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Why ‘Danny Phantom’ Will Be Butch Hartman’s Greatest Nickelodeon Legacy

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 08:10 PM PST

It truly is the end of an era. In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Thursday, Danny Phantom creator Butch Hartman announced that he has left Nickelodeon. Over the last 20 years, Hartman helped shape the childhoods of many fans with his four shows The Fairly OddParents!, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Bunsen Is a Beast. And while many consider The Fairly OddParents! as his most popular show, Danny Phantom is the creator’s greatest legacy at the network.

Danny Phantom follows 14-year-old Danny Fenton who is zapped in a portal and gains ghost powers. Now living as a half-ghost, he and his friends, Tucker and Sam, balance living their normal teenage lives with fighting ghosts. Although the cartoon series only ran for three seasons between 2004 and 2007, "phans" of the show still clamor for more. The ghost boy is something special.

Pushing the Limits

Danny brought down by his future self

Danny Phantom was ahead of its time. You can see Hartman’s influence in animated shows today. Gems like Gravity Falls and Voltron: Legendary Defender, while marketed to younger audiences, contain some very dark subject matter. Just look at some of those "shuffled" faces on Gravity Falls. These darker themes in a show designed for kids was a balance that Danny Phantom mastered.

Hartman’s short-lived Nickelodeon series pushed the boundaries a decade earlier, paving the way for future shows on the network. Most other cartoons of its time were very kid-friendly. They stayed in their lane when it came to difficult subject-matter and censorship. And while Danny Phantom also stayed in its lane and didn’t show anything too extreme, it implied some heavy stuff. Just look at the show’s most popular episode, “The Ultimate Enemy,” which centered around Danny battling an evil future version of himself.

This is why the show holds up so well, even today. Hartman hinted at just enough to let your imagination run wild with implications, and he did so without raising its audience rating. Because of that, the show became something the whole family could enjoy and that young fans could grow up with and still relate to. Many good modern-day shows carry that legacy now. They keep pushing the boundaries and give kids the credit they deserve to appreciate serious topics. Because of Hartman’s influential cartoon, he allowed future shows the opportunity to create true family-friendly experiences.

A Ghost Story For the Ages

Danny Phantom trio gathering around for a story

In more practical terms, Danny Phantom also influenced the continuity of animated shows. If you look at its predecessors, like The Fairly OddParents or SpongeBob SquarePants, these shows took a "one and done" approach to their stories. These shows would reset at the end of each episode, with no lasting consequences carried over to the next.

But Danny Phantom was a game changer. It built on its storylines and connected the dots. Vlad Plasmius became a thrilling arch-nemesis who wanted revenge and power. Danny's sister accidentally discovers Danny’s secret and later joins "Team Phantom." And Danny himself went through the awkward struggles of dealing with new powers before becoming the town’s superhero. Nothing was given to characters; they had to really earn it. And they did it across more than one episode. That’s how these characters became so important to fans — they were allowed to grow and become three-dimensional.

Despite a slightly weaker third season, Danny Phantom was one of the first to experiment with developing an overarching story in an interesting universe — things that hooked the audience in for the long-term. As more of today’s cartoons follow the example Hartman set and now create more detailed stories, Danny Phantom should be heralded as a pioneer of continuity in the genre.

The True Ghost King

Danny with the Ghost King's crown

Danny Phantom is Hartman’s best because it grew with its fans. His other shows were tailor-made for kids, and, for the most part, they stay that way. But as fans matured, Danny Phantom and its characters remained relatable and offered something for every generation. That’s why the “phandom” still persists as strong as ever with fans constantly campaigning for a revival. Fandom nostalgia is a wonderful feeling, but being in a fandom that never left is even better, and that’s what this show has created.

The impact Danny Phantom had on the animation industry and the “phandom” can never be quantified. It tested the limits of storytelling and allowed for future shows to push boundaries even further. Hartman created something for fans to always be inspired by. This is why Butch Hartman’s legacy will never “go ghost.”

The Catalyst to My Fandom: Animation Rekindled My Love of Science

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5 Incredible Japanese Spins on Western Media

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:02 PM PST

A web-manga adaptation of Back to the Future from the superb illustrator Yuusuke Murata of One-Punch Man and Eyeshield 21 is set to premiere later this year. While this adaptation is sure to be amazing and already features some astounding artwork, it also adds to the amazing and bizarre list of Japanese takes on Western media. These five adaptations and crossovers are truly great in their own special way and should be experienced by anyone with a fondness for the original material.

Batman Ninja

Move over DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

The upcoming Batman Ninja CGI animated film is one of those things that you didn't realize you needed in your life until it was brought to your attention. Confirmed for a 2018 release, this film reimagines the Dark Knight as a hero sent back in time to feudal Japan to prevent the Joker from creating an empire modeled on his twisted ideals. With some of the most talented names in anime behind this project, Batman Ninja will inevitably be brilliant in both concept and execution.

While the recent Berserk anime adaptations have left many skeptical of CGI animation, this film really does look like it might be something special. The more bizarre and unexpected situations the world's most popular superhero can be placed in, the better.

Sherlock Hound

I'm sure this is exactly how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle imagined his characters.

Didja' ever wonder what it would be like if classic Sherlock Holmes stories were reimagined with anthropomorphized animal characters? Well, this anime has you covered! Sherlock Hound is a 1980s Italian-Japanese animated show that has the classic characters reimagined as humanoid dogs.

