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XPATH Injection Tutorial

XPath is a language that has been designed and developed to operate on data that is described with XML. The XPath injection allows an attacker to inject XPath elements in a query that uses this language. Some of the possible goals are to bypass authentication or access information in an unauthorized manner.

We are gonna learn using simple example. Download code from here & put it in your local server directory.(Code is created by Amol Naik )

Sample XML Document which we gonna use:-

<!-- Employees Database -->
  <Employee ID="1">
  <Employee ID="2">
  <Employee ID="3">
  <Employee ID="4">

Bypass Authentication:-

Browse to the login.php page; here we can see simple login form.

Bypass Authentication

If the application does not properly filter such input, the tester will be able to inject XPath code and interfere with the query result. For instance, the tester could input the following values:

Username: ' or '1' = '1
Password:  ' or '1' = '1

Bypass Authentication using XPATH injection
Looks quite familiar, doesn't it? Using these parameters, the query becomes:

string(//Employee[uname/text()='' or '1' = '1' and passwd/text()='' or '1' = '1']/account/text())

As in a common SQL Injection attack, we have created a query that is always evaluated as true, which means that the application will authenticate the user even if a username or a password have not been provided.

Blind Xpath Injection:-

If there is no knowledge about the XML data internal details and if the application does not provide useful error messages that help us reconstruct its internal logic, it is possible to perform a Blind XPath Injection attack whose goal is to reconstruct the whole data structure.

Browse to the search.php page. Enter any number, When you provide number it will display FirstName related to their ID.

Blind XPATH Injection
Enter ' or '1' = '1 in search , & you will get all FirstName regardless of any ID(Number).

Blind XPATH Injection
In blind Xpath injection we have to provide special crafted query to application, if query is true we will get result otherwise we will not get any result.Till now We don`t know about any parent or child node of XML document.

Guessing of parent node:-

Supply following query to application & observe result.

' or substring(name(parent::*[position()=1]),1,1)='a

Nothing append , we don`t get FirstName of users.It means first letter of parent node is not "a". Now supply following query

' or substring(name(parent::*[position()=1]),1,1)='E

Blind XPATH Injection
You get result , It means first letter of parent node is "E"

To guess second letter of parent node supply following query

' or substring(name(parent::*[position()=1]),2,1)='m

Following the same procedure, we can extract the full name of the parent node, which was found to be 'Employee'.

We can also get child node. Browse to the xpath.php page & enter following query.


You got output from parent node Employee id 3 & child node whose position is 2.

To get whole document put following query.


Blind Xpath injection
It`s just concept how to retrieve data from XML document using XPATH injection.XPath contains two useful functions that can help you automate the preceding attack and quickly iterate through all nodes and data in the XML document:

  • count() returns the number of child nodes of a given element, which can be used to determine the range of position() values to iterate over.
  •  string-length() returns the length of a supplied string, which can be used to determine the range of substring() values to iterate over.
I used recon-ng xpath bruteforcer for xpath injection attack & we will get back end XML file.


Useful Links & Blind XPATH injection Tools:-



XPATH BLIND EXPLORER:-  http://code.google.com/p/xpath-blind-explorer/downloads/list

XCAT:-  https://github.com/orf/xcat

Mr. Jones is rather concerned

Something is happening here.  But you don't know what it is - do you, Mr. Jones?

Is there anyone else in the room who's here because he's just plain embarrassed by the present world?  The past is a foreign country, someone once said.  If the past is a foreign country, someone else said, a reactionary is a patriot of that country.  Almost an exile from it.

And unlike the presentist, who sees the past as a tiny, backward and contemptible province of his vast eternal present, the reactionary knows the opposite.  The present is a province of the past.  Yes, it's true - like any province, it has its specialties.  The food, for instance.  The iPads - superb.  The movies - never better.

But overall!  Stuck here like Ovid among the Pontic Greeks, Augustus beyond deaf to all appeal, the civilized man can only murmur: barbarus hic ego sum.  Does he wish for friends?  He has no shortage - he could not imagine better.  No, what he really needs is a better grade of critics.  The bar is too low.  And when you're trying - absurdly of course, but with real feeling - to write sub specie aeternitas, that's what kills ya.

In Rome, of course, critics were no problem.  Out here in Pontus, it's pretty much all, you talk like a fag.  What makes the provincial critic so grimly, hilariously terrible is that he imagines himself not just equal to the wits of the metropolis, but vastly superior.  Is it even possible to respond?  Shall the man of letters respond: "excuse me, 'Dr. Lexus,' but I am resolutely heterosexual - as if it mattered - and 'my shit,' as you call it, is anything but 'all retarded'?"

But the present world, province though it be, has some advantages.  It does exist and we do have to live here. So, from one barbarian to another, perhaps a brief comment is in order.

Not to the original source.  Argue with Dr. Lexus?  Really?  With Mr. Jones?  When Mr. Jones is not quite sure whether he's a belletrist or a Stasi-Mann (apparently "Doxing 101" is the cornerstone of the media and communications major these days at Pontus State); when neither he nor his undoubtedly overworked copy editor can balance a quote, place a comma, or master the mysterious art of the proper noun - forget it, Ovid.  It's Pontus.

No, obviously no one should ever respond to a journalist.  (Or a Stasi-Mann.)  It's a mistake to think these people have opinions.  They have careers.  They're paid by the click and not paid well.  If you or I had Mr. Jones' job,  we'd write what he writes or lose it - maybe in slightly better English.  It's a mistake to anthropomorphize Mr. Jones.  He's a piece in a machine.

The basic nature of constitutional government is the formalization of power, and democracy is the formalization of mob violence.  Why is America's constitution democratic?  Because the Puritan mob drove Charles I (who, like Louis XVI and Nicholas II, was basically just a nice guy) out of London in 1642.  In a present world where mob violence is a thing of the past, we wouldn't expect to see genuine demotic opinion actually matter in the political process - much as we wouldn't expect to see feudal knights matter in a world that's invented the musket.  For instance, the closest thing America has to a non-astroturf political force is the Tea Party.  Which doesn't even litter.  Nor does it matter, and this is not a coincidence.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to call journalism the last real remnant of American democracy.  The job is about two things: minting clicks for slave wages, and feeling important.  (You might say that journalists are paid both in money and in power.)  Anything that can produce a good Two Minutes' Hate punches both buttons.  If one Mr. Jones misses it, the next won't.  I've seen the future of journalism in America.  It's called Upworthy.  It's exactly what Pontus both demands and deserves.

Fortunately, the Pontic mob has both the attention and the testicles of a gnat, and its bite-to-bark ratio is really difficult to understate.  Since I regret everything pathetic in the present world, and especially the death of all kings, I mourn even King Mob.  (After all, Priestley got exactly what he deserved.)  In this case, though...

