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#American Life

#American Life

ABC Fake News Caused Stocks To Crash, OOPS

Posted: 03 Dec 2017 01:14 PM PST

Just the other day on Friday afternoon, ABC News decided to have a break in the shows to yell that Trump was going to be indicted for doing diplomacy with Russia which was totally fake news.  ABC's fake news about Flynn & Russia causes stocks to crash — RT US News reports gleefully.  It seems all systems are crashing and burning every time liberals do something.  This toxic atmosphere has been created by liberals who think destruction of all systems will end with them ruling us.  This is stupid and dangerous.  But they can’t see the natural outcome of this sort of stupidity.

Fake News from ABC Tanks Stock Market!!! – YouTube


A lot of investors lost a lot of money but then the fools listened to mainstream fake news and got…fake news.  What a shock.  Not.  Now, many of those burned by these creeps are talking about suing and I hope they sue.  Spreading fake news is antisocial and destructive so why do all the mainstream news clowns do this nearly nonstop now?

Can’t they see the obvious downside here?  They are so desperate to broadcast bad news about Trump, they have no shame and check nothing, they are easily scammed or fool themselves or jump the gun or jump over the moon.  This hysteria is destroying them and they are too stupid to see what is happening even as many of these clowns are suddenly disappearing due to sex crimes.

Look at the Brit news, still has things wrong, still trying and trying to smear the President.  All systems are set at this modus operandi: make things look as bad as possible for Trump.  The fact that the guilty stuff is more along the lines of what Flynn did with the Clintons and Obama…that isn’t mainstream news.

They are still pushing the ‘Russia runs US elections because Americans are stupid’ storyline which is dumb as well as insulting.  There is news in England about the fired FBI agent who was a DNC/Hillary tool who is now being tossed out.

Meanwhile in cities run by Democrats, life continues to deteriorate and nasty diseases are now spreading as ‘homeless’ people make streets filthy.  Well, DC is filthy, too.  Congress is crawling with germs.


NFL to Cut Breast Cancer, Military Charity Funds to Pay for Proposed Social Justice Activism:  Yes, they are doubling down with destroying the NFL as a business.  Good.  The players will have the loot and the black politicians will have the loot and the cities will continue to rot away and everyone will be happy.


According to one of the athletes at the forefront of the protests, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid [#35 in the photograph below], the windfall will come at the expense of the league's planned financial support for breast cancer and military charities.


"In the discussion that we had, Malcolm conveyed to us—based on discussions that he had with the NFL — that the money would come from funds that are already allocated to breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service," Reid told Slate.


Salute to Service supports military personnel and raises awareness of their sacrifices.


"So it would really be no skin off the owners' backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one," he continued.


I hope the happy pink pussy hat females are satisfied.  They wanted this, they get this.  The money will vanish down the maws of corrupt black politicians and scam artists who ‘fix’ black cities leaving these in ruins.


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Continuing S@x Scandals Continue To Hammer Liberal Men, More Allegations

Posted: 03 Dec 2017 05:18 AM PST

The sex scandals mania started when Trump was running for President and the Bilderberg gang decided we shouldn’t talk about the future or politics or social problems, no, we were to worry about SEX.  Nothing but SEX.  Too stupid to see that using the Clintons to wage this war on evil male sex, this was pushed harder and harder until Trump started showing up all the time with Clinton’s sex victims in tow.  The mainstream media was furious with him reminding everyone who the sex fiend is, they continued to double down and now all the vultures are coming down to eat the carcass of liberal sex obsessions.  Now, they want us all to stop looking at sex fiends and talking about them.


More and more famous men are now in the dock for doing much worse than talk dirty and touch women.  The new standards for ‘impeachment’ and ‘arrest’ is now very low, nearing Victorian rules!  I find this amusing and amazing and stupid.  I was part of the Free LOVE movement in the sixties and had an interesting life because of it including famous people wanting to have sex with me and my friends, some of whom married very famous people (and then divorcing them, usually).