This anime is nothing less than utterly ridiculous and therefore wonderful. In this anime, Sherlock Holmes – whose name is, of course, Sherlock Hound – is a red fox, Dr. Watson is a Scottish Terrier, and the villainous Moriarty is a gray wolf with a monocle and a diabolical mustache. The entire 26-episode series is available for free on YouTube with the first episode having only 190,000 views, which is nothing less than a travesty.

Attack on Avengers

A clash between two titanic franchises.

Attack on Avengers is a one-shot manga that pits the iconic titans from Attack on Titan against classic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. This manga is non-canonical, completely ignores a good chunk of the lore and rules from each franchise, and is an absolute joy to experience.

Despite functioning as more of a promotional, very branded experience, this manga feels like a schoolyard debate brought to life. If you'd like to see the Hulk fight the Female Titan and Star-Lord blast an even more gigantic Colossal Titan, this manga is definitely worth your time.

Supernatural the Animation

On top of everything else, this anime gives us a beautiful Kansas cover.

Ya’ know Madhouse? The acclaimed studio behind anime like One-Punch Man Season 1, Death Note, and Perfect Blue? Well, they also made an anime adaptation of the incredibly popular show Supernatural. Despite seeming like something conceived in a fever dream, Supernatural the Animation is real and surprisingly good.

This anime isn’t groundbreaking or especially unique in its execution, but it’s still a solid adaptation. It’s at least as good as some of its more recent seasons anyway. In fact, after watching a few episodes, Supernatural’s premise might just work better in an animated medium. At the very least, this official trailer is a delight.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

What a weird game this was.

For years the PlayStation consoles have been the best way to experience games from both Western and Japanese developers. While the Xbox consoles continue to struggle to find a large consumer base outside of the U.S. and the Nintendo Switch is only now starting to draw in third-party developers, PlayStation has always been the best way to experience the greatest and weirdest games from around the world. This is made startlingly clear in the crossover fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

In this bizarre game, some of the most famous PlayStation characters duke it out in a collection of iconic settings. These included characters like Metal Gear Rising's Raiden, Uncharted's Nathan Drake, God of War's Kratos, and Parappa Rappa. While this game didn't sell exceptionally well and received ridicule for being a Super Smash Bros. clone, it is still a fantastic blend of the diverse characters present in the PlayStation library of games.

BONUS: The X-Men Animated Series Japanese Opening

This is way cooler than it has any right to be. You’re welcome.


6 Manga Better Than Their Anime Adaptation

6 Anime Based on American TV Shows

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The 6 Best ‘DBZ’ Anime Showdowns in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 05:00 PM PST

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fantastic fighting game. With Arc System Works‘ extremely accessible fighting engine, anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you are rewarded for your deep knowledge of some of the anime’s most famous battles. If you select or defeat specific fighters on specific stages, you are treated to dramatic intros and dramatic finishes.

These action sequences are pulled right from the Dragon Ball Z anime, allowing you to recreate some of the more iconic moments from the popular show.

We thought it’d be fun to delve a bit deeper into the history of these encounters, and Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s interpretations.

Yamcha Falls to Nappa and the Saibamen

Dragon Ball
RIP Yamcha.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Yamcha is a beast of a character, a fantastic fighter and a handful to deal with. During Dragon Ball Z, not so much. Throughout the Vegeta Saga, Nappa's Saibamen prove too much for the Wolf Fang Fist enthusiast. With a Saibaman's last act, it grasped Yamcha and detonates itself, killing both fighters in the process.

To recreate this (are you a Saibaman?) in Dragon Ball FighterZ, defeat Yamcha using Nappa on the Rocky Fields stage. As a bonus, if you defeat Nappa using Yamcha on the Rocky Fields stage, Yamcha gets his sweet revenge. He fires the kamikaze Saibaman into Nappa before he explodes, taking the two evil aliens out.

Trunks Obliterates Frieza

Trunks gives Frieza the old chop, chop.

Frieza was the boogyman (alien?) of earlier Dragon Ball Z sagas. His defeat at the hands of a pretty upset Super Saiyan Goku left him all kinds of dead and upset. Frieza returned during the Trunks Saga with all-new metal parts and a chip on his shoulder. However, Future Trunks made quick work of the purple-headed menace, slashing him to bits and vaporizing his remains.

Now you can vaporize his remains too. Playing as Trunks, defeat Frieza on the Rocky Fields stage. No more Frieza!

Goku Destroys Buu With the Spirit Bomb

Kid Buu failing to catch the Spirit Bomb.
Kid Buu failing to catch the Spirit Bomb.

The Kid Buu Saga closed out the Dragon Ball Z anime with a bang. The tantrum-throwing, embodiment of all anger and evil known as Kid Buu met his match at the hands of the entire world, if we want to get technical. With Goku as their weapon, the citizens of a whole planet feed a Spirit Ball large enough to dispatch the pink demon once and for all.

To see this legendary ending in Dragon Ball FighterZ, lend your energy to Goku as well and defeat Kid Buu on the Sacred World of the Kai stage.

Gohan Single-Handedly Defeats Cell

See, Gohan is using a single hand. Get it?

Gohan had the honor of being the first Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan 2 during the Cell Games. After witnessing the death of gentle giant Android 16, Gohan transformed and proceeded to whoop the green tail of the perfect Cell. After a long-fought battle, and a pretty severe arm injury, Gohan was able to defeat Cell with a one-handed Kamehameha.

Lend teen Gohan a hand and defeat Cell on the Cell Games Arena stage to see this dramatic finish.

