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#American Life

Galaxy NGC 474 Has Same Structure As Hydrogen Atoms, Not Spiral Galaxies

Posted: 07 Feb 2018 06:14 PM PST

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Galaxy NGC 474: Shells and Star Streams

Yesterday’s APOD picture is the latest take on a most interesting galaxy, NGC 474.  This structure in deep space has been examined a great deal over the years.  As computers improve the optics and the telescopes improve, the picture grows clearer and clearer.  In this case, the latest sharpening of the image suddenly shows something I find very scary, creepy and at the same time, amazing.  That is, this giant celestial thing is more like a huge hydrogen atom!  Seriously, it has a very interesting shell inside of shell which separates the levels of activity.


Explanation: What’s happening to galaxy NGC 474? The multiple layers of emission appear strangely complex and unexpected given the relatively featureless appearance of the elliptical galaxy in less deep images. The cause of the shells is currently unknown, but possibly tidal tails related to debris left over from absorbing numerous small galaxies in the past billion years. Alternatively the shells may be like ripples in a pond, where the ongoing collision with the spiral galaxy just above NGC 474 is causing density waves to ripple through the galactic giant. Regardless of the actual cause, the featured image dramatically highlights the increasing consensus that at least some ellipticalgalaxies have formed in the recent past, and that the outer halos of most large galaxies are not really smooth but have complexities induced by frequent interactions with — and accretions of — smaller nearby galaxies. The halo of our own Milky Way Galaxy is one example of such unexpected complexity. NGC 474 spans about 250,000 light years and lies about 100 million light years distant toward the constellation of the Fish (Pisces).


So, these complex and yet relatively featureless shells are like ripples in a pond except they aren’t.  The earlier pictures of this galaxy did look sort of like ‘ripples’.  But now they do NOT.  Not at all.  The rings of energy are sharply delineated and they don’t flow from each other like ‘ripples’.  They are much more like atomic levels of energy with electrons which can be kicked from one level to another when pressure or energy are applied, for example.  This entity in space isn’t a ‘star’ but rather something different.  I shall speculate.

Here is an earlier close gaze using a weaker telescope from 2007:  APOD: 2007 October 8 – Galaxy NGC 474: Cosmic Blender


The warm, fuzzy view of the galaxy is now sharp and clearer.  The intense gravity of this entity is so massive, I speculate that all matter is reduced to its most elemental level, namely hydrogen atoms.  Veils of matter being sucked into the maw of this thing is a different color and density.  But the uniformity of the light of this entity leads me to think it is not ‘complex’ but rather, it eliminates complexity.  Here is an electron microscope look at hydrogen atomic activity:

The First Image Ever of a Hydrogen Atom’s Orbital Structure


This should creep everyone out.  It is so similar.  It is the General Plan of Hydrogen when it rules a sector in space.


What you're looking at is the first direct observation of an atom's electron orbitalan atom’s actual wave function! To capture the image, researchers utilized a new quantum microscope — an incredible new device that literally allows scientists to gaze into the quantum realm.


Something to contemplate here:  Atomic orbital – Wikipedia


Because of the quantum mechanical nature of the electrons around a nucleus, atomic orbitals can be uniquely defined by a set of integers known as quantum numbers. These quantum numbers only occur in certain combinations of values, and their physical interpretation changes depending on whether real or complex versions of the atomic orbitals are employed.


Complex orbitals[edit]

In physics, the most common orbital descriptions are based on the solutions to the hydrogen atom, where orbitals are given by the product between a radial function and a pure spherical harmonic. The quantum numbers, together with the rules governing their possible values, are as follows:


The principal quantum number n describes the energy of the electron and is always a positive integer. In fact, it can be any positive integer, but for reasons discussed below, large numbers are seldom encountered. Each atom has, in general, many orbitals associated with each value of n; these orbitals together are sometimes called electron shells.


The azimuthal quantum number describes the orbital angular momentum of each electron and is a non-negative integer. Within a shell where n is some integer n0, ranges across all (integer) values satisfying the relation 0≤ℓ≤n0−10\leq \ell \leq n_{0}-1. For instance, the n = 1 shell has only orbitals with ℓ=0\ell =0, and the n = 2 shell has only orbitals with ℓ=0\ell =0, and ℓ=1\ell =1. The set of orbitals associated with a particular value of  are sometimes collectively called a subshell.


How about it?  I would love to hear some speculation about this strange galaxy system.  It is quite different from what we consider ‘normal’ aka, spiral galaxies.

Major Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Olympics Too COLD HAHAHA

Posted: 07 Feb 2018 05:29 AM PST

(3) 最新 !! 2018-2-6 花蓮地震最新映像合輯 !! 6.4 Earthquake Hualien, Taiwan 花蓮地震の瞬間 – YouTube


A series of major earthquakes hit Taiwan last night.  I was too tired to post a story about it but I did watch some of the citizens of Taiwan’s video recordings.  Do weak solar cycles increase earthquake events?  The solar wind’s strength shifts as sun spot activity rises and falls.  Lately, ‘scientists’ (sic) are downplaying the role the Sun plays in our earth’s activities and climate which is utterly insane and undoes tons of research my father and others have done over the last 70 years and it is infuriating that people are told, CO2 has more power than the sun in our climate systems!  Well, I am freezing my ass off this year and it keeps going down into single F digits here!  Damn!  This is infuriating, it is super cold in Asia and North America!  This isn’t ‘local weather’ but ‘global climate’ big time!