Anyway.  So much for Mr. Jones.  But Pontus does offer its rewards, even intellectually.  When I think of the Pontic critics, my mind turns always to Buck Harkness.  The tragedy of Buck Harkness, "half a man," is that he was born with all the ingredients to be a Colonel Sherburn.  But nurture played him false - the bar was too low.  In Pontus, half a man is all the best of men can be.  (In Rome, I'd be instantly exposed as a ridiculous poser for talking about Ovid when I never even learned Latin.  Whereas in Pontus, just the fact that I've heard of Ovid makes me sound like a fag.)

Take David Brin.  Insomuch as Pontus has real writers - real critics, even - Brin is one.  When I was twelve I read one of his books and really enjoyed it.  Something about superintelligent mutant dolphins in an alien ocean.  He has ideas, too - I've been meaning to read this for a while.  It's not terribly controversial to me, and, you know, 20th-century ideas.  When there's so much of Maistre I haven't gotten to yet.  But it offended a lot of the usual Pontic pundits, and who can argue with that?

But really.  Your Pontic Buck Harkness shows no signs of ever having read anything pre-1922, except inasmuch as he was maybe assigned an excerpt from it in college.  Colonel Sherburn shouldn't have to argue with Buck Harkness and his mob.  If he's really Colonel Sherburn, he just sends them home.  It's less a fight than an episode of Knockout Game.

So for instance, Brin seems very big on the Enlightenment.  It would be interesting to know the last book from the Enlightenment he read.  If he's read any.  My suspicion is that what he reveres is not actually the actual Enlightenment, but the "Enlightenment" as taught in 20th-century universities.  Did you know that powdered eggs are actually made from actual eggs?  Imagine a science-fiction dystopia in which, perhaps on board your starship, you ate powdered eggs for breakfast every day.  Eggs, to you, are powdered eggs.  Real eggs are illegal.  Or something.  But one day, someone smuggles an actual chicken on board...

When I think of the Enlightenment, for instance, the man who jumps to mind is Hume.  Pontus is a busy place and perhaps you don't have time to appreciate Hume yourself.  I've read a good bit of his History of England, which is excellent and really ought to be updated in the proper spirit.  But I'll just quote Wikipedia, which of course contains the truth on all subjects:
David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism. He was one of the most important figures in the history of Western philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment.
Unfortunately for Buck Harkness, Hume's ideal form of government was... a "civilized monarchy":
In a civilized monarchy, the prince alone is unrestrained in the exercise of his authority, and possesses alone a power, which is not bounded by any thing but custom, example, and the sense of his own interest. Every minister or magistrate, however eminent, must submit to the general laws, which govern the whole society, and must exert the authority delegated to him after the manner, which is prescribed. The people depend on none but their sovereign, for the security of their property. He is so far removed from them, and is so much exempt from private jealousies or interests, that this dependence is scarcely felt. And thus a species of government arises, to which, in a high political rant, we may give the name of Tyranny, but which, by a just and prudent administration, may afford tolerable security to the people, and may answer most of the ends of political society. 
But though in a civilized monarchy, as well as in a republic, the people have security for the enjoyment of their property; yet in both these forms of government, those who possess the supreme authority have the disposal of many honours and advantages, which excite the ambition and avarice of mankind. The only difference is, that, in a republic, the candidates for office must look downwards, to gain the suffrages of the people; in a monarchy, they must turn their attention upwards, to court the good graces and favour of the great. To be successful in the former way, it is necessary for a man to make himself useful, by his industry, capacity, or knowledge: To be prosperous in the latter way, it is requisite for him to render himself agreeable, by his wit, complaisance, or civility. A strong genius succeeds best in republics; a refined taste in monarchies. And consequently the sciences are the more natural growth of the one, and the polite arts of the other.
Moreover, when we read the Enlightenment, we pay it very little respect indeed if we read it as if it was the Bible.  Hume today would both read and judge himself, and so must we.

For instance, Hume genuinely believed that the way to gain "the suffrages of the people" was for a politician to "make himself useful, by his industry, capacity, or knowledge."  Was he... a moron?  Did he... talk like a fag?

No, his work is a product of its time and place - the Whig aristocracy of 18th-century Britain, a marvelous synthesis of the old Puritan and feudal strains which somehow preserved the virtues of both.  It really was (to some extent) true that the Puritan middle classes of his era were a remarkably virtuous people.  Empowering them with republican forms created a regime that wasn't called Augustan for nothing, and laid the foundations for the empire in whose ruins we live.

But even by the late 18th century, this structure, really a settlement of the great 17th-century conflict, is crumbling.  The engineering does not work.  The republic is too strong for the monarchy and begins to tear it down.  And the virtue... oh, now I'm making myself cry.  Where did all that Puritan virtue come from, anyway?  It brought down the Stuarts.  But it was not born under the Stuarts.

Hume would be the first to point out that the constitution of any country depends on the actual people of that country.  Republican forms are not an end in and of themselves.  When virtue is widely distributed, these forms are a way of concentrating and employing it.  You will find writers who believe republican forms can build a virtuous state from a vile electorate.  Hume is not among them.

No, I suspect the average Pontic will accuse me of a little bait and switch here.  When he thinks of the "Enlightenment," he doesn't think of the Scottish Enlightenment.  He thinks of the French Enlightenment.  He goes "full Rousseau."

