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BREAKING: Arrest made in case of missing three-year-old girl

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 09:51 AM PST

The case of a missing three-year-old child in Jacksonville, North Carolina, who was reported missing early Monday morning, has taken a devastating turn, as the FBI announced shortly after midnight Saturday morning that the child’s mother’s boyfriend has been arrested, and they believe the child is deceased.

Kristy Hunter, the mother of little Mariah Woods, reported her little girl as missing around 6 a.m. Monday morning, claiming she last saw the child when she checked on her in bed at 11 p.m. Sunday night. Hunter’s boyfriend, Earl Kimrey, 32, claimed he saw the little girl around midnight when she woke up, and said he told her to go back to bed.

Police said there was no sign of forced entry and no signs of a struggle in the home. An Amber alert was issued for the child later Monday evening, and local, state and federal authorities launched a massive hunt for her.

Mariah’s biological father, Alex Woods, said Tuesday that he did not believe the story his ex-wife and her boyfriend were telling, noting that it was strange no one else in the house heard anything if she had been abducted. The child’s brothers, who are also Woods’ sons, also live in the home.

“Someone just walked right up in there, grabbed the 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream?” Woods said Tuesday. “Nobody heard anything? Four people in the house, two adults and two kids, someone just comes up and snatches the baby and walks out?”

Friday night, Earl Kimrey was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies in connection with the child’s disappearance.

According to arrest warrants filed in Onslow County, Kimrey is charged with obstruction of justice and concealing the child’s death, and states that he failed to notify authorities of Mariah’s death,  secretly disposing of her body, knowing she did not die of natural causes.

Another warrant sheds more light on the matter, and charges Kimrey with larceny, breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods. It alleges that Kimrey broke into a home on High Hill Road in Jacksonville sometime between 11 p.m. Sunday and 3:30 a.m. Monday, where he stole two dressers.

According to one local reporter: Deuties also say: “Due to evidence gathered during the course of the investigation, it is believed that Mariah is deceased. At this time, the location of Mariah is unknown. The searches will now shift to a recovery process.”





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Facebook’s “Fact Checker” posts Fake News about Trump, Facebook does nothing about it

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 09:05 AM PST

Written by DML
Two weeks ago, the Facebook super gods who hide behind computer screens and keyboards blocked me from my Facebook account without any explanation.  As a result, I was blocked from the 1.350 million people who count on me for news and political insight.

I never received any warning from Facebook; I never received an explanation; I never received a response from Facebook that answered my questions regarding why I was shut out.   They just turned me off — and — that — is — that.

Finally, I contacted a guy in the ads department at Facebook.  He told me that I was put in Facebook jail for “posting high levels of spam from my personal account.”  Problem is, I don’t use my personal Facebook account.  In other words, it was total BS.   I was blocked by Facebook because I am a conservative — that’s my take.  There is no other explanation.

That said, imagine what would happen to my account if I posted a fake news story that caused the stock market to drop 350 points.  Is it not fair to say I’d be immediately blocked from using Facebook — banned forever, never allowed to return?

Last year, Facebook partnered with a number of left-leaning news outlets that provide the social network with fact-checking services.  One of those partners is ABC News.

On Friday, Facebook’s fact-checking partner reported fake news that caused the stock market to drop significantly, thus, causing incredible losses for investors worldwide.

The false report was made by ABC News Friday morning.  But ABC News didn’t correct themselves until Friday evening even though it was clear by afternoon that the story was fake.

The false report stated that Donald Trump, as a candidate for president, had asked General Michael Flynn to make contact with Russians.  It wasn’t until “World News Tonight,” that ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross said the source who had provided the initial information for his story later told him that it was as president-elect, not as a candidate, that Trump asked Flynn to contact the Russians.

ABC News was called out by its fellow liberals for posting false information.

This is what CNN wrote: “ A tweet published by ABC News containing reporter [Brian] Ross’ initial report had been retweeted more than 25,000 times and embedded in various news stories online before it was deleted. ABC posted a “clarification” on Twitter around 8 p.m.

An ABC spokesperson said the network learned its initial reporting was incorrect at about 6 p.m. The network spokesperson declined to say if any disciplinary action would occur.”

Another far-left reporter, John Swan from Axios, slammed ABC News: “If we want to regain trust in the media, we need to admit our mistakes, especially when as consequential as this. Retract. Correct. Don’t use weasel words to describe it.”

As CNN points out, “this is not the first high-profile mistake by [ABC] Ross. In a 2012 piece for which he apologized, he suggested that the Aurora shooter may have had a connection to the Tea Party.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook page operated by ABC News remains in full operation today.

