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The Suck-Off

Irfan was lying on the bed in a relaxed mood. It was late night. He was getting a little bored. 
'What should I do,' Irfan thought. 

Suddenly, Sahil entered the room. Sahil smiled at Irfan. Irfan smiled back, knowing he wont be bored anymore. Sahil sat besides Irfan and started staring at him from, head to sole, like a hungry slut. 

He asked Irfan seductively, "Am I allowed to play?"
"Sure," was Irfan's reply. 

Sahil moved over his hand and started caressing the bulge in between Irfan's jeans. Slowly, the bulge started growing. The more Sahil massaged, the bigger the bulge got. Sahil's mouth watered and he bent over and kissed and licked the bulge. 

"Unzip me!" Irfan ordered. 
"Yes,sir!" Sahil replied. 

Sahil first removed Irfan's belt. Then Sahil unhooked the jeans and opened the zip slowly. Sahil lowered the jeans and then took them off. Irfan was now lying in his boxers and shirt. The bulge was much more visible in his boxers. Sahil again bent over and started kissing and licking the bulge. When, Sahil was not able to control his emotions, he put his hand inside Irfan's boxers and got hold of his dick. 

"Wow!!" Sahil exclaimed. "It is one of the best dicks I have ever felt."

Sahil's eyes were glinting. His mouth was watering. He was dying to take Irfan's dick in his mouth. Sahil started giving Irfan a handjob. In between, he would cup Irfan's testicles and massage them too. Irfan, was enjoying himself. Sahil, on the other hand was dying to take Irfan's dick in his mouth. 

"Should I do what I like the most?" Sahil asked.
"Yeah bitch, suck my dick!!" Irfan ordered. 
Sahil lowered Irfan's boxers and moved his mouth extremely close to Irfan's cock. Sahil licked the tip of his dick. "You like it?" asked Sahil in a seductive tone.
"Yeah babe, continue."

Horny and dick-hungry Sahil increased the licking of the tip of Irfan's dick so much that it resembled the lapping of a dog. He swirled his tongue around Irfan's dick and licked and kissed it and lapped at it. It was a sensuous blowjob. Sahil even deepthroated the dick numerous times. Sahil was making full use of his tongue and lips to provide the maximum pleasure to Irfan. Irfan was moaning in pleasure. 

So, this licking, kissing, sucking and biting of Irfan's dick continued for well over half an hour. Often, Sahil would take Irfan's testes in his mouth and chew them as if they were potatoes and tomatoes. Irfan, obviously was enjoying the professional blowjob being given to him by Sahil. 

After about forty minutes had passed, Irfan spoke, "Move over, I'm about to cum."

Irfan tried to move his head but Sahil stuck to his activity and did not budge. Instead, Sahil started sucking Irfan's cock with more passion, vigour and speed. Irfan tried to stop him but to no avail. In no time, Irfan would cum. He could feel it. His heart beat was getting faster. His veins were stiffening and blood was rushing profusely. He was about to explode. Suddenly, he did, gushing all his juice into Sahil's mouth. Sahil did not stop. He continued sucking Irfan's dick. Irfan continued pouring out his lava and Sahil continued sucking his dick and swallowing Irfan's juice at the same time.

Sahil continued licking and sucking until Irfan had released all of his sperm. When Irfan was finished releasing, Sahil licked and swallowed the remains of Irfan's sperm from the tip of his dick. Sahil had swallowed it all. 

Sahil got up and said,"That was the best piece of meat and juice I had ever had in my life."
Irfan, exhaused, asked, "Why did you swallow my juice?"
"Cuz I love you and your hard dick," Sahil winked.