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5 Reasons ‘Final Space’ Should Be on Your Radar

Posted: 26 Feb 2018 12:01 AM PST

Final Space is a new epic animated comedy series coming to TBS. It’s all about a spaceman, the adorable planet-killing creature he’s trying to save, and the robot he loathes.

Gary (voice of creator Olan Rogers) is working off a prison sentence for a crime that he may have committed while impressing a girl when he meets the green world-killer he lovingly names Mooncake (also voiced by Rogers). He vows to protect it, not knowing that the evil Lord Commander (David Tennant) wants the superweapon for his own nefarious purposes.

Along the way, Gary meets Avocato (Coty Galloway), who is on a mission to find his son Little Cato (Steven Yeun) and Quinn (Tika Sumpter) who is trying to save the universe from a mysterious disturbance (and who may be the love of Gary’s life). Add in the sensible AI Hue (Tom Kenny) and Gary’s least favorite robot, a Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion named Kvn (Fred Armisen), and you’ve got one crazy space adventure.

It all began as an indie internet series before gaining the attention of executive producer Conan O’Brien. And if that’s not enough, here are five reasons you should have Final Space on your radar.

It’s got epic action

Gary (Olan Rogers) in Final Space

There is never a dull moment in Final Space. Gary may be a prisoner aboard a spaceship, but he still manages to get himself in plenty of trouble. In the first few episodes alone the crew of the Galaxy One find themselves facing bounty hunters, an asteroid field, the Lord Commander himself, and a whole lot of stairs. This action is what helps make the show feel so epic in scope and raises the stakes. There are plenty of shootouts, daring escapes, and space battles to keep everyone entertained.

The characters are relatable

Gary, Quinn, Avacato, and Mooncake in Final Space

Gary is the very definition of an everyman. He tries hard, but he just can’t seem to do anything right — or get the girl. In fact, the very reason he’s being held on a prison ship is that the stunt he pulled to impress Quinn in the first place went horribly wrong. However, Gary doesn’t let his misfortunes get him down. He still has an incredible amount of bravado and just enough bravery to save the day.

Quinn, on the other hand, is actually a brilliant badass whose skills and intelligence are unrecognized by those around her. She is usually the one who actually saves the day with her knowledge of science and engineering. She also only trusts three people in the universe and one of them is her dog.

There’s awesome animation

Final Space

Final Space is worth watching for the animation alone. The visuals are full of neon bright colors and trippy planets. Space travel, or Lightfolding as it’s called in the show, is especially cool, done with swirls of color against a cosmic background. Plus just look at Mooncake. The character design of the planet killer makes you immediately want to own one in plush form because of its cuteness while also reminding you of its immense power. You may also want to own a toy version of Avocato, but just remember he is a Ventrexian, not a cat and he will also probably kill you.

The mystery of it all

Gary and Mooncake Final Space

The show is called Final Space, but what is final space exactly? Final Space is the place where the entire universe ends, the place Gary and his friends are trying to find before the Lord Commander. But what happens at the end of the universe? Does an end even exist? And how is it all connected to the discoveries Quinn has made? Those questions all need answering as well as Mooncake’s (and Gary’s) place in all this. The mystery is what drives the show and will keep fans guessing.

You will totally LOL

Gary, Mooncake, Avacato, and Quinn Final Space

Final Space is laugh-out-loud funny. The writing and the situations Gary and his friends find themselves in are outright absurd at times. Gary has a unique and awkward way of speaking — that comes from being alone for five years with nothing but robots for company — that’s especially hilarious. There are also running gags, like Gary’s unsuccessful quest to eat a cookie and the others on the ship reminding him constantly that he’s not the captain, no matter what he might think. There are also some amazing visual gags — a death that goes on for just a little too long, for instance — that are among the best parts of the show.

Final Space premieres Monday, February 26th at 10:30/9:30C on TBS.

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Fans React to ‘The Walking Dead’ With Flood of Crying Emojis

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 10:00 PM PST

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead titled "Honor." Proceed with caution.

As predicted, Carl Grimes died on Sunday’s midseason premiere The Walking Dead.

Actor Chandler Riggs, who has been with the show since he was just 10-years-old, turned in a memorable final performance. His character — who was dying from a walker bite — said emotional farewells to his father Rick, Michonne, his “best friend” Michonne, and his sister Judith.

Carl decided to shoot himself in the head (like Andrea) rather than reanimating. Rick and Michonne waited outside, and both flinched when the silencer went off, knowing he was dead. Together, they buried him in the Alexandria graveyard.

Fans mourned the death of Carl, although some said it was a long time coming.

Riggs’ castmates paid tribute to him during the Talking Dead aftershow. Prior to the episode, Andrew Lincoln tweeted a special song for his on-screen son.

Read some of the emotional fan reactions to Carl’s death, below:

Others took the moment to bring up popular Carl memes one last time.

