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This happened when I was still in school. It was the time between my pre-boards and the big exam. I had lots of time on our hands, and I wasn't really into that much studying. For about a month at that time I had been after this great babe, a shy girl with a body to kill for. Nice boobs, round and big and hard barely held down by her tight uniform shirt, tapering down gently to the waist, with a really hot round ass. I jerked off every night thinking about pressing those soft boobs, sucking the nipples, while pressing her ass cheeks. Every time I saw her I got a hard-on just thinking about what lay beneath the white shirt. Sometimes if a sudden cold draft came in her nipples would perk up and poke through the bra like pins jutting out. That would almost make me come, thinking how it would feel to bite down on those nipples, nibbling on the soft flesh of those tits, how she would taste if I just ran my tongue over her entire body. I would get her yet; it was just a matter of time and opportunity.

And then there was this other bitch, who was her self-appointed
savior. She would butt in every time I managed to get the babe alone.
She too had a great bod, breasts bigger than my babe a bit too big, I
think. A nice ass and long hair reaching down to them. Even her face
was pretty decent, she was, on the whole, totally fuckable. The only
problem was her eyes had deep, dark circles underneath them, made her
look kind of dead. Anyways, I was getting extremely tired of her
spoiling my hard earned opportunities to get anywhere with my babe.
All I needed was an hour to make myself clear and the rest would
follow, but the bitch just wouldn't let it happen. No matter how hard
I tried, she kept showing up.

One fine Friday (the designated sports day) during the preparations
hols, (well we were free but the rest of the school was on), the
prefects (and I was one) were doing the rounds in the school building
keeping it clear. And my babe just walked onto my floor. We met, said
Hi and all the other crap and I said that I wanted to talk to her
about some stuff. I led her to one of the classrooms and shut the door
(wish I had locked the damn thing). She looked kind of scared but was
stable. I walked up to her and talked to her for some time just to get
her to start coming out of the shell. After some mushy words she
appeared fine and I saw my chance and grabbed her by the waist and
pulled her closer and planted a kiss on those soft, luscious lips. She
resisted a bit, ummmmphing around but started giving in when my tongue
pushed its way into her mouth. Now the doorway was really opening up!
I pulled my other hand up and slid it towards her left boob, slowly
moving my fingers beneath it. She let out slow mmmmmmmhhhhhaahhh. I
slowly moved my fingers up to her tit and was about to cup her breast
when, guess who walked in!!! : the bitch. To this day I don't know how
the fuck she knew where I was and what I was doing. Seeing her, my
babe got scared and immediately broke off and ran out of the room. I
turned and saw a devilish smile on her face. I knew then I had to do
something, something that would make her shudder if she even thought
about fucking with me again.

I stalked out of the room leaving her there. I was literally burning
up with rage. Couldn't even think straight, right up till I came up to
the Chemistry lab. I peeked in and no one was there, so I walked in up
to the stack of chemicals, looked for ether, found it, doused my
handkerchief with it, wrapped it in a plastic sheet from the lab, put
it in my pocket and calmly walked out, looking for the bitch. I walked
back to the room and looked in, and lo and behold the dumb slut was
still there looking out the window at the playground, watching a game.
I took out the handkerchief, unwrapped it from its plastic sheet and
sneaked up behind her. I think she felt, rather than saw someone
behind her and started to turn. I wasn't about to let her finish the
turn, so immediately grabbed her from behind, and pressed the ether
soaked handkerchief on her nose and mouth. She struggled quite a bit,
and in the process my hand slipped onto her breast. Man it was big!!
Didn't even fit in the palm of my hand. I would enjoy it. She was
trying to scream but all that came out was muffled mmmmmmphhs as she
exerted herself trying to get away.. Taking advantage of the position
of my hand, I pinched her nipple twisting it hard. She struggled a bit
more wriggling, grunting, but couldn't get away. In a short time she
succumbed to the ether and passed out. I laid her on the ground and
checked... she was out. I had to somehow get her into my car without
raising any suspicion.

