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5 Times Superhero Movies Were Robbed at the Oscars

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 12:01 PM PST

With Logan nabbing a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination at this year’s Academy Awards, there’s a chance that a superhero movie will win one of the big prizes. And if there was any justice, Hugh Jackman would also be up for Best Actor, as his performance deserves to be part of the conversation alongside current favourite Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour. Plus did you see the size of Jackman? That body deserves an Oscar of its own.

But his loss is par for the course when it comes to superhero movies. With only Heath Ledger’s performance as Joker in The Dark Knight taking home a major Oscar back in 2009. We think the Academy has been getting it wrong. So for that reason we’re listing the times when we think that comic book movies were robbed at and by the Oscars.

Best Actor: Christopher Reeve

Year: 1978

Who Actually Won: Jon Voight

Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Coming Home was one of the first mainstream movies to deal with the Vietnam War head-on. And it was perfect Oscar fodder. Jon Voight plays a paralysed Vietnam veteran who falls in love with Jane Fonda, whose own husband has been deployed to fight in the war. And the story of both tragedy and hope was directed with great sensitivity by Hal Ashby, winning both his actors Academy Awards in the process.

Superman was the first big-budget comic book movie. And as such it was seen as something of a kid’s film. But Richard Donner’s film is surprisingly mature, dealing with some pretty heavy themes concerning both love and loss in between the action sequences. And it’s anchored by an otherworldly performance from Christopher Reeve as the Kryptonian. No, make that two amazing performances, with Reeve note-perfect as the good-natured and clumsy Clark Kent, and radiating truth, justice, and above all strength as Superman. He had everyone believing a man could fly, and it’s FANDOM’s belief he should have got the vote over Voight.

Best Picture: The Dark Knight

Year: 2009

What Actually Won: Slumdog Millionaire

Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight.

Slumdog Millionaire was a big deal at the time. Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Vikas Swarup’s bestselling novel was a surprise hit at the box office, received rave reviews, and won the Best Picture Oscar, as well as Best Director for Boyle. But although it has been less than a decade since the film hit screens, Slumdog Millionaire doesn’t seem to be part of many movie conversations, in terms of Danny Boyle’s CV, memorable Oscar-winners, or just plain great movies.

Unlike The Dark Knight, which thus far seems to be the high benchmark when it comes to superhero movies. Tim Burton got serious with 1989’s Batman, but it was Christopher Nolan who had comic book movies actually being taken seriously with Batman Begins. And while that was good, The Dark Knight took superheroes to the next level. The film won Ledger that aforementioned Oscar for his unforgettable turn as Joker, while it also dealt with real-world issues in a superhero setting, most notably the war on terror. Making it the comic book movie by which others are now judged. And the film that should have been crowned Best Picture in 2009.

Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson

Year: 1990

Who Actually Won: Denzel Washington

Jack Nicholson as The Joker.

Denzel is one of the greatest actors of all-time. No doubt. And he delivers a powerhouse performance in Glory as Silas Tripp; a brave, honourable and rebellious member one of the first all-black regiments in the Union Army. To win the Academy Award, he beat stiff competition from both Danny Aiello (Do the Right Thing) and Martin Landau (Crimes and Misdemeanors).

But Jack Nicholson delivered the most talked about performance of 1989, dominating Batman from beginning to end as the Joker, and blowing Michael Keaton‘s ‘Caped Crusader’ off the screen. You couldn’t call his work subtle or nuanced, and there are times when you wonder if Jack is simply playing an exaggerated version of himself. But it’s as committed a performance as you are ever likely to see; one that leaves you in no doubt as to the mad genius of both the character, and the actor.

Best Original Score: Superman

Year: 1978

What Actually Won: Midnight Express

John Williams' Superman score.

This one is a mistake, pure and simple. Giorgio Moroder’s Midnight Express score is good. But it isn’t in the same league as John Williams’ majestic music for Superman. Why the miscarriage of justice? Well, Williams had won the year before for the equally wonderful Star Wars score, so maybe the Academy didn’t want to reward him with two Oscars in a row. Also, electronic music was relatively new, so maybe the voters wanted to celebrate something fresh and current, compared to the more traditional orchestration of Superman.