Gohan Turns Super Saiyan 2

Teen Gohan ascends to Super Saiyan 2.

Sadly, Gohan's ascension to Super Saiyan 2 was bittersweet given he had to watch Android 16 die to complete his transformation. On the plus side, he became super strong in the process which is all that Saiyans seem to care about throughout Dragon Ball Z.

To witness this transformation in Dragon Ball FighterZ, select Gohan and Cell as starters on the Cell Games Arena stage.

Goku Turns Super Saiyan for the First Time

Goku, the original Super Saiyan.

One of the most famous moments in Dragon Ball Z anime history was the first time Goku ascended to Super Saiyan status. After watching Frieza annihilate his best friend, Krillin, Goku was overcome with grief and sorrow. His heightened emotional state triggered his transformation into the legendary Super Saiyan.

To watch this all unfold in the game, select Goku and Frieza as starters on the Namek stage.

We also have a video with all of these encounters, which you can watch here.

The 5 Most Powerful Characters in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

How Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Android 21 Could Fit Within the Dragon Ball Canon

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7 TV Reboots and Revivals We Can’t Wait to Watch

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 04:15 PM PST

They say there is no such thing as a new idea, and Hollywood seems to agree. While reboots have been all the rage at the movies for quite some time, they’ve recently taken over the small screen as well.

With the success of revivals like Will & Grace and The X-Files, Hollywood is planning to cash in on nostalgia culture by churning out old TV hits in an attempt to make them popular once more.

With a plethora to choose from, FANDOM is highlighting some of the most buzzed-about reboots and revivals that are set to return to our television screens in the near future.


Roswell The WB

The CW has announced a pilot order for a reboot of Roswell, the alien drama that ran from 1999 to 2002 on The WB. This time around, however, they’re dealing with aliens of a different kind. The 2018 version of the series will tackle a timely issue, focusing on the daughter of undocumented immigrants. But fans of beings from outer space need not fret, as the daughter reconnects with her teenage crush who will reveal that he has unearthly abilities.

American Idol 

American Idol on FOX

Less than two years after ending its gargantuan 15-season run, American Idol is already returning to TV. The singing competition, which originally aired on FOX, is heading to its new home at ABC. While Ryan Seacrest will return to his hosting duties, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan will be taking over the judges seats when the revival premieres on Sunday, March 11.


Anamaniacs on WB

The classic animated series Animaniacs, which ran on The WB from 1993-1998, is being resurrected for a new generation. Streaming service Hulu announced a two-season, straight-to-series order for the cartoon, but don’t get too excited just yet. New episodes are currently not scheduled to be released until 2020.


Roseanne cast on ABC

One of the most anticipated revivals of the bunch is Roseanne. The ’90s sitcom will return to its original home at ABC on March 27 with nine new episodes and it managed to land the complete original cast (complete with both Beckys) for its return. The Conner family will tackle a whole new set of tough topics this time around, as they’re all 20 years older than when we last saw them.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Over 20 years after Melissa Joan Hart won viewers’ hearts in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the loveable ’90s sitcom is getting a reboot. This time around, however, things will feel much darker. That’s because it’s actually going to be a spinoff of the CW’s brooding hit Riverdaleas it will be based on Archie Comics’ The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The series will debut on Netflix, which gave it a two-season, 20-episode straight-to-series order.


Charmed cast The WB

The CW has ordered a reboot of the supernatural series Charmed, which originally aired on The WB from 1998-2006. Set in present day, the reboot will focus on three sisters who discover they’re witches while living in a small college town. Producers promised a feminist twist for the series and revealed that one of the young witches will be a lesbian.



The 1980s animated series She-Ra is heading to Netflix in a reboot that will be “led by a warrior princess tailor-made for today.”  The character is the twin brother of He-Man and will usher in a new era of girl power when it debuts on the streaming service later this year.

The post 7 TV Reboots and Revivals We Can’t Wait to Watch appeared first on FANDOM.

13 Black-Hearted Movies to Stream on Valentine’s Day

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 03:41 PM PST

Valentine’s Day can be rough for those of us who are a little jaded towards all that lovey-dovey stuff. Maybe you want to get into the spirit of the holiday but in a darker, less conventional way. Well, we’ve got some flicks for you.

If you like Valentine’s Day candy to be nothing but dark chocolate, here are some black-hearted flicks you can watch while everyone else is making googly eyes at each other.

Blue Velvet (1986)

Available on Amazon Prime.

David Lynch is fascinated with examining characters who are seduced and corrupted by the darker forces of existence. Never has that been better explored than in Blue Velvet. The story revolves around naive young man Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) discovering a severed ear in a field. As he investigates this morbid mystery, he crosses paths with sultry lounge singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) and becomes entranced by her. His obsession with Dorothy leads him into a confrontation with the terrifying Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) and Jeffrey plunges even deeper into an underworld of depravity.

It’s a twisted romance that could only come from the brilliantly demented mind behind Twin Peaks. It’s a difficult and disturbing watch but it’s also one of the best films on this list.

Heathers (1988)

Available on Netflix and Hulu.

Teenage love is often the most tumultuous kind of love. Well, what happens when you throw a little homicide into the mix? That’s what Veronica (Winona Ryder) is dealing with when she falls head over heels for bad boy J.D. (Christia Slater). The two of them end up embarking on a semi-unintentional murder spree and decide to make the killings look like pretentious suicides. Of course, the town turns these kids into posthumous heroes and J.D. becomes obsessed with turning even more teenagers into corpses.