Why is ABC News not in Facebook jail?  How and why does Facebook keep them on as a “fact-checking” partner?  Talk about double standards!

ABC News is one of the kings of fake news.  For example, last year ABC News was snagged for staging a fake crime scene in Ohio.  Facebook did nothing about it.  ABC News wasn’t removed as a partner — the ABC News Facebook page remained in full operation.

I think it’s safe to say Facebook has no desire or plan to hold their liberal pals  over at ABC News accountable for publishing fake news that causes financial losses to investors big and small.  I think this proves that Facebook is driven by a political ideology that clouds their ability to operate fairly.

I think Facebook is obsessed with shutting down conservatives.  I support my statement by revealing how Facebook could potentially add salt to the wound.

In October, it was reported by two far-left organizations (Think Progress and Media Matters) that Facebook is speaking with “The Weekly Standard” to be the first “conservative news outlet to offer fake news fact checking services.”   Although I do not trust anything published by these outlets, their complaints should not be overlooked.

If these reports carry validity, keep in mind that The Weekly Standard’s editor-in-chief is Bill Kristol, also known as one of the strongest “conservative” voices in the #NeverTrump movement.

If Facebook is offering open arms to Kristol, could it be because The Weekly Standard puts out headlines like these:
“Our Trump Problem” — May 29, 2017
“#NeverTrump: A Final Word” – Nov 7, 2016

Also keep in mind that on August 5, 2017, it was reported that Bill Kristol initiated informal talks about creating a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.” According to the Washington Examiner, Kristol told The New York Times that “We need to take one shot at liberating the Republican Party from Trump, and conservatism from Trumpism.”

In short, ABC News puts out fake news about Trump and Facebook turns a blind eye.  Thus, is it not “Kristol-clear” that Facebook wants to shut down conservative voices who tell the truth, and elevate the words from those fake news outlets who want the Trump movement to die a quick death?

The SEC needs to get involved because in my opinion this is a clear violation of Facebook’s responsibility to its shareholders.    Please share this on Facebook if you agree.

The post Facebook’s “Fact Checker” posts Fake News about Trump, Facebook does nothing about it appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Trump: No collusion (VIDEO)

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 09:04 AM PST

On Saturday morning, President Donald J. Trump stated once again that there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In his first public comments regarding former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn’s guilty plea, Trump was asked if he’s concerned about what Flynn might tell the special council. Trump replied, "No I’m, not. And what has been shown is no collusion. No collusion. There’s been absolutely no collusion. So we’re very happy."

Trump made the brief comments as he was departing for New York, stopping to speak to reporters on the White House South Lawn.

Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying the FBI about his communications with the Russians. Flynn agreed to cooperate with the investigation headed by special council Robert Mueller. He said that he made contact with Russians, which members of the president’s inner circle had knowledge of, and which had even been direct by someone in that circle.

As reported by the Associated Press, prosecutors say the following events occurred:

  • In December,  a "very senior member" of the presidential transition team, assumed to be the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, directed Flynn to contact foreign government officials about a U.N. Security Council resolution regarding Israeli settlements. Those contacts included Russia. The Obama administration was not going to veto a condemnation of an Israel planned settlement expansion, a change from past practice. The Trump team spoke on behalf of the Jewish state and Kushner was working to defeat that U.N. vote.
  • Flynn contacted Sergey Kislyak, then Russia's ambassador to the U.S. During his conversation with Kislyak, Flynn allegedly requested that Russia vote against or delay the resolution. Even so, the rest of the 15-nation council, including Russia, voted unanimously against Israel.
  • On Dec. 29, Flynn spoke with a senior Trump transition team official, assumed to be KT McFarland, who served as Flynn's deputy national security adviser. Flynn and McFarland discussed what to tell the Russians about sanctions that had been imposed the day before by the Obama administration. At the time, McFarland was with Trump and other senior advisers at Mar-A-Lago in Florida.
  • Following the discussion with McFarland, Flynn called Kislyak and requested that Russia "not escalate the situation" and respond "in a reciprocal manner."
  • Flynn reported the conversation with Kislyak to transition team members. Days later, Russina President Vladimir Putin opted not to retaliate.

Flynn says he lied to the FBI about the details of his communications with the Russians. He is the first official of the Trump White House to be charged so far in the criminal investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. Flynn becomes a potentially key government cooperator as prosecutors work to determine if the Trump campaign and Russia worked together to tilt the 2016 election in Trump’s favor.

Thus far, experts agree there has been no evidence of collusion.


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How to DONATE to support DML News

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 08:29 AM PST

DONATE TO THE NEW MEDIA PLATFORM.  You can donate with credit card by clicking the DONATE button directly below, or by sending a check (instructions at bottom of this article).

