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Student accused of being a crisis actor thanks conspiracy theorists (video)

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 10:09 AM PST

Apparently, the rumors about one Florida student being a ‘crisis actor’ is working in his favor.

Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg told CNN Sunday that those who have launched conspiracy theories about him are showing how “disgusting they are.”

“It’s great, it’s great advertising, honestly. These people are doing an amazing thing in the sense that they’re showing how disgusting they are,” he said during an interview on CNN.

“The fact that they’re calling out me as a witness of this horrifying incident, saying that I’m an actor, crisis actor, it shows how sad I feel for those people.”

Hogg has become one of the most interviewed students since the deadly shooting on Valentines Day. The Parkland resident has been the target of conspiracy theories alleging he and others often at his side are crisis actors who have been coached to push for gun control legislation.

See interview:

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Michelle Obama Tweets: ‘Becoming’ to inspire others

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 09:49 AM PST

Michelle Obama’s twitter post ends with a link to her new website. Upon clicking, one sees the promo for the former first lady’s new book, entitled, ‘Becoming.’

Here is what the website reads, in part: “In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African-American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history, while also establishing herself as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the U.S. and around the world, dramatically changing the ways that families pursue healthier and more active lives, and standing with her husband as he led America through some of its most harrowing moments. Along the way, she showed us a few dance moves, crushed Carpool Karaoke, and raised two down-to-earth daughters under an unforgiving media glare.”

According to Obama, writing BECOMING has been a deeply personal experience for her. Her tweet goes on to say, “I talk about my roots and how a girl from the South Side found her voice. I hope my journey inspires readers to find the courage to become whoever they aspire to be. I can’t wait to share my story.”

It is reported that the Barack and Michelle Obama each sold a book in a joint deal for $65 million, which is an unprecedented amount of money for a presidential memoir.

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Woman attacked by great white shark

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 09:39 AM PST

Beaches in southeast Sydney, Australia, were closed Friday after a woman was attacked by a great white shark, which is believed to have been about 10 feet long.

The 55-year-old woman survived the early evening attack — the first one in Botany Bay in at least 25 years — and is recovering at St. George Hospital after sustaining “serious wounds” on her right leg, below her knee.

The Guardian reported: The Hurstville local was doing laps at Little Congwong Beach about 7pm when she was bitten by the juvenile predator, which experts believe measured between 2.7m and 3.2m.

Randwick City Council said the woman was helped to shore where paramedics treated "serious wounds" on her leg, but she was in a stable condition.

The mayor Lindsay Shurey said the woman underwent surgery on Saturday morning for a "very large bite" below her right knee. "I think she's very lucky to still have her leg … and to survive," Shurey said. "I've lived in this area for 35 years and we have no knowledge of anything like this before … we're all a little shocked and concerned."

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Mayor warns illegal aliens about imminent ICE raids

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 09:07 AM PST

Citing credible sources from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the mayor of Oakland, California, warned residents of a possible ICE raid expected to occur in the San Francisco Bay area within the next 24 hours.

Mayor Libby Schaff claimed that she disclosed the information to protect people, not to incite panic. The city of Oakland has advised illegal aliens who are concerned about the possible raids to consult immigration resources.

Following is Schaff’s statement, reported by KRON 4 TV: Earlier today, I learned from multiple credible sources that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is preparing to conduct an operation in the Bay Area, including Oakland, starting as soon as within the next 24 hours.

As Mayor of Oakland, I am sharing this information publicly not to panic our residents but to protect them.

My priority is for the well-being and safety of all residents — particularly our most vulnerable — and I know that Oakland is safer when we share information, encourage community awareness, and care for our neighbors.

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GONE VIRAL: Broward Sheriff claims he provided ‘amazing leadership’ (video)

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 08:56 AM PST

In a Sunday appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” embattled Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel contended that he had provided “amazing leadership” to his department, despite the evidence that was ignored regarding the danger represented by Florida high school gunman Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 people in a Valentine’s Day shooting.

On Thursday, Israel announced that school resource officer Scot Peterson had been suspended and elected to retire rather than be terminated after it was learned that Peterson failed to enter the school and attempt to stop the massacre. During his Sunday interview, which lasted nearly a half-hour, Israel defended his department’s response to the 18 calls it received regarding Cruz, including warnings that he could be a “school shooter in the making.” No report was generated as a result of that tip.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, host Jake Tapper asked Israel, who participated in CNN’s town hall on guns on Wednesday and called for stronger gun control laws, if he could see how the public would be critical when it saw so many red flags go ignored by the department.