Heathers is a biting bit of satire with a kooky romance as its beating heart. It’s got rapid-fire humor and wonderful chemistry between its two leads. This is a mandatory high school movie.

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Available on HBO NOW.

The Child’s Play franchise had gotten a tad stale after three entries, but Bride of Chucky revitalized the whole series and gave Chucky (Brad Dourif) a romantic foil in the form of the hilarious and super hot Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly). After resurrecting Chucky, Tiffany gets her soul transferred to a doll as well. The two embark on a quest to find some new vessels to possess and they end up hitching along with two eloping lovers, Jade (Katherine Heigl) and Jesse (Nick Stabile). Along the way, they do what slasher villains do best: slice and dice.

Bride of Chucky is a darkly comedic blast, and the deranged relationship between Chucky and Tiffany is bizarrely touching. Just wait until you get to their, ahem, most romantic scene.

Audition (1999)

Available on Amazon Prime with Shudder.

Finding love can be very difficult. What if you held a fake audition for an acting role as a cover to find a date? Audition puts forth that concept and it does not turn out well. Because one of the auditioning women, Asami (Eihi Shiina), ends up being one of the most horrific and obsessive individuals ever portrayed on film. When things go sour, she kidnaps her date and proceeds to torture and mutilate him in ways that will make you cover your eyes and scream.

Audition is an endurance test for many viewers. For those who can make it through, it’s a hell of a horror film.

Let the Right One In (2008)

Available on Hulu and Shudder.

Being an outcast is tough, especially when you’re a child. Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) is a loner kid living in Stockholm. But, he soon befriends Eli (Lina Leandersson), the strange and quiet girl who just moved in next door. They strike up a friendship and even a romance, but it’s not long before Oskar realizes what’s so special about Eli: she’s a vampire.

Let the Right One In is a violent exploration of companionship and accepting the darker parts of our nature. It’s also the kind of charming romance we rarely see in films centered around very young characters. This is a brutally honest and equally heartfelt film with plenty of blood to spare.

Antichrist (2009)

Available on FilmStruck.

After the accidental death of their infant son, a grieving couple known only as He (Willem Dafoe) and She (Charlotte Gainsbourg) retreat to a cabin in the woods in order to repair their failing marriage. As they attempt to console each other and get to the root of their problems, nature itself begins to rebel against them in nightmarish fashion.

Antichrist is a vicious and unrelenting deep dive into the disintegration of a romance and the inescapable forces of death and decay. It’s a tough film to recommend but if you can withstand its onslaught of horror, it’s a movie that will never leave your brain.

The Loved Ones (2009)

Available to rent on iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube or Google Play.

This one does require a rental, but out of every film on this list, The Loved Ones is the one you should seek out the most. The story centers around a high school prom, one of the biggest and most dramatic events in a teenager’s life. When the shy Lola (Robin McLeavy) is rejected by the emotionally troubled Brent (Xavier Samuel), she kidnaps him and sets up her own version of the prom. And Brent isn’t the first boy she’s done this too …

The Loved Ones is a perverse and shocking twist on the melodrama of high school romance, and it will definitely go to places you won’t expect. It’s an ugly and truly excellent flick for anyone who has ever felt rejected.

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

This remake of the 1981 slasher goes for full-on goofy charm and it works. Centered around a local mine, the grisly events play out around Valentine’s Day so it’s also a very appropriately themed entry in this list. It delivers the kind of slasher fare you expect — gory kills, a masked killer, and even a mystery — but its 3D production adds an extra layer of silly charm to all the bloody ridiculousness.

If you can’t hunt down the original, it makes for a solid double feature with this polished remake. But, this is the one that’s easily available and it’s well worth your time during the Valentine’s Day holiday.

The Last Circus (2010)

Available on Shudder.

Two circus clowns, Javier (Carlos Areces) and Sergio (Antonio de la Torre), battle over the love and affection of the trapeze artist, Natalia (Carolina Bang). All three of them are sadistic and deeply disturbed, and it leads to the kinds of unbelievable escalation that American films are afraid to try. The movie is actually a deep metaphor for the history of Spain, but even removed from that perspective, The Last Circus works as a ferocious descent into obsession and violence.

It’s a truly bonkers film that needs to be seen to be believed.

I Saw the Devil (2010)

Available on Hulu and Shudder.

How far would you go to punish someone who murdered the love of your life? I Saw the Devil asks that question and the answers it comes up with aren’t pretty. When secret agent Kim Soo-hyeon (Byung-hun Lee) discovers the decapitated head of his fiancé, he decides to hunt down the killer on his own and play a sick game of cat-and-mouse.

I Saw the Devil is one of the best Korean films of all time, and for anyone who has ever wanted to enact harsh revenge on someone will understand its particular perspective.

Maniac (2012)

Available on Shudder.

Maniac might be the most difficult film to watch on this list. It’s primarily told from the first-person perspective of Frank (Elijah Wood), a serial killer who targets young women and scalps them. But when he becomes acquaintanced with Anna (Nora Arnezeder), his world begins to fall apart and reality starts to come crashing down.

Maniac is a horror masterpiece but it’s also one that is going to be tough to stomach for most viewers. Putting yourself in the shoes of a serial killer is difficult, but it’s also a tragically heartbreaking tale that ends in a frenzy of nightmares. You’ve been warned.

The Lobster (2015) (Amazon Prime)

Available on Amazon Prime.

