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Crocodile Prayer

"In Egypt," says Clement of Alexandria, "the sanctuaries of the temples are shaded by curtains of golden tissue. But on going further into the interior in quest of the statue, a priest of grave aspect, advancing to meet you and chanting a hymn in the Egyptian tongue, slightly raises a veil to show you the god. And what do you behold ? A crocodile, or some indigenous serpent, or other dangerous animal, the Egyptian god being a brute rolling about on a purple carpet."
--Taine, French Revolution
Some of us have this least glancing regard
For at least the recent most of yesterday.
Feel free to think us strange!  As if we cared.
All we care about is observing the obvious.
Tonight we peek behind the purple curtain.
Let subtle stay seated for the next poem.
Why but as tautology, whatever's worth
Worship that overcomes not life itself?
Why shouldn't any man's answer be easy?
Why look past death?  You worship yourself
And death.  You hardly need a third.  Mere
Self-worship long disguised your obvious
Adapted habitat: not the Congo jungle
But the Congo swamp - with obvious god
The crocodile.  What else reaps, beating
Man's fastest man on mud or land or water,
His treeless fief like a hungry diesel?
Man it's not who sums up the sums of life,
Who calipers heads for the national window.
The crocodile chooses. "He alone goes bang."
And what in the end is left of Mandelstam?
What about Lavoisier's mouth-pipette?
What hole's got the socks of Lafayette?
At least we are not without old Bentham -
But where is Bulgakov, but a cat in a box?
Which god exists but death?  Death the crocodile,
"A master from Germany" but not just Germany.
"Or traffic in the grasshoppers or bees."  
A war of three crocodiles.  A century's war.
"Not the Congo jungle but the Congo swamp."
The world crocodile; Crocodile Ouroboros;
Full of black cancer, fat as a highway,
Grayer than Nantucket, quite toothless,
Jawed with an avalanche of starving gum;
Calm as stone and invisible underwater,
Bartender of some secret rotting larder -
He hunts so seldom now, and we know why.
Yet in prayer, better lit; a remarkably,
Even universally, attractive figure; by no
Means adored for size and appetite alone
But behemoth in real character as well;
Immortal, and not without a certain humor,
A real critic of the edible swamp ape.
"The Republic has no need of savants."
Admit it, you love him and you love death.
Whoever brings home death in his teeth
Is measure and majesty of enlightenment.
And this is natural; no more need be said.
Ave Maria, for most of four centuries now!
We pray for the obvious and never receive.

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Video Unboxing KNCminer Jupiter dan Pengaturannya

KNC Miner Jupiter adalah sebuah alat penambang bitcoin yang sangat populer saat ini, kecepatannya yang sangat tinggi membuat alat penambang bitcoin ini disegani oleh semua bitcoiners diseluruh dunia, dalam posting kali ini adalah menunjukkan alat tersebut bentuk dan bodynya dan juga cara untuk mengatur alat tersebut sehingga anda dimudahkan jikalau anda suatu saat nanti membeli alat ini, atau anda sudah mempunyai alat ini dan anda nampaknya belum bisa mengaturnya, silakan tonton video berikut ini supaya anda bisa lancar dan aman-aman saja dalam mengatur alat mahal ini.

Itulah videonya, jangan ngiri ya kalau belum punya, soalnya saya sudah ngiri nih lihat video ini, karena saya belum punya alat semahal ini..hehe

[遊戲產業][產業趨勢]2014行動暨遊戲產業市場概況 Update1

繼去年年中的[遊戲開發][演講]ARM模型完結篇@TGADC, June 1st一文中提到的市場趨勢,我打算分成幾篇慢慢寫下去,每一篇就輕鬆一點5張以內簡報結束,大家看得也輕鬆,我自己壓力也小一些。



u根據FB廣告後台,全台智慧型裝置達1200萬用戶,2012 年底統計為770萬用戶,年成長55.8%
u今年iOS: Android來到1 : 2.92012年底統計為1 : 2.3
u智慧型裝置穿透率達51.3% (分母:201311月行政院主計處人口資料)
u資料來源是Facebook,缺陷:1. 智慧型手機用戶有少數不使用FB 2.可能有少數人使用2個以上帳戶。

