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Creating Encrypted volumes using Truecrypt in Kali Linux

TrueCrypt is a software for establishing and maintaining on the fly encrypted volumes. On the fly encryption means the data is automatically encrypted before it is saved and decrypted before it is loaded without user intervention.

1) Open TrueCrypt
root@kali:~# truecrypt

A Gui window will open

2)Click on Create Volume.

3)Select option Create an encrypted file container as shown below.

This option creates a container containing encrypted files. This files can be of any type as long as they are in conatiner they are encrypted

4)Select the option Standard TrueCrypt volume.

5)Specify the location for the container

6)Specify the encryption standard.

7)Select the size of volume you want.
        It displays free space below the box used to specify size

8) Set password for encryption.

9) Select Filesystem you want on that volume

10) Select I will mount th evolume only on linux

11) Click on format

//Mount Volume to use it to create files and directories
 1)Select one of the slot in the list and select file volume file

 2) Click on Mount to mount this volume

3)now from terminal acess this volumeor u can use GUI
            root@kali:~# df
Filesystem             1K-blocks    Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs                  11459808 9637072   1217552  89% /
udev                       10240       0     10240   0% /dev
tmpfs                     102488     508    101980   1% /run
/dev/mapper/kali-root   11459808 9637072   1217552  89% /
tmpfs                       5120       0      5120   0% /run/lock
tmpfs                     204960      84    204876   1% /run/shm
/dev/sda1                 233191   26050    194700  12% /boot
/dev/mapper/truecrypt1     30356     430     27436   2% /media/truecrypt1

4) Change directory to /media/truecrypt1 and create files and directories
                root@kali:~# cd /media/truecrypt1/
                   root@kali:/media/truecrypt1# mkdir first
                   root@kali:/media/truecrypt1/first# touch foo1

5) unmount volumes using terminal or Gui
          1) For Gui Click on Dismount in Truecrypt
          2) For Terminal goto root directory and unmount truecrypt1
                      root@kali:/# umount /media/truecrypt1