“How could there not even be a report on this one?” Tapper asked.

“If that’s accurate, Jake, there needed to be a report and that’s what we’re looking in to, that a report needed to be completed, it needed to be forwarded to our homeland security or violent crimes unit and they would’ve followed up on it,” Israel said.

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REPORT: NRA spokeswoman pitched herself for ‘hot mom’ sitcom

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 08:49 AM PST

Radio show host Dana Loesch has made a name for herself as being a feisty conservative who believes in the 2nd Amendment so much so that she’s now the spokesperson for the NRA.  She’s been in the spotlight as of late for a number of reasons, including a report Sunday which claims she once pitched herself to be a TV sitcom star.

According to the NY Post, the much maligned NRA spokeswoman who faced off against the high-school survivors of the Parkland shooting, was "obsessed with fame and money" and once wanted to star as herself in her own TV sitcom about a "hot mom."

On Wednesday, the night of conservative radio host Loesch's polarizing appearance at a CNN town hall,"NCIS" producer Paul Guyot tweeted: "Dana Loesch came to me 10 yrs ago pitching a sitcom starring herself," saying the plot was about "a hot young mom who does far right radio show . . . Said her age & looks would make 1 side hate her & 1 love her so everyone would watch. Was obsessed w the potential fame & money. I turned her down."

Loesch didn't respond for comment.

Loesch, who used to be a liberal, announced last year that she was leaving the TV news program she hosted for 4-years on the failing Glen Beck cable network called, The Blaze.

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Tipster warned FBI that Florida gunman was going ‘to explode’

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 08:22 AM PST

A woman who called an FBI tip line in January regarding Nikolas Cruz, the gunman who killed 17 people in the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Florida high school, warned that Cruz had made increasingly alarming statements following the November death of his mother, adding, “I know he’s, he’s going to explode.”

Last week, the FBI claimed that the information from the Jan. 5 call was never forwarded to agents in Miami “where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.”

NBC News reported that a transcript of the call revealed that the female caller, described by the FBI only as a person close to Cruz, never said that he planned to shoot up a school.

Instead, toward the end of the somewhat rambling conversation with the FBI operator, nearly 14 minutes long, the woman said, “He’s thrown out of all these schools because he would pick up a chair and just throw it at somebody, a teacher, or a student, because he didn’t like the way they were talking to him. Um, I, I just think about, you know, getting into a school and just shooting the place up.”

Early in the conversation, the caller said of Cruz, “He’s only 18, but he’s got the mental capacity of a 12 to a 14-year-old.”

For a time, the caller said, Cruz talked about killing himself but “now he has switched it to, he wants to kill people.”

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CLAIM: Megyn Kelly’s support of #MeToo movement all an act

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 08:10 AM PST

Although NBC’s Megyn Kelly has worked to position herself as a champion of the #MeToo movement by inviting brave women fighting against injustice to appear on her show, "Megyn Kelly Today," a former colleague of Kelly’s called it all an act.

"She's disrespectful," said Iren Halperin, a Fox News makeup artist who retired in 2016 after 20 years. "She's not for women. She's extremely mean and rude to women."

Page Six reported: Halperin worked with Kelly in 2009, when the latter co-anchored "America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer." Halperin said that Kelly always got her makeup done at 8 a.m., but showed up 30 minutes early one day and tried to kick a female reporter out of the makeup chair.

"I told her, 'Please have a seat in the greenroom or start your hair first,' " Halperin said. "And she said, 'No. I want to get done and want to get done now.' Megyn snapped her finger and pointed at the reporter and said, 'You, get out of the chair.'" Eventually, Kelly got her way.

"The next day my boss called me. Megyn went and lied to management and said, '[Iren] can't come in on time because she has child-care issues,'" said Halperin, a mother of three, who started work an hour before Kelly's scheduled makeup sessions.

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Legal scholar: I see no evidence of collusion in Mueller case (video)

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 07:50 AM PST

In a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” attorney, legal scholar and analyst Johnathan Turley expressed his skepticism regarding the collusion and obstruction of justice claims being investigated by special council Robert Mueller.

“I've been skeptical about the collusion and obstruction claims for the last year. I just don't see the evidence of collusion,” Turley said.

Turley asserted that he did not “see a crime connected to collusion.”

“We’ve gone through a year of investigation. We have five cooperating witnesses. We have plea agreements and indictments all over the place, but they really don’t establish any nexus to the campaign,” Turley contended. “What they do establish are other crimes. But those crimes are largely financial fraud things like the allegations against Paul Manafort. I think those are likely to continue. We’re likely to have more of the same.”