The Lobster presents the audience with a ludicrous concept. People live in a compound and are forced to find a mate within a certain time period. If they don’t, they are turned into an animal of their choosing. David (Colin Farrell) is trying his best to find someone but nothing is working out. It’s when he comes across a Short-Sighted Woman (Rachel Weisz) from a very different collective that things start to feel right. But, her group has their own set of particular rules.

The Lobster is incredibly dry-witted and bleak and leaves the audience with a difficult choice to make by the movie’s end. If you’ve felt cynical about finding love, this is a movie that might give you something to mull over.

Hounds of Love (2016) (Hulu)

Available on Hulu.

Australian filmmaker Ben Young crafts this skin-crawling thriller about a disturbed couple, Evelyn (Emma Booth) and John (Stephen Curry), who kidnap teenager Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings). As Vicki discovers exactly who these people are, she uses their issues with each other to help her escape. Hounds of Love is a creepy look at two truly broken and awful people who are both perfect for each other and doomed to destroy themselves.

Like other films on this list, Hounds of Love is designed to make you uncomfortable. If that’s not your thing, this list probably isn’t for you. But, if it is for you, Hounds of Love is not a movie to miss.

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Explaining the Cloverfield Timeline

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 02:00 PM PST

SPOILERS for the Cloverfield films ahead.

The first two Cloverfield films seemed to be unconnected entries in an anthology series, but The Cloverfield Paradox has given these movies a connected timeline. Sort of.

Here's the Cloverfield timeline in chronological order.

The Cloverfield Paradox

The story actually starts with the third entry, The Cloverfield Paradox. In the year 2028, Earth is in the midst of a global energy crisis. This is causing all of humanity to become destabilized and is even plunging the world into a potential world war.

In an effort to create an infinite energy source, the Cloverfield space station tests a particle accelerator called the Shepard. If successful, the energy created by the Shepard will be harnessed and shared with all the nations of Earth.

But, the experiment causes space and time to rip open holes to other dimensions across multiple universes, including the current 2028 universe in The Cloverfield Paradox. On the Cloverfield station, strange spatial and dimensional anomalies take place, including a character from a totally different dimension showing up on the station.

Meanwhile, on the 2028 version of Earth, giant monsters start appearing across the globe and generally make a mess of everything because that's what giant monsters always do. This information isn't known by the crew of the Cloverfield space station, and when the survivors finally escape and make it back to Earth, they are in for a terrifying surprise.

In the final shot of The Cloverfield Paradox, we see the creature known as Clover that also showed up in the first film, Cloverfield. So, does this mean that The Cloverfield Paradox takes place in the same universe as Cloverfield? Not exactly.


At the same time the particle accelerator accident in the 2028 universe happens, portals to these monster-filled dimensions also open up in other universes. One is the universe we see in Cloverfield.

In this universe, the Clover monster appears in New York City in the year 2008 and the events of Cloverfield take place, similar to what seems to be happening in the 2028 universe at the same time.

10 Cloverfield Lane

In yet another dimension, the one in which 10 Cloverfield Lane is set, different kinds of creatures show up instead of the familiar Clover monster. They seem to be some kind of biomechanical aliens with a clear motive in regards to taking over the planet, as opposed to the Clover monsters that just seem to be acting on pure instinct.

The year in 10 Cloverfield Lane is never said outright, but it can be assumed that this takes place around the time of the film's release, so probably 2016 for that dimension.

What’s in Store for the Future (or the Past)?

If these interdimensional portals are popping up all across a multitude of universes, then this means that future Cloverfield films can take place in infinite realities and at any place and time. Though, all the universes we've seen so far look to be realities that are mostly analogous to our own plane of existence. So far, we've only seen universes that mirror our own.

The fourth Cloverfield film is rumored to be set during World War II, proving that these dimensional portals can pop up anywhere and at any point in time. Let's just hope they don't actually show up in our universe.

The post Explaining the Cloverfield Timeline appeared first on FANDOM.

‘Dragon Ball Z’ Should Have Ended With the Cell Saga

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 01:39 PM PST

Dragon Ball Z was a milestone for manga and anime. The show was a continuation of the already popular Dragon Ball series but Dragon Ball Z took the franchise to a whole other level. Its immense success has continued on through a number of films and further series such as Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

But, the show should have ended a long time ago. Because there was a perfect narrative moment where the series could have concluded in the best possible way. And that moment is the conclusion of the Cell Saga.

Gohan’s Hidden Power

It’s important to understand how the series shifted gears when it went from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z. At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, we are introduced to Gohan, the son of Dragon Ball‘s protagonist Goku. The first episode sets up the idea that there is a hidden power inside of Gohan when he inexplicably is able to survive falling over a waterfall.

We see this power in full during the battle with Raditz. Gohan becomes enraged and his power level skyrockets enough to where he is able to harm Raditz. Gohan doesn’t retain the memory of his powerful abilities, but Piccolo decides to take the boy and train him.

As the series progresses, we follow Gohan’s struggle with overcoming his spoiled, insulated nature and becoming a fighter like his father. And though we see him become more and more adept at fighting and controlling his power, he still holds back from truly letting go.

Until Cell enters the mix.

The True Evolution of Super Saiyan

It’s in the Cell Saga that we start to see different forms beyond that of Super Saiyan, a transformation that was first shown during Goku’s battle with Frieza. The Super Saiyan myth was given plenty of setup and when characters like Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan himself began to transform to this level, it seemed an appropriate escalation of power.

