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Video Of Dad’s Last Minute Save Of His Son On A Bike Has The Internet Fighting

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 07:38 AM PST

Dad makes a nice save, but that’s not what the internet wants to discuss

Usually, when a video goes around showing a parent making a quick-thinking move to save his or her kid from disaster, the internet is quick with praise.

But as with everything online, there is often a flip-side to that coin, wherein someone finds something they don’t like. A video of a dad teaching his kid to ride a bike is a perfect example.

The video was posted to Reddit with the title “True Dad Reflexes,” and it shows a dad helping his kid ride a bike without training wheels. Dad is seen helping his son get his balance on the bike before pulling back and letting the kid rip. The boy quickly gets a hang of it, picking up speed and riding down his quiet suburban street as Dad jogs beside him.

The kid has no trouble staying upright, but his steering skills could use some work, as he beelines it for a pick-up truck that’s parked on the side of the road. Dad sees what’s about to happen and turns on the jets to catch up to his son and pull him off the bike just before he crashes into the back of the truck.

Dad hero moment 

Solid dad win, right? The post has over 6000 upvotes on Reddit in less than a day, but the upvotes aren’t the story. The comments are.

People underneath the video are talking less about the dad’s just-in-the-nick-of-time save of his son and more about the fact that the kid isn’t wearing a helmet.

Comment from discussion True dad reflexes.

Wow. It’s not every day a Canadian throws shade. Helmet-gate is a thing!

It wasn’t always this way.

Back in the day, as recently as the 80s (please allow me the “recently”), if a kid was wearing a helmet while riding his bike, he was an anomaly.

But times have changed. The comments under this video are proof of that. Which isn’t to say they’re wrong. Kids – and adults – should be wearing helmets. Reddit has a few horror stories illustrating why.

Yikes! Parents and kids should definitely be aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet. At the same time, the kid didn’t get hurt, helmet or not, because his dad was there to save the day. That wont always be the case, and hopefully the near-wreck will convince father and son to get the proper safety gear.

Until then, though, I think this time we can let it slide and give pops props for his reflexes.

Strangers Step In To Help Grieving Boy Replace Dad’s Prized Possession

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 05:29 AM PST

The special beanie meant the world to this little boy

We could all use a little faith in humanity right about now. And the story of Colin Haas, a missing hat, and the kindness of strangers just may be exactly what we need.

Colin Haas is a 12-year-old boy with autism from Frackville, Pennsylvania who lost his stepdad, Scott, when he died from a brain aneurysm in December, 2014. Colin and Scott shared a love of music, especially the band Weezer. Scott’s most prized possession was a Weezer beanie he wore all the time, unless that is, Colin stole it from him first.

After he died, Colin’s mom, Megan, said the beanie was the only thing the little boy wanted to hang on to remind him of his stepdad. But Megan told Scary Mommy that the family moved a little less than a year later, and somehow the beanie was lost in the shuffle. “I believe that it was mistakenly put into the donation boxes,” she said.

Image via Megan Haas

For the next few years, Megan said she searched everywhere she could to try and replace the beanie for Colin but the hat had unfortunately been discontinued. She said a friend suggested turning to social media to see if anyone could help. That’s when she posted on Facebook the story of the missing hat, hopeful someone would have an idea on how she could replace it for her son.

“I wanted to see if any locals had come across it in thrift stores or sales sites, since we believe it was donated,” she explained. But the power of social media took over and Megan said her post was shared all over the world, with strangers reaching out offering to even hand make a replacement for Colin.

Image via Megan Haas

She said that “in itself would have been enough for Colin, just knowing that people from all over the world were trying to help.” But the family was in for more good news when the Weezer fan club happened across her post. Megan said that’s when club members decided to put together a care packages for Colin, which included among all the memorabilia, the exact same beanie his stepdad always wore.

Colin is one amazing kid. Megan told us after Scott died he even put on a comedy show to raise money and hire a lawyer to change his last name to Scott’s. “He’s a very determined kid,” his mom said. “And being autistic has not hindered that, while he struggles in certain aspects of his life, he pushes through.”

Image via Megan Haas

The appreciative mom said she has always taught her children the importance of kindness. “You do good things, spread love into the world, and it will come back ten fold,” she said. This experience proved that for her family and restored their faith in people at a time when they all needed it the most. “I just want people to realize that with everything going on in the world today not to lose hope in humanity.”

Amazon Delivery Driver Caught On Video Sh*tting In Customer’s Driveway

Posted: 02 Dec 2017 05:04 AM PST

The Amazon delivery driver can be seen defecating on surveillance video

In today’s “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” news, an Amazon delivery driver was caught defecating right in front of a customer’s house thanks to surveillance camera footage. It’s not exactly the kind of delivery you hope is covered in your Prime shipping, huh?

Nemy Bautista of Sacramento came home from work one day this week to what for all intents and purposes appeared to be dog poop at the end of his driveway. So he consulted his own security camera footage to see who the poop-etrator was — because nothing grinds gears harder than people who don’t clean up after their dogs, amirite?

Welp, instead of a human not cleaning up after a dog, Bautista discovered it was a human…not cleaning up after herself. YIKES.

In the footage, it’s pretty evident that she’s doing what any woman on earth will instantly recognize as “The Pop And Squat.” There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t pulled this move during a sporting event or concert tailgate — because beers add up and we don’t have the luxury of relieving ourselves as easily as men do. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

But let it be known: The Pop And Squat is reserved exclusively for discreet public peeing. Because, as we all know, women don’t poop in public. For whatever reason, many of us would rather die than let out so much as an audible toot in a public restroom. So this woman either ate something that left her feeling especially urgent, or, much like Colorado’s “Mad Pooper,” she just DGAF. At all.

As for Bautista, he says he was “shocked” by what he saw and immediately contacted Amazon to complain. "I wanted Amazon to come clean it up," Bautista told Fox News.

A representative for the company apologized and said the delivery woman was contracted by a third-party Amazon hired to make those deliveries.

"This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers," Amazon said in a statement to Sacramento news station KCRA. Apparently there won’t be any more Drop A Deuce Delivery services from this woman, at least not on Amazon’s dime — they relieved her of her position faster than she could relieve herself. BA-DUM TSSHH!

As for atonement, Amazon sent a delivery supervisor to, uh, scoop up said poop and offered Bautista a gift card. Here’s hoping it was a big one — the gift card, I mean.

If This Is A Witch Hunt, Hand Me My Damn Broom

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

As 2017 comes to a close, so do the careers and reputations of many powerful men after allegations of sexual misconduct have come to light. While many fans are shocked and saddened by the revelation that someone they admire has engaged in predatory behavior, some dismiss any claims as a — wait for the hot buzz phrase! — witch hunt.

Well, if this is a witch hunt, just imagine me wearing a pointy hat and hopping on a broom. Call me a wicked witch seeking justice and accountability on behalf of courageous victims of sexual misconduct because the hunt is ON.

The culture of sexual misconduct has been tolerated and allegations have been dismissed for far too long. When a victim has been brave enough to tell their story, they've been ignored and doubted. Countless victims have been denied any form of justice and have only suffered further affliction when their own character and integrity has been scrutinized.

While victims have endured negative consequences for simply sharing their stories, the alleged crimes of sexual predators are often forgiven and forgotten by the public. Predators have worn their positions of power like bulletproof vests while allegations of their transgressions have bounced off of them for years. Often the victims are not even given acknowledgment or PR-perfect apologies. They've just been ignored.

I certainly do appreciate that so many people have a newfound sense of wokeness and enlightenment in 2017. But, lest we not forget, way back in 2016, there was a powerful man who had a decades-long history of sexual misconduct, and after a tape revealed him actually bragging about his little habit of routinely committing sexual assault, we not only ignored it, we digested this information and then elected him to our nation's highest office.

Sexual misconduct is not new, but accountability for sexual predators in this capacity is. Refusing to tolerate sexual misconduct in a culture that has largely endorsed it is a big leap. I understand it is a difficult transition.

Some of these allegations have been shocking and deeply disappointing. At this rate, we may run out of Netflix programming. Members of all political parties have been culpable. Even the snoozefest on weekend public radio has been infected.

As disappointing as missing your beloved TV personality may be, please understand that your pain is incomparable to the complex feelings targets of sexual misconduct experience. I know it's a real bummer to find out someone you thought you liked did terrible things while they weren't entertaining you. But the victims of sexual misconduct matter more than your watch list.

If you already feel daunted by the seemingly constant breaking headlines of more and more people disgraced by allegations of predatory behavior, I would recommend you find a way to get past that. Do some meditation yoga. Take some deep breaths. Do whatever you need to do to cope with the breaking news that yet another person is stepping down or has been terminated due to sexual misconduct allegations.

This is only the beginning. If you want it to end, the predatory behavior must end. We must continue to demand accountability. We must denounce behavior that is not acceptable. We all must change and do everything we can to foster a culture where people can lead successful careers and lives without the constant threat of sexual misconduct.

Don't allow yourself to remain complicit and just dismiss this movement as a witch hunt. Be better…or I might just cast a spell on you.

24 Tweets That Stress-Eaters Will Relate To On A Spiritual Level

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

I do this cute thing where I complain about how much weight I’ve gained, then turn around and eat all of my feelings.

After the kids fall asleep, it’s game on. I feel all of the stress and guilt of motherhood crash over me, and I basically numb myself one carb at a time. From chocolate to cheese, I’ll eat ’til I don’t feel sad or stressed anymore. I’ve never met a complex carbohydrate I didn’t like.

I know it’s unhealthy, so please spare me your workout accountability groups and sadness shakes. I’m not here to change my lifestyle, I’m here to complain and share hilarious tweets. So here are some that all stress-eaters will understand:

First, the obvious:

And when we say our relationship with food, we mean all of the food:

We start stress-eating in the morning:

And continue all throughout the day:

We love candy:

We love cheese:

And we especially love potatoes:

Really love potatoes:


Okay, we might be borderline-obsessed with potatoes:

We love food so much that we sometimes confuse it for joy:

But not without remorse:

And not without consequence:

Sometimes we can get a little bit defensive about it:

And we might even try to deny it:

But that’s because people assume they understand the struggle:

When really it’s just part of who we are:

Actually, we’re messes on the outside as well as the inside:

Being a stress-eater changes your views on a lot of things, like romance:

And parenting:

And communication:

And relaxation:

And “eating healthy”:

But at least we’ve enjoyed ourselves:

It’s true that we eat to numb our feelings, but at least we’ve experienced a full life. (See what I did there?)

It is unhealthy? Probably? Do I hate my body some days? Absolutely. But have you looked outside recently? The world is burning. So for now, I’m indulging in every slice of happiness I can get my hands on. And I am shoving that slice of happiness directly into my face.

Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

When I was a child, the stockings were, by far, my favorite part of Christmas morning. I loved the surprises and the kitschy baubles. And there is nothing more tantalizing than seeing a row of overstuffed stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle or banister. Just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This year, you can make sure everyone on your list has a nice, plump stocking to delve into with the Scary Mommy Stocking Stuffer Guide.

1. Hershey’s Chocolate Assortment


Let’s start with the good stuff — chocolate! Make sure to snag a few of Hershey’s assortment bags, so you have some to put in your secret stash.

2. Star Wars Flashlight


Raising the next Jedi? This is the perfect little flashlight for the Star Wars lover in your family. It will make playing under sheet forts so much more fun and is great for reading in the dark.

3. Blind Bags


Blind bags are a surefire hit, especially since kid loves watching other people open them on YouTube, right? Whether your kid likes PJ Masks, Justice League, or Hatchimals, there is something for literally everyone. And at just a couple dollars, why not buy a few?

4. Fidget Cube


Fidget spinners might be this year’s most annoying trend, but the tiny and colorful fidget cube are the perfect solution. Kids can toss them in their pocket or play with them on long car rides across the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house — without annoying the crap out of us parents with the constant spinning and whirring. Win-win.

5. Lip Smacker Collection


Nostalgia alert! These Lip Smacker chapsticks are peak childhood, and they smell (and taste) just as good as we remember. In fact, you just might want to grab a set for yourself so you aren’t sneaking them from your daughter.

6. Light-Up Squishy


These are balls parents will actually let their kids play with in the house. Squishes are all the rage right now, and the neon lights are sure to make late-night games of catch a lot more fun for everyone.

7. Melissa & Doug Design Your Own Bracelets


Calling all craft lovers! Not only can kids use these to create handmade gifts for relatives, but after the thrill of the holidays has worn off, and parents are trying to figure out how to survive another snow day, they’ll be the cure to mid-winter boredom.

8. Sushi Go!


Family game night is always fun, and Sushi Go! is a fun, fast-paced game everyone will enjoy. We love popping some popcorn and playing round after round with some good music in the background.

9. LEGO Minifigures Mystery Bags


What holiday would be complete without some Legos? Sure, they’re painful AF to step on in the middle of the night, but they keep kids occupied for hours, and they never go out of style. These mystery bags are cheap enough that you can add a few minifigures to your kid’s collection without going broke.

10. Play-Doh Confetti Compound


This isn’t just any Play-Doh kit — each can contains confetti Play-Doh in fun colors and includes cookie cutters for hours of playing.

So, with just a few clicks, you can make sure everyone’s stocking is bulging with lots of exciting, fun things to play with on Christmas morning and all winter long.

We’re Doing A ‘No Toy’ Christmas This Year

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

The amount of toys that my 19-month-old child has acquired is ridiculous. Every room in our home has toys — whether it be the stuffed animals in our living room, the play kitchen in the kitchen, or the toys she has left in the guest bedroom — they are literally everywhere.

She has so many toys, she doesn't even notice when they are missing. She’s overwhelmed with toys. It takes every fiber of my being not to toss them on a daily basis. And this is why my child is having a "No Toy Christmas" this year.

Ashley Gillis

I Am No Scrooge

The truth is, I love Christmas, Santa, giving gifts to those you love, traditions, Christmas Eve Mass. The whole season is a magical time of year.

And I want to preserve that by not overdoing it with gifts.

I don't have any intention of being Scrooge. I don't like calling up family members and sending email reminders about the fact that my child is barred from receiving toys this year, but it has gotten that bad.

Her toy box is a volcano of toys — some that have never been touched. Her room has more toys in it, and we rarely play in her room. To be honest, my child spends more time playing in my Tupperware drawer than playing with her actual toys. It's so ironic I have to laugh.

That is why I don't want our friends and family spending their hard-earned money on more toys that my child won't play with.

Instead of Toys

To be honest, instead of getting my child more toys — excuse my French, but crap — that they have no interest in, get them something that is more meaningful.

Some ideas for a "No Toy Christmas" are:

– A pass to the aquarium where we can take our kids to walk around. We can learn about fish, enjoy the trails, and spend time as a family. Heck, maybe you can even take them by yourself one day and give me and their dad a break.

– I will never complain about books or other educational gifts. My little girl loves Angelina Ballerina or anything Elmo is a hit. I also swear by these flash cards I used to help my daughter learn her words.

– Movies. Classic Disney movies are always a favorite and will stand the test of time. Some on our list this year are Beauty and the BeastThe Princess and the Frog, and the Lion King.

– Clothes always go over well with Mom and Dad! Kids go through them like water, so you can never have too many.

– I will never say no to things my kids can play with outside. Whether it be a bike, a wagon, chalk, or a water table, all of it will be used and well-loved.

But most importantly, make memories with my kids. They aren't going to remember the toys you buy them, but they will remember the memories you made. They'll remember how Nana came every year to take my daughter to the Nutcracker, the time you got them tickets to a theme park and took them for an adventure, or the baseball game you went to. These are the things that last a lifetime, not material objects.