I ran out to the equipment room and looked around for an empty cricket
equipment bag, just the right size. I took that and rushed back to the
room, picked her up and stuffed her in the bag (had to bend her legs),
zipped it up, slung it over my shoulder and walked to my car and
dumped the bag in the trunk (she would be out for another hour or so).
Now I had to make sure that her parents didn't miss her. And man did I
get lucky, I found out from another girl that she was supposed to go
out with her and a few friends to some tourist area for the day. All I
had to do was tell her that she wont be joining them since she was out
with a 'friend' and to make sure her parents didn't know. The dumb
bitch actually believed me. I never knew it would be as easy as they
show in the movies. If only I had known there would have been lots
more. Anyway thanking my stars I drove out of the school and to a
friend's farmhouse in an isolated location near the highway. Nobody
would be coming there for quite some time. The best part about the
farmhouse was its huge basement. The basement had thick concrete
walls, no windows and just one exit. Ideal for a day full of fun and

Once we got there, I carried the bag down to the basement and took her
out of it and laid her down on the couch. The basement had thick
concrete walls, no windows and just one exit. I pulled up a chair, sat
her down on the chair, tied her hands behind it to the rear legs of
the chair and her legs to the front legs, and finally her waist to the
backrest. Due to the way she was tied up her tits were jutting out
like huge mountains on her chest. My cock hardened just looking at
them. I couldn't resist pressing one of them, so I played with one of
her big ones, mashing it, pinching it, pulling her nipples and
twisting them. She was slowly starting to wake up. I took a piece of
cloth and tied it like a blindfold around her eyes. Why the fuck
should she know who I was!! Then I unbuttoned her shirt, took a pair
of scissors and snipped off her bra. Those beautiful white globes were
just too inviting, I pulled one of them out of her shirt and sucked at
it. I then snipped of her panties too, buttoned up her shirt and sat
back to see her wake up. I also set up the clunky video camera
(borrowed from another friend, heck we didn't have camcorders then).

As she came around I could make it out from her posture that she was
scared and angry... with me!! She would learn her lesson. As soon as
she was fully awake she started screaming really loudly. I had to slap
her on her boobs three times before she quieted down. She asked... who
are you... why are you doing this to me.. and all she got in return
was a hard twist of her nipple (felt good with just the thin shirt in
between). She screamed again aaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeee . I pinched it one
more time. She writhed in her chair, trying to get away, groaning
uuunnnnnnngggghhhhh hh. She caught on pretty quickly and shut up for
some time. But I had other things in mind... I went out and bought in
the long water pipe, went up to the bathroom, unscrewed the showerhead
and attached it to the end of the pie, hooked up the pipe to the tap
and walked over to her. I turned on the tap and started wetting her.
She gasped in surprise, and started trying to get away from the water,
even though she couldn't see it. The basement filled with sounds of
uuuuunnnnnggggghhhs , aaaaaahhhhhhhs, no..ah..no's and please'. After
she was thoroughly wet, I put away the tube, took a small stool and
sat put it in front of her chair. To stabilize the chair I tied each
of its legs to something heavy in the room, a table, a cupboard, and
an old fridge...

She had no idea what was going on, and was moving her head from side
to side trying to make out what was going on, fear showing on her
face. I sat on the stool and watched her wonderful boobs go up and
down as she breathed. Her wet shirt clung to her tits and her nipples
showed as dark circles through the shirt. The water spray had moved
her skirt back a bit exposing the nice soft flesh on the side of her
thighs. The droplets of water on them made them shine in places. I
couldn't stop myself and ran my tongue in one quick stroke on the
inside of her thigh from the knee to almost her pussy. She gasped
loudly and tried to close her legs, but the ropes kept them open.
Realizing that she started bucking violently in the chair, screaming
naaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooooooooo . The violent movements made
her free tits swing wildly, making me go nuts. I grabbed one in each
hand gave them a big squeeze, resulting in her writhing more violently
screaming aaaaeeeeeeennnn. I kept squeezing them for some time, her
squirming, writhing and screams of aaannnnnnhhhhhh and
uuuunnnnnhhhhhhhh exciting me more and more. I took my hands and
placed them flat on her thighs and slowly slid them up to her cunt.
She exerted really hard trying to close her legs groaning long drawn
out noooooooos, as I got nearer to her pussy, she tried moving her
hips this way and that to no avail. I was entranced by her breasts
swinging free with each move she made. Once my fingers reached her
pussy, I started tickling her clit, pinching it, raking my nails
across it, flicking it really hard. With each finger movement she
jerked really hard, swinging her head wildly screaming
annnnnnnhhhhhhhhs, unnnnnnnhhhhhhhh, breathing really hard. Her wildly
swinging tits drove me crazy and I grabbed one of her tits in my mouth
sucking hard at it. She gasped loudly and arched her back trying to
pull away from my mouth, but that allowed my fingers to dig deeper
into her clit.

