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#American Life

#American Life

Russia, Turkey and Iran Announce Victory For Syria, Trump Talks Via Phone To Putin

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 05:25 PM PST

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani speak after Syria talks in Sochi (FULL PRESSER) – YouTube


None of the mainstream US media is discussing the amazing news out of the Russia/Turkey/Iran meeting today.  A gigantic diplomatic coup by Putin has been crowned by Turkey totally rejecting NATO controls and now is allied with Russia and…Iran!  Congress talks endlessly about attacking Iran.  This is now totally impossible.  Syria is secure now, that is, it won’t be chopped into tiny parts by Israel/US/EU/Saudi forces.


The three powers made it crystal clear, Syria will not be chopped up.  This is highly significant.  The secret Bilderberg scheme to destroy Iraq, Libya and Syria has utterly failed.  The news in the US about this meeting and press conference is…hidden.


The US public cannot know how stupid our diplomacy has been for the last 20 years.  Eventually, they will claim Trump screwed up, not themselves.  They will backload the blame of this failure onto him.  This will cause them to double down like they did to Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis, attacking all attempts at real diplomacy.

Putin is actually saving us from WWIII.  The EU creeps have plotted with US creeps and Israeli creeps to wage WWIII against Russia via driving the EU population into confrontation only…they also decided to import 5 million angry Muslim males into Europe at the same time.


And many people in Europe are finally waking up especially on the Eastern Front that they are being menaced by the Brussels crew that has encouraged this invasion and who are demanding, this very month, they open their borders to millions of Muslim males or they will see their economies destroyed deliberately.


And the gang is demanding the British people surrender their sovereignty, too.


Yesterday,  Trump, Putin have 'great call' that lasts 1.5 hrs – YouTube:

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani speak after Syria talks in Sochi (FULL PRESSER) – YouTube

CNN whining about Trump is funny to watch, everything good is negative, of course.  These clowns seriously want WWIII.  And…Rand Paul is back in the news.




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Trump Continues Putin Diplomacy, New York Times Whines About Him Stopping DNC Cities Criminals

Posted: 22 Nov 2017 05:01 AM PST

The Daily Mail thought this was an important news story.  Trump doing real diplomacy is a vast problem for our mainstream anti-Trump media giants.  They do everything in their power to hinder or destroy all diplomacy to the point of screaming for WWIII.  I put this first because it shows that Trump is shrugging off all the attacks and continuing real diplomacy which takes courage.  This, after securing his position in Asia during his last visit which was a roaring success for him and teeth grinding for US media giants and Congress that wanted no diplomacy at all, of any sort, anywhere.  Now on to the New York times attacking Trump for trying to deal with illegal aliens, crime in DNC-run cities and other DNC projects to destroy our nation.


How Trump's Hands-Off Approach to Policing Is Frustrating Some Chiefs – The New York Times reports. 


Oh my, why isn’t Trump running everything, especially DNC-run hell hole cities with high crime rates?  If he did run them and he did try, they howl like banshees and tell him to go away.  He goes away and they yell at him yet again.  This is amusing in a horrible way.  If we eliminate all DNC run cities from the crime statistics, they are half or less than the national rate today.


The Democrats pretend crime rates are due to too many cops arresting people in DNC-run cities or the surrounding GOP run towns that surround these hell holes.  They tell us, fewer arrests=less crime which is a hideous lie.  The NYT ‘lies by omission’ too as I will clearly show below:


Six years ago, a police officer in (Spokane) in eastern Washington was convicted of beating a disabled man to death and trying to cover it up. After other alarming episodes involving Spokane officers came to light, the city asked federal officials to suggest changes to the police department as part of an Obama-era policing program.

Ever since, use of force by officers has declined, as have complaints from residents.


Doesn’t that sound nice?  Hunky dory sweet!  Except for one key thing: crime didn’t go down.  Police activity has been falling as crime climbs and since the cops ‘go on strike’ and refuse to come when called about a robbery or break in, people give up calling the cops.  I know for I have lived through exactly this form of ‘reducing arrests’ in Tucson and New York City in the past.

While crime went down nationally, it climbed in Spokane.

Spokane has the second highest crime rate per capita of all of Washington State.