To explain what a sane 21st-century reader should think of the French Enlightenment - once again, not worshipping it in medieval scholastic fashion, but judging it in Enlightenment fashion - I have no better quote than the great dialogue of Taine, from the close of his Origins of Contemporary France.  Who?  Hippolyte Taine.  Yeah, I know.  He sounds like a fag.  Worse, he's quoting (probably with some editing) another obvious fag, La Harpe:
It seems to me, [La Harpe] says, as if it were but yesterday, and yet it is at the beginning of the year 1788. We were dining with one of our fellow members of the Academy, a grand seignior and a man of intelligence. The company was numerous and of every profession, courtiers, advocates, men of letters and academicians, all had feasted luxuriously according to custom. At the dessert the wines of Malvoisie and of Constance contributed to the social gaiety a sort of freedom not always kept within decorous limits. At that time society had reached the point at which everything may be expressed that excites laughter. Champfort had read to us his impious and libertine stories, and great ladies had listened to these without recourse to their fans.
Hence a deluge of witticisms against religion, one quoting a tirade from 'La Pucelle,' another bringing forward certain philosophical stanzas by Diderot. . . . and with unbounded applause. . . . The conversation becomes more serious; admiration is expressed at the revolution accomplished by Voltaire, and all agree in its being the first title to his fame. 'He gave the tone to his century, finding readers in the antechambers as well as in the drawing-room.' One of the guests narrates, bursting with laughter, what a hairdresser said to him while powdering his hair: 'You see, sir, although I am a miserable scrub, I have no more religion than any one else.' 
They conclude that the Revolution will soon be consummated, that superstition and fanaticism must wholly give way to philosophy, and they thus calculate the probabilities of the epoch and those of the future society which will see the reign of reason. The most aged lament not being able to flatter themselves that they will see it; the young rejoice in a reasonable prospect of seeing it, and especially do they congratulate the Academy on having paved the way for the great work, and on having been the headquarters, the center, the inspirer of freedom of thought. 
One of the guests had taken no part in this gay conversation; a person named Cazotte, an amiable and original man, but, unfortunately, infatuated with the delusions of the visionary. In the most serious tone he begins: 'Gentlemen,' says he, 'be content; you will witness this great revolution that you so much desire. You know that I am something of a prophet, and I repeat it, you will witness it. . . . Do you know the result of this revolution, for all of you, so long as you remain here?'
'Ah!' exclaims Condorcet with his shrewd, simple air and smile, 'let us see, a philosopher is not sorry to encounter a prophet.' 
'You, Monsieur de Condorcet, will expire stretched on the floor of a dungeon; you will die of the poison you take to escape the executioner, of the poison which the felicity of that era will compel you always to carry about your person!' 
At first, great astonishment, and then came an outburst of laughter. 'What has all this in common with philosophy and the reign of reason?' 
'Precisely what I have just remarked to you; in the name of philosophy, of humanity, of freedom, under the reign of reason, you will thus reach your end; and, evidently, the reign of reason will arrive, for there will be temples of reason, and, in those days, in all France, the temples will be those alone of reason. . . . You, Monsieur de Champfort, you will sever your veins with twenty-two strokes of a razor and yet you will not die for months afterwards. You, Monsieur Vicq-d'Azir, you will not open your own veins but you will have them opened six times in one day, in the agonies of gout, so as to be more certain of success, and you will die that night. You, Monsieur de Nicolai, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur Bailly, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur de Malesherbes, on the scaffold;. . . you, Monsieur Roucher, also on the scaffold.' 
'But then we shall have been overcome by Turks or Tartars?' 
'By no means; you will be governed, as I have already told you, solely by philosophy and reason. Those who are to treat you in this manner will all be philosophers, will all, at every moment, have on their lips the phrases you have uttered within the hour, will repeat your maxims, will quote, like yourselves, the stanzas of Diderot and of "La Pucelle."' 
'And when will all this happen?' 
'Six years will not pass before what I tell you will be accomplished.' 
'Well, these are miracles,' exclaims La Harpe, 'and you leave me out?' 
'You will be no less a miracle, for you will then be a Christian.' 
'Ah,' interposes Champfort, I breathe again; if we are to die only when La Harpe becomes a Christian we are immortals.' 
'As to that, we women,' says the Duchesse de Gramont, 'are extremely fortunate in being of no consequence in revolutions. It is understood that we are not to blame, and our sex.' 
'Your sex, ladies, will not protect you this time. . . . You will be treated precisely as men, with no difference whatever. . . . You, Madame la Duchesse, will be led to the scaffold, you and many ladies besides yourself in a cart with your hands tied behind your back.' 
'Ah, in that event, I hope to have at least a carriage covered with black.' 
'No, Madame, greater ladies than yourself will go, like yourself in a cart and with their hands tied like yours.' 
'Greater ladies! What! Princesses of the blood!' 
'Still greater ladies than those. . .' 
They began to think the jest carried too far. Madame de Gramont, to dispel the gloom, did not insist on a reply to her last exclamation, contenting herself by saying in the lightest tone, 'And they will not even leave one a confessor!' 
'No, Madame, neither you nor any other person will be allowed a confessor; the last of the condemned that will have one, as an act of grace, will be. . .' He stopped a moment. 
'Tell me, now, who is the fortunate mortal enjoying this prerogative?'
'It is the last that will remain to him, and it will be the King of France.'"
Imagine the fate of poor Condorcet. He has drunk his own medicine. Condorcet, the scientist! Lucky the scientist whose hypothesis is never tested.  Condorcet's was tested.  Unlucky Condorcet - unlucky France.  Who can see France today and not realize that it has never recovered from the Revolution?  Go to Saint-Denis.  See the looted tombs of the "thirty kings who made France."  Then get back to the RER as fast as you can - you're in a ZUS...

But most agonizing of all for this scientist, he (like La Harpe) has thought scientifically.  He has seen his hypothesis tested, and (presumably) stopped believing in it.  You have not. Or, well... Buck Harkness has not.  He did study science at one point, didn't he?

Imagine that revolution is a drug.  It's seeking FDA approval.  This drug, it's claimed, creates social harmony, good government, the "reign of reason."  The mechanism has been studied.  Philosophers everywhere agree.  The chemistry seems plausible.

At what point in history do you approve the drug?  After the French Revolution?  The Russian?  Where, in history, do we see the drug produce its claimed results?  Everywhere - from France in 1789, to Russia in 1917, Libya and Syria in 2012 - we see social catastrophe, mass murder, and the most rigid and savage of military despotisms.  Historical comparisons are difficult, of course, but when we're talking about a therapy, the first comparison is obvious: the patient before, the patient after.  I mean, duh.

And yet, the good doctors of philosophy, not giving a shit about Hippocrates (obviously a fag) continue prescribing this medicine.  The Enlightenment cannot heal itself.  It cannot judge itself.  Having given birth to the monster of Jacobinism, it produces this same monster again and again - in the 20th century and even the 21st.  It finds a perfectly functional, if hardly perfect, absolute monarchy, and replaces it with chaos and terror and death - the rule of the gun at its most direct and barbaric, the "Turks and Tartars."  Then it pats itself on the back.  Freedom! Yeah, man, freedom!  You talk like a fag who doesn't believe in freedom, man.  Freedom is cool.

But David (no relation to Sergey) Brin lands what he's sure is a deadly knockout punch:
North and South Korea.
Oh, dear!  Tell me, Mr. Harkness: what is the difference between Kim Jong-un, Elizabeth I, and Louis XIV?  Let's see: all three are absolute monarchs.  One of them is an insane dictator who throws whole families in concentration camps.  The other two... talked like fags?

The enormous chutzpah by which a loyal disciple of the Age of Revolution attributes the North Korean monster to a reactionary absence of revolution can't be overstated.  Who is Kim Il-sung?  Is he more like Louis XVI, or more like Robespierre?  North Korea is not the converse of revolution.  It's the product of revolution - exported overland from America, through Moscow out of John Reed.

In fact, Korea was a perfectly successful and flourishing nation before we spread our cancer there.  To the extent that anything of Korean culture remains after the devastation of the 20th century, it is the culture of the Chosen Dynasty.  This empire was utterly determined to preserve Korea as Korea, adopting a policy of isolation very similar to that of the Tokugawa in Japan and the Qing in China.

