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IT-Passports.comのAdobeの9A0-318試験トレーニング資料は最高のトレーニング資料です。あなたはIT職員としたら、IT-Passports.comはあなたが選ばなくてはならないトレーニング資料です。IT-Passports.comのAdobeの9A0-318試験トレーニング資料は絶対に信頼できるもので、IT認証を受ける受験生を対象として特別に研究された問題と解答に含まれているう資料です。 Adobeの9A0-318試験に受かるのはIT職員の皆さんの目標です。IT-Passports.comの合格率は信じられないほど高いです。IT-Passports.comはあなたの成功にずっと力を尽くしています。



試験番号:9A0-313 試験問題集
試験科目:Photoshop CS6 Recertification Exam


試験番号:9A0-318 最新な問題集
試験科目:Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Recertification Exam


試験番号:9A0-281 学習教材
試験科目:Adobe® Captivate® 5.5 with eLearning Suite Extensions





NO.1 You are creating a new version of your project using the Project Manager. You are not sure if
there will be enough space on your target drive for the associated media files. How can you find out
the total amount of space required?
A. Check the size of the original media.
B. Browse to the new project destination.
C. Choose Create New Trimming Project.
D. Click the Calculate button.
Answer: A

Adobe講座   9A0-318会場   9A0-318模擬

NO.2 You want to lower the overall brightness of the brightest whites in your clip. Which control in
the Three-Way Color Corrector should you use?
A. Auto Contrast
B. Output Levels
C. Input Levels
D. Tonal Range Definition
Answer: C

Adobeテスト   9A0-318認定資格   9A0-318割引

NO.3 You want to change the way Premiere Pro displays pixels for a clip from a non-square aspect
ratio to square. In which two places can you change this setting? (Choose two.)
A. Choose Clip > Modify > Interpret Footage.
B. Right-click on the clip and choose Analyze Content.
C. Right-click on the clip and choose Edit Original.
D. Right-click on the clip and choose Modify > Interpret Footage.
E. Choose Edit > Edit Original.
Answer: C,D

Adobe   9A0-318難易度   9A0-318学校   9A0-318問題集

NO.4 You create a new sequence preset using the New Sequence dialog box. Where can you select
this preset when creating a new sequence?
A. In the User Presets menu, in the Settings tab.
B. In the Editing Mode menu, in the Settings tab.
C. In the last category selected, in the Sequence Presets tab.
D. In the Custom category in the Sequence Presets tab.
Answer: B

Adobe科目   9A0-318   9A0-318科目
Reference:http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/creating-changingsequences.html(create a
sequence, see the second bullet)

NO.5 What's the maximum size of an OMF file for exchanging with a Digital Audio Workstation?
A. 16 GB
B. 4 GB
C. 2 GB
D. 1 GB
Answer: C

Adobe問題   9A0-318   9A0-318   9A0-318 PDF   9A0-318教育

NO.6 Click the Exhibit button.
A stereo track called Music (which is in a sequence with a 5.1 Master track) is only playing from the
front left, front right and surround left and surround right speakers and not the center andLFE
channels on the master track. Why are the center and LFE channels NOT heard on the speakers?
A. Stereo tracks cannot be panned or routed to the center or LFE channels
B. The center percentage and LFE volume controls are both set to infinity
C. You must create a 5.1 submix to route stereo tracks to the center and LFE channels.
D. The stereo track is panned center in the surround sound field
Answer: C

Adobe練習問題   9A0-318教科書   9A0-318取得

NO.7 How many angles can have keyboard shortcuts that can be assigned for the Multi-Camera
A. Unlimited
B. 9
C. 4
D. 16
Answer: C

Adobe試験   9A0-318   9A0-318   9A0-318関節   9A0-318 vue
A& hl=en&sa=X&ei=P3njU5CVCJTG7AbQmoDgAg&ved=0CEEQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=ad
obe%20premiere%20pro%20angles%20can%20have%20keyboard%20shortcuts%20that %20can%2
0be%20assigned%20for%20the%20Multi-Camera%20Monitor&f=false(see bullet # 8)

NO.8 What is the maximum number of Video tracks in an EDL?
A. 2
B. l
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

Adobe合格点   9A0-318取得   9A0-318   9A0-318教科書   9A0-318方法
Reference:http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/ 3 /914281(first post, last para)


君はほかのサイトや書籍もブラウズ するがもしれませんが、弊社の関連の学習資料と比較してからIT-Passports.comの商品の範囲が広くてまたネット上でダウンロードを発見してしまいました。IT-Passports.comだけ全面と高品質の問題集があるのではIT-Passports.comの専門家チームが彼らの長年のIT知識と豊富な経験で研究してしました。そして、IT-Passports.comに多くの受験生の歓迎されます。



試験番号:CMQ-OE 学習教材
試験科目:Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Exam



偉大な事業を実現するために信心を持つ必要があります。あなたは自分の知識レベルを疑っていて試験の準備をする前に詰め込み勉強しているときに、自分がどうやって試験に受かることを確保するかを考えましたか。心配しないでください。IT-Passports.comはあなたがASQのCMQ-OE認定試験に合格する確保です。IT-Passports.com のトレーニング試験は問題と解答に含まれています。しかも100パーセントの合格率を保証できます。IT-Passports.comのASQのCMQ-OE試験トレーニング資料を手に入れたら、あなたは自分の第一歩を進めることができます。試験に合格してから、あなたのキャリアは美しい時期を迎えるようになります。



NO.1 A small chain of five retail stores has just completed its initial strategic planning and wishes to
determine the effectiveness of its plans for the first year. They should track and measure:
A. Results from action plans.
B. Frequency of application of the quality policy.
C. Attainment of the strategic objectives.
D. Organization goals.
Answer: C


NO.2 Management's goal is to continually improve customer service and satisfaction. Their actions
include the following. Which of these actions is least likely to help achieve the goal?
A. Provide for positive reinforcement to employees who are trying to satisfy customers.
B. Encourage and support cooperation and conformance to quality standards amongst internal
C. Establish an employee suggestion box system.
D. Ensure that employees have the training, information, and physical things they need to do their
jobs well.
Answer: C


NO.3 In a typical organization, there are many different strategies and people put their focus where
it seems best placed, but this may not agree with what is actually expected or desired. A possible
solution for such a situation is:
A. To ensure the strategic and operational plans clearly indicate the priorities and strategies for the
B. To communicate, communicate, and communicate!
C. To ensure that authority levels are clearly spelled out for typical situations
D. To have employees go outside the organizational walls
Answer: B

ASQ一発合格   CMQ-OE   CMQ-OE   CMQ-OE内容

NO.4 Of the following core values and concepts, which would be the most critical to apply to a
newly mandated state emergency management agency?
I. Visionary leadership
II. Customer-driven excellence
III. Agility
IV. Focus on the future
V. Focus on results and creating value
VI. Management by fact
VII. Managing for innovation
Answer: C

ASQ認定試験   CMQ-OE対策   CMQ-OE科目   CMQ-OEふりーく

NO.5 A work team has identified three software packages that will help them dramatically improve
a process and needs to decide which to purchase. Each package has some of the same and some
different features and there are many different criteria that need to be used in making the decision.
Which of the following tools is likely to be most valuable for helping the team decide?
A. Priorities matrix
B. Tree diagram
C. Matrix diagram
D. Activity network diagram
Answer: A

ASQ攻略   CMQ-OE   CMQ-OE受験記   CMQ-OE取得

NO.6 The first step in a successful customer satisfaction program is to:
A. Hire and train qualified staff and reward them based on performance.
B. Get to know the customers' most pressing needs.
C. Develop a strategic alliance/partnership with key customers.
D. Get management commitment to a focus on customers.
Answer: D

ASQ教材   CMQ-OE認定   CMQ-OE受験記

NO.7 Which of the following best describes the differences between crossfunctional and matrix
A. Cross-functionals deal with companywide issues, whereas matrices focus on specific projects.
B. Cross-functionals are often temporary, whereas matrices are permanent.
C. Cross-functionals deal with internal groups, whereas matrices deal with external groups.
D. Cross-functionals usually consist of personnel with technical skills, whereas matrices usually
consist of high-level functional executives.
Answer: A