Later, Vegeta and Trunks would showcase forms known as Super Saiyan Second Grade and Super Saiyan Third Grade. These transformations were basically an increase in muscle mass and power only, but they were forced transformations that didn’t feel like a natural evolution of the idea of increasing in power.

It’s not until Gohan became a Super Saiyan and then witnessed the death of Android 16 that we saw what seemed like an obvious escalation in transformed states. Gohan’s hidden power, a plot point that had been set up in the very first episode of the show, allows him to take his Super Saiyan form to a level beyond anything else in the show’s history.

Every Super Saiyan transformation after this feels forced or improperly constructive at the narrative level. The series felt like it was building to this moment with Gohan and it never quite reached this kind of long-form narrative satisfaction ever again.

A Perfect Villain

There are other reasons why Dragon Ball Z should have ended at the Cell Saga besides Gohan’s story arc. One of them is in the Cell Saga’s very name. Much like the clear narrative escalation of Gohan’s hidden power being used during his Super Saiyan transformation, Cell was crafted to be the narrative culmination of every foe the cast had fought up until that point.

Cell is a being that was built from the genetic material of numerous Dragon Ball Z characters including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and King Cold. His very existence as a villain seems to be the ultimate compilation of powerful characters all smushed into one. Plus, he’s a villain that’s spawned from the ashes of the Red Ribbon Army, one of Goku’s oldest adversarial entities.

Subsequent villains don’t have that same kind of personal franchise history. Cell’s status as the amalgamation of heroes and baddies is such a wonderful idea. It also makes fans realize how big of a deal this villain really is without ever needing to showcase his power in a purely destructive way.

And as the series moved onto other villains, none ever felt as… well, perfect as Cell.

A Good Place to Leave

The last point to make about why this was a perfect place to leave the series is where this saga actually ends. After Gohan obliterates Cell — in what’s arguably the coolest destruction in the show’s history — the surviving warriors use the Dragon Balls to revive all the people killed during this period of time. One of those is Goku.

However, Goku asks to remain dead in order to train in the afterlife and fight tougher opponents from all across the universe. It’s a perfect sendoff for Goku: he dies sacrificing himself when Cell is about to self-destruct and gets to live the rest of his existence fighting opponents in a friendly way.

It also satisfies Gohan’s arc as the true focus and secret protagonist of Dragon Ball Z. He’s finally learned to accept the anger inside of him and can take up the mantle from his father as the protector of Earth. It’s a generational story with an excellent finish.

The Aftermath

Don’t take this to mean that everything that happened after the Cell Saga is awful. That’s not the case at all. There are plenty of fun and exciting moments in the following sagas, new series, and films. But, none of them felt as expertly crafted as the work that was done during the Cell Saga. It felt like the true pinnacle of what Dragon Ball Z was building up to.

The Dragon Ball franchise continues to prove itself as a powerhouse franchise. Fans are never ging to stop wanting more adventures with those characters in that world. But, for what it’s worth, if you just watch up to the finale of the Cell Saga, you’ll be treated to the best way to exit the Dragon Ball series.

Or, you could just watch The Tree of Might and stop there since that’s the best Dragon Ball Z thing of all time.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Ranked by Popularity

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 12:54 PM PST

Dragon Ball FighterZ is unlike any game in the franchise's history. Straying from its traditionally RPG and exploration-style format, FighterZ is a fighting game, pure and simple. Dragon Ball's most iconic roster of characters — Saiyan, humans, hybrids and androids alike — duke it out to determine who is the fiercest warrior of them all.

Let's for a second forget the battles and brawn. Let's imagine who would win the most important brawl of them all: a popularity contest. Where does newcomer Android 21 rank among all the playable Androids? Who of the two frenemies, Goku and Vegeta, would have more friends? Would Hit live up to his name and actually be a hit? Like at a dinner party?

Stress not, my friends. We've calculated just who the most popular and least popular Dragon Ball FighterZ are based on whose Wiki pages got the most action leading up to the game. Without further ado, here are the fighters ranked in popularity, starting with the least.

#19 Captain Ginyu

Loyal captain of the elite Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu is famous for his signature body changes. Though he's capable of “stealing bodies,” he's clearly far less capable of stealing hearts, as he came in dead last in this popularity contest. Ouch.

#18 Vegeta

Prince of the fallen Saiyan race, Vegeta is a classic example of a villain turned hero. He's also known for his near-pathological need to surpass his frenemy, Goku, in power. And, coming in at second to last, it's clear Goku has bested him once again.

#17 Nappa

Perhaps Nappa is on the unpopular side of the spectrum because of his infamously cocky attitude. A bit of a bully, Nappa likes to toy with his opponents. But, consider this: his name is a pun on a Chinese cabbage and cabbage, alongside beets and Brussel sprouts, is often voted one of the least popular vegetables. I'm not saying that's the reason for his low ranking, but I'm not not saying that either.

#16 Gotenks

The self-appointed “Hero of Justice” is more of a zero, I guess. Gotenks, the powerful fusion of Goten and Trunks, often refers to himself as "we." As in, "we aren't very high up on this list."

#15 Trunks

A hybrid from an alternate, apocalyptic future, Trunks is the resident emo kid in the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. He's even got the purple hair, patches, and combat boots.

#14 Krillin

Krillin's unique fighting tactics and brute strength make him one of earth's most acclaimed warriors. That said, he has died more than any other character in the series, dying at the hands of Tambourine, Frieza, and Android 18 (some of whom have defeated him once again on this very list).