Whatever the case, the Oscars quite simply got it wrong. As in 1978, Williams crafted one of the greatest film scores of all-time, so much so that comic book fans have been waiting for a superhero movie to equal it ever since. Hans Zimmer has come close on a couple of occasions. But that wait goes on. With Williams the only composer who has been able to sum up a superhero with just a few notes, via the most magical and memorable of theme tunes.

Best Supporting Actor: Alfred Molina

Year: 2005

Who Actually Won: Morgan Freeman

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus.

Morgan Freeman is good in Million Dollar Baby. Really good. His performance — alongside those of Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood — was much better than the film from which it came. And it’s up there with his fellow nominees that year — Thomas Haden Church (Sideways), and Jamie Foxx (Collateral). But Alfred Molina — who didn’t even get a nod — was incredible in Spider-Man 2, lending the film a humanity that you don’t normally see in comic book movies.

He’s solid in the film’s early scenes, all decency and brains as Otto Octavius, the brilliant scientist endeavouring to create a sustainable fusion power reactor. But when those efforts go wrong, and he accidentally kills the love of his life, Otto starts to go mad. While the tentacles fused to his spine also start to corrupt his mind. Turning Otto into Doctor Octopus, a super-villain that you love and hate in equal measure, while at the same time feeling some sympathy towards him. And while Molina eats up the screen while doing bad stuff, it’s during the film’s finale — when Otto comes to his senses and sacrifices himself for the greater good — that Molina truly excels. His death scene not leaving a dry eye in the house. And thoroughly deserving of that Academy Award.

The 10 Greatest Superhero Movie Performances

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‘Black Panther’ Stars Discuss Insane Spin Off Ideas

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 11:02 AM PST


In Black Panther, CIA agent Everett Ross gets a lot more involved in the action that he did when his character was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. We get a glimpse of the kind of craziness his job sometimes plunges him into. After all, Everett Ross isn't a superhero like the kind he mixes with – far from being an Avenger, he's just an ordinary guy. Albeit one that works for a huge spy organisation. And one with the inherent ability to virtually pilot an aircraft with no prior experience.

FANDOM spoke to Martin Freeman, who plays Everett Ross, and Andy Serkis, who plays Black Panther villain Ulysses Klaue, about what a spin-off involving their characters would look like. And it would look a bit more chilled than the sort of Marvel fare we're used to seeing on screen. Freeman would like to pick up Ross's story during his retirement.

"His spin-off would be about the fact that he had found peace and financial comfort and was now living on and off a yacht on Montego Bay," he says.

But it wouldn't be hedonistic.

"It would be more relaxed than that," he says. "It would be his adventures. Well, I call them adventures — they'd be more sort of 'the happenings' of an ex-CIA agent. Which involves mojitos and dub reggae. It would just be that. Two films of that."

Black Panther-Klaue-Ross
Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue (left) and Martin Freeman as Everett Ross (right).

But that doesn't mean it wouldn't involve cameos. Freeman is open to the Black Panther characters putting in appearances, but there are provisos. He'd even let Klaue join the yacht party if he calms down. "Everyone in this film can come but calm down. Just lie down for a bit. Lie in the sun."

Sounds like Andy Serkis is on board with that, because life after Black Panther for Klaue would see him concentrating on his music. According to Serkis: "He makes mixtapes, so I think he'd spend all the money he makes from [selling] Vibranium on creating a really good franchise of mixtapes. I think he wants to reach the people with music. And he'd also start an orphanage."

There's even room for another villain portrayed by Serkis on Everett Ross's yacht. But he's not from the MCU – he's Serkis's Star Wars character, Snoke. Serkis based the villainous Supreme Leader on Hugh Hefner and says he'd like to see him return in a Playboy mansion-type spin-off. Which leads Freeman to immediately invite him to Montego Bay to join an all-male party of "men having manly fun".

Could this be Disney's best crossover yet?

Black Panther hits screens in the UK on February 13 and in the US on February 16.

‘Black Panther’ Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?


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How to Steal Wyvern Eggs in ‘Monster Hunter World’

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 10:45 AM PST

Wyvern egg quests in Monster Hunter World require you to sneak into a Rathian's nest, steal a wyvern egg and make it back to your campsite. You'll need to do this twice, and deposit the eggs in your item box.

