was thing if i must go there again

Sleep Over Gone

Introduction: This is a story i wrote bassed on events on my life, but this did not really happen. If u have a weak stomach, i warn u, dont read this. And, this story was the rough draft, and the revised version is not here atm, so,dont be mean =(

The Sleep-over That Went Wrong
John Doe

The date is December 10th of 2005, and I am over my friend Guy's house. Before my story begins I must tell you that I am bisexual. So ,Im over Guy's house, I was very hungry and very horny that night by the way, and me and Guy are playing PS2. I look at Guy, he looks so sexy in the light of the room. I looked down and I seen his wonderfull shaped ass. It is so plump and sexy. I started to get a hard on. I needed to get relief. It would not be long from now. We played games for a little bit and we decided to go to bed. It was about 11:00pm as I climbed into bed .I noticed that he was laying right next to me."What are you doing in here in my bed man?" "Dude, it is my house, so I can sleep whereever I want. I did not mind at all. So I said ok. I made it up my mind that It was going to be the worst night of his life.

After about one hour I woke up. He is asleep next to me, and he is in his pj's. I took his covers of of his body and looked at him. After a bit I took my hand and ran it down his chest onto his tummy. Oh boy was it smooth! I started going down to his dick, and boy was I nervous. I put my hand under his pants slowly and I felt his cock. It was so small, but yet very sexual. I rubed his cock in my hand. My worst fear finally came true... he woke up! I drew a blank of words, but I did the only thing that i'm good at. I put my hand on his mouth and his nose. He stired in my arms for a bit, but eventually passed out. I took full advantage of him. I tore his cloth off his body and looked apon his body. He had a little 4 inch cock, but it looked so good. He was not the skinnest of people, around 100 pounds, me being 290.

I took my pants off and pulled out my 6 inch cock and stuck it in his mouth. Oh boy did it feel good!!!! After a while, I took my cock out of his mouth and went down to his cock, I started to sucked on it gingerly. It tasted so good! After 20 min, Guy starts to stir. When he opened his eyes, he was in a state of shock. He did not know what to think. I reached over and took the PS2 controler and bashed him in his head with it. Over, and over I hit him in the head with the controler. He was out again. I walked over to the other side of room and got duct tape out of the closet, and taped his mouth, feet, and hands togeather. I decided to walk downstairs and look around for something. I walked into the kitchen and picked up a 12 inch butchers knife and walked around a bit, pondering what to do with it. I decided to walk into his sisters room.

I walked over to the pint size bed and looked at her fagile body. I rolled the covers off of her and layed my hand on her legs. She opened her eyes. I quickly took her covers and smothered her till she passed out. While she was out, I took the knife and slit her wrists. Watching the blood poor out turned me on so much. I put tape over her mouth and pulled down my pants. I put my hand on her 6 year old pussy mound and felt her juices flowing. I striped her of her cloth and whiped my cock out and stuck it into her inocent pussy. It was a very tight fit, but the feeling was amazing. While I was fucking her, I took the knife and grazed it over her tiny legs. I stoped fucking for a while and decided what i was going to do next. I dug the knife into her leg and peeled a baseball card size chunk of skin off her leg. This awoke her.

She tried to scream, but the tape over her mouth muffeled her screams. I took the piece of tender meat and put it into my mouth. I chewed and chewed on the tender white meat. After I finished with the meat, I began to start fucking her again. But this time, she was fully aware of what was going on. I proceded to pop her little 6 year old cherry. She screamed in horror not knowing what was going on in her little love box. I fucked her for atleast 1 hour, then I remembered Guy, and his grandparents. I stoped fucking her and looked at her from a distance. I seen her wrists were pooring out blood, a little faster than before. I new she would expire soon. I walked out of her room and closed her door.

Though this whole ordeal, her grandparents did not even wake up. At this time, I wondered what Guy was doing upstairs in his room. I walked up to his grandpa and grandma, they were fast asleep. I decided not to do anything sexually to them. They were to fucking old. I walked up to them and put my knife on the grandpa's neck very slowly. I slit his throat and stabed his grandma in the chest. To my surprise they did not wake up.