I grabbed her clit between my thumb and index finger and pulled it
hard, while biting down on the soft tit. She jerked around wildly
nearly falling off the chair, screaming
aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh . I started shaking her clit while
switching back and forth between the tits. Her nipples were swollen
due to the constant sucking, her legs shaking wildly due to the
assault on her clit, her breathing heavy and erratic, as she tried to
move away with no result. She would arch her back to move her cunt
away from my fingers, but that would cause my mouth to get a better
grip on her tits (my mouth could even get a quarter of her tits in),
which would make her buck and push her cunt into my fingers more. The
basement resounded with sounds of labored breathing, unnnnngggghhhhhs,
annnnngggghhhhs and the occasional scream when I bit down too hard on
her tit. Her body shook and shivered as she came close to a climax
despite her not wanting to. My dick was hard, pulsing and throbbing as
I saw her struggling. It was almost painful, but the pleasure kept the
pain at bay. As she got close to coming, I just couldn't stand it and
unzipped pulling out my rod. Finally her body went taut and she moved
her ass up as far as she could and came with great heaves. As I saw
her coming I couldn't stand it and grabbed her head and shoved my dick
down her throat as she gasped for air. Holding her head tight I fucked
her mouth feeling the tongue sliding down the entire length of my
dick, her teeth slightly raking across it as she tried not to bite,
amid sounds of muffled uuuugggghhhs and grunts. I hammered her face
harder and harder, my dick shiny as it moved like lightening between
her lips, the sound of my balls slapping her chin mixing with her
groans and her grunts, one hand on the back of her head, the other
mashing her huge tit. I couldn't hold on any longer and shot load
after load of cum down her throat. She gagged for a second, but
eventually swallowed it all, couldn't do anything else. I let my dick
stay in there a while feeling the soft, wet warmth of her mouth, as
she sobbed as best as she could with a dick in her mouth. I took it
out and wiped it clean, thinking of what I would do with her for the
rest of the day.

I gave her some water to drink and fed her some baby food, and went
out to get some href='http://www.crankyed itor.com/ Portfolio/ Sex/The%20Truth% 20About%20Ben% 20Wa%20Balls. htm'>chinese
balls[/url] from yet another friend (what can I say, I have a lot of
useful friends). I came back and found her sleeping. Another small
dose of the ether soaked handkerchief and she was out for some more
time. I took the balls put them in the satin bag, parted her legs and
slowly slid the bag in leaving the knot outside. Untying her I put her
panties on (so it wont slip out), untied her from the chair, tied her
hands behind her back and rested waiting for her to wake up. Her tits
were too beautiful to be left alone, so I picked her up, went to the
couch sat on it and laid her on my lap her tits right underneath, one
leg over her waist. As she was waking up I played around with them
pressing them, moving my palm over her entire breast, circling her
nipples with my fingers occasionally pinching them and flicking them.
When she woke up and found me playing around with her tits, she
struggled to get away but with my leg around her waist and her hands
bound behind her back, she didn't have a chance. She gave up pretty
soon. I immediately collared her and tied the leash to my belt, sat on
a revolving chair I had bought in earlier and pushed her indicating
her to start walking in circles.