As with many things in Monster Hunter World, these wyvern eggs (and other items you’ll retrieve) are requested in the name of science — but will more likely be used for food.

Shoutout to Chef's Choice

Your first tough wyvern egg delivery quest will be taking a Rathian’s egg from its nest at the very top of the giant tree in the ancient forest, and delivering it to the item box in the nearby campsite.

Here's the thing about a Rathian. Once it spots you with one of its wyvern eggs, it will not stop pursuing. You know how monsters will sometimes get bored, and shoot off elsewhere? Not this time, Fiver.

Get ready for hot fire on your tail, swipes that'll knock you back and frantically checking your map to figure out how to get into the nearest campsite without pissing off a wyvern.

Any kind of knockback can cause you to drop the wyvern egg — as can the Rathian's roar, long drops or running out of stamina.

So here are a few tips to guide that wyvern egg back to your campsite. For science.

Kill the Rathian

Let's get the obvious one out of the way. A dead Rathian is a Rathian that can't chase you. But seeing as you're on a quest for wyvern eggs, the rewards for actually killing a Rathian will be minimal.

Once you're more comfortable with the below techniques, it's a lot quicker to sneak the egg into the campsite. Taking the time to kill this flying wyvern is the long option.

Plus — it's just more fun to run from the Rathian holding a wyvern egg. Imagine Zoidberg's "woop woop woop!" as you high-step away from that fiery breath.

Kulu-Ya-Ku Vambraces

The gear made from Kulu-Ya-Ku parts allows you to more effectively carry the egg. Makes sense.

The armour skill you’re looking for is Pro Transporter. Its effect is:

Increases your speed while transporting items and decreases the likelihood of dropping them.

You'll walk quicker, and drop the wyvern egg less. It's just a shame it doesn’t let you use the egg as both weapon and armour.

Find Nearby Campsites

This is one that'll help with general gameplay as well, but you should have a look at all the available campsites in each zone, and make sure you're carrying your egg to the closest one.

The difference this has on egg quests is massive. In the Ancient Forest, it's a game-changer. You literally have to slide down a slope and walk along a branch, as opposed to solving a massive verticality puzzle with a Rathian breathing down your neck.

Be sure to check the number of campsites for each area on our wiki. If you’re missing one and it’s close to the wyvern nest, you could be making this unnecessarily hard.

Clear the Path

Smaller flying creatures like Wingdrakes in your path will totally tell on you if they see you carrying an egg. Once that shriek happens, the Rathian won't be far away.

You can solve this by tracing your path beforehand, taking out whatever minor threats you see.

Don’t be mad at the wingdrakes though. If you hit them with your slinger and then latch on, they’ll fly you up to the top of the map, very close to where the wyvern eggs are.

Use the Ghillie Suit

Yep — it works! Just be sure to put it on before you pick up the wyvern egg.

I find a wyvern will sometimes still hang around and look for you, or appear to be "sniffing" around for you. It might even agro onto your Palico. You should also be aware that before flying wyverns take off, they often scream — which will force you to drop the egg if you're close.

You can also crouch while carrying an egg, which means you can hide yourself in a bush.

Stop, Drop and Roll

You can roll while carrying the wyvern egg, so be sure to abuse those invincibility frames if the wyvern is swiping at you. Make sure to roll a few times to stop any fire effects as well, though it's very important to watch your stamina.

Also, remember that while you won't take damage from falling in Monster Hunter World, there is a threshold of fall distance that will force you to drop the egg when you land. It's quite a large distance, so it's usually just a worry if you're attempting a highly ambitious drop — such as from the top of the Ancient Forest tree to a lower campsite.

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7 Black Superhero Titles You Should Read

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 09:00 AM PST

Finding superheroes of color to relate to has always been an issue. Today, we are witnessing a renaissance of heroes of color in mainstream media. Black Panther has taken hold of the collective hearts and minds of folks interested in black comics culture. On TV, Black Lightning has found a voice, commentating on real-world problems in a semi-fantastical setting.