Alas, all three failed, or we'd have a Japan, China and Korea that actually was Japanese, Chinese or Korean in some sense, you know, other than the language, the script and the gene pool.  What a treat that would be!  To have an actual non-American civilization, alive and well and living in the 21st century!  Give me a passenger pigeon while you're at it.  Indeed, the mentality of Commodore Perry is very like the mentality that clubbed the passenger pigeon to death with sticks, and ate it.

Instead, after a century drenched in blood, largely through bizarre Cold War PR games that no one really understands yet, we end up with an American puppet state in the South and a Communist prison state in the North.  Certainly the American puppet state is preferable to the Communist prison state.  The whole Anglo-American tradition, which created this monster of revolution and unleashed it on the world, is also the most immune to it - on some days, you could even believe you were living in Hume's "civilized monarchy."

What shines through every line of Brin's screed is this revolutionary passion for murder, desolation, destruction.  The Voltaires and the Condorcets, in France's civilized monarchy, could play with this same fire like a toy.  At present the power of the fire seems pretty weak (which is why I can write this stuff, without a mob burning down my house) - it really is a toy.  A tacky toy.  On the other hand, we still export this toy, and it just burned down pretty much the entire Middle East (except Egypt, which somehow has by the skin of its teeth escaped - infuriating the NYT no end).

And there's something else, besides its revolutionary heritage, that few of us notice about North Korea: it's at war against the entire civilized world.  At least, the entire civilized world would love to replace its regime, which is pretty much the definition of "at war."  If Washington doesn't bother with the Korean equivalent of "Qaddafi must go" or "Assad must go", it's only because it doesn't believe it can get itself obeyed.

In a world that was willing to tolerate the Chosen Dynasty, the Chosen Dynasty would still exist.  It died because it couldn't secure itself against a hostile world.  Burke in his Letters on a Regicide Peace describes the foreign policy of the Jacobins, since inherited by America:
In other words, their will is the law, not only at home, but as to the concerns of every nation. Who has made that law but the Regicide Republick itself, whose laws, like those of the Medes and Persians, they cannot alter or abrogate, or even so much as take into consideration? Without the least ceremony or compliment, they have sent out of the world whole sets of laws and lawgivers. They have swept away the very constitutions under which the Legislatures acted, and the Laws were made. Even the fundamental sacred Rights of Man they have not scrupled to profane. They have set this holy code at naught with ignominy and scorn. Thus they treat all their domestic laws and constitutions, and even what they had considered as a Law of Nature; but whatever they have put their seal on for the purposes of their ambition, and the ruin of their neighbours, this alone is invulnerable, impassible, immortal. Assuming to be masters of every thing human and divine, here, and here alone, it seems they are limited, "cooped and cabined in"; and this omnipotent legislature finds itself wholly without the power of exercising its favourite attribute, the love of peace. In other words, they are powerful to usurp, impotent to restore; and equally by their power and their impotence they aggrandize themselves, and weaken and impoverish you and all other nations.
It's small wonder that a regime that dares to fight against the universal revolution, and actually has preserved itself, would be a bit Spartan and more than a bit insane.  Revolution created North Korea, but the North Korean state has an obvious desire to evolve into something much more like the Chosen Dynasty - the general process of recovering from revolution.

In a world in which Americans actually cared about North Koreans, rather than just using them as rhetorical pawns, or salivating about their chances of causing yet another revolution or civil war, Americans would see that the easiest way to let North Korea heal is to acknowledge the Kim dynasty as what it is: a monarchy.

If rather than exporting revolution 24/7, US foreign policy was actually capable of respecting, supporting and securing its sovereign peers the way, you know, classical international law of the Enlightenment era suggests, the Kims would have no need for their concentration camps.  Possibly they're so insane that they'd keep them anyway - but I suspect not.  Historical examples of a genuinely insane monarch are rare - he has trouble hanging on to his throne.  The regime in North Korea has a very simple problem, which is that if it relaxes its grip it explodes.  The only actions that the outside world can take which will solve this problem: remove the regime by force, or accept and support it.  I don't see anyone proposing either, which leaves me to think Americans don't actually care very much about the aquariums of Pyongyang.

So when he considers the faith in revolution as a whole, the sane man must consider it as a kind of satanic church of murder.  It is as irrational as it is dangerous.  Or to use a simpler word: insane.  There is a kind of symmetry here: to Pontus I appear an insane barbarian; it seems natural to me, therefore, to view Pontus as a country of insane barbarians.

Insanity has consequences - big and small.  The "Arab Spring" is big, but at least it's far away.  I want to talk a little more about the local consequences and knock out another critic or two.

David Brin didn't come up with his Korean "evidence" by himself.  He got it from a fellow named Scott Alexander, who's produced a gargantuan and humorless "Anti-Reactionary FAQ."   Again, the constant embarrassment of life in Pontus is that you wish for better critics than you have.  I really ought to give this thing the thorough reaming it deserves.  But in general, it's not bad enough to be funny and not good enough to be interesting.  I'm a busy guy and my motivation does flag.

Alexander is a disciple of the equally humorless "rationalist" movement Less Wrong, a sort of Internet update of Robespierre's good old Cult of Reason, Lenin's very rational Museums of Atheism, etc, etc.  If you want my opinion on this subject, it is that - alas - there is no way of becoming reasonable, other than to be reasonable.  Reason is wisdom.  There is no formula for wisdom - and of all unwise beliefs, the belief that wisdom can be reduced to a formula, a prayer chant, a mantra, whatever, is the most ridiculous.

I know a lot of people involved in Less Wrong and I have a lot of sympathy.  I even met its charismatic leader, Eliezer Yudkowsky, once.  For a reason which at the time I couldn't quite place, he made me think immediately of a historical figure: Shabbatai Zvi.  But why?  Reading through the comments on Mr. Jones' article, I finally realized why:

Eliezer Yudkowsky of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute here. [...] "More Right" is not any kind of acknowledged offspring of Less Wrong nor is it so much as linked to by the Less Wrong site. We are not part of a neoreactionary conspiracy. We are and have been explicitly pro-Enlightenment, as such, under that name. Should it be the case that any neoreactionary is citing me as a supporter of their ideas, I was never asked and never gave my consent. Some kind of note in the article to this effect seems appropriate. Thanks.

Also to be clear: I try not to dismiss ideas out of hand due to fear of public unpopularity. However I found Scott Alexander's takedown of neoreaction convincing and thus I shrugged and didn't bother to investigate further.
Indeed! That one certainly comes through loud and clear.  In related news, Shabbatai Zvi did not become a Muslim because the Sultan threatened to chop off his head.  No, it was because he found the Koran convincing.  He had certainly never heard of Islam before October 20, 2013.  But once he did, wow, Islam!  Poor Shabbatai - I'm still trying to work my way through "The Cow."