2012-2014 Takeaways:
1. 根據KPCB 2012年 智慧型手機用戶年增長高達80%,而根據NCC今年放緩至47%,個人預計2014年可能不到30%。
2. 1200萬與950萬兩個數字相減,可推估非手機的智慧型裝置(tablets, ipod等)全台約250萬台。
3. 相對Android的110%年增長,iOS陣營成長明顯放緩230萬台成長至340萬約47%。
4. 按Facebook後台數據,總體智慧型裝置從770台增加到1200萬台,年增長55.8%,也尚未達到KPCB的推估。
5. 關於手機上網人口方面,2012年佔總手機用戶的28.7%,2013年穿透率成長至38.9%。

2013年是Android在本土市場大發利市的一年,台灣的Android市場份額也在全球名列前茅,未來隨著低價高規的中國手機、裝置打入市場,Android的市場佔比將會逐漸提高。這一年若未將重點放在Android的開發者需要更謹慎考慮平台選擇上的優先考量。而台灣市場尚年輕,距離成熟市場韓國和日本的85%及95%手機上網穿透率(KPCB 2012年)來說,台灣還有140%~150%的成長空間,這部分也得靠電信公司與政府的推動,尤其是4G LTE的推動更需要加速才能迎頭趕上。


Lone Survivor and the Post-Vietnam War Syndrome

Flag waving is something many of us expect to see in Hollywood war films.

By "flag waving" I do not mean mindless patriotism or jingoism. I mean those moments in a film when issues of national identity are raised in a positive way. War is a national effort, and so we should expect to see signs of national values, beliefs, and causes in films about war. Some of that flag waving is done gracefully or artfully and some of it is not.

Even anti-war films participate in this. In finding fault with a particular war, the film will present a set of values as an alternative to those that motivated the war. Frequently those alternative values are presented as the "true" values of the nation; the values that motivated the war frequently are presented as a corruption of the nation's original good intentions.

So I noticed the lack of flag waving in a new film about the American war in Afghanistan, Lone Survivor (starring Mark Wahlberg). The film presents the motivations of its U.S. Navy SEALs as personal and emotional rather than national and political. The men became Navy SEALs because of the personal desire to challenge themselves. The film starts with a voice-over by the lone survivor: "There is a storm inside us.... An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and farther than anyone could think possible."

They fight mostly for their fellow soldiers, and because it is their job to fight. Hardly a word is said about the larger mission of the United States military in Afghanistan in 2005.

(I have not read the book on which the film is based, so I cannot say if the authors handle this aspect of motivations differently.)

I recently finished leading a senior seminar that compared some literature of the Vietnam War with some literature from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Motivation was one of the biggest differences my students noted in the literature of the two eras. One student brought Lone Survivor to my attention, as his paper focused on this generational difference, and lent me a DVD "screener" of the film.

In two memoirs we read, Born on the Fourth of July by Ron Kovic and Home Before Morning by Lynda Van Devanter, the authors discuss their patriotic and idealistic selves before their tours of duty in Vietnam; this highlights the level of their disillusionment after their tours. The protagonist of Tim O'Brien's novel Going After Cacciato has lengthy debates with himself and others about his reasons for fighting in Vietnam, and while those reasons do include personal motivations, patriotism and politics are also much discussed.

The students noted the absence of such discussions, and especially the general absence of nationalism and patriotism, in two books written by veterans of the war in Iraq:The Yellow Birds (novel) by Kevin Powers, and Love My Rifle More Than You (memoir) by Kayla Williams. There is little talk of politics, national agendas, and patriotism in either book. The soldiers in both books seem to have joined the Army for personal reasons -- such as economic opportunities or proving their merit to themselves or to someone else. The soldiers discuss their reasons for joining the Army, but they hardly mention the nation's reasons for fighting a war in Iraq. They seem to be fighting because it is their job to fight and because they are loyal to their fellow soldiers. They are not fighting for the ideals that sent Kovic and Van Devanter to Vietnam.

My students believed U.S. soldiers in Iraq, at least as depicted in these books and in some documentaries they watched on their own, demonstrated a kind of post-Vietnam War syndrome. Kovic and Van Devanter were upset because they felt their government had lied to them, and their texts were fueled by that sense of disillusionment and anger. They had expected better of their military and political leaders. They thought they were bringing justice and freedom and democracy to South Vietnam, but their experiences told them otherwise. However, if Williams and Powers represent the contemporary situation accurately, soldiers in Iraq seemed to expect their government to lie -- or they seemed indifferent to their government's agenda, since they had their own. (Incidentally, this assumption of governmental dishonesty is shared by nearly all of my students.)