They both bled out onto the floor. I went back into Guy's 6 year old sisters room, and she was dead, but that did not stop me from fucking her again!! She looked so good! I fucked that little pussy untill it was covered in blood and my cum.

After I got done with her I walked back up to Guys room. I looked at him, bloody and stiring. I went back downstairs and looked though there shit. I found a rusty potato peeler. I new this was going to be enjoyable! I walked upstairs to him and took the potato peeler and took the tape off his mouth and made him to open his mouth, and once he did, I took his toung and ran the peeler down his toung. Thin slices of toung came off. I picked all of them up and stuffed them into my pockets. He was screaming wildly, but I did not care, I was haveing a good fucking time.

I put his naked body back up on the bed and made him suck my cock. His teeth were so fucking sharp. So I took my cock out of his mouth and punched his face untill his teeth came out. What a rush! I kept punching him in the mouth until I noticed he was about to pass out from the beating. I picked him up and spit in his face, and bent him over. I fucked him in his tight little ass, he screamed and screamed, but after a while he could not scream anymore. He just took the fucking like the the little bitch he was. I fucked his asshole wildly. After a bit of punishment, his ass started to bleed. I bent down to his ass and began to chew on it. I took huge chunks of meat out of his ass and put them into my pocked to with the toung slices. I threw him on the ground after I came into his ass, and picked up my pants and buttoned them. But I wasn't even close to being done yet! Not even close!

I went back downstairs and went into his grandparents room and got the 12 inch blade and brung it back upstairs. I walked over to his almost lifeless body and picked him up and put him on the bed and rolled him over. I went down to his legs and ran the blade down his leg and cut a long slit down it. Then I started to peel the skin off his leg. After I started, it seemed I could not stop. I skined his whole leg and cut the flesh up into little pieces and put them into a bag. I skined both of his legs and threw the flesh into the other side of the room. Guy was trying to cream from all the pain, but he couldn't. I turned him over and began to rub the blade over his cock. I took the blade and cut his cock off, very slowly though. After I cut it off I did the same thing to his nuts. I stuck it in my mouth and chewed it. I took his nuts and put them into another bag. By this time Guy was hanging onto life by a thread.

So I walked over to to him and put the blade up to his neck, and oh so slowly cut into his neck. His last words were "Burn in hell." And I knew that was where I was going, but I did not care anymore. I finished skining his body and cut his head off and took it by the hair. I walked thoughout his room and picked up the little bits of skin and put it in the bags. I took it downstairs and set it by the stairs. I went back into his sisters room and sat on her bed. I looked at her and rolled her over. I put the blade on her sexy tummy and stuck the knife into it.

I open her stomach up and took out all her organs and let them flow on my body. It was the best feeling of my life. I took all her organs and rapped them around my dick and fucked them. I fucked them untill I came in the organs. I walked over to the kitchen the cum filled organs and put them into an awaiting pot and turned it on. I took the toung and the flesh from Guy and put them into the pot with some herbs and spices. I took his head and slapped it onto a cooking sheet and put it into the oven.

While Guy and his sister were cooking, I went up to his room and started to look through all his shit. I found some money and junk but that was about it. Beep! They were ready! I walked down the stairs and took Guys remains out of the oven and the same with his sisters organs and put them all on one big plate. I sat down and dug in. It was the best meal I ever had! All the flesh was a pinkish color. I ate the skin soup first, then worked my way to Guys head. After I was done eating I cleaned up like the good boy I am :). I Walked over to the phone and called the police and told them everything I did and hung up the phone. I walked out of Guys house slowly and got on my bike and rode home. On the way home I felt in my pocket and felt a little bit of toung and looked at it and I thought to myself, "Those poor Guys, they never knew it was even cuming."

The End

Shaun's Story


Hi. My name is Michael Gold. I am 12 years old, blond hair that reaches my shoulders, 5’3 and I have young boyish body with a bit of definition. My older brother’s name is Noah. He has blonde hair that reaches his shoulders just like me. He is fourteen years old. His body has more definition then me. He has a boyish look to him as well. Our story starts when I am in grade 7.