So, Lou Levine, the conductor of the Met Opera in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center, is now accused of doing what all famous, powerful men do: have sex with underlings and assorted others, male and female, young and old.  Levine had homosexual sex with a boy during the opening years of the AIDS crisis.  Having male sex was very common in the social circles of the High Arts back then, I knew a number of people doing this back then due to my involvement with them all.


When Nureyev danced at the Met back then, he paid a lot of attention to a neighbor of mine who was in the ballet corps and took him out and spent time with him.  I knew about this because the young man came to my brownstone in total happiness, telling me with great excitement, what happened to him.  He was dead from AIDS within a year.  Broke my heart.


Worse, Nureyev knew he had AIDS.  I talked to reporters at dancemagazine and I wanted them to explain to everyone, there is this hideous epidemic and should be warned to not have unprotected sex. Oh no!  Scary stuff is dangerous!  And Nureyev is a god!  Well, he was actually evil.  I am telling this sad story because people do crazy, wild things without regard of the dangers or pain it can cause.  Worse, people who pretend to be moral are often evil monsters.  We have many sex fiend monsters and it is not unusual for people with lots of popularity and power to be evil and do evil.


The news stories in the Daily Mail illustrates how the hidden sex world of the elites is now blown wide open and now people in the street can see all these people naked, so to speak.  Here is an article from today’s Dance Magazine:

And look here!  In the NAKED sex crazed world of ‘dance’ we have this article:

OMG, they are also now doing the ‘report the sex fiends’ thing!  HAHAHA.  So, the dancers are…and look at my link’s pictures that are mostly of dancers being virtually identical to strippers and I did stripping…I had more clothing on when I finished dancing than these ‘ballet dancers’ have at the beginning of their sex dance jobs!…HAHAHA.  So, these near-naked, writhing on the stage and studio young dancers should report if anyone touches them sexually????  This is lunacy.


The entire reason they are on stage is due to…SEX!  Since day one of the history of dance on stage…it is all about sex!  The artists loved painting these ladies 130 years ago because they showed their legs when women hid even their ankles.

This neo-Victorianism is spreading rapidly:

Balthus is this totally evil man who painted little girls being killed, cut to pieces and other ugly crimes, he was a total psychopath and thus, the King of the Hip in NYC and celebrated as fantastic and wonderful and he made me sick and I don’t want to see his ‘art’ and as a victim of child rape, I am enraged that hipsters made him their god but now this will bite them all in the rear, but then, they prayed to the Gods for this so I hope they are all humiliated and go down in flames today.

Now on to the mainstream news which attacks the First Lady nearly nonstop.  They whine about everything, after praising Michelle no matter how weird or ugly she looked, they react like demons seeing the Cross when this former professional fashion model wears a designer gown.  Here is what the media thinks are good dresses:

From three years ago, Berlin Fashion Week models take to catwalk in see through wedding dresses | Daily Mail Online reported. This ‘fashion fad’ has grown tremendously since then with every big fashion ‘designer’ doing the ‘naked look’ showing breasts and vaginas.  The media hates Melanie’s dresses but love these see through stuff that the rich and elites are wearing in public.  The Empresses’ New Clothesline is a middle finger to the face of middle class women.


Women in the slums go about in a debased fashion and don’t care but women in the middle class have to have more class than that and it is now confusing for their daughters to see celebrities near naked while mom isn’t.  The dangers of dressing like this are ignored or played down.  The elites have private guards and secure homes.  Regular women don’t have this.


All of this is something began by our Real Rulers who decided to play this sex game with us, pointing out that Trump is a sex fiend…and they know him personally…while forgetting that THEY are all MUCH WORSE!  Note how Mr. Clinton, while his wife yapped about Trump sex, was pissed off when Trump would force him to see victims of Clinton sex sessions.

Bill Clinton’s Reaction To Trump Bringing His Sex Victims to Debate – YouTube

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