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Kylie Jenner: Naked and Pregnant on Instagram!

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 11:14 AM PST

As you've almost certainly heard by now, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

Of course, she has yet to confirm the news, which is strange and sort of impressive, considering she usually documents every second of her life on social media.

Kylie hasn't stopped posting, mind you, she's just very strategic in terms of what she reveals to her followers.

Kylie Jenner: Nude and Pregnant?

Yes, the never-ending flood of Kylie nudes has continued unabated, despite the fact that Kylizzle is several months pregnant and doesn't want anyone to know.

As you can see, Kylie has discovered a way to go naked and wear fur, much to the chagrin of PETA.

She's also discovered that it's possible to post a risque selfie while leaving the state of one's uterus a total mystery.

Fans, of course, were upset that they didn't get the big reveal they've been waiting for.

"She's hiding her pregnancy," one fan commented.

"Let us see the baby bump, Ky," another implored.

Kylie Jenner: Naked, Possibly Pregnant

Of course, there's always the possibility that these pics of Kylie aren't even recent.

She promised fans "exclusive Polaroids" that were taken "over the past few years," which means these snaps could've been taken long before Kylie got knocked up.

Obviously, Kylie knew that fans would assume the photos are more recent, so this could be her way of addressing reports that she's insecure about her appearance these days.

Insiders have claimed that Kylie is feeling extremely self-conscious these days, which is why she's been keeping such a low profile.

Fortunately, she's reportedly not letting those feelings impact her health.

Kylie Jenner and Red Lips

Sources close to Kylie say she's usually meticulous about her diet, but has thrown caution to the wind recently for the good of her baby.

"Kylie's not holding back when it comes to cravings," one insider tells Life & Style.

"She's eating for two, and she's eating whatever she wants. Waffles and pancakes for dinner are not unusual."

Sounds like Kylie is enjoying her newfound dietary freedom.

However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy breakfast for dinner.

That's just delicious all the time.

Danielle Mullins: Did Mohamed Jbali Accuse Her of Having an STD?!

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 11:16 AM PST

We've now met a host of new 90 Day Fiance stars, but will there ever be a couple as memorable as Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins?

Just because they're over doesn't mean that this pair of exes didn't impact each other's lives. Danielle brought Mohamed to the US.

And Mohamed? Well, he may have started a rumor that Danielle Mullins has an STI. At least, that's what fans seem to think.

Mohamed Jbali and Danielle

Recently, Danielle Mullins has faced some disappointments, as what looked like the birth of a brand new reality career was cut short.

Mohamed Jbali has moved and is keeping busy, claiming that he's working long hours but nonetheless finding the time to stir up controversy with his fans.

We'll get into all of that in a moment, because it's the couple's past that we need to talk about at the moment.

See, Mohamed is from Tunisia and Danielle Mullins is from the US.

Danielle is quite a bit older than Mohamed, but the couple became engaged and even got married.

Though we know that Danielle and Mohamed did have sex -- once, to consummate their marriage -- the topic of intercourse was a contentious one within their relationship.

Danielle Mullins, No Glasses Selfie

Basically, Mohamed Jbali would refuse to bang Danielle. And Danielle was not shy about demanding that he perform his husbandly duties.

The two eventually decided to divorce, though Danielle initially sought revenge against Mohamed by seeking an annulment (hoping to send him back to Tunisia).

Mohamed accused Danielle of having an unpleasant body odor, which he cited as the reason for his disinterest.

But was there more to it than a lack of attraction?

Let's look at some of Mohamed Jbali's words:

"Of course I'm not going to have sex with someone like Danielle," he said to her.

Hurtfully, he added:

"You do not know that nobody will have sex with someone like you!"

Danielle & Mohamed

(Note that many of Danielle's 90 Day Fiance castmates were horrified by the way that Mohamed spoke to her, even if they didn't particularly like Danielle)

But here's the question:

Was Mohamed Jbali body-shaming Danielle for her appearance and alleged odor, as many of us first assumed?