I woke up to my alarm, which was not really an alarm, but a set time where a radio station turns on really loud. I never really remember my dreams, which is something new, I always used to remember my dreams. My body is sweating, and in the back of my head I always think: ”Did I pee myself?.” Of course I didn’t because that would be silly. I don’t know why it would be silly, because I had no clue if I did pee myself or not. I could only find that out if I smelt my wetness which was either sweat or piss. It’s amazing that one could think all that in a matter of five seconds.

So I lift all the different sorts of blankets on top of me and get up. I am always in a certain mood when I get up. I like this mood, because I am very blunt and don’t care about others feelings.

As I head to the bathroom to empty my bladder I fix my boxers, because whenever I wake up they’re way to too high up my legs and my genitals are in full view of the passing family member in the hallway at that moment.

I lift up the toilet seat, pull down my boxers completely and release my golden flow. I start taking off all my clothes for the shower. Once all my clothes are off I turn on the shower and adjust the temperature. I get in the shower once I have my desired temperature and start relaxing. I would jack-off right now but it’s would take ages for me to reach my climax. Like most people, morning wood will stay morning wood and will never release sap. I start day-dreaming, singing, wasting 30 minutes of time and rushing after the shower.
I do whatever I usually do in the morning after that and head to school with my brother.

“Great…anxiety.” I am always anxious before school. And why? Because I have an anxiety disorder. It’s called social anxiety. My brother knows about my anxiety because we always talk about in family therapy. I can’t even explain it, nor do I want to. This feeling stays with me even when we reach school.

I think everybody is judging me, even those who I don’ know. Why am I so ugly? Why is everyone better looking then me? Those thoughts are only a few of the million I have every day. My brother would run off ahead with no trace of anxiety at all. Lucky bastard. I walked into school and Daniel was at his locker. Daniel had a big nose; he was skinny and very extraverted. He was social. I was very jealous of him so I would alter my mind to think that he was just annoying.

I walked to my locker and thought: “Is the way I’m standing weird and gay looking?” A key word…gay. I wasn’t sure of my sexuality. I had a girlfriend, we did nothing, she broke up with me. She gave this bullshit reason that I forget right now.

I opened my locker and took out my books for my first period. Science. As I walked to class I tried not to make eye contact with anyone. But always in the halls was Shaun. Shaun was Daniel’s cousin. I knew nothing of him, except that he was Daniel’s cousin.
At that moment I never knew how Shaun would change my life.

Daniel and Matthew:
It was nighttime. Daniel was sleeping over at Matthew’s house. Matthew was feeling horny and so was Daniel.

Daniel watched as my penis entered Matthew’s ass slowly. Matthew’s eyes rolled in his head.
“That feels…so good.” Matthew could barely speak.

Once Daniel was completely in Matthew’s ass tightened. All those nerves in his anal walls pushing so hard against Daniel’s five inch penis. Matthew felt so good. He was having that before-cum feeling all over his body again..and again..and again.

Juices were pouring out of Matthew’s ass as Daniel fucked his hard and fast.
Matthew was howling. “Oh my God!!” “Stop!” “Please…IT’S TOO MUCH.”

Daniel’s orgasm was approaching.

Matthew was screaming at the top of his lungs. “DANIEL!” “THAT FEELS SO GOOD.” “YOUR PULLING MY ASSHOLE INSIDE OUT!” “AHHHHHHHHH” Matthew said as he was getting fucked.

Daniel felt it coming. “Matthew...get off me……GET OFF ME!”
Matthew laughed with pleasured. “N-N-NO…it feels too GOOOOD.”

Daniel was screaming with him. “Stop…” “STOP IT NOW” Daniel’s body was imploding, exploding. “DON’T STOP…I’M CUMMING….I’M CUMMING!!!!!!”
Finally they stopped, the bed was soaked. And then it happened.

The window broke. And something jumped in. They were scared. They heard it below them.

Daniel tried running out of the room but was stopped by the creatures extremely long tongue that grabbed his ankle.

Daniel was screaming. Then the monster pulled him under the bed and you could hear him getting eaten.

Matthew started throwing up.

The creature started laughing. Its voice was extremely deep. “Hello Matthew.”

All of a sudden huge spiders came crawling up from under the bed attacked Matthew, going inside him and transforming him into a nest. The creature took Matthew and jumped out of the window.