The steady trickle of heroes of color is welcome, but everyone should be aware of the multitude of black superheroes that exist in comic book form. Here is a list of titles everyone should read, regardless of color or creed. If you happen to identify with any of the characters, it’s a bonus.

Motor Crush

Domino Swift ready for more than just a race.

Motor Crush tells the story of Domino Swift, an elite biker with a dangerous obsession. By day, Domino competes in the motorcycle World Grand Prix. By night, she hits the streets as the illegal street racer known as Cricket. Under the guise of night, she races for the extremely volatile "machine narcotic" known as Crush.

Motor Crush shows a beautiful universe with stylized gangs, high-speed racing, and gorgeous illustrations. Follow Domino as she juggles corporate sponsors, a budding relationship, and her extra life as a bad-ass, road rash-style biker. Add it to your list for some high-octane action.

Black Panther and The Crew

An impromptu group photo of Black Panther and The Crew.

Black Panther and The Crew is a new take on Christopher Priest's original 2003 comic, The Crew. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, the recent incarnation of the team features Black Panther, Ororo Munroe, Luke Cage, Eden Fesi, and Misty Knight. They find themselves investigating the death of a prominent Harlem activist, leading them down a hole of corporate corruption with underlying secrets.

The series touched on sensitive topics like race relations and police brutality but wasn't given a long road to explore these topics as it was cut short, concluding with issue #6 in October 2017. What is there, however, is a great story worthy of your time and attention.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl and her dinosaur having a dispute.
Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl and her dinosaur having a dispute.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur stars the precocious, preteen super genius Lunella Lafayette and her giant red dinosaur buddy ripped from prehistoric times. She’s armed with an arsenal of gadgets including a Kree detector and a homemade Battle Suit.

Along with her giant red dino, this super genius hopes to use her intellect to change the world for the better. This is a great read for anyone looking for a lighter superhero tale, sans the tights and capes (her uniform is a boxing helmet and rollerblades).

Tuskegee Heirs

The Tuskegee Heirs preparing for flight.

Tuskegee Heirs: Flames of Destiny is an independent comic series from children's book author, Greg Burnham, and illustrator, Marcus Williams. It follows a young group of gifted aviators who defend the earth from a militarized group of self-aware war machines. Trained by Tuskegee Heirs founder, Colonel Mars, the youngsters are earth's first and last line of defense in the skies.

The team behind the series also incorporate the history of the Tuskegee Airmen into the ongoing story. Take a break from the normal comic beaten path and support independent creators looking to make history come alive in new ways.


BLACK comic
A mock surrender in 'BLACK.'

What if only black people had superpowers? The independent comic book BLACK explores this notion in a world where black people are gifted with extraordinary abilities and hunted because of them. When a young black man discovers he has superpowers after surviving a brutal police shooting, he is conscripted into a secret group known as The Project.

Kwanza Osajyefo's BLACK was a successful Kickstarter project that gained popularity based on its unique premise. Better still, this comic series supports up-and-coming artists and writers like Kwanza.

Encyclopedia of Black Comics

A guide to creators of black comics culture.

If you’d like to drink deep of the comic book chalice, take a moment and read up on the people who create your favorite black culture pieces. Eisner Award-winning author Sheena C. Howard's Encyclopedia of Black Comics highlights a variety of illustrators, website founders, writers, and creators who have a hand in launching and furthering Black comic culture. While it isn’t technically about a superhero, it is important to know about the creators of color making the things you love. You won't know where we’re going until you know where we’ve been.

World of Wakanda

Finding love before the battlefield in World of Wakanda

One of the most interesting aspects of Black Panther is the women who run the nation. World of Wakanda gives us an intimate look into the lives and training of the Adorned Ones, also known as the Dora Milaje. From the perspective of warrior lovers Ayo and Aneka, we follow their rise through the Dora Milaje ranks and their eventual formation of the splinter group, the Midnight Angels.

With Black Panther coming to theaters, it is important to understand the world that he inhabits and the characters therein. Wakanda is a living, breathing world that operates even when T'Challa is chasing down Thanos. World of Wakanda gives us an in-depth look at the nation under our feet.

Why the Black Community Needs 'Black Panther'

Move Over, Black Panther! These Badass Women Are the True Strength of Wakanda

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Can Eddie Redmayne Tell Fantastic Beasts from Prehistoric Creatures?