Kovic and Van Devanter told stories of lost innocence. Perhaps the U.S. soldiers in Iraq did not have an innocence to lose.

Some of these dynamics are evinced in Lone Survivor. The soldiers fight for each other, not for a national cause that is ever discussed. The reason for U.S. forces being in Afghanistan is not mentioned. They just are.

This does not mean the film has no sense of good guys and bad guys. The bad guys are clearly Al-Qaeda forces. They are bad because they have been terrorizing the local population and because they have been killing U.S. soldiers. They are not portrayed as a threat to the United States itself. The Navy SEALs do not attribute their willingness to fight to justice or democracy or freedom or any ideal other than their love for each other and their desire to challenge themselves.

This silence could be attributed to the war being represented. How do you tell a story about a war that most people do not support? One poll in late 2013 indicated that more than 60 percent of Americans felt the war in Afghanistan had not been worth the price. One way to tell a story about that war is to confine the story to the soldiers and not their cause. Americans may not support the war, but they do support the troops.

Thinking about this, I rewatched Black Hawk Down. It is the story of a war that, perhaps like the fighting in Afghanistan, seemed futile -- international efforts to help the citizens of Somalia who were caught in the collapse of their country. The film foregrounds a sense of futility with its epigraph from Plato: "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

But the film has many of the markers of the usual war film, scenes intended to justify or explain the national values that sent soldiers into Somalia. It clearly discusses the reasons for U.S. troops to be there, and it clearly presents those reasons as good -- feeding the starving population, fighting that bad guys who are withholding the food.

Black Hawk Down also has some typical war movie scenes. Soldiers talk about their reasons for being in Mogadishu. Some express contempt for the people they were sent to help, and other soldiers express the higher -- we assume more American -- ideal of doing good in the world, protecting the innocent, etc. It also has scenes of soldiers expressing their love for each other; they agree the national motivation for the war may be cloudy, but their personal reasons are clear: to do their job and to protect each other.

War stories (fiction and films) can be seen as methods of national recuperation and rehabilitation. They attempt to heal the wounds to the national psyche by showing how the violence that caused those wounds was worthwhile or that the nation survived the violence with its basic good intentions intact. This is important to do for wars the nation won, since even victory comes with great pain, but it is especially important for wars the nation lost.

My class discussed an example of this idea of rehabilitation: Universal Soldier, a 1992 film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. In it, two U.S. soldiers from the Vietnam War are involved in a massacre of citizens: Lundgren's character is killing everything he sees, and Van Damme's character tries to stop him. They kill each other, but their bodies are preserved for a secret military program. Years later they are revived as super soldiers in a secret weapons program, but when they are deployed they resume their previous fight. Finally, the good soldier wins by killing the bad soldier. (Cythnia Fuchs discusses this movie and others about the Vietnam War in her essay titled "What Do We Say Happened Here?: Memory, Identity, and the Vietnam War.")

Whether or not you admire the cinematic achievement of Universal Soldier, the film can be seen as illustrating a battle within the American psyche that results from the Vietnam War. What experiences of that war indicate the nation's true nature? Which soldier represents the heart of the nation? Universal Soldier would be the story we tell to reassure ourselves that the bad soldier in the nation's heart can be defeated; ultimately, we are the good soldier.

Black Hawk Down would be the story we tell to reassure ourselves that our intentions in Somalia were good, however messed up that situation was, and that our soldiers were brave.

Lone Survivor is oddly quiet about the reasons for U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. It may not be doing much of that national rehabilitation that other war films attempt. It may not be reassuring the nation of its motivations or the success of its mission in Afghanistan. Through the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers, the film may be offering no moral larger than the national and personal survival of the ordeal.

+ + +

One interesting difference between almost all other U.S. war films and Lone Survivor is the involvement of the "native." An early scene in the film represents Al-Qaeda members terrorizing an Afghan village and beheading a local man. That same village is instrumental in saving the Navy SEAL who survives the mission, and it fights off the Al-Qaeda members who come to capture him. The leader of the Al-Qaeda attackers is killed by the village leader and not by a U.S. soldier. This differs from so many films that show Americans solving the problems of "natives." And the motivation of the villagers is their own. They are honoring their own code of Pashtunwali, whereby a guest is protected as if he were a member of that community, and not adopting some American code of conduct. In this sense, the film does not depict the Americanization of Afghanistan.

10 Awesome quotes by Mark Wahlberg -

If I succeed in business but fail as a father, then I've failed.

