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#Funny News

#Funny News

Iceland Has a New Law to Solve the ‘Wage Gap.’ Yep, It’s Stupid…

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 06:50 PM PST

Friendly suggestion for Europe: stop. Feminism, immigration, socialism, healthcare, you name it. They tend to miss the mark when it comes to doing things right. Iceland has proven itself to be no exception. Exhibit A? Their new solution to the “wage gap.” Spoiler: it’s a law which involves government overreach. Surprise, surprise.

A new law in Iceland that makes it illegal to pay men more than women has come into effect from Monday, 1 January. One of the key reasons the Nordic island has pushed through the law is that nearly half of its parliamentarians are female lawmakers.

Oh really, half of the lawmakers are female? You don’t say…

As the law is being enforced, both government offices and private business – which employ more than 25 staff – will have to obtain a special government certification on the equal pay policies, failing which, they could be fined.

This is part of Iceland’s earlier announcement that the island intends to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022.

In case it isn’t clear to you yet, Europe hates flourishing economies. Hence the constant government regulations. This law

But Iceland doesn’t care about the economy. Iceland wants to get rid of the gender pay gap. I have good news for them: WAGE GAP? Female CEOs Make More Than Male CEOs. Waaaay More…

Fret not, Iceland. There are skill gaps, experience gaps, location gaps. But the wage gap isn’t a thing. So congratulations, you did it! Give yourselves a round of applause.

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, Iceland still has one of the highest number of per-capita rapes in Europe.



Nikki Haley Slams North Korea, Outlines Zero Tolerance on Nuclear Weapons

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 05:27 PM PST

2018 just barely began and Nikki Haley is already making it her b*tch (see Nikki Haley Reviews Trump’s No-Nonsense Policy With the Middle East, Pakistan). Yep, everyone at LwC has a major crush on her. Not sorry. If you’ve seen Nikki in action, it likely comes as no surprise to you she was on of our top 5 political heroes of 2017.

Another one of her bright moments comes from the clip below. She slapped around North Korea during a quick interview. Check it out.

We won’t take any of the talks seriously if they don’t do something to ban all nuclear weapons in North Korea. We consider this to be a very reckless regime. We don’t think we need a bandaid and we don’t think we need to smile and take a picture. We think we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now. So North Korea can talk with anyone they want, but the US is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons.

Have to agree on that one. We’re not exactly comfortable with this guy having his cloven hooves on nuclear weapons: Kim Jong-un Just Banned Sarcasm in North Korea. No, Seriously…

The Trump administration isn’t afraid to be firm with North Korea. For good reason (see North Korean Soldier Has Immunity to Anthrax. What It Means…). Kim Jong Un’s physical appearance may resemble an overstuffed truffle, but he’s not to be trifled with.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Nails Hillary Clinton. While Mocking Obama for Iran.

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 04:31 PM PST

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Iran Protests

The White House is putting up a united front this week concerning the justified antics of upset Iranians. They’ve officially stirred the pot (see Former CIA Official Compares Trump and Obama's Reactions to Iran Protests and Linda Sarsour Uses Iran Protests to Bash Trump, Gets Called Out…). Rightly so. After president Trump noted his support for the the protests, he made the bold move of cutting monies to Pakistan. Sorry, not sorry.

After Twitter comments from Ted Cruz and international statements from Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is tagged for the next lap. Enjoy.

When asked what is President Trump's "end game" in Iran, Sanders said she thinks "the people of Iran are actually given basic human rights, and [Trump] would certainly like to see them stop being a state sponsor of terror."

"I think that's what the whole world would like to see."

The White House press secretary was then asked if Trump's support of the protesters may cause a "backlash against them by the Iranian government."

"No, I think one of the big things that even Hillary Clinton outlined in this when she said that the Obama Administration was too restrained in the 2009 protests and said that that won't happen again. For once, she is right and we agree with her because President Trump is not going to sit by silently like President Obama did. He certainly supports the Iranian people and wants to make that clear."

Have we mentioned lately how good Sarah Sanders is? Because damn, she’s good. She even managed to slap around Obama and Hillary a little bit there.

She’s right. President Trump isn’t going to twiddle his thumbs and say nothing. It’s certainly not in his nature. But more importantly, a country built on freedom supports the freedom of others. A strong leader isn’t afraid to stand in the face of opposition.

I don’t know about you, but all these people speaking on Iran is giving me a serious case of the good feels. A strong nation is united on all fronts. It’s a plus one of those fronts has a nice face, another has brass man jewels, and the third has a gaze which could incinerate Obama and Hillary at the same time.


