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Terrain in Westport, CT Nov 18th Holiday Open House

If you love florals & greenery and a garden setting, Terrain in Westport is a beautifully decorated comforting atmosphere where you go to shop, grab a coffee, or have an organic farm-to-table meal. This Saturday they are having their annual Holiday Open House from 12-5pm and it's a great way to get into the holiday spirit because they will be having workshops, demos, carolers, and a tree lighting. Outside they have an inviting fire burning with logs and blankets and it looks like a great spot to sit and have a warm drink.

They have tons of great gifts and home decor to pick from. I stopped by Terrain to visit and to look for a few new candles that are being launched there as well. The first candle is called La Belle Mèche (that translates to "the beautiful wick") and these are naturally scented, 100% made in France, hand-poured in Grasse, made from soy wax, and have a lead-free cotton wick. These come in a ton of fragrances all created with a well known perfumer in Grasse, they burn for 50 hours and they go for $39.50 each. Grasse is a town in France that is considered to be the world's capital of perfume.

La Belle Mèche was kind enough to send me a few of their candles over to check out and enjoy for myself. My favorite top scents are Rose Patchouli, Cèdre Poivrè (Atlantic Pine Forest), and Pamplemousse Citron Vert (Grapefruit infused with fresh notes of lime). They actually have over a total of 30 different intoxicating scents to pick from. La Belle Mèche also offers essential oil candles, and colored candles.

To find out more, or to order from La Belle Mèche from Terrain, please go to:

Thanks La Belle Mèche!

The next candle is called Mad et Len and it also comes to us from the French Alps. Two globe-trotting adventurists settled down and started making these organic candles. Major cool factor - they have a blacksmith friend that makes the hand-forged black iron tins that house the aromatic candles complete with snuff lid.

Beautiful looking and they have a rich evocative smell that lures you in. They are poured in hand batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices.These candles burn for around 65 hours (10.5 ounce size) and go for around $110-$425 each depending which scent and size elected.  These are now being sold at the Terrain location in Westport, but they not listed online just yet.

Terrain serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it is a high-end place to shop and eat plus it's a great beautiful space to experience. To find out more about Terrain, or to shop online, please go to:

Cafe & Dining area
Here are also a few great gifts ideas and decorating ideas I spotted while browsing around Terrain:

Amaryllis bulbs dipped in wax

Twig slice wreath

Grow your own Mushrooms, all different species
The Zenza Lighting Collection

Comfy Winter throws on bench
Stargazer Starry Glass Ornaments