ASQ   CMQ-OEスクール   CMQ-OEクラムメディア

NO.8 A facilitator notices that the team jumps to conclusions after only one or two members have
stated their opinion.
The facilitator should:
A. Tell the team to have a nonbinding vote before beginning a discussion, which will make each
person's view apparent.
B. Ask the team to fill out a questionnaire rating themselves on effective group process.
C. Tell the quiet members they need to speak out.
D. Ask what the impact will be on the team if they don't adequately discuss issues.
Answer: D





みなさんにIT-Passports.comを選ぶのはより安心させるためにIT-Passports.comは部分のSymantec 250-405試験材料がネットで提供して、君が無料でダウンロードすることができます。安心に弊社の商品を選ぶとともに貴重な時間とエネルギーを節約することができる。IT-Passports.comは真実のSymantec 250-405認証試験の問題集が100%で君の試験の合格を保証します。君の明るい将来を祈っています。

試験番号:250-405 復習資料
試験科目:Administration of Symantec Management Platform 7.5


試験番号:250-410 復習問題集
試験科目:Administration of Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.x


逆境は人をテストすることができます。困難に直面するとき、勇敢な人だけはのんびりできます。あなたは勇敢な人ですか。もしIT認証の準備をしなかったら、あなたはのんびりできますか。もちろんです。 IT-Passports.comのSymantecの250-405試験トレーニング資料を持っていますから、どんなに難しい試験でも成功することができます。





NO.1 What are two features of Reporting and Analytics? (Select two.)
A. Gold Standards
B. Standards
C. Entitlements
D. Patch Management
E. Enterprise Security Manager
Answer: D,E

Symantec短期   250-410ふりーく   250-410模擬   250-410独学   250-410問題集

NO.2 Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 Risk Manager provides which functionality?
A. configuration assessment of IT assets
B. evaluation of procedural controls by providing automated web-based questionnaires
C. simplification of the policy management life cycle
D. a view of IT risk related to a business asset such as a business process, group, or function
Answer: D

Symantec模擬   250-410テスト   250-410試験   250-410番号   250-410種類

NO.3 A query returns multiple rows with the same machine name. Which method should be used to
narrow the results?
A. remove the Machine Name field
B. reduce the scope
C. set primary sort to a field other than Machine Name
D. set the Sort to Suppress Records with Duplicate Key
Answer: D

Symantec vue   250-410独学   250-410認定試験

NO.4 What must be done to save customized settings when using the report viewer?
A. copy the customized report
B. save the customized report
C. export the customized report
D. update the customized report
Answer: C

Symantec練習問題   250-410虎の巻   250-410問題   250-410通信   250-410難易度   250-410学習
7. Which Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 feature facilitates the monitoring and
approval of access rights in an organization?
A. Evaluations
B. Reports
C. Dashboards
D. Entitlements
Answer: D

Symantec   250-410   250-410参考書   250-410会場   250-410対策
8. Users can copy an Asset Group to which two locations? (Select two.)
A. Asset Group templates
B. Existing Asset group
C. Business Asset view
D. Asset System root folder
E. Assets folder
Answer: D,E

Symantec   250-410   250-410種類   250-410問題集   250-410過去問
9. To effectively and consistently manage a relative concept like risk, risk must be defined. How is
the risk modeling process used during this process?
A. to present a consolidated view of assets
B. to collect raw-data based content
C. to identify and define security objectives
D. to assess security compliance status
Answer: C

Symantec入門   250-410模擬   250-410初心者   250-410   250-410   250-410対策
10. What are two types of Dashboards? (Select two.)
A. Web-based
B. Static
C. Organizational
D. Tiered
E. Executive
Answer: A,D

Symantec問題集   250-410講座   250-410番号   250-410関節   250-410   250-410科目
11. A manager at corporate headquarters questions the validity of a compliance report because
the date and time are incorrect. Which is the likely cause of the problem?
A. The Application Server is in a different timezone.
B. The Reporting Database is in a different timezone.
C. The CCS Manager in the Reporting role is in a different timezone.
D. The report was incorrectly configured.
Answer: A

Symantec教材   250-410ガイド   250-410学習   250-410   250-410一発合格   250-410学習
12. Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 provides a mechanism to tag and identify assets for
report and scope purposes. Tagging is a way to define an asset with which type of information?
A. keyword
B. object
C. meta
D. category
Answer: C

Symantec虎の巻   250-410費用   250-410資格   250-410種類
13. In addition to Report Data Synchronization and Report Generation, what is another
report-related job that can be executed from the Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 console?
A. Dashboard Import job
B. Report Data Purge job
C. Report Export job
D. Dashboard Synchronization job
Answer: B

Symantec   250-410種類   250-410
14. Which two data connectors are used to integrate with third-party applications to import
required data? (Select two.)
A. Standards connector
B. Web Services connector
C. Policy Manager connector
D. CSV data connector
E. Policy Module connector
Answer: B,D

Symantec   250-410   250-410種類   250-410教育
15. Which two tasks should be completed prior to deploying Symantec Control Compliance Suite
11.0? (Select two.)
A. create Service Principal Names
B. install licenses
C. create certificates
D. install sites
E. create service accounts
Answer: A,E

Symantec過去   250-410難易度   250-410   250-410練習問題   250-410勉強法   250-410ふりーく
16. The risk calculation logic in the Risk Manager module calculates the risk score based on the
evaluation and the assessment data that is collected from checks, questions, and extended tests and
assessment procedures that are available in the reporting database for the corresponding assets.
Which job type does Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 run for Risk Manager to determine
the correct risk score?
A. Report Data Synchronization job
B. Remediation Verification job
C. Collection-Evaluation-Reporting job
D. Global Metrics and Trends Computation job
Answer: D

Symantec初心者   250-410練習   250-410番号   250-410勉強法

NO.5 The CCS Manager Service can be configured for which type of data collector?
A. historical data collector
B. evaluation data collector
C. VMware data collector
D. HTTP data collector
Answer: C

Symantec難易度   250-410入門   250-410内容   250-410   250-410ガイド   250-410

NO.6 Which field is required for manually adding a Windows asset?
A. Machine Name
B. IP Address
C. OS Major/Minor Version
D. Asset Site
Answer: A

Symantec過去問   250-410番号   250-410難易度   250-410   250-410ふりーく





試験番号:FM0-308 資格問題集
試験科目:Developer Essentials for FileMaker 13


試験番号:FM0-308日本語 最新な問題集
試験科目:Developer Essentials for FileMaker 13 (FM0-308日本語版)





NO.1 FileMaker13 ソリ ューションの表はテキストフゖー ルドの CompanyName を持ってい ま
- デ ー タ 入 力 時 に の み こ の フ ゖ ー ル ド の デ ー タ を 検 証 し ま す - ユーザがデータの 入力時に 上
書きできるようにします。- 空ではないと要 求されます。- 検証が 失敗した場合にカスタムメ
CompanyName フゖールドの値がありません。何を発生しますか。
A. すべてのレコードが゗ンポートされるになり、エラーメッセージ は表示されません。
B. ユーザーはカスタ ムエラーメッセ ージが 表示されますが 、エラ ーをオーバーラ ゗ドす る
C. CompanyName の値 が設定されたすべてのレコードが゗ンポートされます。ユーザーが指
D. CompanyName の値 が設定されたすべてのレコードが゗ンポートされます。ユーザーはい
くつかのレコードがそれらのレコードのカウントとともに、 エラーのために゗ンポートする
ことができなかったという内容の FileMaker Pro ゕプリケーションからエラーダ゗ゕログが
Answer: A

FileMaker初心者   FM0-308日本語試験   FM0-308日本語割引   FM0-308日本語合格点

NO.2 どのステートメ ントは FileMaker13 の 外部から保管コンテナデータに設定オブジェク
A. フゔ゗ルが FileMaker Go 13 を介して iOS デバ゗スに転送され、使用されている場合、デ
B. 外部に格納容器の データは FileMaker Server13 スケジュールさ れたバックゕップルーチン
C. FileMaker Server で ホストされている場合、外部コンテナデータはデータベースフォルダ
D. サー バ ー 管理 コ ンソ ー ル を介 し てダ ウ ンロ ー ド され た とき に 外部 に 保 存さ れ てい る コン
Answer: A

FileMaker割引   FM0-308日本語入門   FM0-308日本語資格   FM0-308日本語問題集   FM0-308日本語内容   FM0-308日本語取得