Look, it's no secret why people believe in the revolution.  The revolution is powerful.  Eliezer Yudowsky is, without doubt, rational, and it is the highest form of rationality to serve power.  By doing so, one serves oneself, and what could be more rational?  As a bit of a cult leader myself, I declare that Less Wrong will now and hereafter be known as "Less Wrongthink."

And yet, because one has to lie to oneself to serve a lie, there are certain tics and insanities that actually affect one's daily life.  Take Scott Alexander - who is, in fact, a psychiatrist by trade.  Surely he agrees with my definition of insanity: living and acting in a world that is not the real one.

I would much rather criticize his other posts than his gargantuan FAQ, because I think they are more interesting and illustrative.  The other day he posted one I quite liked - about FDA's (insiders say "FDA," not "the FDA") decision to kill consumer genetic testing:
To whom it may concern:
I am writing to voice concern at your decision to ask the company 23andMe to halt genetic testing.  As a doctor...
Alexander goes on for many paragraphs in a voice of perfect reason.  Everything he says is true, right, politely and elegantly stated, etc, etc.

Which is exactly the problem.  First of all, this is a person who believes - ostensibly - in democracy.  In other words, historically speaking, he is insane.  Yet his actions bespeak actual sanity, because they bespeak an actual, practical knowledge that he is not living in a democracy.

Alexander sees that his government has made a bad, stupid, irrational and really downright evil decision.  But he does not go out and try to convince his readers (all 10,000 of them, perhaps) to vote differently.  In his actions, he reveals that he's perfectly aware that this highly touted failsafe mechanism against bad government, always and everywhere, does not in fact exist.

That, in fact, the elected officials of American democracy have little or no effective control over the actual agencies of USG - and if these elected officials in fact ceased to exist, USG would continue as it is.  In fact, to anyone who knows Washington, it's quite clear that USG would work not only just as well without a Congress or White House, but in fact somewhat better.

Instead, following Maine's law, Alexander adopts the oldest monarchical method of correcting abuses.  That is, of course, petitioning the king. But there is one little problem here - which still reveals some actual insanity.  Namely, Alexander suffers under the terrible delusion that someone in Washington cares what he thinks.

Actually he does not think of himself as addressing his letter to Margaret Hamburg, Jeffrey Shuren and Alberto Gutierrez.  These actual, individual human beings, whose government (in this matter) is no less absolute than any king, are unlike a king anonymous and mysterious.  If he had a king, he would actually know who the king was.  Moreover, he would have some reason to know whether the king was actually someone who cared at all what he thought.

Actually I suspect that Alexander does not sees himself as ruled (in this matter) by these individual human beings.  I suspect he sees himself as ruled by an abstraction, in this case Science.  Who wouldn't want to be governed by Science?  Again we see Maine's law in action - consider the number of monarchies that have convinced their subjects that they are not ruled by a man, but governed by God.  God, of course, listens only to prayers.  Science hears open letters, especially when sent by a scientist.  And so on.

But in fact, these human beings are what they are - bureaucrats.  Their stated reason for killing genetic testing is a deep, sincere concern for the health of Americans.  But it's curious, isn't it?  If they are reasonable and motivated by this concern - Scott Alexander's points aren't exactly recondite.  Surely the King, oops, the Commissioner, has thought about this matter?  What could possibly impede Margaret Hamburg, Jeffrey Shuren and Alberto Gutierrez from noticing these obvious arguments?  Can it be... that they haven't been reading Less Wrong?

Of course not.  Actually, the most parsimonious explanation is that since they're bureaucrats, they care about the one thing almost all bureaucrats care about: power.  By acting effectively, by smashing something and getting away with it, they display their power and their testicles (or ovaries) expand.  It's basic chimpanzee ethology, also applied to our strange mutant human clade.

If we have to ask (in the real world, where we are ruled by human beings, not the imaginary world where we are ruled by Reason itself) why FDA killed 23, the answer might well be quite familiar to the court of Versailles.  Namely, Sergey Brin (no relation to David), has found something younger to boff, and 23 has found itself deprived of its krysha.  I don't know.  It could be true.  Or not.  I'm just speculating.

But in the real world where we actually live, what is the easiest way to get rid of Messrs.  Hamburg, Shuren and Gutierrez?  Is it... an election?  Um, these are permanent civil servants, "We the People" don't have the power to fire them.  Or to elect anyone who can fire them.  Or... really any power at all, when it comes down to it.  So, if USG is abusing its power - what?  What is your real-world course of action?  What can USG be replaced with?

I have an answer, actually.  Alas, Pontus doesn't seem to like my answer. 

Fine!  Let Pontus be happy, therefore, with the barbarian chieftains it serves.  Live more rationally, with less wrongthink.  Write fewer open letters, and learn to love USG.  Be satisfied with power as it is.  Augustus is a son of a bitch, no doubt.  But he's better than the Augusti that will follow.  Sit back, relax, stay out of the ZUS or your local equivalent, and learn to enjoy the decline...

[遊戲產業][產業趨勢]GDC Taipei又來了!小愛帶你回顧去年市場預測!

一年一度的GDC Taipei即將來臨,回顧去年此時的市場概況,社交遊戲轉戰行動平台,網頁遊戲方興未艾,行動遊戲才剛進入摸索期,家庭主機面對前所未有的衝擊與挑戰,一股時代正在劇烈變動的氛圍環繞整個產業,大家都迫不及待搭上這股熱潮,好似錯失此天賜良機那就必須再等十年的感覺。這讓我想起去年GDC TaipeiBen Cousins, GM| Ngmoco Sweden所帶來的Key Note,主題是『全球遊戲產業五大趨勢|The 5 Big Trends in the Global Games Industry』,其中的五大趨勢預測如下,我們來看看哪些預言成真了:

Ø   Mobile Gaming Kills Console Game
Ø   Mobile Gaming Kills Browser Game
Ø   Freemium Dominates Worldwide
Ø   3D Graphics becomes a commodity
Ø   Asia Rises (Again)


以網頁形式盛行在Facebook 的社交遊戲成功找到出路流向行動平台,其中最有名的有Candy Crush Saga,網頁遊戲與休閒遊戲的成功模式也已經快速複製到行動遊戲,打開台灣地區營收排行榜不乏都是來自中國網頁遊戲類型或是成功休閒遊戲的延伸產品,而一時蔚為風行的網頁遊戲則逐漸式微。此外,行動遊戲也發展出不少結合觸碰螢幕延伸出來的獨特玩法,例如時下最流行『轉珠』類型的卡牌遊戲,這種以Touch Screen為主體的Casual Gameplay結合Hardcore Meta-game的產品也成為時下的市場主流。

