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Spot.IM raises $25 million for a better comments section

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 11:41 PM PST

 Social media has become critical to the online publishers. It drives a lot of traffic and helps brands build a following. But it also means that a lot of the engagement happens on another platform, like Twitter or Facebook, instead of the actual news site. New York-based Spot.IM saw an opportunity to help businesses from Time Inc. to NBC build out a better comments section, in order to… Read More

Graphic India raises $5M to build a Marvel-like digital comic brand for India

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 11:04 PM PST

 It’s been some time since we wrote about Graphic India, a new media startup that believes India should have its own home-grown answer to cartoon empires like Marvel. The 30-person company been busy developing its IP and bringing its creations to audiences via film and TV since we last covered it in 2015, when it raised $2.5 million from investors, and now it has added to that war… Read More

Yext sees 39% revenue growth in latest quarter

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 10:07 PM PST

 Yext, the company that powers search results for retail locations, reported third-quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. The New York-based company said it brought in $44.3 million in revenue for the third quarter.This is 39% growth from the same period last year. Analysts had been expecting $43.85 million in revenue. Losses came in at an adjusted 12 cents per share, better than the… Read More

Pinterest business lead Tim Kendall is leaving the company

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 07:50 PM PST

 Pinterest president Tim Kendall, who has since joining in 2012 overseen the growth of the startup’s advertising business and launch of a wide array of ad products, is leaving the company at the end of the year. Kendall oversaw the company’s business operations for the past five years as it sought to grow from a niche advertising product in experimental budgets to something worth… Read More

Twitter Lite with lower data usage becomes available in 24 new countries

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 06:01 PM PST

 Twitter is rolling out its “Lite” version, after a successful trial in the Philippines. The Android app will become available in two dozen countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Not too different from Facebook Lite, Twitter has also built a version of its app that’s optimized for developing countries. Twitter Lite minimizes data usage,… Read More

Lyft gained from Uber’s scandals, sees revenue triple

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 04:38 PM PST

 Lyft appears to have benefited from Uber’s tough year. The U.S. rival has seen its revenue growth more than triple, according to a report from The Information.  The media outlet viewed financial reports, which showed Lyft brought in $483 million in revenue in the first half of 2017, compared to about $150 million in the same time frame last year. Read More

Episode 1 rolls out new $81M seed-to-Series A fund, despite Brexit headwinds

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 04:08 PM PST

 Episode 1 has been a stalwart of the early-stage funding scene in London for the last few years, investing in successful startups like Carwow, Triptease and AimBrain. It’s now closed its second U.K. “seed-to-Series A” fund, which generally aims to lead rounds of £500,000 to £2 million. The fund is a £60 million ($81 million) Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF). Read More

There’s an implosion of early-stage VC funding, and no one’s talking about it

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 04:00 PM PST

 Amid record amounts of capital raised by VCs worldwide, and a sharp rise in the number of private “unicorns,” there has been a quiet, barely noticed implosion in early-stage VC activity worldwide. This is now a three-year trend, so cannot be “blamed” on macro or short-term factors. More worryingly, it comes at a time of unprecedented stock market valuations worldwide. Read More

Qualcomm alleges that Apple’s iPhone infringes on Palm Pre patents

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 03:23 PM PST

 Shortly after the announcement of the iPhone X in September, my colleague Natasha Lomas noted the similarities between the phone and how WebOS operated on the Palm Pre. She ended her article, noting “in the iPhone X it’s clear you’re looking at a little ghost of the Pre.” It seems that Qualcomm’s legal team was taking note. Read More

Google Home learns how to multitask

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 03:20 PM PST

 Google’s smart speaker got a little smarter this week, with the addition of a multitasking feature. The new capability makes it possible for the device to accomplish two different missions at the same time. It was rolled out with little fanfare and first noted by CNET. We’ve since confirmed the addition with Google. It’s a bit surprising that the company rolled it out to… Read More