NO.3 FileMaker Pro13 で FirstLast というテキ ストフゖールドが設定されている以下の式を自
FirstName & " " & LastName
姓と名が同じテーブル内のテキストフゖールドです。 参照されるすべてのフゖールドは空が
チェックされている場合、 このオプションは評価しません。 フゖールドの既 存の値 (もしあ
どの 2 つの状況では計算の値は FirstLast フゖ ールドに挿入されますか。 (2 つを選んでくださ
A. レコードが最初に作成された
B. 姓または姓フゖー ルドの値が変更されるたびに
C. ユーザーはメニュ ー項目レコード> 再ルックゕップフゖールド内容を選択します
D. 記録上の任意のフ ゖールドの値が変更され、FirstLast フゖール ドは空です
E. 姓または姓フゖールドが変更され、FirstLast フゖールドは空です
Answer: A,E

FileMaker費用   FM0-308日本語体験   FM0-308日本語認定

NO.4 次のテーブルと フゖールドによる FileMaker13 のソリューシ ョンを与えられてみます:
テ ー ブ ル オ カ レ ン ス の 間 の 唯 一 の 上 記 の 関 係 を 仮 定 す る 時 、 必 要 に 応 じ て 仕 分 け を 使 用 し
て、どの 2 つのゕクションは実行することができますか。(2 つを選んでください。)
A. 選択した顧客のためのすべての請求書が表示さ値リストを作成します。
B. すべての顧客を表 示する製品レ゗ゕウト上の値リストを作成します。
C. これまで特定の製 品を注文したすべての顧客を検索します。
D. 顧客は注文された 各製品を表示するためにポータルを作成します。
E. 請求書明細レコードのレ゗ゕウトにポータルで Customer テー ブルからすべてのレコ ード
Answer: B,E

FileMaker攻略   FM0-308日本語短期   FM0-308日本語   FM0-308日本語短期

NO.5 どの 3 つのフゖ ールドのオプションは外部 ODBC データソースからシャドウフゖール
ドを設定するかもしれませんか。(3 つを選んでください。)
A. 検証: 空ではありません
B. 検証: ユニークな値
C. 検証: 既存の値
D. 作成タ゗ムスタン プを自動入力します
E. 作成時に、シリゕル番号を自動入力します
F. ストレージ: 必要に応じて自動的に゗ンデックスを作成します
Answer: A,D,E

FileMaker学校   FM0-308日本語認定資格   FM0-308日本語体験   FM0-308日本語初心者

NO.6 FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced でカスタム関 数を利用することができる再帰呼び出しの最大
A. 10,000
B. 32,000
C. 50,000
D. 64.000
Answer: C

FileMaker PDF   FM0-308日本語初心者   FM0-308日本語   FM0-308日本語   FM0-308日本語認定試験

NO.7 どの 2 つの FileMaker Pro13 オブジェク トは現在のレ゗ゕウトのテーブルオカレンスに
あっても無関係なデータ内容を表示しますか。(2 つを選んでください。)
A. 変数をマージします。
B. ゗ンデックス付き タ゗ムスタンプフゖールド
C. シャドーテーブル からのテキストフゖールド
D. ポータルに配置さ れたグローバル格納されている番号フゖールド
E. 唯一のオプションが有効になっている参照としてストゕで定義 されたオブジェクトフ ゖ
Answer: A,D

FileMaker方法   FM0-308日本語対策   FM0-308日本語教科書   FM0-308日本語難易度   FM0-308日本語会場

NO.8 どの 2 つのステ ートメントは FileMaker Pro13 のフゖールドの ゗ンデックス作成に関し
て真実ですか。(2 つを選んでください。)
A. 計算フゖールドは゗ンデックスを作成することができません。
B. ゗ンデックス作成 はソートが実行される速度が向上します。
C. 2 つのフゖールド間の関係を確立するために、 両方のフゖールドが゗ンデックスされる必
D. フゖ ー ル ドが 機 能す る た めに 、 以前 に 入力 し た 値を 使 用し て オー ト コ ンプ リ ート た めに
E. 最小限の索引付けは両方ではなく、値の゗ンデックスまたは単 語゗ンデックスのいず れ
Answer: D,E

FileMaker参考書   FM0-308日本語   FM0-308日本語合格率   FM0-308日本語認定   FM0-308日本語通信






試験番号:70-517 学習教材
試験科目:Recertification for MCSD: SharePoint Applications


試験番号:74-409日本語 受験記対策
試験科目:Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center (74-409日本語版)


試験番号:70-494 全真問題集
試験科目:Recertification for MCSD: Web Applications




You need to implement the Views\RunLog\_CalculatePace.cshtml partial view from Views\Runlog
\GetLog.cshtml to display the runner's average mile pace.
How should you implement the view? (To answer, drag the appropriate code segments to the correct
location or locations. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may
need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)

NO.2 You need to create the term set for the Document Library app named Project Documents.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Insert the following code segment into line DL18:
TermStore termStore = taxonomySession.GetDefaultKeywordsTermStore();
B. Insert the following code segment into line DL18:
TermStore termStore = taxonomySession.GetDefaultSiteCollectionTermStore();
C. Insert the following code segment into line DL24:
myTermSet.CreateTerm("-png", 1033, Guid.NewGuid());
D. Insert the following code segment into line DL24:
myTermSet.CreateTerm(".bmp", 1033, Guid.NewGuid());
Answer: A,C

Microsoft種類   70-517認定資格   70-517   70-517模擬

NO.3 You need to configure search engine optimization for the site collection.
On the Search Engine Optimization Settings page, what should you do? (Each correct answer presents
part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Select the Do not filter link parameters option.
B. In the Filter link parameters text box, enter agentName&officeId&certs
C. In the Filter link parameters text box, enter agentName;officeId
D. In the Filter link parameters text box, enter agentName&officeId
E. Select the Filter link parameters option.
F. In the Filter link parameters text box, enter agentName;officeId;certs
Answer: B,E

Microsoftフリーク   70-517教本   70-517教材   70-517練習問題

NO.4 You need to create a design package for the publishing sites.
What should you do?
A. Use SharePoint Designer to create master pages and a design package.
B. Use Visual Studio 2012 to create master pages and generate a design package.
C. Use display templates.
D. Use Design Manager.
Answer: D

Microsoft方法   70-517   70-517練習問題   70-517   70-517内容

NO.5 You need to set the appropriate permission levels.
A variable named customRole references Wholesale.
Which code segment should you add at line UA09?
A. customRole.BasePermissions = _permissions | SPBasePermissions.ViewFormPages;
B. customRole .BasePermissions = _permissions | SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
C. customRole.BasePermissions = SPBasePermissions.EmptyMask SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
D. customRole.BasePermissions = SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
Answer: B

Microsoft認定資格   70-517   70-517問題集

NO.6 You are developing an ASP.NET MVC web application for viewing a photo album. The
application is designed for devices that support changes in orientation, such as tablets and
smartphones. The application displays a grid of photos in portrait mode.
When the orientation changes to landscape, each tile in the grid expands to include a
description. The HTML that creates the gallery interface resembles the following markup.
If this CSS is omitted, the existing CSS displays the tiles in landscape mode.
You need to update the portrait mode CSS to apply only to screens with a width less than 500 pixels.
Which code segment should you use?
A. @media resolution(max-width: 500px) {
. . .
B. @media screen(min-width: Opx, max-width: 500px) {
. . .
C. @media screen and (width <= 500px) {
. . .
D. @media screen and (max-width: 500px) {
. . .
Answer: D

Microsoft参考書   70-517講座   70-517問題   70-517日記

You implement eDiscovery in SharePoint to access Exchange Online mailbox data.
You need to ensure that users continue to have access to Exchange Online mailbox data after an In-
Place Hold is applied.
On the Exchange admin center page, which option should you select? (To answer, select the
appropriate option in the answer area.)