#13 Tien Shinhan

Coming in at lucky number 13 is Then Shinhan. A ferocious earthling, Then Shinhan has been known to take on enemies much more powerful than himself. Plus, he's named after a crabmeat omelet, which is indisputably more delicious than cabbage. Therefore, he effortlessly outranked Nappa.

#12 Piccolo

Another reformed enemy of Goku turned ally, Piccolo is a cunning warrior and member of the Dragon Team. A major drawback to Piccolo is his lack of aerial supers, meaning he must fight all of his battles on the ground. However, his inability to fly is more than made up for by the fact that he's named after a tiny flute.

#11 Yamcha

Courageous and dependable, this former desert bandit supposedly fears nothing except talking to women. Perhaps if he wasn't so skittish around 51% of the population, Yamcha would have ranked higher on this list. The biggest shame is that he is rumored to be a glorious chef. I guess it's dinner for one, then.

#10 Android 16

Android 16 is the tallest of all the android creations and, yet, still deemed inadequate for Dr. Gero's mission against Goku. Despite being unfit for action, you still have to give him props for style: orange mohawk and gold hoop earrings is a good look.

#9 Cell

Known for his insect-like habits, warrior Cell hatches from an egg and sheds his skin as he grows. He was created by Dr. Gero to be the "perfect warrior," possessing all the skills of Earth's mightiest fighters (and yet still made to be a bug?). Still, eight other FighterZ beat him in this list. Sorry, love bug!

#8 Android 18

Cool as a cucumber and sarcastic to boot, Android 18 is one kick-ass female. In fact, she was the first fighter to beat a Super Saiyan in a fair fight. I am android human — hear me roar!

#7 Hit

With equal parts prowess and stubbornness, Hit is a fabled assassin (hence the name). What can I say? He's got killing in his blood (which is purple, by the way).

#6 Gohan

Gohan is traditionally more of a lover than a fighter, which is surprising because he's Goku's son (and because this is a fighting game). He is arguably one of the most evolved characters in the franchise, starting as just a little kid. For fans who grew up with the anime, this made Gohan immensely relatable and popular.

#5 Beerus

Though his name is a pun on the word Virus (which admittedly sounds less appealing than cabbage), Beerus, the God of Destruction, is less evil than his name and job description would have you believe.

#4 Frieza

It clearly pays to be bad— Frieza is the most recurring villain in the Dragon Ball franchise (though he has had his tail cut off upwards of three times in the series).

#3 Buu

It's hard not to love Majin Buu, but can one ever truly know Buu? Wild and erratic, his many versions span across all ages, genders and the spectrum from good to evil. Buu's multiple personalities and attacks are difficult to predict, making him all the more popular.

#2 Goku

Our popular and primary protagonist only ranked at number two — what an upset! Don't stress, Goku. You're still very well liked. In fact, in early February, a man asked the internet to give him one million likes so his wife would let him name their son Goku. And, by the Grace of Goku, it worked.

#1 Android 21

The new kid on the block is always most popular. People are always curious about what tricks might be up their sleeves. And, in newcomer Android 21's case, that trick is turning her enemies into sugary snacks and consuming them whole. Not a shabby party trick! No wonder she's so popular.

Who do you think should be number one most popular of the Dragon Ball FighterZ? Who should be further down the list?

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‘Drag Race All Stars’: Power Ranking the Remaining Queens After ‘The Bitchelor’

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 11:54 AM PST

The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 had to bring their comedy chops this week in a challenge that found them improvising scenes in a parody of The Bachelor. But not all the girls were able to bring the LOLs to ‘The Bitchelor,’ which rattled our rankings and hurt some players’ chances of snagging the crown.

And so, it’s time for our weekly ranking of the remaining All Stars queens based on their performances and looks from the latest episode and the season overall. Let us know if you agree with our opinions, and may the best woman win!

8. Milk

drag race all stars milk

We thought Milk had what it takes to go all the way in All Stars 3, but unfortunately so did she. Her cocky attitude and lack of self-awareness was ultimately her downfall after unwisely telling Kennedy that she should have gone home instead of Thorgy last week. After steamrolling Trixie in the main challenge this week, Milk landed in the Bottom 3. And while she insisted yet again that she should have been in the top, Kennedy disagreed and sent her packing.

7. Chi Chi DeVayne

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Chi Chi DeVayne

Three episodes and three times in the bottom for Chi Chi DeVayne. Her confidence took a giant hit this week as she couldn’t stop comparing herself to the more seasoned comedy queens. She’s in danger of being the Roxxxy Andrews of this season — being saved week after week despite giving performances that should have sent her home — which also puts her at risk of losing fans. The children will turn on a queen quickly if they feel she doesn’t deserve to stick around when their favorites are getting the boot instead. Unless she pulls out a huge win to give her the underdog/redemption story arc, she should have her bags packed.

6. Bebe Zahara Benet

rupaul drag race bebe zahara benet

At this point in the competition, we can no longer give Bebe points simply for being the original Drag Race winner. She’s been underwhelmingly middle of the pack in every challenge so far without presenting anything that makes her a shoe-in for the crown. But there are rumors spreading on Reddit with an interesting theory about the OG queen. (Warning: This is a potential spoiler alert if online chatter proves to be true.) Fans are speculating that Bebe is actually working as a spy for RuPaul and will eventually be reporting on the other queens’ backstage behavior. If this is true, it would mean she’s not actually an All Stars contestant but will have the power to perhaps choose which queen comes back or send another queen home. If she’s playing for real, however, then she needs to pull out all the stops next week in order to not tarnish her legacy as a winner.