Dennis Michael Lynch, CEO of DML News, is building a new media platform that provides the American people with honest news and hard hitting opinions. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you are tired of the mainstream media and cable news outlets dictating the narrative, telling half-truths, and avoiding the stories and news reports that need to be told, then we ask for your help.

DML will ensure this new media platform merges citizen journalists with seasoned pros like himself.  The platform will leverage the power of social media and citizen journalism, and it will include websites and apps that offer written content, videos, LIVE news reports and documentary films.

Dennis Michael Lynch understands media, politics, and business.  As an acclaimed filmmaker, TV host, and political commentator, he understands the false narratives that fuel the news, and he rejects what takes place behind the closed doors at major media companies.

As an award winning entrepreneur who has employed approximately 1,000 people over the past 25-years, DML has created successful businesses of various kinds.  He understands how to take an idea and grow it into a reality.

DML won the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for E-Business in 2000. He knows how to scale a digital business and make it successful overnight. He also knows that the best way to grow a platform of this kind is to get the “People” involved. Therefore, in order to keep the platform pure and free of special interest groups, he is asking for you to donate to this new media platform.

To donate, click the yellow donate button at top of the page. Or you can mail a check.
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ABC issues correction: Trump did not tell Michael Flynn to contact Russians as a candidate

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 07:41 AM PST

ABC News issued a correction of an explosive report from Friday. Widely shared and attributed to the news organization, the report said that as a candidate, President Donald J. Trump told former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to contact Russians. Now, they’ve corrected that report to indicate that the instruction came after Trump was elected.

The detail is significant, because after the election, President Trump would have been preparing to begin his administration.

On Friday, ABC aired a special report given by Brian Ross shortly after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. According to Ross, a Flynn confidant had revealed "[Flynn] is prepared to testify that President Trump, as a candidate … ordered him, directed him to make contact with the Russians."

At the announcement that the president had prompted Flynn to make the contact in the month before he took office, the financial markets reacted poorly. The Dow fell more than 350 points before recovering and closing at only 41 points lower than when it opened.

The video clip of Ross’s announcement was shared by ABC News in a tweet, and was retweeted over 26,000 times. Significantly, however, the report was not included in ABC News’ written report online, notes The Hill. The omission raised questions about the veracity of the claim.

Then ABC issued a “clarification,” with Brian Ross reporting on ABC News' "World News Tonight" on Friday:

"A clarification tonight on something one of Flynn's confidants told us and we reported earlier today. He said the president had asked Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign. He's now clarifying that, saying according to Flynn, candidate Trump asked him during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hot spots, and then after the election, the President-elect asked him, told him to contact Russia on issues, including working together to fight ISIS."

That clarification turned into a correction (see tweet below) after many news outlets balked. Jim VandeHei, the CEO and co-founder of Axios, tweeted, “Astonishing. The story moved markets, set off a media frenzy, suggested worst possible outcome. This is called a massive correction, or retraction, not clarification.”

ABC News deleted the original video clip from their Twitter account when it issued the "clarification,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday for lying to the FBI in January about his contacts with Kislyak. Flynn was charged on one count of "willfully and knowingly" making "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements" to the FBI and is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The post ABC issues correction: Trump did not tell Michael Flynn to contact Russians as a candidate appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

DML: I Respond to 3 Interesting Emails You Sent Me

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 07:23 AM PST

Each day I receive a flow of messages from our readers.  Today, I respond to 3 of them and post a photo.

To send me a message, please use the submit news button.  To send a photo, email it to WeTrustDML@gmail.com

ISLAMIC CAMPS in the US, why is it not a concern to FBI that these compounds exist everywhere in America but a compound in Waco Texas was burned out.  I would think Islamic compounds are a larger threat than David Arkesh…..sorry not sure of spelling. Glad your back!

DML: Make no mistake, the FBI keeps on eye on these camps.

I have come to the conclusion that the Democrats aren’t leaders. Every time there is something coming up for a vote, If Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi are against it (which they are for everything) the rest of the Democrats ffollow suit. They don’t have minds of their own to vote for whats in the best interest of the people. They are all FOLLOWERS not LEADERS. The Republicans are fighting for the people. That is why they are always yeses and nos. Until they come together. If the Dems are so worried about healthcare and taxes then why can’t they come to the table to put in their suggestions? They need to work together instead of resisting everything.

DML:   There’s a flip side to your argument.  Democrats stick together, Republicans toss their own under the bus.  In my opinion, they all suck.