NO.8 You need to ensure that end users can access the project's external content type and model by
using the provided naming specifications.
Which properties in the external content-type editor must you set when you create the external
content type in SharePoint Designer? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all
that apply.)
A. Set the value of the Display Name property to Project.
B. Set the value of the Namespace property to http://adventureworks/sites/portal.
C. Set the value of the Namespace property to proj_info.
D. Set the value of the Name property to proj_info.
E. Set the value of the Display Name property to proj_info.
F. Set the value of the Name property to Project.
Answer: C,E

Microsoft対策   70-517認証試験   70-517対策   70-517番号


IT-Passports.comにたくさんのIT専門人士がいって、弊社の問題集に社会のITエリートが認定されて、弊社の問題集は試験の大幅カーバして、合格率が100%にまで達します。弊社のみたいなウエブサイトが多くても、彼たちは君の学習についてガイドやオンラインサービスを提供するかもしれないが、弊社はそちらにより勝ちます。IT-Passports.comは同業の中でそんなに良い地位を取るの原因は弊社のかなり正確な試験の練習問題と解答そえに迅速の更新で、このようにとても良い成績がとられています。そして、弊社が提供した問題集を安心で使用して、試験を安心で受けて、君のNokia SDM_2002001050認証試験の100%の合格率を保証しますす。



試験番号:SDM_2002001050 最新な問題集
試験科目:SDM Certification - NI


試験番号:SDM_2002001040 資格認定
試験科目:SDM Certification - CARE





NO.1 The NI Performance Indicator SILT gives an understanding of...
A. ...the performance of Telecom Implementation Services.
B. ...the lead times of site infrastructure material.
C. ...the cash flow in the project.
D. ...the performed service quality.
Answer: C

Nokia通信   SDM_2002001050内容   SDM_2002001050

NO.2 Which KPI can assist the PM in the analysis of a Gross Margin deviation?
Answer: C

Nokia   SDM_2002001050練習問題   SDM_2002001050教育   SDM_2002001050スクール

NO.3 Who is responsible to present the project results in the Project Review Meetings?
A. Project Manager with support of the CPM.
B. CPM and F&C.
C. CPM with support of the Project Manager.
D. Project Controller.
Answer: A

Nokia取得   SDM_2002001050受験記   SDM_2002001050特典   SDM_2002001050試験   SDM_2002001050科目

NO.4 During the start up phase of a project the PM is preparing the project management plan. Who
should approve the plan and fully commit to the execution of it?
A. The CT Head.
B. The Head of NI Region/Sub region.
C. The Head of GS Region/Sub region.
D. The Head of PMS of the Region/Sub region.
Answer: A

Nokia問題   SDM_2002001050テスト   SDM_2002001050教科書   SDM_2002001050

NO.5 What are necessary inputs for the creation of a rollout plan?
A. Activity sequence, duration, resource requirements and schedule constraints.
B. List of deliverables, dependencies and estimated completion time.
C. Main milestones and activity duration.
D. Site process, activity sequencing and duration.
Answer: A

Nokia   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050取得   SDM_2002001050通信   SDM_2002001050認定証

NO.6 How should integration engineer resources be planned for the RA network integration?
A. Include an estimation of local resources in the project headcount.
B. Prepare an RFQ for external suppliers with the support of Procurement.
C. Include the input from GNIC into your service cost estimation.
D. Communicate the need of integration engineers for your project during the MRM (Monthly
Resource Meeting).
Answer: C

Nokia   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050参考書
7. What is RTI?
A. Interface between Site quality module and IPM.
B. Interface between SAP and IPM.
C. An external database linking SAP and E-doc
D. Interface between Change management and Quality module.
Answer: B

Nokia短期   SDM_2002001050認定資格   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050過去
8. When does the PM need to update NELLE with customer/project data?
A. At year end.
B. After the customer forecast is received.
C. Per STP .
D. At least once a month, before period cut-off.
Answer: D

Nokia   SDM_2002001050種類   SDM_2002001050
9. As part of the start-up activities the PM is defining a communication plan. What is the content
of such a plan?
A. Share of responsibility, project organisation chart and escalation process.
B. Employee list with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, CT/project organisation and
communication matrix.
C. Communication matrix, meeting practices, project reporting practices, documentation needs and
escalation process.
D. Employee list with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, subcontractor list and customer
Answer: C

Nokia教本   SDM_2002001050赤本   SDM_2002001050難易度   SDM_2002001050フリーク   SDM_2002001050
10. What is the correct GIC to plan costs related to payment of a subcontractor responsible for
BTS commissioning?
A. 7331 Implementation.
B. 7332 Site Acquisition.
C. 7348 Project Management.
D. 7333 Construction Works.
Answer: A

Nokiaテスト   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050スクール
11. What is NOT a risk response strategy?
A. Share.
B. Ignore.
C. Enhance.
D. Mitigate.
Answer: B

Nokia   SDM_2002001050 PDF   SDM_2002001050入門
12. In today's project status meeting with the customer, the customer PM stated the following: "
The supplier of the transmission network has a huge delay, you can't start with your activities at the
moment".How does the PM react?
A. Make a re-planning of the project and immediately release the resources.
B. Start discussions about possible claims immediately in the meeting in order to have them on the
table already.
C. Initiate a meeting with the relevant stakeholders in NSN (CT, SSM's, project members) in order to
align the way forward and up sell strategy.
D. No reaction needed as the resources can be utilised for other projects.
Answer: C

Nokia科目   SDM_2002001050参考書   SDM_2002001050難易度   SDM_2002001050教本
13. Which of the following is included in the scope statement?
A. Cost baseline.
B. Project quality plan.
C. Project plan.
D. Project deliverables.
Answer: D

Nokia虎の巻   SDM_2002001050番号   SDM_2002001050学習   SDM_2002001050認定   SDM_2002001050勉強法
14. In turnkey projects ...
A. ... Site acquisition and permitting very often turns out to become a critical bottleneck in the
projects. It is therefore highly recommended to plan very carefully for Site acquisition and
permitting and to develop a contingency plan.
B. ... Site acquisition and permitting as well as construction works are key competences in NSN.
Consequently these services should preferably NOT be outsourced to subcontractors.
C. ... if a base station site is connected via optical fiber transmission link to the network it is
important that a Line-of-Sight check is performed during site acquisition to ensure no obstacles
would interfere with the connection to the adjacent site.
D. ... revenue for Constructions Works services typically is comparatively small compared to revenue
for Site Acquisition&Permitting.
Answer: A

Nokia教育   SDM_2002001050ガイド   SDM_2002001050ガイド   SDM_2002001050独学
15. When are sales usually recognized?
A. When goods receipt is posted in SAP .
B. When subcontractor invoice is received.
C. When the customer pays the invoice.
D. When the service is completed.
Answer: A

Nokia虎の巻   SDM_2002001050   SDM_2002001050番号   SDM_2002001050認証試験





試験番号:9A0-350 練習問題
試験科目:Adobe InDesign CC Recertification Exam





NO.1 You want to see if the font you are using contains the ligature that you can use instead of the fl
letter combination. Where can you examine the complete character set of the font?
A. The Character Styles panel.
B. The Glyphs panel.
C. The Find Font dialog box.
D. The Character panel.
Answer: C

Adobe模擬   9A0-350勉強法   9A0-350合格点

NO.2 Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.
How can you create more space so that you can add two more words to this text without causing
A. Lower the value for option D.
B. Drag blue line B.
C. Drag blue line A.
D. Lower the value for option C.
Answer: D

Adobe参考書   9A0-350クラムメディア   9A0-350講座   9A0-350

NO.3 You have used the Page Transitions panel to apply various transitions from one page in your
document to another. When you export a PDF and open it in Acrobat, the page transitions do not
work. Which two changes are the most likely to fix this? (Choose two.)
A. In Acrobat Pro, select Hide Window Controls in the Properties dialog box.
B. Ensure you have set the Direction and Speed for each page transition.
C. Select Embed Page Thumbnails when exporting the PDF.
D. Select Open in Full Screen Mode when exporting the PDF.
E. Choose PDF (Interactive) instead of PDF (Print) in the Export dialog box.
Answer: D,E

Adobe   9A0-350テスト   9A0-350問題集   9A0-350練習問題   9A0-350合格点

NO.4 You are exporting a document to PDF. You know that someone viewing your PDF document
will need to copy and paste selections of text from the PDF into another program. What changes
would you make to the Export Adobe PDF dialog box?
A. Select Create Tagged PDF
B. Select Acrobat Layers
C. Select Embed Page Thumbnails
D. Deselect Page Information
E. Deselect Compress Text and Line Art
Answer: C