The testing


The sun was now behind the last peak still covered in snow, in a few minutes it was dark. Mountain darkness comes quickly after sunset. I was returning home after being in town to get some supplies for the last two weeks that I still had to spend here before I return to town. I put nell'autoradio a tape of classical music that was always my loyal companion for travel and inspiration. By now there were a few corners and I would arrive when I saw him on the roadside which was hitchhiking.

It seemed strange that someone asks you for passing on this road at this time and so I slowed down to allow time to better understand who they are. And I was thunderstruck. A boy, no young man between 25 and 28 years perhaps, with a nice clean face and short hair, but thick brown like his eyes. He had a backpack on his back and was dressed as a hiker. Yes, I said, this was happening, a hiker who asked for a ride. I stopped approaching a little ahead of him and watched him in the rearview mirror as he ran towards me.

- Hello ... I'm going to Pontelungo sir, I would give him a ride sir? - Said sagging toward the car window. I watched him for a brief moment
- I'm also in that direction ... all right I can take salt for a while --
I left by plane last journey as much as possible

- You know usually I do not usually give passages to unknown but you made me a good impression. Where are you from? --
- Milan, my name is Max e. .. thanks anyway I understand not to be trusted too much ...
- Give me pure tu me feel not so old - I laughed - I still am called Joseph, please. You're returning from a trip right? --
- Accurately, I was on top of the spur of the Taurus, a real grind --
- Eh I imagine - I said - I assume you'll be hungry --

- To be honest, yes ... as a wolf - he said, smiling. Had a beautiful smile I noticed
- Well if you like, you could hear Max eat something from me and then after dinner I'll take you to Pontelungo --
He thought for a moment and then agreed - okay if not too much of a nuisance for you ...- Joseph
- Oh figured, no disturbance on the contrary. You know I live alone and a bit of company every now and then I'm glad -.

I threw the hook, instinctively, as the real hunter and the prey was hooked immediately. Fantastic I said as I drove slowly towards the house enjoy the music. Now I was again inspired: this was a great opportunity to finally test Leonardina.

Arrived that it was dark. My house was the last house at the bottom left before the curve which then led down to Pontelungo. It was a little cabin in the alpine style with stone walls and sloping roof of wooden beams, with a small garden in front.
On the east side had built a small garage for the car. I parked and entered the house. Max put his backpack into and then followed me into the living room.
- If you take a shower down the hall is the bathroom. 

You'll find everything you need, including bathrobes. Meanwhile I'll make something to drink and then start to cook something - I said. I lit a small fire that was in the corner of the room and then went into the kitchen to prepare the drinks while Max was washing.
Uncorked a good Chianti and poured two glasses. In his later added a mixture of sleeping pills that I had already experienced other times, very effective mixed with alcohol and also quite rapid effect.

Then I returned to the room, checked the fire in the fireplace and I relaxed in a chair waiting for him. I turned on the stereo. Bach, ideal for the evening I had planned. I closed my eyes drifting from note ... here ... the inspiration was coming ... yes it was a wonderful idea ... oh my god ... Bach was a genius. The bathroom door that opened interrupted my thoughts. The boy had finished washing and was now there in the hall in front of me wrapped in my blue bathrobe.

- Max sit back, relax, drink some wine. Do you like wine? --
- Oh yes sure all right - it sat on the front and took his glass.

I watched as he drank. Was relaxed and seemed really at ease. I tried to think what would think of me, this whole situation and what he expected. I was almost sure that he will expect me to approach sex. Certainly, this is usually what would happen. Usually ... but not this time. Tonight was totally different ... very different. So there was no approach from me, but only amiable conversation. I asked him some of what he did in life every day, of who was waiting at home, of his excursions. Things like that ... And while I sipped my wine and watching him ending his. Refilled his glass. At one point I saw that the sleeping pill began to take effect.

- It's all right Max? - I asked
- Yes, I think I'm just very tired, you know it was a long walk ... tiring --
- I believe you - I said, smiling - who knows what you'll also have sore feet. If you like you massage them a bit before eating. Come closer and place it here - I said pointing to the armrest of his chair. The boy sat down beside me and put his bare feet where I had said. I began to massage the soles starting from the heel and back along the arch to the toes.

