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Paul Sorvino on Harvey Weinstein: I'll Kill the Motherf--ker!

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 11:20 AM PST

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past three months, then you're no doubt aware of the shocking public disgrace that is the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals.

At this point, there are so many accusations against Weinstein that it's nearly impossible to keep track of them all, but not one of his victims has forgotten the damage he inflicted.

Among Weinstein's many high-profile (alleged) victims is the actress Mira Sorvino, who was (allegedly) blacklisted by the powerful mogul after he attempted to rape her and she fled.

Those familiar with the situation say Weinstein effectively derailed Sorvino's once-promising career as revenge for eluding his attempted sexual assault.

It remains to be seen if Weinstein will go to prison in connection with the many accusations against him, but it's beginning to look like he'd be better off incarcerated.

The former Miramax chief has some mighty powerful enemies on the outside these days, including Mira's famous father, Paul Sorvino.

You might know Paul as Paulie in Goodfellas, or from a number of other intimidating badass roles that didn't seem to be much of a stretch for the veteran actor.

TMZ recently caught up with Paul and asked him about the Weinstein situation.

"He better hope that he goes to jail," Sorvino told the outlet in no uncertain terms.

"If we come across, I think he'll be lying on the floor ... somehow."

Hilariously, Sorvino's awesome threats get even more blunt from there.

Watch the full clip below to see Sorvino make an early case for himself as Dad of the Year:

Paul sorvino on harvey weinstein ill kill the motherf ker

Demi Lovato Shares Swimsuit Pic, Addresses Eating Disorder

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 11:13 AM PST

When it comes to showing off her cleavage, it's clear Demi Lovato has no issue.

Seriously, no... issue... at... all.

But the artist makes it clear in a new Instagram caption that she does sometimes feel self-conscious about a different body part.

Demi on Insta

On Thursday, the 25-year-old singer opened up about the ongoing challenges of recovering from an eating disorder, along with the constant feelings of doubt she often has about her appearance.

But which she is trying her hardest to overcome.

Along with the following picture, Lovato wrote this caption:

"So, I'm insecure about my legs in this picture but I'm posting it because I look so happy and this year I've decided I'm letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism."

Lovato, of course, has long been very candid about her past struggle with a drug addiction and also with anorexia.

She's come a long way.

But her battle will never really be over.

Demi Lovato in Swimsuit

Continued Lovato in her latest inspiring message:

"Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing.

"Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes."

In conclusion:

"Today I'm feeling strong. You all can do it too. It IS possible. Thank you God for this new chapter in my life. #EDrecovery #happyAF."

We've long admired Demi not just for overcoming her own demons, but for speaking out so often about them in an attempt to help others as well.

Demi Lovato, Entrancing Selfie

In October, for instance, Lovato shared a couple before-and-after photos that made it apparent just how well she is doing these days.

The singer also admits to having bipolar disorder, but she doesn't want to be defined by it.

She said the following three months ago in the documentary Simply Complicated, discussing her eating disorder:

"I don't want to give it the power that it controls my every thought but it's something that I'm constantly thinking about.

"Body image, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I could be eating next, what I wish I didn't eat, you know it's just constant.

"I get envious towards people who don't struggle with an eating disorder because I think my life would be so much easier."

We continue to wish Lovato the best.

Hollywood Jesus Dies at 57

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 11:03 AM PST

Not all Hollywood legends are movie stars. Some are living legends who walk the streets of West Hollywood, dressed as Jesus.

Sadly, Kevin Short, the man known as Hollywood Jesus in L.A. and beyond, has passed away.

He was 57 years old, and he is mourned by friends and also by complete strangers whose lives he touched.

Hollywood Jesus 1

Have you ever heard the Aerosmith song, "Street Jesus," by any chance?

That's about Hollywood Jesus.

He's also been featured in Lana Del Rey's music videos.

Most often, though, he's been photographed by and with people walking the streets of West Hollywood.

New York has the Naked Cowboy. Hollywood has its share of colorful characters who have become cultural fixtures, but Hollywood Jesus stood above the rest.