Or was he referring to a sexually transmitted infection?

Let's look at some of his other words for clues.

Before his stunned and horrified castmates, Mohamed declared this about Danielle Mullins:

"She has a problem that she needs to see a doctor before she has sex with someone."

We don't know if he's referring to vaginal odor (which can happen when your pH balance gets out of whack -- genital odor is normal to a degree, but if it's unpleasant, there's probably something wrong).

Mohamed Jbali: Paranoid?

He may have been referring to something else.

Some people don't use the right deodorant products, or don't use them as directed. Or they don't shower or they don't wash their clothes enough. All of those can cause, well, some unpleasant olfactory experiences.

It's also possible -- and we are in no way saying this to shame Danielle Mullins' figure -- that Danielle may have had something extraordinary.

Sometimes there are tiny growths, such as yeast, that produce distinctive smells. These growths thrive in the folds of fat that some people may have (different people carry weight differently, of course).

However ... the line directing her to see a doctor makes a number of fans wonder if perhaps Mohamed believes that Danielle has some sort of STI.

Perhaps, strange as it may sound, Mohamed felt that accusing her of being foul-smelling and unattractive was the less damaging option than explaining his real fear.

Fans are divided over what might be causing Danielle's alleged odor. Some believe that Mohamed may have fabricated it altogether.

Regardless, we hope that Danielle has seen a doctor. Even if it's just a pH balance issue or a hygiene problem, nobody deserves to go around while smelling unpleasant.

And if she doesn't have a smell, well, the doctor can confirm that for her.

Mohamed Jbali in Blue

As for Mohamed Jbali's current whereabouts ... he has moved to Texas.

He's told fans that he's now working 13 hours a day ... which is odd.

Jbali also claimed that he never misses a day at the gym. If both are true, it sounds like he's sacrificing some serious sleep.

(It's not odd that he's needing money, even putting in that many hours, because 90 Day Fiance stars are paid shockingly little.)

Mohamed also stirred up some controversy recently by making some statements that sounded homophobic to a number of fans. He later made multiple posts explaining that he's fine with LGBT fans.

Danielle Mullins, in the mean time, lost out on a makeover show over alleged mental instability.

It sounds like Danielle was uncooperative and it's been alleged that the management company with which she's now parted ways was making some intrusive demands about her social media use.

Honestly, many feel that Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins had dishonest intentions about getting engaged and married in the first place.

Some think that the couple deserved each other. We don't know that we'd go that far.

House of Cards Season 6: It's a Go! Sans Kevin Spacey!

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 10:30 AM PST

The show will officially go on for Netflix.

It just be a different show than originally planned.

wright image

In the wake of Netflix severing ties with Kevin Spacey, due to the actor being accused of gross sexual misconduct, the streaming company has now announced that House of Cards is NOT going off the air.

A sixth season will, indeed, air.

It simply won't feature Spacey's Frank Underwood in any capacity.

Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed the news on Monday.

About a month ago, Netflix made the decision to part ways with Spacey after actor Anthony Rapp came forward with a scathing allegation:

He claimed Spacey attempted to sexually assault him in 1986, back when Rapp was only 14 years old.

The supposed incident took place in Spacey's apartment and ended with Rapp fending off a drunken Spacey and fleeing the residence.

Since then, follow-up reports have stated that staffers on the House of Cards set also had many issues with Spacey, as some said he created a "toxic environment" with his inappropriate comments and actions.

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood

Shortly afterward, Netflix released the following statement:

"Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey.

"We will continue to work with [producer Media Rights Capital] during this hiatus time to evaluate our path forward as it relates to the show​."

Just how will Frank Underwood be written off the series?

It's unclear at this time.

However, House of Cards unintentionally set itself up make Wright's Claire Underwood the lead character on last season's finale.

In an eerie bit of foreshadowing, the episode ended with Wright's newly-installed President looking into the camera and declaring: "It's my turn."