Max did have some beautiful feet I noticed. Small, a 41, well-groomed, short nails, plant close and slender fingers. Hardly seemed to even walk male. I kept rubbing the skin making him curl under the trees in those fine lines that I adored and meanwhile I watched him relax more ... more and more.

mmm .... it's great you are ... ... you're doing very good sleep - he said as he closed his eyes. I went a couple of minutes then got up and went into the kitchen to pour more wine. When I returned to the room the boy was fast asleep. 

Now it's gone I thought. We are, it's time to get to work. I grabbed her arms and dragged him toward the bedroom. There, hidden behind a fake closet door was a door, closed. I opened it, turned on the light and dragged him inside. It was a grind. The boy weighed just some but I was not in better shape as before. I thought that maybe I should study another method of transport for the future. The room where we were had no windows, lit by neon lights from the ceiling. That was my secret room, the playroom prohibited. Except that I never used it. Tonight I would have opened. I had only one doubt: the Leonardina, even she had never been tested. 

The Leonardina was the main piece and in fact prevailed in the center of the room. Had cost me a 'summer job but the result, even from the aesthetic point of view was magnificent. It consisted of a cross of St. Andrew Wood often. A form of X, was tilting, which could be either horizontal or vertical or with an intermediate angle of 45 degrees of tilt. The four arms could be adapted to the person opening them or closing them as needed. At the bottom of each of the four arms were fixed to the thick leather bracelets, however they could slide along the tracks. Indeed each of the bracelets was connected to a metal cable in turn connected to a gearbox. GEARS The four were linked to an electric motor that I could control via a small control box. 

With difficulty I managed to raise the boy and unwind on the cross that I had left locked in a horizontal position. He was still sleeping soundly. For a moment I was terrified of having exaggerated the sleeping pill and was dead, then I saw that ever breathed regularly. The slipped off the robe from under his back leaving him completely naked. Allineai the arms and legs along the axes of the cross and then stared at her wrists and ankles inside the bracelets. Now he was completely bound hand and foot. I stopped to watch him still asleep. I wanted to savor every moment, without losing anything. I watched her breathing, deep, regular, who is sleeping soundly. Max had a really nice body. I had guessed at once, but now so seeing him completely naked was different. Nude is revealed in all its beauty. He was a slender body and defined, typical of a boy his age, very athletic. Her beautiful feet I had the opportunity to appreciate them, and now see the rest. Finally decided it was time to wake him. With cold water and pat him I brought some reality.

- Welcome back among us young - I said, looking
- Where are ... ... but what are you doing ... - was naturally somewhat confused over such a rude awakening, so I helped him to understand better.

- You are in my house Remember Max? But now, however we are no longer living but in my secret room. The playroom note. - I saw that the boy tried to move, tried to get up but obviously could not - still - I said - you can not get up. You are bound. I have to do know. A much more beautiful because you're tied up and two because I need that is stationary. Absolutely still. Unfortunately, being sick, very sick, and it is also for this reason that I've had to tie.

- But ... why - said the boy was beginning to understand what kind of trouble he had got - why are you doing this to me? --
- You want to know why? Why excites me a lot and because you are very beautiful, you have a perfect body for my tastes and what I'm going to ask you. - I said staring into his eyes. He looked at me terrified. - What do you want me you bastard! --
I liked the way she told me. It was not the usual plea for a great big doll but a tearful response from man. One with the balls I say.

- You'll see once dear - and pressed a button on the control box commanding the mechanism of the cross. The motor to which were connected to cables of metal bangle set in motion by starting to roll around their wheels. Slowly the rope was passed to the ankles and wrists of the boy and his body began to tense even more. Slowly but inexorably. I turned off the switch only a little break before the limit of its tendons. He was screaming in pain he felt at the seams and joints. I stopped and stood to observe him carefully. Now he was possibly even more beautiful than before. Say a different beauty. Her naked body subjected to a tension so strong was shiny with sweat.

