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【本傑明·富爾福德】 2017年10月2日 新聞快訊

U.S. Nukes North Korea and Japan Decides to Dump PM Abe
Benjamin Fulford, 2 October, 2017

本傑明·富爾福德 2017年10月2日 新聞快訊

Last week the U.S. Air Force dropped a nuclear weapon on a mountaintop close to North Korea’s nuclear test site as a warning to that country to stop its recent missile provocations, according to NSA sources.  This was reported in the world’s media merely as U.S. bombers flying the furthest north of the demilitarized zone in the 21st Century.



This flight was followed by reports of a magnitude 3.5 earthquake close to where North Korea recently tested a hydrogen bomb.  Contradictory media reports described this earthquake as either natural or the result of a nuclear explosion.  In any case, North Korea did not brag about a new nuclear test after this event.



U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to be hinting at this attack with the following Tweets:
「I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man…. Save your energy, Rex;  we’ll do what has to be done!  Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years;  why would it work now?  Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed.  I won’t fail.」

在這一事件發生時,美國總統特朗普(川普)似乎暗示性地發出推文:「我向雷克斯.蒂勒森(Rex Tillerson)說,我們精彩的國務卿啊,你試圖與談判是在浪費時間…省省氣吧雷克斯。我們做應該做的事!我們廿五年來對屢朝鮮一再忍讓,他們卻不領情;但是為什麼現在他們變乖了?因為克林頓失敗了,布什失敗了,奧巴馬失敗了,但我不會失敗。」

The nuclear attack on North Korea was followed by a decision by Asian secret societies, in coordination with Khazarian mafioso Henry Kissinger, to dump Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, say Asian secret society sources.  That is why Abe called a general election on October 22nd, the sources say.  Japan’s next designated prime minister, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, will be Japan’s first female prime minister, they add.


The Japanese corporate propaganda media is now preparing the way for an 「upset victory」 by Koike’s new party, with enhanced coverage of the Abe scandals and glowing coverage of Koike.


Also, all the opposition parties, following orders, suddenly and unanimously decided to back Koike.
Koike also is backed by veteran Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa, who is both widely seen as a North Korean agent (his mother is North Korean) and a Rockefeller stooge (Jay Rockefeller wrote the preface to his English autobiography).  Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger is activating all of his vassals in Japan like Ozawa, to make sure Koike replaces the unpopular Abe, several sources concur.


There is also a Saudi Arabian and Korean connection to this campaign, in the form of ethnic Korean businessman Masayoshi Son.  Son now owns the Fortress Investment Group, which in turn owns Musashi Engineering, the company that makes the machines that steal Japan’s elections.  Remember, it was Son who recently was given $100 billion by Saudi Arabia and then offered $50 billion of it to Donald Trump.

在這場運動中,還有一個沙地阿拉伯和韓國的聯繫,以韓國商人孫正義(Masayoshi Son)的形式。孫正義現在擁有堡壘投資集團(Fortress Investment Group),該集團又擁有
武藏工程公司(Musashi Engineering),這家公司竊取日本選舉。記住,最近沙地給了孫正義1000億美元,然後向特朗普提供了500億美元。


Koike speaks fluent Arabic and is widely known in Japan as being friendly to the Middle East, especially its oil-producing countries.  It is probably no coincidence that Koike is saying she is opposed to nuclear energy, since shutting down Japan’s nuclear power generators means Japan will have to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia to keep its power grid going.


Koike is also pledging to strengthen Japan’s military alliance with the U.S.  She is doing this because the entire Japanese slave establishment is worried about who is going to replace Admiral Harry Harris as the top U.S. military commander in the Pacific.  It was supposed to be Admiral Scott Swift, but he suddenly announced his retirement last week after being told he would not take over from Harris.