至於家庭主機方面呢?銷售量不減反增!近日內新發售的新一代次世代主機Xbox OnePlay Station 4首日皆賣出了百萬台以上,Play Station 4的單日銷量甚至破紀錄超越Play Station,但是不少新聞報導品管出了問題,後勢如何有待觀察。然而,現在Console市場已經今非昔比,許多內容可以不用出門直接透過網路下載、甚至在網路上多人對戰,其遊戲體驗已經與網路遊戲無異,在畫質與聲光效果上仍然有其難以取代的地位。而原本開發這些重量級內容的開發商也挾帶品牌、產品、開發能力等優勢進攻行動遊戲市場,像是老牌的SEGAEASquare Enix等等知名廠商來勢洶洶,推出不少受玩家愛戴的行動遊戲。

前些年還有少數世界級的產品以$0.99美金的低價襲捲全球,今天打開AppStore的暢銷排行榜前五十名全部都是免費Freemium模式的遊戲,電腦遊戲花了二十年的時間演進的商業模式,在一、兩年的時間內就已經進化完成了。需要網路連線型的遊戲逐漸興盛,相對於產品(Game as a Product)本身,服務(Game as a Service)的重要性也提升,許多公司逐漸跨海設立公司佈局或是與當地營運商結盟合作深耕在地市場,雖然ECFA還沒有簽署完畢,但不少對岸的產品與服務都已經透過全球性的通路成功登陸寶島台灣。

至於3D繪圖技術是否已經商品化這塊目前還沒有定論,但是逐漸越來越多人加入這個戰局,本來以2D引擎為主的中國觸動科技日前也發布Cocos 3D引擎,正式與3D引擎UnityUnreal等大老正面交鋒。這意味著未來的確有機會有更多的資源可以共享,但我個人還是得持一些保留態度,畢竟『繪圖』不等於『藝術』,隨著市場成熟,對於美的要求只會更高而已。


小愛看了一下今年的演講,偏向於趨勢分析的主題偏少,但更扎實的落在各類技術的分享,分成各個專業的主題,像是Design & Production或是Visual Arts & Audio,其中我個人最有興趣的主題是想要聽聽看騰訊所謂的開放平台是甚麼,畢竟騰訊以前從來都不開放阿!本年度的中國講者比去年多,也可以看得出來對岸整體產業的突飛猛進。另外『植物大戰殭屍』或是『JOJO冒險野郎相關(未定主題)』,身為小粉絲應該也要去聽一下。最後,未看先猜『神魔之塔』這場一定會爆滿,不知道舉手提問會不會有火辣Show Girl送魔法石呢?()



[遊戲產業][心得分享]GDC Taipei Summit 2012 (二) 全球遊戲產業五大趨勢| Ngmoco

Freemasons Leave Their Fingerprints All Over the Crime Scene

Masons worship their beloved satanic symbol, Baphomet

Freemasons often leave their fingerprints on the final scores, halftime scores and statistics when they've fixed a game. And they love to fix games involving my favorite teams to punish me for breaking away from the satanic cult into which I was born.

That might be difficult to believe, but when you understand the satanic nature of Freemasonry, you'll realize that at the top, they're a gang of criminally insane mass murderers who worship Lucifer. And when you break away from the cult, they take it personally, and they don't allow you to live your life without being constantly harasssed in all kinds of bizarre ways. See http://viclivingston.blogspot.com/2012/01/thugocracy-u.html

I was subjected to satanic ritual abuse when I was a kid in an effort to fracture my mind into multiple personalities so I could be "programmed" to do whatever the cult wanted me to do. That often happens to children born into families with a Masonic tradition. In my case, my father and both of my grandfathers were 33rd-degree Freemasons. That means they were all devil-worshiping satanists.

My father sold me to the CIA when I was a kid so they could use me in their top-secret, illegal mind-control projects. At some point I was able to break away from my "programming," and I was then targeted for destruction. But Masons don't believe in getting revenge in just any old way. When one of their own breaks away, they devise all sorts of cruel strategies to destroy them.

Directed by U of M's Lawrence Kasdan.
That reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, "Body Heat," which was written and directed by University of Michigan graduate Lawrence Kasdan, who also directed "The Big Chill," which was about a group of U of M grads who get together for the funeral of a friend.

Since I graduated from U of M, both movies are loaded with references to me -- more evidence of the Masons' ability to influence the content of Hollywood films. The line in Body Heat that I'm referring to is spoken by the prosecutor played by Ted Danson. In a thinly veiled reference to the Freemasons, he says to Ned Racine, the character played by William Hurt, "They'd rather destroy ya than kill ya, and they hate publicity." See this: http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com/2008/02/bizarre-masonic-atrocity-exposed-part-3.html
and this: http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com/2008/02/bizarre-masonic-atrocity-exposed-part-4.html

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. But unless you accept the truth about game-fixing, you'll never be able to understand why Michigan football and basketball teams are chronic underachievers.

The Masons know that I've been a big sports fan ever since I was a kid, that I used to take great pleasure in watching the games and that I earned my living as a sports writer when I first started out in the newspaper business. So they know that fixing the games ruins the fun of it for me and takes away one of my favorite pastimes.

Also, they like to show me how much power they have and how futile it is to resist their way of life when you're born into the cult.
See this: http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com/2008/02/satanic-cult-that-rules-world.html

I'll admit, it does get pretty depressing to see all my favorite teams take a dive every season, year in and year out. But now that I've broken away from the cult, at least I don't have to sacrifice innocent, defenseless children to Satan anymore.

Read all about it on my other blog: http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com

Another thing you have to understand about Freemasonry is their obsession with numbers. Perhaps the most important number of all to them is 33, since the 33rd degree is the highest level of corruption available in Freemasonry. That's why Michigan lost to Florida State, 33-32, in the crooked Orange Bowl game on Dec. 30, 2016.

Other occult numbers with special meaning to Masons include 13 and 6. For more information on The Brotherhood, see this: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/manipulation/index.htm

Michigan lost to Notre Dame 13-6 in a crooked game in 2012, and that's always a big game for me because I went to Michigan and grew up in Notre Dame country. I lived in South Bend when I was in grade school, and Ara Parseghian's son Mike was a classmate of mine at Thomas Jefferson School in 1964, which was Ara's first year as head coach of the Fighting Irish.

I was in school at Thomas Jefferson on Nov. 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated by a Masonic conspiracy. It was a CIA operation all the way, and Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent who was framed for the murder. See this: http://harveyandlee.net/

Among the 33rd-degree Freemasons involved in the cover-up were Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, Earl Warren, Gerald Ford and Allen Dulles. See this: http://www.revisionisthistory.org/kingkill33.html

One of the main reasons why the Masons constantly use numbers such as 11, 22 and 63 in reference to me is that I wrote some articles and book reviews that exposed the JFK conspiracy while I was working for the South Bend Tribune in the 1990s.