Hollywood Jesus 3

Sadly, though the world is only now learning this news, Kevin Short (whose name has also been reported as Kevin Lee Light) passed away on December 13th.

TMZ reports that he was hospitalized briefly for pulmonary issues beforehand, but unfortunately did not make it.

After years as a cultural mainstay up and down Hollywood Boulevard, his death has grieved many who knew, met, or simply knew of him.

Many of whom were celebrities. But really, anyone who works and lives in or around Hollywood has some awareness of the man.

Hollywood Jesus 2

Those who had met him have taken to social media today to eulogize him:

"Rest In Peace…I enjoyed meeting you #HollywoodJesus"

Those who knew him best, of course, miss him most:

"We all loved Kevin aka Jesus. Such a great guy. Beyond generous and supportive of all the comedians. He was part of The Comedy Store & Los Angeles. He walked almost everywhere, but I always gave him a ride home. I'll miss him. Our last photo... RiP good friend."

That last photo is this one:

Hollywood Jesus 5

Some tried to blend sadness with levity. Normally, we'd question whether that's tasteful. But maybe that's just what Hollywood Jesus would have wanted.

"# of Jesus deaths under Obama: 0"

That's ... that's fair.

"Going to give it three days before i mourn the loss of hollywood jesus."

Honestly, we thought of that joke but kept it to ourselves.

Hollywood Jesus 4

From Plastic Martyr to Perez Hilton to Jared Leto, Hollywood Jesus was a frequent companion for selfies and other photos for people with a lot of name recognition.

And, as we said, he was even a source of inspiration for some well known musical artists.

He also reportedly gave fantastic backrubs.

Kevin will always be loved, but now he will be missed.

Mackenzie McKee Reveals Mother's Heartbreaking Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 10:20 AM PST

You probably know Mackenzie McKee best for her time on Teen Mom 3, and for her subsequent wild and crazy antics.

But today, Mackenzie is in the news for a different, much more upsetting reason ...

MacKenzie McKee is Beautiful

It's because she just revealed that her mother, Angie Douthit, has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

It sounds like the family just got the news on Tuesday -- that night, Mackenzie tweeted "Haven't cried this hard in over ten years. By far the worst night of my life."

A few hours later, she asked "all prayer warriors" to "please pray for my mom."

"What we thought was bronchitis turned out to be 3 masses on her brain, 1 large imone in her lungs and multiple blood clots," she explained.

"We are in shock and devastated. She has brain surgery tomorrow. I'm sick. I'm so sick and want to wake up from this nightmare."

Yesterday, Angie did have the brain surgery, but TMZ reports that things are even worse than they previously thought.

Angie Douthit

Doctors found two more lesions in her brain, as well as multiple masses in her lungs. She's been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

The family has made a GoFundMe account to help with the costs of treatment -- remember, although Mackenzie was a Teen Mom, the girls from Teen Mom 3 only filmed for one season, and they never made the money the other moms did.

In the information for the fundraiser, Angie's family explains that her tumors "cover almost the entire brain," and the cancer "started in her lungs with several masses and spread to her brain."

"Angie has always been the healthiest person," she "doesn't smoke and never did," and she also abstains from alcohol, eats organic, and runs marathons, "so this has come as a complete shock to the family."

In an update, it was revealed that Angie will get an MRI and a bone scan today, along with a few other tests, to determine the course of treatments.

In another heartbreaking update, Angie herself wrote that her family had given her running gear for Christmas, and "Since I can't run right now, I challenge all of u to run for me tomorrow believing that I will soon get to run and wear my new things."

Yesterday, Mackenzie shared a collage of photos of her mother on Instagram, calling her "the most amazing woman I know."

Angie Douthit Collage

"She taught me everything I know. She is the only reason I am the woman I am today. I love you Mom. I'm devastated, I'm angry, I'm shook, I can't breathe."

"You are everything," she finished. "Please pray."

In a statement she gave to Us Weekly, Mackenzie echoed the information on Angie's GoFundMe page, saying "She is the healthiest person I know. Eats healthier than me. Always organic."

"Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, she is a school teacher so she has no money. She runs marathons and works out two to three times a day. This does not run in our family."

"I am so sad," she continued. "I can barely breathe. I can not lose her."

"She did ask that I blog her whole journey and make a documentary in case something does happen we will always have that. I know God will use her to speak to others."

Mackenzie does seem intent on documenting everything so far -- her last update was a couple of hours ago on Twitter, where she wrote "Does your body ever run out of tears?"

Best wishes for her and her family as they go through this tragic ordeal.

Lady Gaga: Happy New Year! Look at My Butt!

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 10:13 AM PST

Lady Gaga is poised for a pretty big 2018.

Back in November, we learned that Gaga is engaged to Christian Carino.

Lady Gaga at Coachella in 2017

Shortly thereafter, the singer announced that she'd signed on for a Vegas residency, an arrangement that's already proven wildly lucrative for several members of pop music's royal family, including Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

But do true love and a wildly successful career really bring one happiness?

Perhaps for some, but this is Gaga we're talking about.

She came to slay, and she won't rest until her takeover is complete.

She wants it all:

The wealth, the fame, the adoration ... and, of course, the ass:

Lady Gaga Bikini Tweet

Gaga rang in the new year by tweeting the above photo.

"Happy New Year. To happiness. Health. Love. And to the simplicity of beautiful unforgettable nature, life," she captioned the image.

Yes ... nature.

That caption is the social media equivalent of walking into a room naked save for a pair of heels and asking everyone if they like your new shoes.

Needless to say, the pic was quite popular amongst Gaga's devoted fans, amassing over 4,000 comments in just 24 hours.

The Little Monsters paid tribute to their queen in multiple languages, and while we won't pretend to have understood every comment, we're pretty sure most of them translated to "dat ass."

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

The Gaga butt has been the stuff of legend for years, but like Halley's Comet, it's a big deal every time it makes an appearance.

And with a wedding on the horizon, this might be our last glimpse of the iconic ass in its unmarried form.

So soak it in, folks.

And any time this year gets you down, simply make like Gaga's fantastic 'donk:

Turn toward the sun; be your best self, and no matter what happens, don't allow yourself to be put to be publicly dissed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

He might have an Oscar now, but that does not give him the final say on all things butt-related.

We're pretty sure Kris Jenner holds that honor.

NFL Heiress Goes on Drunken, Anti-Semitic Rampage

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 10:06 AM PST

The very rich, seemingly very spoiled and apparently very racist daughter of ex-Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke was arrested yesterday following an altercation on New Year's Eve.

And we're talking about one doozy of an altercation.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke

According to TMZ, People Magazine and other outlets, the ugly incident took place at Caravaggio, a restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

It also took place on New Year's Eve.

Cooke was allegedly waiting in line to get her coat when she grew irritating, yelling at a 77-year old in front of her:

"Hurry up, Jew. I got places to be."

In response, the woman's son, Matthew Haberkorn, followed the 29-year old Cooke outside and confronted her about this inappropriate comment.

And Cooke stood quietly, listened to the man and apologized.

Just kidding!

She reportedly attacked Haberkorn with her glass purse, opening up two huge wounds on his face.

head wound

There's actually video of the beating, in which you can hear Matthew say "She just f*cking hit me!"

Cooke fires back: "You called me a f-cking bitch. You called me a cunt."

And then Matthew again: "You called me a f-cking Jew."

Haberkorn also shared two photos of his lacerations on social media shortly after everything went down.

big scratch

Cooke and her boyfriend eventually left the scene, but authorities later arrested her for felony assault.

In addition to the physical harm caused to Haberkorn's head, his attorney says the normally "mellow Californian" is "very distressed."

Translation: he will be filing a major lawsuit against the heiress.

"The damage was what you saw in the photo, but it goes beyond that," Andrew T. Miltenberg tells People Magazine.

The lawyer adds that Haberkorn intends to press charges and sue Cooke civilly for what they allege was a hate crime and civil rights violation.