小池也承諾加強日本與美國的軍事同盟,因為整個日本的奴隸機構都在擔心,誰將取代海軍上將哈里·哈里斯(Harry Harris)成為太平洋地區的最高軍事指揮官。本來應該是海軍上將斯科特·斯威夫特(Scott Swift),但他上週突然宣佈退休,因為他被告知不會接替哈里斯。


The slave political establishment in Japan is terrified that the next top commander will follow the recommendations of Japan security police and arrest 700 Khazarian slaves such as former prime ministers and former Bank of Japan governors.  Whether or not the arrests take place will depend on what Koike does, assuming that she takes power as promised.


In particular, she and the puppet politician establishment must stop trying to start World War 3 for their Rothschild bosses.  Instead, they will be asked to make peace and reach a deal to reunify the Korean Peninsula, say CIA sources in Asia.


「With [Steven] Bannon as shadow president outside the White House, and flipping Kissinger to contain China, the nationalists are poised to defeat the globalists and establishment lackeys,」 is what Pentagon sources cryptically said about the situation.


The other establishment lackey other than Abe who is said to have been given marching orders is UK Prime Minister Theresa May, according to CIA sources.  May is set to be replaced by UK Labour Party leader (and 9/11 truther) Jeremy Corbyn, the sources say.

據中情局消息說,除了哈巴狗安倍晉三之外,另一名陰謀集團的嘍囉就是英國首相特雷莎梅。消息人士稱,英國工黨領袖傑里米•科爾賓(Jeremy Corbyn)可能將接替他的職位。

「A deal has been made at the very top to allow Corbyn to proceed.  If not, his people would have released the true story of Grenfell Towers,」 the sources say.  Over 400 died in that deliberate blaze, which was meant as a sacrifice to the satanic entity Molech, the sources explain.

「為了讓傑里米繼續前進,我們已達成一項協議。」如果沒有的話,他的人馬將會揭發格林納達塔樓(Grenfell Towers)的真相。消息人士解釋說,超過400人這場刻意安排的大火中枉死,也意味是一個向撒旦作出的獻祭。


Khazarian mob stronghold of Israel has also been 「smacked down, as the USA refuses to recognize the illegal Kurd referendum,」 Pentagon sources say.  Furthermore, 「Russia and China forced Interpol to accept Palestine so that Israeli criminals and Mossad terrorists can be arrested worldwide,」 they add.

In Hollywood, police are investigating the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner as murder because he was working out a plea deal to expose pedophilia, torture, human sacrifice, and other horrors carried out by the Hollywood elite, according to Pentagon and LA police department sources.

在美國這個最大的陰謀集團據點裏,可薩暴徒也面臨多次失敗。據五角大樓和洛杉磯警察局消息說,在好萊塢,警方正在調查《花花公子》創始人海夫納(Hugh Hefner)的死亡原因,因為他在策劃一項認罪協議,以揭發好萊塢精英所犯下的戀童癖、酷刑、活人祭祀和其他恐怖行為。


Also, in the southern U.S., 「Cabal pawn Alabama Senator Luther Strange, backed by [Senate Majority leader Mitch] McConnell and the GOP machine, was defeated by Christian conservative Judge Roy Moore, backed by Bannon and the Trump base,」 the Pentagon sources say.

同樣,五角大樓消息說,在美國南部,「有參議院多數黨領袖米奇·麥康奈爾(Mitch McConnell)和共和黨機器撐腰的阿拉巴馬州陰謀集團參議員路德(Luther Strange),被有班農和特朗普支持的基督教保守派法官羅伊·摩爾(Roy Moore)擊敗了。」

「Trump was lukewarm about Luther and may have no choice but to fire son-in-law Jared Kushner for pushing him to back the wrong horse, [as well as for] using private emails, registering to vote as a female, and lying on his security clearances and financial disclosures, not to mention acting as an agent of Israel,」 they add.  Already Kushner’s access to Trump is being restricted by White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly.