5. Aja

aja rupaul drag race all stars 3

Aja fell into the Bottom 2 for the first time this season due to her inability to properly portray The Needy Girl while filming The Bitchelor. But while acting challenges have never been her strong suit, she killed it on the runway this week in an anime-inspired outfit that Michelle Visage described as “the best she’s ever looked.” Aja has definitely been proving her worth this season, but with Snatch Game coming next week, she’ll really have to work on her comedy skills in order to keep herself out of the bottom.

4. Kennedy Davenport

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy made the biggest jump in the rankings this week thanks to her brilliant performance as The Party Girl in the main challenge. When thinking of comedy queens in the Drag Race franchise, Kennedy doesn’t even crack the top 20. And yet, this is her second win during a comedic acting challenge — the first being her Little Richard impression during Season 7’s Snatch Game. And since that’s the challenge coming up next week, she has an opportunity to prove once and for all that she should not be overlooked when it comes to bringing the funny or belonging in the All Stars cast.

3. Shangela

Drag race all stars shangela

Shangela’s performance as one half of the polyamourous duo didn’t pop this week and appropriately landed her in the safe position. Even still, she’s still got momentum from last week’s big win. And with Snatch Game on the horizon, she’s got a huge opportunity to showcase her comedy skills once again. Halleloo!

2. Trixie Mattel

drag race all stars trixie mattel

Trixie seems as frustrated as her fans are that she hasn’t landed a spot in the Top 2 so far. The fan favorite entered the workroom as an All Stars frontrunner and has delivered solid performances each episode, but just can’t seem to snag a win. Luckily, she hasn’t done anything to lose favor with viewers or the judges and still has what it takes to go all the way. And with Ben surely set up for an eventual nose dive, Trixie is waiting in the wings to nab her top spot.

1. BenDeLaCreme

Bendelacreme rupaul's drag race all stars

Three episodes. Three wins. BenDeLaCreme appears to be an unstoppable force, but all the winning has her nervous, and perhaps rightfully so. She made the comment that the higher you fly on this show the harder you can potentially fall and we doubt the judges would let her skate so easily to the finale. That’s likely why she tried to come off like a loser this week, saying she needed to win the lip sync or else she’d have a “-2 to 1 winning ratio.” (Nice try, girl.) But despite an inevitable shake-up heading her way, she has performed flawlessly in every single challenge and each week on the runway. Even an eventual stumble shouldn’t ruin her chances of landing a spot in the top. But if she ever finds herself in the bottom, a conniving contestant could easily take out their biggest competition and send her home in a season shocker. But for now, it’s her season to lose.

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‘Drag Race All Stars’: Winner Gets Sweet Revenge in Elimination Shocker

Posted: 09 Feb 2018 10:03 AM PST

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Episode 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3. Proceed with caution.

It was a reality show mash-up on tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars when the queens performed a parody version of The Bachelor, appropriately titled The Bitchelor.

And in a surprise elimination, a fight at the beginning in which Milk said she would have sent Kennedy home over Thorgy Thor ultimately led to the Dairy Queen’s downfall. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

RuPaul assigned each contestant a partner and a character trait to improvise in the challenge. The queens then performed in scenes that take place each season on The Bachelor — coming out of the limo for the first time, two-on-one dates with the bachelor (played here by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman), and a rose ceremony. But in this case, it was eggplants that were given out. Naturally.

BenDeLaCreme and Bebe were partnered up, and DeLa once again proved to be an unstoppable force while delivering a spot-on performance and perfect look as The Cougar. Bebe’s work as The Virgin came off a little dull and underwhelming, but not horrible.

Trixie (The Fake Bitch) and Milk (The Psycho Stalker) proved to not be a match made in heaven while filming their date. Milk screamed and interrupted Trixie the entire time, bulldozing the scene and arguably ruining her partner’s chances of winning the challenge. (You know, cause she wasn’t able to get more than two words in at a time.)

While Aja really missed the boat as The Needy Girl — serving more whiny crybaby than insecure — her partner, Kennedy, stole the show as The Party Girl. From the fake teeth to the giant fake boobs and booty, Kennedy served us a Niecy Nash character better than Niecy herself. A great redemption after being in the bottom last week, and sweet revenge after Milk’s negative comments.

ChiChi and Shangela played a polyamorous couple in the challenge and Miss DeVayne struggled to keep up with the other All Stars. The Bayou Queen got in her head after comparing herself to the other girls and gave a weak performance once again.

This week’s runway theme was Wigs on Wigs on Wigs in a tribute to Roxxxy Andrews’ famous lip-sync wig reveal from Season 5. Everyone turned it out for the most part but ultimately it was Milk, Aja, and ChiChi (for the third week in a row!) in the bottom and Kennedy and BenDeLaCreme (for the third week in a row!) at the top.

Kennedy’s lip sync to Lorde’s “Green Light” criminally featured none of her amazing dance moves, but ultimately gave her a win. After explaining that she was taking everything that happens “on and off screen” into consideration, she eliminated Milk from the game.

Milk lost her fan-favorite status this season by appearing more cocky than confident, but she really wasn’t wrong when she said it didn’t feel like it was her time to go. But, no crying over spilled Milk (she’ll be doing more than enough crying for us all anyway). We must charge forward and next week is the Snatch Game! See you then!!

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