Kevin Spacey on Stage

It really will be now.

Spacey has said nothing about being removed from the show that earned him many Emmy nominations.

He did, however, speak out right after Rapp's accusations went public.

"I have a lot of respect and admiration for Anthony Rapp as an actor," he wrote on Twitter, expounding as follows:

"I'm beyond horrified to hear his story. I honestly do not remember the encounter, it would have been over 30 years ago.

"But if I did behave as he described, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years."

He added:

"This story has encouraged me to address other things about my life...

"As those closest to me know, in my life I have had romantic relationships with both men and women. I have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life, and I choose now to live as a gay man.

"I want to deal with this honestly and openly and that starts with examining my own behavior."

According to a rep, the embattled actor "is [now] taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment."

Sounds like he needs it.

Duggar Family Accused of Faking Religious, Political Beliefs

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 09:53 AM PST

For nearly a decade now, the Duggars have served as TV's most high-profile representatives of a certain segment of the US population.

Television execs rarely seek out arch-conservative, evangelical middle Americans when they're casting reality shows, but the Duggars found a way to secure a massive platform for their highly controversial views.

Jim Bob, Michelle, Jessa and Ben Seewald

In a sense, they snuck their beliefs in through the backdoor.

At first, it wasn't the Duggars extremist views that TLC was interested in, but rather their proclivity for breeding.

After a one-off documentary special generated controversy and attracted higher ratings than expected, the Duggars were contracted for a full series.

Originally entitled 17 Kids and Counting (the Duggar brood would eventually balloon to an astonishing 19 children), the show proved to be a surprise hit for the network, and it ran for 10 seasons before being canceled as a result of public outrage over the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

It's a testament to the popularity of the show that TLC proved reluctant to cancel it amidst a child molestation scandal, and then gave the Duggars another shot with a spinoff series entitled Counting On.

Duggars in 2014

Of course, from Octomom to the Bates family of Up TV's Bringing Up Bates, large families are not in short supply, but none has captured viewers' imaginations quite like the Duggars.

The reason for this seems to be that their shows are less about the size of the family, and more about the devoutly religious--some would say cult-like--way in which Jim Bob and Michelle raise their children.

It's safe to assume that were it not for their ultra-conservative views, fans likely would have lost interest in the Duggars long ago.

Some "hate-watch" to gawk at bizarre dress codes and "courtship rules," while others take copious notes in hopes of pursuing more godly lives.

But the head honchos at TLC likely aren't interested in the reasons that viewers keep tuning in, so long as the ratings hold steady.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo

Of course, these days, most Americans are savvy enough to know that "reality TV" is a misnomer, and the events depicted in shows like Counting On are frequently scripted and staged.

It's impossible to determine just how inaccurate our impression of the Duggars is, but it's a certainty that not everything we've seen on their various series is true to life.

We at THG have conducted interviews with former associates of the Duggars who spoke of behind-the-scenes conflicts, compulsive spending, and other aspects of life on the Duggar conduct that are carefully hidden from public view.

With a few notable exceptions--the Josh scandals being the most obvious--the Duggars have done an impressive job of sweeping the more unsavory aspects of their lives under the carpet.

As their children grow up and leave the nest to start families of their own, however, new cracks seem to appear in the family's carefully-constructed facade every day.

Duggar Family Photo: A Classic!

And the situation has left some fans wondering if the Duggars are really as conservative as they seem.

The questions began around the time that Jinger Duggar started wearing pants in photos posted to social media.

As fans of the family know, Duggar women are required to wear long skirts at all times, even when playing sports or engaged in other outdoor activities.

Jinger's public act of defiance was seen by many as a brazen rejection of the values with which she was raised.

Seemingly inspired by her younger sister's example, Jessa Duggar began wearing pants shortly thereafter.

Just last week, Jill Duggar mounted a minor rebellion of her own, sporting a small facial piercing on Instagram.