CONSEQUENCES: Mother Falsely Accuses Father of Sexual Abuse. She Lost Custody.

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 03:36 PM PST

False accusation custody

Actual punishment for false accusations is becoming more of a thing. Much to Lena Dunham’s disappointment (see Lena Dunham FLAT OUT FAKES “Rape” Story). Recently we’ve seen more and more women fined or jailed for their lying lies. The whole shebang. Legal officials seem to really be stepping up their game.

Here’s another example: this faker lobbed false accusations at the father of her child. It didn’t pan out so well for her.

A woman who made a series of unfounded sex abuse allegations about her ex-partner has been barred from seeing their four-year-old daughter. A High Court judge made the ruling after she concluded that the woman had caused ‘significant harm’ to the little girl.

Ms Justice Russell said the woman had made ‘persistent and unsubstantiated’ allegations about the youngster being sexually abused by her father.

Translation: no evidence.

‘When viewed as a whole the harm caused to this child by her mother was significant,’ said Ms Justice Russell. ‘Not only was she found to have repeatedly subjected to intimate examinations, solely at the behest of her mother, she was prevented from having uninhibited relationship with her father as an infant.

‘On any view, the repeated invasive intimate examinations … were in themselves abusive.’

She added: ‘(The little girl) is a young and vulnerable child whose first few years of life were blighted by her mother’s irrational, abusive and harmful behaviour.’

Yes, unabashed crazy leaves a lasting impression on kiddos. This crackpot not only wasted the time of law enforcement officials and forced her daughter to undergo multiple invasive, potentially damaging inspections. She impeded on the precious relationship between father and daughter. The woman managed to do nothing but rob her daughter of a mother since she lost visitation rights. But at least the child won’t be stuck with this batty broad. She now lives with her father.

Thankfully the justice system did its job. Surprising considering how much the UK legal system has embraced feminism. After all, feminist rules demand we take a potential victim’s word over evidence or due process (see Kesha Claims Rape With No Proof. Feminists Protest Due Process…). Such a policy would have left this poor girl to be repeatedly subjected to her mother’s neurosis. All under the guise of pro-womanhood.

Progressives clearly want a social climate wherein women reign superior (see Sexist Hillary Clinton Says ‘The Future is Female’ and Feminist HuffPo Editor’s New Year’s Resolution? To Kill All Men…). This is a big no-no for obvious reasons, like human rights. But it specifically puts men, or in this case fathers, at a disadvantage when it comes to proving one’s innocence. It also has the potential to interfere with a father’s ability to protect his child. This is why due process matters.

Speaking of feminist crazy…


Germany is Officially Silencing ‘Hate Speech.’ And It’s Flat Out Scary.

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 03:04 PM PST

Germany Hate Speech law

Oh Germany. The postindustrial wasteland. Home of the bratwurst. Also Mein Kampf. Aside from these, Deustchland has few achievements to boast: skyrocketing migrant rapes, blatant anti-semitism, and most recently an anti-hate speech law. Which is really an anti-free speech law. As of 2018, no internet hate thoughts will be permitted. YOU VIL OBEY! But at least they have fast cars?

Germany is set to start enforcing a law that demands social media sites move quickly to remove hate speech, fake news and illegal material.

Sites that do not remove “obviously illegal” posts could face fines of up to 50m euro (£44.3m).

Technically the law went into effect in October. It’s news now because social networks were given until the end of 2017 to prep their anuses for thorough German cleansing.

As of 2018, every internet cavity will be under close scrutiny. Censorship pending.

The law gives the networks 24 hours to act after they have been told about law-breaking material.

Social networks and media sites with more than two million members will fall under the law’s provisions.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will be the law’s main focus but it is also likely to be applied to Reddit, Tumblr and Russian social network VK. Other sites such as Vimeo and Flickr could also be caught up in its provisions.

Notice how there’s little explanation of what “hate speech” actually is. Methinks such things are left open-ended on purpose. So if General Poopen Von Poopendorf and his censorship team find anything they don’t like, the offending websites must scrub said thing from the internet. Within 24 hours. Zee clock is ticking.

This doesn’t just affect the Hans, Günter, and Klauses of the world. International content will also be subjected to the watchful eye of the German government. It shan’t flow through the German web if Mein Fuhrer doesn’t approve.

