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Marijuana / Cannabis for Anxiety..?

I get super stressed out and irritated, every single day just about.

Life is stressful for us all, I get it. I listen to problems from friends and co-workers and I'm just sort of scared to get out of bed in the morning sometimes; I don't know how some people do it. I have faults, mistakes, and things I don't see how I'll get through. 

I've had a really good life, and I feel guilty when I can't better deal with life and anxiety on my own. I am not a person who could ever try/do "hard drugs" (meth/cocaine/heroin) or get addicted to alcohol or pills. My mom, never touched anything...anything! My dad, had a bit of everything, and I'm pretty sure it's what helped lead his early death. So I've seen both sides. For me, I just want...a happy middle. 

I've watched every season and episode of Intervention (A&E). I know there wasn't even one episode in all 14 seasons which showed someone "addicted solely to marijuana." So, it's like, hmmm... is there truly something miraculous about this little plant? I think so. 

I promise...as a normal / sane'ish / God-loving woman, I wouldn't write anything I wouldn't believe in my own life or for my children. Like, it will sound crazy, sure, to say "Marijuana helps me to be a better mom." But I really believe it does. I bet it could definitely help any parent, with anger issues or not. I've read time and again in the news articles of parents abusing their kids. I know some people out there need counseling, and it's sad that we don't have such easy access to it. So in the meantime, moms just try to help other moms with what they know. I'm thankful to my two friends, from two separate walks of life, who helped me to see the benefits and the help that vaporizing marijuana brings. 

Until I myself can afford some awesome counseling session with a life coach, I have to do what I can, and one of the top stress relievers, probably the number one -each and every time - is vaporizing Mj.

I like doing fun things; what millennial doesn't? But the thing is, vaping Mj is the common denominator no matter what I'm doing -- everything's better because of Mj.

Most things are stressful, even the fun ones can be. My husband jokes that when we go on vacations, I have to vaporize first, because otherwise I become the tensest, overwhelming ball of stress. So that's our agreement. Vaporizing just helps...the calm.

If you watch my How-To YouTube video, or ask a friend who's experienced in vaporizing to help you, I promise you will be on a path of more relaxation, peace and overall mental clarity. And if you seek help and other reviews, you'll be a world ahead of the mistakes I made when first trying to vape.

Vaping takes some practice. But I do believe the outcome is more likened unto using Mj in tea or cooking...subtle, lasting, a better overall experience (vs. traditional puffing).

And I know I've mentioned I'm Christian…so I am not talking to those without any sort of religious beliefs, or belief in karma, doing good in life, etc.  No amount of Mj will help those who need to take a look at their inner soul and stuff. I'm talking to those who are good peeps… like, work on their car, don't kick the dog, are good to their kids, aren't perfect by any means, but try their best... 

It's really hard to convince people based on the stigma around "weed" as a "harsh drug."

But good golly I think it's truly more of a miracle, at least in my own life.

Miracle? That's a big word for a simple plant or "drug." Yet since it happens to grow in nearly every country in the world, I would say it is a miracle. It's a miracle plant that was put on this Earth in it's natural state for a reason. The Bible says, "partake of the herbs of the Earth," so I feel like I should stick up for something that has helped me tremendously. I commend those who are brave enough to step out and say medical marijuana helps... I have to do so from behind my computer screen for now.

I'm here to say Mj is not a drug, it's a miraculous plant. I'm another voice for the legalization of medical marijuana. 

My overall point is, I want to be this happy and calm person naturally, but that's just not going to happen anytime soon; not for me. I have empathy for American parents out there whom just don't know a life of happiness, because we think our "American problems" are so great and overwhelming that we let it affect who we are extremely negatively, and that's not good.

Now, even though I know it's wrong to complain about this or that (mine would be: husband interviewing for a new job, my recent speeding ticket, being super lonely with no family around us, struggling in a slow economy on one income yet needing two, student loans, trying to find a new rental in a good area, you get the idea..)  It makes me really empathize for those who really struggle, who have no help, just trying to survive. I'm no stranger to single parenting, my mom was alone after my dad passed away. But now I wonder, how on earth did she do it, sanely? Never a slew of loser boyfriends or drugs or drinking or beating us...just a completely sane, nice, kind, takes her kids to church on Sundays and does the best she can on one-income parent. She just went on and did it on her own and never once did I really hear her complain. She never said she felt suicidal or if she ever felt super depressed or anything. It's like Baby Boomers just stuff all of their feelings inside, and our generation just wants to share all of those feelings and ask the question: WHY?  Why to everything!

I know I'm supposed to be grateful for having running water and electricity and safety. But I sometimes get so terrified to check our bank account that I feel paralyzed or something. I can't really explain it. It's such a catch 22, when you have kids. You've finally completed that "final task" in life for the next 18 years, you're a parent, but some us are still like, okay and then what? 

Day after day, especially as my child grows, I feel so much anxiety naturally I don't know how people do it. And truthfully I really understand why or when people do drugs: to numb your crazy thoughts and memories if you must get away from them. Your brain, it's like your best friend and your worst nightmare all at once. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and hard times in life, I can't say which is right for any which person. But for me, cannabis is truly such a beneficial tool in dealing with my anxiety that still allows me to have a sane, normal, happy life. Sure, I have anxiety...but how am I going to honestly choose to deal with it? I can't seem to read enough self-help or inspirational moments to get to a place where it's a constant and I don't even have to try. And the older I get, the more I start to never see anyone who has it "completely together" who isn't hiding something. I guess. It just makes me think that no one is perfect, no one has that perfect life, life is simply always a struggle for one reason or another. For me though, I want to be a calm, relaxed and stable person. Without the help of cannabis, I surely, 100% would not have made it through child-rearing thus far as well and sane as I have. 

Not only does it help me to just keep sane somehow, it keeps my husband and I as the best of friends. I think it's a marriage miracle-worker. Mark my word, if you are sane and level-headed and so is your spouse, but you sometimes encounter those awful days at work or a horrible problem.. if you will have a vaporized Mj puff session in the morning and maybe one before bed I just promise you, as Medical Marijuana Mom, you'll have the most relaxed and happiest state of mind for your entire day, despite the terrible news or problem you are dealing with.

It's like Mj puts your worries on the back-burner for a bit to just give you that much needed break to relax. In my opinion, the effects of vaporizing cannabis is just like he said in Knocked Up: "It just makes everything better.