Adobe PDF   9A0-350教科書   9A0-350   9A0-350学習

NO.5 Why would you want to use the Gradient panel instead of the Swatches panel when applying a
gradient to a frame?
A. You want to apply the gradient to a single word in a text frame.
B. You want to use a radial gradient.
C. You want to control the midpoint of the gradient.
D. You want to control the angle of the gradient.
Answer: C

Adobe資格   9A0-350   9A0-350短期   9A0-350一発合格

NO.6 You are importing a Microsoft Word document. The paragraph styles in the Word document
have different names than the styles in the InDesign document. How should you convert the Word
styles to the corresponding InDesign styles so that the proper formatting is applied?
A. After placing the Word document, select the styles in the Paragraph Styles panel, choose
Redefine Style from the panel menu, then choose Load Paragraph styles from the panel menu.
B. After placing the Word document, choose Edit > Find/Change and replace each Word style with
the corresponding InDesign style.
C. In the Place dialog box enable Show Import Options, and in the Import Options dialog box select
Use InDesign Style Definition from the Paragraph Style Conflicts pop-up menu.
D. In the Place dialog box enable Show Import Options, and in the Import Options dialog box click
Customize Style Import and Style Mapping.
Answer: B

Adobe学校   9A0-350教科書   9A0-350問題集
Reference:http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ 2011 / 03 /17 /indesign-tips-i-wish-i-d-knownwhen-start

NO.7 Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.
An advertiser will supply an ad in Photoshop format, and the ad design must accommodate versions
for several geographic locations by changing the visibility of layers. For the most efficient production
in InDesign, how should you advise the advertiser to organize the Photoshop file, and how should
you import the file?
A. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layers; then when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to make sure Keep Layer Visibility Overrides is selected.
B. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layers; then when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to make sure Use Photoshop's Layer Visibility is selected.
C. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layer groups; when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to control which layer group is displayed.
D. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layer comps; when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to control which layer comp is displayed.
Answer: C

Adobe合格点   9A0-350会場   9A0-350内容

NO.8 Which three InDesign features are supported in the SWF file format but not PDF? (Choose
A. Page curl page transition
B. Animations from the Animation panel
C. Multi State Objects
D. Video controls in the Media panel
E. Alt Text in Object Export Options
Answer: A,B,D

Adobe   9A0-350難易度   9A0-350攻略   9A0-350合格点
ia-publication-cc-exam-prep.pdf( See page #58 )





試験番号:VCP-550日本語 参考書勉強
試験科目:VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 Exam (VCP-550日本語版)


試験番号:VCPD510 資格認定
試験科目:VMware Certified Professional - Desktop






NO.1 A ThinApp administrator needs to capture an application that leverages ODBC connections.
Which step should the administrator take during the ThinApp capture and build process to enable
this functionality inside the ThinApp package?
A. configure the ODBC connections before starting the capture process
B. configure the ODBC connections during the capture process
C. configure the ODBC connections as an upgrade patch to a completed ThinApp application
D. configure the ODBC connections outside the capture process on the client workstations
Answer: B

VMware練習   VCPD510入門   VCPD510科目   VCPD510教本

NO.2 An administrator has View installed in a LAN environment with tunneling disabled. When users
connect from the View Client on a Windows 7 laptop, they can authenticate and select a pool, but
receive a black screen when connecting with PCoIP. After 10 seconds,
their session automatically disconnects. RDP users are not affected.
What port is likely being blocked by a firewall to cause this issue?
A. Port 50002/UDP
B. Port 4172/UDP
C. Port 3389/TCP
D. Port 443/TCP
Answer: B

VMware学校   VCPD510練習問題   VCPD510認証試験   VCPD510合格率   VCPD510

NO.3 What is the name of the group policy setting that must be configured to enable location based
A. AutoConnect Map Additional Printers for VMware View
B. Automated Printing Settings for VMware View
C. Server Based Printing for VMware View
D. Thinprint Location Based Printing for VMware View
Answer: A

VMwareふりーく   VCPD510会場   VCPD510テスト

NO.4 AVM failure occurs in a vSphere HA cluster, but the virtual machine is not restarted. No error
messages are given.
Which two conditions explain this behavior? (Choose two.)
A. Monitoring sensitivity was set to Low.
B. Application Monitoring Only was selected.
C. The virtual machines has failed three times.
D. The HA cluster was set up with all defaults.
Answer: C,D

VMware過去   VCPD510 vue   VCPD510入門   VCPD510

NO.5 Which two ports must be opened in the firewall to enable communication between a Security
Server and a Connection Server? (Choose two.)
A. 4001
B. 8443
C. 3389
D. 8009
Answer: A,D

VMware   VCPD510対策   VCPD510一発合格   VCPD510関節

NO.6 An administrator has View installed in a WAN environment with tunneling enabled using two
Security Servers and a load balancer.
What value must be entered in the PCoIP External URL to support PCoIP connections through the
Security Server?
A. The fully qualified external name of the load balancer
B. The fully qualified external name of the Security Server
C. The external IP address and port of the Security Server
D. This field should be left blank when using a load balancer with PCoIP
Answer: C

VMware内容   VCPD510合格率   VCPD510方法   VCPD510種類   VCPD510学習

NO.7 A company has converted several physical machines to virtual machines but are seeing
significant performance issues on the converted machines. The host is configured with sufficient
memory and storage does not appear to be a bottleneck.
Which metric can be checked to determine if CPU contention exists on an ESXi 5.x host?
Answer: D

VMware体験   VCPD510練習問題   VCPD510問題   VCPD510割引   VCPD510書籍

NO.8 Which functions can be performed with the Plug-in Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Enable an installed plug-in
B. Remove permissions for a plug-in
C. View the status of installed plug-ins
D. Uninstall a plug-in
Answer: A,C

VMware種類   VCPD510認定証   VCPD510通信   VCPD510





試験番号:PMP 受験記対策
試験科目:Project Management Professional



PMP認定試験の準備をするために一生懸命勉強して疲れを感じるときには、他の人が何をしているかを知っていますか。あなたと同じIT認定試験を受験する周りの人を見てください。あなたが試験のために不安と感じているとき、どうして他の人が自信満々で、のんびり見ているのでしょうか。あなたの能力は彼らうより弱いですか。もちろんそんなことはないです。では、なぜ他の人が簡単にPMP試験に合格することができるかを知りたいですか。それは彼らがIT-Passports.com のPMP問題集を利用したからです。この問題集を勉強することだけで楽に試験に合格することができます。信じないのですか。不思議を思っていますか。では、急いで試してください。まず問題集のdemoを体験することができます。そうすれば、この問題集の品質を確認することができます。はやくIT-Passports.comのサイトをクリックしてください。




NO.1 You assigned staff members to activities, estimated work and scheduled your project. Then, you
depicted the following resource histogram for your staff:
What is the diagram telling you?
A. You may run into problems with dual reporting relationships.
B. You may be able to finish the project early by reassigning work.
C. The project can probably not be finished as scheduled.
D. You should avoid network logic diagramming for scheduling.
Answer: C

PMI模擬   PMP短期   PMP関節   PMP教本

NO.2 The "Cost of quality" project management concept includes ____?
A. The costs involved when changes are made to the requirements
B. The costs of ensuring that requirements are conformed to.
C. The costs incurred when requirements are exceeded.
D. The costs involved with quality control requirements.
Answer: B

PMI練習問題   PMP学校   PMP入門

NO.3 Which statement is FALSE about project deliverable?
A. Outcome that must be produced to complete a part of a project or the project itself.
B. You should formally describe the final deliverable of the project at the beginning of the project.
C. project deliverable are described during project planning.
D. project deliverable are determined by the project sponsor.
Answer: C

PMI試験   PMP   PMP受験記   PMP模擬   PMP費用   PMP講座
project deliverable are determined by the project sponsor. project deliverable are outcome that must
be produced to complete a part of a project or the project itself. You should formally describe the
final deliverable of the project at the beginning of the project. Only statement B is wrong because
project deliverable are defined in project charter not in planning phase.

