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#American Life

#American Life

2nd Wikileaks Computer Programmer, James Dolan, Commits Suicide

Posted: 10 Jan 2018 06:46 AM PST

Wikileaks genius programer, James Dolan, Co-Creator of SecureDrop, Dead at 36: driven to despair after he was unable to escape being ‘eliminated’ by the Real Rulers (no jobs for him). The screenshot above shows clearly zero mainstream fake news organizations are reporting this suicide right now.  They might in the future, as a warning to all whistleblowers and troublemakers.  The elites have long memories and will quietly isolate anyone who defies them and most people can’t take this.  I am not famous because of their ire which is OK with me!  I want results, not fame.  The brave young people who have enabled us to see what is going on behind the Iron Curtain of the Bilderberg gang took on severe risks doing this including threats of prison time.  My heart goes out to them!


First deployed as StrongBox with The New Yorker, organizations such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Gizmodo Media Group have all come to rely on SecureDrop—which allows highly secure communication between journalists and sources in possession of sensitive information or documents. As an industry tool, it has become invaluable for reporters.


Dolan joined the Freedom of the Press Foundation to maintain SecureDrop after co-creator Aaron Swartz took his life in 2013 at age 26, as pressure mounted in a federal investigation against him that many felt was overzealous.


Let’s see, who was President back then….OBAMA!  Indeed.  Snarf.  Seriously, Mr. Peace Prize, himself.  The hero of the left.  The god of democracy for Democrats.  Who was running the State Department back then?  HAHAHA.  Hillary.


Hillary, Obama and their husband, Clinton all have to eventually pass through the Gates of Death.  There dwell the Watchers who See everything and love to interrogate new prisoners to their lovely Realm.  I fear them greatly and try to conduct my life carefully so I don’t have too many irritating issues.


But top power people imagine there is no accounting for their past deeds at the Gates of Death.  This is foolish.  Many religions are built around this business, mostly offering ‘get out of interrogation by the Watchers for a tidy sum of money’ scams run by ‘religions.’


These are futile.


This suicide reminds me of another suicide: Gary Webb.I knew Gary.  We chatted on the phone and online.  When he began being persecuted by the CIA, he increased his calls to me and I grew increasingly alarmed about all this and begged him to come to my mountain where he could at least be safe.  He insisted on staying in California, a place that, like Florida and DC, seethes with CIA agents.

Revealing CIA actions in Central America was a huge dangerous operation and the Bilderberg gang moved heaven and earth to deny his information about  Dark Alliance, the CIA Contra drug scheme in Central America.


Webb was found dead in his Carmichael home on December 10, 2004, with two gunshot wounds to the head. His death was ruled a suicide by the Sacramento County coroner’s office.[68] After a local paper reported that he had died from multiple gunshots, the coroner’s office received so many calls asking about Webb’s death that Sacramento County Coroner Robert Lyons issued a statement confirming Webb had committed suicide.[69]


When asked by local reporters about the possibility of two gunshots being a suicide, Lyons replied: “It’s unusual in a suicide case to have two shots, but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility.” News coverage noted that there were widespread rumors on the Internet at the time that Webb had been killed as retribution for his ‘Dark Alliance’ series, published eight years before, but Webb’s ex-wife Susan Bell told reporters that she believed Webb had committed suicide.[69]


“The way he was acting it would be hard for me to believe it was anything but suicide,” she said. According to Bell, Webb had been unhappy for some time over his inability to get a job at another major newspaper. He had sold his house the week before his death because he was unable to afford the mortgage.[citation needed]


He was devastated about losing daily access to his daughter.  He wasn’t ‘unhappy’ he was furious that he could no longer find any work.  He was on the down escalator.  He knew I and my husband (and child) lived in a tent complex for ten years while suing NY state for injuries to my husband (we won) and I warned him that the CIA never lets anyone go when they irritate the CIA but he could at least survive if he come to my mountain.


He wanted to keep on trying and trying in California.  Why?  He said, ‘Your place is too cold’ and I believe him, this month, we were mostly below zero up here!  But being temporarily cold is better than eternally cold.


Fighting the CIA is highly dangerous.  The level of malice and hubris there is miles high and as deep as the deep blue seas.  They depend on utter secrecy.  Wikileaks infuriates the CIA greatly.  But we have this double sword issue: the media owners who are founding members or new members of the Bilderberg gang, have to scare the public or demonize anyone who defies them yet they are scared about people learning how individual humans can kneecap CIA operations via revealing the simple truth.

Kill The Messenger (Full Documentary) – YouTube

Oh, do they hate this!  (17) Kill The Messenger (Full Documentary) is a film made by French filmakers which is all about similar CIA operations and whistleblowers.  Note how You Tube has warnings about this video.  Sheesh.  ColinFlaherty (@colinflaherty) | Twitter is a pesky reporter who is being chased out of modern media systems after being recently banned at You Tube.



Pesky reporters irritate the Rulers greatly.  Young, brave people who spy on our spies are hated very greatly.  One has to pay the price for prying into the Bilderberg brain systems.  Anyone daring this has to be ready to live in the Shadowlands, that odd place where you are not ever allowed on TV or in the news or whatever, but online we all live and this is why our Rulers are attacking us online now, desperate to destroy what they created in order to stop citizens from discussing stuff online.


The internet is dead in Germany, for example, post the wrong pictures or words and you go to prison and a bunch of East German Statsi agents will interrogate you at night so all activity in Germany has ceased, online.  What a hell hole.  Grrr.  I went to Google to see what Wikileaks has to say about today’s suicide and this is the ‘news’:

They are working as hard as possible to get Assange to ‘suicide’.  He has guts, I must say.  They have thrown everything at him.  But will he finally break?  He does struggle, hope rose when it looked like his ordeal would end…it will NEVER end.  The CIA and the Deep State operatives want him dead, preferably ‘suicide.’

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