DML, don't know if you've seen any of my past messages. But I lost my husband of 27 yrs after 6 yrs of a failing heart on the morning after Thanksgiving 2016. This Nov. 25th marked 1 yr.
Last year, I spent my Christmas with you and your family. You gave me such needed joy with smiles and some laughs. Your darling daughter is so cute and showing her gifts. I Thank You and your family for letting us into your home last year and now to spend some time with you again this year.   Both my children have their own plans and so I am facing Christmas alone for the second year in a row.  I am so touched by your family's willingness to share you again this year so people like us do not feel alone.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am now looking towards Christmas Day with you and any of your family who joins you. Sincerely a loyal follower from the 1st day I heard you on your W&T before the election.  Note: you and your family will be getting a package from me. It's my specialty treat I make every year and is reserved for only special people and family.  with much gratitude and Love for the entire Lynch family, Lisa.

DML: Please do not feel obligated to send us anything!  That said, yes, I announced last night that after speaking with Mary about it, I will be staying behind on Christmas evening as she and the kids go to my in-laws.  Reason being I want to give our readers and viewers who are alone on Christmas a trusted friend to share the evening with.  That said, later this month we will put up a form on our website which will allow you to send me a phone number to call on Christmas.  The LIVE program will start on or around 6pm EDT.

YOUR PHOTO.  To pick up a TEAM DML blanket, click here.

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Stunning details surface about jurors in trial of Kate Steinle’s killer

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 07:19 AM PST

When the jury announced their “NOT GUILTY verdict Thursday evening, in the trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the nation was stunned. Now even more stunning revelations have come forth about the jurors who served in the trial.

The jury who determined the fate of an illegal alien who murdered an American citizen was mostly millennials, with three of them being immigrants, and they were not sequestered during the trial.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an illegal alien from Mexico who had already been deported five times, and was being sought by immigrations officials for his sixth deportation, shot and killed Kate Steinle as she walked on a San Francisco pier with her father on July 1, 2015.

Garcia Zarate had just finished serving jail time for illegal re-entry into the United States, and was taken to San Francisco's jail in March 2015, where he faced a charge for selling marijuana 20 years earlier. However, the sheriff's department in San Francisco, which is a sanctuary city, dropped the marijuana charge and set Garcia Zarate free, ignoring a detainer ICE had against him for deportation.

All information about Garcia Zarate’s immigration status and his many prior deportations was reportedly not allowed to be discussed in the trial.

Breitbart has published a report referring back to an article in the Mercury News with information about the jury immediately after they were selected. The article states, “Six men and six women — three of whom are immigrants — will decide the fate of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.”

The article further states, “The jury is a cross-section of today's San Francisco. It includes at least two tech workers, most jurors appear to be in their 20s and 30s. Their educational degrees range from Ph.D.'s to high school diplomas.”

A jury made up of mostly millennials from “today’s San Francisco,” a sanctuary city, including three legal immigrants, determined the fate of the man who who murdered American citizen Kate Steinle.

The Mercury News stated in their report that it was unknown which countries the three immigrants were from, but it stated that the jury “will not be sequestered.”

During the jury selection process, the judge simply “cautioned them not to read news reports about the shooting or do any research about it.”

Gonzalez asked them at one point if they would be comfortable coming to a verdict opposed by President Trump. The prosecution and defense attorneys also asked the potential jurors their opinions on police, crime and guns.

The post Stunning details surface about jurors in trial of Kate Steinle’s killer appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Top Republican says Dreamers to be protected by March — DML responds

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 06:52 AM PST

Written by DML
Americans voted Trump into office to make America great again.  At the same time, Americans voted Republicans into Congress to support Trump’s agenda.   So, what are we getting in return?

Although the Senate tax bill passed on Saturday morning, most Americans will not see a major improvement if the bill is signed as-is by the president.  For example, if you’re a small business, you can actually see your taxes increase depending on where you live in the US.

That said, one top Republican is now touting what’s next:  DACA.

DACA, which is amnesty for illegal aliens, was put in place by President Obama in 2012.  It permits the approximately 800,000 “Dreamers” who were brought to the US by their law-breaking parents to live freely in the US without fear of deportation.  Under the DACA program, a “Dreamer” can obtain a drivers license and legally work in the country.

In September, Trump rescinded the program and gave Congress six months to find a fix.

According to The Hill, one Republican lawmaker is now vowing that Congress will create a solution before the March 2018 deadline.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told The Hill’s Saturday HillCast that he is confident the “Dreamers” will be protected.  "I believe at the end of the day, we'll come to an agreement together to get that done," he said.  McCarthy predicted a bipartisan resolution for Dreamers by March.

This week, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Ohio) said a DACA fix remains a priority for his conference. "We think we have to have a DACA solution," he told NPR.

Without action by Congress, DACA recipients will begin to lose their protections from deportation on March 5.