「特朗普對路德不冷不熱的態度可能別無選擇,而扯後腿的女婿庫什納由於種種的失誤,如推動他下錯賭注、濫用私人郵件、以女性身份登記選民、保安許可、財務披露,更不用說失敗的說服以色列等等,可能會把他炒掉。」庫什納也受到白宮辦公廳主任約翰·凱利(John Kelly)限制與特朗普共事的機率。


Furthermore, 「With a military junta running the White House, [top U.S. General Joseph] Dunford was approved unanimously by the Senate for a second two-year term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,」 the Pentagon sources note.


A Khazarian attempt to use the National Football League (NFL) to counterattack against the military by ordering players not to stand when the national anthem was played also failed badly.


This was how a Pentagon source described the situation:  「The NFL, weaponized by Jewish Hollywood to wage war against not just the flag but the U.S. military, is now under boycott by patriots, not just against the league and teams but also against corporate sponsors like Nike, Ford, Pepsi, Visa, FedEx, Hyundai, Anheuser Busch, Microsoft, Dannon, McDonalds, and Procter & Gamble.」

五角大樓源描述說:「以NFL的反水為例、陰謀集團的好萊塢發槍口不僅對國旗不敬,還有愛國者在抵制美軍,不但止遭到聯賽和球隊的杯葛,連贊助商耐克、福特、百事可樂、簽證、聯邦快遞、現代、安海斯-布什(Anheuser Busch)、微軟、達能(Dannon)、麥當勞、寶潔(Procter & Gamble)等也一樣。」

The result was that 「After Trump rallied his nationalist base, who quickly routed the Jewish-mafia NFL black protests, the Jewish-run National Basketball Association (NBA) got the message and ordered their mostly black players to stand for the national anthem,」 the sources continue.


In another defeat for the Khazarians and their drug lords, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Chief Chuck Rosenberg, a prot g of disgraced former FBI boss James Comey, was fired after the U.S. military killed his plans to merge the DEA with the FBI, they say.

美國前FBI局長占士·科米(James Comey)的門徒,可薩暴徒的毒梟緝毒局局長查克·羅森伯格(Chuck Rosenberg),在美軍撲滅了他試圖與FBI合併的販毒陰謀後被炒掉。

The Khazarian campaign to use a geoengineered storm on Puerto Rico to disgrace the Trump regime has also failed badly.  The Khazarians carried out a heavy campaign using fake Twitter accounts and propaganda media to portray Puerto Rico as a disaster and Trump as a racist for not helping.


The reality is that the U.S. military did provide all the necessary logistics to get Puerto Rico back on its feet in very short order.  The only remaining problem is that the Khazarians are using their control of the financial system to shut down ATMs on the island.  If you look at pictures of relatively minor damage in Puerto Rico on Spanish-language media outlets, you can see that English-language corporate media coverage is mostly false.



What is really going on, of course, is that Puerto Rico has not been paying off its bondholders so it was cut off from the Khazarian banking system.  The U.S. military stepped in with logistics and cash money to rectify the situation.


However, the U.S. military junta, using Trump as a figurehead, still does not have full control over this president especially when it comes to economic policy.  That is why Trump was able to unveil a tax plan last week that overwhelmingly favoured the richest 1% of U.S. society.



In addition, there is something weird going on with Trump’s relations with Canada and the UK.  Last week UK’s Prince Harry displayed an unmistakable satanic hand sign for a long time while posing for media with Melania Trump in Canada.

此外,特朗普與加拿大和英國的關係也有點奇怪。上週,英國哈里王子在加拿大與特朗普的老婆梅蘭妮亞(Melania Trump)合照時,展示了一段很長時間的「撒旦之手」信息。


CIA sources say this was a sign by Prince Harry that the Melania Trump he met was not the real Melania, but was a body double.  MI5 sources say he was pointing out Melania as a satanist.


Whatever the case, Trump followed up on Melania’s visit by imposing a 220% tariff on imports of Canadian passenger planes.



The nuking of North Korea, the trouble in Puerto Rico, and the de facto declaration of trade war with Number 1 U.S. trade partner Canada are all probably bluster.  It’s linked to the fact the corporate government Trump represents went de facto bankrupt on September 30th and is now living on borrowed time.



覺醒大勢頭 翻譯