Jack Kent Cooke passed away in April of 1997 after having owned the Redskins and, at other times, the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings.

He left behind about $1 billion in assets, according to the Washington Post.

However, he only provided his daughter with a $50,000 annual stipend, prompting her to file a lawsuit against her father's estate in 2007 because she wanted more money each year.

She sounds like a real peach. 

Zach Roloff Shares Precious Pic with Jackson AND Ember Jean!!

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 09:36 AM PST

Seeing photos of precious baby Jackson is always a treat. So is seeing pictures of his little cousin, sweet Ember Jean.

As the Little People, Big World stars look forward to 2018, Zach Roloff has been posting sweet photos.

Including one of him with both babies, showing off his pride as a father and an uncle in the sweeted Roloff picture that we've seen.

Zach Roloff & Jackson Roloff Watch Soccer

This photo of proud father Zach Roloff with his son, adorable baby Jackson Roloff, is a treasure.

In the photo's caption, Zach says that the two of them are watching soccer together. Cute!

(As I'm sure you remember, Zach Roloff was enthusiastic about sports as a child, and went into coaching as an adult, so this father-son activity is near and dear to his heart)

But Zach also shared a new photo, and this time, he and Jackson have a very special guest:

Zach Roloff, Jackson Roloff, & Ember Jean

Awwww, look at them!

Zach captioned the photo:

"Cousin Ember hanging out with her Cousin Jackson and Uncle Zach."

Both babies have spent so much time together that they're no strangers to it.

But getting to see Zach in his role as proud father and proud uncle at the same time? That's a rare and special photo.

Jackson on Christmas

We imagine that part of what may have encouraged the picture was that a number of followers and fans (errantly) assumed that another photo had shown Jackson and Ember side-by-side.

Now, there are a few photos of the two baby cousins together.

But a number of followers commented, some sounding confused, that "Ember" had blonde hair. She didn't. It was a different baby.

Folks, the Roloffs do have friends and acquaintances who aren't each other. That's part of being a person.

We wonder if that got Zach thinking that he should post a new photo of the Roloff cousins -- and himself, as a bonus.

Zach in the Snow

Fans were thrilled to see the photo of Zach with the pair of baby cousins, and they added the comments to show it:

"Aww cute cousins!"

The cutest of cousins, in fact.

"Such a cute picture. Just think, [next] Christmas Zach will be chasing them around and you'll be trying to catch action Jackson for a quick pic..lol"

Honestly, calling a 7-month-old "action Jackson" seems a little premature, but we like the sentiment.

"Zack you look so happy there with your beautiful niece and your handsome son Jackson they are getting so big!"

He does look happy!

"Good luck to you young man many years I've seen you all on tv and God bless you and all your family in this world."

Roloffs on Xmas Eve

Other fans commented on how naturally Zach has "taken to" the babies.

Of course, another "fan" commented about Zach's sex life. We're sure that the suggestion came with the best of intentions, but ... boundaries, dude.

Some fans believe that family black sheep Jacob Roloff may be expecting his own child. If so, Zach will be a double-uncle (okay, still just an uncle) and the photo opportunities will get even better.

Though, as one of those commenters warned, these babies aren't going to be sitting still for long.

We need to enjoy these pics while they're still easy to take.

Jordyn Duggar: Did Her Parents Forget Her Birthday?!

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 09:18 AM PST

Last month, Jordyn Duggar turned 9 years old.

Her family celebrated Jordyn's birthday in true Duggar fashion by assembling a massive crowd of siblings to sing to her about Jesus.

Jordyn Duggar With Parents

They even posted photos and video of the occasion on social media for all of their fans to enjoy.

But some of those fans believe something was amiss with the celebration.

You see, Jordyn's birthday follows closely after that of her younger sister, Josie.

With 19 children, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are obviously accustomed to back-to-back birthday celebrations, but Josie's is more of a special occasion than most.

Born three months premature, 8-year-old Josie is often referred to as the Duggar's "miracle baby."

As the youngest in the family, she reportedly enjoys the lion's share of her parents' attention and affection. 