The changes to collaborative reform reflect the administration's broader effort to overhaul programs that the Obama administration used to ease tensions between communities and the police, according to interviews with current and former law enforcement officials and documents obtained through freedom of information laws.


As I point out frequently, the slums are in ‘tension’ with the police due to the overwhelming criminal and anti-social or violent behavior in the slums.  One can clean these up or let them run riot.  I’ll never forget when Mayor Beame of NYC decided to let my darling neighbors ‘blow steam’ and ‘run riot’ for three days after the 1977 blackout happened.  It did clear a big hunk of the slums of the residents so I could rebuild but I was terrified during the riots.


The Fraternal Order of Police had a dimmer view of the collaborative reform initiative. While chiefs answer to mayors and city councils, the union represents rank-and-file officers, some of whom faced heavy scrutiny in the wake of police shootings.


During last year's presidential campaign, the union posted to its website a 12-page questionnaire from Mr. Trump in which he promised that the union would "always have a seat at the table" in his administration. And in March, shortly after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general, he delivered on that promise for Mr. Trump, meeting with two senior union officials, according to a copy of Mr. Sessions's calendar reviewed by The New York Times.


While these changes aligned with Mr. Sessions's political views, some local chiefs have opposed them.


Police chiefs are political appointees.  They then follow the party orders.  I know these orders because I had to live with this chaos and destruction caused deliberately by DNC politicians many of whom are outright criminals, themselves.  I put five of them in prison via working with the Federal Special Prosecutor back in the 1980’s.


"I kind of resist the attorney general's narrative that the Department of Justice has been this oppressive presence in law enforcement," said Chris Magnus, the police chief in Tucson, Ariz., a city that leans Democratic in a state dominated by Republicans. "I actually think it's exactly the opposite. There are far more examples when they have really supported us to do innovative things."


And this burns me up!!!  I grew up in Tucson.  When I lived on a ranch, we had no cops, we were the cops and I did arrests out there not to mention, rescuing people who were hurt or lost or crashed their cars.  We were the ambulance service, too, back in the 1960’s.


When I lived in downtown Tucson in my own little house near the university, we had rampant crime.  We had kidnappings, murder, rape, break ins.  It is constant.  I formed a patrol there and we were in open warfare with the criminal class who attacked us every week of the year.


We actually did some very nasty things like shooting guns!  We were very violent because the people attacking us were very violent and extremely dangerous.  The city government sat idle.  At one point, when I was arguing with the secretary to the mayor about crime and how angry I was that I had to do the fighting, she told me they had a wonderful solution: they were going to eliminate the neighborhood!


What?  I blew up.  Well, I finally packed my bags and left and went from the frying pan to the raging forest fire of NYC which was going bankrupt and dying.  Tucson is still committing hari kari, by the way.

Tucson is now worse than DETROIT!

It is mostly due to theft.  But I assure everyone, the rape/murder rate is horrible there, I lived in the middle of that in the past.  I suppose since the violent crime rate is higher in Detroit, that dying city still beats Tucson which has a much higher property theft rate but maybe this is because there is so little in Detroit to steal…?


In keeping with the new direction, Mr. Trump's proposed budget seeks essentially no increase in funding for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, which operates the collaborative reform program and had been poised to receive a large increase in Mr. Obama's final budget. Mr. Sessions has also not named a new director to run the office.


This is because that office and the money spent was useless.  We have a riot problem which goes all the way back to my youth.  The criminal class hates police.  Duh.  And use any excuse to riot.  Duh, again.  We have nonstop ‘riots’ in the US as mobs of black youth will suddenly attack shopping malls, stores and neighborhoods in a huge mob and loot these places.


This happens nearly every week somewhere in the US, 99% of these inside DNC run cities or very nearby neighborhoods who can’t keep these mobs out.  The three writers of this insanely stupid crime article are all young SJW hires at the New York Times.

He got started in Detroit went to school in the infamous Michigan State U.

This young reporter is a ‘black woman’ who is barely black but is very ‘with the cause’.  Below are some samples from Colin Flaherty who keeps track of all this crime stuff:

Colin Flaherty & Black Mob Violence – YouTube

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Why its OK for 10 black people to loot a 7 11 in Jacksonville … – YouTube

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So the looting begins in Houston — White people deserve it. – YouTube

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