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#UK life

#UK life

Bath Academy Principal visits China

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 08:39 AM PST

Bath Academy’s Principal Tim Naylor visited China last month to attend the International Conference on Education Exchange and the Opening Ceremony of City University Badaling in Beijing.

The seminar was organised by the State Administration of Foreign Affairs P. R. China, Union of Western-Eastern Education and Guoshi Capital.

As guest speaker, Tim was there to speak to educational representatives and give an international view of education.

“It was an honor to be a guest speaker at this conference, and to be a voice for international education as we look to the future of global students and the benefits that international study provides for both students and educators alike.

Bath Academy is an independent college hosting both international and British students for Academic and English Language Classes including UFP, Revision Courses, and re-sits. Bath Academy specialises in offering alternative routes to University for non-conventional students and English Language Support for those who need it. Smaller classes and a more tailored approach to teaching has proved successful each year as more and more students obtain places at their chosen university.

“We are proud to be supporting International Education in China and across the world.” – Tim Naylor.


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