Jordyn Duggar Birthday Photo

It's a situation the other Duggars have reportedly come to accept, but some fans feel the Josie-worship went too far recently, and they're accusing Jim Bob and Michelle of getting so caught up in the birthday of their youngest daughter that they forgot about Jordyn entirely.

As we pointed out earlier, the Duggars did, in fact, celebrate Jordyn's birthday, but fans on Reddit believe they did so only after being reminded of the occasion on social media.

"It's mid-afternoon and still no happy birthday post for Jordyn. Because something always seems to be more important than Jordyn. The story of her poor, lost life," one fan remarked on Jordyn's big day.

"There is just such a history of the poor girl being overshadowed by Josie. It breaks my heart and I don't even know the kid. I want to adopt her as an 'unofficial niece' and spoil her with love and attention," another commented.

Other fans pointed out that Jordyn's birthday was further eclipsed by the announcement that Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are expecting their first child:

Jordyn Duggar on Facebook

"Wouldn't whoever announced Jendra's pregnancy have known that today is Jordyn's birthday?" wrote one Reddit user.

"Common sense would tell them to delay announcing it for 2 days till Wednesday or the end of the week. But I guess we can wish her if her family can't. Happy birthday Jordyn!"

When the Duggars did finally acknowledge Jordyn on social media, it was too little, too late for many fans:

"I wonder if they've seen comments surrounding how they 'forgot' her birthday because her b-day message seems longer than normal lol albeit the same generic stuff," wrote one follower.

"They literally didn't post it until darned near her bedtime. They probably had to edit Josie out of all her pictures," remarked another.

With 18 siblings, we're sure Jordyn is accustomed to not being the center of attention, but that doesn't make the possibility that the Duggars forgot a 9-year-old's birthday any easier to accept.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most famous family.

Selena Gomez: God Blesses My Reunion with Justin Bieber!

Posted: 04 Jan 2018 08:23 AM PST

Go ahead and throw shade, haters.

Go ahead and have your doubts.

Selena Gomez is reportedly aware of them and doesn't care about them.

Selena Gomez for Coach

The singer is no dummy. She's well aware of what you're probably thinking and/or saying when it comes to her decision to get back into bed with Justin Bieber.

This is the same douchebag that hurt her again and again over the years, right?

The same spoiled brat who never treated Selena in the way she deserved, right?

So why would yet another attempt at romance actually work this time for the artists?

It's simple, Gomez has supposedly told those around her. 

This time around, Selena swears, both she and her famous boyfriend have turned their lives over to a higher power.

"Selena swears that her relationship with Justin is different because they both have finally found God," an insider recently explained to Radar Online.

Justin Bieber on the Beach

This may sound like a bunch of malarkey to some people.

However, Bieber canceled a handful of tour dates last fall because he rededicated himself to church.

Multiple sources have spoken on record about how Justin is all about Jesus these days, even more so than before.

He and Selena have been attending church on the reg and even going to couples therapy as well. They do seem aware that this really is it for them.

If they can't make their relationship work now, they never will.

Moreover, Gomez underwent a kidney transplant last year. It makes sense that she may have become more religious as a result.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2011

Selena and Justin aren't really hiding their romance, either.

They both went to Cabo over New Year's and they attended a private pilates session yesterday.

A source tells E! News that the high-profile duo took a private class with the owner of the studio, adding that Selena was thrilled Bieber chose to take the class with her and that the stars had a "blast" there.

Paparazzi cameras snapped pictures of the pair leaving the studio in Los Angeles.

Still, the romance isn't sitting well with those close to Selena.

You can't really blame them for not trusting Bieber, can you?

Jelena Photo

There's tension between Selena and her mother, the latter of whom reportedly suffered a breakdown over the news that her child was back to banging Bieber.

That may seem extreme and is certainly unfortunate, but at least Justin seems aware of how awkward everything is right now.

"Justin has been trying really hard to prove Selena's mom that he will not hurt her again," a friend told Radar, adding:

"Selena's entire family is very weary."