You’d think the “anti-fascists” of the world would have something to say about this blatant fascism. The internet certainly spared no drama over Net Neutrality. There were plenty of freakouts and bedwetting to be had (see Top Hilarious Reactions to Net Neutrality Vote). What with the unsubstantiated tales of impending doom and what possibly, maybe, eventually could happen. But when it comes to actual censorship taking place — right before our very eyes — internet warriors have made hardly a peep in comparison. Interesting.

This is what progress looks like. Heads up America, this could be your future.


Bill De Blasio Tries Pandering to Hispanics with ‘Spanish’ Tweet. Fails Miserably…

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 12:12 PM PST

de blasio pandering hispanics

Mayor of New York City and unabashed commie a-hole, Bill de Blasio, just started his last term in office. To kick off his last ride, Billiam partook in one of leftists’ favorite pastimes. Namely, kissing the rear-ends of potential voting demographics.

He tried pandering to the Hispanic community with a tweet in Spanish:

Yeah, about that.

Poor Billy. He tried pandering to his constituent compadres to show just how in touch he is with the Spanish-speaking folks, then completely butchered their language. Can you say “crash and burn?”

plane crash knowing

I’ll admit upfront that I don’t speak Spanish beyond asking where the library is. In fact, I’m taking my amigos at their word on de Blasio’s butchering of el español. But, even I can tell there are too many apostrophe letter thingies in his tweet. What gives, Bill? Was the accent key on your laptop stuck or something?

What’s best is Bill accidentally showed his hand. He doesn’t actually care enough to learn proper Spanish. He’s just paying lip service because he wants Hispanics to vote Democrat. For his next gesture, he’ll take a selfie of himself in a low-rider. In the drive-thru at Taco Bell. On his way to a Quinceañera for his housekeeper’s daughter.

This is the left in a nutshell. All hollow promises and showmanship, covering up the giant train wreck that is progressive policy. They love Hispanics only as much as it takes to lock up their vote.

Better luck next time, Billy Boy.


Nikki Haley Reviews Trump’s No-Nonsense Policy With the Middle East, Pakistan

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 11:36 AM PST

Nikki Haley confirmed the Trump Administration’s plan to withhold over $200 million from Pakistan’s foreign aid package. What with the country’s nasty habit of speaking out of both sides of its flapping ass. Taking US money in one hand, harboring terrorism with the other. About time we squashed it.

Let’s go to Madam Haley for more:

She’s right. Why are we paying a country which actively betrays us? Seems wrong. I can think of over 200 million better ways to spend 200 million dollars. Free dental floss for all of America’s children. A pet rock museum. School lunches for wayward cats.

We have every right to withhold funds from countries, period. No one deserves American dollars simply because we have it and they don’t. America has just as much right to say “We’re not going to give you any more of our hard-earned tax dollars until you stop hiding people who’ve attacked some of those same taxpayers, screw you.” This isn’t rocket science. Haley and the Trump Administration’s position on Pakistan is simpler than spreading peanut butter on a wall. A plan so simple, I’d hope Trump carries it to other countries in need of a spanking.

If Pakistan wants American dolla dolla bills to flow back into it (an idea which I still oppose, I’d rather no foreign aid to anyone, let each country take care of itself), it must first stop harboring terrorists. Seems like a fair exchange, no?


Troll Uses California Welcome Signs to Mock Sanctuary State Status…

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 11:19 AM PST

sanctuary state welcome signs

As of January 1st, California is officially a sanctuary state. Which is a nice way of saying they’re now a safe haven for illegal pendejos to get their rape and murder on without consequence. California: the sunshine state of rape haven. Unsurprisingly, not every Californian is cool with their state being turned into a den for criminalizing border-hoppers. No matter how good their burritos taste.

Take this anonymous gent for example. He dialed the trolling up to 11. By adding some new touches to California’s welcome signs.

Right-leaning Californians have had enough of the blue-state blues.

A political savvy constituent trolled highway traffic with a sign that scorched the Democrats' 'sanctuary state' policy that became offical January 1.

Under the state's 'Welcome' sign, another official looking sign was added over the New Years weekend that read: OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE: Felons, Illegals, and MS13 Welcome! Democrats need votes!

Wow. The ever-rare God-level troll. To whichever one of you brave souls is responsible, cheers. You’ve earned all the beers.

Leftists are constantly pandering to Hispanics, legal and illegal both. Not because they care about them deeply. All the left wants is their vote. Which is why they ignore all the 1-8-7s and the rapery illegals commit. That’s what makes the welcome signs so hilarious. It’s 100% truth. No exaggerations. All professionally done, too. Takes the flan.

