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#American Life

#American Life

Law Enforcement, FBI, All Ignored Or Refused To Fight High School Terrorist Cruz

Posted: 24 Feb 2018 05:24 AM PST

FOUR deputies failed to enter school building in shooting while Florida Father: CNN Wanted People Who Would “Espouse a Certain Narrative” at a town hall meeting.  First, a young man blew the whistle about CNN trying to force him to use a question scripted for him which was liberal in nature, now a young lady and her father accuse them of doing that to her, too.  Everything is now revolving around this latest mass killer event.  These mass killing events happen in all sorts of countries, even those with the most strict gun control laws such as the mass shootings in Paris, France.


As information flows out, it turns out that the adults around the mass killer in Florida were highly aware of his plans to do a mass murder event well before it happened.  This is shocking news.  Evidently, the other students all knew this kid was highly dangerous and had guns and wanted to use these to kill them.


Worse, the adults let down the children on the day of the shooting when the police officer let the killer into the school and then cowered outside as the kid ran rampant, killing whoever he met.  Then it turns out more cops came…and did the same.


This same reluctance to engage mass killers inside buildings is common.  Usually, the police wait until the assassins run out of bullets.  Of course, all of this is useless when bombers attack.

Isn’t that stunning.  I have watched and participated in cops running down armed criminals in the past.  There is a huge element of danger in policing and not every person hired has this level of courage.  Testing police to see if they are capable of taking on dangers should be required.

Now, according to the news, some cities are being proactive when someone posts something threatening a mass murder event.  About time.  The mother who entered the school with no checks was a good move, it is the only way to shame schools into putting in some level of security.  All screen shots below are from The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback:

I went to a high school in the 1960s, Palo Verde HS in Tucson, that had a mass murder event back then and that school was chaos, pure chaos, run out of control way back then.

So, the teen shooter, Cruz, was supposed to be investigated by the FBI except they were way too busy trying to frame Trump as a Russian agent based on illegal spying on a Presidential candidate and conspiracy to rig an election this way in collusion with the Clintons.  Now, they are being set to work to do their real jobs, finally.

Oh, another potential killer…who is also an illegal alien let into the country by Obama and his gang.  Meanwhile, the sex scandals continue with the mainstream news not keeping tabs on how many of the men accused of this are liberal Democrats.  They are most interesting because of their virtue signalling and screaming about how this is a #1 issue with them all.  It is creepy, actually.

The sex scandal plot to get rid of Trump and it is particularly noxious that the odious Clintons, who I defended in the past over sex stuff, decided to pull off a sex scandal coup.  I am very disgusted by this double standard which the female Pussy lunatics foisted on all of us.  Screaming about how sex is evil while demanding we vote into power a woman married to a sex fiend.  Gah.  This double standard is called ‘hypocricy’ and these same lunatics want to import millions of Muslim males, I suppose, so they can be raped in the future no matter how ugly they look.