Turley concluded, “But in terms of the collusion, it’s all a bit implausible in my view, based on the evidence that we have.”

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DML: I Respond to Emails You Sent Me

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 07:39 AM PST

Below are some of the responses I’ve given to messages sent to me by DML readers over the past 24-hours.

To send me a message, use the submit news button on our websites.

How do I register to comment.   I hate Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc so I won't go thru them.

DML: In the weeks to come, we will have a new realtime chat feature that enables our website users to leave realtime comments.  We have removed Disqus from our website as it caused issues for us technically.  So for  now, it’s via Facebook.  Soon to change.

Hello DML. Trump is frightening the hell out of me. My husband & I worked all of our lives, due to an accident for me & his body failing & not being able to work, we both are living off of S.S. retirement. I never hear  "TRUMP" talk about us old people !!! The "hispanics" The "mexicans" The somalies" the guatamalies" etc, etc, etc, He screeched about the forgotten "middle class" (we were once them) Well just like adding more than obama to daca, he has forgotten, not only the "middle class" he has forgotten, "All AMERICANS" I cannot stand dumbass Pelosi, but she might have been right about, TRUMP handing out crumbs. After reading your article on Buffet, it pissed me off. Social Security has gotten nothing from him. We are all screwed. You & your family, with what you pay for taxes & health insurance are subsidizing the illegals. You are my sanity. I cannot even listen to TRUMP talk anymore. I'm fearful of what he's gonna say. He is not calming at all. Please continue, with giving us the truth. I don't want to be tricked by anyone anymore. I trust "you" explicitly DML. May GOD, bless you those whom you Love

DML: You are correct, Trump rarely if ever mentions our senior citizens.  I wish he would.  Our seniors paid their taxes, followed our laws, and gave birth to my generation.  You all deserve more than what you’re receiving.  The fact that Buffet’s firm saved itself another $29B due to tax cuts, and most Americans are raving about getting an extra $20 in their weekly paycheck is a sin.    If he would deport illegals, clog the border, stop talking about DACA and repeal and replace Obamacare, our costs as a nation would decrease and the standard of living would increase.

Hi DML, it took a year but it seems as though The Establishment has won. President Trump is now becoming part of the swamp. He is no different than all of the other politicians. Say what the people want to hear to get elected and bow to Establishment once elected.  Mexico will pay for wall. No it will not. Illegal aliens will be deported. No they will not. Immigration from terrorist nations will be stopped. No it will not. The swamp will be drained. No it will not. Obamacare will be repealed and replaced. No it will not. And this tax reform and then companies giving bonuses seems set up to me. Seems like President Trump spoke to some large companies CEO and made some backroom deals. President Trump is still a bull in china shop, but all it is doing is making him look like a drunk.

DML: Well, I’m not sure I can totally agree.  The economy is humming, ISIS is near dead, the SCOTUS is conservative, and the tax cuts are helping businesses – and businesses create jobs.  There is the Israel relationship to consider, as it has greatly improved, and North Korea appears to be on their heels.  That said, you bring up a lot of strong points, some of which are a result of a broken congress, but others are his own doing.  Nobody’s perfect, but the elephant in the room remains an issue. He has failed to fix immigration and Obamacare.  Without fixing those two items, he’s going to get the sort of pushback you’ve conveyed.  This said, I’m very uneasy about 2018 midterms.  As of now, it looks bad for us, I think.

I saw the article and video from Trump’s phone call last night with Judge Jean.  He is pushing for DACA.  You always said he was and it had nothing to do with chess playing.  You are continuously correct about Trump and I was hoping you would share how that is, and how you’d rate his handling of the Florida massacre and his presidency thus far.  I appreciate your hard work.

DML: Early on, Trump ran on the same platform I considered running on, and so I knew how he’d play his cards.  Tack on that I’ve been doing this every day of my life for a long time — I understand the DC way of life, I understand the media, and it’s predictable how his ego will respond to both.

I also have a sense for what he wants to accomplish for himself as president.  Put it all together… the media, politics, human behavior, legislative processes, etc… and it’s understandable how I can see most of his moves in advance.

But the biggest factor is the truth. Although I support most of the policies he stands for, I don’t allow myself to be hypnotized by his claims, rhetoric, tweets and interviews.  If people were to pull back a little, and listen to what he says — and what he doesn’t say — they too would get a better understanding of what he will and will not do.  With the above said, overall I would give him a grade of B+ with the momentum heading towards a B, B- (immigration, healthcare, Iran, midterms).

