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Dressing Tips To Stay Thin Man Looks Cool

Not all men can get a proportional body. It says then that raises issues related to confidence possessed men. Most of them are not confident with the clothing worn. Therefore you need to know specific tips for men who do not have a good body shape.

Especially for men who have a thin body, do not get discouraged quickly. With these tips sniper thin man can also look stylish with results still cool. To see this let's consider the following tips:

Never use a skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are attached pants very tight body weight. The performance style is not recommended for men who are underweight because they will look even do not have any meat.

Wear patterned pants and pockets
Patterned pants and pockets suitable for use as subordinate to men who have a thin body. It has the potential to increase the volume of the body so that the body look fuller. Keep in mind for the style of pants, try piece pants fall below the ankle. To piece pants above the ankle is not a trend anymore.

Clothes with thick material
Thin body should avoid wearing thin clothing. Better use of thick clothes so that the body look fuller.

Wear a suit
For a skinny guy who likes the style of casual, wear a suit to give the impression of containing the body. Although a bit formal, but charisma will be more visible by wearing a suit.

If you want to wear a jacket, try not to wear a jacket whose length exceeds the buttocks. Use short waist jacket, it will make him look more cool skinny.

Long-sleeved shirt
Short-sleeved shirts and long sleeves turned out to have a different impression. Short-sleeved shirt over a small impression on the members of the body, while the long sleeve shirt provides unbiased impression on the body.

Round neck T-shirt
T-shirt with a round neck wear skinny guy cooler than the V neck. V neck is usually more appropriate to use by people who are obese.

Belt is the most appropriate accessories used thin man. Type belt determines a man's personality.

Horizontal motif shirt
Tricks and way of dressing that is classic yet could still be made style is to choose clothes with style that conformed to the shape of the body. For men with a thin body, horizontal motif is a pattern that is most appropriate for fashion superiors.

How to add a layer to the appearance would make a skinny guy look fuller than not wearing any accessories on the neck.