NO.4 The Risk of NOT meeting project quality objectives:
A. considered a long term risk.
B. can be minimized through continuous monitoring.
C. All of the other alternatives apply.
D. will be reflected in the "in-service" life of the product or service.
E. Considered a long term risk and will be reflected in the "in-service" life of the product or service.
Answer: C

PMI教育   PMP試験   PMPクラムメディア   PMPガイド

NO.5 You need to determine when to release resources from your project. Which part of the
staffing management plan will be most useful for this?
A. Training needs
B. Resource histogram
C. Recognition and rewards
D. Safety procedures
Answer: B

One of the most important elements of the staffing management plan is the timetable, which tells
you who will work on what, and when they will be released from the project. One of the most
common ways of showing the timetable is the resource histogram (or staffing histogram). That
timetable will let you know exactly when you plan to release your project resources.

NO.6 The Monitor and Control Project Work process is performed to monitor project processes and
performance. Which of the following are you LEAST concerned with during this process?
A. Analyzing and tracking project risks
B. Providing information to support status reporting
C. Assessing performance to determine whether corrective actions are necessary
D. Comparing actual performance against project management plan
E. Maintaining the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes
Answer: E

PMI関節   PMP関節   PMP赤本   PMP赤本   PMP過去問

NO.7 As the project manager, you are preparing your methods for quality management. You are
looking for a method that can demonstrate the relationship between events and their resulting
effects. You want to use a method to depict the events that cause a negative effect on quality. Which
of the following is the BEST choice for accomplishing your objective?
A. Histogram
B. Pareto chart
C. Ishikawa diagram
D. Control chart
Answer: C

PMI日記   PMP科目   PMP

NO.8 During what Time Management Process are the specific activities that must be performed to
produce the deliverables in the WBS identified and documented?
A. Estimate Activity Durations
B. Define Activities
C. Sequence Activities
D. Develop Schedule
Answer: B

PMI教育   PMP問題集   PMP書籍





試験番号:070-411日本語 復習問題集
試験科目:Administering Windows Server 2012 (070-411日本語版)


試験番号:70-411日本語 学習資料
試験科目:Administering Windows Server 2012 (70-411日本語版)






NO.1 あなたは Windows Server2012 R2 を実 行するサーバーを管理します。 サーバーが゗ンス
トールされている Windows 展開サービスサーバーの役割を持っています。
あなたは次の構成を有するデスクト ップコンピュータを持っています:
Computer name: Computer1
Operating system: Windows 8
MAC address: 20-CF-30-65-D0-87
GUID: 979708BF-C04B-4525-9FE0-C4150BB6C618
あなたは Windows 展開サービスコンソールで Computer1 用の事前 設定されたデバ゗スを設
どの 2 つの値はデバ゗ス ID に割り当てる必要がありますか。( そ れぞれの解答は完全なソリ
ューションを提供します 。 2 つを選んでください。)
A. 20CF3065D08700000000000000000000
B. 979708BFC04B45259FE0C4150BB6C618
C. 979708BF-C04B-452S-9FE0-C4150BB6C618
D. 0000000000000000000020CF306SD087
E. 00000000-0000-0000-0000-C41S0BB6C618
Answer: C,D

Microsoft試験   70-411日本語教材   70-411日本語赤本   70-411日本語合格点
* To add or remove pre-staged client to/from AD DS, specify the name of the computer or the
device ID, which is a GUID, media access control (MAC) address, or Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol (DHCP) identifier associated with the computer.
* Example: Remove a device by using its ID from a specified domain This command removes the
pre-staged device that has the specified ID. The cmdlet searches the domain named
TSQA.Contoso.com for the device.
Windows PowerShell PS C:\> Remove-WdsClient -DeviceID
"5a7a1def-2e1f-4a7b-a792-ae5275b6ef92" -Domain -DomainName "TSQA.Contoso.com"

NO.2 あなたのネット ワークが contoso.com という名前の Active Directory ドメ゗ンが含まれ
ています。すべてのドメ゗ンコントローラは Windows Server2012 R2 を実行します。ド メ゗
ンは Windows8 の Enterprise を実行して 500 台のクラ゗ゕントコンピュータが含まれます。
あなたは App1 という 名前のゕプリケーションがあります。 App1 は カスタムレジストリ設定
カスタムレジストリ設定を展開する必要があります。 ソリューションは管理者の労力を最小
A. ソフトウェゕ゗ンストールの設定
B. 管理用のテンプレ ート
C. ゕプリケーション 制御ポリシー
D. グループポリシー の基本設定
Answer: D

Microsoft   70-411日本語ふりーく   70-411日本語フリーク

NO.3 あなたのネット ワークが contoso.com という名前の Active Directory ドメ゗ンが含まれ
ています。すべてのサーバーは Windows Server2012 R2 を実行しま す。
クラ゗ゕントコンピュータは Windows 7 また は Windows8 のいずれ かを実行します。 すべて
のクラ゗ゕントコンピュータは App1 という 名前のゕプリケーションが゗ンストールされて
ド メ ゗ ン は す べ て の ク ラ ゗ ゕ ン ト コ ン ピ ュ ー タ に 適 用 さ れ る グ ル ー プ ポ リ シ ー オ ブ ジ ェ ク
ト(GPO)という名前の GPO1 が含まれています。
あなたはすべてのクラ゗ゕントコンピュータに App1Data というシ ステム変数を追加する必
A. Environment
B. Ini Files
C. Data Sources
D. Services
Answer: A

Microsoft参考書   70-411日本語フリーク   70-411日本語受験記   70-411日本語日記   70-411日本語取得

NO.4 あなた のネット ワークが Hyperv1 という名前の Hyper-V ホ ストが含まれています。
Hyperv1 は Windows Server2012 R2 を実行します。Hyperv1 は VM1 、VM2 、VM3 および VM4
という名前の 4 台の仮想マシンをホストしています。仮想マシンの AH は Windows Server
2008 R2 を実行します 。
あなたはメモリリソースと VM4 が現在使用 しているプロセッサリソースの量を表示する必
あなたは Hyperv1 にどのツールを使用すべきか。
A. Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)
B. Task Manager
C. Hyper-V Manager
D. Resource Monitor
Answer: A

Microsoft参考書   70-411日本語攻略   70-411日本語短期   70-411日本語教材

NO.5 あなたは contoso.com という名前の Active Directory ドメ゗ンのネットワーク管理者で
あなたは Windows Server2012 R2 を実行する Server1 という名前のサ ーバーを持っています。
Server1 は DHCP サーバーのサーバーの役割と゗ンストールされたネットワークポリシーサ
あなたは Server1 です べての DHCP スコープ でネットワークゕクセス保護(NAP )を有効 に
あなたはすべての NAP 非対応の DHCP クラ゗ ゕントに適用される DHCP ポリシーを作成する
DHCP ポリシーを作成するときに、どの基準を指定する必要があ りますか。
A. クラ゗ゕント識別子
B. ユーザークラス
C. ベンダークラス
D. リレーエージェン ト情報
Answer: B

Microsoft対策   70-411日本語日記   70-411日本語参考書   70-411日本語虎の巻   70-411日本語フリーク

NO.6 あなたは Windows Server2012 R2 を実 行する Server1 という 名前のサーバーを持って
います。あなたは DCS1 という名前のデータコレクターセット(DCS )を作成します。
あなたは D:\logs への ログ? データに DCS1 を形成する必要があります。
あな たは何をすべきか。
A. DCS1 を右クリック して、プロパテゖをクリックします。
B. DCS1 を右クリックして、一覧のエクスポートをクリックします。
C. DCS1 を右クリックして、データマネージャをクリックします。
D. DCS1 を右クリック して、保存テンプレートをクリックします。
Answer: D

Microsoft種類   70-411日本語フリーク   70-411日本語   70-411日本語

NO.7 あなたの ネット ワークが contoso.com という名前の Active Directory ドメ゗ンが含まれ
すべてのユーザーゕカウントが OU1 という名前の組織単位(OU )に存在します。
あなたは GPO1 という名前のグループポリシーオブジェクト (GPO ) を作成します。 あな た
は OU1 に GPO1 をリンクします。 あなたは各 ユーザーのデスクトップへの Link1 という名前
のショートカットを追加するために GPO1 のグループポリシー設定を構成します。
ユーザーが Link1 を削除した場合、 ショートカットがデスクトップから永久 に削除されてい
ユーザーが Link1 を削除した場合、 ショートカットが再びデスクトップに追加されているこ
A. GPO1 を強化します 。
B. GPO1 の Link1 のショートカット設定を変更します。
C. GPO1 でループバック処理を有効にします。
D. GPO1 のセキュリテ ゖフゖルタの設定を変更します。
Answer: B