DACA, Obamacare, and the Iran deal cannot be left as he has them.   As for the Florida events, I think he’s doing the best he can.  Meaning, he’s damned if he does, and he’s damned if he doesn’t.

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California Democrats reject Dianne Feinstein

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 07:28 AM PST

The California Democratic Party has declined to endorse Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the state’s senior senator, in her reelection bid.

At the state party’s annual convention, progressive Democrats defeated more moderate forces by voting for Feinstein’s opponent, state Senate leader Kevin de León, 54 percent to 37 percent, according to results announced Sunday. Although neither candidate achieved the 60 percent threshold required to receive the party’s endorsement for 2018, the snubbing of Feinstein gave de León hope for his struggling campaign. Feinstein still maintains a substantial lead in the race.

Politico reported: "The outcome of today's endorsement vote is an astounding rejection of politics as usual, and it boosts our campaign's momentum as we all stand shoulder-to-shoulder against a complacent status quo," de León said in a prepared statement. "California Democrats are hungry for new leadership that will fight for California values from the front lines, not equivocate on the sidelines."

A centrist Democrat, Feinstein has long maintained an uneasy relationship with activists who dominate state party conventions, and the vote this weekend — while embarrassing — was not unexpected. The result followed two days of lobbying by the candidates in convention speeches and throughout the convention halls.

In an appeal to thousands of delegates Saturday, de León portrayed himself as an agent of change. He cast Feinstein, without mentioning her name, as a Washington power broker out of touch with progressive activists at home.

"I'm running for the U.S. Senate because the days of Democrats biding our time, biting our tongue, and trying to let it work the margins are over,” he said to cheers. "I'm running because California's greatness comes from paths of human audacity, not congressional seniority."

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REPORT: North Korea open to diplomatic talks with U.S.

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 07:01 AM PST

South Korea’s presidential office said on Sunday that North Korea is receptive to diplomatic discussions with the United States.

A delegation from North Korea reportedly told South Korean officials that progress in the relationship between those two countries should coincide with improvements in diplomacy between Pyongyang and Washington.

According to South Korea’s presidential office, North Korea has "ample intentions of holding talks with the United States,” The Associated Press reported.

In early February, North Korea invited South Korea to diplomatic talks in Pyongyang for the first time in over a decade. The two countries agreed that athletes from the north and south would march together during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Last week, the Trump administration announced increased sanctions against North Korea aimed at entities that support the regime of Kim Jong Un and his nuclear proliferation program. Kim has declared his intent to develop a nuclear ballistic missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

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CLAIM: Trump attorneys consider ways he might testify

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 06:51 AM PST

Lawyers for President Donald Trump are considering methods by which he might testify before special counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the 2016 presidential campaign, contending that “Everything is on the table,” according to a source.

Trump’s attorneys are examining options that include the president providing written answers to questions and having him give limited verbal testimony, provided the questions are limited in scope and do not represent a perjury trap.

The Wall Street Journal reportedMr. Mueller is investigating whether Mr. Trump's campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 elections and whether the president obstructed justice when he fired former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey, who launched the Russia probe. The president denies his campaign colluded with Moscow and that he obstructed justice; Russia says it didn't meddle in the campaign.

Mr. Mueller last week secured an indictment against three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens for allegedly engaging in a widespread effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including inventing fake personas on social media and staging rallies with the "strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system." The indictment didn't accuse the Trump campaign of assisting that effort.

Whether Mr. Mueller would agree to the terms sought by the Trump legal team is unclear; his office declined to comment.

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REPORT: Florida sheriff has a controversial past

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 06:35 AM PST

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been nationally disgraced after his department's repeated failures to stop Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz became headline news. However, it turns out that Israel has been a controversial figure in south Florida for many years, according to a report in The Daily Caller that came out on Saturday.

Israel, 61, has served as Broward County Sheriff since he was elected in 2012. In that time, he has faced accusations of corruption.

Israel was criticized in 2014 after a political action committee supporting his re-election campaign for sheriff accepted thousands of dollars in donations from a convicted felon.

The donor, Yoram Izhak, was indicted for allegedly being part of an organized crime ring known as the "Cuban Mafia" that "was allegedly involved in cocaine trafficking, arson, gambling and murder," according to Local10.

A Sun-Sentinal investigation the same year found that the sheriff had routinely handed out taxpayer-funded jobs to political supporters. The sheriff's response at the time: "lions don't care about the opinions of sheep."