Jill Duggar Nose Piercing

Obviously, these are all very tame and innocuous acts of disobedience, but coupled with other indications that the younger generation is more liberal than expected--Ben Seewald's support of the Black Lives Matter movement being a prime example--the sisters' public rejection of their well-known dress code raises a lot of questions about just what the Duggars believe.

Jim Bob Duggar has worn many hats over the years, but for the past decade, he's been first and foremost a media mogul.

He has a keen sense of what sells and what viewers want from him.

He also knows that it's his family's extremist belief system that keeps viewers coming back, not the astonishing size of the Duggar clan.

To be clear, the Duggars are almost certainly far more conservative in their religious and political views than just about any other family on television.

But it seems more and more as though they're concealing their more moderate views for the sake of preserving their public image.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most famous family.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry: Is Their PDA Breaking Royal Rules?

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 11:03 AM PST

Stories like Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry aren't just wonderful news -- they're a welcome distraction to many from the endless horror show that is 2017's political news.

But there's something about their engagement that stands out among other royal engagements, and it isn't Meghan's race or nationality or status as a divorcee.

And, though it's a break from tradition, it's actually incredibly sweet.

Ultimate Relationship Goal

People have noticed that MegMar and Prince Harry are affectionate in public. They hold hands.

You know which royal couple we basically never see holding hands?

William and Kate. And, for that matter, Elizabeth and Phillip show an even greater degree of restraint.

This isn't a Duggar fertility cult scenario where royal couples are restricted to side-hugs or anything like that. 

But there is a tradition of showing a "stiff upper liff" and displaying a degree of severity when you're a member of the British Royal Family.

To a lesser degree, British culture is relatively reserved compared to US culture when it comes to emotional displays.

In both cultures, hand-holding is typically reserved for children and for romantic couples.

(In most places, hand-holding between adults is reserved for straight couples in particular, as there are many places where same-sex couples remain at risk of random acts of violence)

And, in appearance after appearance, Harry and Meghan seem to be almost physically inseparable.

The Ring

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier explains to People the significance of their public displays of affection.

"While Prince Harry and Meghan holding hands is atypical for royal engagements, it is a seemingly welcomed gesture to show unity and celebration of their engagement period."

That's a polite way of saying that perhaps Meghan Markle's American-ness is rubbing off on Harry.

"There is no protocol that says they can not show affection on official engagements, and this gesture makes them relatable and lovable to the public."

Relatable is a good word, there.

"Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands at a royal engagement is a refreshingly modern approach to their new role both as a couple and as representatives of the royal family."

Many people feel that, just as British taxpayers should not be funding the royal lifestyle and security, those born to royal families should not have their entire lives predetermined by their birth.

Basically, Prince Harry holding hands is a welcome sign that the times are changing.

"It is rare to see royal couples holding hands on official outings."


Prince William and Kate Middleton Laugh

(Notice that William and Kate are friendly and cordial, but stand apart during most public appearances. Honestly, we'd never thought much of it until the contrast was pointed out, but now it's hard to not notice)

The royal etiquette expert (we wonder how one becomes qualified for that and also how useful it is in real life, but we all have skills that you could say that about) continues:

"While we are much less likely to see The Duke and Duchess holding hands in public, we often see Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall holding hands."

So Harry takes after his father, in that respect.

"It's all simply a matter of preference for each couple and is also likely dependent on the nature of the event they are attending."

That makes sense. Most of us let the event that we're attending tell us how to dress and how much to drink, not whether we hold hands. 

But most of us aren't in line to become monarchs.

"A more serious engagement would warrant a more serious level of professionalism, which each royal is sure to follow."


Here They Come...

Compared to the resurfacing of Meghan Markle's "racy" pics or to the fact that she's (gasp!) been divorced, a little hand-holding between engaged adults is not a big deal.

It is, however, a deviation from the norms and something that people are going to talk about.

In fact, as the royal wedding date approaches, all eyes will remain on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And you can bet that people are going to find more things on which to comment.

