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#American Life

#American Life

Congress Seeking Contempt Citations Against Justice Department AND FBI

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 06:07 AM PST

POTUS Trump Goes Scorched Earth – Calls Out Deep State by Name!


Now, I didn’t see this news this morning until I left mainstream media and looked at other media…the place where there is still some real news.  Well, this is huge news!  Congress is now going after the Deep State crooks who are lying cheating and stealing.  The corruption during the Bush Jr./Obama years is now going to come out of the dark dank cave and into sunlight.  Since these people are vampires, this is deadly for them, being exposed to full light of day.  The system is barely functional but once the gears begin to grind, they grind everything to dust.


Click here to see the TV news since there is little hard copy news about this news today:  House investigators seek contempt citations against FBI, DOJ | Fox News Video

Nov. 29, 2017 – 2:50 – Agencies accused of withholding key documents, FBI witness that could shed light on whether U.S. officials relied on anti-Trump ‘dossier’ to justify surveillance against associates of Donald Trump; chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports.


I googled all over the place to find information for this story and found nearly none:

After a few links that go mainly to non-mainstream news, the only other mainstream news besides Fox TV showing up is a very old CNN story about ‘Nunes vents anger’ several months ago.  This news is being deliberately hidden by mainstream media.  I read the NYT today and there was the obligatory anti Trump stories and editorials laced across the entire front page and not a peep about this story anywhere.


Concealing news is even more dangerous than lying about news.  With lying, one is aware something is happening.  Concealing, on the other hand, totally hides vital information of any sort.  I have been a victim of being hidden deliberately by mainstream news.  This is the really nasty conspiracy going on and its beating heart is with the biannual Bilderberg meetings where they plot to do this.


Here are all the videos about this amazing news about OUR Congress doing something that the public should see and know:

In Google search, there are only 2 videos about this, both of which are Fox News videos so Fox is the only entity reporting this news online.  All the other choices for my very specific search for this one story are old news stuff.


What Congress is investigating is more Fusion GPS junk.  The DNC thought they could trick Trump via Fusion GPS but the investigations the DNC launched are now biting back for Hillary and Bill’s connections with Fusion GPS is now out in the open.

Maybe Bill and Hill will do this:

So many people going insane while seeking power and killing people.  Project Veritas effort to infiltrate The Washington Post dates back months – The Washington Post reports in full hysteria:


The failed effort by conservative activists to plant a false story about Senate candidate Roy Moore in The Washington Post was part of a months-long campaign to infiltrate The Post and other media outlets in Washington and New York, according to interviews, text messages and social media posts that have since been deleted.


They were trolling the Washington Post.  The Post fell for it and then to cover their own asses, they lied about being penetrated and figure lying about this would work since the other media outfits are co-conspirators and won’t do stories exploring all of this.  They are all part of the same gang, after all!


Starting in July, Jaime Phillips, an operative with the organization Project Veritas, which purports to expose media bias, joined two dozen networking groups related to either journalism or left-leaning politics. She signed up to attend 15 related events, often accompanied by a male companion, and appeared at least twice at gatherings for departing Post staffers.


Phillips, 41, presented herself to journalists variously as the owner of a start-up looking to recruit writers, a graduate student studying national security or a contractor new to the area. This summer, she tweeted posts in support of gun control and critical of Trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants — a departure from the spring when, on accounts that have since been deleted, she used the #MAGA hashtag and mocked the Women's March on Washington that followed Trump's inauguration as the "Midol March."


The WP dares not show their readers the raw information but I can so here it is:

BREAKING: Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post's Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda – YouTube

BREAKING: WaPo Nat’l Security Reporter: Russia Story "f*cking crap shoot…Maybe it doesn't exist." – YouTube


HAHAHA.  Caught again in the same trap that snapped on the NYT.  The WP dares not mention what happened at the NYT or the WP itself.  They are so accustomed to lying they have to continue to lie even when harsh reality is there for anyone to find so the only thing to do here is to hide real news yet again.


The mainstream media does this every day only now we can see the wizard pulling the handles after Toto pulls back the curtain.  Pretending there are no videos of mainstream news openly boasting about lying about the news…is now out in the open.


They know they are lying, they know they are deceiving, they know they are morally bad people but they are desperate to pretend they are innocent, good and telling the truth…to fix this, they lie.  It is reflexive with these monsters.  They can’t help but lie.

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Endless # Liberal Sex Fiend Men Crash, Burn While Media Attacks Trump For Saying ‘Pussy’ Decades Ago

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 04:10 AM PST

Trump ‘made comment about p**sy years before tape’ | Daily Mail Online breathlessly reports.