In other words, by March 2018 American voters are likely to have a new tax plan that saves them approximately just $100 per month.  But will they really be saving anything?  Truth is they’ll end up spending those small savings on the incredible increases on health insurance premiums because Obamacare remains in place.

So lets put it all together.

Kate Steinle, and victims like her are tossed under the bus each and every day because the country is overloaded with illegal aliens. Congress and the White House can’t figure out a way to repeal and replace Obamacare.    But by March 2018, Congress and Trump will make it so Americans see almost 1 million illegal aliens get some sort of amnesty? Wow. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t vote for DACA to become law.

If DACA is passed on any level, make no mistake what this means long term:

– More illegal immigration will flow into the United States in the months to come because the word will go out to Mexico and Central America that the Trump administration is softening on immigration.  

– Your local tax burden will go up because your school taxes will increase to help pay for the new influx of illegal aliens coming into the country.

Keep in mind what DACA means to the 2018 election.   History shows that mid-term elections draw less voters than presidential elections.  I believe many Republican and Independent voters who pulled the lever for Trump in 2016 because of his tough campaign rhetoric on immigration will not show up to vote in November 2018 if DACA passes.

Combine those facts with a very hungry pool of Democratic voters who will come out in force to strip the GOP of their dominance in Congress, and it could be that Trump will never get another bill passed.  Meaning, Obamacare will remain in place and your new “tax overhaul” will feel like you found lint in your pocket.

‘Make America Blue Again’ will become a reality if DACA is legalized on any level.

The post Top Republican says Dreamers to be protected by March — DML responds appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Walmart busted for selling ‘antifa’ clothing items

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 06:27 AM PST

Walmart is literally selling clothing for those who wish to identify with the “antifa” leftist extremist group, whose violence protests and disruptive activities the FBI has classified as “domestic terrorism” as far back as April 2016.

When the antifa group goes on their protest rampages, damaging property, burning cars and busting store windows, along with attacking conservatives and Trump supporters at events and rallies, they all come dressed in black and white.

Walmart is now selling black and white clothing with the antifa slogan right across the front. A search on the Walmart website for “antifa” comes back with “Showing result for “anti fa“. Search instead for “antifa“.”

As if there was any doubt, the description on the clothing item itself confirms the intent of the items. “This ‘We Are Anti Fa’ white AC/DC style font sweatshirt will express yourself inside the opposition to the ideology, organizations, governments and people from the far right (fascism). Just remember to keep creating a better world,” it states.

To drive the point home further, the shirts are all made in Mexico, according to the item description.

About this item

Enjoy this Anti Fa Rock Style White Font Men’s Black Sweatshirt. Made in Mexico of 100% COTTON for all-day comfort and features a Anti Fa Rock Style White Font graphic on the front. A ribbed crew neck and a straight hem complete the Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, which is available in color Black. This ‘We Are Anti Fa’ white AC/DC style font sweatshirt will express yourself inside the opposition to the ideology, organizations, governments and people from the far right (fascism). Just remember to keep creating a better world.



The post Walmart busted for selling ‘antifa’ clothing items appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Comey sends out cryptic quote after Flynn pleads guilty

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 05:51 AM PST

Former FBI director James Comey, who was fired by President Trump, sent out a Twitter post Friday morning, which is clearly in response to the guilty plea of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, although no names are mentioned.

As is his normal practice, Comey does not refer to the incident directly. Instead, he quoted a Bible verse about justice.

“"But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" Amos 5:24,” he tweeted.

He also shared the same verse in an Instagram post, with a picture of a flowing stream of water over rocks.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI, and is now cooperating fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation about alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In a statement Flynn released after his guilty plea, he said he is “now working to set things right.”


"But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" Amos 5:24

A post shared by James Comey (@comey) on

The post Comey sends out cryptic quote after Flynn pleads guilty appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Nancy Pelosi issues scathing statement against Senate bill

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 05:45 AM PST

In a 51-49 vote at 2am on Saturday morning, the U.S. Senate passed a sweeping tax reform bill that puts President Trump closer to his first legislative victory since taking office.

Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee was the only member of the GOP to vote against the legislation.  In doing so, he joined every Democrat in the Senate who voted against the new measure.

To understand the Senate bill, click here for an easy-to-understand breakdown.

Unhappy with the new legislation, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California issued a scathing press release calling the bill a “scam.”  Her statement is below:

Pelosi Statement on Senate Passage of GOP Tax Scam

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released this statement after Senate Republicans forced through their tax scam bill without a single Democratic vote:

"In the middle of the night, Senate Republicans sealed their betrayal of the American middle class.  Tens of millions of middle class families will be slapped with a tax hike, just so Republicans can give a handout to their billionaire and corporate donor friends.  Americans will face higher premiums or go uninsured, watch more good-paying jobs shipped overseas, and see crushing debt dumped onto their children's future.