Remember that Harry isn't just a royal -- he's handsome and considered so very desirable that there was once a reality competition series whose premise was that the winner would ostensibly marry him.

And Meghan Markle is a biracial, divorced, American actress. While none of those are bad things, they are different.

"Change" and "progress" aren't usually words that people associate with monarchies. So people are going to take note when the Royals do things differently.

Reality Steve: Threatened with Lawsuit For Spoiling The Bachelor!

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 09:21 AM PST

The 22nd (!) season of ABC's The Bachelor officially starts on January 1, and as always, The Bachelor spoilers are already here. 

That's nothing new. What is new is that the reporter most famously responsible for the dissemination of spoilers is in hot water.

Arie Jr.

Late last month, Reality Steve revealed the mother of all Bachelor spoilers - who wins Arie Luyendyk's final rose on the coming season.

Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary ... except that the production company behind the hit show is now suing Reality Steve.

The longtime blogger/Bachelor spoiler soothsayer himself revealed that he got a cease and desist letter from NZK Productions.

Steve, who goes by Stephen Carbone in real life, said he received the threat one day after teasing upcoming spoilers online.

"Making a list and checking it twice," he tweeted. "Just making sure I have the ending correct before posting it. It's coming...."

Remarkably, he went through with it, posting spoilers anyway despite being admittedly somewhat rattled. Why take the risk?

Arie The Bachelor

Carbone says the production company is overstepping its legal bounds, and besides, what he does is delightfully insignificant.

"For years," he explains, all he's really done is "spoil and make fun of a silly reality show which itself is very easy to make fun of."

That, as Steve puts it, "isn't CIA level shit. This isn't insider trading. What I do is on such a small scale in even just the TV world."

"It's not really a blip on the radar. If this were the only show on television, yes, it'd probably be a big deal. But it's not."

More significantly, though, he says he has rights as a journalist, and that the company is "being completely unreasonable."

"[They are] bullying me essentially into giving up my sources, and are trying to prevent me from continuing my livelihood."

Arie Luyendyk Jr. in the Bachelor Mansion

"They are infringing on my First Amendment Rights as a reporter," he goes on, "because they don't like that I'm spoiling their show."

Interestingly, this is not the first time Steve has been under legal fire from The Bachelor's production company for the content of his site.

Just as he is now, he stood his ground before.

He was sued in 2012 by show producers, eventually settling out of court by agreeing not to obtain his material through certain means.

Reality Steve agreed "that for at least five years," he would "not solicit any information about the show from cast or crew members."

The culmination of that five-year period may play a role in the producers' renewed legal salvo against him, but he remains undeterred.

On an episode of his podcast, Steve said that ABC was not involved here and has never threatened him with any legal action, explaining:

"ABC has never been after me." 

In any event, "I refuse to be intimidated by their tactics in this situation," he tells fans, "and I will proceed with this season as planned."

Fight the power.

Saturday Night Live Slammed for "Racist" Aer Lingus Skit

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 08:28 AM PST

Aer Lingus sounds a lot like a certain sex act.

This was the initial premise of a sketch on Saturday Night Live that closed out a November 2017 episode hosted by actress Saoirse Ronan.

It featured the young star as a flight attendant named Colleen, wearing a green uniform, rocking a bouffant bob hairstyle... and making jokes about Irish stereotypes such as potatoes and dogs.

Watch the sketch below and then check out the strong reaction on Twitter...

1. The Sketch:

Saturday night live aer lingus sketch
Click PLAY on the video above to get an understanding of what the fuss is about. (And also to see lots of really cute dogs!)

2. Aer Lingus Responds!

Aer lingus responds
Was the airline trying to sound like Donald Trump? Why would it do that?!? How weird and random.

3. Major Disappointment

Major disappointment
The harshest critiques were saved for Ronan, and came from other Irish citizens or Irish-Americans who were upset she openly embraced such silly generalizations about the country.