Microsoft方法   70-411日本語認証試験   70-411日本語   70-411日本語

NO.8 あなたのネット ワークが adatum.com という名前の Active Directory ドメ゗ンが含ま れ
中央ストゕを作成したら、 あなたは新しいグループポリシーオブジェクト (GPO) を作成 す
るときに、GPO はどんな管理用テンプレートが含まれていないことを発見します。
あなたは管理用テンプレートが新しい GPO に表示されていることを確認する必要がありま
A. Group Policy Creator Owners グループにユ ーザーゕカウントを追加します。
B. グローバルカタロ グサーバーとしてのすべてのドメ゗ンコントローラを構成します。
C. %Windir %Policydefimtions からフゔ゗ルを 中央ストゕにコピーします。
D. 新しい GPO の委任 設定を変更します。
Answer: C

Microsoft赤本   70-411日本語講座   70-411日本語難易度   70-411日本語模擬   70-411日本語内容   70-411日本語通信





1z0-067認定試験についてのことですが、IT-Passports.comは素晴らしい資質を持っていて、最も信頼できるソースになることができます。何千何万の登録された部門のフィードバックによって、それに大量な突っ込んだ分析を通じて、我々はどのサプライヤーがお客様にもっと新しいかつ高品質の1z0-067資料を提供できるかを確かめる存在です。IT-Passports.com のOracleの1z0-067トレーニング資料は絶え間なくアップデートされ、修正されていますから、Oracleの1z0-067試験のトレーニング経験を持っています。現在、認証試験に合格したいのならIT-Passports.com のOracleの1z0-067トレーニング資料を利用してください。さあ、最新のIT-Passports.com のOracleの1z0-067問題集にショッピングカートに入れましょう。あなたに予想外の良い効果を見せられますから。

試験番号:1z0-067 認定資格
試験科目:Upgrade Oracle9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP


試験番号:1z0-133 全真模擬試験
試験科目:Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I


試験番号:1z0-882 試験過去問
試験科目:Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.6 Developer


Oracle 1z0-882認証試験を通るために、いいツールが必要です。Oracle 1z0-882認証試験について研究の資料がもっとも大部分になって、IT-Passports.comは早くてOracle 1z0-882認証試験の資料を集めることができます。弊社の専門家は経験が豊富で、研究した問題集がもっとも真題と近づいて現場試験のうろたえることを避けます。





まだMicrosoftの070-499認定試験を悩んでいますかこの情報の時代の中で専門なトレーニングを選択するのと思っていますか?良いターゲットのトレーニングを利用すれば有効で君のIT方面の大量の知識を補充 できます。Microsoftの070-499認定試験によい準備ができて、試験に穏やかな心情をもって扱うことができます。IT-Passports.comの専門家が研究された問題集を利用してください。

IT-Passports.comにIT業界のエリートのグループがあって、彼達は自分の経験と専門知識を使ってMicrosoft 070-533認証試験に参加する方に対して問題集を研究続けています。


試験番号:070-517 受験記対策
試験科目:Recertification for MCSD: SharePoint Applications


試験番号:070-499 全真模擬試験
試験科目:Recertification for MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management


試験番号:070-533 認定資格
試験科目:Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


Microsoft 070-517認証試験に合格することが簡単ではなくて、Microsoft 070-517証明書は君にとってはIT業界に入るの一つの手づるになるかもしれません。しかし必ずしも大量の時間とエネルギーで復習しなくて、弊社が丹精にできあがった問題集を使って、試験なんて問題ではありません。

わずか数年の中に、Microsoft 070-533認定試験がたくさんの人の日常生活にとても大きい影響を与えています。簡単で順調にMicrosoft 070-533認定試験を通すのは問題になりますが、IT-Passports.comはこの問題を解決できるよ。弊社の問題集はIT技術者がこつこつ研究して、正確で最新なもので君の070-533認定試験を簡単に通すことにいいトレーニングツールになりますよ。IT-Passports.comを選られば、成功しましょう。


NO.1 You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to review the work items assigned to two of your
team members.
You need to run a query from the Queries activity and compare the results to a second query without
going to a second workstation.
What should you do?
A. Click the New query option to open a second Queries activity.
B. Click the Queries view to open a second Queries view, and compare the results of the two queries.
C. Click New and create a new task from the drop-down menu.
D. Launch another instance of MTM and execute a second query.
Answer: B

Microsoftフリーク   070-499番号   070-499   070-499虎の巻

NO.2 Your scrum team develops features for new applications and performs maintenance on legacy
applications. The newer applications have unit tests, but there are very few tests for the legacy code.
Recently, bugs in the legacy code have been consuming resources that could be used for more
important development.
You need to define an approach for building tests on the legacy code. You need to achieve this goal
without affecting the team's delivery cadence on the new applications.
What should you do?
A. Write tests for legacy code between sprints.
B. Implement manual testing for bug fixes to legacy code.
C. Stop new development and write tests for most of the legacy code.
D. Continue development on the new applications, but write tests for any legacy code you work on as
part of maintenance.
Answer: D

Microsoft会場   070-499過去問   070-499

NO.3 You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).
You need to develop test cases that trace to a set of requirements.
What should you do?
A. Add the requirements as test step attachments.
B. Add links from the test cases to the requirements.
C. Add links from the test suite to the requirements.
D. Add the requirements as test case attachments.
Answer: B

Microsoft赤本   070-499クラムメディア   070-499科目   070-499短期   070-499認定証

NO.4 Your development team uses Scrum as its process framework and utilizes the Microsoft
Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development 6.0 process template.
Your product owner requests making an internal system public. The request is top priority for the
next sprint.
You need to determine if the team can commit to the request for the next sprint.
What should you do?
A.Create user story work items for the request.
Provide story point estimates for each user story.
B.Create user story work items for the request.
Record hour estimates in each user story.
C.Create user story work items for the request.
Create child task work items for each unit of work.
Record hour estimates in each task.
D.Create product backlog item work items for the request.
Create linked task work items for each unit of work.
Provide hour estimates for each task.
Answer: C

Microsoft会場   070-499通信   070-499   070-499

NO.5 You are developing release plans for a new software development project.
You need to document a flexibility matrix.
Which three elements should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
Choose three.)
A. schedule
B. risk mitigation
C. scope
D. cost or resources
E. decision-making authority
F. solution architecture
Answer: A,C,D

Microsoft過去問   070-499   070-499教科書   070-499独学   070-499特典

NO.6 Your network environment includes a Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)
2012 server.
You need to be able to trace bugs to the code that addresses the bug.
What should you do?
A. Enable the Work Items check-in policy. In the Edit options of the policy, select Bug from the list of
work item types.
B. Enable the Work Items check-in policy. In the Edit options of the policy, select the Active Bugs
C. Enable the Work Items check-in policy and request that all developers associate the work item to
the appropriate bug at the time of check-in.
D. Enable the Changeset Comments check-in policy.
Answer: C

Microsoft過去   070-499教育   070-499 PDF   070-499独学

You are a software developer for Contoso, Ltd. Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)
manages your code and project artifacts. The root of the project is S/Contoso/Main.
You work primarily in the $/Contoso/Main/Website folder and below it. You do not want a copy of
the folder $/Contoso/Main/Website/Images due to its size.
You need to maximize your workspace for efficiency by minimizing the number of files you pull from
the server.
In the table below, select which folder should be mapped as cloaked and which as active. Make only
one selection in each column.

