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MJ and Feeling Happy...

Some mornings (usually Mondays) I don't want to do my "to-do list" stuff because it's kind of depressing--appointments, emails, upcoming bills, etc.  : /

So I have a vaporize in the morning, or if I have time to make it before the kids wake up, some herbal tea. 

I start to feel somewhat better and at least calm. 

After a vaporize marijuana, I am usually able to put my worries on the back-burner. I am somehow relaxed enough to tell myself, "hey..it's a Monday; they are hard for you. Give yourself some time to just enjoy your children, laugh and play and read and have a nice lunch and don't worry about things so much because it's a day you are blessed with; be happy for that alone and cherish your blessings instead of being sad..."   

- - -

I have a friend who has some pretty harsh health issues going on (which tend to affect her emotionally as well) and I asked her if she would try vaporizing Marijuana if she were to get a medical card from her doctor. She says she "has tried MJ before, but it makes her feel 'funny' and 'weird'" so she doesn't think it's for her; only once in a while. I try to tell her, if she is having pain every day (which she is) she should be taking care of herself with organic fruits and veggies in her diet and vaporizing Mj. I think those are two very healthy and natural things to do, for physical and mental health. Some of my friends agree. Some feel Mj is just not for them and makes them feel "weird." 

Anyone else out there with the same sort of push-back when suggesting Mj use? 

Maybe I am just incredibly fortunate to be able to live out my existence on this planet in a country where I've lived thirty years having enough to eat, living in peace, fairly protected as a girl, education, happy marriage, etc... along with the luck of having access to medical-grade Mj, now even legally! 

Yes, I should be pretty thankful. 

I hope my kids remember their mom as happy and less stressed out than I actually am. So if Mj helps, I have to reach out and at least share what I've learned in my own experiences as a mom. 

When I tried our friend's vaporizer years ago, I was so skeptical at first thinking, "how can that be better than traditional smoking? You can't even see or smell it...."  Exactly. That's the greatest part! A vaporize is somewhat like smoking hookah.. if you have seen the puffy cloud of hookah air, vaporizing Mj is even more discreet than that and just a more peaceful and calming effect. That's it, and it's the greatest. 

My husband and I would be way more be stressed than is really necessary in life if not for Mj. We are bummed about student loan bills...but we don't want to fail to realize we could be living in a hut with a tin roof and no way for help, or we could have a mortgage of 100's of thousands of dollars, or major health issues, but luckily we don't. So it's a matter of perspective. 

How can I explain to my friend that when you vaporize this magical medicinal plant, you genuinely just feel better? Much better in my opinion. I suppose if it weren't for my friend years ago, I would still be using a water bong, wasting weed (you use way less with a vaporizer), having to worry about the smell, etc.  With a vaporizer, there is almost no smell at all; no worry when people come over or if you are leaving your house to go out... 

That's what did it for me. It was worth $150 for a good quality but still even on the "low-cost" end of vaporizers... Da Buddha vaporizer. 

We've had ours for years and would never want to be without, it's that important. No medicinal user should be smoking from a bong or pipe or joint only... vaporizers are the BEST way to use marijuana, it's the simple truth.

We at Medical Marijuana Mom are here to point out our views and our association with VaporNation - who offer just about every single vaporizer out there, as well as free discreet shipping, reviews, amazing customer service and more. If you want to check them out, my personal link to their website is: 

- - - 

This Katt Williams video (explicit language warning!) is so hilare--and so true: