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Get PSYCHed Today! 🍍 PSYCH: THE MOVIE Premieres Tonight on USA! 🍍

Today's THE DAY
🍍 PSYCH Fans 🍍
have been waiting for!
Grab a "pineapple" snack (Psych fans will totally get that!) and enjoy a Christmas themed Psych Movie, after 3 LONG years since the last new Psych episode!

Psych: The Movie - image courtesy USA

Here's what you can expect to see in PSYCH: THE MOVIE...

When an assailant targets one of their own, Shawn and Gus get wrapped up in helping a friend solve a mystery!

NOTE: This Movie is rated TV-PG L,V. As a mystery, there will be some Violence, and apparently, there will be some Language in this, as well, according to it's rating. I have not pre-screened this film; therefore, I cannot tell you what age group this movie is appropriate for. Please use your own discretion in deciding if this film is suited for you or your family's viewing.

Psych: The Movie - image courtesy USA

From everything I have read about this new Psych movie, the creators of this series have gone that extra mile to create this new movie they hope will fill in the gaps of anything that was left unsaid or undone during the course of the Psych series 8 seasons run on USA, from 2006 to 2014. After this film tonight, they are hoping to make more movies, but I'm sure that will depend greatly on the response from this Christmas movie!

Plus, for all of you Hallmark fans who may be unfamiliar with Psych, or for those of you Hallmark fans who already love this somewhat wacky, but completely unique, entertaining series... Psych is coming to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on January 1st - with a Marathon starting at 9 AM! From there, Psych can be seen weekdays on HMM at 3, 4, & 5 PM! (For all of you Monk fans, don't worry, Adrian Monk is back, too, weekdays at 6, 7, & 8 PM!)

Psych: The Movie - image courtesy USA / Entertainment Weekly

Also, Hallmark fans, in Psych: The Movie, you will see Corbin Bernsen, from Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance, Love's Complicated, etc..., and Maggie Lawson, from My Favorite Wedding, and the upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movie, Christmas Encore!

Psych: The Movie Premieres Tonight!
Thursday, December 7, 2017
at 8pm/7c. on USA

If you need a Christmas Encore of Psych...
You're in luck -
it repeats tonight at 11pm/10central.

🍍 Grab your pineapples! 🍍