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10 Successful Brand Streetwear Fashion Debilitating

Streetwear now not only be used by men, but also women!
As we know, streetwear fashion still dominated by men, see 5 brand streetwear for men. Although initially it is intended for men, but with the emergence of trends and normcore athleisure, women also began to idolize and begin to look stylish streetwear clothing. No wonder there are already many streetwear collection for women of many iconic streetwear brand. Now many streetwear brand that adds a line of womenswear at his brand. Here are 10 famous streetwear brand that successfully crossed gender FashionGuide value brand that now they are not only favored by men, but also women.

1. Supreme

Via Supreme Lafayette

This one is famous iconic brand with its logo red and white. Although originally intended for men, Supreme collection was still favored by women. With a variety of spectacular collaboration along other famous brands, such as Nike, Comme des Garçons, and recently VANS, the latest collection Supreme in every season becomes extremely inappropriate for the eagerly awaited.

2. Stampd

Via Un-cluttered

Discovered in 2009, the streetwear brand from Los Angeles this newly introduced his womenswear collection on the season Autumn / Winter 2015 ago. Famous for strapped bomber jackets and a collection dominated by monochromatic colors, Stampd get inspiration from the culture of the East and West Coast.

3. Stussy

via Highsnobiety

Classic streetwear brand from California is certainly one of the most familiar brands. Famous for shirts and outerwear with her graphic prints, Stussy present a variety of male and female clothing.

4. Maison Kitsune

Via The Locals

Brand from France which one is the right blend of street fashion and high fashion. Fashion labels that are typical with his chic Parisian look not only engaged in fashion, Maison Kitsune that stood since 2002 is also engaged in the music industry as an electronic music record label and often releasing mixtapes with various guest stars.


Via Journal Antonioli

OFF-WHITE is a fashion label inspired by the culture which is ongoing at this time. Emerged since 2012, OFF-WHITE succeeded in creating high-end street wear and with the skill of a mastermind, Virgil Abloh, in combining bold design with an engaging graphic prints in sizes fit men, suitable to wear woman's boyfriend see fit.

6. Vfiles

via Hypebeast

Beginning as a retailer from New-York, VFiles Sport Plus create a unisex collection that is inspired from athletic wear with percampurangraphic depicting optimism VFiles community youth. Released a collection of his debut season Spring / Summer 2014, VFiles Sport Plus many uses bright colors and a bold print in the collection.

7. Anti Social Social Club

Famous for the collection of caps and graphic T-shirts with their pastel colors are always sold-out, Anti Social Social Club is an indie fashion label from California. Brand this one also favored a variety of celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, and Korean singer, CL.

8. Hood By Air

via Vice

Hood By Air or commonly known as HBA started his brand in 2006. Brand from New York led by Head Designer Shyane Oliver has attracted the attention of the fashion world through innovative design and androgynous with precision on the piece, tailoring, and also fit. Brand who took inspiration from club culture, sport and high-fashion is also famous for its collection of T-shirts with the logo typical "HOOD" or "HBA" her.

9. Billionaire Boys Club

via Hypebeast

Discovered by renowned musicians, Pharrell Williams, in 2003, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) was created to shake men's contemporary fashion. Famous for the collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts with bright colors and images of astronauts on its logo, in 2011 the BBC made a special line for women called Billionaire Girls Club.


via 61cy

Hailing from Poland, MISBHV also known as Misbehave founded by the designer duo Natalia and Kate. Inspired by their surroundings, the design MISBHV have the right mix between streetwear and high-end fashion.
Peek inspired streetwear chic style for women and cool streetwear style for men so that you can start experimenting with the style of dress streetwear but still tailored to your personal style.