4. The Accents ARE Funny

The accents are funny
You have to admit that, right? But perhaps not enough to base an entire sketch around.

5. Let's Be Honest...

Lets be honest
... the cunnilingus part wasn't very funny, either. It isn't exactly original.

6. Come On, SNL

Come on snl
We expect more from you! (Although some folks who haven't been a fan since the Bill Murray days might not.)
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Lydia McLaughlin: FIRED From The Real Housewives of Orange County!

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 09:15 AM PST

Last month, we told you that it was reported that three stars were getting fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

We have some heartwarming news: the production had a last-minute change of heart about one of those stars.

But the other two were not so lucky. ...

Real Housewives Cast

Without them knowing about any reports, if you had to ask anyone who their pick to get fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County this season would be, the surest bet would be Peggy Sulahian.

Like, if you and your friends were doing a Real Housewives castmember turnaround league or whatever, she would be your pick.


Because she doesn't make for good television. She doesn't feud, she just starts pointless fights -- or jumps into other people's. And her "clueless foreigner" act wasn't doing her any favors.

Also, she's a notorious homophobe who banned her own brother from their father's funeral for being gay.

So, yeah. Nobody likes a bigot.

We already told you on Friday that Peggy Sulahian has been fired.

Bye, girl, bye.

Peggy Sulahian on Date Night

But Peggy Sulahian isn't leaving alone.

RadarOnline reports that Lydia McLaughlin has also been fired.

She left the series in 2013 to raise her kids -- filming reality television can take up a lot of your time, and most Real Housewives who aren't Tamra Judge care about their children and don't want to neglect them.

Lydia's big stink this season was mostly her conflict with Meghan King Edmonds.

See, Meghan had invited a psychic to her party. Lydia refused to participate, which is fine, even though it reminds us a little of the "God Warrior" episode of Wife Swap.

And then, at the reunion, Lydia suggested that Meghan couldn't understand Lydia's hesitation because Meghan isn't a Christian.

(Which ... is not true, incidentally, though even if it were, the accusatory manner in which Lydia said it would not have been okay)

Also, Lydia McLaughlin was too close to Peggy Sulahian, and Peggy was a toxic mess who dragged people down with her.

As RadarOnline's insider puts it:

"Lydia came back, but she wasn't interesting. Producers mainly wanted her to bring Tamra and Vicki back together, and it was mission accomplished."

Bye, Lydia!

Lydia McLaughlin at the Reunion Special

Well, that's two stars who are parting ways with the Real Housewives franchise.

But we'd been hearing that Meghan King Edmonds was going to get the axe, too. So ... what happened?

Well ... Meghan King Edmonds is pregnant, you guys.

She's expecting a boy (she and her husband did IVF, and she went into it at length on her blog).

RadarOnline reports that this is what saved her:

"They were not planning on bringing Meghan back."

That's a shame. She might not be the most entertaining, but she doesn't seem terrible. And, not for nothing, but she's definitely the prettiest castmate. (Television's a visual medium, folks!)

"But she sprung the pregnancy news on them at the reunion," their insider says. "So she's kind of forcing them to bring her back even though they didn't want to."

Meghan King Edmonds Image

To be clear, we don't think that anyone is suggesting that Meghan King Edmonds got pregnant just to stay on TV.

(Which is funny, because the world is full of actresses who have been fired from scripted shows or had their roles minimized because they became pregnant)

But she may have realized exactly what she was doing when she told producers about it.

One, nobody wants to be accused of firing a woman for getting pregnant (do they, Joss Whedon?), even when, in this case, it would merely have been a coincidence.

Two, and more to the point, Meghan's pregnancy could make for good television. Cameras can follow Meghan on her journey, through all of her ups and downs (hormones can be unpleasant, folks, particularly if you did IVF).

And childbirth is the sort of drama that appeals to humanity's social instincts.

No matter how it happened, though, we're glad that she's getting a second chance and we hope that we'll see her for more seasons than simply this next one.