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"Justice League" - More Footage

Posted: 03 Dec 2017 09:15 AM PST

Sneak Peek more scenes of footage from director Zack Snyder's "Justice League", the official sequel to "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice":

"...in the wake of the 'death' of 'Clark Kent'/Superman' (Henry Cavill) at the hands of 'Doomsday' in 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice'...

"...'Bruce Wayne'/'Batman' (Ben Affleck) reevaluates his extreme methods...

"...reaching out to extraordinary heroes...

"...to assemble a team of crime-fighters...

"...to defend earth from all kinds of threats. 

"Together with 'Diana Prince'/'Wonder Woman' (Gal Gadot), Batman seeks out cybernetically enhanced former college football star 'Vic Stone'/'Cyborg' (Ray Fisher)...

"...speedster 'Barry Allen'/'The Flash' (Ezra Miller) and 'Atlantean' warrior king 'Arthur Curry'/'Aquaman' (Jason Momoa). 

"Together they face off against 'Steppenwolf' (Ciaran Hinds)...

"...the herald and second-in-command to the alien warlord 'Darkseid' charged with hunting down three artifacts hidden on Earth..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Justice League"...

"Titans" TV Series Updates

Posted: 03 Dec 2017 05:18 PM PST

From TorontoFilm.Net, Sneak Peek actor Brenton Thwaites as 'Dick Grayson', aka 'Robin', former protege of 'Batman', from "Titans", the live-action comic book TV series pilot currently shooting, based on the DC Comics' superhero team "Teen Titans":

Cast also includes Alan Ritchson as 'Hank Hall'/Hawk', Minka Kelly as 'Dawn Granger'/'Dove' and Lindsey Gort as 'Detective Amy Rohrbach'.

"Titans", developed by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, will debut in 2018 on DC Comics' new direct-to-consumer digital service.

"Titans" Original Casting Call Breakdown:

"...MALE, late 20's-early 30's, Caucasian. Equal parts charm and impenetrability, He is a cop, with a nice smile, tired eyes and a cool, distant manner. However, when provoked, his eyes are so lethal 'they drain a man of every last bit of spleen'. John is haunted by the murder of his family. 

"Unbeknownst to those around him, he is also a vigilante. In the shadows, he fights with the commitment and conviction of an artist, the brutal grace of a dancer. Mentally and physically, he is covered in a map of scars. And though he fights to escape his past, it is often a losing battle. SERIES LEAD

"SARAH', Female, Mid teens, Open Ethnicity. Troubled, bullied, often scared but unwilling to show it, 'Sarah' is a loner more comfortable hiding in her hoodie than making friends. Haunted by a dark force inside her, Sarah experiences violent episodes that she cannot understand or control. She is also plagued by recurring nightmares that lead her across the country in search of help. SERIES REGULAR

"CASEY Female, 20's, Open ethnicity. Casey is a tall, stunning woman, her beauty so magnificent it's almost inhuman. Elegant, refined and mysterious, she is on the hunt to discover who is trying to kill her and why. And those after her are in for a surprise because she's more deadly than anyone they've ever encountered. SERIES REGULAR

"'JAX', Mid-late teens, Open Ethnicity, Asian preferred. Funny and charming, this amateur thief's humor hides his insecurities and past pain. Not the toughest kid on the streets, he's learned to survive in the world with his wit and quick-thinking. SERIES REGULAR"

Also appearing in the planned series are DC Comics' characters 'Hawk' and 'Dove', created by "Spider-Man" illustrator Steve Ditko in 1968 .

"...the central concept of the heroes, inspired by political divides of the 1960's... 

"...followed two siblings with contrasting personalities and diametrically opposed ideologies who are transformed and granted powers of strength, speed, and agility.

"With 'Dove' representing reason and nonviolence and Hawk representing force and aggression, they complement one another and find a state of balance in order to effectively combat evil.

"Now, in today's toxic political climate, the liberal left-wing Dove has become an intolerant and fanatical aggressor...

"...whereas the right-wing Hawk supports common-sense conservative values of family and security..."

DC Animation's "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract", based on the "New Teen Titans" comic arc by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, is a feature length adaptation showcasing the villain 'Deathstroke'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Teen Titans: The Judas Contract"...