"The GOP tax scam is a product of haste, carelessness and cruelty.  It was written on Republicans' trickle-down delusions, not analysis or facts.  It was written first and foremost for the wealthiest one percent, not middle class families trying to get ahead.

"Next week, House and Senate Republicans will go to conference on the GOP tax scam, but the only responsible choice is to scrap these monstrosities and start over.  Every Republican who votes to preserve the utter cruelty of this legislation will be forced to answer why they chose to inflict a devastating tax hike on their own constituents.  The American people will continue to make their voices heard and hold Republicans accountable for the GOP tax scam."

It is important to note that roughly 95% of income growth went to the top 1% during Obama’s time in office.  

The post Nancy Pelosi issues scathing statement against Senate bill appeared first on Dennis Michael Lynch.

Senate passes tax bill at 2am, Trump tweets in victory. Here’s what’s in the bill:

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 05:30 AM PST

The Republican-heavy U.S. Senate voted early Saturday morning (2amEDT) to pass a tax overhaul bill.  The final vote was 51-49, with every Democrat in the Senate and one Republican, Bob Corker (TN) voting against the legislation.

So now there is a House bill that has passed, and a Senate bill that has passed.  The next step in the process starts Monday when key members of the House and Senate will meet and negotiate a final bill to be presented to the president for a signature.   If it happens, it will be the first big legislative victory for Trump since taking office in January.    (See Trump’s tweets below).

Here is what you need to know about the bill:

Property Deductions: The Senate bill does away with federal deductions for state and local income and sales taxes, but allows deductions of up to $10,000 in local property taxes.

Personal deductions: The Senate bill nearly doubles the standard deduction level to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for couples.

Other deductions: The Senate bill retains the current limit for the home mortgage interest deduction to interest paid on the first $1 million of the loan. It also preserves the deduction for medical expenses not covered by insurance (the House bill does not), but ends deductions for moving expenses and tax preparation.

Why does the Senate bill allow deducting medical expenses not covered by insurance?Because the Senate bill also repeals ObamaCare's individual mandate, while the House bill does not. If ObamaCare's mandate is repealed, thousands of people are expected to drop their health insurance, raising the cost for those who decide to keep it.

Personal exemption: The Senate and House bills both eliminate the $4,050 personal tax exemption.

Tax brackets: The Senate bill keeps seven tax brackets, but reduces them to 10, 12, 22, 24, 32, 35 and 38.5 percent. (The current brackets are 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, 35, and 39.6 percent.) The House measure condenses seven brackets to four: 12, 25, 35 and 39.6 percent.

Small Businesses: The Senate bill allows owners of so-called "pass-through" businesses (that is, businesses that aren't incorporated) to deduct 23 percent of their earnings, and then pay at their personal income tax rate on the remainder.

Corporate tax rates: The Senate bill cuts the current 35 percent rate to 20 percent, but the Senate bill calls for a one-year delay in dropping the rate.

When will tax reform take effect? President Trump and congressional Republicans have vowed to make tax reform law before the end of the year. If that happens, most of the provisions would come into force on Jan. 1.

Will tax reform affect my returns for this year? The changes will not have any impact on your taxes for 2017.

So when will the differences in the bills be hashed out? The House will vote on a motion to go to conference on the tax bills on Monday evening. The Senate is expected to vote on a similar measure soon after. Congress is scheduled to adjourn for its Christmas break on Dec. 15, but House Speaker Paul Ryan has said he will keep the House in session beyond that date if necessary to get tax reform passed.

President Trump tweeted about the Senate vote after it was complete:  “We are one step closer to delivering MASSIVE tax cuts for working families across America. Special thanks to Mitch McConnell and Chairman for shepherding our bill through the Senate. Look forward to signing a final bill before Christmas!”

In a second tweet hours later, Trump wrote: “Biggest Tax Bill and Tax Cuts in history just passed in the Senate. Now these great Republicans will be going for final passage. Thank you to House and Senate Republicans for your hard work and commitment!”

courtesy of Fox News

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Democrat senator goes on rant over handwritten notes on tax bill (video)

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 07:06 PM PST

As the senate debated over the GOP tax reform bill Friday evening in preparation for the final vote, Democrats had a new problem in addition to their overall opposition to the bill – it included handwritten revisions on one page that they couldn’t even read.

It has become such a big issue they’ve started their own hashtag: #Page257.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) stood up on the Senate floor and expressed his frustration as he held up page 257 of the bill with notes written all over it, saying it was so hard to read, it couldn’t even be submitted as an exhibit in the Congressional Record.

“Can I enter it as a graphic or artwork, or something like that?” he asked sarcastically.