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‘The Walking Dead’: Morgan’s Brutality Is the Other Midseason Shocker

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 09:06 PM PST

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, entitled "Honor." Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead returned and hit fans with a heavy episode full of sad goodbyes between Carl Grimes and his loved ones. Though Carl's death was foreseen by many, Morgan's brutal evolution proved to the midseason premiere’s big shocker.

Morgan's Carnage Begins

In the previous episode, Ezekiel's fate was left open-ended as The Kingdom was overrun with Gavin and his Saviors. However, Morgan returned and watched as the king got captured.

Carol met up with Morgan outside The Kingdom to rescue Ezekiel. Carol wanted to take the safe approach and tiptoe around the Savior guards, but Morgan seemed fixated on taking them out.

The duo came upon several Saviors who were putting out the fire that Ezekiel created to help get his people out safely. Morgan charged into combat, almost relishing it.

Morgan's combat when engaging the Saviors has always been brutal, but in this episode, it got up to a whole new level. His eyes seemed colder and his strikes more precise, almost like he was adapting more as a killer. It even came to the point where it scared Carol (the person who previously tried to talk him out of his pacifist ways). Morgan’s carnage only got worse as he pursued a group of enemies that didn’t need to be slaughtered. It felt scary how deeply he had fallen at that point.

Juxtaposition With Carl’s Death

While on his deathbed, Carl told Michonne that the world could be better and that people could co-exist peacefully with one another.

Morgan believes the complete opposite. He was convinced that the world couldn't change – that people couldn't change – and with that, he knew he had to do what must be done with his questionable actions.

For Morgan, there is no hope of a peaceful tomorrow. There’s only the kill-or-be-killed present.

Morgan’s Influence on Henry

Morgan continued to kill any Savior that stood between him and Ezekiel. In one of the grossest scenes in the show’s history, he brutally reached into the bullet wound of one of his foes and pulled his intestines out.

Injured and alone, Gavin went on his knees and begged Morgan for mercy. Carol and Ezekiel tried to talk Morgan out of doing anything too rash, but he repeated that he had done what was necessary and lifted up his spear.

However, Gavin's neck was suddenly stabbed from behind. As Gavin's body collapsed, fans learned that it was Henry who killed him (to avenge his brother Benjamin’s death). Ezekiel embraced the young boy as he repeated Morgan's words, saying he just had to do it.

So, what will happen to Morgan next? Is he too far gone? Will his violent ways alienate him from the other survivors? We already know his character is leaving for Fear the Walking Dead. These questions are hopefully addressed later in upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere: Carl’s Fate Revealed

Posted: 25 Feb 2018 07:24 PM PST

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead titled “Honor.” Proceed with caution.

At the end of the Season 8 midseason finale, Carl Grimes revealed to his shocked father Rick and Michonne that he had been bitten by a walker.

His conditioned worsened, and he chose to shoot himself in the head before he turned. Here’s how his loved ones reacted.


Rick was in disbelief that Carl was bitten, initially blaming the Saviors.

Carl used his final moments to express his regret over killing Jody, the unarmed teen he shot in the woods after the Governor’s assault on the prison. “All those things you had to do you were just a boy,” Rick said.

“Everything I did was for you,” Rick admitted.

The flash-forwards shown in previous episodes and “Honor” weren’t actually Rick’s dreams, they were Carl’s. It was his vision of the future that could still happen.

“I love you, Carl. I’ll make it real,” Rick promised.

In the end, Rick and Michonne buried Carl together.


the walking dead season 8 carl grimes

Michonne, who has served as a mother figure to Carl even before starting a relationship with Rick, was devastated after learning he had been bitten.

She channeled her anger at Dwight, telling him to make the Saviors stop shelling Alexandria.

Carl left his “best friend” a message of hope: “It’s gotta stop Michone. It’s not supposed to be like this. I know it can be better.”


the walking dead season 8 siddiq carl grimes

Siddiq, the stranger that Carl was rescuing when he got bit, revealed he was a medical resident.

Although he couldn’t save Carl, he did give him pills to reduce his fever and lessen his pain.

“I’m going to honor you, Carl,” Siddiq said before leaving for Hilltop. His medical expertise may come in delivering Glenn and Maggie’s baby.


the walking dead season 8 carl grimes

Carl spent his final day with his sister Judith, fingerpainting with her and taking Polaroid photos so she would remember him. This hearkens back to Season 3, when he went to the pub to get a photo of his mom, Lori, so that Judith would know what she looked like.

“You be good, okay? Carl told Judith. His final act was giving her Rick’s sheriff’s hat.

His final words to her: “Before mom died, she told me I was going to beat this world. I didn’t. I know you will.”


Carl’s on-and-off girlfriend will surely be devasted when she returns from Oceanside and learn of his death. She left him a note with her motto: just survive somehow. Enid is one of the people Carl left a farewell letter for.


One of the original Atlanta survivors, Daryl knew Carl’s fate. After the Savior ended their bombing of Alexandria, Rick told Daryl to take Judith to Hilltop.

“These people, you saved them all,” were his final words to Carl.

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‘The Walking Dead’: 5 Times Carl Grimes Was the Bravest Character

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