And since they know Ohio State is Michigan's archrival, the number 63 figures into Ohio State games sometimes as a signal to me that the game was fixed. Ohio State's 63-14 victory over Penn State earlier in 2013 was a case in point. The added significance of that game was that it was one week after Penn State "defeated" Michigan 43-40, so it made Michigan look even worse for losing to Penn State. That gave the Michigan State fix more credibility.

Masons on their infamous checkerboard floor

In addition to those numbers, several other numbers have special significance to the Freemasons because they were significant in my life in some way. These include 26, because I unwittingly married a member of a satanic cult on 6-26-76, or 666 -- the Mark of the Beast; 30, because I was born on June 30, 1955; 55, also because of my birthday; 73, because I graduated from high school that year; 76, because of my wedding date; and 78, because that was the year I graduated from U of M.

Watch for these numbers in the scores of Michigan football and basketball games. They have appeared often in recent years when the fix was in on a game. For example, Michigan lost to Louisville, 82-76, in the NCAA Championship Game in April 2013 in a game that was fixed with help from the referees and their crooked calls.

As far as 55 is concerned, USC scored 55 unanswered points to defeat Notre Dame 55-24 in 1974 in by far the worst loss in Ara Parseghian's career at Notre Dame. Two weeks later, Ara (pictured at left) resigned, even though he was still a young man at the top of his career. He was probably disgusted that he'd been forced to participate in such an obvious fraud.

While that game was being played, I went on a date with the girl I was to marry as part of the Masonic conspiracy to destroy my life. She was from an Irish Catholic family of Notre Dame fans. See this:

The Masons often respond to my blog posts by fixing a game and leaving their telltale fingerprints all over the crime scene. After I posted this information on my blog Nov. 2, 2013, about the number 55 and the Patriots winning the 2002 Super Bowl because of 9-11, the Masons fixed the Pittsburgh-New England game on Nov. 3. The final score was Patriots 55, Steelers 31. Still think that was just a coincidence?

New England made 33 first downs in that game, and former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady completed 23 of 33 passes. And Stevan Ridley gained 115 yards in 26 attempts. So the occult numbers of 23, 26 and 33 also figured prominently in the statistics.

In 2012, Michigan defeated Massachusetts 63-13, Purdue 44-13 and Minnesota 35-13. And they lost to Ohio State 26-21 and to South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, 33-28. All games featuring occult numbers or numbers that have special meaning in my life.

In 2013, Michigan defeated Notre Dame 41-30, Minnesota 42-13 and Indiana 63-47, and they "lost" to Michigan State, 29-6, and Nebraska, 17-13. Again, all final scores involving numbers with hidden meaning.

And on Sept. 20, 2014, Michigan lost at home to Utah, 26-10, despite being heavily favored to win.

I've noticed that when Michigan is required to lose a game deliberately, Masons often leave their fingerprints on the box score. For example, the score by quarters for Michigan in their 29-6 loss to Michigan State in 2013 was 3-3-0-0. Notice the 33?

And when the Michigan basketball team blew a big lead in the second half and lost to Arizona on Dec. 14, 2013, they scored the telltale 33 points in the second half, which was fixed.

The same thing happened in the Ohio State football game in 2012, another game in which the Wolverines were shut out in the second half after scoring 21 points in the first half. The score by quarters for Ohio State was 10 10 3 3 -- 26. There's that pesky 33 again, followed by the signature 26.

In their 23-9 loss to Nebraska in 2013, another game that was obviously fixed, Michigan's score by quarters was 0 6 3 0 -- 9. See that 63 again?

The Masonic numbers game is even more blatant in basketball. For example, in Michigan's 79-60 victory over Wayne State on Nov. 4, 2013, the score at halftime was Michigan 46, Wayne State 30. In the second half, it was Michigan 33, Wayne State 30. The Wolverines shaved points in the second half. Otherwise, they would have won by 30 or more.

On Nov. 8, Michigan shaved points in the first half, struggling to a 23-23 halftime tie with lowly UMass-Lowell. In the second half, the Wolverines were given the green light to play their usual game, and they trounced UML 46-19 en route to a 69-42 victory. In other words, they scored twice as many points in the second half as they did in the first. Doesn't that strike you as the slightest bit suspicious?

It's interesting that the number 23 also figured prominently in the game because 23 is an important number to satanists. See this: http://technoccult.net/archives/2008/01/31/lost-and-the-occult-introduction-23/.

There was even a film made about the number 23. It stars Jim Carrey, it's called "The Number 23," and it was released in 2007. See this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0481369/?ref_=nv_sr_2

And the Masons left their fingerprints all over the crime scene again in the football team's 17-13 "loss" to Nebraska in 2013. First Downs: Nebraska 16, Michigan 13. Total plays: Nebraska 66, Michigan 63. Receptions: Devin Funchess 6 for 66 yards; Fitzgerald Touissant, 2 for 33; Jake Butt, 2 for 30.

Speaking of occult numbers, I was just reading about the new Chicago Cubs sacrificial lamb (manager) and noticed that the Cubs finished 66-96 in 2013. See the 666?

Another bizarre Masonic atrocity.

OSX malware and exploit collection (~100 files) + links and resources for OSX malware analysis

'Tis the season.

Here is a nice collection of ~100 Mac OS malware and Word document exploits carrying MacOS payload (all are CVE-2009-0563) along with links for OSX malware analysis.

Please send your favorite tools for OSX if they are not listed.


Stack-based buffer overflow in Microsoft Office Word 2002 SP3, 2003 SP3, and 2007 SP1 and SP2; Microsoft Office for Mac 2004 and 2008; Open XML File Format Converter for Mac; Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003 SP3; Microsoft Office Word Viewer; and Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats SP1 and SP2 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a Word document with a crafted tag containing an invalid length field, aka "Word Buffer Overflow Vulnerability."