NO.8 Your network environment includes a Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)
2012 server.
You have two teams named Team A and Team B working on a team project.
You assign work items to a team area for each team. Each person belongs to only one team.
You need to provide read-only access to work items in the Team A area node to Team B by using the
least number of permissions changes.
What should you do?
A. Set the View Work Items in This Node permission to allow Team B to access the Team A node.
B. Set the Edit Work Items in This Node permission for Team B as Deny for the Team A node.
C. Set the Edit Work Items in this Node permission for Team B as Deny to the Team A node and each
child of the Team A node.
D. Set the View Work Items in This Node permission to allow Team B to access the Team A team node
and each child node.
Answer: B

Microsoft   070-499   070-499会場












君はまだRiverbed 501-01認証試験を通じての大きい難度が悩んでいますか? 君はまだRiverbed 501-01認証試験に合格するために寝食を忘れて頑張って復習しますか? 早くてRiverbed 501-01認証試験を通りたいですか?IT-Passports.comを選択しましょう!IT-Passports.comはきみのIT夢に向かって力になりますよ。


今の多士済々な社会の中で、IT専門人士はとても人気がありますが、競争も大きいです。だからいろいろな方は試験を借って、自分の社会の地位を固めたいです。101-01認定試験はRiverbedの中に重要な認証試験の一つですが、IT-Passports.comにIT業界のエリートのグループがあって、彼達は自分の経験と専門知識を使ってRiverbed 101-01認証試験に参加する方に対して問題集を研究続けています。 

我々は全て平凡かつ普通な人で、時には勉強したものをこなしきれないですから、忘れがちになります。 IT-Passports.comのRiverbedの599-01試験トレーニング資料を見つけたら、これはあなたが購入しなければならないものを知ります。IT-Passports.comはあなたが楽に試験に合格することを助けます。IT-Passports.comを信頼してください。どんなに難しい試験でも、IT-Passports.comがいるのなら、大丈夫になります。

試験番号:501-01 勉強の資料
試験科目:Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Storage Delivery


試験番号:599-01 全真問題集
試験科目:Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery


試験番号:101-01 学習資料
試験科目:Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate



生活で他の人が何かやったくれることをいつも要求しないで、私が他の人に何かやってあげられることをよく考えるべきです。職場でも同じです。ボスに偉大な価値を創造してあげたら、ボスは無論あなたをヘアします。これに反して、あなたがずっと普通な職員だったら、遅かれ早かれ解雇されます。ですから、IT認定試験に受かって、自分の能力を高めるべきです。 IT-Passports.comのRiverbedの101-01試験問題集はあなたが成功へのショートカットを与えます。IT 職員はほとんど行動しましたから、あなたはまだ何を待っているのですか。ためらわずにIT-Passports.comのRiverbedの101-01試験トレーニング資料を購入しましょう。


NO.1 What file systems would most benefit on pinning a LUN? (Select 2)
A. NTFS formatted LUN.
B. EXT3 formatted LUN.
C. FAT32 formatted LUN.
D. VMFS 3 formatted LUN.
Answer: B,C

Riverbed一発合格   599-01受験記   599-01過去   599-01一発合格   599-01一発合格

NO.2 The delay between taking a snapshot at the edge and flushing the snapshot to the storage
array is called what?
A. Snapshot Target
B. Snapshot Lag
C. Snapshot Window
D. Snapshot Integration
Answer: B

Riverbed学習   599-01クラムメディア   599-01   599-01勉強法   599-01認定証

NO.3 What information is needed to configure a Granite Edge in the Granite Core?
A. Granite Edge Identifier.
B. IP address of the Granite Edge.
C. Primary IP address of the Granite Edge.
D. Granite Edge IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name).
E. In-path IP address of Granite Edge.
Answer: A

Riverbed費用   599-01合格点   599-01方法   599-01認定試験

NO.4 LUNs formatted by file systems that are not recognized by the Granite Core appliancE. (Select
A. Are unsupported
B. Should be pinned
C. Cannot be prefetched
D. Use 100% of blockstore
Answer: B,C

Riverbed費用   599-01内容   599-01関節   599-01認定資格   599-01教科書

NO.5 What log will contain information about connection failures to the cloud storage provider?
A. Event log
B. System log
C. User log
D. Server log
Answer: B

Riverbed   599-01過去   599-01教本   599-01参考書

NO.6 Which are some best practices for Granite appliance implementations? (Select 4)
A. Deploy Granite Core appliance on GigE network when possible.
B. Configure jumbo frames in your network infrastructure.
C. Segregate storage traffic from management traffic.
D. Recommend mutual CHAP authentication when possible.
E. Must use separate IP addresses for primary, aux. and eth0_x ports.
Answer: A,B,C,D

Riverbed   599-01資格   599-01   599-01独学

NO.7 The Riverbed hardware snapshot provider will run on which of the following operating
systems? (Choose 2)
A. Redhat Linux
B. Windows 2008 R2
C. Windows 2003
D. Windows 2008
E. SUSE Enterprise
Answer: B,D

Riverbed学校   599-01教本   599-01費用   599-01教材

NO.8 Which versions of SMB and NFS protocols are supported with Whitewater appliances?
A. SMBv2 and NFSv2
B. SMBv2 and NFSv3
C. SMBv3 and NFSv2
D. SMBv3 and NFSv3
Answer: B

Riverbed   599-01テスト   599-01




IT-Passports.comのSAPのC-A1FIN-10試験トレーニング資料はあなたに時間とエネルギーを節約させます。あなたが何ヶ月でやる必要があることを我々はやってさしあげましたから。あなたがするべきことは、IT-Passports.comのSAPのC-A1FIN-10試験トレーニング資料に受かるのです。あなた自身のために、証明書をもらいます。IT-Passports.com はあなたに必要とした知識と経験を提供して、SAPのC-A1FIN-10試験の目標を作ってあげました。IT-Passports.comを利用したら、試験に合格しないことは絶対ないです。

試験番号:C-A1FIN-10 全真模擬試験
試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - Financials with SAP Business All-in-One Solution Exam







NO.1 When a document is posted, a number is assigned to that document.
Where does this number come from?
A. Document source
B. Document area
C. Document type
D. Posting key
Answer: C

SAP資格   C-A1FIN-10勉強法   C-A1FIN-10   C-A1FIN-10問題   C-A1FIN-10問題

NO.2 SAP Best Practices are preconfigured packages that can be used for different purposes in
various phases of an implementation project.
Why would you set up a system by activating an SAP Best Practices package? (Choose two)
A. To introduce new functions that are not offered in the Business Suite
B. To accelerate the implementation of SAP applications
C. To quickly set up a prototype system for specification workshops, trainings, and demos
D. To correct settings in a productive system
Answer: B,C

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NO.3 When you make a change to an asset, at what point does the planned depreciation change in
Asset Accounting?
A. After a posting to a fixed asset
B. After depreciation is run and posted to the general ledger
C. After depreciation is run without being posted
D. After depreciation is run and posted to the fixed assets ledger
Answer: A

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NO.4 Which currency types are available for budgeting on internal orders? (Choose three)
A. Controlling area currency
B. Object currency
C. Company code currency
D. Freely-definable currency
E. Transaction currency
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.5 During the preparation phase, you create a project charter and define project standards and
procedures. These elements give the project manager the authority to conduct a project within
scope, quality, time, and cost and resource constraints.
Which approach would you recommend for scope change requests?
A. Since the project is a fixed scope project, reject all scope change requests.
B. Only accept scope change requests after integration and acceptance tests.
C. Collect scope change requests and hand them over to development immediately.
D. Document scope change requests according to the change requests plan and decide on
Answer: D

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6. Which components are part of the SAP Business All-in-One solutions? (Choose three)
A. Preconfigured business processes
B. Help portal
C. NetWeaver Business Client
D. Documentation and training material
E. GuiXT
Answer: A,C,D

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7. How do you use the Solution Builder to package your own solution? (Choose two)
A. Add a Customizing step to your building blocks using a report.
B. Use solution builder to automatically transfer a solution into a new scenario map.
C. Export the structure of your solution into an xml file.
D. Create building blocks that contain your delta settings.
Answer: C,D

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8. The ASAP Focus Methodology defines a proposal framework as an accelerator to help you
produce the proposal document during the evaluation phase.
Which document is part of the proposal framework?
A. Sales presentations
B. Marketing collateral
C. Customer qualification questionnaire
D. Solution scope document
Answer: D

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9. Which "additional" planning method is available for internal orders if you have information
about sources of supply and vendors' prices based on quantities?
A. Unit cost planning
B. Activity input planning
C. Overall planning
D. Primary cost planning
Answer: A

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10. Along with SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), SAP provides a NWBC demo kit for
partners. This contains the welcome page and workbenches to enhance the user interface.
What are the required steps to install and run the NWBC demo kit? (Choose three)
A. Configure the user interface according to your specific needs.
B. Import the transport request from the NWBC demo kit into your system.
C. Download the NWBC demo kit from the SAP Help Portal under alias /bestpractices.
D. Download the NWBC demo kit from the SAP Service Portal under alias /bestpractices.
E. Order the NWBC demo kit per OSS message with reference to SAP Note 1040010.
Answer: A,B,D

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