HAHAHA…the news is endless fun now.  Bill and Hillary Clinton, forgetting entirely their own dirty past, decided to attack Trump about sex!  I thought that was insane and it was insane.  Now, for the last year, the DNC and media giants and Hollywood all united in attacking Trump using ‘he is a sex fiend’ storyline only for this being a released wolf from the Gates of Hell…which is biting THEM in the rear, big time, over and over again.  So…these creeps double down on attacking Trump over sex!


HAHAHA!  This is classic fairytale punishments.  One would think that the sight of all those liberal men being ripped to shreds by all the women they abused or raped in the past, women who were silent because they wanted goodies from these dirty men…women who I have zero respect for, they should have spoken up even if this meant they would not be TV or movie stars…well, the classic s**t is hitting the classic f*n (I know that is a stupid joke here, forgive me).


So, rather than talk about this mess and how silly it is to bring up ‘Trump said PUSSY’ to counter the ‘oh, all those d@mn liberal men are rapists.’  Will liberals ever learn?  Evidently, no.  Well, microaggressions by Trump, meet macroaggressions by liberals!


Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) | Twitter

And from the s#x mad Daily Mail of London, England, a fine selection of headlines:

Garrison Keillor?  Good lord, that little ogre?  He is also a snatch snatcher?  HAHAHA.  Trump has provoked all these men into pulling down their own panties!

All the women abused and scorned suddenly are coming out of the woodwork.  The fake liberals are being shown to be monsters now.  The ‘s#x revolution’ was used by these clowns to rape women and abuse them due to women wanted money and power via men.


I see something wrong here and note it is NOT THE MEN ALONE who are responsible, the sea of desperate females wanting to sell their souls and their bodies to access money and power is the real story here.  Both the ‘victims’ and the ‘aggressors’ are at fault.


I used to be a stripper in college to make good loot so I could live on my own and go to school.  I was NOT a prostitute.  Most of the ‘actresses’ in Hollywood are really prostitutes who hope to make it big via sucking up to rich men and then being made a ‘star’.


I was an honest stripper.  I was also kidnapped and raped and…this was dealt with via a bit of trouble but I won in the end.  These females accepted ‘nasty s#x’ in order to get a big pay-off which makes them prostitutes, not women who are helpless.


WTF?  Why didn’t this stupid woman go to the police???  She walked away leaving him in position to do this to other victims!  She was silent because she was auditioning to be prostitute.  Any man raping me would pay a very steep price for this which makes me the on in power, not they.


Lauer didn’t do anything because he knew the woman was so desperate to be near fame and power, she would never spill the beans.

The football protest continues.  Conyers didn’t resign from Congress which seethes with rapists and the Congress rapists all support him staying on forever and ever because they are mostly rapists there.  Where is that stupid women in pink hats marching on the DNC?  HAHAHA.  All of these females are also ‘prostitutes’ who want goodies, not justice.

The Brits who are being heavily invaded by the army of Muslim males, has decided to attack Trump for talking about violent Muslim radicals who are attacking Europe and the US over and over again.  This suicidal ethos of the aging elites and the Brit female is a Bilderberg gangster, is funny as hell.

In 1991, Bette Midler says Geraldo Rivera groped her in the 1970s: And this hits very near to me!  I went to the University of Arizona with Geraldo.  He also followed me to NY City and ended up on TV there.  He lived with my oldest sister’s roommate in her apartment way back in the 1960’s and I got to know him via this way when I was still in high school.


Geraldo wanted to do stories about me when I was the Housewife From Hell but his station told him to cool it.  He was always a ‘let’s be s#xy’ male of the 1960’s Free Love game which was very heavy in our little social circle back then.


The core lesson here is simple: don’t throw rocks when one lives in a terrarium.  That is, these stupid clowns decided to pick up the ‘s#x fiend’ tool to attack a man politically and now it is a snake biting them all in the hand.  DUH.  This is a sign of stupidity.


Why didn’t all these stupid men sit around in a cheap biker bar and discuss the dangers of using s#x as a political tool?  Doing this while expecting nothing to backfire is like Wily Coyote’s latest inventions: it was doomed to backfire badly.


All the silly females surrounding these s#x fiend males heard that even talking dirty to them is evil so they started screaming about the Trump attackers being a bunch of crazy s#x fiends which they all are, of course.


This is historically funny and I hope history writers pay close attention to this stupid game going on for the last two years, it is tons of fun but will anyone learn anything from all this?  Naw….




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