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 08:46 AM PST

While a relative unknown only a few years ago, there’s a good chance that you’ve now heard of Eddie Redmayn. He's the star of Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts. He's also the voice of the hero in animated comedy Early Man, the latest film from the makers of Wallace and Gromit. But how extensive IS his knowledge of those rather fantastic beasts? As Early Man is set in caveman times, and includes a bunch of prehistoric creatures, we thought we'd put Eddie Redmayne to the test.

Can he tell what prehistoric beasts really existed? Is Dracorex Hogwartsia a real dinosaur? And more to the point, can he tell the fantastic beasts dotted among them? To make things trickier still, we tossed in a couple of other pop culture teasers designed to throw him off.

Watch Eddie Redmayne employ a great deal of guesswork, and make a spectacular mess of telling us what a Diricawl is, in the video above.

What is ‘Early Man’?

Early Man is the latest film from Aardman Studios, the team behind the Wallace and Gromit films, Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep, among others. Their stop-motion animation has charm in spades, and has won the studio a variety of awards, including a handful of Oscars. Early Man is set in prehistoric times and tells the story of a Stone Age tribe who come up against progress. They take on their Bronze Age counterparts via a football match with everything at stake.

Here's the official synopsis:

A plucky cave man named Dug (Redmayne), his sidekick Hognob and the rest of their tribe face a grave threat to their simple existence. Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston) plans to take over their land and transform it into a giant mine, forcing Dug and his clan to dig for precious metals. Not ready to go down without a fight, Dug and Hognob must unite their people in an epic quest to defeat a mighty enemy – the Bronze Age.

Early Man is out now in the UK and hits US screens on February 16.

'Early Man' Review: All the Claymation Charm But Slightly Off-Target

9 of the Best Soccer Easter Eggs and References in 'Early Man' Explained

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‘The Walking Dead’: Where the Characters Stand Before the Midseason 8 Premiere

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 07:00 AM PST

The second half of The Walking Dead Season 8 will see plenty of heartbreak and perhaps the end of the “all-out war” between Rick Grimes and Negan.

During the midseason finale, fans discovered that Negan’s Saviors were not so easily defeated by Rick’s Militia. Alexandria was burned down, with its survivors fleeing to the sewers. It was there were Rick reunited with Carl, only to learn that his son was bitten by a walker — a death sentence.

Here’s where the major characters stand before the midseason premiere.


the walking dead season 8 negan

Negan has had more lives than a cat. Seemingly pinned down with Gabriel by a walking herd, he survived, rallied the remaining Saviors, and attacked Alexandria. He waited for Rick to return to ambush him, and the two exchanged blows before Rick fled. He is unrelenting in his quest to display the heads of “the king” aka Ezekiel, “the widow” aka Maggie, and Rick.


the walking dead season 8 carl

Over the last eight seasons, Carl has gone from young man to brave leader. But despite becoming hardened after so many losses, including his mother Lori, Carl still learned compassion. He tried to sacrifice himself so that Negan would spare Alexandria. He helped the mysterious Siddiq to safety, getting bitten by a walker in the process. A bite is a death sentence. If Carl asks Michonne to help him end his own life, it will be the second time she’s had to assist a friend’s suicide — the first being Andrea.


the walking dead season 8 rick

Rick has vowed to kill Negan, and will surely be emboldened to do so after the death of his son and destruction of Alexandria. He will also want revenge against Jadis and the Scavengers, who promised to help him but fled.


Michonne, who thinks of Carl as her own son, will also be emboldened after his death. She has served as Rick’s partner and conscience, and the two may embark on a quest of revenge together.


the walking dead season 8 maggie

Maggie’s top responsibility is to protect her people. “The Widow” vows that the Hilltop will be the last stand of the all-out war, and previews show the remaining Kingdom and Alexandria survivors taking refuge there. Perhaps her pregnancy will finally begin to show as well.


the walking dead season 8 ezekiel

Like Maggie, Ezekiel’s responsibility is to protect his people. With Shiva dead and the Kingdom defenseless and overrun, Ezekiel surrenders himself to the Saviors.


