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#American Life

#American Life

University Connecticut Students Staff Riot ‘It Is OK To Be White’ Speech

Posted: 29 Nov 2017 05:32 AM PST

(47) Fight erupts during “It’s OK to Be White” speech at UConn, speaker arrested – YouTube


As per usual, a young person who is on the conservative side, in this case, works for Gateway Pundit News, was invited to give a speech at a top liberal school, in this case, University of Connecticut.  As always, the leftist students are rude and mock the speaker whose topic was ‘It is OK to be white’.  The mostly white students and teachers who rioted at this speech caused physical damage including throwing a smoke bomb but the speaker was also arrested when he lost his temper and tried to get back his paperwork which a professor stole from him when he was at the podium.


Way back in the 1960’s when I was a teenager, I was illegally arrested and there was a very nasty riot because of this but…the government couldn’t blame me because I told everyone to stand down.  The charges against me were dropped quickly seeing that I could sue them if they did pursue this.


The key here is: when taking any position in public, delivering any speech, be highly aware of not ‘provoking’ violence even when it is one sided, directed at oneself.  That is, the Milo Method of being utterly cool and sitting totally still while they go nuts, works!


Lucian Wintrich Freed on Bond After Arrest by UCONN Police for Stopping Thief at His Speech That Was Disrupted by Violent Leftists


TGP White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich was released from custody late Tuesday night following his arrest for Second Degree Breach of the Peace at the "It's Okay to Be White" speech he was giving at the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut. Wintrich was seen on video chasing and grabbing a woman who had stolen his speech notes from the lectern in an effort to stop her from leaving the lecture hall as police stood by and watched. Police intervened only when Wintrich struggled with the woman to get his speech notes back. Several windows were broken by protesters with one protester being arrested.

(47) MILO’s method of dealing with people involves him never even raising his voice.


All over our ‘schools’ speeches are being shut down by activists and staff of these ‘schools’.  This method of ‘teaching’ involves not persuasion but open violence and the more people show this to be insane are undermined by speakers who take the bait and become as bad as the leftist rioters.


Martin Luther King understood this and he discouraged riots and violent retribution.  He was killed.  The Black Panthers then said fighting openly would work and they were systematically destroyed.  The leftists of the sixties went from peaceful protest to violent riots and terrorism and were defeated.


Only when a country is bankrupt, do the violent reactive actions succeed in taking over power like the Soviets taking over Russia due to Russia being bankrupted by WWI and Nazis taking over Germany when it went bankrupt due to reparations and war losses.


Note how hideous these regimes were!  The ‘solution’ is utterly horrible.  The leftists trying to take over the country using the school system as their ‘home base’ are so isolated from the population at large, they have no idea what reality is anymore.


There is now discussions at large for defunding the university systems in various states only these won’t be defunded, they are money machines sucking down ever-higher amounts of loot from student loans which are rapidly sending many young people into a life of servitude via student debts which rise 5-10% a year for the last decade.


The conservative speakers should discuss this destruction of the leftist’s lives via too much debt.  They should be explaining how schools are deceiving the students, the teachers are cynically filling their heads with leftist ideology which backfires when taken into the real world at large.


They are turning people who might be productive into destructive all so they could collect a paycheck, themselves.  Their pay is collapsing because the very people they are teaching are encouraged to displace their teachers!  Poor teaching skills run rampant as this musical chairs game rolls onwards with administrators collecting gigantic pay checks while the actual teachers live in dire poverty.


What is worse is, the female students are rendering themselves as ‘unmarriagable’ because their husbands could be forced into paying their debts after divorce.  So men  make the logical choice of avoiding this via not getting married and this is one element in killing off marriage running neck to neck with the granting of welfare only to women who never marry.


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