Durbin shot out several pictures of page #257 on Twitter, along with his complaints over the matter:

I just tried to enter this page into the record so the American people know the kind of stunts @SenateGOP is pulling to pass their tax scam. But they wouldn't take it. Why? Because NOBODY can read it. #Page257

Senate Republicans can't put their own scribbled amendment into the record because nobody can read it. This is what we're voting on. #Page257

“UPDATE: Senate Republicans are so desperate to pass their tax bill tonight that they’re now making handwritten changes to their already handwritten changes…” Sen. Durbin tweeted out Friday night.

The Washington Examiner noted that Democrats themselves are well known for adding handwritten notes on bills, and did the same when they were trying to pass the Obamacare bill a few years ago.

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi posted a picture of the handwritten revisions on her Twitter account as well, saying, “.@SenateMajLdr, if you are so intent on forcing middle class families to foot the bill so your donors can have a tax break, at least have the decency to find a printer.”

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) went on a rant in a video he posted on Twitter, saying he just got the 479-page bill 20 minutes ago, and “we’re supposed to vote on it in a couple hours.” He pointed out the handwritten revisions and said, “This is your government at work!”

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Homeowner outraged after discovering Amazon delivery driver’s dirty stunt in driveway (video)

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:03 PM PST

Amazon is in hot water with one customer in Sacramento, California, after his home surveillance camera caught a woman who was delivering an Amazon package going to the bathroom in the street in front of his home.

Nemy Bautista told Fox News that he came home on Tuesday to find what he thought was a pile of dog poop in the street at the end of this driveway.

Bautista checked his security camera to find out what dog was responsible, and discovered it wasn’t a dog at all, but a woman driving a U-Haul truck who was delivering a package from Amazon.

The shocked customer filed a complaint with Amazon, where a customer service representative apologized, and informed him that the delivery woman was not a direct employee, but a third-party contractor. Amazon offered him a gift card, and later said the driver has been “dealt with.”

Bautista told Amazon to come clean it up, and said a supervisor showed up about five hours later, but brought nothing to clean up the mess with.

"He didn't have any gloves, nothing," Bautista said. "He grabbed a plastic bag to scoop it up and I told him he couldn't put it my [trash] can. I didn't want it stinking up my can."

The next day, Bautista had another Amazon package delivered, but that delivery person didn’t turn out to be much better, as the camera caught him throwing the package from about 20 yards out, where it landed in a rose bed.

Amazon had to apologize again. "I have lived in this home 17 years and I have never had back-to-back incidents [like these]," Bautista said.

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Congressional Hispanic Caucus denies membership to Hispanic Republican

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 05:13 PM PST

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus denied membership to a Hispanic Republican earlier this month because the group needs to make strategic plans to fight the White House, according to chairwoman Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D., N.M.).

Grisham said caucus members made the decision “because we have strategies about the White House and we have strategies about those committees and we have strategies about who we are working on and leveraging with and that creates an environment where we stop having strategic discussions.”

Representative Carlos Curbelo (R., Fla.), who was refused membership, was rejected for “not sharing the members’ values.”

“The CHC isn’t just an organization for Hispanics; it is a Caucus that represents certain values,” Grisham said. “This vote reflects the position of many of our members that Rep. Curbelo and his record are not consistent with those values.”

While they claim to be bipartisan, the caucus does not have any Republican members currently and has not had one for two decades.

Joanna Rodriguez, a spokesperson for Curbelo, made a statement to Business Insider, accusing the caucus of “playing games.”

“While the Congressional Hispanic Caucus continues to play petty partisan games, Congressman Curbelo has already said he would support any DACA solution that comes to the floor,” Rodriguez said.

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus puts partisan politics first and the advancement of Hispanic Americans last,” she said. “Congressman Curbelo stated before the Caucus and in multiple statements to media that he was more than willing to sit out of strategic/partisan conversations Democrats wanted to have. Again, the CHC has exposed itself as an organization that embraces discrimination and bigotry and that promotes the segregation of America’s Hispanic community.”

Grisham said she would “revisit” membership policies next year, using “tense policy issues” to assess Republicans.

“The most important issue for the end of the year and seeing where key Republicans are gives us an opportunity to think about shifting the way in which we have strategies in this Congress,” she said.

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Documents released on Mike Flynn charges

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 04:40 PM PST

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, was Trump’s national security adviser for three weeks after Trump’s inauguration.

He resigned after information surfaced that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about the nature and content of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.

Friday, he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with the Russian ambassador, and promised “full cooperation” in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

ABC News published a report Friday, claiming that a source said President Trump asked Flynn shortly after the election if he would “serve as point person on Russia,” and reach out to Russian officials to develop strategies to jointly combat ISIS.