the walking dead season 8 dwight

Dwight finally sided with Rick’s Militia, leading his fellow Saviors into an ambush setup up by Daryl, Tara, Rosita, and Michonne. The continue to question his loyalty but allow him to join them in the sewers. Unfortunately, his betrayal was witnessed by Lauren, who will undoubtedly tell Negan what happened. Negan will be very unhappy to learn of his top lieutenant’s betrayal and will want to take care of him personally.


the walking dead season 8 eugene

Eugene made his choice (perhaps out of self-preservation), creating the ingenious iPod plane that led the walkers away from The Sanctuary. Although he helped Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson escape the Savior stronghold, it’s pretty clear where his loyalties lie. Short of killing Negan himself (which he’s had several opportunities to do), it’s unlikely Rick will ever welcome him back.


Morgan is a wildcard. He gave up his pacifistic ways and became a ruthless killer, gunning down many Saviors. He was last seen hiding at the Kingdom. His character will be joining the sister show, Fear the Walking Dead, after this season. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has said that Season 8B leads directly to Season 4 of Fear, so it’ll be interesting to see how that will play out.

The Walking Dead Season 8 returns on February 25 in the U.S., and the U.K. the following night.

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‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Times Carl Grimes Was the Bravest Character

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 06:00 AM PST

If reports are true, Carl Grimes will die in the Season 8 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead.

The son of Rick and Lori Grimes, Carl was the youngest of the survivors that fled Atlanta at the onset of the series, and only one of two children (the other being Carol Peletier’s daughter, Sophia).

Carl’s youth and recklessness have led to many perilous situations, but like his father, Carl stood up many times in the face of danger.

Here are five times Carl proved to be the bravest character on The Walking Dead.

Killing Shane

Shane was a close family friend of the Grimes and Carl’s surrogate father while Rick was comatose. He also developed a sexual relationship with Lori, Carl’s mom. Shane became increasingly jealous and erratic after Rick returned. Shane plotted to kill Rick, win back Lori, and take control of the group. Rick stabbed Shane during a tense confrontation, but it was Carl who shot Shane after he had turned.

Shooting Shane was hard for Carl not only because of their relationship, but Carl had a fear of guns having been shot in a stomach prior and also unable to shoot the walker that killed Dale.

Putting Lori Down

During a walker attack on the prison, Carl became trapped with Maggie and his pregnant mother, Lori. Lori went into premature labor, and fearing the baby wouldn’t survive, instructed Maggie to perform an emergency C-section. After saying their emotional goodbyes, Carl not only watched as his mother was cut open, but also had to reach in and grab his sister. Later, fearing her reanimation, Carl shot Lori in the head.

Carl almost shot his dad in Season 4, after he feared Rick had turned.

Killing Jody

Before The Governor attacked the prison, Carl was sent away with his baby sister and the less capable fighters, Hershel and Beth. One of the Governor’s soldiers, Jody, fled into the forest and came across Carl. The young man handed over his weapon, but Carl still shot him in cold blood. It was a turning point for Carl, as he embraced the cruel, kill-or-be-killed reality of the world.

Eye Shot

Carl tried to befriend Ron in Alexandria due to their close age. Ron was resentful that Rick killed his father, Pete, and had started a relationship with his mother, Jessie. Ron was also jealous of Carl’s relationship with Enid. During a walker attack, Ron actually tried to murder Carl but failed. They banded together to escape, but during the chaos, Ron’s brother and mother were killed. In a fit of rage, Ron tried to shoot Rick, but was stabbed by Michonne. Ron reflexively pulled the trigger, and the bullet struck Carl in the eye.

Confronting Negan

After Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Carl wanted to exact revenge. He stowed away on one of Negan’s supply trucks, and went on a one-man assassination mission to The Sanctuary. Carl killed two men and was eventually caught, but impressed Negan with his bravery.

In the midseason finale, Carl volunteered himself to Negan in order to save the other Alexandrians. After being reunited in the sewers, Carl revealed to Rick that he had been bitten.

What is your favorite Carl Grimes moment? Tweet your thoughts to @getfandom.

The Walking Dead, featuring the death of Carl Grimes, airs February 25.

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