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Accidental Bumping

this all happend when i met an accident near Karsaz…a lady named sana q of 28years old crashed into my vehicle while saving a child who ran into the road….she hitted my vehicle and then went crashing into a tree…..
the lady met some bruises on her legs and her arms….plus she had a severe pain in her right hip….many people ran to her vehicle and to my vehcle….i was fine but she wasnt able to move…people over there helped her to get out of the broken door which was stuck……she had some cuts on her right thigh….i asked people to get her into my vehicle so we can rush to the hospital first and then to handle the vehicle…i drove my vehicle towards alshifa international hospital…while going there she was all in pain and was breathing fast…i got worried as shes ok…i started talking with her and getting frank with her…

we reached the hospital n thn after the treatment i asked her what to do abt the vehicle so she said that her husband has gone to karachi for some office work and shes alone at home and asked me if i can help her get the vehicle to her place…i said ok…we went to her house got the vehicle there……now she asked me to find her a massage women to gv her a body massage as her legs hips and shoulders have alot of pain in them…i said to her that if she dun mind i can gv her a massage as its very difficult to find someone at around 10 in the night plus at bahria town…..so she first said its ok but i started insisting on which she said ok but from above the cloths…i got the signal of approval…but she didnt knew the devil of my mind…khair i started moving my palms on her hips as she layed on the couch in the hall of her bangalow……slowly slowly i started pressing her hips and moving on the back and thn to her bra straps……after a while she was full high and i too
k the chance and slowly started moving my hand inside the shide on which she suddenly shouted that fuck off bastard and by this i started slapping her hips and i turned her and started giving her a boobs pressing massage and after that i started kissing her on which she loosend and started enjoying…i removed her clothes her red bra was of 34:28:30….i love em…..i started pusing her away but now she was hiigh n wanted me like hell

she started pleading to fuck her now….theen i remove her hot wet panty and she was fully shaved……her brown pussy was awesome…i started fingering…i then asked her to suck my cock on which she said no but i said if u wana get fucked thn take it in…on which she went on crazily sucking the cock…i enjoyed like hell n unloaded all she did was spiting my cum on my tummy….then she wanted me to suck n so i did…after a while when my cock was alive again thn i laid her down with a pillow under her and rammed her for the whole night and from then onward we have sex and dates when her husband is not home…when he is at office we meet and enjoy or go out for lunch and alil oral fun u know na people…..