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#American Life

#American Life

Russia Is Blamed For Everything, Radical Leftists Continue Campus Attacks On Sane People

Posted: 18 Feb 2018 05:40 AM PST

The Gateway Pundit 

Has a number of stories about the chaos in DC caused by ridiculous ‘investigations’ launched by DNC/Bilderberg gang tools and this week, it coughed up this cat hair ball of an inditement that is silly, stupid and insane: Russia interfered in our last election via having web sites online and other normal means.  Good lord, the USA has openly and covertly interfered in elections overseas and at home using all tools including assassinations and burning cities.  Why aren’t we having hearings about the long history of government-sponsored chaos and crimes perpetrated by the CIA and Secretary of States like Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy to overthrow Gaddafi, for example.


I am absolutely certain that Kerry let in and probably paid the ‘Russians’ who are now accused of ‘interfering in an election.’  How stupid is this?  The proof is obvious: every ‘Russian’ in the Special Prosecutor’s investigation were invited into the USA by Obama and his gang!  They did this, not Trump nor the RNC.

This insane storyline that Trump brought in Russia agents is insane and was from day one.  He had zero power over who came into the USA and only began to gain this after 2017.


The New York Times continues the daily flood of rank lies on their front page.  It is endless and they never correct themselves when caught lying.  Here is yesterday’s front page, I take screen shots this last two years because I find it unbelievable how insanely open they are with this lying and their fixation with attacking Trump every day:

Here is today’s front page:

No wonder Facebook’s VP of advertising is so pissed off!  The NYT is screaming that Facebook conspired with Putin!  I hope they sue the New York Times for defamation of character.  Why can’t Russians post stuff supporting someone on Facebook?  Americans talk about elections in other countries, too!  And they discuss candidates and endorse various people, this is called ‘freedom of speech’.


The ‘liberals’ are now lining up against freedom of speech, ‘liberal’ students are encouraged by universities and colleges to riot in the name of suppression of free speech.  They are openly teaching foolish young people that free speech is evil.


The rioters are now attacking Demore and preventing him from talking.  This is their main tool for ‘discussions’: ‘I’ll kill you.’


I am extremely pissed off about this.  I fought for free speech way back in the 1960’s.  I also knew back then that the danger to free speech came from both the far right and the far left.  The ones most dangerous in Berkeley were the Maoists who now rule the campus and much of the city there.

They forced me to flee because they said they would kill me and yes, these people kill.  Professor Peterson of lobster fame, is the latest target of these lunatics.  They want him to shut up.  He won’t shut up.  The more they attack him, the more popular he is.


They are now totally at war with him and are trying desperately to get the ANTIFA gang all riled up and then hope they will kill him.  They already tried to kill Milo at Berkeley with the gang being extremely violent, they nearly killed bystander students!


Leftist students go to war in Tennessee in attempt to stop right wing student speakers.  Rioting to stop speakers is all over the place and schools allow this and every week, conservative speakers are disinvited to schools because of threats of physical violence by leftist radicals.  Instead of kicking out all radical leftists, the schools protect them and encourage them to be violent.


Too stupid to understand basic history, these ‘professors’ and ‘staff’ running schools as indoctrination facilities don’t know that these ‘students’ will eventually attack them.  This happened in Mao’s China during the Cultural Revolution.  Since real history isn’t taught in these schools anymore, the students and teachers are blind to the inevitable end of this mass mind molding process.  I am highly aware of it because I knew a number of Chinese who fled Mao’s China.


Now on to other news: all last year and a bit longer, I have had really bad health problems from the norovirus.  My daughter’s family got it early on because the epicenter of it entering the US was in her city on the Hudson River.  I got it from them.  It is a very miserable disease and comes back again and again and now it is at the Olympics and all the teams will return home and spread it everywhere on the planet earth.  Gah.


This Olympics is going very badly for South Korea.  The kiss/kiss love fest with North Korea has not stopped people from fearing going to the Olympics.  Every year, it gets worse and worse for the Olympics and now that women are no longer females, the culture collapse of the Olympics is now inevitable.

Interest in the Olympics is deteriorating.  Men who become women should be allowed to compete as women only after full surgery and then five years for the feminine changes be great enough to create parity with genetic females.  It takes time for the body to adjust.


I have a child who has gone through this and is still going through this.  It takes more than a year to recover from the surgery.  It takes several years to totally heal and be able to lift things, for example.  Letting men who are taking some pills to pretend they are women is cheating.


It is a very serious operation and undergoing it shows total commitment.  Taking hormone pills is a cheat.  I don’t know why the Olympic committee can’t figure this out.  It looks ridiculously easy to figure out to me.  Well, this suicidal move to destroy the Olympics will continue to the bitter end.  It is quite sad, actually.


I used to watch the Olympics closely.  I have hung out with people who were Olympian champions in the past.  They are wonderful people!  I dated one of them, sabre gold medal winner, no less, when I was young.


This is so annoying, watching things being systematically destroyed.  BTW, my companion was one of the very first gold medal winners to tell the world, he was gay.  I cheered him on in this!  I am very proud of him.