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Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival 2017

The 12th annual Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival was held this past weekend and it was a spectacular setting as usual. Some popular samples this weekend were duck, smoked salmon, and pulled pork. Lots and Lots of Rosè brands from around the world, there were not many represented last year, and this year, they seemed to take over. Maserati's were parked across the oceanside landscape in between sampling tents, and wood burning from the outdoor stove was blowing in the breeze carrying an intoxicating barbecue scent.

Smoked Salmon -Everything dusted tuille, crème fraiche and caviar
My husband and I have had the pleasure of being invited to this event for the past three years, and the atmosphere there is unlike no other. Last year, we attended both the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival and Newport Mansions, and hands down, we have to go with Newport. Better food, more variety of wines & alcohol, better overall vibe, plus breathtaking views all day that can't be beat. Greenwich does have better entertainment and more celebrity chefs since NYC is so much closer. 

Oysters and Bubbles
We got to experience the VIP lounge in the Chinese Tea Lounge which was sponsored by Château D'Esclans and the theme was Rosè All Day. We found our way there after eating and drinking a while and we were very content to spend the rest of the day there. Ironically, Japanese bronze lanterns hang from the ceiling in there and they are lit up creating a calming atmosphere. Palms and flower decorations adorned the room, creating a far off tropical scene. They had a cheese platters, crackers, couches, and Rosè flowing...flowing...flowing. A walk around patio outside offered unfiltered views of the bay and ocean and the breeze was perfect to cool off.

Everyone was buzzing about the most popular item at the event which was by Castle Hill Inn Seaside Cafè. They were serving up Confit Pork Belly served with apple, mustard, and pickled radish. It was incredibly tender, melt in your mouth, we snuck back for seconds (and so did everyone else), THAT good. Nothing less would be expected from Castle Hill Inn, they are ALWAYS on point.

Looking forward to next year....

Castle Hill Inn - Confit Pork Belly

Some pictures from the rest of the day....

Midtown Oyster Bar shucking!

Meiomi - A little taste of California Sunshine on the East Coast

Hotel Viking - Food Prepping!