This Christmas

I don't want my children growing up with an overabundance of toys. But I do want them to grow up with an overabundance of love and memories.

Instead of rushing out to buy a bunch of toys to stuff under the tree this year, I will be ensuring that my child has the things they need and memories to last.

So, while we put out cookies for Santa, hang our stockings by the chimney with care, and read The Nightmare Before Christmas, I can't wait for my daughter to have her second Christmas. But what I am most excited about is my daughter receiving gifts that will last a lifetime in the form of memories, books, and adventures to come.

Ashley Gillis

Our Daughter Nearly Drowned, And This Is What I Learned

Posted: 01 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

Back in September, I experienced the most painful 30 seconds of my entire life — I thought our 2-year-old daughter was dying. My husband screamed a sound I've never heard him make. We saw her floating facedown in a hot tub, and the sheer horror of seeing her blue, seemingly lifeless body pulled out of the water is an image I'm fighting to move past.

Fortunately, this story has a very happy ending, and I feel comfortable sharing a few details about my daughter Hadley's accident. I don't want this post to be emotionally charged but rather an objective story that hopefully serves as a cautionary tale.

Our weekend was a happy one. It was our family's first visit to my in-law's new home in Austin, and we spent nearly the entire Labor Day weekend frolicking in their in-ground pool. On Sunday, we ate lunch downtown and then headed back home to swim for a couple hours. We planned to grill steaks that evening and then pack our car in preparation to make the long drive back home on Monday.

Around 5 p.m., Hadley got out of the pool and said she was done swimming. She started taking off her arm floaty (puddle jumper) but needed help from a family member. I okay-ed it being taken off of her because we were ready to get out, dry off, and eat dinner.

Allowing that floaty to be taken off of her was my misstep.

Jamie and my father-in-law (who was holding our infant) were now out of the pool, and my mother-in-law and I were about to follow.

Then a casual new conversation started that involved all four adults. The men were out of the pool and looking into the pool talking with us women. There's a hot tub off to the side that flows into the pool about 6 feet (possibly less) from where we were all standing. Without anyone noticing, Hadley climbed up onto the side of the hot tub and silently slipped under the water. (My heart is pounding as I type this.)

It was completely silent. It was fast. We were right there. We've beaten to death the topic of how she could have possibly slipped passed four adults who were feet away, but she did. If this doesn't make any sense to you, I can relate. It doesn't to me either. It was so fast. In a snap, I almost lost my baby.

I'd read article after article this summer about how drowning doesn't look anything like the movies, so I was ready to prevent it from happening to my girls. Jamie and I even talked two days prior to our trip about extra pool precautions we were going to take and talked about our anxieties. She'll keep her floaty on. There will be an extra lock on the door that my in-laws installed. We will never take our eyes off of her for a second. We will have constant conversations with her about not going near the water unless she's with an adult.

We truly thought we had all of our bases covered.

So, Jamie grabbed Hadley out of the pool. He immediately threw her on a small patch of grass and started performing CPR. He did chest compressions. He's did mouth-to-mouth. She wasn’t responding. He continued. Nothing.

At that point, I felt as if I was out of my body. I can’t explain the things that were going through my mind. I was so hysterical that my brother-in-law was holding me back as I screamed because all I wanted to do was hold her. It was horrific.

She finally coughed blood, but we both naively thought her body was releasing fluids and that we were losing her. Then she coughed a lot more blood and then water twice. That was the best moment of my entire life.

Jamie threw her to me, I held her, and he took over the 911 call. The paramedics came, and I begged them to tell me she was okay, but they wouldn't do that. They just kept telling me that she was in good hands and that she was alive.

They took over, and I grabbed a cover-up from my suitcase to throw over my soaking wet swimsuit, made arrangements with Jamie for him to follow the ambulance so that he could take care of Sadie (I'm breastfeeding and needed her with me), and we were off.

I remember being in the ambulance and seeing two police SUVS flying behind us, and I asked the paramedic if they were with us (obviously they were). I just couldn't believe it. It was all just hitting me that this was real life.

