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The #Pentagon

The #Pentagon

The Case for Impeachment

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 09:10 PM PST

As regular readers know very well, I viewed Donald Trump as unfit for office and a downright danger to the nation and the world long before the election results of November 8, 2016, and the subsequent…

GOP pressing plan to avert government shutdown on Dec. 8

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 09:09 PM PST

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republican leaders are looking to pass a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown next week and keep the government's doors open through Dec. 22. With the addit…

Princes Herald Term 4 Week 8 Edition #9

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:50 PM PST

News at PAC IMPORTANT NOTICE This will be the last issue of the Princes Herald, apart from the Holiday Edition. There will be an extra long comic- so long that it will be the only comic we have for …

Netizen 24 AUS: Delaware 4.1-magnitude earthquake rattles Mid-Atlantic region

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:31 PM PST

Delaware 4.1-magnitude earthquake rattles Mid-Atlantic region Trending Videos CBSN Live » CBSN …

Trump weighs plan to oust Tillerson, put CIA’s boss at State

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:30 PM PST

After months of clashes on policy and personality, President Donald Trump is considering ousting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replacing him with hard-nosed CIA Director Mike Pompeo following l…

Pentagon Indefinitely Delays Cluster Bomb Ban

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:26 PM PST

Pentagon Indefinitely Delays Cluster Bomb BanMemo: Not Using Bombs Risks 'Mission Failure' Jason Ditz Posted onNovember 30, 2017CategoriesNewsTagsCluster Bombs, Pentagon According to officials, the Pe…

Coalition: Over 400 US Marines to Leave Syria

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:16 PM PST

Marines and Artillery Ordered Home Jason Ditz Posted onNovember 30, 2017CategoriesNewsTagsPentagon, Syria According to the US-led coalition fighting ISIS, some 400 US Marines and accompanying artiller…

Readout of Secretary Mattis’ Meeting With Libyan Prime Minister Serraj

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:00 PM PST

Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis met with Libya Prime Minister Fayez Serraj at the Pentagon today to discuss our defense relationship and regional security challenges. Read more: https://www.glob…

Remarks by Secretary Mattis at an Honor Cordon Welcoming His Excellency Fayez Serraj, Prime Minister of Libya, to the Pentagon

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:00 PM PST

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE JIM MATTIS: Mr. Prime Minister, Ambassador and members of the delegation, welcome to the Pentagon. It's very good to have you here, on your first official visit to the Pentagon. J…

US Military Reverses Course, Won’t Ban Use of Cluster Bombs

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 07:59 PM PST

The US had planned to end its use of cluster bombs, a type of explosive that ejects smaller submunitions to kill personnel and obliterate vehicles, by 2019, but on Thursday, the Pentagon approved a ne…