I've always looked at my career as an athlete would look at his. I won't play forever. Some don't know when to walk away, but the smart ones do.

And I tell you, having girls has made me a much better man. I have friends who are fathers, but they only have boys, and they have the same attitude toward women they always had, you know? And I don't play that... My girls, you mess with them? I will bury you underground.

If I can start my day out by saying my prayers and getting myself focused, then I know I'm doing the right thing. That 10 minutes helps me in every way throughout the day.

I want people to come see my films and enjoy them but at the end of the day you can't control what people think.

I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a brother, an uncle, a good neighbor, a good leader to those who look up to me, a good follower to those who are serving God and doing the right thing.

I did a lot of things that I regretted and I certainly paid for my mistakes. You have to go and ask for forgiveness and it wasn't until I really started doing good and doing right, by other people as well as myself, that I really started to feel that guilt go away. So I don't have a problem going to sleep at night.
As far as I'm concerned, there's no job more important on the planet than being a mom.

Having two daughters changed my perspective on a lot of things, and I definitely have a newfound respect for women. And I think I finally became a good and real man when I had a daughter.

You kind of have to be able to accept things for the way they are, and once you do that I think you can be really comfortable.


Deliver powershell payload using macro.

In past we saw method of direct shell code execution in Ms word or Excel using macro;but if document is closed then we will lose our shell so we have to migrate to other process and sometimes migration is pick up by AV. So in this tutorial we are going to use powershell payload.

Advantages of this method:-

(2)Migration is not needed
(3)AV bypass

(1)First we will generate powershell payload; for this purpose i used SET.You can also used Veil or powersploit.Open SET in terminal & select Social-Engineering Attacks and then Powershell Attack Vectors.Generate Powershell Alphanumeric Shellcode Injector.Fill LHOST & LPORT value.


Our generated powershell payload is located into /root/.set/reports/powershell/. Rename x86_powershell_injection.txt to x32.ps1.

(2)Now Clone git repository of code

root@bt:~# git clone https://github.com/enigma0x3/Old-Powershell-payload-Excel-Delivery
root@bt:~# cd Powershell-payload-Excel-Delivery/

(3)In Powershell-payload-Excel-Delivery folder; rename RemovePayload.bat to remove.bat. Now you have to host remove.bat and x32.ps1 to web-server.Then open persist.vbs file and change URL of x32.ps1 in line 13,33 to your hosted x32.ps1 `s URL. And now also host persist.vbs to web-server. I used localhost.


(4)Open Macrocode file from cloned folder & change URL in line 27,82,118 respectively to your hosted x32.ps1,persist.vbs and remove.bat `s URL.Now add this macro code into excel document as mentioned in previous tutorial.

(5)And last step is setup listener.


Now send this document to victim , as soon as he open document and run macro we will get shell. Once the payload is ran, it runs in the powershell process, so if the user closes excel, you keep your shell. You also remain in a stable process until reboot, so migration is not needed.


It then pulls down a persistence script, drops it, creates a registry key for autorun for the persistence script. Once done, it also drops a self-deleting bat file that removes the initial payload from the system.

persist using regestiry

Thanks to  enigma0x3 for this awesome method.

Update :- New-Powershell-Payload-Excel-Delivery

This is a VBA macro that uses Matt Graeber's Invoke-Shellcode to execute a powershell payload in memory as well as schedule a task for persistence(20 min onidle  you get shell).
root@bt:~# git clone https://github.com/enigma0x3/Powershell-Payload-Excel-Delivery.git
root@bt:~# cd Powershell-Payload-Excel-Delivery/

Open MacroCode file & change Download URL for Invoke-Shellcode file & change LHOST & LPORT option. Now add macro-code in Excel file & start-up listener.

Sniffing Apps (root needed)

Here's a post on XDA forums about a list + the download link of about 20 hacking apps for your rooted android device.

The applications are:
7.WiFi kill
9.Droid Sheep Guard
11.Shark App Pack (shark & shark reader)
12.SMS Combo
13.SMS Retaliator
14.bunch of WiFi pen apps 
16.GTA3 trainer
17.game killer
18.game guardian
19.Netswiss tools 
22.Spy kit universal mailer


If you wanna skip the "intro" and just wan't to download the applications here's the download link:


Ultimate Computer Hardware Guide

The website MaximumPC has published an huge article on his website were he explains all the minor things that you need to know when you are buying a new computer or anything else that has to do with computers.
Well if you are interested in reading that article click here :)
I hope you enjoy it.