We were taken to Dell Children's Hospital in Austin and were in the ER for nearly four hours. We had to repeat what happened 100 times, and she had to go through so much testing. I remember one doctor looking Jamie square in the eye and telling him that he absolutely saved her life.

We both just lost it.

We were moved to a room that was a level down from ICU, and they let Sadie,our 4-month-old, stay with us.

Though the doctors told us almost immediately upon arrival that Hadley was going to survive this and likely didn't have severe brain damage, I didn't breathe my first real sigh of relief until she accepted a popsicle around midnight. She loves popsicles, and she was "with it" enough to want that beautiful purple popsicle.

Erica DeSpain

Twenty-four hours later we were released and sent home to attempt to move on with our lives with our healthy miracle.

Erica DeSpain

Wearing donated clothes the hospital kindly gave me so I could get out of my wet swimsuit

Erica DeSpain

My hero and miracle

Erica DeSpain

If I could have seen this ordeal coming, I would have prevented it. Despite everything we tried to do to keep her safe, we just couldn't see this coming.

We've had a lot of time to talk, cry, and reflect on what happened and how to make sure this never happens to our children or hopefully any child again.

These are some of our takeaways:

1. Having more adults — more sets of eyes — around can be beneficial or hurtful.

It's easy to identify that I let my guard down when it came to watching Hadley closely because I assumed there were more people to watch her, but in this situation, more people actually served as a distraction. We all thought someone else was watching her.

2. Floaties don't take the place of knowing how to swim.

When Hadley was wearing her floaty, she knew she could be independent. We assume she forgot that she didn't have it on anymore. Our new goal is to get her and her sister in private swim lessons and teach Hadley to swim before we're around a pool again. Jamie and I hope this will lessen our anxiety the next time we're around a pool. She will be 3 in two months, so we hope this is attainable by next summer.

3. CPR certification and recertification is important and a skill that's actually lifesaving if done correctly and with confidence.

I had no idea that Jamie goes through annual CPR recertification with the Army, so I was blown away by his ability to jump into action and do what he knew needed to be done. The last time I was certified in CPR was 4 1/2 years ago, and it's scary to think how much of those skills I've forgotten. It's not knowledge that's applied often, so forgetting it is easy. I'm now signed up for an upcoming CPR certification class that also includes other general lifesaving skills, like the Heimlich maneuver, because I want to be confident in my ability to help my family and others around me if a situation arises so out of the blue.

In the days following Hadley's accident, I received many messages that looked like this:

Erica DeSpain

And this:

Erica DeSpain

And this:

Erica DeSpain

These messages mean everything to us.

4. We've all heard that we should be kind to everyone we meet because you never truly know what battle those around you are silently fighting.

The day after we got home from the hospital, I took Hadley to her dentist appointment. We waited for about 20 minutes before we were called back, so Hadley played with a few other girls in the toy area. I remember tears filling my eyes as I watched two older girls so gently playing with my daughter. These sweet girls, probably around age 5, had no idea what this little girl had just gone through, and they brightened her morning by including her in their playtime. I also thought about the other moms and dads all around me. While they played on their phones, I sat there with my heart pounding with anxiety that just wouldn't let up after the accident. To them, I surely appeared put-together. Inside, I felt ready to sob at the drop of a hat. This whole ordeal has reminded me of the aforementioned lesson. Be overly kind and give grace.

5. Neither of us can imagine how we would have gotten through those first 24 hours without our faith in the Lord.

When we didn't have the right words to share with our family, friends, doctors, or even each other, we closed our eyes and just prayed. We prayed alone. We prayed together. We read Bible verses to find rest, peace, and hope. This situation has strengthened our faith, and we're so thankful that God never left our sides.

For more information regarding swim safety and CPR, visit ISR swim lessons and the American Red Cross.

To nurse Jackie at Dell Children's Hospital: We are still convinced that you're an angel on earth. Thank you for caring for our family and loving us through the couple hardest days of our lives. You deserve all the recognition in the world for the genuine way you take care of your patients and their families. Thank you for being you. We will never forget you.