Not to mention all the snow storms in the Sahara Desert, of all places…the cooling of the planet is connected to the big, deep La Nina event.  The ocean is getting colder both at the North and South Poles, too.  And earthquakes rattle the dishes and will soon wreck more of California, one of the few places still enjoying warm weather while complaining bitterly about it (to hell with them all).

At least four killed, 145 missing after quake rocks Taiwan tourist area – YouTube

The good people of Taiwan ran out of their houses and instead of standing around, immediately began shining flash lights on collapsed buildings and trying heroically to save victims.  We saw this the other day in Mexico, too.  I always admire the courage and concern of humans who brave great dangers to save others, even total strangers.  Also, the adults moved to save the children first and if you watch the video at the top of the page, a barefoot elderly man who couldn’t walk on the rubble was carried to safety by a younger man, on his back.

Taiwan Enters Multi-Century Earthquake Cycle 6.4 is the Beginning (526) – YouTube
The Dolton Minimum is causing earthquakes, when solar energy is low, it affects the weather, the oceans and the crust of the earth.  Japan just went through several years of nearly nonstop shaking.  It still shakes daily but the major repeat quakes have finally quieted down.  The atmospheric pressure of the planet’s gas mantle is compressed or released by solar winds, the sun continuously presses on our atmosphere plus our planetary rotation evens this out over a 24 hour cycle unlike Venus which is one of the hottest planets due to the atmosphere being exposed to the sun for very long periods due to the planet barely rotating.

Speaking of the sun, sunspot activity remains lower than previous cycles.  And as I predicted based on my father’s research over the last century, yes, we are in for a very cold cycle now on our little planet Earth.  I remember the media agitating for the last decade about how winter sports would vanish.  So are they embarrassed at this news today?  Nope.

It is super cold here on my own mountain, too.  BRRRR.  The NY media won’t mention any of this.  Even this week, the New York Times continues to fret about me roasting to death.  I want to go down to NYC and drag them outside and force them to walk around with no coats.

A mere three years ago, the NYT was fretting about no snow due to us roasting to death.  This winter, there is no mention of snow, positive or negative, and the Olympics.  Dead silence.  These stupid clowns think that if only they never, ever mention what is really going on, no one will remember when they resume lying about everything.

In between whining about it being too hot, the NYT did mention the Russian sports teams who were told, they can’t show Russia’s flag because the Real Rulers hate Putin with a passion.  Now, the NYT is pretending to care about Russian female skaters.  Right-o.  Got it.  Poor dears.  Both the Russian and the Chinese skaters are amazing this year.  The Bilderberg gang is very pissed off about this.  HAHAHA.  Fun times.  Back to the severe winter and a winter continuing as if there will be no spring:

Look at this satellite photo!  The storm that is going to dump even more snow on me today is rising up out of the Pacific Ocean, springing up from the chaos in the atmosphere above the la Nina cold upwelling.  All weathers systems are ultimately planetary, not ‘local’.  When ‘scientists’ who are scared that all their damn predictions were 100% wrong see this, they lie.  Lying about the weather is now reflexive for anyone working for the government.  The people running our information systems are mostly believers in the global warming scam at this point.


Our universities teach climate lies and any professor daring to talk back is shoved aside, ignored or fired.  Now, as the climate cools, the maniacs who now run our systems have gone into childish denial, simply refusing to read the data, figure out they were wrong and apologize.  Nope, they double down only one problem: people can’t ignore freezing their asses off!  This is impossible.  The more these fools running the climate information systems lie, the anger of the victims of these lies rises.


I am totally outraged by these stupid global warmists.  I want to take Al Gore and drag him naked up my frozen road here and dump him into a snow bank and leave him to the coyotes and the hawks and owls to eat.  What a California asshat.

This is one super duper la Nina now.  It began in August…we had SNOW here in August!  Was very nasty on my birthday…we had more SNOW.  We did have this warm wave of five days in January and then back into the deep freeze in February.  I look at the chart below and note that it is plunging back down this month, the ocean is colder.  Gah!  No!!!  Well, the forecast for nearly the entire month is to be below freezing during the day except for three days which might be a hot 36 degrees F instead of 24 degrees F.

I live near the last remaining warms stream ocean flows.  Note the red below in the global map.  That is warm water upwelling by the Gulf Stream.  It snakes its way to Iceland but note the super cold patch in the upper Atlantic Ocean.  England is shivering.  The Antarctic ocean is very cold, nearly uniformly and summer is ending there.  It isn’t winter yet!  And Pacific Siberia is super duper cold.  Japan is protected by the only other major upwelling of warm water.

I looked at the NYT for any stories about the unusual cold.  Nothing!  Here is their story from the other day:

I hope all idiots who think we are roasting to death do not have any children.  Good riddance.  They should swiftly depopulate themselves.  Here is one of the few stories the NYT has had about it getting colder and it is 18 years old:

A month ago, the NYT did have a story about the cold, but pretended this was unusual and short lived and no indication that we are entering a vicious cold cycle.  At least it did mention that this situation is dangerous unlike warm winters which are so nice and easily survivable.