The thing that fascinated me was his torso. The rib cage subjected to the tension had been expanded and raised him and being further delineated this skinny all his ribs. I could see them one by one under the skin, protruding like blades. Wonderful. I ran my hand through his hairless chest with my fingers in the grooves of each of his ribs. In contrast to his chest was a flat belly.

Indeed a basin. Stretched like a hammock between the last rib and the iliac bones of the pelvis. I watched as the kidnapped her belly bare, concave, flat, skin taut, and her beautiful navel in the middle round, protruding. Undoubtedly the Leonardina working well and a good body lean and hard as her giving the best results. The testing could be said to be made. Now I could proceed according to my plan for him. The only doubt was whether to devote a little more 'even the soles of feet. I decided to be, after all it was worth it.
- Okay dear Max - I said - it's time to begin --
I took a scalpel from a tray. I did so that he could see him and waited for his reaction that it was of sheer terror as I expected.
- No! No what you do! What do you want me damn! --

I smiled without answering, and I headed to the bottom of the cross, to her beautiful bare feet.
Have you ever heard of spank? Well if not I tell you. It is one thing they do in the world bdsm. In practice it means spanking. And what I did. Sculacciai the soles of the feet of Max, with his hands. First floor and then louder in a crescendo of excitement and enthusiasm. I stopped sweating and I went up to his face, close by.
- You liked my friend? - I asked looking into his eyes. He looked at me almost dumbfounded - but what do you do ... but what the hell you have in mind .... The bastard will pay for all this, You shall pay dearly ... oh-contact is very expensive. --

- Oh I do not think that will go well ... I do not think-I smiled and went to a table in the corner of the room. On it lay a tray that contained some surgical instruments. I took some gaps and a scalpel. I went back to the boy and showed it to him. - Do you know what are these true? And you know what they are. Now you understand why I connected so in this position and so tense. I need that your torso is as exposed as possible and then you are totally immobilized.

The boy's face lit up with terror when I finally understood what awaited him.
I approached him. One hand stroked his chest, feeling the relief of every one of his ribs very visible under the taut skin of his chest so unnaturally raised from the tension of the position. I ran my hand down to her belly. Her belly had become a hollow, the skin taut as a drum. The stroked feeling so excited. I appreciated the relief of his iliac crests as well visible at the bottom of the abdomen.

- You are wonderful Max said. -You have a gorgeous body. I am sure that within six equally beautiful -
I rested the tip of the scalpel at the base of her neck and began to cut, slowly, along the breastbone. The skin was opened with a disconcerting ease. He left little blood and it was immediately below the bone. Arrived at the bottom of the sternum continued to cut down down along the belly up to the pubic bone. Here too, the skin is cut with ease. Below you could see the muscles of the abdomen. Practically there was no fat, just skin and then muscle. 

My boyfriend was in shape. I paused a moment to observe his face. Was the contract in a grimace of pain. I passed the cut. This time I cut the muscles. Now she was really open. I put down the knife with both hands and opened the flaps of the wound, taking care to unstick the skin and muscles on the chest, baring the ribs. They were white, alternating with the red of the intercostal muscles. Even though I could not see nor his heart and his lungs even though his chest ventilated hours long. Fully opened also his belly. Was stunned by what I saw. I never thought that in a belly so thin he could stay there all that stuff. His guts were something fascinating. 

A skein gray-pink, long, all rolled up and compressed. Her belly was practically full of this sort of slimy cord. Had within yards of guts. I buried both hands between the loops of his intestines and started splashing around at the height of excitement. It grabbed her head and began to roll out the tangle of its slimy belly. Gradually it was emptying. He was still alive and awake and looked stunned as I was doing. - I knew that inside were beautiful - I said as I pulled out yards and yards of intestines. They were very long, it seemed that never end, it was unbelievable.

Eventually he reached the stomach and then the liver, pancreas, spleen. In short his abdomen had been completely emptied. I looked at the boy, now dying because of bleeding. In a bucket placed under the table I had collected all his bowels. He looked at me one last time and then closed his eyes. Forever. The rest was finished to slaughter his body, cut into pieces and then dissolve it in the bin and delete all traces of acid. At the end of the day I was exhausted but very happy. The Leonardina had done his duty, had worked to perfection.