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Treets Traditions - Skincare

Treet Tradtions offers a great skincare line for all types of skin. They focus on ancient customs of our ancestors who used to heal themselves with what they found in nature. Treets Traditions uses a blend of unique herbs in their products with remedial properties.

They have five collections to pick from: Amazon - Engerising Secrets Collection, The Alps - Healing In Harmony Collection, Africa - Nourishing Spirits Collection, Asia - Relaxing  Chakra's Collection, or Nordics - Revitalising Ceremonies Collection. The collections come with a variety of different items like foaming shower gel, shower cream, body scrub, body cream, bath fizzers, body oils, and more depending on which collection entices you.

Treets offered to send me over one of their new items, and I picked the Africa Nourishing Spirits Collection. I have been trying the Nourishing Foam Shower Gel which is scented with kalahari melon which has strong antioxidants to help protect the skin & baobab oil which helps improves the skins condition. It smells wonderful without being overpowering. It has great lather as well and I actually shaved with it. Really nice shower gel and I look forward to checking out some of their other products as well.

Treets Traditions can be found at Ulta. The shower gel goes for $15.

To find out more about Treets Traditions, please go to:

Thanks Treets Traditions!