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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cath Lab (2012)

The bust of Hippocrates.
The Cath Lab,
Terrifyingly sterile.  "You
Can't come this way!  There are
Transplants here!"  You, not
A transplant, propped up,
Reading a book, just a battery
In your chest.  Not a solution:
We'll be back.  The kids,
Four and two.  At 31
Your father went for a run.
At 30 they saw nothing in you.
At 41 you go for a run, and have
To sit down.  That same day,
By pure puerile accident -
"Mommy's heart broke."  I almost
Collapse myself.  "You mean, Mommy's
Father's heart broke."  "Oh yes."
A month to see the specialist, who
Opens the door and takes a deep breath.
She loves me, she loves me not!  And
Two more coins, palmed another month;
Two serpents, recombined... ten
Floors down, Hippocrates
Is scrawled in mystic signs
By youths with perfect hearts.