Some OSX malware analysis tools and links 


Malware in the provided package - links to research and news articles


Download. Email me if you need the password
Additional older downloads

  1. OSX_Docklight payload  http://contagioexchange.blogspot.com/2012/05/019-speechdoc-macosxms09-027a-word.html 
  2. misc OSX malware on contagio http://contagiodump.blogspot.com/search/label/-%20OSX
  3. 30 samples of ancient Mac OS malware http://contagiodump.blogspot.com/2012/04/osxflashbackk-sample-mac-os-malware.html

List of files provided in this post

  1. OSX_AoboKeylogger_362D5DDB3924C625589B42030B66CA69
  2. OSX_BackTrack-A_B03276BFBF85CFDD7C8998004C1200DA
  3. OSX_Boonana_B3A0B0DA5AA01FF200CEBC8AF359A3C3
  4. OSX_ChatZum_487E5CD581587D63783CDD356DE9CF24
  5. OSX_ChatZum_57A4EB15CAA4FCC0A8F6AFBBD66C4859
  6. OSX_Clapzok_99FE5AD5FF514F5AAEA8E501DDBAF95B
  7. OSX_Crisis_04BBDA5B11FA0FD3C767CAF4719D6A4D
  8. OSX_Crisis_42C112036E319ED8DF0F55C7F4C0DA85
  9. OSX_CrisisBOSX_CrisisB_a32e073132ae0439daca9c82b8119009 _a32e073132ae0439daca9c82b8119009 
  10. OSX_Crisis_59FE83E0AE12E085E0FA301ECCA6776F
  11. OSX_Crisis_6F055150861D8D6E145E9ACA65F92822
  12. OSX_Crisis_A32E073132AE0439DACA9C82B8119009_Biglietto Visita
  13. OSX_Crisis_ACEC5F00057D3EC94849511F3EDDCB91
  14. OSX_Crisis_FAAB883598C8C379ACFD0B9DCCC93D0C
  15. OSX_Dockster_Backdoor_C6CA5071907A9B6E34E1C99413DCD142
  16. OSX_FkCodec_74812C7B6E0A55347284ABFA7D5670BF
  17. OSX_FkCodec_74812C7B6E0A55347284ABFA7D5670BF_Codec-M
  18. OSX_FkCodec_B4ECE10D1E706B87B065523A654D48A7_download.dmg
  19. OSX_FkCodec1C5AE9F1DD9FE6F506EAABD382925CA8_codec-M.safariextz
  20. OSX_Flashback_3DCB6D6A9EA8D9755EB61AE057B3D74A
  21. OSX_Flashback_9FCFE8EF92F51F1C29A26E1516EF7003_FlashPlayer-11-macos.pkg
  22. OSX_Flashback_C2819C3C183BBF7547CF76C6A004EA15_FlashPlayer-11-macos.pkg
  23. OSX_Fucobha_IceFog_A615DD792093191E9FC975132A2DB409A_CleanMyMac
  24. OSX_Fucobha_IceFog_B4249F9B49A9A177B4D2F4439373029A
  25. OSX_Fucobha_IceFog_CF1815491D41202EB8647341A8695E1E
  26. OSX_GetShell_68078CBD1A34EB7BE8A044287F05CCE4
  27. OSX_GetShell_AC99ACE403D31C7079C938F9B0FD0895
  28. OSX_GetShell_ACC2B4A595939F17F7D07DE2CF75CDC8
  29. OSX_Hacktool_Hoylecann_FED8E22AE6F080F9B05A309C7E48B5EF
  30. OSX_HellRaiser_CA74984601287459AFB7B39EBEBDD394
  31. OSX_HellRTS.AH_KeystrokeRecorder X Pref Editor_C19377D07A234D1585D85F8FA3CF77FB
  32. OSX_HellRTS_F1AD75AEB4B4C2883DF2221C8804DA2A.AH
  33. OSX_Hovdy_Backdoor_FED713CAC7012D25F60B236E6DDCF513
  34. OSX_Inqtana.zip
  35. OSX_Iservice_4C9E7EE7C0F5C19C68B45CA6C81F8D62
  36. OSX_Iservice_E34BA325F3EEB8DF07A09EE9FBF1071D
  37. OSX_Jahlav_12F32EACBB3CD2C5623EE6976A51913A_QuickTime.xpt
  38. OSX_Jahlav_CCB72243EF478EEFE90B5898EC32389B
  39. OSX_Jahlav_D7DDF72D17F889C2C5B302AC0A5FBDC5
  40. OSX_Jahlav_FB79A75A6152EF47BBF88AE8544545CC.pl
  41. OSX_Jahlav_flash.zip
  42. OSX_Kitmos_A_39FAA22EB9D6B750EC345EFCB38189F5
  43. OSX_Kitmos_A_3AA9C558D4D5F1B2A6D3CE47AA26315F
  44. OSX_Kitmos_A_B3D49091875DE190F200110C2F2032D4
  45. OSX_Lamadai_20F0D0CE8A413A51EB16DEE860021E6A
  46. OSX_Lamadai_DE90189F040494E3708D83A33E37E40E
  47. OSX_Leverage_A_Backdoor_C425D2BE8B4AF733A44EC1518F182BE8
  48. OSX_LocalRoot_3DC01743FB42E917E9F9EDE5009F10CD
  49. OSX_Macarena_A_BFC7B7B9D3E1DF9D6E1A31D3E7BED628
  50. OSX_MacDefender_8AE7163C7C3C02564A4C69DF1F7C483E_Archive.pax
  51. OSX_MacDefender_E187F4071723808560E135647245562A_Archive.pax
  52. OSX_MacKontrol_89C35C057655E67580EFD0FF8242D960
  53. OSX_MacKontrol_E88027E4BFC69B9D29CAEF6BAE0238E8_matiriyal.dmg
  54. OSX_Macsweeper_4836CC480796386ED6929C38E5AAD525
  55. OSX_Miner_DevilRobber_417369B713F1A5F3A3DC0DAF76BDCFD6
  56. OSX_Miner_DevilRobber_EE2BA586232007FA41703EB120AC7408
  57. OSX_Miner_F8EBF03E88928EBF91A8420E3D5993FE
  58. OSX_Olyx_Backdoor_93A9B55BB66D0FF80676232818D5952F
  59. OSX_Olyx_Backdoor_93A9B55BB66D0FF80676232818D5952F_Current events 2009 July 5
  60. OSX_OpinionSpy_C98AE54F4BE1082B4E82548D7511077E_Crystal-Clock-screensaver.zip
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  65. OSX_Renepo_80753666A54A8AE97BD6ED3A4E2F3702
  66. OSX_RevirA_FE4AEFE0A416192A1A6916F8FC1CE484_revir-a.dmg
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  68. OSX_Safari_B24C0E60AF3D3E836FBE8A92FBCC8EB7.dat
  69. OSX_SniperSpy
  70. OSX_Wirenet_50D4F0DA2E38874E417BD13B59F4C067
  71. OSX_Wirenet_B56AD86A4BACEF92EF46D36EABEF6467
  72. OSX_Wirenet_D048F7AE2D244A264E58AF67B1A20DB0
  73. OSX_Yontoo_16ACCB0ABC051D667640B1EE4FF3A7A1
  74. OSX_Yontoo_7C433B3AC0E8072BA5E6B57298E1B28B
  75. OSXWeapoX_7FDEBB5FEC63FB3739A79A66265BB765

OSX_CVE-2009-0563 targeting Tibetan and Uyghur activists (filenames shortened here)

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