I don't think she had realized till then that she had the balls in her
cunt, because as soon as she started walking the balls started
churning in her pussy. She let out a loud aaaaahhhhhh and nearly fell,
due to the sensation. She got her balance back and started walking
with small steps trying to keep the balls in control, and got a kick
on her ass from me. She learnt, and started walking normally as best
as she could. Her face contorted as she tried to control her
sensations. Every so often a shudder would pass through her body, as
the balls churned inside her, her movements got erratic and breathing
heavy. Her upper body would jerk with every movement as the balls
worked their wonder. In a short time her juices started dripping down
her thigh, but I tugged at the leash making her walk more. I wanted
that cunt sopping wet before I broke in. I couldn't resist it, so I
walked up behind her grabbed her tits, shoved my dick in her ass crack
and pushed, forcing her to walk faster. Intermittent sobs mixed with
unnnnnhhhhhhhsss escaped from her lips. When I saw she couldn't walk
anymore due to the sensations, I took her to the rear of the couch and
pushed her over the backrest so that she was bent over it, opening up
her cunt and ass to me.

I ripped off her panties, pushed off her skirt, unbuttoned her shirt
freeing up those enormous boobs and prepared myself for entry. As soon
as she realized what was going to happen, all I heard was
nnooooooooooo, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, unnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh and all I could
see was her ass cheeks wriggling wildly as she tried to get away, but
when your legs are in the air and you are almost upside down, that's
kind of hard to do... I slapped her hard on her ass, again and again.
Finally she quieted down. I grabbed her legs by her ankles, shoved her
knees against the back of the couch and aligned myself to her cunt. I
nudged it a bit with my dick and she bucked really hard (fear does
wonders) so I let go of her ankles, reached down and pressed her boobs
so hard that she screamed aaaaaaaaeeeeeennnhh hhh. Enough games, I
thought, grabbed her around the waist and rammed in my dick, right up
to the hilt, the juices having lubricated her pussy.

There was one second of absolute silence, as I felt her cunt's heat
surrounding my throbbing penis, and then... she screamed louder than
she had done... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhh. .. and started bucking
wildly flailing her legs this way and that while still screaming
aaaannnnhhhhhs and uuuunnnnnhhhhs. I help her hands behind her back
and pulled them up high enough to hurt, and started pumping slowly.
Her screams stopped and were replaced by grunts and groans of
uuunnnghs. She was tight man, real tight, the pussy walls clamping on
the violating rod, I could feel every inch of her cunt, hot, wet and
throbbing as I pushed in again and again. The basement resounded with
her guttural groans and our breathing. I kept pumping, my dick
glistening with her juices, flashing like a knife in and out of her
pussy. Every thrust would make her tits jiggle. I bent down over her
back, put her bound hand over my neck and grabbed both her boobs,
pulling at them with every thrust. All I could hear was her
aaaaaahhhhaaaahhhh, my ball beating against her ass, and the whisper
of my dick moving in and out her cunt. I pounded her again and again
and again.. till I my balls were ready to burst. Finally as I was
about to cum I withdrew, came around the couch and made her suck it
all in. Had to grab her by her hair and pull her head up and shove my
dick in her mouth but she drank it all in like an obedient slut.

But I wasn't done with her as yet. I threw her back on the couch and
sat down playing with her tits again as I took a breather. After a
while I got another piece of rope and hung it on the wooden beams of
the roof of the basement, pulled her up and tied her hands still
behind her back to the rope and tightened it. Now she was bent from
the waist standing on the floor with her hands quite high above her
back. I got the chair and inserted it between her legs from the front,
and tied her legs to the legs of the chair. It left her ass nice and
wide open. As I watched her exposed so, my dick was rising up again,
ready for a rear assault. I grabbed some vaseline and rubbed it all
over my dick making it smooth and slippery. Walking up behind her I
held her waist and rubbed some on her asshole. Knowing what was coming
she clenched her ass cheeks, and only after a few hard nipple pinches,
twists and ass slapping, and a few screams did she relent. And off I
went again fucking her ass. It was even tighter and her screams were
worth the wait.

Later that evening, I took her out again and dropped her off in a park
near her home. Needles to say I never got interrupted again. I never
got to know if she knew who did her but hey even if she did, wasn't
like she was going to tell anybody now, was she.