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#American Life

#American Life

Liberal Media DNC Melt Down As Trump Tax Cuts Pass Senate

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 04:57 AM PST

US Congress passes Trump’s tax reform bill – al Jazeerah YouTube


Senate tax bill: GOP scores victory in 11th-hour vote as sweeping tax reform PASSES the Senate: GOP scores major victory in 11th-hour vote for $1.5 TRILLION bill after Democrats said they had no time to read the 500-page, ‘scribbled’ small print| Daily Mail Online reports in England.


So, Congress passed this bill and the mainstream liberal media which celebrated Obama’s wild spending, are howling like banshees.  They are now pretending to not only be McCarthy Red Scare fascists, they are also ‘we must cut spending’ fans, too!  This is so funny, how utterly opposite they now are from their own ‘beliefs’.  This lunacy continues with them all yelling that Trump is a Russian agent because…Russia is communist?  HAHAHA.  The wires are crossed.  So the Bilderberg gang is now ruthlessly eliminating all alternative news online via using Google, Facebook and Twitter to censor or delist or drop all rivals of mainstream Bilderberg gang news systems and information.

White House Uses Beer Drinking Story To Explain Tax Cuts – YouTube


Sad, isn’t it?  I get most of my news overseas.  RT International is being totally censored by the Google corporation and Facebook as well as Twitter.  These  behemoths are being used like communist Chinese censorship operations.  Time has come for everyone who isn’t a total globalist leftist should put their talents together and begin creating Alternativenet.


Or ‘Othernet’ or perhaps call it ‘Realitynet’.  The Bilderberg gang is torn in two.  They really love tax cuts that give them more money.  But at the same time, they want everyone else to have no money so they want tricky ways of doing this.  They proved absolutely with Obama that deficits do not matter at all.  So here they are today, howling about our eternal deficits which doubled under Obama.


Here is some news from Russia Today that isn’t anywhere at all in US front page news: EU resolution calls for arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, accuses it of war crimes — RT World News.  There is more to this story from a month ago: British arms sales to Saudi Arabia jump 500% as coalition seals off Yemen borders — RT UK News reports as a top story, not back page news.


Lavrov doesn’t want ‘race of bans’ with US after RT’s Congress accreditation revoked — RT World News.  And the bans continue as the Bilderberg gang desperately tries to destroy the internet and shut down all opposition. Backlash Against Russian 'Fake News' Is Shutting Down Debate for Real | FAIR:


 A few days before the Halloween hearings held by the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, where powerful tech companies would provide testimony about their roles disseminating "fake news" during the 2016 election, Twitter announced it would no longer accept advertising from the Russian government-sponsored broadcast channel Russia Today (RT), or the state-owned Sputnik.


Hillary’s run for President was epic: it was planned for her to have zero competition in the primaries only an outsider, Sanders, who isn’t a Democrat, ran on nearly no funds except that raised from the ‘little voters’.  He nearly won!  Despite having the delegates set up so that party insiders had a huge swing vote total, she was going down in flames by the time of the convention where she bribed Sanders to support her and betray his own delegates.


Then the mainstream media told us over and over again, Hillary had a near 100% chance of being President only for that to go up in flames, a historical moment, a turning point.  Recognizing that lack of total dictatorial control of all information systems meant people might disobey dictates, the Real Rulers are now deeply censoring everything in Europe and now in the US in a naked coup.


In a Twitter PublicPolicy blog post (10/26/17), the company said it would "off-board advertising from all accounts" owned by RT and Sputnik. The decision was based on its own assessment of the 2016 US election "and the US intelligence community's conclusion that both RT and Sputnik attempted to interfere with the election on behalf of the Russian government." As substantiation, Twitter merely provided a link to the January 6, 2017, intelligence report (ODNI).


For the last year, the Rulers have been defunding all systems used by citizens.  Many citizens made money off of providing content on the internet. Now, they are being systematically defunded and destroyed.  I am so angry about this, I don’t want to do business with major corporations.


Truthdig noted back on July 31 that Google's strategy is to downgrade search results for targeted websites based on a supposed desire to limit reader access to "low-quality" information, but the targets reportedly include some of the highest-quality alternative news sites on the internet.


HAHAHA…the stupid liberals are being burned!  This is because they don’t seem to understand who their enemy really is!  They think Trump is nasty?  How about being utterly destroyed by the Hillary/Bilderberg gang?  Hello?


AlterNet (9/25/17) told its readers, "We are getting slammed by Google's new algorithm intended to fight 'fake news,'" referring to Google as an "inaccessible behemoth, with a complete lack of transparency." Executive editor Don Hazen wrote, "It appears that Google has pushed popular, high-traffic progressive websites to the margins and embraced corporate media."

The alternative right wanted to protest against Google about a month ago.  This was scuttled after LIBERAL LEFTISTS howled with rage and appeared in great numbers to PROTECT Google.  Now, Google is strangling their own alternative news systems.


Too stupid to see the need for an alliance on the right, the liberals continue to cling to a sinking Titanic ship little knowing they are in the third class hold while the rich will get in their boats and row away.  So many clever liberals, fooled into thinking the Rulers love them.  The Rulers want to use them and rape them but has zero love.  Now for more wonderful news in very liberal places where they talk about sex all the time and fret about women’s rights:

So much for ‘women’s rights’ and other sex issues.  The roaring silence from all those kitty hat females is deafening.  These fools are goofing off, not demonstrating in California or Oregon or NYC demanding that all the liberal rapists be put in prison!  Nope.  Nothing.  The stupid little gits.

The need to hysterically attack Trump every day has caused the stock market to fall.  Unfortunately for people buying stocks, this need to attack and attack unsettles markets.  This is very funny to me because the rich rulers inside the DNC all need a roaring stock market to get richer.  But they are also suicidal as is obvious to anyone looking at international news. Michael Flynn ‘plans to sell his Northern Virginia home’ Michael Flynn ‘plans to sell his Northern Virginia home’ to fund ‘crippling legal costs’ of Russia probe… as stock prices plummet over news he’s turned on Trump | Daily Mail Online

The DNC and its followers are ‘reactive’.  All things are seen as ‘is it bad for Trump?’  When this is the case, they joyfully wish for destruction of the entire economy and country, they think, once everything lies in ruins, then the citizens will recognize that inner city populations (!!!) and illegal aliens will save everyone else which is insane.

It was an army of a million sex starved females in pussy hats screaming at Trump because he was an evil sex fiend…where are they?  Did they get their sex organs removed so they are neutered now?  Will they ever figure out how they have been taken for utter fools by cynical men who manipulated them?  But then, they support Muslim invaders and Clinton’s sexcapades!  So they have zero interest in women’s rights.  This is all so pathetic.



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