Apple marks World AIDS Day with in-store and in-app donations

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 02:41 PM PST

 After raising $160 million for the Global fund as part of its partnership with (RED), Apple is marking tomorrow’s World AIDS Day by offering up a bunch of opportunities to donate. The easiest of the bunch is the company’s promise to donate $1 to the fund for every transaction made with Apple Pay at the company’s retail stores, on its site or in-app. In honor of the occasion,… Read More

Blue Apron loses its CEO

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 02:16 PM PST

 Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg is stepping aside as the company’s CEO, the company announced Thursday. CFO Brad Dickerson has been promoted to take his place. It’s been a volatile past few months for the cooking kit company, which went public in June. Shares closed Thursday at just $2.99 (Blue Apron went public at $10 per share). Read More

SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy launch will now take place in 2018

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 01:45 PM PST

 SpaceX had been planning to launch its huge Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time this year, with a time frame set most recently for sometime in November. Here on the last day of November, we know that’s not happening — but now we also know we won’t see a Falcon Heavy launch before early 2018, at least. Read More

Here’s what rumored Trump CIA pick Tom Cotton thinks about surveillance, Russia and other issues

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 01:09 PM PST

 As rumors build that the Trump administration plans to boot Rex Tillerson from his post atop the State Department in order to replace him with Mike Pompeo, it’s worth examining who would lead the CIA in Pompeo’s absence. Trump is reportedly considering Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton. Here’s a bit of background on Cotton in case the rumors come to pass. Read More

Wearable numbers get a bump, as consumers shift focus to smarter devices

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 12:31 PM PST

 The wearable space seems to still be figuring itself out — though in spite of some reports about the death of the category, overall growth remains one of the few constants. According to the latest numbers from IDC, the global bump was pretty modest for Q3 of this year, at about 7.3-percent, year over year. More interestingly, the numbers point to a larger overall trend of consumers… Read More

Fire TV owners can now control Hulu, NBC, CBS and other video apps via their voice

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 11:31 AM PST

 Amazon Fire TV owners will now be able to control more video apps using Alexa and their voice, the company announced today. This feature lets you ask Alexa to “watch,” “play,” “pause,” “rewind,” “fast forward,” and more. It can also take you to an individual show, network, or specific genre of programming. Before, Alexa could… Read More

Google Cloud brings in former Intel exec Diane Bryant as COO

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 11:17 AM PST

 There are now two Dianes running the show at Google Cloud. The company announced that Diane Bryant has been hired as the COO of the division. She joins Diane Greene, who came on board as Senior VP of Google Cloud in November 2015. Greene appeared to be excited about the prospect of her joining the team. “I can’t think of a person with more relevant experience and talents. She is… Read More

Super Mario takes a sugar odyssey with a new breakfast cereal

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 10:57 AM PST

 The last time Mario had a breakfast cereal, he had to split the billing with Link. I bet that’s what it felt like being in the Beatles at the end. Flying high from a recent string of high profile titles — including Mario Run and Odyssey — the cartoon plumber is finally getting a cereal box to call his own, joining the elite ranks of Steve Urkel and Gizmo from Gremlins.… Read More

GoFundMe drops 5% Platform Fee for U.S. personal campaigns, adds tips

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 10:30 AM PST

 GoFundMe, the popular fundraising juggernaut that now has 50 million users and has raised over $5 billion in funding for causes to date, is making an interesting change today that could see those numbers getting a boost — or at least help it fend off competition from other fundraising platforms like Facebook’s. GoFundMe is dropping the five percent Platform Fee that it charges… Read More

FCC Commissioner Clyburn takes down Chairman’s net neutrality doom and gloom

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 10:28 AM PST

 Back in 2015, then-Commissioner of the FCC Ajit Pai submitted a lengthy paper detailing his reasons for voting against the incoming net neutrality rules. He made a lot of predictions about harm those rules would cause — predictions that, as fellow Commissioner Clyburn points out today, pretty much all failed to come true. Read More