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#Funny News

#Funny News

Today Show Anchor Destroys the Media Over Their Love of Kim Jong Un’s Sister

Posted: 11 Feb 2018 07:46 AM PST



I get confused when it’s acceptable to normalize a repressive regime and when it isn’t. Apparently, the line is if normalizing a murderous dictator helps the media bash the Trump Administration, it’s all good in the hood.  This was on clear and embarrassing display from the media on Saturday. Even I thought fangirling over Kim Jong Un’s sister would be out of the question for those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Yet here we are, after watching the mainstream media trip over themselves to praise North Korea. All because Kim Yo Jong went all “YASSSSS KWEEN” and “threw shade” at Mike Pence.

There were a number of bronze and silver medal tries in the sport of (justifiable) media bashing:

But the Gold Medal goes to The Today Show’s Willie Geist, who just backed the bus over a lot of his mainstream media colleagues.

I do believe that is game, set, and match.

The funny thing is, I’m the furthest thing from knee jerk “the media sucks, yargle blargle” guy. People have a habit of throwing the words “fake news” or “Russian trolls” around whenever anyone reports something they don’t like. But, when you have CNN, the New York Times, and every leftist on the boob tube going out of their way to prove Trump’s opinion of them right, it can’t be denied.

I suppose the left is trying to play the “enemy of my enemy” strategy. The only thing they’ve succeeded in doing is to remind us just how petty and amoral they can be when it comes to the subject of the Donald. We understand how the left is not fond of the orange man. But, cozying up to the sister of a maniacal dictator who wants to turn the west to glass is just a bad look.

While we’re on the subject:


Video: Bill Murray Masterfully Picks Apart Leftist Identity Politics…

Posted: 11 Feb 2018 06:48 AM PST

We hold these truths to be self evident. All men are created equal (suck it, Justin Trudeau). Bourbon is the nectar of the gods. And Bill Murray is simply one of the greatest living Americans.

bill murray

Murray is not famous for speaking out on politics. Outside of his hysterical Steve Bannon impersonation. But it’s 2018 and it’s not acceptable to not talk politics anymore. Just ask Taylor Swift. It’s not surprising that during an interview on CNBC, they had to ask, “American politics…Amirite?” What’s surprising was Bill’s incredibly sensible answer.

Though this part about idenity politics will have #MugClub yelling, “THAT’S THE FACT, JACK!” While leftists cross the streams.

My friend who’s a great comedy writer, Jim Downey, he’s accused of being a “right wing” comedy writer. If there is such a thing. He says, “No, I just think the way Democrats handle things is poor.” The way they try to pick out little pieces of the population [Hispanic, LGBT, etc.] and they’re not speaking to everyone at once. It’s almost demeaning to say “I’m choosing you because you’re splintered group or a certain minority group.”

There’s a resentment that you’re separated, again, by a politician, “You’re my people. I’m in control of you.” Instead of thinking that each citizen has a right to be respected as a citizen under the laws of the country.

Can’t say it any better than that. To paraphrase Wu Tang, that’s Bill "Groundhogs Day, Ghostbusting ass" Murray.

bill murray

Seriously though, it is refreshing to hear a celeb talk a little sense for once. I think the left going uber left and older celebrities not having any more f***s left to give has something to do with it. That’s not to say they’re all closet conservatives. I’ll bet the jar of ectoplasm I’ve been saving that Murray is hardly a fan of the current president. But finally, some people in show business are being more intellectually honest than they’ve traditionally been.

So, thank you Bill Murray. May you receive total consciousness. Which is nice.