A Local10 investigation found in 2016 that sheriff’s department employees routinely attended campaign events while on the clock for their taxpayer-funded positions.

Israel is now facing sharp criticism for his department's repeated failures to stop Stoneman Douglas school shooter Nikolas Cruz. The sheriff's office was warned repeatedly that Cruz was a school shooter in the making, by both his relatives and those close to him, but failed to act to prevent the shooting.

Cruz's guardian told police that the Cruz had "bought tons of ammo," "used a gun against (people) before" and "put the gun to others' heads in the past."

Then, when Cruz opened fire at Stoneman Douglas high school last week, Israel's sheriff's deputies stood by as the shooter mowed down defenseless victims.

One of Israel's sheriff's deputies, Scot Peterson, stood outside the building and refused to confront the shooter, Israel admitted on Thursday.

Three other Broward County deputies reportedly waited outside while the shooting was going on, according to a report on Friday. Israel did not disclose that fact to the public.

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REPORT: NRA puts out statement after corporations pull away

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 06:34 AM PST

It’s been all eyes on the National Rifle Association since the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida left 17 dead on Valentines Day.

The NRA defended itself in no uncertain terms Saturday after numerous companies sought to cut ties with the gun lobby following the nation’s latest mass shooting.

"Let it be absolutely clear," the organization said in a statement. "The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world."

The statement came two days after Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president, delivered a fiery speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland.

Here is the tweet:

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Bank of America reexamining relationships with assault weapon manufacturers

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 06:14 AM PST

In an effort to “help end the tragedy of mass shootings,” Bank of America has announced that it will “engage” its clients that manufacture assault weapons for non-military to determine what they can “contribute to this shared responsibility.”


“We are joining other companies in our industry to examine what we can do to help end the tragedy of mass shootings,” Bank of America said in a statement. “And an immediate step we're taking is to engage the limited number of clients we have that manufacture assault weapons for non-military use to understand what they can contribute to this shared responsibility.”
The Hill reported: The statement comes after 17 people were killed when a gunman, who used a legally purchased AR-15, opened fire earlier this month at a high school in Florida. 
Students who survived the shooting have become vocal advocates for gun control in recent weeks, demanding that lawmakers take action to prevent future school shootings. Students have also been calling out lawmakers who have received funding from the National Rifle Association (NRA).
Since the shooting, a host of companies have terminated their business agreements with the NRA under heightened public pressure. Multiple car rental companies and United Airlines have announced recently they would eliminate  discount programs for NRA members.

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U.S. Olympian slams Ivanka Trump’s appearance at Winter Games

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 05:53 AM PST

In a Sunday tweet, U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy criticized Ivanka Trump’s appearance at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea where she led the U.S. delegation in the closing ceremony on Sunday.

Kenworthy, a freestyle skier, tweeted a photo of Team USA athletes and wrote, “So proud of all these people! Everybody here has worked so hard to make it to the Olympics and have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremony! Well… Everyone except Ivanka. Honestly, tf is she doing here??”

The Hill reported that Ivanka Trump said earlier this month that her trip reaffirms her father’s call for a “maximum pressure campaign” to denuclearize North Korea and to “reaffirm our bonds of friendship and partnership” with the South.

“We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country,” President Trump said of his daughter’s arrival in a tweet last week.

Ivanka Trump said late Saturday that it was "incredibly inspiring" to attend the games, according to a reporter traveling with her.

"It's been an amazing couple of days, and such an honor and privilege to be here with our allies in South Korea and celebrate all that we've accomplished as a culture, a society, economically and, of course, in sport," she added.

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Mother and infant rescued in human trafficking sting

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 05:51 AM PST

Police rescued a woman and her infant child in Stockton, California on Friday night during a human trafficking sting that resulted in 21 arrests.

Five were arrested on pimping and pandering charges, which the others were charged with prostitution, child endangerment, drug offenses and outstanding warrants, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputies worked with Manteca police, the California Highway Patrol, the San Joaquin District Attorneys Office, the San Joaquin County Victim Witness Service and the Stockton Women’s Center to facilitate the operation.

Also, a Stockton hotel assisted law enforcement and social services during the sting.

Police revealed that five of the 21 suspects arrested have previously been booked on charges related to pimping and pandering, according to ABC News.

“A combined effort with law enforcement, victim services, and business owners gives us the opportunity to more effectively combat the growing problem of human trafficking,” wrote the Sheriff’s Department on a Facebook post. “Saving one person makes an operation like this a great success.”

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