We’ll see how this little experiment works. The crime rate in California is likely to shoot up like Michael Moore’s blood sugar after a trip to Dairy Queen. I’ve got a feeling that might make leftists rethink their love for cheap, under-the-table landscaping and delectable taquerias. Except if the same rapists keep voting Democrat, that is.

This is one policy that going to come back to bite Golden Staters on the culo. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Former CIA Official Compares Trump and Obama’s Reactions to Iran Protests

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 11:00 AM PST

Rubbing scaley elbows with the Middle East is a specialty of the Democrats. Stepping lightly. Trying not to stir the pot, despite the pot being full of C-4 (see Ted Cruz Calls Out The Mainstream Media's 'Coverage' of the Iran Protests… and Linda Sarsour Uses Iran Protests to Bash Trump, Gets Called Out…). Lo and behold Iran has boiled over.

If you’re confused about the Iran protests, allow this former CIA official to deliver a straightforward analysis of the protests, Obama’s handling of the Iranian uprising, and what Trump is doing now:

Some points:

In 2009 in response to the election of Ahmadinejada a movement arose under the moniker of “Where’s my vote” Because the population felt like their vote had been stolen and that the election had not been an honest one. And that gave birth to what has been known as “Green Movement” or the “Persian Awakening.” What happened though, at that point, was the Obama administration was very very careful in its dealing with the Iranians. And essentially the Iranians in response to this, brought in thugs from Hezbollah, not believing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp would use sufficient force and suppressed their population. They wound up kidnapping, torturing, and murdering hundreds of individuals that lead that.

But most importantly out of all of this, and we’re talking about intelligence malpractice, the Obama administration ordered the CIA Iranian Ops Element to have no contact with the Green Movement… and so that opportunity was completely missed.

The Trump’s administration’s harsh criticism of the Iranian regime was justified, the president is on point, and I’m sure that, that the director of CIA, Mike Pompeo, is gonna handle this in a lot more professional fashion than did the Obama administration.

Look, death to America is the thing they say everyday. We need to recognize that, we need to understand who we’re working against, and the Trump administration has got this.

I don’t know about you, but I had several “ah-ha” moments listening to this gentleman. Especially when it came to pronunciation. Not that I can mimic such sounds. But might come in handy at parties.

The sum of it: the Obama administration allowed an America-hating region to bulldoze a movement which could have contributed to a more favorable Middle East with less terroristic hankerings. Trump, on the other palm and five digits, wouldn’t bend over so quickly, acting in the interest of America over foreign dictator’s whims.

Iran is more of a hot mess than an Amy Schumer special. Where she’s liquored up and wearing roller skates. But Obama’s involvement didn’t help. In fact, they harmed Iran’s progress.

Here’s hoping Trump’s actions are more fruitful and in favor of democratic change.


Badass Dad Protects Family From Violent Man in Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 09:46 AM PST

Father Saves Family

What do you do if you’re a good person who likes to help others and participate in all around charity? You stop to help strangers and carry a gun to protect your family. This story includes both aspects. Exercising their Second Amendment rights became a New Year’s resolution for this family:

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place late Sunday night near Alexander and Lamb.

According to witnesses, police said a man was either hanging on or getting dragged by a black truck headed west on Alexander.

That’s dedication right there.

A family passing by tried to alert the truck as they witnessed the man asking for help. The truck stopped, and the man with road burn gained access to the back of the family's SUV, where two teens and a baby where in the car.

The father, who had a gun, started to hit the man on the head, asking him to leave. After he unsuccessfully removed the man from the SUV, the father fired shots at the man. The man was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Sad. Anytime someone dies it’s sad. Okay? Okay. That should appease trolls who want internet strangers to know how much they care. We see you people.

But if it’s in self-defense, justice says it’s just. The man broke into the car and started punching one of the teens. Notice the hero of our story first implemented non-lethal force before pulling the trigger. He also showed skill in shooting at close range around other people, hitting his target instead of innocent bystanders. Badassery. Keep up with training, kids (related BADASS: Bloodied Senior Blows Away Muggers in Best Way Possible and WATCH: Armed Robbers get 'Pacified' by Badass Baby-Toting Cop).

Now, if leftists had their druthers, their would be no gun. Imagine how much differently the scenario would’ve played out. Our Second Amendment rights matter not just to protect us from government tyranny, but to protect us period. Amen.