The confidant told ABC News that Flynn felt abandoned by Trump in recent weeks, and told friends about the decision to make the plea deal within the last 24 hours as he grew increasingly concerned about crippling legal costs he would face if he continued to contest the charges.

"Flynn is very angry," the confidant told ABC News Friday. "He will cooperate truthfully on any question they ask him."

According to court documents, Flynn stated he was contacting Russian officials “at the direction of senior transition team officials.”

On the same day President Obama imposed tough sanctions on Russian facilities in the U.S. for meddling in the election, the Russian ambassador called Flynn to talk about them. After that conversation, Flynn consulted with a senior transition team official who said that Trump "did not want Russia to escalate the situation," so Flynn relayed the request directly to Kislyak.

President Trump has stated he did not order Flynn to contact Russian officials, said communicating with foreign officials was part of his job. "No, I didn't direct him," Trump said in February, "but I would have directed him if he didn't do it, okay?"

Other reports published Friday surmised that the “senior transition official” who instructed Flynn to reach out to the Russian official was President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, but that has not been confirmed.

Flynn served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration, from July 2012 to August 2014. He is now cooperating in an investigation against the Trump administration.

Below are the official court documents released Friday.

Criminal Information

United States of America v. Michael T. Flynn – Criminal Information by ABC News Politics on Scribd


Plea Agreement

U.S. v. Michael T. Flynn: Plea Agreement by Pete Madden on Scribd


Statement of the Offense

U.S. v. Michael T. Flynn: Statement of the Offense by Pete Madden on Scribd

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Report reveals staggering costs to U.S. associated with illegal immigration

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 04:39 PM PST

According to a new report in the Washington Examiner, taxpayers are paying millions in costs associated with illegal immigration.

Taxpayers in all 50 states have paid a total of $89 billion in costs associated with illegal immigration, the report states. In California alone, $23 billion was spent, according to a new map of the costs. The costs include added expenditures for education, welfare, law enforcement, and medical care. To protect, defend, provide for and litigate illegal migrants, Californians pay more than twice as much as the next closest state, Texas, where the price tag is $11 billion

One famous California case involves the shooting death of Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who should have been deported. Prior to the killing, Zarate was protected by San Francisco’s sanctuary policy and released from custody. He was acquitted of the killing, despite admitting to shooting her.

In the Examiner’s report, they cite the website HowMuch.net, which worked with figures from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which found that when federal costs are included, the national price tag skyrockets to $135 billion a year.

Source: HowMuch.net

The list of the top 10 states, which pay out the most for illegals immigrants, is:

1. California – $23,038,125,353

2. Texas – $10,994,614,550

3. New York – $7,489,141,357

4. Florida – $6,290,429,108

5. New Jersey – $4,466,838,574

6. Illinois – $3,220,767,517

7. Georgia – $2,487,719,503

8. North Carolina – $2,437,965,113

9. Maryland – $2,378,996,947

FAIR's data also includes the amount of taxes the country gains from illegal aliens. State and local governments reap about $3.5 billion, while nationally they contribute $15 billion.

HowMuch notes that the numbers “only look at the net expenditures that states spend on illegal immigration, and they say nothing about other contributions to the economy.” However, they also point out, “Any way you cut it though, whenever states are spending billions of dollars on something, it's worth taking a hard look at where the money is going and why.”


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Hillary Clinton mocks fired NBC host Matt Lauer over “karma”

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 03:33 PM PST

Following the abrupt firing on Wednesday of NBC’s TODAY host Matt Lauer over sudden allegations of sexual misconduct, defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ironically remarked that Lauer’s firing was “karma.”

Speaking at an event promoting her book, “What Happened,” in Philadelphia Thursday night, Clinton was asked about Lauer’s firing, and gleefully responded, "Every day I believe more in karma.”

Reporting on the event, Philly Voice said Clinton referred further to several "men who shaped the narrative" during the campaign who have since been sidelined in the wave of sexual harassment scandals.

"The only way we will get sexism out of politics is to get more women in politics," she said, adding that she has encouraged many young women to get involved with politics, sometimes by running for office themselves. 

Clinton has a bone to pick with Lauer, and even wrote about him in her book. She has long been angry with him over his handling of an NBC News forum during the presidential campaign, just two months before the election. Lauer questioned Clinton entirely too much for her liking regarding her email scandal, while critics claimed he “went light” on President Trump during his interview.

Clinton wrote in her book, “I was ticked off. NBC knew exactly what it was doing here. The network was treating this like an episode of ‘The Apprentice,’ in which Trump stars and ratings soar. Lauer had turned what should have been a serious discussion into a pointless ambush. What a waste of time.”

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